Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 24: It seems to be a strange story

Heyas folks,

as promised, today you shall get chapter 24 of Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de.

It was once again graciously edited by BakaGrappler!

The next chapter will be released on 27th March.

|>> Have fun reading the chapter <<|


Informational announcement:

There  are 11 chapters left until the first arc called “Something like an introductory part” ends. Once I reach that, I will reassess whether to continue the series or not.

Although I have high hopes for the author displaying similar finesse in describing the upcoming labyrinth dive as he did with goblin raid fight in chapter 6, the last few chapters were rather uneventful and I feel that the author has to increase the action from here on out a bit more else it will become yet another slice of life novel. As I already have one of those in my line-up I am not really eager to keep going with another one at this point in time.

This isn’t something that will affect the releases right away, but I thought it would be a good move to inform those of you who follow this series diligently well ahead of time.






  1. I doubt,I think the author just a bit slow pace to build the base,but who knows,lets pray that was the case cuz I like the story so far,and the MC,he is not a wuss,pretty decent MC. Well lets just see where this is going

  2. Based on the early parts + “God”s intermission. It will definitely pick up sooner or later.

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