Nidoume no Jinsei wo Isekai de – Chapter 18: It seems to be the beginning of training

Good evening my fellow novel addicts,

first off, sorry that this chapter got slightly delayed. I intended to finish it last weekend but RL got the better of me and so I had to postpone it a bit. Well, the wait was worth it as I think it is a fairly good chapter by the author. 🙂

Also, extend your thanks to BakaGrappler for editing this chapter into readable English once again!

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Now, for those, who care about the administrative side of translation:

Last week I conducted a little poll regarding the Interludes within Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou!

A total of of 783 readers voted – 56,45% (442 votes) went toward keeping it as I handled it until now aka translate them as they appear – 26,58% (208 votes) prefer me ignoring them completely aka leaving it completely up to me and 16,99% (133 votes) asked me to handle the Interludes as extra chapters.

Now, of course, I wouldn’t have started this poll if I were satisfied with  keeping things as they are, as some of you should have realised *evil grins*. I read the result as 56,45% in favor of keeping and 44,55% in favor of changing the handling of those chapters. Looking at it like that, that’s no real profound majority, is it?

Thus I decided to try going with the extra chapter option. Some may be unhappy with that but I think it is a proper compromise. It allows those who want the Interludes translated to actively push for it and as bonus you will get those chapters faster than the regular 2-weeks-rotation as I will try to squeeze the translation in between my work days just like I did with this week’s Nidoume chapter. Naturally that also means more work for me and less freetime after work but if it is for novels I can cope with that more or less.

I will implement the function this coming weekend. Just one thing you should know in advance: the week from 18th until 24th January my parent’s wedding day, my mother’s birthday and my own birthday are coming up, so I don’t think I will have that much time during that week. xD


Well, thanks for reading until here. 😉






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    |  Thanks!!!! Nepu!!!! |
    \_____ ___/
    ぶお~ん( ⊃┳⊃
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  2. I have good time the parties.

  3. Since this isn’t the chapter but the lower part of the extra things being said… I hope that everyone who reads the NEXT chapter, won’t facepalm too hard… I mean, he just showed some brains, then the NEXT chapter… Gone, brain? Nope, doesn’t exist here. What’s a highest rank item? A paperweight? A decoration?

  4. Happy escape-from-the-womb anniversary!!

  5. Amazing chapter thanks
    What if Satiama had this power??

  6. “Now, of course, I wouldn’t have started this poll if I were satisfied with keeping things as they are, as some of you should have realised *evil grins*.” Cheater! 😛

    So, question: how will we know when a new interlude is coming up/pending? And are they pushed by donating for extra chapters? (Like in other projects?) Those things were unclear.

    I’m part of the group that considers “bonus” and “extra” chapters to be an integral part of the story, so if possible I don’t want to miss out on that!

    Last, and certainly not least: Thank you again for your awesome translations! As always, I thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to present us these imaginative stories we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to enjoy!

    • Actually I considered this problem on the way to work today. XD
      I will manually update the current pending Interlude as I did a while ago with Black Summoner. Currently there are 2 Interludes right after the last chapter (35).
      I will only put up Interludes as an Extra Chapter if they are close to the currently translated chapters. In other words, I won’t enable Extra chapters for Interludes that are like 10 chapters away from the current chapter as that might spoil the further storyline which I don’t want to risk.
      Alternative would be to enable an Interlude as Extra Chapter ONCE the current chapter has passed it in sequence.
      But I will have to see first how things go with them to get an estimate which makes more sense.
      Hope that answers the question. 🙂

      And, you are welcome. I translate them because I like to read them myself too. After all I am just another novel addicted reader in the end as well. ^^

    • Which reminds me, I can give you a simple rundown on the upcoming Interludes. You can check it easily yourself as they are quite distinguishable in the TOC of the raws too.
      The regular sequence would be for now: 2 Interludes, then 4 chapters, then 8 Interludes, then 4 chapters again. As for the 8-Interlude arc: I will check its relevance to the main storyline and decide afterwards how to handle them.
      And yes, I missed that question before: Extra Chapters are pushed by donations as I handled it with Black Summoner and same as other groups handle it.

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