Imperial Wars and my Stratagems – Chapter 5: Four months long journey

Gotta love cross-references…


Translated by Shasu

Edited by Marco


Will finish translation until end of Arc 1 (chapter 13) and then decide what to do with this series. For some reason no one seems to like it, but on Syosetsu it’s fairly popular for a series with such tags. Hmm… odd stuff, I tells ya…

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  1. Seriously Wonderous

    It might be because everyone on THIS site expect op (or close to it) mc’s, whether it be in strength, or in knowledge of what every character is like.

    Though i, for one, do indeed like this book/series u r translating, so im thinking that people who like thos sort of book just dont know about it being translated on this website, and thus only those people that like powerful and know it all mcs come here only, not wanting to think about ‘three kingdoms’, but instead just enjoyong reactions to mc’s ‘outrageous’ actions, cause its funny.

    Though im not saying that is bad either, as the very reason i came to this site was to read about an awesome mc that no one can seem to defeat, but also isn’t some f#cking p#ssy that lets girls push him around just cause they gave him the ‘glare than makes chills go down the spine’, as i find too often in japanese novels so much that it hurts my head.

    The fact that ‘hifumi’ is merciless, and doesnt care to kill a pretty face, but is instead a serious person that makes sure ‘the job gets done, or else!’, is what made that series great for me. Cause i mean, where can u find a serious male character, that doesn’t care for girls (meaning equal treatment… for EVERYTHING), is op, doesn’t get defeayed by weak @ss enemies (cause there r some that do, even though they op, and that make me go ‘DA FUQ!!!’), and has a REALLY good plot line to it.

    Very, very few have all this.

    Anyways, i forgot what point i wanted to say i the end, so ill end ot with this…


    Oh wow? i wrote quite a lot…

    Though it seems i hsve tp say one more thing., i think this novel is the type that shows its worth later in the series, because just these first few chapters, also basing on what u said aboit there being no romance/love interest, and i can almost guarantee that this book is one to become popular as more and more chaps r released, though not as good as it could be if there is exsessive comedy i it, since many people who have read translated books throughout their first couple of years are no doubt used to, and tired of the extreme comedy that can be found in almost every chap of those books.

    Well, that is to say that i am baised against comedy, as i personnaly hate this genre.

    Welp, ill end it here for now, and if i have something more to say, ill post another comment on a new post in the future (whatever or whenever that is)

    Thnx for the chapter?

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