Chapter 6 – Graduation and Future Careers

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“Sensei, I have a question.

“Sensei, let us go to a cake shop again.”

“Sensei, please take me along on future hunts, okay?”

Just as usual, Agnes, Cindy, and Betty seem to be full of spirit. They approach me with their regular smiles. During the last year, they’ve drastically raised their mana pool and skill in magic. It’s something that also makes me proud as their teacher.

“I suppose, it’s okay since I’ve got some spare time today…Cindy, the cake shop will be our last stop, okay?”

“Ye───es, I understand.”

“You really do?”

“I mean, Betty, you just said earlier that you want to eat some cake, didn’t you!?”

“Don’t argue. Let’s first start with Agnes’ question…”


My work as a teacher is going very well as my life as a newcomer temporary teacher continues in Baulburg’s adventurer prep school which has opened ahead of schedule. Currently I’m actively teaching magic theory and application to the magician class with Agnes and the others.

I was worried because I hadn’t taken any teacher-training curriculum during my university days in my previous life, but it’s easier to simply teach than endlessly worry about it. And I feel like I’m managing my teacher job better than I had anticipated.

Whenever I ask the students about my teaching style, they tell me that I’m teaching them in a way that is easy to understand while being kind and engaging. The elderly teachers, who used to be adventurers, might have more knowledge and experience, but it’s not like they received any special teacher training either. It’s also not said that they’d be great at teaching others, even if they might have been excellent adventurers during their heydays.

I mean, I’ve often heard such stories in the world of baseball in my previous life. For example, a great player doesn’t automatically qualify for being a famous coach.

In that case, wouldn’t it be better to add an education and training course for new teachers at Baulburg’s adventurer prep school? But, if I do that, it’s also possible that the older teachers will oppose it.

“I think there will be some who will deny it out of pride or because they’re obsessed with their own teaching methods while being too confident in themselves, but many teachers should be thankful for such an opportunity.”

When I consulted with Principal Hendrick in the capital, he praised me for having come up with a good idea.

“Huh? I thought you’d be against it.”

I was sure that most of the teachers wanted to use the teaching methods they believed to be the best.

“Many of the teachers have originally been excellent adventurers. And excellent adventurers operate by adapting to the situation. If you tell them that they can receive training on how to teach others skilfully for free, they’d usually take that chance. The eccentric ones will quickly find it difficult to stick around, even if they are talented. But then again, such folks don’t care about becoming teachers in the first place.”

I suppose that means the number of those against it won’t be as high since it’ll be training for their own job. Besides, the teacher job might be somewhat unsuitable for oddballs and aloof geniuses.

“Okay, just as I thought, it’ll be bad if we don’t standardize the teaching methods then.”

“We will go ahead with this. As our prep school has a long history, it’s suited to take the lead in a matter like this. We just need to have the other prep schools cooperate, which will eventually lead to drawing up a joint curriculum.”

Hendrick was formerly an excellent adventurer, too. One of the qualities of such adventurers is the swiftness in making decisions and acting upon them. After all, such adventurers wouldn’t be able to survive if they kept pondering while about to get attacked by monsters. In short, 『Poor Thinking is Futile』.

I thought that prep schools might be more like public offices since they belong to the adventurer guild as their parent organization, but it looks like new things can be decided quickly if the one at the top is smart.

“Earl Baumeister-dono, could I have you outline a manual for magicians as well? No need to hurry, though.”

“I don’t really mind…”

Although I’ve improved on it a bit here and there, my manual mostly consists of what Master has left me. It also includes the teaching of Burkhart-san…and a tiny amount of Doushi.

“I’d say, let’s have it dubbed as being written by Alfred-dono with some editing by Earl Baumeister-dono, Burkhart-dono, and Armstrong-dono.”

“Okay, I’ll take care of it.”

Master will become the author of the manual which will be used when teaching magicians at prep schools. Master’s name will be passed down to future generations after he died all too quickly despite having been more talented than anyone else. If this leads to more people acknowledging him, it’ll make me as his pupil proud as well.

“Earl Baumeister-dono, you’re probably busy, and our side also needs to prepare, so let’s tackle this slowly.”

After being told so by Hendrick, I started to gradually sort the writings Master left me during my free time.




Such events have taken place as well, but I’m still managing somehow as a teacher. I try to carry out my job while receiving some training from Burkhart-san, who occasionally drops in, in addition to the teachings by Master.

“Earl-sama, you sure are a diligent guy. You’ve even put Al’s writings together?”

“I simply decided to do it, so that’s all there is to it. Besides, who else is going to pass on Master’s achievements to the future generations, if not me as his pupil?”

“I wish I had such a diligent, loyal pupil as well~”

Strictly speaking, am I not his pupil, seeing how Burkhart-san is my Master’s master? But, I think he got plenty of pupils anyway.

“What about Katharina?”

Since she’s been improving her abilities under his tutelage, he must be considering her to be a good pupil, no?

“Katharina-jou-chan is a genius. Such geniuses are ridiculously unsuited for teaching others. You see, as a magician I never managed to win against Al and Doushi. It resulted in me investing a lot of effort to somehow reach a point of being able to rival them, but all the planning and scheming has been useful for my teaching later down the line.”

Luise, who possesses prodigious abilities in the Magic Combat Style isn’t fit to teach others at all. She has become a special instructor as figurehead while leaving all of the dojo work to her brothers, and I guess Katharina is just like Luise.

“I’m sure a pupil as you desire will sooner or later show up, Burkhart-san.”

“You’re right. I’ve still got a few dozen years of active work ahead of me anyway.”

Magicians tend to live longer than normal people. It’s very likely that Burkhart-san will remain active for another 30 or 40 years.

“But, have a peace of mind. Earl-sama, you’re a hundred times more suited for teaching than Doushi.”

“Can you really count that as praise?”

I’m happy to be told that I’m suited to be a teacher, but I feel kinda conflicted about Doushi being used as a comparison target. After all, no one is as picky in choosing pupils as he is.

“Still, aren’t you quite popular as a teacher?”

Well, sure, I think my students idolize me. When I’ve got some time, I also train their practical skills, like hunting methods and similar, by heading outside Baulburg.

“Many monsters resemble animals in their shape. They’re stronger, bigger, and faster, but their basic way of life is similar. Thus it’s necessary for them to get used to hunting as many wild animals as possible before they grow up into adults.”

“Makes sense. Moreover, if they hunt a lot, their pocket money will also increase.”


This is no joke either. If their livelihood isn’t guaranteed, the students won’t have any spare time for education. For intermediate magicians and below, it’s better to possess very efficient wands, and robes endowed with a superior defense ability going beyond that of metal armors are necessary as well since they make a very big difference when it comes to survivability. Since it’d be better for the students to obtain these before actually entering monster domains, they should buy them as soon as possible by earning the necessary money through part-time jobs. It’s what I’ve been telling my students to the extent of making their ears bleed.

“Earl-sama, it’ll be impossible for you to stay a teacher indefinitely, but it sounds like several decent magicians have shown up this year.”

From the standpoint of elderly magicians like Burkhart-san, it’s preferable for as many talented, young magicians to be discovered as possible. This might be owed to the lack of magicians in this world where the number of magicians is directly linked to profits.

“Keep at it, Earl-sama.”




While being cheered on by Burkhart-san, I continue teaching my students on how to hunt.

“I think we’ll go back to eat something, and then go home. It’ll be sensei’s treat.”


“Thank you very much, sensei.”

As I do things like treating my students to sweets and meals after coming back from hunting, it makes me actually realize that I’ve become a real teacher. And the ones I’m particularly favoring among my students are Agnes, Betty, and Cindy. Since their mana is still growing, I’m teaching them without caring about the time invested.

Because of that, I’m teaching them various things outside class, and also take them along when I’m going out somewhere on my days off, resulting in the time spent together with them increasing. Given that I only had a little brother in my previous life, it might simply give me joy to do all this as it feels like having obtained little sisters.

After my reincarnation, I was the youngest child as the eighth son, and even though I had elder half-sisters whom I didn’t see often, I didn’t have any younger sisters.

“Agnes, I think you’re still using a bit too much mana when charging spells. Try to relax a bit more.”

“Okay. But, my mana paths are expanding thanks to my daily meditation, so…”

“Widening your mana paths is for the sake of swiftly adjusting the mana used for spells. Wasting mana is something completely different.”

“I see…I understand.”

“Cindy, if you keep eating this many cakes, you’ll get fat…I guess not, thanks to being a magician.”

“Indeed. I’ve been doing plenty of magic training. Sensei, fat is a taboo word for ladies. Didn’t you get scolded by your wives about it or some such?”

“Well, yeah, they did scold me…” I clearly recall Katharina’s words as a diet demon.

Magic seems to consume calories in addition to mana, and thus there are almost no fat people among magicians. That’s why I unintentionally end up teasing Katharina who regularly plans diets despite not being fat. However, if she should ever reach her ideal body type, us men might judge her to be too thin.

I remember that even my previous world had big disagreements between men and women about what to describe as the perfect body type.

“Hunting, huh? Is there something you want to hunt, Betty?”

“I was asked by the guild to obtain a larger amount of guinea fowls, but unlike other prey, guinea fowls are very perceptive of human presences, and even if you aim at them with magic from far away, it’s not easy to hit them.”

“I’ll help you out as part of your training. It’ll be strict coaching, though.”

“Yaaay, thank you!”




After finishing today’s fun lesson, I return to my mansion, but the second I step inside the mansion, I’m confronted by Amalie-san.

“Wend-kun, were you out with your pupils again?”

“Yes! They are growing every day.”

The other day we barely escaped death during the underground ruin incident, but I doubt there’s anything as great for training as actual combat. As I’m watching how Agnes and the others keep improving, it also reflects the effectiveness of my teaching.

“There’s not that much left until their graduation, but I’m sure that Agnes’s group will become famous magicians who will carve their names into history.”

In such a case, it’ll raise Master’s reputation even further, and naturally it’ll also increase my evaluation as the one who personally trained them. Personally I don’t really care all that much about being assessed highly, but my cute pupils, who I consider to be my little sisters, smoothly growing up makes me happy.

“I think I might actually be suited for being a teacher. Oh, right! Even after their graduation, I’ll be able to keep coaching them. The three are my pupils, after all.”

If I keep training them even after their graduation, I’m sure that they’ll grow even further as magicians. I think that’s a very wonderful prospect, but for some reason Amalie-san looks unhappy.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

“I’d like to ask you one thing. Wend-kun, what are you?”

“Umm, a teacher.”

“Oh my…” For some reason Amalie-san falls over as soon as I answer that I’m a teacher.

I think it’s my first time to see someone fall over in reality.

“Your teacher job ultimately is temporary, right? I mean, before that.”

“Before that, you ask…?”

It looks like it’d turn into a philosophical answer if I think too deeply about it, but I’m Earl Baumeister, and the father of children who are soon going to be born. Becoming a father is a major turning point in a man’s life, and the responsibility coming with it feels heavy.

I wonder, does Amalie-san want to talk about my resolve and thoughts about this matter?

“But, Amalie-san, am I not doing my very best to become a good father and noble?”

No matter how much I enjoy it, it’s not like I’m only concentrating on my work as a teacher. Every day I work hard to continuously develop the Baumeister Earldom for my children, even handling annoying paperwork for that sake.

The less Elise and my other wives could move around after becoming pregnant, the more I worked on construction with magic. As told by Roderich, I’ve been traveling all over my earldom to help in the development with my magic. This is also something I do for my wives and my soon-to-be-born children.

“Aren’t you forgetting something? Wend-kun, you’re also the husband of Elise-san and your other wives.”

“But look, I haven’t missed that part either.”

I can’t remember who said it, but according to a story I heard in my previous life, pregnant women are very unstable emotionally when giving birth for the first time. Accordingly, I properly talk with my wives every day, including physical contact. Especially Elise receives a lot of pressure from other people to give birth to a male heir for the Baumeister House.

In my eyes, as someone who’s still influenced by the values of modern Japan, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s a boy or a girl, as long as it’s born safely, and it only makes me consider all those people applying pressure on her as pesky outsiders trying to meddle with the families of others.

I hear that Katharina is also expected to give birth to the successor of the Waigel House, and my other wives have weird relatives who are counting their chickens before they hatched by saying bullshit like 『If it’s a girl, I want you to marry her off to some family』, although they’re not even part of our family.

I’ve been running around, doing my best to support my wives by telling them to not mind all that background noise. It’s just what I think, but I believe I’m doing all I can as a husband…

“You see, not only do I handle my teacher job, but I also don’t forget to properly do my other work and to support my wives. Even if you search the entire Kingdom, you’ll find only a few husbands who are investing as much effort as I am.”

Yep, I’m doing my very best. But, why is Amalie-san looking at me with a face full of mixed feelings?

“Wend-kun, are your students cute?”

“Yes. They’re idolizing me as their teacher.”

There’s no way that I’d feel bad about being idolized. All of them are different when it comes to their mana pool and talent, but they’re growing up while studying earnestly. Helping them heals my heart that got hardened by the Empire’s Civil War and my association with retarded nobles.

“Rather than destroying in war, I prefer rearing students through education. They’re much better than stupid nobles who grew up into rotten adults.”

The war is already over, but the inflow of stupid nobles, who seem incorrigible, is going to keep up until my death. Considering that, teaching students at the prep school alleviates the mental pain.

“Yep, I said something great there.”

“Well, I won’t doubt that you’ve said something nice, but…”

In that case, it’d be fine for her to openly show how deeply moved she is, but it looks like something is bothering after all.

“Wend-kun, you’re giving special attention to three of your students, aren’t you?”

Oh, I see. So that’s the part bothering Amalie-san, huh? She’s wondering whether I’m cheating on my pregnant wives with Agnes, Betty, and Cindy.

“Now listen, Amalie-san, I’m just teaching those three while favoring them because of their genuine talent.”

I’m well aware that I’m dotting on them as little sisters, but I don’t have any ulterior motives in that.

I honestly explain my feelings to Amalie-san.

“You’ve taken them out to play during your day off, haven’t you?”

“That’s because relaxation is also necessary at times. 『Study well, and play well』.”

Because of their big bellies, I can’t take my wives out any longer. However, I want to go out to play every once in a while, too. Of course I don’t forget to bring presents for my wives whenever I go on a trip. Even if we might be married, I believe such little, attentive courtesies are indispensable.

“In the first place, those three are my cherished students. I wonder why anyone would get the idea that I’d make a move on them…it makes me truly sad. I suppose it must be the gossiping of some vulgar noble.”

I believe I should properly explain my feelings here. Since Amalie-san is as scary as Elise, if she gets truly angry, it’s better to resolve all misunderstandings as quickly as possible.

“Hold on. It’s not like I’m blaming you for cheating, Wend-kun. I’m just saying that you’re leaving a flank open as a noble.”

So, cheating is fine… Unlike modern Japan, this world is very tolerant! Having said that, I won’t cheat anyway.

“What do you mean?”

“Those girls are already seen as your lovers in the capital.”

“Why?” I reflexively tilt my head to the side in confusion upon Amalie-san’s remark.

Those three are my lovers? What’s up with that!? Are you nobles of the capital fishy weekly magazines and variety shows for women, or what!?

“Wend-kun, sometimes you’re really dumb, aren’t you? If you favor them so much, and take them out all over the place, it’s not just the nobles who would think so. The girls’ parents are thinking the same.

“That’s…I’m sorry for their parents…but I must clear up that misunderstanding by all means.”

I’m sure that any parent would be worried if such rumors were to circulate about their unmarried daughter. After all, it’ll become a huge hindrance for a normal marriage in the future.

“No, you misunderstand. Their parents are overjoyed by this. They’re planning to give you their daughters.”


I’m going to marry Agnes, Betty, and Cindy? No, no, no, no.

“I had secretly thought that I’d greet their parents in my position as Earl Baumeister after getting invited to the girls’ marriage ceremony as their magic master…and wondered whether I should prepare some conversation topics in advance…”

Since the people participating in the marriage ceremony might pay attention to my speech, I had planned to go with something slightly clever, but…

“Thine way of thinking is completely off. Not only Amalie, even I’m shocked.” Therese shows up at that point.

Since Elise and the others are behind her as well, I guess everyone has assembled.

“If their parents knew that you’re thinking about it like this, dear, I think they’d be sad instead.”

“No, I mean…”

I think it’d be better for them to find a nice husband rather than marry with me who’s already got plenty of wives.

“I believe that having their daughters married to you instead of some unknown guy gives their parents a peace of mind.” Elise explains to me with an expression that’s colder than usual.

So my perception of the situation has been wrong?

“Elise heard the rumors from Cardinal Hohenheim.”

Ina continues with the explanation, but in short, since I protected the three from the Baron Bayer House’s solicitation, and had them change schools after hurrying the construction of the prep school in Baulburg, people seem to believe that I’m sheltering the girls.

“The ones spreading the rumors very actively are the folks of the Bayer House, I hear.”

“Luise, that much is predictable.”

As the three wouldn’t go to the Bayer House no matter how persistent their recruiting might be, the Bayer folks have been harassing them terribly.

“Wendelin-san, you’re favoring your students too much.”

“You think?”

“Katharina, are you jealous because you’ve learned most of your magic by self-study?”

“Wilma-san, please keep your weird teasing at bay…”

Wilma’s sharp retort causes my heart to grief. Come to think of it, Katharina has spent her student days as a loner.

“…I guess I didn’t manage to perceive Katharina’s feelings. Come with us next time as well, okay Katharina?”

Sorry, Katharina. I wasn’t able to guess your sad past. Even though I also was a loner in my past…

“That’s not what I meant…anyway, I didn’t have such a lonely past!”

Since the loner got angry after having it pointed out to her, I’ll pull back here for the moment. If I’m asked why I understand something like that, it’s because I used to be a loner as well.

“After giving birth I want to practice magic with you though…”

However, she doesn’t deny the part about training magic together. Those cute parts of Katharina are one of the reasons why I love her.

“Still, Wendelin, thou really can’t get accustomed to behaving like a noble, can thou?”

Isn’t that only natural? There’s the influence of my previous life, and moreover, I never planned to become a noble to begin with.

“Okay, then be my guest and tell me how to skilfully resolve this issue as a noble, Therese.”

Now that it has come to this, I ask Therese for help as she’s the one most likely able to provide a good solution.

“A good way to resolve this? There’s none.”

“Isn’t that quite the bold statement there?”

“Ina, the worth of nobles is defined by having such rumors spread about them. Only nobles of low status would pay attention to each and every single rumor. In Wendelin’s case, it won’t be any issue at all even if he truly takes the three as his wives.”

“No, I wonder about that.”

There’s the part of me having to balance the number of wives with Margrave Breithilde, my patron, and another worry would be that the Kingdom’s government might have a say in this as well.

“Many Earls have a lot more wives than thou, Wendelin. Thou don’t need to worry about it.”

“Then why blame me?”

Just why is the majority of Elise and the others speaking against me on this? It’s not like they’re harshly rebuking me, but I feel like I’m at an overwhelming disadvantage here since I’m only one person as their husband.

Recently I’ve started to clearly feel the drawbacks of polygamy. It doesn’t appear often in novels, but it’s an inherent problem of harems.

“Let me warn thou, thou need to also consider the situation of those three.”

In other words, she’s telling me to have them contribute to the Baumeister Earldom’s development while skilfully sheltering them.

“I’ve been taken in by you after losing the duel, hubby, so you can do as you like for all I care.”

“True. If necessary, I will continue to teach them magic.”

Going by Katia and Lisa, it sounds like they don’t care which path I choose. This world is truly open-minded when it comes to this aspect. In Japan my social reputation would have likely plummeted to the very bottom.

“Either way, unrelated to the context of me being a noble, I simply want to train those three, and have them graduate from the prep school without any problems.”

I’ve got no ulterior motives in this. I merely want to raise the next generation by teaching magic to talented youths, just like Master taught me. This wish probably stems from the fact that Master couldn’t really pass on his teachings to others while alive.

“I must raise a somewhat larger number of pupils to make up for Master. I’m still a novice myself, but I’ll be able to leave behind Master’s achievements for future generations by doing this.”


Elise and the others look at me with respect. It looks like I finally got them to understand my feelings. I’d be troubled if they kept suspecting my actions to be laden as much with secret motives as other big nobles. Well, while you can say that the majority of the folks in the capital don’t have any such aims, it’s also inevitable to suspect them since they’re making moves on young women the second you turn your eyes away from them.

“So, in the end, what do you want me to do, Amalie-san?” I ask her.

Going by Amalie-san’s character, I doubt that she’d criticize me over just some aristocratic mistake.

“Ah, you see, I’m not pregnant, and everyone else has long entered their stable periods. So don’t go out with just those three, but take all of us out to play on your days off instead. All I’m asking is for you to have some dates with us in Baulburg.”

“Eh!? That’s okay?”

I’ve been spending my time with Agnes and the others since Roderich and the others would never leave me alone if something happens while I’m forcing Elise and the others to walk around with me.

“Something at the level of a little stroll won’t have any impact on pregnant women.”

As expected of someone experienced at childbirth. Amalie-san knows far more about pregnancies than I do. It’s just that I didn’t know about this at all, but I guess it’s the same for Roderich and Erw, or rather, the entire male camp.

“Sorry, it was inconsiderate of me…”

“Since pregnant women have a tendency to seclude themselves, such a change of pace is necessary as well.”

I suppose it’s rather an issue to not have them go outside because of an excessive worry that something might happen.

“Umm…was it the same in the Knight Baumeister House as well?”

“No, cautioning such things was unnecessary at that place.”

Come to think of it, Amalie-san did things like going out into the garden to harvest our home-grown vegetables and herbs for cooking until right before her delivery. Even at home, she twisted ropes, repaired things, and so on…I guess it rather proved to be fortunate that our family wasn’t very noble-like.

As for going out…we didn’t have any stores in our Knightdom anyway, so the question of going out on dates or such never came up. Mother Nature was right around the corner as soon as you left our mansion…but then again, you can also say that territory had nothing else but nature going for it.

“Since anyone would get bored staying at home all the time, I think it’s a good idea to go out every once in a while.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Since I haven’t realized the matter with Agnes and the others, nor what Amalie-san pointed out just now, I feel very grateful. Because you could describe a married couple, which doesn’t speak about such things, as finished, it’s great that my wives bring up such matters with me.

“Let’s go out at once then.”

Now that I’ve made up my mind, I decide to have Roderich arrange everything so that I can go out with Elise and the others, using the golden opportunity of me having a day off.





“Oh, isn’t that Lord-sama and his wives?”

“It’s quite the spectacle, isn’t it?”

“Taking plenty of pretty wives and having one child after the other born because you’re born as a man, isn’t that very enviable?”

“This time it’s not the usual girlies, huh?”

“Probably because he got scolded to occasionally look after his wives.”




“…I se───e.”

Certainly, it’s just as Amalie-san said. Even Baulburg’s residents think that I must have been finally scolded by my wives for always taking only Agnes, Betty, and Cindy out to play.




“Won’t those three join the ranks sooner or later anyway?”

“Isn’t the number of his wives going to grow even further?”

“That’s wonderful, no? Baulburg will get lively, too.”





Moreover, the residents believe that Agnes and the other two will become my wives in the future.

“See, everyone thinks so.”


That’s a big maybe there…but the probability of it happening is rather high. Still for the moment I’m their teacher.

I solidify my determination to do my very best at teaching all my students at the prep school, including Agnes’ group, until their graduation. Let me just tell you, it’s definitely not like I’m postponing the issue or anything, okay?


*   *   *


The seasons pass by, and before I realize it, spring has arrived again.

Just when I feel like having gotten used to my job as a teacher, my students are about to graduate. Given that it’s not like I can afford to always work as a teacher, it’s been set that my temporary teacher job will come to an end for the time being.

It’s planned for Elise, Katharina, and Lisa to work as temporary teachers as much as possible, limited to Baulburg’s prep school.

“Sensei is…very deeply moved!”

“Why are you sobbing around here by yourself, Wend…?”

Society calls it graduation, but at the adventurer prep school it’s seen as having completed courses. The necessary credits can be achieved within a year without trying the impossible, but since minors aren’t allowed to enter monster domains, it’s possible for them to keep taking lessons in courses outside the necessary curriculum. In those cases, the lessons take place in the afternoon and evening to not overlap with the lessons of the other students.

Even professional adventurers are allowed to take lessons they need on single occasions. It costs a bit of money, but since prep schools receive subsidies in the territories they are located at, the fees are fairly cheap.

We didn’t know those details since we’ve only gone to our prep school for a few months, but the adventurer prep schools are unexpectedly accommodating. Since you can take the necessary courses as long as you have money and time, the prep schools feel more like schools offering courses catered towards working adults.

Given that it’s my first graduation, even though I’ll have many chances to meet my students afterwards, I cry while being emotionally moved. Erw rolls his eyes at me pulling such a one-man show.

“You just don’t get it, Erw. My very first students are going to graduate. I’m sure, all of them are also deeply moved…”

“Really? They look happy to me.”

At the end of Erw’s line of sight, the students are cheerfully chatting after receiving their certificates for having completed their courses.

“Since I’ve become an adult, I’ll form a party with some friends to challenge the Demon Forest.”

“I’ll reach adulthood next year, so I’ll hunt in the Baumeister Earldom until then. Since I’ve already got a party, I wonder whether I should take some lessons outside the obligatory ones while working on our party’s teamwork.”

“I think a course with practical lessons related to camping would be pretty neat.”

“Yeah, that sounds useful. I’ll take it as well. Our courses included a basic training in this, but I’d also like to take a course where those things are trained on-site.”

“Hmm, should I take that course as well?”

“It’d be better to do so.”

All of them chat while having big dreams for their lives after graduation, but not a single one of them is crying. Just as Erw says, it feels out of place for me to be the only one sobbing here.

“Huh? It’s weird, isn’t it?”

Since it’s their graduation, at least one person should have teary eyes… Which reminds me, I didn’t shed any tears back when we graduated either…

“Why do you think that the students would cry over something like this, Wend?”

“Well, you see…”

With Erw pointing that out, I scratch my head in embarrassment since it’s definitely not like I can say that I’ve been influenced by TV-Dramas.

Nonetheless, the students appear to be grateful for my efforts as one after the other approaches me to express their thanks.

“My magic has improved thanks to you, sensei.”

“Sensei, your way of teaching was super easy to understand.”

“Would it be okay for me to ask you to teach me magic again?”

“Isn’t that only natural!? I’m your sensei, after all!”

Indeed, all of the 61 students of this magician class are my precious students. I tell them that they can always rely on me when they need some help.

“Sensei! Thank you very much!”

“Oh, yeah! Let’s toss sensei into the air!”




Thus the graduation ceremony of the young magicians came to an end in an emotional way, but…




“Are you going to employ all of them for the Baumeister House after they retire as adventurers under the pretext of them being your students? That’d trigger a harsh backlash by the other nobles…”

When I give Roderich a rundown about the emotional graduation ceremony, he pulls a bitter face.

“Eh? I haven’t said anything like that though…”

“In my ears your words sounded like they would certainly interpret it in such a way.”


I recall that I told them to rely on me whenever they’re in trouble.

“They will think that they can come to us whenever they feel like retiring as adventurers to serve nobility.”

“But, magicians are in great demand, so…”

Naturally the competition to recruit magicians is fierce because of the low number of available personnel. And the magicians have no issue with serving any house as long as the conditions fit their demands.

“At present there’s only a few noble houses that can offer higher wages than us…”

The Baumeister Earldom has plenty of budget as we’re still in the middle of development, so we want as many magicians as possible. We can also guarantee a fairly good treatment if they come to us.

“Seeing as you told them that you’d hire them at the Baumeister House in the worst case, they’ll be able to make big demands during future negotiations. Even if they get hired at wages as high as ours, it’s very likely that the market price will skyrocket in the future thanks to you, milord.”

“Ugh! It’s not like I promised that I’d hire them…also stuff like government service or mediating a job change would also be an option…”

I end up overwhelmed by Roderich’s questioning.

“Don’t worry. Everyone’s economic situation will have improved by that time…”

Due to the development in the south-east, and the influx of big funds related to that, the Kingdom’s economy will keep growing. If this new wealth spreads to the nobles within the Kingdom, they shouldn’t complain to me over some small increase in the wages of the magicians…at least I hope so…

“The economic growth triggered by the Baumeister Earldom has been dubbed as 『Baumeisternomics』!”

“What a weird name…”

Back in Japan, many politicians and economic commentators used such branding on TV and in newspapers as well. I couldn’t actually feel it myself with my small pay, but it’s said that economical conditions are easily affected by moods.

Since it won’t get any worse at least, I’ll force my way through here. In short, all will be fine as long as I avoid Roderich’s hounding.

“Given that it’s done and over with anyway, it’s pointless to talk any further about it. Even their governmental service is a matter that might take place several years later.”

“You’re absolutely right. This is no more than an expression of beautiful affection between teacher and students.”

“Well, I suppose we can leave it at that. By the way, milord, about the three girls you’re favoring above your other students…” Roderich starts a new interrogation, this time about my favorite pupils Agnes, Betty, and Cindy.

“You knew of them, Roderich?”

“Look, if you shower them with your love so much while frequently taking them around Baulburg, it’s hardly imaginable that the residents of this city wouldn’t learn of it sooner or later…”

“Nevertheless, I must say, my private life surprisingly draws a lot of attention.”

Even though I’m no actor or model.

“Are you saying this seriously? Milord, currently you’re the most prominent celebrity in the Kingdom…”

“Yeah, I know.”

Roderich probably means my achievements in the Empire’s civil war more than a year ago. Still, it’s quite troublesome.

“So what are you going to do about those three from now on?”

“They’ve already graduated. They should decide their own paths in life.”

Agnes is looking for a party where she can join as an apprentice. Since Cindy and Betty are still minors, they seem to hunt around Baulburg while taking courses they haven’t taken so far. All three mentioned that they’d act as a team again after reaching adulthood.

They’ve chosen proper careers. But that might only be expected of the top-students trained by me. I’m expecting that they’ll definitely become first-rate magicians.

“…Huh? You should shelter those three.”

“Now listen…”

Just how’s Agnes’ group any different from the other students, including the men? A difference in talent?

“Well, I guess it’s going to be alright for now…”

Once I press Roderich for an answer, he suddenly becomes unwilling to speak up for some reason.

Thus the young magicians have all graduated without a hitch, and started to walk their own paths through life. As their class teacher, I’ve finished my work as a temporary teacher, too.

Even after the promised one year came to an end, I took up the job as temporary teacher every once in a while, but with the prep school in Baulburg filling its teacher vacancies, the need for me to always help out vanished as well.

My wives are soon going to give birth. The first to deliver is going to be Elise, but afterwards, my other wives will give birth one after the other.

“Roderich, I’ll do my best as a father. We’re going to hasten the development of the territory.”

For this reason, I focus on foundation works in my earldom once again. Since Roderich is dishing out one development project after the other, all my energy goes into realizing those foundation works.

With all my wives on maternity leave, I’m the only one capable of handling this work, but at this point, the perfect helpers show up.

“Sensei, I’d like to learn public works as well.”

“Me too.”

“We’ll be able to do this kind of work after retiring as adventurers, right?”

“I see, I see, you three sure are enthusiastic. Construction magic has some parts requiring a very delicate control. Especially if other workers are around, you must absolutely avoid hurting them with your magic. Sensei is going to teach you from scratch.”

“””Thank you!”””

Since Agnes became an apprentice magician in another party, she couldn’t show up often, but Cindy and Betty helped out with the construction in the Baumeister Earldom on many occasions while matching it with their hunting.

At first they needed coaching, but that was something Katharina required as well. Nowadays, after immediately learning the ropes, they can swiftly take care of our requests.

“You see, that’s why I told you it’d be alright, milord.”

“No, those three are ultimately my pupils, okay?”

“For now, yes.”

Roderich says some suggestive things, but thanks to me teaching the three about construction magic, the construction work in the Baumeister Earldom is proceeding smoothly. We’ve managed to skilfully fill the spots left open by the maternity leaves of Katharina and Lisa.

Of course I’m paying them wages, and it also spurs on their growth. This is something very auspicious for me as their master.

“Milord, I’m looking forward to the future.”

“And that anticipation of yours doesn’t contain any other ulterior motives?”

“I’m sure you’re just imagining things, milord.”

In Roderich’s mind my marriage with Agnes and the others seems to already be set in stone, but since those three are still children, it’s a non-topic.

While making sure of my pupils’ growth as magicians, I waited for my wives’ delivery dates.



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