Extra – Short Training Course by Maid-san

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“I see! That means I’ve finally reached the point of being able to teach the newcomers. Those are the fruits of my effort and talent.” (Lea)

“It looks like you’re misinterpreting things as you please. It’s not about training the maids entering the mansion. The construction of the dormitory of Baulburg’s adventurer prep school is close to finishing, but the Baumeister Earldom is fundamentally short on hands. It looks like no one is applying to run the dormitory, and thus, even after the official opening of the dormitory, the students must prepare things like meals etc. while managing the dormitory by themselves for a while.” (Dominique)

“In short, you’re saying we’re going to teach those children, who don’t know how this world works, basic housework?”

“That’s quite the condescending attitude you’ve got there, but I guess you’re principally correct… Originally it’s not necessary for us to do something like that, but this is also an expression of our master’s deep compassion.”

“Got it! I’ll give them a strict training regimen!”

“Did you listen to a word I told you, Lea? It’s okay to just stick to the basics.”




Even though the belly of Dominique-neesan is already quite conspicuous, she’s as conscientious as ever, or maybe I should call it diligent.
For her to deliberately show up here to give me an explanation…I’m pretty sure it’s because she’s Elise-sama’s childhood friend.
Now that the prep school in Baulburg has been completed, master and his wives have started to teach magic there as temporary teachers.
Probably because of the quick opening of the school, the dormitory hasn’t been built yet, so the students are staying at inns all over Baulburg.
It looks like all of them will move into the dormitory once it’s done, but if that happens, there will be yet another problem.
Since the Baumeister Earldom lacks manpower, there’s no dorm mother available who would do stuff like preparing the food, clean, and do the laundry.
To be honest, one could wonder whether it’s really necessary to go so far for the students, but master is a gentle man.
I think he’s trying to properly take care of the students he has been entrusted with.
As long as there’s no dorm mother, the students, who will live in the dormitory later, have to prepare the meals and similar in alternation.
There are many restaurants in Baulburg, but since they are expensive, it’d be difficult on the wallets of the prep school’s students to live only by eating out.
I think this is a golden chance to teach them cooking, cleaning, and doing the laundry, and I’m the one who has been ordered to take over that temporary teacher role.




I shall do my best with my first important duty in order to meet master’s expectations!

“Although I came here while thinking that…”

Once I head over to the almost completed dormitory, there’s only three students waiting for me there. Read this novel at infinitenoveltranslations.net to support the TL. Thanks!
I thought that I would teach the basics of housework to a lot more people, but am I actually being evaluated lowly by master?

“Huh? That’s weird.”

“No waaay───!”

It looks like it’s unexpected for master as well. He continues to scream all by himself.
So there are things that surprise even master who quickly rose to a high-ranking noble by achieving many meritorious deeds.

“Even though cleaning, doing the laundry, and cooking is a basic necessity for any independent adult, and not just adventurers!”

“Especially new adventurers have it hard unless they can’t do everything by themselves. But you know, Wend, the majority of those aspiring to become adventurers are like this. There aren’t that many fellows who would attend a special training course that’s not required for graduating.”

Erwin-sama points out the naivety of his anticipation to master who continues to clamor around in front of me.
It looks like the good intentions of master haven’t gotten through to the students…

“Isn’t that odd? I mean, to not realize that it will be useful for camping after they’ve become adventurers, if they can cook for themselves. It’s the same with doing the laundry. Not all of them are fellows with a family background that would allow them to let servants handle it, right?”

“Well, it’s not all that unusual. I took care of it myself as well. But, once I started to live in the capital, I left all of it to the mansion’s maids.”

“What’re they going to do if they’ve got to camp out in the process of their job!?”

“Don’t they intend to eat what they’ve bought in advance?”

“It’s kinda doubtful whether a weakly city kid could actually start a fire and boil some water. There’s no loss in learning it early on, is there!?”

If he puts it like that, he’s surely right. There should occasionally be times when adventurers would hunt for several days in monster domains and savage no-man lands.
Whether they’re capable of preparing a warm meal, even if it’s a simple one, in such situations should have a big influence on their morale over the next few days.
If it’s a kid from the countryside, they should be able to at least start a fire, cut the ingredients, and cook something simple, thanks to helping out at home.
My colleagues at the mansion, who originate from the countryside, have said something along those lines.
However, there’s also quite a few children, who can’t even start a fire, as they’ve been living in a big city like the capital.
Once master gathered people planning to somehow change that while at the same time getting them to learn simple cooking until a dormitory mother is found…this outcome.

“Baaaahh───! Replenishing your energy when you’re not fighting during wars and hunts is crucial!”

“You’re exaggerating too much. They’re children, so it’s inevitable that they’re engrossed with cool ways how to swing a sword, or practicing magic. After understanding how difficult it is when they’re unable to do it well, if their turn of being on duty comes around in the opened dormitory, they’ll come to learn it.”

“Even though it’d be fine for them to learn it before running into troubles…”

“That’s exactly why they’re still children. Still, it’s not too late as long as they realize it while at the prep school.”

Erwin-sama comforts master by saying that it’ll be fine for the students to make mistakes while they are still students.
Nothing less of my future husband. He’s truly broad-minded.

“Isn’t it okay, seeing how your pupils are seriously participating, Wend?”

Although it’s a short-term training course that’s not required nor part of the curriculum, there are three girls who are participating.
If I remember correctly, I’ve heard about children being treated as pupils by master for their talents in magic. I’m pretty sure it’s about the girls standing in front of me.

“See, Wend? Your pupils fully understand you.”

“Yes, sensei. I’ve heard that there’ll be times when I’ll work for long periods of time at places in the middle of nowhere once I become an adventurer. It’s necessary for me to learn at least the minimum of knowledge about cooking for myself.”

“It’s the same with doing the laundry and simple repairs of the equipment. It should make a big difference if you can patch up equipment with an emergency repair if it breaks at a place where you can’t simply take it to a shop.”

“No matter which job it might be, cleaning is the basics. Rosa-san is properly cleaning my brother’s restaurant everyday.”

“Uuuhh…it’s great that there are students who are understanding it.”

Master is moved to tears in admiration towards his pupils who completely understood his thinking. He’s probably very happy.

“Even though I’ve been helping out at home, I haven’t really done anything like cooking or such since my help is mostly focused on our family’s business. However, if I learn how to cook, I will make something for you, sensei.”

“Me too. Although my brother is a cook, I put my highest priority on securing ingredients, so I don’t have that much experience with cooking, you know? Once I improve on that, I will make something for you, sensei.”

“Me three. I wonder, should I bring along flowers that can be eaten next time?”

Master’s pupils, eh…?
Allow me to spell it out as a fellow woman, but they seem to aim for something else down the road than being genuine pupils…
They might rather believe that it’s convenient for the other students to not be present.

“Well then, Lea, please teach them starting with the basics.”

“As you wish, master.”

I shall precisely teach master’s pupils…although it’s very likely that the number of wives is going to grow again in the future…how to cook.

“We leave it to you, Lea.”

“Please leave it in my hands, Erwin-sama.”

Even Erwin-sama, who’s soon going to become my husband, has asked me to do it.
I will do my utmost to teach them the skills I learned while suffering from Dominique-neesan’s iron fist.




“So…why the maid clothes?”

“It’s because it’d be a bit problematic for you to do housework while still wearing your robes. They might get dirty.”

“She’s right. Lea’s thinking is correct.”

Since there’s only three students, I’ve decided to do the training course in the kitchen of the almost finished dormitory.
Today we’ll start with the simple basics of cooking, but first comes the form.
Since they’d likely be in trouble if their robes were to get dirty, I immediately got them to change into outfits, which can get dirty without any problems.
It seems like master is considering that to be strange, but it’s the basics to wear maid clothes when doing such work. I mean, I’m a maid after all.

“Just consider them as working clothes. We have none of master’s newly invented maid clothes left, but there’s still plenty of the old maid clothes we’re keeping as spares. Since we have improved them a bit while using master’s design of the new maid clothes as reference, they should be easier to move in than before.”

Having shortened the skirts is the biggest change, I think.
It’s that. The idea that short skirts might be highly popular with men.
Since it’s at the level of the hem reaching down to below the knees, it’s not like we’ve shortened them that much either.
If it’s a skirt reaching down to the ankles as it’s been usual in the past, the hem will easily become dirty. Once they become dirty, the clothes must be washed, resulting in this taking a lot of time and effort.

“Agnes-san, Betty-san, Cindy-san, they suit you.”

“Really, Lea-san?”


“Sensei, what do you think?”

“Yep, a maid uniform looks really good on you, Agnes.”

Even master, who at first asked about the reason for the maid uniforms, looks not all that unhappy once he actually sees the appearances of Agnes-san and the other two in maid uniforms.



Well, maid uniforms suit women more than robes.

“Sensei, how do I look?”

“Please look at me as well, sensei.”

“It looks good on you two as well, Betty, Cindy. Yep, you’re cute.”

“”Thank you.””

Since master only praised Agnes-san, Betty-san and Cindy-san immediately ask master as well, obviously competing with Agnes-san.
They want to be praised by the man they love.
This is definitely no simple relationship of master and pupils.
Master doesn’t seem to harbor the slightest intention in that direction, but it’s plain as day that the girls are seriously aiming to become master’s wives.

“Sensei, I’m not cute?”

“You’re mistaken. Agnes, you’re cute as well.”

“Thank you.”

Master soothes Agnes-san who’s pouting as she hasn’t been called cute by him.
As always, master isn’t accustomed to handling women, despite having a big number of wives.

“Lea, wouldn’t it be better to start soon?”

At this point, Erwin-sama skilfully changes the flow of the conversation.
We’ll first start from how to handle a kitchen knife.
This 『kitchen knife』 has been produced in Mizuho, but since it’s handier and sharper than the kitchen knives we used before, a great number of those knives have been bought for the mansion of the Earl Baumeister House.
Because it looks like Agnes-san and the other two possess magic bags, I think it’s better for them to carry and learn how to use that kitchen knife rather than the small knives for cooking often used by adventurers.

“The ingredients are these potatoes here.”

We’ve brought them over from the mansion.
Given that a large amount was sent to Therese-sama from the Philip Dukedom, her home, she has shared some with us as well.

“We will peel them and then slice them as thinly as possible.”

First I show them how to do it while including the tricks behind the motions, then I will have the three follow my example.

“I’ve peeled them too roughly.”

“I’ve cut the skin into small pieces.”

“Brother is truly amazing…”

I kinda feel like the three are rather on the skilled side for being beginners?
After practicing it several times, they somehow manage to peel off the potatoes’ skin.
There are still many potatoes with skin left on them, but I’ll have them practice it independently later on.

“Next we’re going to slice these potatoes thinly.”


“I wonder whether I will be able to do that.”

“I can’t pull back here as the sister of a cook!”

Once I show them how, the three start to slice the potatoes thinly.
At first they cut them quite crudely, but they gradually became able to slice them thinly.

“We will wash the thinly-cut potatoes with water, and after taking them out of the water, we’ll dry them properly with a clean, dry cloth. Got it? Do it well.”


The three proceed with the work as I tell them.

“And then we’ll fry these in heated oil. The oil’s temperature mustn’t be too hot. Else the potatoes will get immediately burned.”

Once burned, they’ll become bitter and stop tasting good.

“When they’ve been fried to a nice, brown color, you place them on a paper like this, allowing the excess oil to drain.”

Since this part of the cooking is easy, there’s not much I’ve got to tell them about it.
Moreover, the paper for draining the oil is also a special product from Mizuho called 『washi』. 1 Since it’s always used for various kinds of dishes, the Baumeister House has stocked up on them by import from Mizuho.

“At the end, you sprinkle salt and cut, dried parsley from above, and it’s done.”

“””I’m done.”””

“It looks good. Let’s have a taste.”

Since four people’s shares of potato chips are done, we’ll give the outcome a sampling which will also serve as an afternoon snack.
We line up the chips on the table, and I teach the three how to make tea.

“It’s a good idea to warm the cups with warm water in advance. The temperature of the hot water used for brewing tea shouldn’t be close to boiling. It’d kill the aroma. You pour the slightly cooled hot water into the pot, adding it to the tea leaves little-by-little while mixing the water like this. If you pour all of it in one go, you’ll get a difference in the tea’s density.”


My skill doesn’t go as far as Elise-sama’s or Dominique-neesan’s, but I have been told that I rank third among the Baumeister House’s maids in brewing tea.
But everyone has their personal preferences about brewing tea.

“We’re all ready with this. Now then, let us start the sampling.”


First are the chips made by me, but it’s impossible for me to make an error since master taught me several times how to do it.
They have a crunchy feel, superb seasoning, and with the accent of the dry parsley flavoring, they taste absolutely delicious.
In addition, it’s a bliss to eat them with the curry powder invented by master, melted cheese, or melted chocolate. The combination of sweetness and sourness is surprisingly addictive.
It might be a good idea to teach them those as well, if we have some time on another day.

“The crooked shapes of your chips are a problem, but since it doesn’t change the fact that they taste good, you get a passing mark. However, they can’t be served like that at the Baumeister House.”

After all, it must be something that’s suited for Earl Baumeister-sama’s palate.
Us maids and the cooks make sweets and dishes, and brew tea while paying meticulous attention everyday.

“In other words, there are high hurdles for us to get sensei to eat our homemade cooking.”

“That’s correct.”

I’m sorry for them, but weird things aren’t allowed to enter master’s mouth.

“I got it. I will do my best!”

“Maybe I should get my brother to teach me?”

I said something slightly harsh there, but it looks like Agnes-san and the other two got motivated sufficiently.
Since the chips are good for their first attempt, I think they’ll be able to make something suitable for master to eat as long as they keep training.
I’m as old as as Agnes-san, but I feel like wanting to tell them, 『Go for it, juniors!』.

“I’m sure you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.”

“Umm, Lea.”

“Yes, what is it, Erwin-sama?”

I think I’ve taught them well, considering it’s my first time, but maybe Erwin-sama has some issue with it?

“You see, we talked about teaching them the basics so that they can cook outdoors once they’ve become adventurers, and cook for themselves until a dorm mother starts to work here, right? Why not make cooked rice instead of potato chips? Aren’t those snacks? I feel like it’d have been better if you taught them dishes that used potatoes…right, Wend?”

“Certainly, you won’t be able to fill your stomach with just those. Adventurers depend on their bodies, so I feel like recipes for substantial food would be better…”


Oh damn!
I unconsciously ended up teaching them my favorite potato dish since we had potatoes at hand. It was bad luck that I was somewhat hungry, and that the time for snacking was close at hand.
However, being able to cope with this by adapting is my strong point.

“Even if you don’t peel the potatoes next time, it’ll be okay. You cut them into long, narrow sticks, and fry those in oil.”

How about that!
This will turn them into French fries, and anyone can make those easily.

“No, you see…it might be no problem in the dormitory’s kitchen, but can you actually use lots of oil for cooking in the wild?”

Damn! It’s certainly just like master says!
As I’m pondering with my maid brain what to use as…next dish…


“It hurts, Dominique-neesan.”

The fist of Dominique-neesan, who entered the kitchen with an astounding speed despite her pregnancy, homes in on the crown of my head.
She’s merciless, despite the baby in her belly.
Aren’t master and Erwin-sama also pulling pained expressions?

“There’s no need to think so deeply about it. Since it’s supposed to be outdoor food, being able to make it quickly while getting all the necessary nutrients matters the most.”

With those words, Dominique-neesan begins to cook.
After cutting peeled potatoes into suitable chunks, she fries them on a thin layer of oil. Once they get heated up to a certain degree, she also adds thinly sliced meat.
Then she adds water, soy sauce, and sugar, letting all of it cook together until the potatoes become soft.

“In reality, you’d also want to add carrots and onions like the Mizuho meat and potato stew, but this would be outdoor cooking that can be prepared easily.”

“Oohh! As expected of you, Dominique.”

“I’m deeply flattered to hear your praise.”

I guess there’s a difference in experience, after all…master admires Dominique-neesan’s cooking.

“If it’s this, it seems like even I could make it.”

“It tastes great albeit being simple.”

“It’s a good dish since you can arrange it in various ways.”

Agnes-san and the other two are also all over Dominique-neesan.
It makes me wonder what has happened to my position here…but!
I’ll be a failure as a maid if I pull back here.
I’ve just come up with a good dish now!

“You shred the potatoes into small pieces. This time you don’t wash them with water. Instead, you place the shredded potatoes at the bottom of a heated frying pan after spreading oil in it. Then you roast it while pressing it down with a spatula like this. After covering the frying pan, you let it roast on a weak flame for a short while, and once the shredded potatoes start to stick together, you flip the whole chunk over, and add oil. After increasing the heat intensity, you grill it until it’s crispy, and it’s done.”

Great. When I received the potatoes from Therese-sama, I got her to teach me a dish from the Philip Dukedom…
Therese-sama said that it’s a countryside dish of her home.
It doesn’t look like the dish has a particular name, though. If forced to give it one, I’d say 『Potato Pancake』?

“Hee, this has a simple taste, but it’s nice as it’s easy to make.”

“It’ll be fine to increase its substantial quantity by adding cheese and meat, I guess.”

My dish has received good evaluations by master and Erwin-sama.

“Although there wouldn’t have been any problems if you made this one from the very start…”

Dominique-neesan, that’s what you call the star performer entering the stage last.
Besides, I’ve come up with other dishes as well.

“Well then, I’m going to start the next dish.”

That’s how the cooking course by me, an excellent maid of the Baumeister House and Erwin-sama’s lovely fiancée, started on a good note.


*   *   *


“Say, Wend.”

“What’s up, Erw?”

“You, did you get slightly…no, quite a bit…fat?”

“You think so?”

“It’s weird, okay! For a magician to gain in weight in such a short time!”




Around one month after I’ve started to teach Agnes-san and the other two how to cook.

Since a dorm mother was found in a hurry right before the dormitory’s opening, the course of teaching the students cooking has come to an end after such a short time.
However, it looks like the three girls want master to eat their homemade cooking, no matter what.
Accordingly I’ve pitched in to help out, and taught them all kinds of dishes during my free time.
They are very serious and learn quickly. Although the variation of dishes they can make is still limited, they’ve reached a level of being able to make sweets and dishes that would be fine for master to eat.
They’ve started to bring the sweets and dishes they made to master…I wonder whether it’s a bit much in quantity considering it’s basically snacks…well, it’s difficult to only make an appropriate amount of sweets and dishes, after all.
If amateurs do it, the quantity always turns out to be somewhat large.
I think there’s slightly many dishes with a lot of oil and sugar…well, for an amateur it’s difficult to make delicate dishes that’d capitalize on the essential deliciousness of the ingredients.
If they make the slightest mistake, it’ll immediately influence the taste…

“In short, Agnes-san and the others take turns in bringing their own homemade food to master during the breaks, and master eats everything since he’s kind. But, please don’t fret. I’ll teach them step by step how to lower the amount of food they make, and how to stop making too oily and sugary dishes.”

“Teach them those methods right away! What are you going to do if master falls ill!?”

“It huuurtz…Dominique-neesan. It looks like I’ve forgotten the events which took place during the date with Erwin-sama the other day. Even though he treated me to the most expensive course at a new restaurant…”

“You’re remembering it, aren’t you!?”

As always, Dominique-neesan doesn’t go easy on me.




But, I think a slightly fat master is fine as it’s very typical of nobles.



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