Chapter 8 – Troublesome Matters Are Increasing in Various Ways even while I Work as Teacher

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“Milord, the future prospering of the Earl Baumeister House depends on how many children you make who will then form our household. Too many children becomes a source of strife in noble houses with long histories, but the Earl Baumeister House has been founded by you. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about those things.”

“Oh, really?”

“Milord, treating it as if it were someone else’s problem…as you’re still young, you must do your best as long as you can.”


It’s been three months since I have taken up my job as a temporary teacher with summer being at its early stage.
Given that the Baumeister Earldom has a climate close to the subtropics, the temperature here is high all year long, but we’re going to soon enter midsummer which is a lot hotter.
That’s why, or rather, it’s completely unrelated, but I have taken Roderich’s words, to whom I have outsourced all decisions in regards to governmental affairs as Household Manager, as something similar to encouragement, and not so much as sermon.
To be honest, it’s not like my motivation gets boosted when hearing all that, though.

“Elise and your other three wives are already in their fifth month of pregnancy, and the prospect of a long-awaited heir makes us retainers sigh in relief.”

Because Elise, Ina, Luise, and Katharina got pregnant at almost the same time, there’s almost no worry of the Baumeister House going extinct even if something should happen to me.
There are cases where the lack of an heir leads to unnecessary troubles over the inheritance of the peerage and territory.
In the eyes of the retainers who have been able to find work at long last, a lack of a legitimate heir could cause a downsizing of the territory, directly connecting to their dismissal as retainers. I suppose, it’s only natural for them to feel relieved.

“Following, Wilma-sama and Katia-sama have…”

As a matter of fact, those two have become pregnant as well.
Wilma has turned fifteen years old, and since Katia is going to soon be twenty years old with her mana having stopped rising, there have been pressing demands for her to bear a child by her family.
It’s not like that was the reason, but I did put in some effort.

“Wonderful. With this the Baumeister House will be saaa…fe…”

After having told me all this, Roderich started to cry, getting all emotional by himself.
At such times I’m perplexed how I should deal with the situation.
Well, it’s not like I need to treat a guy kindly just because he’s crying, right?

“Thanks to that, I’ve become unable to go hunting in monster domains, though.”

“Of course. After all, we can’t form a party that can guarantee your safety, milord.”




Under these circumstances, almost everyone in the Dragon Buster’s female camp has entered maternity leave.
Therefore, I’m stuck with occasionally hunting in the nearby forests with Erw.
In addition, Erw always brings several guards along.

“Guards and all that, this is way too formal, you know?”

“What are you saying!? Wouldn’t it turn into an irreversible situation if something happened to you, milord!?”

Becoming an important person has its downsides as well.
However, Roderich will only allow me to act freely if I take Elise and the others with me.
That means, it’s a necessary evil for the moment.

“Even Therese, eh…?”

In the end, after she had raised her mana capacity to a level ranging in the middle of the advanced level, she stopped using contraception on her own initiative, and got pregnant with my child.
According to herself, 『Even while pregnant, I can still practice magic, right? I’m already 21 years old, and I want to give birth to at least one child』.

“In regards to Therese-sama, there are no real problems. Given that she’s a person with a good discernment, she’s very easy to deal with.”

Her child won’t have any succession rights, but if it’s a man, we will make him the head of a new chief retainer house. Roderich says that he has come to such an agreement with Therese.
I wonder just when they talked it over, but for me it’s convenient as it has no troublesome aspects.

“And you finally made a move on Lisa-sama as well, didn’t you?”

“Hey, Roderich! You want to destroy everything I’ve built up so strenuously?”

She wouldn’t get accepted by anyone while wearing that flashy make-up and outfit. On the other hand, she can’t talk with any man besides me, if she doesn’t wear it.
Since she has reached a point where she can talk normally with the women in my house, it’s not like there was no effect from her training, but yeah…
She’s gallantly helping us out in the earldom’s development, and since she’s a person whom Amelie-san describes with 『Even though she’s older than me, I end up wanting to pamper her against my better judgment since she’s so cute』- an opinion I shared as well – I decided to accept her wish.
And then she became pregnant as well, although she raised her mana before that.
Her mana capacity has increased to a level of being almost equal with Katharina, but since she’s been a top-class magician to begin with, her room for growth seemed to be low.

“Isn’t Lisa-sama happy with it?”

Certainly, nowadays she’s spending her days sewing baby clothes together with Elise and the others.
For her, who’s soon going to be thirty years old, it must appear like a miracle took place.
In Japan it’s not overly strange to get pregnant at that age, but in this world it’s doubtlessly considered a childbirth at old age.

“Before that I went through quite the hassle, though…”

“Is it about the matter with Lisa-sama becoming a temporary teacher?”

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.”

I recall an incident that happened last month.




『Eh? Construction work? I have no time today.』

It was before Lisa’s pregnancy was detected. On that day I would have a lecture at the prep school, but Roderich begged me to urgently construct something with magic.
Since he said that it was dire, I was about to delay the lecture to the next day, but the one offering to help out was Lisa. Moreover, as a temporary teacher.
Because the construction work spanned over a large scale with only me having enough mana to take care of it, Roderich told Lisa that it would be impossible for her.

『It sounds like Lisa-sama is kind enough to take over the part of the temporary teaching.』

『If you say so, I guess it’ll be fine.』

Previously Katia told me that Lisa’s way of teaching was theoretical, and I believed that the students would benefit from widening their horizons by being taught by various kinds of teachers.
Even I learned magic from Master, Burkhart-san, and Doushi. It was very useful for me as a magician to have various approaches as reference.
For my students it should also be helpful to also experienced this early on.

『I guess I will leave it to her then.』 (Wendelin)

『Okay.』 (Roderich)

This was how it was decided for Lisa to act as temporary teacher on that day.

『Lisa? You’re that Lisa the Blizzard?』

In the morning of that day I escorted Lisa to the prep school and explained the situation to Headmaster Hendrick, but he stared at Lisa in amazement.
I could fully understand his feelings.
After all she had turned into a completely different person compared to before.

『Please take care of me.』 (Lisa)

『Earl Baumeister-dono, you have my deepest respect…』 (Hendrick)

Hendrick apparently believed that I had reformed Lisa.
Though I think it’d be more precise to say that I exposed or unmasked her true nature.

『If Earl Baumeister-dono has urgent business to attend to, I will gladly request your help.』 (Hendrick)

However, the current Lisa had a decisive flaw.
Until this very day, she couldn’t even hold a decent conversation with a man besides me.
Even if they might be minors, half of the class consists of male students…


『Sensei, we can’t really hear what you’re saying.』

Naturally she ended up cowering away, unable to even introduce herself properly.
The students also complained about a temporary teacher who couldn’t talk normally.
To be honest, I had wondered why Lisa accepted to take that job, but the reason became apparent right away.
But then again, it was a fact Hendrick had learned after visiting the class to check the situation, since I wasn’t present at that point anymore as I had headed over to the construction site.

『Excuse me for a moment…』 (Lisa)

While the students expressed their dissatisfaction about today’s temporary teacher, Lisa left the classroom after quietly excusing herself, and came back after around ten minutes.
She had put on her previous make-up and flashy outfit.

『I’m Lisa the Blizzard! You little shits! You should be grateful that I’m the one teaching you today!』

The classroom instantly transformed into a picture of Hell and Pandemonium.
Well, I suppose that made sense.
There was no one among the magicians aiming to become adventurers who didn’t know of Lisa’s name and her usual conduct.
The classroom plunged straight into a critical situation.

『Is that the same person as before? You’re a swindler!』

『Shut the fuck up! Want me to freeze you!?』

Lisa snapped due to the comment of a male student, and let cold air loose into the vicinity.
The vase filled with flowers, that had been placed on the teacher’s desk, froze into a sculpture, terrifying the students and resulting in them obediently listening to Lisa’s lecture.
The contents of her lesson seemed to be theoretical matters as could be predicted…

『How did it go with the previous temporary teacher? Sensei couldn’t attend because I had urgent business to take care of last time.』 (Wendelin)

『It was very useful as a reference…but also quite scary…』

『Since the flowers on sensei’s desk ascended to heaven, I brought new flowers. It was a useful lecture, but I was frightened.』

『The magic theory about the water and wind attributes was magnificent. However it was frightening…』

Agnes, Cindy, Betty, and the other students were apparently terrified after experiencing Lisa in that getup.
All things considered, I strangely ended up admiring Lisa for still having kept that attire around.

『Lisa, I’d really like to see you in that getup once more.』

『Sorry. I can’t show it to the person who’s my husband.』

Such events took place as well…I didn’t know the full story behind them, but I took Lisa as a wife.
Taking women as wives after defeating them in a duel; I somehow had the feeling that it’d result in me taking many women as wives until my death, if I were to continue doing something like this.

“Still, it’s a blessing that Amalie-sama is here.”

Certainly, it’s just as Roderich says.
The number of my wives has increased up to this point, and on top of that, all of them have become pregnant.
Thus I’m very grateful for Amelie-san taking care of Elise and the others as someone who has experienced childbirth before.
Officially Amelie-san is treated as Head Maid, but Roderich is treating her as my wife.
His words are: 『She has experience in giving birth, and she’s still young, so please do your best』.

“Still, can’t you somehow increase the number of wives…?” (Roderich)

“Hey…” (Wendelin)

That damn Roderich came up with the most outrageous stuff.
However, since I’ve also got to keep a good balance with Margrave Breithilde, my patron, any more wives will likely be impossible.
Margrave Breithilde has been keeping the number of wives in check with me, but the other day he contacted me through the MHCD, telling me to spare him from getting any more wives.
It’s not like he has an excess of stamina as a person belonging to the liberal arts category, and he also doesn’t possess an overflowing sex drive.
The number of my wives including Philine – albeit that has to wait after she becomes an adult – totals to eight women + two unofficial mistresses.
If you look at the plain numbers, it means nobles are obscene beings.
No, a group of lions?
At least there’s enough material for an erotic novel to be found here.
But then again, there are actually many troublesome aspects when having many wives.
Especially in my case as I lack the skill to handle women smoothly.

“At the very least, I’d like you to have thirty.”

However, according to Roderich, that limitation is set too low.
I wonder, just where my future is headed.

“Thirty what, Roderich?”

“Of course children.”

“Give it a rest…let me deliberately say it once more, give it a damn rest…”

That big number makes me wonder whether I’m supposed to be a warring states commander or a shogun of the Edo shogunate.

“There’re many inquiries for marriages, while considering that half of them will be girls, for the establishments of branch families. And there’s also houses desiring boys to adopt them into their families as son-in-laws.”

Houses with only daughters seem to believe that they can get a benefit out of tying a relationship with our house by accepting a son-in-law.
Normal noble houses have to wrack their brains as to where they can send their children, but since the Baumeister House has been just founded in my generation, there’s absolutely no problems either way.

“What a corrupt talk.” (Wendelin)

“That’s nobles for you.” (Roderich)

“I know, I know.” (Wendelin)

“Hence, please do your best.”

I have both my shoulders tightly grasped by Roderich.
He’s telling me to do my best. But at what and how far?

“I know, I know!”

I break off the talk at this point, and quickly jump to the capital with 『Teleport』.
All in order to quickly forget the depraved noble society by getting in touch with my pure students.


*   *   *


“That’s it for today’s lesson. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anytime.”

Today’s lesson has ended safely.
The 61 students in the classroom are still continuing to enthusiastically take notes.
Even the students, who didn’t attend at first as they had no issues with keeping their attendance to a minimum thanks to the old teacher with his advanced senility, are now almost completely present after hearing about me being the new teacher.
Occasionally one or two miss a lesson due to health reasons or similar.
It’s probably also owed to my established reputation, but seeing the students hanging on my lips is something that calms my mind.
I have started to believe that it might not be bad to continue being a teacher.
Seriously, noble obligations and such can go eat shit.


“Any questions, Agnes?”


Most recently I have managed to memorize the names and faces of all my students.
Learning the faces and names of my pure students, who diligently listen to my lessons, is much easier than doing the same for all those corrupt nobles who only think how to get into my pocket. Isn’t that a very human reaction?
The one asking me the most questions among all my cute students is the class president character, Agnes.
Her family runs an optician store, and since she has a bad eyesight, she possesses several expensive, custom-made glasses.
At times she changes the glasses she’s wearing, but when I asked her about the reason for doing so, she answered that it was an advertisement for her family.
As serious as she is, she’s apparently doing it after being told so by her father.
According to her, the shady realtor Mr. Rinnenheim seems to also be a regular client of her family’s store.
I can’t help saying that deliberately having his shady glasses made as custom order is just what I’d expect from him.
Mr. Rinnenheim apparently ordered the sunglasses invented by me for his private time, too.
It’s great that he didn’t do so for his job.
After all sunglasses would totally make him look like a fishy land shark.

“There’s something I’d like to ask about the angle of 『Magic Barrier』…”

“Ah, about that…”

『Magic Barrier』 is a difficult spell for those with little amounts of mana.
If you engulf your whole body, the mana consumption increases accordingly. Maintaining the barrier continues sapping your mana as well.
If you make the 『Magic Barrier』 too thin to save on mana, it will be penetrated by an enemy attack in no time which will in lieu defeat the meaning of having cast it in the first place.
Accordingly I have hit upon a certain method.
Just like adding an angle to a tank’s armor plating, you just have to make sure to add an inclination to the 『Magic Barrier』 as well.
This will allow the barrier to block a certain level of impact even while making it a bit thinner than usual.
For the magicians with low mana capacity, that’s a big help, I think.
However, there are individual differences in the barrier’s defensive power even when using the same angle and thickness.
During the lesson I explained to only use this technique in actual combat after testing it thoroughly.
Agnes probably wants to improve the 『Magic Barrier』 in her own way right away.

“Add me as well, please.”

The second one is Cindy, the daughter of a flower arrangement store.
While being the youngest, she possesses abilities that are at the same level as those of Agnes.
Occasionally I’m buying flowers for my wives at her family’s store.

“Sensei, I’d like to learn it as well.”

The third one is Betty whose family runs a restaurant.
She also rivals Agnes in ability. And those three are the top students of my class.
At times I go to the restaurant of her older brother, but…well, I guess this is unrelated to anything.

“Sensei, please teach me as well!”

“I’d like you to teach me, too.”

“Me too.”

Since many other students have started to raise their hands as well, I decided to hold an extracurricular lesson outside, starting now. Once we arrive on the prep school’s courtyard, I immediately demonstrate how 『Magic Barrier』 works.

“I have added colors to make it easier to see.” (Wendelin)

It’s not all that difficult to add colors to 『Magic Barrier』.
Since it’d be a disadvantage in battle against other people if the barrier’s thickness is obvious, everyone only deploys barriers that are almost transparent.
It’s still up to question whether monsters grasp the thickness of a 『Magic Barrier』 as the research on monster intelligence is still in progress. Also, if you’re working as an adventurer, it’s possible that you’ll clash with other people.
Because of that, there’s few magicians who would deploy a colored 『Magic Barrier』.

“As it will have the disadvantage that you will need to deploy the barrier a good while ahead of time if you’re going to add too much inclination, around 45° should be the limit, I think. Or you go with…”

I make my 『Magic Barrier』 take on on a spherical shape.
Since it’s a form that’s difficult to control, it’ll require training, but it also has the advantage of raising the barrier’s defense strength.

“I see. Doing it like this, you can raise its defense while using the same amount of mana as before.”

“It’s tough…turning the 『Magic Barrier』 into a sphere…”

“That’s probably because you’ve been skipping on magic training, Reinhart.”

“I’ve been properly practicing it every day!” (Reinhart)

A male student gets teased by his friend, but he objects.
A part of the students also have the necessary training, but more importantly, it looks like I somehow managed to get all students to understand the underlying theory.
When I head over to the principal’s office after finishing my overtime practical lesson, Headmaster Hendrick tells me that he’d like me to participate in a certain event.

“『Big Outdoor Excursion』, you say?”

“I want you to lead the magician class.”

“Lead, huh…? It’s a job typical for a teacher.”

“Isn’t it? It would be great if you could spare some of your time.”

Leading an excursion would also mean that my teacher work has become genuine.

“Of course we will also help out. After all it’s unreasonable to lead sixty students with one person.”

“You bet. I won’t be able to keep an eye on everyone.”

There’s no way that I, who isn’t even a professional teacher, could watch sixty students by myself.
As expected of Headmaster Hendrick, he’s taken that part fully into account.

“My schedule is open, so it’s okay with me.”

“That’s a big help.”

“Don’t mind it, I’m a teacher after all.”

I agree to lead the excursion.
Once I got back to the mansion and told Elise about the big outdoor excursion, she was already aware of it.

“I know the gist of it since several priests are usually dispatched by the church.”

And then she explains to me what it’s about.
According to her, the big outdoor excursion is an event where everyone will go to a hunting ground in the capital’s outskirts and hunt there.
It looks like it’s a far more active event than the excursion I had in mind.
It kinda makes me think that it’d be fine to call it 『Big Hunting Festival』 instead.

“Given that it’s only underage students and students close to graduation, it naturally won’t be held in a monster domain. Everyone competes for hunting spoils in a normal hunting area.”

The priests appear to be volunteers, helping out whenever there are any injured students.
Elise says that she has once participated in the event as well.

“Occasionally there will be some lightly injured students, but I hadn’t a turn when I took part in it.”

Well, that’s only natural, seeing how it’s a hunting ground in the capital’s outskirts.
There won’t be any adventurers, and it’s such a safe place that people come to pick wild grasses there.

“What are you actually going to do, Wend?”

“Monitor them, I think. So that no danger gets close.”

I explain my work of that day to Erw.

“Quite overprotective, that prep school in the royal capital.”

It’s an event that doesn’t happen at the adventurer prep school in Breitburg.
Since we rarely went to the capital’s prep school, we didn’t even know of its existence.

“My schedule is open as well, so I will tag along.” (Erwin)

Erw decides to come along to help out and serve as my guard.

“Hunting, eh…? Even just a guard duty sounds nice.”

“We can’t attend it any longer.”

Since 『Teleport』 is forbidden for pregnant women, Ina and Luise are disappointed that they can’t join in.
They might have accumulated a bit of stress since they can’t move around overly much nowadays.

“I do understand your feelings, but please refrain. It would be dangerous for both, mother and child.”

“I know.”

“Becoming a mother is really lots of work.”

Amelie-san gently warns the two who can’t sit still.
She probably thinks that it’d be disaster if there were to be a miscarriage.

“Besides, it’s not like you can’t move around as much as you say, right? Though I’m sure that it’s equal to staying still if compared to the amount of practice as an adventurer…”

My wives, including those two, can freely move around the mansion and its vicinity, and they still train albeit centered around magic training.
Therefore, it’s not like their range of activity has been restricted to such an extent.

“Wend-sama, you will watch sixty people consisting of only magicians?”

“No, I think that’s not quite right.”

Of course the magicians will join parties formed with other adventurer apprentices.
I’ve heard that there are already parties who work together after school, and temporary parties formed for the sake of this event. For the rest, the teachers will set up parties on site after gathering soloers and parties with insufficient numbers.
My job is to watch all of them.

“No doubt…”

“Wendelin-san, why are you looking at Lisa-san and me?” (Katharina)

It’s because Katharina and Lisa look like they’d participate in the excursion as loners, objecting to the party system.
Only loner apprentices would form a group made out of fellow leftovers when being told, 『Please form a group with ○』, by the teacher in charge.
Going against such a call and acting by yourself is the true essence of one called a real loner.

“Since I attended a western prep school, an event like the Big Outdoor Excursion didn’t take place. There was a hunting ranking system in place, though.” (Katharina)

It seems to be a system where the hunting results over the period of one year are tallied, and the top achievers get an award, while enrolled there.

“In that year I was far and away the best with a huge lead on the second place and those below.” (Katharina)

“You’re amazing, Katharina! In what kind of parties did you hunt?”

“…If you’ve reached my level as a magician, you can easily deal with everything by yourself…”

Katharina’s face freezes while she apparently endured Wilma’s question.
I’m pretty sure that she has always hunted by herself without ever forming a party with anyone.

“What about you, Lisa?”

“Since I graduated from the capital’s adventurer prep school, I participated in the event…”

Wilma asks Lisa next, but Lisa falters to continue with the second half of her answer.
If I consider Lisa from the time when I met her for the first time, it’s a safe bet that she has participated by herself.

“An excellent magician will be able to handle it, even alone. I can understand that as well.” (Therese)

An adventurer apprentice incapable of using magic will be helpless by himself, but a magician can also achieve good results alone.
That means, Katharina and Lisa are the typical loner magicians.
No, in this case it’d be better to call them isolated magicians, I think?
Though, I’m in no position to talk about others…

“However, I don’t understand. Even if only at such times, it would be fine to join a random party. Right, Katia?” (Therese)

“I was a solo adventurer, but I often joined temporary parties.” (Katia)

That’s because Therese and Katia belong to that side.
In case of Therese, she can form a party by becoming the leader.
Katia may look like this, but she’s capable of quickly making friends with anyone.
Normally she was a solo adventurer, but it looks like she regularly hunted with temporary parties.
She also got many friends from her time at the adventurer prep school. Her communication skills are truly remarkable.

“Katia, I think you’re quite amazing.”

“Eh? Really, hubby?”

I’m basically in the same camp as Katharina and Lisa, which is also why I consider Katia to be enviable.

“I also took part in the Big Outdoor Excursion, but since there’s little danger in those plains and forests, I think it’s fine to go at it with the feeling of a picnic.” (Katia)

Rabbits, deer, badgers, civets, ducks, and guinea fowls.
With that range of game that can be caught there, it’s rare for people to get injured.
It looks that’s the reason why it’s called Big Outdoor Excursion.

“So a happy-go-lucky event?”

“To me it sounds like a half-holiday.”

Erw seems to take it carefreely, but the next day we got dragged into an unexpected tumult.


*   *   *


“Oh my, you’re Baumeister-sensei, right? I’m Josef, a lecturer.”

“Usually we don’t get much opportunity to speak with each other. I’m Rudolph.”

My teacher at school in Japan said, an excursion lasts until you’re back home.
Same could be said for the Big Outdoor Excursion, but the adventurer prep school isn’t an official school.
Since the gathering and wrap-up takes place on site, there’s immediately students who came in late.
This state of affairs, even though it’s not that far away from the capital.
However, such adventurers aren’t particularly rare.
After all they can still earn their money as adventurers even if they are slightly late.
Of course, such guys are no good if it comes to working for a noble house.
As I’m waiting for the students while considering all that, many regular and temporary teachers come to greet me.
I’m dealing with them politely, but as there’s so many of them, it’s a pain to entertain all of them.

“Everyone is fairly desperate.”

Erw whispers next to me.

“Why? To greet me, a temporary teacher?”

“Dude…have you taken a proper look at Roderich’s plans?”

“I did, but what about it?”

“It’s scheduled to build an adventurer prep school in Baulburg.”

I saw that part as well, but the school should be scheduled to open in a year.
No matter how fast you can construct stuff with magic, it’s still not like you can get everything and anything done with a swipe.

“The regular teachers probably hope for a position as headmaster or top brass of the school. And the temporary teachers likely want to become regulars.”

Unlike temporary teachers who work only for a short period of time like me, there’s also many people continuing to work as temporary teachers while waiting for an opening among the regular staff.
In their eyes, the establishment of a prep school in Baulburg equals the hope that the number of available regular teacher positions increases.

“I plan to leave all the stuff like recruitment etc. to the future headmaster, though.”

“Still, the lord’s word holds importance, right?”

“I suppose you might be right.”

Since we’re going to lead a big number of students, a big number of adventurers participate besides the teachers, too.
For them it might be a part-time job, but they are also staring at me as if having found a treasure chest.

“What about them?”

“They’re the children of nobles and similar, aren’t they?”

They became adventurers to make a living, but if possible, they want to work for some noble house.
As it seems that people like this have sneaked in by accepting this part-time job, they continue to frantically show off.

“Somehow, it’s tough to get used to this…”

I’m troubled since they only look at me.

“Just ignore them. If it’s about serving our noble house, they just have to apply through the official channels.”

I feel uncomfortable as many people keep staring at me, but at long last all students have assembled.
Since the Big Outdoor Excursion is a school event, there’s an opening ceremony first.
The students line up in rows with their parties, and then Headmaster Hendrick gives his greetings and talks about points of caution at the end.
Erw and I line up together with the other teachers next to the headmaster.

“It’s all very obvious and logical, but he still says it, just in case, huh?”

“Well, it’s a prep school after all, so yeah.”

As expected, no matter where you hear it, the speech of a school’s headmaster is always boring.
I guess the saving grace here is that Headmaster Hendrik, a former excellent adventurer, keeps it short.
Also, the customary collapsing of students due to anemia during the school’s morning assembly didn’t take place.
Though that’s only natural since the students wouldn’t be suited as adventurers if they collapsed from just that much.

“Signal the beginning then!”


Being asked by Headmaster Hendrick, I shoot a 『Fireball』 into the sky.
As a replacement for fireworks, so to say.
With this as a starting signal, the students begin to run towards the spots they investigated in advance by checking their maps.

“Everyone of the teachers and the temporarily-employed adventurers, please continue to watch the situation at the predefined points.”

With those words, Headmaster Hendrick withdraws into the tent that has been designated as headquarter.
In addition, several priests in charge of healing, and teachers belonging to the top brass follow him.

“So they are telling the young folks to work hard, eh?”

Erw makes a cynical comment about Headmaster Hendrick and his peers having pulled back quickly, but I think being on standby is work as well.
Actually it’d be troublesome instead if they were all gung-ho and came on-site.

“Erw, let’s go.”


Erw and I head to the location we have agreed on before.

“Grassland with a patch of forest, huh…? Not bad.”


The area Erw and I are in charge of is a place, where plains and forest meet. I think it’s a fairly decent hunting ground.
Erw agrees with me as well.
I’ll quickly confirm whether there are any stray bears, big boars or similar.
And if I find any, I’ll exterminate them so that no danger would befall the students.
This is also part of a teacher’s job.

“Oh, isn’t that big game over there?”

“Really? Isn’t it lucky that we can hunt it, even if it’s just one? Let’s go, Wend.”

As I spot something like that with 『Detect』, the two of us immediately head over.
It wasn’t a bear, but a huge boar. Erw immediately shoots an arrow with me adding 『Boost』 to it.
The boar, which had the center of its forehead pierced by the arrow, collapses on the spot and stops moving altogether.

“The capital’s prep school is easy-going on the students, after all.”

“It’s probably owed to it being a school event. They wouldn’t do something like this for after-school hunts.”

I think they’re handling it like this since it’d be a huge problem if students were to die during the event.
As it’s pointless to worry about it anyway, I drain the boar’s blood right then and there, and put it away into my magic bag.
I check for other responses, but as all of them are only small presences, I judge this to be a safe hunting spot now.
With this the extermination is over and done with. Next comes nothing but watching the students by wandering around aimlessly.

“Agh───, I wanna hunt!”

“Wend, don’t steal the students’ prey.”

“I will get something else then.”

With those words, I have Erw continue the monitoring, while I start to gather wild grasses as I keep watching the vicinity with 『Detect』.

“If I use this grass in tempura, it’ll be delicious. The shoots of this tree fit perfectly with ohitashi 1 . Let’s add the roots of this grass to miso soup later.”

“You’re oddly well-informed about all this, aren’t you?”

“Well, I had a good teacher.”

“Elise-sensei, you mean?”

Since Elise has experience in gathering ingredients to be used with the rice handed out by the church, she’s also well-informed about wild grasses.
I’ve got her to teach me some of it, allowing me to reach a point where I can spot good wild herbs to some extent.

“Those aren’t poisonous or something, right?”

“It’s fine, I will only pick up herbs which are okay and grow everywhere.”

I can also detoxify with magic, but since there also exist unknown poisons with magic not working on them, I’m cautious about that part.
『Earl Baumeister has deceased due to wild grass poisoning』would be too ridiculous to announce publicly.

“This much should be alright. Time to cook them…”

Once I finished my gathering to some degree, I quickly began cooking next.
Because it’s just monitoring anyway, it should be okay to at least cook some rice with the portable magic stove, make some miso soup, and create wild grass tempura and ohitashi.

“No, you’ve made way too much!”

“The main dish will be what I’m carrying with me.”

It’s not the boar we caught earlier, but the stew of cubed boar meat that had been prepared in a big pot beforehand and which I brought with me.
It’s not pig meat, but since it’s Elise’s work, it tastes superbly.
I decide to heat this up as well.

“I prepared a lunch that looks great, didn’t I?”

In the far distance, students are earnestly hunting.
It looks like the top-ranking achievers will get a commendation and a prize. After all is said and done, all those called famous adventurers have apparently brought in good results at this Big Outdoor Excursion.
Of course that leads to the students aiming for great results as well.
It’s only reasonable for them to go at it earnestly.

“Rice, miso soup with wild roots, wild grass tempura, wild shoots ohitashi, stew of cubed boar meat. I’d say that’s a well-balanced lunch.”

“Wend, I’m pretty sure you’d be the only one to worry about something like this in a place like this…”

Since it doesn’t look like the students are in any particular trouble, we begin to carefreely eat our lunch.
Headmaster Hendrick and the others are likely taking their lunch around now as well. And the other teachers should have brought their own bento with them as well.
The students will also eat lunch as they please, I believe.
No fixed time or anything has been set for it either.
It means, they’re telling us to plan at least that much by ourselves.

“Sensei, that looks delicious.”

“How nice…”

“It sure is extravagant.”

As I’m having my lunch, acquaintances call out to me.
It’s Agnes, Betty, and Cindy, my favorite three top students of the magician class.
It looks like they have formed a party as they are on good terms with each other.

“Sorry. Going by the rules, I can’t share any of it with you.”

Since procuring food and scheduling the time for eating is also part of the excursion’s challenge, they’d be disqualified if I gave them any of my food.

“Those are the rules, so it’s only natural.”

As expected, the character of the class president type, Agnes, is the very definition of diligence.

“A party of three magicians, huh? Wend, all of them are cute girls, aren’t they?”

“Erw…I’ll tattle to Haruka, you know?”

“Why? Is simple praise of women treated as cheating?”

“Man, to make a pass at someone else’s students.”

“Those are completely unfounded accusations, though…”

Leaving the sighing Erw alone, I ask the three about their hunting results.

“We should be able to aim for fairly high rankings.”

“That’s great to hear.”

Since all of three of them are decent magicians, that’s no particular surprise.
There were some idiotic teachers kicking up a fuss over this year being a poor one since there are no high-level magicians among the students, but the mana of those girls is still growing.
I think it’s wrong to one-sidedly judge them at this point in time.
Besides, there’s a lot of magicians with plenty of mana around me, but in reality it’s already plenty amazing to have mana at an intermediate level. After all, not being able to form parties so easily on a beck’s call is normal.

“You didn’t get anyone capable of using archery?”

“It’s easier for us to work together as we are, and we’ve got bows with us as well.”

All three of them have bows and arrows. It looks like they’ve hunted quite a bit by using the same tactic Erw and I use, namely, enhancing the arrows with magic.
It appears they have plenty of hunted game in their magician bags.

“Because of you, sensei, our efficiency at hunting has risen greatly compared to before. Thank you.”

Cindy thanks me, but seeing something like this feels refreshing.
That feeling hits home all the more since I’ve had to always deal with ungrateful old geezers and middle-aged men full of ulterior motives up until now, instead of girls who honestly show their gratitude.

“Please do your best while making sure to not get injured.”


“Anything wrong, Cindy?”

“Please give us a reward if we win this.”

The youngest of them, Cindy, bluntly asks me for a reward.
It’s a request that could be regarded as shameless, but because of her charming appearance and voice, I don’t feel anything like that from her words at all.

“Only if you win, okay? It’ll be an all-you-can-eat at the teahouse of the royal family’s purveyor. Please inform your other classmates of this as well.”

“Ya───ay! Thank you!”



The three, who got me to promise them that I’d treat them if they win, quickly wolf down the bento they had prepared themselves, and go back hunting.
I’ve extended the reward to the other students as well, and not just those three, because I believe it’s not okay to be partial as a teacher.

“We also had a time when we were so cute, hadn’t we?”

“Wend, are you an old geezer, or what? We’re still below 20.”

“You say that, but considering all the hardships until now…”

All of it were issues that boys and girls shouldn’t experience before becoming adults.
I think I put up with it because I’m an old man in a young body.

“It’s better we stop thinking about those things. But you’re right, they certainly feel young.”


Even Erw, who has gone through various troubles after getting involved with me, seems to recall his past when looking at Agnes and the other two.

“Still, all of them have bigger breasts than Luise, y’know?”

“Erw, make sure to never say that in front of Luise…”

If she should ever hear of this, I’m pretty sure that she’ll beat him black and blue.
I would hesitate to even voice out such a dreadful taboo.

“That’s obvious. I mean, in Luise’s case, even her going easy on someone hurts damn a lot.”




After taking a healthy lunch, we kept monitoring the students in the afternoon as well, but before long fail-parties started to stand out.
People who became unable to hunt because they didn’t prepare enough arrows, or people whose movement got really sluggish as they had been too enthusiastic in the morning.
All of those were mistakes happening because of lacking experience, but well, I think it’ll turn into a good experience as long as it happens now.

“The trio is really going for it.”

The three girls continue to hunt without having lowered their pace so far.
At this rate, they might win.
Once we returned to Headmaster Hendrick in the evening, I was asked to shoot a 『Fireball』 into the sky once again.
This spells the end of the Big Outdoor Excursion.
The gathered students let us tally the game they caught with their parties.
And one hour later, Headmaster Hendrick announces the results.

“The champions are 『Magical Triangle』!”

Just as I had anticipated, Agnes’ party has won the competition.
It’s an overwhelming victory with them pulling far ahead of the group in second place.
Moreover, 『Magical Triangle』 is the party name of the three girls.
Since all three of them are magicians, the name contains no pun or anything. I think that it suits them quite well.
Additionally, many of the parties, which had magicians with them, achieved great results surpassing those of last year.
My teaching might have been a little bit of use to them.
While looking at the three girls receiving the honorable certificate and prize on the winner’s podium, I alone am deeply moved.

“Wend, those three won without any particular troubles, didn’t they?”

“I have to treat them just as I promised. Sensei is someone who keeps his word.”

“Is that how it works?”


“Well, do as you like then?”




And then, three days later, I take the three to the teahouse just as promised.
This place is a well-established fruit teahouse, and because they’re also providing the royal family with fruits, they’ve put a signboard identifying them as royal purveyors.
They’re also running a cake shop. The sweets using the fruits they procure have become quite popular.
Given that the Baumeister House also sells them fruits native to the Demon Forest through the adventurer guild, they’re our valued clients.

“Sensei, is it really okay for us to come to such an expensive place?”

The serious Agnes seems to feel apologetic after seeing the extravagance of the store’s appearance and building.
Since even the cheapest sweets cost ten cents per piece, it’s a teahouse that’s usually out of reach for commoners.
She’s probably thinking that it’s beyond her position to come here.

“It’s a celebration of your victory. I think it’s okay to not mind it for today. I promised you, so sensei will keep his word.”

“Thank you very much.”

Still, because she’s a girl, she does have a soft spot for sweets after all.
Agnes looks very happy.

“I’m going to eat plenty! Yaho───o!”

“Feel free to do so.”

Cindy, who had asked to be rewarded in case of winning the competition, rejoices innocently.




“Limited edition cake. That’s what I always wanted to eat.”

Since Betty is full of delight as well, it’s great that I chose this place.
Once all four of us enter the teahouse, a refined, elderly man awaits us.

“Earl Baumeister-sama, we have waited for you. I’m Cäsar, the owner of the teahouse 『Brunhild』. We are very pleased for you to visit us today.”

“Oh, we’re pleased to be greeted by the owner himself.”

Since it’s a popular teahouse, I made a reservation in advance, just in case, but I guess that led to us being welcomed by the owner himself.
It looks like I’m treated like a VIP.

“Most recently the Demon Forest fruits and the sweets using those are very popular. We have been expanding our business, too. I’d like to express my gratitude for that with this.”

The owner of this teahouse seems to be an acquaintance of Arterio-san.
Joining up with him, the two seem to be in the process of establishing a branch network in the capital and its circumference.
The goods distribution in the northern regions took a hit during the Empire’s civil war, but overall the area around the capital has been booming, seeing as there’s also the southern Palkenia Grassland development, the capital’s redevelopment, and a drastic decrease of slums.
Therefore the cases of commoners occasionally coming here to splurge as 『Brunhild』 has the image of being the right place for it, albeit being expensive, have been increasing.

“We have prepared the deluxe suite for you. Please come this way.”

“Sorry for making you go out of your way.”

“Earl Baumeister-sama, you’re famous, so well…”

There’re many guests in the cafe space of Brunhild, and especially the nobles pay attention to me.
If I had my meal in the same area as them, it would become annoying as they would chat me up, so the owner has taken this part into consideration.

“I shall lead the way then.”

The owner himself guides us to a private room exclusively reserved for VIPs.

“This is our menu.”

“Go ahead and order what you like. Even if you don’t manage to eat up everything, it will be fine to take it home with you.” (Wendelin)

“We have our magic bags, after all.”

In a lesson some time ago, I practiced with them how to create a magic bag for magicians as I was taught by my Master.
If your mana is low, you can only store the content of a single satchel in there, but these three girls can store quite a bit into their magic bags.
If it’s at the level of cake souvenirs, they should be able to fit in as many as they like into their bags.

“If you put them into your magic bags, they will remain fresh. In other words…”

“Ya───ay, I’ll be able to enjoy Brunhild’s taste for some time.”

Cindy and Betty check their magic bags with happy faces.

“Thank you for your wait.”


“All of it looks delicious.”

“It’s just like a dream.”

Plenty of sweets such as cakes, puddings, bavarois, and parfaits were lined up on the table.
It looks like they also served new products that aren’t on the menu yet, and products we haven’t ordered.

“These are products we plan to sell starting next week. We’d be very happy if you could tell us your impressions.”

The owner has dished out new products for free, taking our needs into consideration.
I think I’ll also take some back home for Elise and the others.

“Then, let’s enjoy these without reservations, right?” (Wendelin)


We begin to eat the sweets in order.
Since I’ve skipped lunch for this, I should be able to eat quite a bit.

“It looks like I can eat as many as I like of this as it’s not too sweet.”


“Pure bliss.”

All three pull happy faces while eating the sweets.
It was worthwhile to have brought them along.

“But, I feel somewhat bad towards everyone else…”

“The condition was to win, so it’s totally okay.”

It’s a view suiting the serious Agnes, but the worlds of adventurers and magicians are ability driven.
I have accepted the condition that I’ll treat them if they win. Since Agnes’ party cleared it, I brought them here.
Since their classmates were given the same condition, it’d be pointless even if they complained about this.
They should have simply won if they wanted to get treated by me.
It’s normal for everyone to think like this in this world.




“In other words, you mean as new wife candidates?”

“Erw, just where and how did you hear about this? I treated the three students, who won the competition, to sweets as I had promised as their teacher. That’s all there is to it, don’t you think?”

“I wonder, is that really all there is to it?”


In the evening of that day, I returned to the mansion and treated everyone to the sweets I had brought along as presents.
Erw had also shown up and was now eating cake, but suddenly he blurted out some outrageous stuff.

“As a teacher, I just rewarded my cute students who did their best.”

“No wait, I can only think of nobles and rich men taking out girls to get beneath their skirts when we speak about a high-class teahouse like Brunhild.”

“Oh my god…your mind is corrupted down to the core.”

“Listen, this isn’t about what you think of it, but how society interprets it. Do you understand that?”

“I won’t have time for anything else if I always care about what society thinks about each and every of my actions.”

It was also the same with the achievements in the Empire’s civil war and the dispute over the tunnel.
If I were to listen to the rumors in society for everything I do, I would probably need a counselor to take care of my mental health.

“It’s okay, Erw. Society will take it as Wend having taken disciples.”

According to Ina, society will very likely harbor the impression that I’m trying to win over the best three in the magician class of the prep school as disciples.

“Students, eh…? The master-disciple system for magicians, I don’t really get it…”

“It’s kinda unclear to me as well, but how does that work, Lisa-san?”

“It’s not necessary to file an official registration. Both parties have to simply consent to it.”

Lisa, who has finally reached a point where she can talk normally with us, gives us an explanation about the master-disciple-system for magicians.

“The explanation at such times was always handled by Burkhart-san. I wonder what’s going on with him these days.”

“Master is busy…with babysitting…” (Katharina)

As of late Burkhart-san hardly ever shows up here.
It’s because he puts more emphasis on spending time with his family since his child was born during the civil war.
Therefore I don’t go to meet him either unless I’ve got some serious business with him.
Luise and Katharina cannot help being totally amused about Burkhart-san being busy with his child nowadays, despite having been such a strong advocate of staying single before.

“I have taught Katia-san as well, but in the end I think it might be better for men to teach other men, and women to teach other women.”

“The issue with the vessel matching, huh…?”

Seeing as vessel matching with anyone besides your parents, lovers, or spouses can be seen as morally objectionable by society, it’s considered preferable for men to do it with other men, and women to do it with other women.
However, as long as it doesn’t concern vessel matching, it seems to not be unusual for the genders to mix in a master-disciple relationship.

“But you know, Katharina’s master is Burkhart-san, no?”

“The vessel matching was done by Wend-sama.” (Wilma)

“I guess it’s no problem then.”

Katia understands from Wilma’s reply.
Katharina has solely learned magic through her own effort until she met us.
Given that Burkhart-san is taking care of all her other magic training after she did a vessel matching with me, Burkhart-san is regarded as her master.

“So that means, my master is big sis, and the one in charge of developing my mana is hubby, huh…?” (Katia)

Even though she has said it herself, Katia’s cheeks blush.
She probably got embarrassed by the implications.

“Katharina, you’re really amazing. Even though you’re younger than me, you’ve learned magic by yourself to such an extent that big sis praises you for your skill.” (Katia)

“I have also been taught the basics by Burkhart-san.”

Even Lisa received training from Burkhart-san before becoming an adult.
Katia admires Katharina who has become a top-class magician by learning even those basics by herself.

“That’s…Katharina is…”

“Wendelin-san, what is it that you want to say?”

“It’s nothing.”

“How suspicious…”

Since she doesn’t have communication skills at the level of someone like Katia, Katharina had no choice but to somehow teach herself.
It’s what you’d call driven by necessity.
Though that’s nothing I could voice out in this situation.

“Elise, for you it was the church, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, I was taught the basics by the healing magicians.”

And, before doing a vessel matching with me, she had mostly reached the limit of her mana growth.
Afterwards I increased it with a method that can’t be talked about in front of others, though.

“I’m thankful to Burkhart-san since he taught me various tricks as well. It’s the same for Luise-san, Ina-san, and Wilma-san as well, isn’t it?”

Doushi is regarded as Luise’s master, but she has occasionally received some coaching from Burkhart-san as well.
Ina and Wilma, who became magicians after getting married to me, have been taught by Burkhart-san from scratch.

“I’m the same, and since it looks like it applies to hubby as well, we’ve got many of Burkhart-san’s disciples here.” (Katia)

Since he also taught the imperial magicians during the civil war, he might have the biggest number of disciples on the whole continent.

“I hear, because of that there were also talks about headhunting him, though.”

“Elise, is that information you’ve obtained through Cardinal Hohenheim?”


It sounds like there existed plans for the Kingdom to make Burkhart-san into an appointed noble and entrust him with the post of headmaster for the capital’s adventurer prep school.
It’s something Elise has heard from Cardinal Hohenheim.

“However, Margrave Breithilde-sama wasn’t happy with that, and Burkhart-san himself also hated it.”

He’s someone who considers nobility to be bothersome, and his treatment by the Margrave Breithilde House isn’t bad either.
Even the matter of him becoming the headmaster of the capital’s prep school was apparently a plot by nobles trying to place a noble on the seat of headmaster by turning Burkhart-san into a noble and pushing the job onto him.
As always, there’s people scheming troublesome things.

“Burkhart-san apparently didn’t want to push Headmaster Hendrick, to whom he was indebted, aside, turning it into a question whether they really wanted to have someone, who did his job well and was capable on top of it, retire for such a reason.”

Because Burkhart-san turned them down, that matter was shelved.

“What an annoying story.”

“But, what are you going to do about those three magicians?”

“Eh? What, you ask…”

What’s there to ask? I’ll teach them until the end of my year-long curriculum, praise them for a job well done alongside the other students, and then simply have a deeply emotional farewell like some teacher in a TV drama.
Once that finishes, it’ll spell the end of my period as temporary teacher. I might take care of some as their master even after their graduation, but this will be a case-by-case decision, I think.

“I’m pretty sure that the other nobles are eager to sink their fangs into them.”

Since they’re talented, young magicians, they will try to somehow win them over for their own houses, but if I gave them special treatment, it would be seen as me planning to secure them for the Baumeister House, wouldn’t it? Elise predicts that the nobles’ thoughts might head in that direction.

“Even without them, we have too many magicians for an Earl House.”

Since all my wives are magicians, on top of me the family head, we can’t really complain.
However, if I were to run around securing other magicians left and right, nobles considering it unforgivable would appear, Elise warns.

“I will teach them for the designated period of time, but afterwards I’d like them to decide their future path by themselves. Of course I will give them consultation and guidance anytime they want, though.”

That’s what I’m thinking, but I guess it’s the fate of excellent magicians to be bothered by their surroundings in various ways.
And yet, I’d like Agnes and the others to freely do whatever they want.
I end up thinking so all the more since I’m currently leaps and bounds away from being free myself.

“They should be able to decide on their own career. Sensei won’t spare any effort for that sake.”

“You really got used to acting like a teacher in this short span of time, didn’t you?”

“Don’t call it acting!”

I reflexively bark back at Erw, but several days later, there was a change at the prep school.




“Agnes-san, won’t you join our party?”

As a result of the outdoor excursion, Agnes and the other two were often invited into parties by other students.

“Sorry, but we work together as a team of three.”

However, believing that their current party is plenty for them, the three have been turning down each and every invitation.
A party consisting of three magicians is rare, but since they produce results and if all three are happy with it, there’s no reason for third parties to butt in.
But, there’s also some weird folks around.

“Putting three people possessing the valuable talent of a magician together has a very bad efficiency. I’ll split them up and reorganize the parties.”

For some reason such condescending idiots regularly pop out, but once Agnes’ group asked why they have to entrust their party setup to someone, whom they only met just now, while having to take on life-threatening jobs, that guy got angry at them instead.

“It’s obviously because it’s more efficient to have three parties with one magician than one party with three! You can believe me since I excel at such knowledge!”

“Okay, okay, leave it at that.”

I restrain the idiot who’s shouting at Agnes.
It looks like he’s several years older than me, but for some reason he acts very arrogant with his age being the only thing he has above me.

“Who are you supposed to be?”

“Adventurer parties are something decided upon freely, and not something you force on others. You don’t even know something like that?”

“I’m talking about the most efficient method here. After all I’m someone from the Baron Bayer House.”

I’m gradually starting to see where this is heading.
It looks like these idiots have been sent into the prep school in order to get hold of Agnes and the others.
Since he has just arrived here, it seems like he doesn’t know my face yet.

“You talk about efficiency, but if there are casualties in the parties that lost their combat power because you split them up, the overall efficiency will take a nosedive.”

No matter what he might say, as adventuring is a job where you risk your life, a fair distribution of combat assets or shit like that doesn’t matter at all.
After all you decide on your party members based on your own will.

“Are you a magician? Magicians have amazing magic, but if you’re going to form parties as adventurers, you ought to leave it to me, a noble who received an advanced education since his childhood.”

It looks like he wants to say that he excels in commanding and coordination abilities, although his combat power isn’t overly high.
That’d be no problem in the army, but low combat power in an adventurer party with a limited number of people is a fatal flaw, I think…

“You’re still young, aren’t you?”

This rich, spoiled noble brat gets very likely treated as an extra back home.
After all, the heir and the capable people must be busy with official business.

“I have understood your point. But, in the end adventurer parties are something decided by the individuals. Besides, these girls are still minors.”

“You may have a peace of mind in regards to that. They will be able to enter as many monster domains as they want upon the order of my Baron Bayer House.”

“You’re an idiot, aren’t you…?”

I headed out to subjugate Grade Grand upon the campaign order of the Kingdom’s government at an age of twelve.
Noble houses can hand out orders similar to that to their family and residents, but no decent noble would do something like that in the first place.
If a noble house intends to liberate a monster domain within their territory, it’s common sense for them to entrust it to excellent, adult adventurers. Even for things like the suppressions of rebellions, disputes between fellow nobles, and the exterminations of bandits, the feudal lords and their retainers would only send out magicians when their successors and children departed to the front.
A noble surrounding himself with magicians just for the sake of their own benefit and to make profit through the materials of monsters would be rebuked by society for exploitation.

“In the first place, the precondition is weird. These girls aren’t residents of the Bayer Barony. Even if there were to be an order for them to sortie on a campaign, it’d be limited to a territory owned by the Kingdom’s government.”

“That’s also no issue as long as they become residents of my Baron Bayer House.”


Does this retard in front of me have quite the confidence in his own territory or something?
No, I don’t think so.
It’s obvious if I look at my family.
Any resident living normally in an area under the direct control of the Kingdom would wonder why they had to move to some unknown barony.
There are hits and misses among noble territories. If it comes to territories above Viscount, there aren’t many misses, and if it’s a territory at the level of the Breithilde Margraviate, there’s not that much difference in living standard compared to a territory under the Kingdom’s control.
However, baronies and below are gambles.
There are places where it’s wonderfully comfortable to live thanks to the family head or the governmental system, but there are also places where you can say the opposite.
It’s pretty obvious as to how to categorize the Bayer Barony if you look at this idiot.
It’s probably not wrong to count it as a miss.
Their intention to attempt earning money with Agnes and the other two is as plain as day.

“In the first place, just who are you supposed to be? It looks like you’re a student, but if you annoy me any further, I will tell my father to punish you.”

“Punish, eh…?”

I’m kinda curious as to what kind of punishment he’s thinking of.

“Indeed! Even if you might be a magician, the likes of a commoner should remain silent…”

“Excuse me, but are your eyes broken or something? It’s clear that I’m a teacher. A temporary one, though.”

It looks like idiots exceeding any expectations do exist in this world.
Just looking at my attire, it should be clear that I’m not some poor commoner wishing to become a magician.

“Teacher? While so young? Don’t lie!”

“No, it’s no lie. By the way, my name is Wendelin von Benno Baumeister. I don’t think that we will ever meet again, but I thought I should introduce myself just in case.”

“Wha-…the dragon-slaying hero…”

Hearing my name, the young man of the Bayer House and his cronies quickly scurry away.




“I encountered a really amazing idiot today.”

Once I report the details to Headmaster Hendrick after driving the idiots away, he doesn’t even try to hide his fed-up expression.

“Any decent noble would have chosen a much smarter approach to invite them. They would also properly tell them about the conditions.”

If it comes to greedy nobles or those needing money, they will apparently try such canvassing methods.
After adding them to their group, they would force them to become lovers of young nobles, and then have them support the noble’s home by making them earn money.
It looks like female magicians sometimes fall prey to such parasites.

“The Baron Bayer House, huh…? I guess I will inform the guild about this.”

“What’s going to happen if you report it?”

“They will be recorded on the black list, of course.”

Once they are on the black list, they won’t be able to put up almost any designated requests.
Since adventurers will stop getting close to them, it’ll result in them losing the ability to gather riches as they will be forced to hunt by themselves, even if they possess monster domains in their territory.

“Why would they do something so stupid…?”

“It’s probably because they don’t have a monster domain in their territory.”

Since they are a simple, poor barony, their home allows their unneeded sons to deceive female magicians.
All for the sake of improving the territory’s financial situation.
Considering all that, that man sure wasn’t handsome.
I think it’s difficult to aim for acting like a pimp when the man isn’t handsome at the very least.

“Such nobles only possess an abundance of high pride. For example, although it’s obvious if they have a legal wife or concubines with a certain social standing, they will go on about commoner girls being unable to enter their high-class family and similar.”

They will take the female magicians as unofficial lovers and exploit only money from them.
In the eyes of female magicians, you could call them a bunch of people they better don’t get involved with.

“Aa───h, I think I should give you a warning. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons why the invitations have increased for those three is their relationship with you and your retinue, Earl Baumeister.”

“With me?”

“It’s an indirect approach, I’d say. You played a very active part in the Empire’s civil war, didn’t you?”

Doushi, Burkhart-san, Katharina, Elise, and I have achieved great merits in the Empire’s civil war.
Anyone expects magicians to take an active role in a war, but once they hear about their actual accomplishments, it makes them want to have a magician for their own house as well.
Accordingly the invitations towards the students learning at the prep school are getting increasingly insistent.

“Considering the numbers of magicians, there are overwhelmingly many noble houses that don’t employ any magicians. Earl Baumeister, you’re blessed with too many magicians. Leaving aside the war, if the others watch the rapid development of your territory, it wakes the urge in them to have magicians as well.”

Even the existence of a magician at elementary level makes a big difference.
Though, depending on the magic they are good at, there’s actually magicians who don’t really suit the demand well.
I guess Katia might be a prime example for that.
Her magic has absolutely no merit in the development of a territory or farmwork.
She herself will be capable of doing as much farmwork as she wants by accelerating her bodily functions, but even if she energetically plows the fields all by herself, she won’t be able to produce much results.

“I suppose this means you have to accelerate your plans.”

“Accelerate, you say…don’t tell me…”

“Aye, it’s the establishment of an adventurer prep school in Baulburg.”




Once I return to my mansion after the talk with Headmaster Hendrick ended, I immediately call Roderich, and inform him about the prep school’s request.

“An acceleration of the prep school establishment, is it? That’s certainly quite possible.”

“According to our schedule, it was planned to happen in around a year, but is that okay?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact, the grounds and school building are mostly done by now. The dormitories are still under construction, but that can be bypassed by us providing temporary lodging elsewhere. It’s not like we will be able to take in that many students in the beginning, anyway.”

“You sure work fast, as usual.”

As expected of Roderich. It makes me wonder whether he might not be the better choice as a feudal lord by now.

“The biggest obstacle in the establishment of a prep school is the extensive time needed for the inspections, and the troublesome formalities. Seeing as we’re told to hurry up by the other side, we should consider that this part will speed up. By the way, milord, did you just consider something very improper?”

“Isn’t that just your imagination?”

Nothing less of Roderich, he displays his strangely perceptive insight.
For him to have realized my wish to push the position of feudal lord on him…

“I will keep advancing the preparations.”




In like no time, one week after that conversation, the adventurer prep school in Baulburg was opened.

“What happened to the formalities and inspections you mentioned?”

“In reality, most of the inspections are carried out by the Kingdom’s government. But, since the number of new adventurer prep schools has been low these days, the inspection period can be reduced, if they feel like it.”

“I wasn’t aware of that.”

“That’s inevitable since it’s something they can’t announce openly in a grand manner.”

Erich gives me an explanation of the circumstances on the courtyard of the newly-opened adventurer prep school.
Those in charge tend to stretch the work if there’s little work to do.
No matter the world, government officials appear to come up with the same ideas anywhere.
However, this time they finished the inspections quickly as they got pestered by the adventurer’s guild.
Since the school dormitories haven’t been finished yet, there’s a limit to how many students the prep school can accept. Also, since it’s not the time for enrollment yet, it’ll only be transfer students for now, but with this the Baulburg prep school has started its activity.
The headmaster is an acquaintance of Headmaster Hendrick, a former adventurer. The teaching staff has been handled by promoting the temporary teachers, who have been employed at the capital prep school, to full-time teachers. Even the students mostly consist of transfer students coming from the capital’s prep school.
While starting like this for the time being, I hear they will get everything ready to accept new students as soon as spring next year.

“Since one week is naturally unreasonable, the formalities and inspections are still continuing right now, but as there were no special issues, they gave their formal approval. Even if they were to prolong it, it looks like they will be forced to finish until the enrollment of new students.”

“That’s a big help, Erich.”

“I haven’t done anything. Today I’m just acting as messenger.”

Once an adventurer prep school is opened, it’ll receive subsidiary aid from the Kingdom.
Erich, who came to Baulburg in regards to that, gives me an insight on the situation behind the scenes.

“It’s to protect the magician hatchlings from weird nobles. I understand that part, but I wonder what to think about me being suspected of amassing those magicians in my territory…”

Once people hear about the younglings of the capital’s prep school having transferred to the Baulburg branch, there will be a flood of applications.
In particular, all the magicians have made requests to change schools.
I kinda feel like the numbers gathering over here are big.

“Wend, your wives are on maternity leave, but they can work as teachers if it’s the prep school in Baulburg, can’t they? With their addition to the teaching staff, this branch might not even lose out to the capital’s branch. It will be fine as long as you don’t keep the students here against their will.”

As a matter of fact, a request about the matter with the teachers has come in from the adventurer’s guild’s side as well.
Accordingly, it’s planned for Elise, Katharina, and Lisa to deal with it while making sure that they won’t do anything unreasonable.

“If it’s Baulburg, they can receive teaching in a safe environment, and it’s better in regards to part-time work as well.”

It’s just as Erich says.
There’s plenty of game in the vicinity of Baulburg which has still lots of untouched nature as it’s in the middle of developing.
That will make it easier for the prep school’s younglings to earn money through part-time work, too.

“Still, all of the magicians, huh…?”

The number of students at Baulburg’s prep school is around two hundred, but close to a third of them are magicians.
It’s a number of magicians unbelievable for other prep schools.

“It’s because it will be possible to invite them anytime once they stand on their own after graduation. As a location for hunting, the Demon Forest is top notch. Even the graduates of other prep schools will eventually head over to the Demon Forest.”

Given that there’s a shortage of native Demon Forest materials and produce, their sale prices are high.
It’s only natural to pick a place where you can make money, if you’re going to put your life on the line anyway.

“They will be looked after during their time as minors, but after becoming adults, they will be free to accept the invitation of any noble they like, huh…?”

What turned the invitation by the Baron Bayer House into a problem was that they tried to solicit Agnes and the other two girls, who are still fledglings at the prep school.
Legally it’s not an issue, but it’s being prohibited by an unspoken rule.
The adventurer’s guild won’t hesitate to enforce that rule through punishment if it comes to a poor baron house.

“Wend, you’ve still got lots of work ahead of you until spring, don’t you?”

“It looks like it.”

There’s the teaching of the magicians who transferred to Baulburg’s prep school, and also my job as teacher at the capital’s prep school.
Since the number of magicians attached to the capital’s prep school has become zero, it has created the necessity for me to teach magicians in the range of ten to eleven years who are still too young to enroll.
Headmaster Hendrick has gathered magicians from somewhere with the idea of strengthening their basics before they enroll at his prep school.
It looks like he doesn’t intend to let me go until Elise and the others give birth to their children.

“This will also last until Elise and the others give birth.”

“You really think that it will come to an end then? Wend, your teaching receives high evaluations from the prep school, doesn’t it? Besides…you’re being idolized, aren’t you?”

As I’m talking with Erich in front of the new prep school, Agnes and the other two girls run up to us.

“Sensei, it’s about time for our lesson.”

“The aroma of wood in the new school building is wonderful.”

“Sensei, your big brother looks dependable unlike my big brother. He’s pretty cool. I’m kinda jealous…” (Cindy)

“Brother, see you in the evening.”

“Sure. I’ll be there, see how you’re going to treat me to dinner.”

Bidding farewell from Erich, I head to the new school building while the three pull me by the hands.
In the end, it’s been decided that I’ll continue to work as a temporary teacher in Baulburg’s adventurer prep school from now on as well.



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