Chapter 6 – Dojo Challenger

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My name is Johann Jolande Aurelia Overweg.
I’m participating in the management of the Magic Combat Style’s main dojo in Baulburg, the stronghold of the Baumeister Earldom together with my elder brother, Zenos.
As I’m still fifteen years old, I think my salary and responsibilities are way excessive for a young man who just became an adult, but this is also one of the effects of sis becoming the wife or Earl Baumeister-sama. Well, no matter how anyone would look at it, it’s fully connections that are at work here.
There are people saying 『Damn, good job!』 around me, but since it’s not like I really did anything, it can’t be helped that I pay undue attention to it either.
Upon my sis’, Luise’s…I can’t see her as anything but a younger sister…nomination, I established the Earl Baumeister House’s Magic Combat Style instructor house together with Zenos, and have been engaging in the dojo’s management.
Given that it will be no good if sis doesn’t give birth to a successor, she always stays next to Earl Baumeister-sama.
That’s why Zenos and I are taking care of the practical business instead of sis.
Because we are siblings from the same mother, Zenos and I have been selected from among many others.
There are some of the siblings of the legal wife who are looking at us enviously, but it couldn’t be helped since we were isolated, or rather, designated in accordance with the adults’ convenience.
But, it’s quite a chore.
Sis provides us with money, but never deals with the various administrative tasks or routine duties.
She’s not dumb, but she doesn’t want to do it because it’s troublesome according to her.
Going by Ina-san, sis’ childhood friend, 『It’s inevitable because that’s her character』.
For a very long time, that person has been the one who understands sis the best, hasn’t she?
Apart from the main dojo in Baulburg, which was completed during the civil war, branch dojos were established in various places, where guards have been stationed, because of the Baumeister Earldom’s big size.
Well, the branches were buildings with sizes at the level of slightly bigger huts, though.
The instructors assigned to those places were mostly outsider disciples who were close to us. After all it would be difficult to control the guys close to the siblings of the legal wife.
No matter the martial arts, it’s not enough for the instructors to be merely strong.
There’s the ability to teach others well, and since there’s also administrative work once they are entrusted with a dojo, even if it’s small, they have to possess a reasonable level of education. At least, if they want to go beyond being simple instructors.
By the way, sis is a lost case if it comes to teaching others.
She’s a frightening genius, but her teaching others will be a bad influence instead.
For this reason she’s the chief instructor, but we’re actually in charge of the practical business.
At times she shows up at least, but since we will be out in the cold if she can’t give birth to children as soon as possible, it’s fine like that.
However, there are occasionally situations where sis has to be present as well.

“Sis! Ah, wrong, Chief instructor…it’s a disaster!” (Johann)

“What’s wrong, Johann? Do you have some business with me?” (Luise)

“Chief instructor! A dojo challenger popped up! …Ah, no, has made an appearance!” (Johann)

Yeah, sometimes such people appear in martial arts dojos, don’t they…? The people called dojo challengers.
They probably believe that they can smoothly sneak in if it’s the current Baumeister Earldom.
Although they might be called dojo challengers, there’s almost no one among them who really takes the dojo’s signboard with them after winning. Most of them promote themselves with 『I’m this strong, so I’d like you to hire me!』.
They come out cocksure after winning with 『I’m stronger than you guys! So hire me!』.
However, it depends on the dojo whether they will be hired, I think?
If there are vacant instructor slots, they might get hired. And even if they are hired at long last, they will be immediately fired if it’s judged that they suck at teaching or don’t have any administrative abilities.
There are many people who are misunderstanding it, but it’s meaningless to just be strong.
If it’s a very popular and overwhelmingly strong person, they will be warmly received as advertisement for the school and dojo, though. As for the teaching or dojo administration, you just have to give them subordinates who are good at that.
Just try considering it. When amateurs or normal people try to learn martial arts, do you think they will go to a place where many different sign boards, which they had secured as dojo challengers, are put up for show?
Leaving aside people aiming for the top and reckless, dreaming youngsters, most will go to a proper dojo first, right?
I mean, since our childhood we have been training while following the correct steps.

“Ha───aah.” (Luise)

Sis, don’t 『Ha───aah』 here. Or rather, there’s some cream of the cake you are eating stuck at your mouth.
We got a really serious issue here, and sis is the highest authority in the dojo. Let’s deal with it seriously since the dojo is in danger.

“Johann, Zenos and you can’t handle the challenger either?” (Luise)

“A troublesome fellow has shown up…has made his appearance.” (Johann)

If we limit it to just the Magic Combat Style, Zenos and I are the second and third strongest in the Baumeister Earldom. Of course the strongest one is sis by a wide margin.
However, if it comes to the whole Kingdom, there are plenty of people stronger than us.
Today’s dojo challenger is one of those strong people.
Since it’s very unlikely that Zenos and I will be able to win, we’d like sis to handle it.

“It would be a waste of the sign board.” (Luise)

“That’s right. Sign boards are expensive.” (Johann)

It’s not like it becomes impossible to run a dojo just because its signboard was stolen, but if it comes to the signboard having been taken after losing, it’s disgraceful, and official sign boards are expensive.
The signboard payment is a precious source of income of the head dojo of the entire school after all.
I mean, if you don’t hang up a genuine signboard, it also looks bad in the eyes of society.

“We had it made just the other day after paying the money. If we reissue it so early on, we will definitely be regarded as doormat, and the price will go up.” (Luise)

“Since the Baumeister Earldom is considered to have money, the geezers at the head dojo will drastically raise the sign board price, I’m pretty sure!” (Johann)

“That’s certainly not good. Alright, I will go and beat them up.” (Luise)

Sis accepted to repel the dojo challenger.

“Luise, you have cream at your mouth.” (Ina)

“Oops, that’s improper for a lady like me.” (Luise)

She immediately left her seat, but got cautioned by Ina-san for a stupid reason. Also, it’s quite questionable for sis to be lady-like, I think.

“We have to hurry.”


For some reason Earl Baumeister-sama tries to come along at the same time as sis leaves her seat.
Though I don’t really think that the lord has to confirm something like the handling of a dojo challenger…

“Umm…milord, it’s not a matter that would require your attendance…” (Johann)

“Eh? But it’s a dojo challenger! A real dojo challenger!” (Wendelin)

Somehow milord looks very happy.

“No, as long as we can have the chief instructor deal with it…” (Johann)

I don’t believe it to be so important that milord, the lord of the Baumeister Earldom, would need to come personally. After all he has probably other, more important tasks to handle.

“Well, it’s my first chance to encounter a dojo challenger. Wouldn’t it be a loss to miss this?” (Wendelin)

“If I defeat him magnificently, you will be delighted as well, right Wend?” (Luise)

“I’m really looking forward to such a situation.” (Wendelin)

“I’m sure. I think you will fall in love with me all over again after seeing my strength.” (Luise)

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Earl Baumeister-sama makes a statement on the level of being a curious onlooker, but I thought from the bottom of my heart that this person really gets along with sis.




“Uhahahaha! This me! Banba Bababa───n-sama will take the dojo’s sign board!”

Sis and Earl Baumeister-sama’s group…quite a few people have actually come along…I wonder, are they all pretty bored at the moment?
Once we returned to the dojo, the challenger with a height of close to two meters and his body covered in steel-like muscles had already raised his spirit by defeating several of our pupils.
He’s announcing his name in a loud voice, but can’t he somehow keep it down a bit more?
That name unnecessarily lowers the tension of our side who got defeated.

“Are you alright?” (Elise)

“Sorry, Elise-sama.”

Our pupils, who were defeated by that giant, have been injured, and thus are receiving healing from Elise-sama.
It looks like it was a good thing that Earl Baumeister-sama and his group have come here.
And the dojo challenger roared while hitting the walls and floor of the dojo as if to show off his own strength.

“Hey! It’s our long-awaited, new dojo. Who do you think has to pay the repairs later on?” (Luise)

Right, tell him, sis!
No matter how strong he might be, since he doesn’t have such common knowledge, he ended up falling to the level of being a dojo challenger.

“You’re going to pay for the destroyed floor and walls, right?”

The management of a dojo is quite difficult.
The amount of incoming money is low while the amount of outgoing money is high…bah, even though I’m serious here, Earl Baumeister-sama, who tagged along for some reason, seems to be very interested in the dojo challenger.
He floods the dojo challenger with questions with sparkling eyes.

“Hey, how many dojos have you defeated so far?” (Wendelin)

“Listen and be surprised! I have already defeated five dojos!” (Banba)

A───ah, those five dojos must be deep in the reds because of the reissuing of new sign boards.
The geezers at the head dojo should be overjoyed as the sign board craftsmen, who are on good terms with them, should be ripping them off by leaps and bounds.

“Wow! A real dojo challenger! Awesome!” (Wendelin)

“See! I’m great, am I not!?” (Banba)

Why does Earl Baumeister-sama look so happy?
Even though the one who is about to be defeated is the dojo managed by his own wife…

“Wend, that dojo challenger is the enemy.” (Erwin)

“Indeed. If the sign board were to be stolen, it would be a huge embarrassment for the current Earl Baumeister House that garners a lot of attention by society.” (Ina)

“Wend-sama, too high-spirited.” (Wilma)

“Wendelin-san, you have to cheer for Luise-san.” (Katharina)

Earl Baumeister-sama was scolded by those four like a child. He doesn’t look like a dragon slayer at all.

“In the first place, why such a stage name?” (Luise)

Is it because Earl Baumeister-sama is only paying attention to the dojo challenger?
My jealous sis started to retort about the challenger’s name.

“It ain’t no stage name!” (Banba)

No, that name doesn’t sound like anything but a stage name.
It’s impossible for it to be your real name…

“It’s the name of my soul!” (Banba)

“What’s that!? That name of your soul? Is it another way to describe a stage name?”

“Nay! In order to set my mind on the Magic Combat Style, I abandoned my past name, severed my relationships until then, and lived with the Magic Combat Style as a friend since the time I became aware of what was going on around me as a child!” (Banba)

“What a sad life…”

“Don’t criticize it without hesitation! On the contrary, I managed to put up with it!” (Banba)

No, it’s not just sis, even I can’t consider it in any other way…
I’m sure everyone else also…

“I understand. I fully understand you, dojo challenger.” (Wendelin)

Umm…Earl Baumeister-sama? Why are you pitying the dojo challenger?

“I also had only magic as a friend in the past…” (Wendelin)

“See! To become like Earl Baumeister-sama, it’s necessary to deliberately abandon the things that can be obtained normally, and strive without rest!” (Banba)

For some reason Earl Baumeister-sama helped the dojo challenger to recover from his depression.
I think even sis will be angry…

“I understand you, but because of your dojo challenging, the pupils got injured and the equipment of the dojo was damaged. Luise, beat him up.” (Wendelin)

“Ye───s.” (Luise)

Being ordered so by Earl Baumeister-sama, sis acknowledged with a carefree voice.
Sis, are you going to be alright?

“Oi, Earl Baumeister-sama, you’re saying that I will lose against such a pipsqueak?” (Banba)

“Let me ask in reverse, why do you think that someone like you could win against Luise?” (Wendelin)

Earl Baumeister-sama evaluates sis quite highly. Well, it’s true that sis is strong, though.

“Wha-!? Don’t regret it even when your cute wife gets heavily wounded!” (Banba)

“You too. It would be good if it doesn’t end with you becoming unable to recover.” (Wendelin)

“Nonsense!” (Banba)

The dojo challenger, who got provoked by Earl Baumeister-sama, charged at sis like a wild boar. And without a moment’s delay, he unleashed a wide swing with his fist.

“Eat this!” (Banba)

However, the challenger’s full-power blow cut through air. Sis wasn’t at that spot anymore.

“Where is she?” (Banba)

“Here.” (Luise)

Sis had circled into the back of the challenger with a frightening speed.
Once she lightly delivered a swift hand chop against the challenger’s nape, he fainted with just that and collapsed. In the instant he fell to the ground, a loud thump reverberated from the dojo’s floor.

“His strength was so-so for a dojo challenger.” (Luise)

Certainly he was a fairly powerful dojo challenger, but if I had to say, sis’ power that had a touch of being monstrous stood out way too much.
I guess Earl Baumeister-sama had the leeway to praise the challenger at the beginning since he knew that.

“Like in stories, powerful enemies mostly lose at the beginning, don’t they?”

“He’s one of those that look strong but actually have no chance of winning?”

Sis, you’re going a bit too far there.

“Dear, I will heal him.” (Elise)

“Please, Elise.” (Wendelin)

Elise-sama heals the fainted dojo challenger with magic.
But, man, no matter how often I watch it, her healing magic is really amazing…and those boobs as well.

“Did I lose…?” (Banba)

Just when I thought that he might go on a rampage again, the challenger, who woke up, had become very obedient, seemingly having accepted the outcome.

“Why did you call yourself with such a weird name like Banba Bababa───n?” (Luise)

“That is…” (Banba)

The challenger begins to explain the circumstance to sis.

“My real name is Telma…”

“Ah…” (Luise)

“Yeah, it’s a female name.” (Telma)

Telma’s parents lost five boys that had just been born in a row. At that point Telma was born as the sixth.

“With just the reason that I might not die with a female name, they gave me this name.” (Telma)

“Occasionally there are such people as well.”

Since girls are strong, there are people who give their boys female names so that they grow up healthily.
There also seem to be areas where boys are given female names before becoming adults and are given male names afterwards.

“I look like this. With a female name…” (Banba)

Because Telma was ridiculed and harassed for having a female name as a boy in his childhood, he decided to get back at them through the Magic Combat Style, and became strong. However, since he was a farmer by birth, he couldn’t become an instructor at the dojo he belonged to.

“As there were fellows who became instructors just because their homes were rich or because they were young nobles, I was steadily beaten to the punch by my juniors…” (Telma)

Telme explained that he became a dojo challenger half in despair.

“Okaaaay, but teacher qualities and administrative abilities are required of an instructor.”

“I have learned those as well!” (Telma)

After having heard his circumstances, he had become slightly pitiable to me.
I guess he had the same circumstances as us a little while ago.

“Now do with me as you like and roast or boil me!” (Telma)

“Then, I think I will have you work for us.” (Luise)

“Really?” (Telma)

“We are basically short of hands. You were quite strong.” (Luise)

It’s just sis who’s as strong as a monster. Telma is stronger than Zenos and me…

“Thank you, really thank you.” (Telma)

Being told by sis that he will be hired, Telma expressed his gratitude while shedding tears of joy.
One might consider that to be an unmerited measure of kindliness towards a dojo challenger. Normally it likely ends with them being chased away.

“Turn over a new leaf and do your best. Ah, also…” (Luise)

“Also, what?” (Telma)

Sis held out a piece of paper towards Telma who wonders what else there might be.

“This is?” (Telma)

“The bill. The repair costs for the walls and floor you broke. Since we will put it up as a monthly payment, do your best in paying it back, okay?” (Luise)

“Yes…I will.” (Telma)

“Go for it.”

Sis, you’re levelheaded, aren’t you?
Well, I guess it’s fine to consider it as having obtained a strong instructor cadet who looks like he will do as told.

“It’s in the sticks, but if you can accept that, we will entrust a branch dojo to you. If you keep at it for several years, you will be able to return to Baulburg.” (Luise)

“Luise-sama, I will do my utmost!” (Telma)

“I will help, too.”

It means he’s to gain experience in a countryside dojo at first so that he can become good at managing a dojo as staff.

“And, Luise-sama.” (Telma)

“Is there anything else?” (Luise)

“It’s not about this dojo or the Magic Combat Style, but who might be the woman peeking inside through the window over there?” (Telma)

Zenos and I had been curious about that part as well, but it’s an old lady with a very flashy get-up and make-up…ah no, is it rude if I don’t call her young lady? Anyway, that person stared at Earl Baumeister-sama with an intense concentration.
I think that she’s obviously suspicious, but it’s strange that no one around milord seems to mind her.

“Sis…ah, no, chief instructor, who’s that woman?” (Johann)

“Johann, it’s better to not pay her any attention. She will leave right away anyway.” (Luise)

“Haah…” (Johann)

Is that what you’d call, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone?
No matter how I look at her, that person doesn’t look like a dojo applicant…

“Maybe she wants to take lessons in self-defense?”

“There’s no way for that to be true, is there…? Right, Katia?” (Luise)

“Haah…can’t the day of the duel come quickly…?”

Katia-san, who had become milord’s new wife, feels down after seeing that flashy woman. Are they possibly acquaintances?
The incident was resolved safely and it was decided that we would employ the dojo challenger in our dojo. Telma happily moved to a branch dojo near the Demon Forest as a new instructor.
While considering that a good thing, even Zenos and I couldn’t help being bothered by that flashy woman.


*   *   *


“Keh! It’s really a misfortune for instructor-sama to take on rough fellows like us!”

“Yeah! I will take her on as a practice partner and beat her up!”

“If she doesn’t like that, she should offer the entire course fee as a greeting payment!”

“Telma, a female instructor, eh!?”

In a village close to the Demon Forest, where the branch dojo had just been set up, I ended up hearing two rowdy adventurers discussing something evil.
This was also a result of my training, but it didn’t work against Luise-sama.
Because they weren’t able to earn as much money as they wanted in the Demon Forest, they apparently planned to threaten the instructor in the new Magic Combat Style branch dojo in order to extort some money. Like this novel? Read it at Infinite Novel Translations!
It’s probably because they thought that the Magic Combat Style instructor, who was dispatched to such a remote place, is weaker than the monsters in the Demon Forest.
Moreover, going by the name, the instructor is a woman.
The two were overjoyed that they would be able to easily extort money in such a case.
I can hear their laughter already, but I think it’s a bit too early for that.

“Hehe, pardon me!”

“Is the instructor in!? Heeey!”

Once the two energetically opened the dojo’s door, I told the pupils that I will stop the teaching for a moment, and glared at them.
Seeing my body with a height of 198 cm and a weight of 125 kg, they gasped.
To falter from just the opponent’s body size…they are folks not worth any mention.

“Loook! You can’t win against me, and you’re a thousand years too early to win against Luise-sama!” (Telma)

Even though they had been cheerful at the start, they got the jitters by just seeing me.
The pupils, who would come to this Demon Forest, almost all desire to become adventurers. If I show even the slightest opportunity, they might go on a rampage like those two petrified guys.
I guess I will have you become my sacrifices so that I can safely teach for a while.

“Okay? A short term training?”


The two tried to run away, but their bodies apparently didn’t move as they wanted out of fear.
Besides, I’m not that nice to stay silent and let them leave.

“Haah? Are you lookin’ down on the monsters in the Demon Forest? Take my training! You certainly won’t say that you don’t want to, right?” (Telma)

I glared at the two while deliberately threatening them.
These guys are also dojo challengers, more or less. If I get them to train here after making them surrender, the other pupils will increasingly acknowledge my superiority as well.
I have the ambition of wanting to work under Luise-sama in the future, after all.

“”No! That’s out of the question!””

“You guys are really lucky! I will forge you with a special course!” (Telma)

“Hahaha…how wonderful.”

“What a benefit…”

“Right?” (Telma)

The two had their characters thoroughly trained over a short period of time.
The training was hard, but I skillfully reformed even pupils with slightly bad backgrounds, and became a highly evaluated, caring instructor.

By the way, who was that flashy woman who had peeked at milord’s group at the dojo in Baulburg?



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