Chapter 3 – Lisa the Blizzard

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“Old man, the usual please.” (Lisa)

“Sure. Been quite a while since the last time, hasn’t it Lisa?”

“Well, I went to a slightly remote monster domain. I earned some good dough, but it’s sure great to drink in a bar after camping outside for two months. At least there’s a roof above my head.” (Lisa)

“Rather, our place is run-down. Sorry for that.”

“Who cares. It hasn’t fallen apart yet.” (Lisa)

“True that. Wait a moment, okay?”




I, who had returned to the capital after finishing my commissioned long-term job, asked a friend of mine working at the guild’s headquarters to report my request’s completion and assess the loot, and then I burst into the bar I’m often using and ordered the usual menu from the owner.
Since he puts out my preferred wine and dishes with me just saying 『the usual』, I favor this bar.

“So, how’s life going?”

“Not bad. I had to suffer through two months of camping to get my hands on the missing materials, though.” (Lisa)

I have gotten used to it already, but no matter how much my name is known in the trade, I’m still a woman.
Living in a tent for two months is tough.

“Thanks for waiting.”

“Thanks, old man. Did anything interesting happen during the two months I was gone?” (Lisa)

The wine and the food is my main objective, but as adventurer, or rather as citizen of the Kingdom I have to at least know the latest news in the capital.
There was no one especially visiting the monster domain, where I did my job, to bring me up to date. And since a newspaper seller didn’t come around either, I was out of the loop in regards to the newest happenings in the capital.
Since information accumulates in a bar, it’s the best to ask the old owner of this bar at such times.

“Let’s see. I guess it’s about Earl Baumeister-sama again? He came back to the capital after playing an active role in the Empire’s civil war.”

“Typical of him.” (Lisa)

I also made a name for myself as magician, but I guess I lose out to Earl Baumeister.
Well, it’s just natural if he dishes out one achievement after the other like that.

“There was also a quarrel over some tunnel. Ah! The daughter of the Knight Eulenberg House that caused the troubles was that Katia girl you took care of.”

“Hah? You’re saying, Katia was the daughter of a noble?” (Lisa)

For that lass to stay silent about something so important to me, who taught her how to somehow use magic for hunting!

“Anyway, 『quarrel over some tunnel』, what’s that about?” (Lisa)

“A tunnel connecting the Baumeister Earldom with the territory of that little lady called Katia or whatever was apparently discovered, but they argued about who’s going to manage it.”

The management of the tunnel would be difficult for Katia’s home, the Eulenberg House. Hence their patron, the Margrave Breithilde House wanted to manage it themselves after giving the Eulenberg House an alternative territory. At that point Katia, who had left the house as adventurer, objected and it was decided that the young noble to manage the tunnel together with her would be determined in a martial arts tournament, or so he said.

“What’s that girl thinking?” (Lisa)

“Isn’t that what you’d call pride as a noble, no matter how tiny they might be? And then…”

However, there wasn’t a single young noble that could win against Katia in the tournament.

“Well, makes sense. She’s strong enough to even give me a hard time.” (Lisa)

“So she’s at a level where you struggle as well, huh? Then I think this outcome was inevitable.”

Among the booing audience because not one of the challenging nobles could win against Katia, the king suddenly showed up, and designated Earl Baumeister to take on Katia.
In accordance with that order, he easily defeated Katia.
The old man finished his explanation with the fact that the tunnel’s management has been monopolized by the Earl Baumeister House as result.

“Hmmmm. It’s bad luck that I couldn’t watch such a fun event. So, what happened to Katia?” (Lisa)

I suppose by now she has returned to her daily life of defeating wyverns after having the tunnel rights snatched away due to the loss against Earl Baumeister.

“That girl is really as reckless as ever. That’s the reason why she can’t get married.” (Lisa)

“Pfft, you’re the one saying that?”

“…Any complaints?” (Lisa)

I’m listening to the conversation with the owner, so don’t butt in just because you’re sitting at the next table!
Once I look closely, he seems to be an adventurer, but he got quite the nerve to mess with me.

“Even though you’re just a young greenhorn. What’s it to you?” (Lisa)

I will let you speak your mind if you got something you want to say.
Depending on what you say, you might be no adventurer by tomorrow anymore, though.

“Hey, speak after looking at the other party! Lisa, this bar is already worn down. Please forgive him.”

“Pfft, old man, it looks like that woman doesn’t know. It looks like she stopped by the guild before coming here, but I wonder, didn’t they tell her over there? They must have pitied her quite a bit, I guess.”

What’s this youngster blurting out there?
The folks at the guild have information they didn’t tell me out of sympathy?

“I will tell you.”


“She will hear of it soon anyway. I shall be kind and bring you up to date, Lisa the Blizzard-sama. Your little, beloved protegee, Katia married Earl Baumeister-sama. It’s that, isn’t it? Forming bonds between fellow nobles, right?”

“…Marriage? Katia has?” (Lisa)

“I would rather say Earl Baumeister-sama had been lenient since he let it end with only that much after she kicked up such a fuss. Isn’t it great that she hasn’t missed her chance to get married like a certain someone?”

“…” (Lisa)

That Katia got married?
Certainly, that girl had some rough parts about her, but she won’t be troubled with with basic womanly modesty…I’m capable of that as well, but…her looks were very good, too.
However, she should have been worried seeing as there was no marriage partner in sight despite her becoming 20 years old very soon.
I didn’t have such a guy either…that’s the same even now, but…isn’t that the moral code as fellow, unmarried adventurer colleagues?

“Katia, at least invite me to your wedding ceremony!” (Lisa)

“You were in a situation where a written invitation wouldn’t reach you anyway, right?”

“Hya───hya hya! The guild staff member couldn’t tell you that it’s only you being still unmarried as he was scared, putting the bar’s owner in the bind to follow up on him. If that ain’t not hilarious, then I don’t know what is.”

“…” (Lisa)

“Oi! Stop it already…”

This newbie…come to think of it, wasn’t he close to a veteran adventurer with whom I had a fight before?
I guess that’s why he’s making fun of me here.
Enough, I got it.
Even I have been long enough in this business to know what’s going on.
I’m well aware that it’s the end if I’m looked down upon.
Now then, it’s time for punishment!

“You, aren’t you hot?” (Lisa)

“Hah? Not really.”

“I see, I see. So you feel really hot.” (Lisa)

“What’s it all of a sudden? I don’t feel hot at all…”

“You know, there’s no need to hold back. I will cool you down to your heart’s content! Enjoy the chilling air as much as you like, okay!?” (Lisa)

I unleashed my prided 『Freeze』 spell, only targeting the table where him and a young male adventurer are sitting.

“My name is Lisa. Lisa the Blizzard. I don’t know whether your work’s going fine, but greenhorn, don’t get cocky just because there’s someone strong among your acquaintances! As you don’t know your place…I’m going to freeze you!” (Lisa)

“Ugh, I can’t move…”

“What an awfully ugly object of art. The base material really sucks.” (Lisa)

The piping hot stew, the other warm dishes and of course the ale he was drinking alongside the glass, all of them got frozen on top of that guy’s table.
He was enclosed by ice together with the chair he’s sitting on. He should be unable to move for a few hours until the ice melts.
Not freezing him in person is owed to my very own style of mercy.

“You bitch! Remove the ice!”

“Old man, that guy is going to reserve that seat for a while.” (Lisa)

Who’s going to listen to something someone like you got to say?
Regret talking down on me there just as you are.
After I toss several gold coins to the owner after throwing a last glance at that guy, I leave my seat and leave the bar while ignoring the other guests who are causing an uproar due to the male adventurer suddenly having turned into an ice object.
There’s the fact that it had become difficult to stay in the bar after causing such a mess, but I had also plenty of anger with unknown cause welling up within me.

“That Katia got married, you say!? A junior who got married before me, the senior? Shit! I have to vent this rage somewhere, huh? Yep, it’s really pissing me off!” (Lisa)

Once I unconsciously released 『Freeze』 into the sky, an unlucky bird got frozen and fell down.
Since it’s something that happens occasionally, I just keep walking without care.
I returned to the inn, where I have booked a room on a long-term contract, after a long while, and sulked in bed.




“Wait, maybe it’s a lie. Fake marriages might exist as well. First I will go check the situation!” (Lisa)




Having suddenly woken up in the dead of the night, I decided to go meet Katia and her husband Earl Baumeister, hence starting to write a letter in a hurry.
Of course I’m going to depart to the Baumeister Earldom as soon as I have finished writing this letter!


*   *   *


“Hng…is it already time to get up? Ah right, I got married.” (Katia)

Once I woke up in the morning, hubby was sleeping next to me.
Come to think of it, yesterday night we slept with each other.
Both of us are naked, but me immediately considering that as normal for a married couple is probably proof of me getting accustomed to a married life.
I won’t say that I didn’t have any interest in the nightly activities between men and women, but although I worried at first what I should do since it had nothing to do with me before, I got used to it before long.
There seems to be a custom in normal noble houses to teach daughters about such things, but I didn’t receive any such education since our house is somewhat special. But, once I left the house and hung out with fellow female adventurers, such talks naturally popped up as well.
I think those were somewhat helpful here.

“Ah right. I asked him to let me use his arm as pillow.” (Katia)

I had it often pointed out to me by other adventurers that my speech and conduct isn’t very womanly unlike my looks, but even so, since I’m a woman as well so far as it goes, I had a little dream.
I wanted to use the arm of a man as pillow.
And when I asked hubby about it last night, he willing agreed to my request.
Even now hubby’s arm was situated below my head.
As expected, once I moved my head away since his arm had likely become numb, hubby woke up as well.

“Is it already time to get up? I see, this is what it means for an arm to fall asleep.” (Wendelin)

“Hubby, sorry.” (Katia)

“This much of a numbness will go away right away. As a matter of fact, it was my first as well, an arm pillow.” (Wendelin)

“Really? I thought that it would be something that Elise and the other had demanded already. Also, Ina is often reading such books.” (Katia)

It’s because Ina loves those kind of romantic novels after all.
Accordingly, she’s someone with a lot of knowledge about sex…ah, I guess it’s the same for my fellow female adventurers, too.
Even though all of them are unmarried and have no fiancés either, they are rather well informed about it. Considering it like that, I’d say it was knowledge out of books.

“Maybe they just didn’t think of it until now by chance?” (Wendelin)

“That might be it. Hubby, you’re going to do some morning exercises, too?” (Katia)

“Yeah.” (Wendelin)

My husband, an excellent magician, would likely not mind it at all even if he had to live as adventurer after losing his nobility.
Rather, there are times where I think that the adventurer’s life would be better for him as it’s fairly easygoing. If he has time, he goes hunting while taking Elise and the others along.
That’s why he never missed his daily training.
That part of him matches well with me, who is a through-and-through adventurer at heart.




“Close your eyes and empty your mind by not thinking anything for as long as you can. Don’t move your body either.” (Wendelin)

“…” (Katia)

We start the early morning practice at once. I’m receiving special magic training from hubby.
He makes me focus my mind with a method, which had been thought up by hubby’s deceased master and experienced small improvements by hubby. It makes me aware of the mana flow by letting it stream through the mana pathways.
I perform 『Meditation』 in combination with 『Zen Meditation』, but even that person, who told me how to use my mana at the adventurer’s prep school, didn’t teach me such a method.

“Somehow the mana is flowing smoothly. I don’t think it’s possible, but I feel like my mana has increased.” (Katia)

Since I’m well aware of my own mana, I know that it has reached its limit long ago. That’s something that shouldn’t be possible, really.

“…” (Wendelin)

“Hubby?” (Katia)

“Even if it’s just your imagination; as long as you become skilled at magic, that will be the correct answer.” (Wendelin)

“I guess you’re right.” (Katia)

Somehow hubby seems evasive?
I wonder whether there’s something inconvenient about it?




Once we finished the morning practice, we headed together to the bathroom to wash off our sweat.
Hubby loves bathing. It seems he’s often entering it together with Elise and the others, too.
As it looks like everyone got business outside today, it’s only me who enters together with hubby, though.

“It sure is nice for this mansion to have a big bath.” (Katia)

As appropriate for the Earl Baumeister House, the bathtub is huge, and I have gotten used to the interior being luxurious and extravagant as well.
The soap, the shampoo to watch one’s hair, and the conditioner are hubby’s prototypes. Those seem to have spread, and now that I think of it, they are even sold in store in the capital.
Since they are very expensive, only nobles and rich people can buy those products, though.
Once we finished bathing, breakfast was next.
I had planned to prepare at least one dish as new wife, but there’s no way that I can steal the work of the servants serving in the mansion.
Since Elise and the others are occasionally cooking as hobby, I suppose I will help out at least at that time.
We cook at the times when hubby is working as adventurer, but if it’s prepared by me, it’s usually a simple dish focusing on efficiency.
I have to gradually fix that part by learning from Elise and the others.
After all hubby is trying to come up with delicious outdoor dishes.

“Good morning, Katia-san.” (Elise)

Once we entered the dining room, Elise greeted me as representative of everyone waiting there.

“Morning, Elise.” (Katia)

“Katia-san, did you get used to this lifestyle by now?” (Elise)

“It’s alright since it’s not that different from my normal lifestyle that I would need to get used to it.” (Katia)

“Is that so?” (Elise)

As might be expected of hubby’s first wife, Elise often pays attention to my needs, but my daily life isn’t that hard.
Since hubby dislikes a gaudy lifestyle, it wasn’t all that different from my lifestyle so far.

“Good job in training early on every morning.” (Therese)

“Yo, Therese, huh? It’s something like a daily habit that’s necessary for an adventurer. I’m really sorry for making you wait.” (Katia)

“Thou don’t consider it being strange for me to be here, do thou?” (Therese)

“Eh? Just do as you like, Therese. Since hubby has given his permission, you can be here, no?” (Katia)

“Hahaha! Thou are simple in a good way.” (Therese)

“I don’t really get complicated stuff anyway. Ah, I’m starving.” (Katia)

“I will get it ready right away.” (Amalie)

“Thanks, Amalie-san.” (Katia)

It’s not just Elise and the others. Amalie-san is waiting on the table while voluntarily wearing maid clothes. Since a little while ago, Therese has started to come everyday to the mansion to have a meal with us.
It seems like there are quite a lot of wives and essentially-wives, but there’s no menacing atmosphere, and it’s fun to be with a great number of people.
Ending up thinking something along those lines, I wonder whether I have changed in some way?
My husband is also somewhat unusual. But with how it is, we might match well, I thought.


*   *   *


“Amalie-san, another serving.” (Katia)

“Yes.” (Amalie)

“You’re eating well, aren’t you?”

It’s been around two weeks since Katia has started to live in the Earl Baumeister residence.
It looks like she has adopted herself to her current lifestyle fairly well.

“Gotten used to it or not; Katia always gave me this impression since coming to this mansion.”

“The wedding ceremony might have been the most nerve-wracking time in my life. I don’t remember being overly nervous on other occasions.” (Katia)

“That’s really enviable. Even I have regularly times where I feel nervous.” (Luise)

Even though she just got married at long last, I think that she might be nervous towards Elise and the others as new wife, and thus Luise and I believe that it might be fine like this.

“The bath and the food in this place is really awesome.” (Katia)

Katia starts every day with a training session early in the morning, then takes a bath and finally eats breakfast.
While chatting happily with everyone during our meals, she eats well and never misses to ask for a second serving of rice.
She has started to eat rice every day after coming here. Apparently she really likes the taste in combination with miso soup and similar.

“Katia, it’s not at the level of Wilma, but you sure eat a lot. Is it because of your work as adventurer?” (Ina)

“For an adventurer their body is the foundation. You have to eat when you can.” (Katia)

Upon Ina’s question, Katia stops her hands for a moment, and answers.
She’s moving around a lot while consuming mana.
Since she’s burning more calories than an ordinary person, it’s only natural for her to eat a lot, I suppose.
Considering all that, she’s not only not getting fat, Katia rather keeps a small, slender figure.

“It’s alright since we’re not going to run out of food all of a sudden.”

“That’s certainly true, but I’m simply hungry.” (Katia)

While saying so, Katia continues eating the rice served by Amalie.

“Because the Eulenberg territory is centered around the production of wheat in addition to maroimo, bread was the staple food when I returned home. Sometimes I ate rice at my destination, but the one here is a lot more delicious.” (Katia)

Given that there are plenty of warm water sources in the Baumeister Earldom, it’s cut out for rice production.
The rice production is also prospering in the Breithilde Margraviate, but in the former Eulenberg territory a lot of agricultural land was situated on slopes.
If it were a Japanese area, they might have built terraced rice-fields, but since they have maroimo, they don’t grow rice.

“Since there’s also plain ground in the new territory, I told pops and bro to begin rice cultivation as well this time.” (Katia)

“Agriculture as raison d’être?” (Wilma)

“For Pops and bro, yes. However, it didn’t suit me. It’s not that I couldn’t have done it stamina-wise, but the way of an adventurer life agreed suited me more.” (Katia)

Katia replied to Wilma.
Certainly, those two might be better suited for agriculture than noble customs.

“I have such parts, too.” (Wilma)

“Wilma, you’re good at hunting and fishing, after all.” (Katia)

“That’s why it’s great that I could become Wend-sama’s wife.” (Wilma)

“Makes sense. Even though you became the wife of a high-ranking noble, you can hunt in monster domains. That really rocks.” (Katia)

“I believe there aren’t that many noble ladies considering it like that.” (Katharina)

“Saying something like that; don’t you like it quite a bit yourself as well, Katharina?” (Katia)

“It’s not that I hate it, but in my case I only worked as adventurer for the sake of amassing funds for the revival of my house.” (Katharina)

Katia, who can freely talk with anyone, adapted herself to the Earl Baumeister House in the blink of an eye.
Rather, she might be better fitting in than Katharina by now.

“Wendelin-san, anything wrong?” (Katharina)

“No, nothing.” (Wendelin)

Katharina apparently suspects me of starting to consider her as someone with a slight communication disorder. I deny it in a hurry.
Around one month after the tunnel opening passed in such way, but today the Baumeister house is busy once again.
Other than Katia, Amalie-san had started living in the mansion since a little while ago…somehow the black, slightly mature maid clothes, which I had designed, have become her favorite. She’s serving at the table when I’m eating and making tea and hand-made sweets in her free time while often wearing these clothes.
Since she’s being officially treated as Head Maid for the time being, it’s not like she’s doing anything strange.
Elise and the others also leave the work to Amalie-san during meal time inside the mansion.
As for the reason: Recently the number of maids hired in the mansion has grown. Apparently there are some among them who try to please me one way or another while burning with the ambition to become my lovers or concubines. The ones allowed to look after me are only those approved of by Amalie-san, the Head Maid, – namely only Dominique and Lea – or herself.
The maids have their own closed-off society. It appears to be a fairly complicated society with women of various ages who all have their own circumstances and dreams.

“Erwin-sama, how about a refill of tea?” (Lea)

“Please, Lea.” (Erwin)

“As you wish.” (Lea)

She’s one of the maids, who can directly talk with me, Lea, but since she’s Erw’s concubine candidate, she only takes care of Erw for now.
Come to think of it, she needs permission to go on a date instead of a formal marriage interview with Erw alone soon.
But, I’m in charge of such things, right?
Roderich…seems busy, so I have to do it after all?
However, it’s strange for me to directly ask Lea 『How about going on a date with Erw?』, isn’t it?
This is a part where I’d like Haruka to do her best.

“It looks like Katia has safely adapted to the Earl Baumeister House…” (Therese)

“Umm…do you need something from me, Therese-san?” (Katharina)

“No, I feel like she is fitting in better than thou.” (Therese)

“Ugh!” (Katharina)

Therese, who enjoyed an after-meal tea, tells Katharina the cruel truth I couldn’t voice out myself.

“Well, Katharina is like that…even I was on the slightly slower side in getting used to a group at first, thus I can’t really talk about others overly much, or rather…” (Wendelin)

“Really?” (Therese)

“Yes, it’s the truth.” (Wendelin)

If pushed to say, I also incline towards having a communication disorder. I just hadn’t the opportunity to mention it until now.
That’s why I understand well how Katharina feels.

“That’s right. Wendelin-san and I are a married couple on the same wavelength.” (Katharina)

“Like man, like wife, huh?”

Occasionally her presence is rather weak…but I guess it’s better to not mention this.

“Therese-san, was there something you wanted to tell Katia-san?”

“Yes. It’s just the words of me who retired after losing in a political strife, but thou married into the Earl Baumeister House as someone from the Eulenberg House. Make sure to properly keep your own home in mind.” (Therese)

Although the tunnel has been opened, the construction works around the entrances are still not finished. Nevertheless, the passage fee has been continuing to increase slowly.
There were many merchants who said that they will start business in the Baumeister Earldom in the middle of the opening. It’s because it has become possible to transport goods through the tunnel at a cheap rate.
At the same time, the development around the tunnel’s entrances also advances. Rest areas, waiting spots, warehouses to store goods, and lodgings, restaurants, bars and amusement facilities catered towards the tunnel users are starting to pop up.
The tunnel entrance of the Baumeister Earldom’s side has started the construction of inns and such since it’s close to Paul’s territory.

“The human traffic will increase. A part of them will ask about visiting that territory in order to procure maroimo that’s having its production quantity increased in the Eulenberg territory. I received it from Wendelin, but that maroimo will become a fine special product.” (Therese)

Maroimo itself isn’t that rare anymore, but currently it’s just the Eulenberg House that can cultivate such sweet maroimo.
It’s a brand item that’s being traded for high prices. In a little while it will bring large amounts of money to the Eulenberg territory.

“Having said that, it might be necessary to continue expanding the fields from now on and gather laborers. Considering the situation of thee home, thou will need to ask Wendelin for assistance at times. That’s one of thee important tasks, Katia.” (Therese)

“…Please explain it once more.” (Katia)

“””””””Oh god…””””””””

It’s not like Katia can be called an idiot.
An idiot won’t be able to subjugate wyverns and flying dragons after all.
However, she’s completely unsuited for such aristrocratic matters.
I’m sure it was the right choice for Katia to leave her home and aim to become an adventurer.
On the other hand it means that her looking for a husband to manage the tunnel would have ultimately ended up in failure.

“I said that it’s necessary to pay attention to thee home and request Wendelin’s assistance as necessary.” (Therese)

“I see. But, what would you think of a wife who immediately demands various things from her husband? If it’s funds, I just have to provide them myself.” (Katia)

Katia’s trait of being self-reliant was quite strong.
That’s probably the reason why she became an adventurer, but as it’s a good thing to be favored by her husband, a high-ranking noble, that trait might contradict with being a wife that relies on her husband in one way or another.

“Support doesn’t include only money. Thou would want the roads connecting cities and neighboring villages to be increasingly maintained, and since thou want temporary laborers to extend the maroimo fields while paying them daily wages, thou would want him to introduce people. Even if thou were to immigrate new residents into the territory, it would be safer to have them introduced by the Earl Baumeister House. I heard that the Knight Baumeister House will support thy home as well, but they must also be busy with expanding the production of honey and honey liquor. It’s important for thou to occasionally go to thy family and ask what they need.” (Therese)

“Oooh! That’s an advice befitting a noble!”


Those are very suitable suggestions.
I also ended up admiring Therese.

“What’s the point of thou admiring it here, Wendelin?” (Therese)

“Isn’t that the usual for Wend?” (Luise)

As expected of Luise.
She understands me well.

“Luise, thou are also the same as usual. In short, it’s not particularly bad for a wife to demand something from her husband. Otherwise the situation won’t improve. If thou just say that thou would like him to buy thou an expensive, jewel-laden dress, thou will be just called foolish woman, though.” (Therese)

Is that a dis against Anita who’s staying at the Margrave Breithilde House?
Once I casually look at Ina and Luise, they seem to think the same.
They look as if they want to run away.

“It’s fine to ask for an opportune birthday present. There are many good noble wives who are skilled at pleading.” (Therese)

I see.
Husband and wife are man and woman, so it’s sometimes necessary for the wife to casually ask for things to make the man think that he should give her some present.

“No matter whether as wife or woman, it’s the end once the man thinks 『I don’t want to give this woman even a single handkerchief!』.” (Therese)

Certainly, even if it might be a political marriage; if the relationship of the married couple gets so bad, the political marriage would seem pointless.

“I learned a lot.” (Wilma)

“Right, Wilma? Returning to the topic; it would be better for thou to occasionally worry about thy home as well, Katia.” (Therese)

“Got it. However, I think the growing of maroimo is pretty much the biggest worry of dad and bro right now.” (Katia)

“Certainly…” (Therese)

I moved as much of the old fields’ soil as possible, but likewise there are newly cleared fields.
I believe that they have to properly take care of those until the soil creation has finished.

“That’s slightly untypical for nobles, isn’t it?”

“Ina, to say that at this point, or rather…my home is in high spirits.” (Wendelin)

“Hermann-san is?” (Ina)

“Yes, Hermann.” (Wendelin)

After Hermann succeeded as family head, the Knight Baumeister House struggled foremost with the development of their territory, but most recently the situation has moved towards finally showing some results.
At such a time a noble house that’s less aristrocratic than their old selves had been forcibly relocated to a territory neighboring them, and they were asked by the Earl Baumeister House to look after them.
Hermann’s folks seem to enthusiastically help them out in various ways.

“Somehow I can really picture it”


While superficially saying something like 『We’re busy as well, but if you insist』, I’m pretty sure they are feeling something like 『Us being able to teach other nobles about the ways of nobility is a happy occasion』.
Moreover, the main industry of the Knight Baumeister House as well as the Eulenberg House is agriculture.
It looks like it resulted in them joining forces to produce distilled liquor using honey and maroimo while increasing the production output of those ingredients.
There also appear to exist plans to create sweets with a long life period out of honey and maroimo to sell those.
I feel like such collaborations also took place for local specialties in Japan.

“With the relocation of the territory on top of it, it looks like they will require quite a bit of money. Are they alright on that end?”

“My home possesses an unexpected amount of money.” (Katia)

According to Katia, the Eulenberg House, which has a strangely long history despite being atypical for nobles, has hoarded a surprising stash of money. They seem to advance their development by making use of those funds.

“Certainly, the dowry was quite amazing.”

The marriage ceremony was something like a home production, but the Eulenberg House provided a dowry that would have made the former Knight Baumeister House hesitate to even consider it.

“The sources of our cash income just keep increasing through the little sale of crops and maroimo, but if you live inside that territory, there’s almost no need for money, you know?” (Katia)

The only time when they use their money is when going shopping outside the territory. Another big factor was the fact of the Eulenberg House not associating with other nobles much since its foundation.
After all the Eulenberg House didn’t even really associate with the Margrave Breithilde House, their patrons.

『Lord Eulenberg, these gold coins are the old ones which were in use before the new gold coins were issued right after the armistice with the Empire, aren’t they?』

『We have been storing them in our vault since the old days. I think our ancestors obtained these after selling their agricultural produce.』

Come to think of it, there are some gold coins among the dowry I’m not familiar with. Once I showed them to Margrave Breithilde, he told me that those are old gold coins which had been issued by the Helmut Kingdom long ago.
The Eulenberg House, which mostly hadn’t anything to do with the central government’s ways despite its long history, didn’t exchange the old currency for its new counterpart.
This way of acting might resemble old people who keep Shoutoku Taishi’s 10,000 yen bills in their cabinets.

『How much was the exchange rate? Since the gold coins, which stopped being produced for more than 200 years by now, have rarity value, I’d like to have some as well.』

『Here you go. We have plenty after all.』

『The Eulenberg House has been continuing for as long as our house.』

Having said that, the Margrave Breithilde House has big expenses in correspondence to the house’s scale. It would have been impossible for them to decline after being told by the royal family to exchange the old gold coins for the new ones.
Margrave Breithilde was surprised and full of admiration due to the Eulenberg House not 『gathering』 this many old gold coins, but 『saving』 them.
The Kingdom and the Empire matched the gold content of their new currencies so as to not run into troubles during trading after the armistice.
The Kingdom back then was apparently quite pushy about the exchange of old gold coins into new ones because they changed the minting.
The Eulenberg House, which simply saved money for more than a thousand years without living in luxury and thus preventing any outflow of money, might actually be quite the amazing noble house.
At the very least I couldn’t catch sight of them struggling with the dowry, unlike my old home.

“Now that you mention it, it’s soon time for the 『exchange of engagement gifts』, right? I’m fairly nervous.”

“It’s alright. It won’t be anything that outrageous.”

The marriage between Erw and Haruka is around the corner. Given that Mizuho possesses a culture similar to Japan, a ceremonial engagement gift exchange is carried out.
Naturally, since the Helmut Kingdom and the Urquhart Holy Empire have different wedding styles, Erw also seems to have various difficulties with the preparations.
This won’t just be the marriage of a retainer, but the first step in the friendship between the Earl Baumeister House and the Duke Mizuho House, hence the Earl Baumeister House is naturally all fired up and supports him wherever possible.

“I’m actually leaving all of it to Rederich, though.” (Wendelin)

“Wend, you could help out a bit, too!” (Erwin)

“No! I have plenty noble-like jobs pushed on me after being told that only a noble can do those! Since it’s your own marriage, do at least this much yourself, Erw!” (Wendelin)

“An unusually sound argument…to tell you the truth, most of the preparations are done…” (Erwin)

“Isn’t it fine then?” (Wendelin)

Since the tunnel’s opening, Erw has been swayed by unfamiliar Mizuho customs.
A marriage being a chore is the same in any world.
I can’t tell him anything but to do his best.

“What’s wrong, Katia?”

As I’m drinking the tea poured by Amalie after everyone finished breakfast, Katia shows a slightly brooding, or rather mystified expression, and thus I call out to her.

“Hey, hubby. It might be my imagination, but I feel like my mana has increased…” (Katia)

“Ah, about that…” (Wendelin)

Katia had mana from the start.
It probably wouldn’t have been exposed if her mana hadn’t been at its limit before the marriage, but of course that wasn’t the case.
Once a woman has sex with me, there are only two options: having no mana just as before, or increasing the amount of mana after awaking to their talent as magician.
I guess the former is Amalie and the latter would be Elise and the other girls.

“It’s not like I’m that well-informed about magic, but I properly learned about it at the adventurer’s prep school. That’s it’s impossible for the amount of mana to grow once again after stopping once.” (Katia)

“Well, usually that’s correct.” (Wendelin)

“Isn’t it? Hubby, what’s this about? Since having gotten married to you, I sense my mana gradually increasing every day. Even when using mana during hunting or training, its power and upkeep is completely different from before the marriage. Until now it wasn’t rare for me to run out of mana in the morning if I used 『Acceleration』 too often, but now it’s normal for me to keep it up until evening. There’s no way that I wouldn’t notice something like that.” (Katia)

Katia has a low amount of mana to begin with. Moreover, the only spells she could use were wind cushion, which she uses at the time of getting down from high up, and 『Acceleration』 which increases her speed.
I suppose it’s only normal for the number of times she can use those spells to increase if her mana grows.

“As for that, Katia-san…” (Elise)

At this point it developed into Elise telling Katia instead of me.
Before that, she poured hot mate tea into Katia’s cup.

“Katia-san, I think you have already noticed indirectly, but if one becomes Earl Baumeister-sama’s wife and spends everyday as married couple with him, it often happens that they manifest their mana or increase their amount of mana after already having reached their growth limit before.” (Elise)

There exists a fixed number of women who increase their mana after having sex with me, Elise explained to Katia.

“In short, there are people whose mana increases if they do it with Wend.” (Luise)

“Luise being too blunt about it is vulgar. We are wives of a noble after all.” (Ina)

“Yeah, yeah.” (Luise)

Luise intended to supplement Elise’s explanation, but was cautioned for being vulgar by Ina.

“And, seeing that you have become Wendelin-san’s wife, we’d like you to make it a rule to not tell others about this. Even if they might be your parents or siblings.” (Katharina)

“Katia, sshhh───” (Wilma)

Katharina gravely warned Katia to not say a word to anyone while Wilma held up a finger in front of her mouth, adopting a pose of telling Katia to be quiet about it.

“I won’t speak about it, and I can’t either. It’s a really heavy secret for my old man and brother. I can’t tell them since they will buckle under the pressure.” (Katia)

“Your father and brother certainly look like it, Katia-san…” (Katharina)

“It will be bad for their health.” (Wilma)

It’s the kind of secret better left unsaid to those two, who are the very picture of petty bourgeois, as they will be happier without knowing.

“But, leaving Amalie-san aside, is telling Therese fine?”

Katia knows about Amalie’s current situation.
That’s why she thinks that it wouldn’t be a problem even if my secret were to be discovered by Amalie, but she asks whether it’s okay to tell Therese, the former Duchess Philip.

“There’s no problem in particular. I don’t think that Therese will reveal my secret carelessly. I have faith in her on this.” (Wendelin)

“Being trusted by thou, Wendelin, makes me very happy. In the first place, I’m well aware that my peaceful days, which I attained at last, would come to nothing as I would be once again used for troublesome haggling of nobles, if I were to reveal that secret.” (Therese)

“Therese, simply be thankful for being trusted by me here.” (Wendelin)

“Of course I’m grateful about that. While we’re at it, recently I have some spare time at night.” (Therese)

“Eh? Night?”

“Sure. It’s a hopeful statement that it will definitely happen, if a man comes visiting the room of an unmarried woman.” (Therese)

“What happens definitely!?”

Although she won’t reveal my secret, Therese wants me to drop in at night from now on as well.
Listening to the fairly daring demands of Therese, the face of Katia, who doesn’t own overly much knowledge in that direction despite being one of the older women here, dyed bright red.
Even though we’re leading the normal life of a married couple by now…

“Let me emphasize it once more: don’t reveal the secret.”

“No matter how much of an idiot I might be, even I understand as much.” (Katia)

“The Eulenberg House became relatives of the Earl Baumeister House, but since the circumstances are what they are, thou should consider it as avoiding to show any weaknesses to nobles who plan to outwit Wendelin. There’s nothing better than being careful.” (Therese)

“I won’t tell my family. But, Therese, you’re a noble after all, aren’t you? When I heard about this, I thought about not revealing it to fellow adventurers by all means at first.” (Katia)

Katia continued the explanation.

“Female adventurers are probably fixated on strength more than male adventurers. They can’t make a living unless they do so.” (Katia)

The majority of women on this world are demanded to be 『Good wives, good mothers』.
It’s a different story if they have talent as magicians, but if not, their parents and relatives wish for them to marry normally.

“Female adventurers have succeeded in breaking through that conception first of all. Of course they also think about marrying, giving birth to children, and being happy as normal woman in the future, though.” (Katia)

Slightly different from the circumstances of male adventurers, female adventurers have many troublesome matters to take into account.
They are looked down upon by male adventurers because they are women, their share of the rewards gets decreased, and they are told to make simple equipment repairs, do the laundry and cook food without being paid for all of that.
Additionally, since they are working at places with no official public order organizations like guard units keeping watch, there are also cases where they get dragged into crimes characteristic for women.

“I mean, that’s why female adventurers stick together. If this amazing information were to be leaked to even a single woman, it would circulate among all women on the continent in no time.” (Katia)

And many female adventurers would approach me while saying 『Marry me!』 or 『Have sex with me!』.
Likely there exists no worse nightmare than this.

“After all they would be able to earn money before marrying if they became able to use magic.” (Elise)

In Elise’s case, that’s probably the extent of her thoughts, but in fact there was one more aspect to consider.

“I think the majority of the women might think…that they can feel relieved even if they were to stay unmarried as magic won’t decline due to age.” (Katia)

As long as they have magic, they won’t be troubled about their livelihood, even if they work part-time at adventurer prep schools.

“It’s because they consider a future of being unable to marry. It’s a tough world, after all.” (Ina)

“You might say so, but Ina, there are unexpectedly many singles among female adventurers. Because of that those with the same circumstances gather.” (Katia)

Different to some countries on Earth, the public attention towards single women is harsh in this world.
That’s the reason for them having a tendency to band together.

“They might be able to marry one day, but in preparation for not being able to do so, they regularly gather to exchange information or to teach useful information to their juniors.” (Katia)

A get-together of female adventurers, eh?
It might be a substitute for a labor union or a benefit society.

“I never participated in such a get-together.” (Wilma)

“Wilma, in your case it can’t be helped, I think.” (Katia)

She’s the adopted daughter of that Minister Edgar, and since she’s my wife, you might also say that she’s under the protection of the Earl Baumeister House.
That means she ended up married before being invited to such a get-together?

“But, it’s odd. I haven’t heard stories about a gathering of people, who returned to being commoners after their marriage as former adventurers, and people who continue adventuring even after their marriage.”

“A gathering of former adventurers and married female adventurers exists as well, though. There’s just no interaction with the gathering of singles.” (Katia)

“As expected, for them to be on good terms would be a tall order.”

“It’s also because their lives are completely different. The older ones are…well, basically that.” (Katia)

Katia seemed to have difficulties to state the truth.
Are the women in the higher ranks in the gathering of singles even prohibiting their juniors to interact with former adventurers and fellow female adventurers, who managed to get married or gave birth to children, as they have reservations towards such people?
In such cases everyone might sense the mood and avoid getting in touch with such women even if they aren’t forbidden to directly interact with them.
In my previous life I also experienced gatherings of women, but I think those seem troublesome in various ways.
I recall a female company employee, who was always cheerful, telling me with a serious look, 『Ichinomiya-san, a woman’s enemy are other women』.

“I definitely won’t be able spill your secret, hubby. I’ve been actually told that the meetings paused after I got married.” (Katia)

She might have been excluded from the get-togethers of the fellow, single female adventurers who helped her for several years after she became an adventurer.
Understanding that, Katia looked a bit sad.

“Ee───h! You should be delighted about that part. After all you were able to get out of by marrying at long last.” (Luise)

“Listen here, Luise, I’m thankful to hubby who accepted a stubborn tomboy like me and told me that I’m cute, and I really like my current life. But, that doesn’t mean that my life until then had been bad either.” (Katia)

Katia, who became a powerful adventurer while still being a half-baked youth, might have thought that she possibly won’t be able to marry in worst case.
In her eyes, it’s certainly true that she looks warmly back on her happy times during the get-togethers of fellow, single female adventurers.

“But, it sounds like you wouldn’t ever be able to get married while staying there.” (Luise)

“Don’t say that!” (Katia)

It’s probably an indisputable fact, but Katia yelled at Luise that it’s absolutely forbidden to say it out loud.

“Umm, why didn’t you invite your acquaintances to the wedding ceremony?” (Elise)

“Elise, you’re really asking that?” (Ina)

Ina and I comprehended why Katia didn’t call the single, female adventurers.

“The Eulenberg territory is far…right, Ina?” (Elise)

“There’s also the issue of traveling and lodging expenses.” (Ina)

“But, it would have been a good chance for Katia’s friends to get to know the participating men.” (Elise)

Elise is kind, so she should be thinking that it’s a great chance for meetings between single men, who are attending the ceremony, and Katia’s acquaintances, the single female adventurers.
But I believe it wouldn’t have worked out that smoothly at that product exhibition-like ceremony from the other day.

“If they were capable adventurers, there would be also some who came to the Baumeister Earldom for work? Such adventurers might have been able to participate.”

“What do you think, Katia?”

“I sent out letters and written invitations. Later I heard that my senior, who took care of me the most, was just then working while secluding herself in a remote monster domain at a distant place for a nominated request. Man, that was really bad luck…” (Katia)

Katia apparently sent an invitation to her senior.
While looking very disappointed, she explained the circumstances to Elise.

“Was that so? That’s regrettable, isn’t it?” (Elise)

Of course it’s not that Elise holds reservations, she’s rather trying to be kind towards Katia and her senior.
However, in a certain way it makes matters worse as that kindness sounds like sarcasm from their point of view.
The gap between both sides is large.
At the same time as Katia feels disappointed about that senior of hers not having come to her wedding ceremony, she might actually feel relieved about it, too.
I won’t be able to hear so from Katia herself, but I thought that it might probably the case.

“Say, Katia-san, is that senior of yours called Lisa, by chance?” (Amalie)

“Eh? Why do you know about her, Amalie-san?” (Katia)

“Well, just now a letter addressed to you had been delivered through Baulburg’s adventurer guild, and it looks like the sender is called Lisa. Look.” (Amalie)

There was certainly Lisa written in the sender field of the letter that Amalie had been entrusted with by a servant of the mansion.
Be that as it may, to be able to send a letter to the Baumeister Earldom; she must be a female adventurer earning quite a bit of money.

“To send an expensive letter for the sake of her junior; she sure is a gentle senior.” (Amalie)

“I wonder about that.” (Katia)

Amalie admired Katia’s senior for sending a letter to her junior, but after hearing the sender’s name, Katia’s state seems to gradually become weird…

“When I was at the Baumeister Knightdom it was quite difficult to send letters home. The mailing fee is expensive after all.” (Amalie)

In contrast to Japan, a mailing system hasn’t been set up in this world. It takes a large amount of money to send letters to people who are far away.
Merchants can take letters along while transporting cargo to distant places with the regular magic airship services, but since there’s no support by the government, they charge fairly high interest rates.
Therefore it wasn’t unusual for a mail delivery to easily cost several silver coins (or several tens of thousands Japanese Yen).
Although they are in the process of increasing the exchange, sending a letter to the Empire raises the mailing fee by yet another one or two digits.

“Wend-kun provided the money so that I could send letters to my family back home.” (Amalie)

“I see, thou are quite nice to Amalie.” (Therese)

“Therese-san, back then I did it with good intentions as younger brother-in-law.” (Wendelin)

“That part is easy to see through with the fact that thou have oddly started to use honorific speech. I don’t think there’s any problem in particular even if thou like your sister-in-law.” (Therese)

“Don’t add such weird attribute to me!” (Wendelin)

What am I going to do if my reputation becomes even more weird!?

“Wend-sama.” (Wilma)

“What’s up, Wilma?” (Wendelin)

“Katia is weird. She looks like a newborn fawn.” (Wilma)

“Fawn?” (Wendelin)

Once I looked in Katia’s direction since Wilma was saying strange things, she was trembling like a small animal while reading the letter said to be from her senior.
Just what is discomposing her so much?

“It’s the first time for me to see Katia-san like this.” (Katharina)

It’s not just Katharina. I haven’t ever seen Katia trembling like this either.
After all Katia is always full of spirit.

“It’s a senior to whom you’re indebted, right? Why are you trembling? Katia-san, she helped you becoming independent. I’m sure she’s a gentle person…” (Elise)

“Yeah, that’s true.”

As expected, I think Elise might not be able to understand.
Certainly, she might be a senior who took care of her in various ways until now.
Katia possesses remarkable abilities nowadays too, but she should have had her fair share of hardships when she was still a greenhorn.
That female adventurer who helped her isn’t a bad person…is what I want to believe.

“But, she ended up marrying before her senior. Her deliberately sending a letter means she will demand something outrageous…uguh!” (Luise)

Since Luise was about to say something unnecessary, Elise and Haruka quickly covered her mouth.

“I mean, I can’t imagine it being anything but that.” (Luise)

“Still, don’t voice it out.”

“It might not be the case.”

“No, look, it made that Katia tremble after seeing the letter.” (Luise)

I mostly agree with Luise’s thoughts, but just in case we should properly ask about the story behind it.

“Katia, what’s wrong for you to suddenly tremble? I’ve become your husband, and the wife’s worries are the husband’s…” (Wendelin)

“Hubbyyy───!” (Katia)

Once I called out to her, Katia hugged me with tears in her eyes.
She smells really nice…oops, not that!
Does that means something is causing her to be so scared?

“Is it about the person who sent the letter, that Lisa? Did she write something in the letter?” (Wendelin)

“It’s a disaster! Big sis is saying she’s going to visit to have a look at my situation!” (Katia)

“Big sis?” (Wendelin)

“I refer to Lisa-senpai as big sis. Since the adventurer industry is what it is, it’s for the sake of not being looked down upon by male adventurers.” (Katia)

I guess the 『Lisa-san』 or 『senior』 is owed to her having been treated with contempt by male adventurers who have many rough fellows in their ranks.

“I see. So that the reason why you’re referring to yourself with 『I1』, Katia.” (Wendelin)

“I have always done that since I understood what was going on around me.” (Katia)

“Since your childhood!? Katia’s home is really amazing in a certain way!” (Erwin)

Why does a girl who had been born into a noble house use such first person pronoun since her childhood!?
For a change Erw advocated common sense by wondering whether that’s not weird.
But, right now that doesn’t really matter.
Her always having been cute young woman with a slightly rough language is the highest level of gap moe2.

“Well, the fact that I actually have mana was discovered after I left home.” (Katia)

“Eh? What about a crystal ball or magic books?”

Even my home possessed a crystal ball to determine the existence of mana, and books related to magic.
I suppose, nothing less of a noble territory that slipped even its patron’s memory.

“As I’m saying, when I entered the capital’s adventurer prep school… I wanted to hide my noble origin, and since I was drawn to the capital, I made up my mind and left towards the capital.” (Katia)

Her classmates over there were surprised that Katia hadn’t measured her mana with a crystal ball, causing her to hurriedly use the crystal ball at the prep school.
At this point it was confirmed for the first time that she possesses mana.

“I think I was fourteen years old back then.” (Katia)

“The cases of confirming the possession of mana beyond the age of ten are rare. However, I didn’t hear overly many rumors about you, Katia.” (Katharina)

The rumors about such unusual person should have definitely spread within the school.
Even if it might be an adventurer prep school at another place.
However, neither Katharina nor we heard any rumors about Katia.

“Although it was confirmed that I possess mana, it was at the level of not reaching the intermediate level. Afterwards I couldn’t learn magic at the prep school.” (Katia)

Was it because the teacher’s teaching methods were bad? Or was it an issue of affinity?
Katia couldn’t learn any magic while she was enrolled at the school.
The increase of her mana capacity stopped immediately, too. She apparently ended up becoming an adventurer who can’t use magic despite possessing mana.

“At first I struggled quite a bit as I couldn’t earn money well. At that time I met Big Sis.” (Katia)

The magician called Lisa seems to be a famous person.
I didn’t know, but according to Burkhart-san, it can’t be helped since 『Earl-sama, you truly don’t have any interest in other famous magicians』.

“Since I have little mana, it’s not like I could receive teaching in mana from the famous Burkhart-sama. Big Sis was a celebrity as well, but she tenderly taught me since I’m a woman.” (Katia)

There are people who can’t readily discover suitable magic they can use, even if they have mana.
There are also some who struggle with the invocation of magic and its skillful use, even after finding something that suits them.
It’s in proportion to their individual talent, but the past Katia didn’t have talent in magic anyway.
Finally, after a harsh training regimen, she acquired her current combat style. Nowadays she’s become famous as adventurer specialized on wyverns and flying dragons.

“It’s all thanks to Big Sis’ coaching.” (Katia)

“Lisa-san is a very magnificent person, isn’t she? It’s great that you were able to meet with such a nice person, Katia-san.” (Elise)

“Ah…yeah…” (Katia)

“Just for reference; what kind of training did you receive?”

“At that time…” (Katia)

At this point Katia repeatedly trembled in short intervals once again.
Cold sweat was running down her face, too.
Undoubtedly that female magician called Lisa is excellent, but she doesn’t seem to be a person allowing to easily guess her personality, or rather her pros and cons.
Since Elise believes that a person’s nature is fundamentally good, she’s probably thinking that Lisa, who drew out Katia’s talent, is a very good-natured person.

“Katia, that painful, hard time of training is over. You can relax.” (Wendelin)

“Oh, right! I’m already free!” (Katia)

Once I gently placed my hands on Katia’s shoulders, she finally returned to reality.

“Or rather, I wonder just how much did you have to suffer there?” (Erwin)

Erw’s face cramped up slightly due to Katia’s quivering.

“However, that painful training has turned into Katia-san’s strength now, thus I think it would be wrong to generally criticize the person called Lisa.”

“Training is basically always harsh. Although there are limits…” (Erwin)

Erw said as if it’s something like strict club activities.
Given that the adventurer trade is relentless in various ways, I guess it’s correct to say that the grueling training of Lisa hadn’t been pointless.
In the first place, Katia acquired the emotional strength to compete against male adventurers on equal terms. That might be owed to that grueling training.
Which reminds me, Luise and I went through a bitter experience because of Doushi, too.

“So, you’re saying that Lisa-san, who’s said to have strict and gentle aspects, is going to visit.” (Amalie)

“It seems so.” (Katia)

In short, what Amalie said becomes the conclusion.
A senior, female adventurer, who looked after her quite a bit, comes to meet with the newly wed Katia.
She deliberately spent a lot money and time to come from the capital to Baulburg.

“On a glance, it sounds like a very nice story.”

“It’s not?”

“If you look at Katia-san’s reaction, it doesn’t seem so to be honest, but…”

As Katharina said, I’m sure the female adventurer Lisa, who’s still single, has various matters to discuss with Katia who’s like a sister-in-law to her…I don’t want to imagine the rest as it’s too scary.
Ina also revealed a complicated expression.

“Hubbyyy, you’re going to be with me at the meeting, right?” (Katia)

“No, that’s…” (Wendelin)

“It’s no good?” (Katia)

“Look, that Lisa, no matter how much of a famous magician she might be, she’s someone where I don’t know whether I can trust her.”

I don’t particularly mind, but I wonder how Roderich is going to decide.
Since excellent magicians have high positions in society, he might allow her to enter the mansion without trouble even as person who’s not acquainted with me at all.
However, right now I’m the high-ranking noble Earl Baumeister.
If that magician had been instigated by a noble hostile to me, she might try to harm me the instant she meets me.
I don’t think that such possibility is likely, but in Roderich’s eyes, my safety must be perfectly guaranteed.
Going even further, it’s right after Katia married into the Earl Baumeister House.
If this was a friend or acquaintance of Elise and the others, they might have been able to enter the mansion easily, but it was very probable that Roderich will tell Katia: 『I’m very sorry, but can I have you meet with her outside the mansion?』.

“That’s true. We don’t quite know what kind of person that Lisa is…and I’m not that well-informed about famous adventurers either…” (Elise)

Elise apologetically explained to Katia that she cannot afford to allow a suspicious person to get close to me.

“If we wait a bit longer, Roderich-san will be able to acquire information about that Lisa person, and I think he will tell us that he doesn’t mind it even if we invite her into this mansion. However, this time…” (Elise)

“Eh───h! Me alone with Big Sis───!?” (Katia)

Hearing the final verdict from Elise, Katia yelled in despair.

“Do you hate it this much to meet alone with her despite her being your magic teacher with whom you have essentially associated for several years?” (Ina)

“Normally I wouldn’t mind it, but the problem is me being a newly-wed!” (Katia)

“That’s the biggest issue here?” (Ina)

It might not be understandable for Ina, but I was able to comprehend why that part was the biggest problem.

“Yeah, Big Sis is unmarried. There’s no man close to her at the moment either. Plans for her to marry in the future…at least I don’t think I have heard about any…” (Katia)

According to Katia, that Lisa person is single right now, and it also seems unlikely that she will be able to marry in the future.
Meeting with such a senior of the same sex…?

“Anyone! Please come with meee!” (Katia)


We naturally denied Katia’s request with all our power.
After all people, who plunge into minefields by choice, don’t exist in this world.

“Sorry, I think it’s slightly impossible for me as well.” (Amalie)

“No waaay…” (Katia)

Being even refused by Amalie, her last hope, Katia became frightened of Lisa’s shadow as she didn’t know when she might show up.



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Translation Notes:

  1. She uses “atai” to refer to herself. It’s a slang variation of “atashi” which is mostly limited to girls and young women in Tokyo’s Shitamachi, and workers of the red light district.
  2. A higher form of cuteness, paired with the word gap, meaning the difference between seemingly opposing traits makes her cute


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