Chapter 2 – Honeymoon and Rainbow Jewel

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As I yawned long and deeply, “──I slept well.”

Three days after I had my wedding ceremony with Katia, I slept together with her since we’re now newly-weds, but when I woke up, she wasn’t present anymore.
Once I headed over to the living room while wondering whether she was training…

“Good morning, dear master…”

“Eh? Is that some kind of punishment game?”

“Since I’ve been told by Luise to do it…”

Katia, who wore a black maid attire (NEW version) as waitress, stood next to me, who had his breakfast prepared for him, while looking very embarrassed.
Coupled with her good-looking face, the black maid attire suits Katia very well.
However, although our association hasn’t lasted long yet, I’m slowly starting to understand her character to some extent.
Katia wouldn’t wear maid clothes by her own choice.
Rather, her personality is such that she would feel ashamed of wearing such an outfit.

“It suits you very well, but Katia, you don’t wear this on your own volition, right?”

“I’m happy that you do understand me…hubby.” (Katia)

As her embarrassment is gradually growing stronger, Katia’s face steadily turns red.
Since she never expected that she would wear maid clothes, she must feel very embarrassed.

“Huh? Have you possibly been bullied?”

Is Luise harassing the newcomer Katia?
Even though I thought that my wives have a good relationship, do I have to give a proper warning here?

“My reputation is sure bad. I wouldn’t do something like that.” (Luise)

At this point Luise showed up.
Next Ina and the others also enter the room in order to take their breakfast.

“I just thought that maid clothes would suit Katia. And, I felt like wanting to see it.” (Luise)

“What undisguised display of your own desires.”

“Hahaha, isn’t it fine sometimes?” (Luise)

Even upon Ina’s sharp remark, Luise honestly stated her thoughts without being perturbed at all.

“While I also had such an objective, there’s a reason why I came up with this. Wend, aren’t you going to take Katia on a honeymoon soon?” (Luise)

“Now that you mention it, I completely forgot.” (Wendelin)

“You’re really hopeless, aren’t you?” (Luise)

I was busy with the wedding ceremony, the bridal night, and the newly-married life…having said that, it’s only the third or fourth day at most, but…I entirely forgot about it.
In reality I actually worked hard at public works and Roderich’s requests during the day.

『Milord, since the night is free, even a newly-wed life is no problem.』 (Roderich)

I think Roderich, who assigned the next job to me while saying so with a self-satisfied look, is in a certain way amazing.

“Honeymoon? That’s only done by high-ranking nobles and rich people, right? Don’t mind me.” (Katia)

“Just for your information, Katia you’be become the wife of Earl Baumeister who is such a high-ranking noble.”

“Ah, true. It completely slipped my mind.” (Katia)

“Don’t forget it!”

『Even though you got married to him just three days ago…』, Ina pointed out to Katia.

“Did you guys also go on a honeymoon with hubby?” (Katia)

“The friendship visit to the Empire served as honeymoon at the same time.”

That’s true, isn’t it?
We ended up getting dragged into a civil war in the middle of it, but that was my honeymoon with Elise and the others.
In a certain sense it turned into something we definitely won’t forget, though.

“It became a quite long honeymoon, didn’t it?”

“It took more than one year.”

As Wilma says, if you consider it a honeymoon until you get back home, it’s not wrong to say that we had a honeymoon for more than a year in the Empire.

“Therefore, it will be fine if you go out somewhere together with Wend-sama for two or three days.” (Wilma)

“That’s correct. And that’s why maid clothes in anticipation that it would turn out like this.”

In the eyes of Katharina and the others, just me and Katia going on a honeymoon should have an enviable, or rather, upsetting side. That means they had some fun by having Katia put on maid clothes instead.

“Be grateful for our broad-mindedness of being allowed to go on a honeymoon with only this much, Katia.” (Luise)

“So that’s why the embarrassing outfit…? Or rather, the skirt is really short.” (Katia)

Given that it’s the Japanese Heisei styled maid clothes designed by me, the skirt is short, forcing Katia to walk pigeon-toed out of embarrassment.

“Katia-san, is there any place you’d like to visit?” (Elise)

“Let’s see…” (Katia)

Katia pondered for a bit over Elise’s question.

“I have gone to quite a few different places in the Kingdom. After all there are also nominated requests.” (Katia)

As excellent adventurer Katia is highly valued for being able to defeat wyverns and flying dragons by herself. There were many occasions where she received requests from all over.
Hence you can say that she sporadically traveled to all kinds of places.

“There’s also the option of going to the Empire, isn’t there?”

Even Katia should have never been in the Empire.
Believing so, Elise recommended a honeymoon in the Empire to her.

“No, I think it’s fine to leave that for later, too. As a matter of fact…” (Katia)

As she finally put her thoughts in order, Katia announced her preferred honeymoon destination to everyone.




“Are you really fine with that?”

“If the person herself says that it’s fine, then it should be fine.”

“I also think that it’s okay as long as Katia is fine with it.”

“It sure is unusual.”

“Let’s respect it since she herself has wished for it.”

Such being the case we decided to depart on the honeymoon as Katia had wished on the next day.


*   *   *


“It’s pretty much a weird honeymoon. With me and Haruka-san at the same time.” (Erwin)

“I think it suits Katia-san just fine to say that she wants to enjoy it together with everyone.”

“I guess that’s true as well. It’s wonderful since Haruka-san and I can freely hunt, too.” (Erwin)




The next day we departed to the Demon Forest with Teleportation.
The honeymoon Katia had wished for was to freely spend around three days to hunt in the Demon Forest as adventurer.
Moreover, the members aren’t just Katia and me, but the usual lineup of Elise, Ina, Luise, Wilma, Katharina, Erw, and Haruka.
Or rather, a honeymoon with such a big number of people…last time it was the same as well though.

“Is it okay for us to participate, too?”

“Well, look, even I think that I might still not have interacted with you guys enough. I considered about going with just hubby as married couple, but since we’re going to live together for a long time to come, I think it might be better to have some fun here with everyone.” (Katia)

I see, so this is what you’d call a cheerful and active character.
I could fully understand the reason why Katia has many acquaintances and work friends.
I’m not as bad as Katharina, but since I’m closer to a gloomy and plain character, I feel that Katia is amazing.
Moreover, the aspect that Katia is capable of realizing this without any sly calculative motives is probably based on her being a positive character.

“So, what’s the other objective?” (Luise)

“Hahaha, I guess you have seen through me, Luise. Actually I never visited the Demon Forest.” (Katia)

Katia usually only received requests to quickly subjugate wyverns and flying dragons that appeared close to human habitations.
As she didn’t have the time to come to the Demon Forest so far, she apparently considered this to be a good opportunity to do so.
Her not only taking others into consideration, but also decently fulfilling her own desires is a great skill, I think.

“Somehow it’s no different from usual. Though it’s convenient for me.” (Erwin)

“It’s nice to not have to be so formal.” (Haruka)

“That’s true, Haruka-san.” (Erwin)

Erw and Haruka started their honeymoon which they both agreed upon as being a good choice.

“We have to first get an inn.”

“The greetings to the guild first.”

“Ah, true.”

Ina looked as if agreeing with Wilma’s input.
I’m the feudal lord of this land, but it was decided that I wouldn’t receive any special treatment while I’m active as adventurer. Since the guild will become flustered if we hunt as we please without greeting them, it’s better to get that out of the way first.

“It looks like a new building is under construction.”

“The first shack hit its limit in handling the increasing number of adventurers.”

“Certainly, it’s overflowing with people…”

Many people, even outside, crowded the adventurer guild’s Demon Forest branch that’s located in the center of the restaurant district of the inn town catered towards adventurers.
The Demon Forest, which allows one to earn money by collecting materials, has become a popular spot among adventurers. The number of adventurers staying in the Demon Forest was gradually increasing.
The adventurer guild, which manages them and buys the collected materials and monster materials, has become busy in proportion to that. At the same time it became impossible to carry out all tasks in the initial shack.
A new building was in the middle of construction in the plot right next to the current building, but since it still hasn’t been finished, they created temporary reception desks outside for the staff members to deal with the adventurers.

“It sure is packed. Just as rumored.”


“Hubby, you don’t know? It’s commonly talked about between adventurers that you can earn good money in the Demon Forest. Since I heard that there are many unusual things and materials to collect, I got interested as well, you know?” (Katia)

“Hm───m, I see.” (Wendelin)

Nevertheless, I think Katia is quite unusual for picking hunting and collecting in the Demon Forest as honeymoon, but meeting the expectations of one’s wife is a husband’s duty, too.
After all it’s not like she’s asking for anything unreasonable either.

“Wend, there’s someone who’s really delighted.”


At the end of Ina’s look a young man was happily talking with a guild member at one of the reception desks set up outside while being excited.

“Luckily I got a rainbow jewel.”

“Congratulations. We will buy it for a large amount of money.”

“Sorry, but I will take this home. I’m going to marry soon, so I will turn this into a ring and give it as present.”

“I’m sure your lover will be pleased with that.”

“Even among the daughters of royalty and nobility there are few who possess a rainbow jewel.”

The young adventurer took the thing called rainbow jewel…well, going by its name, there’s no doubt about it being a gem…back home without selling it to the guild.

“Elise, do you know anything about a gem called Rainbow Jewel?” (Wendelin)

“No, it’s a name I hear for the first time.” (Elise)

“So even you don’t know about it, huh? …Excuse me.” (Wendelin)

I called out to the guild member who talked with the young adventurer.

“Ah, Earl Baumeister-sama!? It’s been quite a long time since our last contact. Are you going to hunt and gather in the Demon Forest?”

As that staff member seemed to know my true identity, he dealt with me politely even while being surprised.

“That’s correct, but can I ask you one thing? What’s a Rainbow Jewel?” (Wendelin)

“It’s a new gem that had been recently discovered in the Demon Forest. To be precise, it’s actually not a gem…”

According to the staff member’s explanation, a new kind of monster had been found in a certain area of the Demon Forest.

“Even if it’s categorized as monster, it’s a small squirrel with a total size of around 50 cm, thus it doesn’t possess enough strength to harm humans. Instead it’s not as easy to catch since it moves at a speed that difficult to track, but the Rainbow Jewel is embedded in the forehead of that squirrel. And because it’s very beautiful, it has become popular.”

A squirrel monster that moves very fast, but has no fighting strength, eh?
It seems that unknown monsters still exist inside the Demon Forest.

“Was it recorded in the 『Schematic Monster and Produce Encyclopedia』?”

It’s not like I read it completely, but I don’t have any memory of having seen it mentioned in the old picture book I lent from Margrave Breithilde.

“It wasn’t recorded in there. I’m pretty sure since we’re possessing an exemplar of it as well. We had Margrave Breithilde-sama give us a copy since we need it as well.”

So it’s not recorded in the detailed illustrated reference books of the Ancient Magic Civilization either, eh?
Maybe we will discover such unknown monsters and produce from now on, too.

“The scholars in the capital already investigated it, but the Rainbow Jewel seems to not be a jewel.”

The squirrel monster originally possessed an eye at the center of its forehead.
That eye degenerated and the eye resin gradually accumulated in the remaining cavity. Once it reached a certain size, it would start shining in rainbow colors. At least that was the theory.

“Oh, so it’s originally eye resin.”

“It’s called popular because even the eye resin is beautiful. However, it’s mysterious how it manages to shine in rainbow colors. And there’s one more thing.”

It’s the fact that you have to definitely catch the squirrel unhurt to obtain the Rainbow Jewel.
If one hurts or kills the squirrel, the Rainbow Jewel buried in its forehead turns into a light brown clump, losing any kind of value.
The Rainbow Jewel is probably weak to stress?

“Catching it unhurt, huh?”

“Yes. If you hurt or kill it, the rainbow-colored glittering disappears. You need to carefully remove the Rainbow Jewel from its forehead after catching it. Since the squirrel won’t die even if you take the Rainbow Jewel, you can release it without any problems.”

A squirrel that had its Rainbow Jewel removed once again amasses eye resin at its forehead over the long period of many months and years.
Once it reaches a certain size again, the whole process repeats itself.

“Many months and years, you say. How long does it take?”

Luise asked the staff member while looking very interested.

“According to the scholars, it takes around one thousand years.”

“Wha───! So it’s a gem that can only be obtained once every thousand years?”

“The collecting is difficult, too. With such a rare gem, all kinds of royals, nobles and rich people want to get their hands on one.”

The purchase price of the guild has steeply risen. The staff member explained that this considerably high number of adventurers being here is owed to the Rainbow Jewel.

“It’s not a gold rush, but a Rainbow Jewel rush, eh? The dream of making a fortune at a single stroke has come in sight for them. After all there exist no women that hate gems.”

Even in this world many people gather if gold is found, and begin to collect it.
That means it’s not strange that Erw compares it with a gold rush.

“The majority becomes discouraged on the first day, though.”


“It’s because the squirrel is abnormally fast. Many people challenge it, probably thinking that they will be able to somehow deal with it no matter how fast it might be. The majority fails at capturing them.”

The staff member begins to explain to Wilma about the quickness of the squirrel.

“If you were to describe just how fast it is; most people can’t even confirm its appearance even if it’s moving close-by. Even if they are capable of confirming it by sight due to a good dynamic vision, it’s a different story whether they will actually be able to catch it.”

“What about traps?”

“Given that the squirrel isn’t just fast, but also clever, there hasn’t been a single squirrel that got caught in a trap so far. Besides, it’s inside the Demon Forest. It often happens that traps are broken by other monsters.”

“That sounds difficult.”

Wilma apparently comprehended that it was fairly difficult to capture a squirrel.

“But, it’s a rare gem shining in rainbow colors, right? If I’m told something like that, it makes me want one as well.”

The part that it’s a rare gem desired by all royals and nobles apparently triggered Katharina’s greed who obsesses over nobility.

“You know, Katharina…”

“It’s easy to imagine what you are going to say, Luise-san, but seeing as you were born as woman, are you someone who hates jewels?” (Katharina)

“It stings if you put it like that. I’m not free of avarice either.” (Luise)

Luise apparently wants a Rainbow Jewel as well.

“I wonder, do you have any interest in a Rainbow Jewel, Katia?”

Without putting any particularly deep thoughts into it, Ina asked Katia, whom no one has seen wearing gems so far.

“Gems, eh? Even if I could wear something like that, I never bought any, but since it’s my honeymoon right now, I might want one as commemoration if we catch a squirrel.” (Katia)

It’s not like she’s fixated on gems. Katia answered with a feeling of really wanting one as commemoration as it fits the timing.

“A commemoration for having married, huh?”

“As far as I hear, it looks like it’s not that simple to catch one, but since we’re going to especially enter the forest, it will be fine to give it a try, won’t it? If you were to catch one, I’d like to have it as present.”


I acknowledged Katia’s request.
After the tunnel dispute came to an end, Katia hasn’t said anything willful or caused any troubles to us. She also has no greedy character that desires a Rainbow Jewel by all means. Thus, when she casually asked me to give her one as present if I obtain it, I willingly confirmed.

“Let’s immediately go to the Demon Forest then.”


“Erw, you’re quite motivated, aren’t you?”

“I will very soon get married to Haruka-san. Hence I want to get my hands on a Rainbow Jewel and give it to her as present.”

As far as I’ve heard, there’s no way for a Rainbow Jewel to not be suitable as engagement ring.
I guess Erw wants to obtain it by all means.

“First we have to confirm just how fast that squirrel is.”

“Having said that, there must certainly be limits to it. I wonder how many gems we’re going to obtain?”

Being lured in by Erw’s optimism, we entered the Demon Forest.


*   *   *


“Pweh!” (Erwin)

“Erw-san, are you alright? I will heal you right away.” (Elise)

“Sorry, Elise.” (Erwin)

We expected it to be easy to obtain at least one.
We arrived at the area indicated by the guild’s staff member while harboring such thoughts, but at first we struggled as we couldn’t find any squirrels.
No, there was a rustling, and I detected the existence of squirrels with magic.
However, even if I quickly looked in the direction of the detection point, I couldn’t confirm the squirrel by sight.
Given that they run away after sensing our presence, I could only sense some small creature moving about, to say nothing of any afterimages.
It’s the same for Erw as well, but he ends up doing the unreasonable in his attempt to obtain a Rainbow Jewel as present for Haruka. He was healed by Elise after crashing into a tree where a squirrel had been.

“You really can’t see them…they’re too fast.” (Elise)

“That’s probably the reason why they survived in this Demon Forest.”

Elise stated her own opinion while casting healing magic on Erw.
The squirrels, who have no strength and small bodies for monsters, have specialized on speed. They likely survived by not being preyed upon by other monsters.

“If they were slightly fast, a lot more Rainbow Jewels should have circulated in society.” (Ina)

As Ina says, it could be called rare exactly because it’s not readily obtained even by a great number of remarkable adventurers.

“Wend-sama, you could just move quickly with magic.” (Wilma)

“I had thought of that as well, but well…” (Wendelin)

If you move as fast or faster than the squirrels by using magic, it will be possible to capture them.
Wilma’s strategy would be acceptable if it was a plain with no obstacles, but the squirrels’ habitat is the Demon Forest.
Many trees and shrubs are growing densely here. If one moves at high speed with magic in the forest, they will likely crash into obstacles.

“You have to quickly move in-between the trees like this.”

“I wonder about that…”

As it requires quite a bit of practice to master such a combat style, it would take me years even if started training it from now on.

“If I move around while inexperienced, I will end up like Erw.” (Wendelin)

In other words, crashing into a tree and receiving treatment from Elise.

“Magic is convenient. But, as it needs training to master it, it’s not like you can do everything with it.”

“How regrettable.”

Since Wilma is a woman as well, it looks like she’s looking forward to possibly receiving a Rainbow Jewel as present as well.
Even in my previous life, my girlfriend told me 『There’s no woman that hates jewelry』.

“There’s another problem.” (Katharina)

Katharina declared that there’s another difficulty in obtaining a Rainbow Jewel.

“Another one?” (Wendelin)

“Yes. This place is a prominent area with a dense monster population even on the Lingaia Continent. The reason that they shouldn’t disturb us since we came here to get Rainbow Jewels won’t work on monsters.” (Katharina)

“I guess there was that as well…” (Wendelin)

The monsters of the Demon Forest are very aggressive to begin with.
They should consider small humans that invaded their turf as nothing but fodder.
Once I check the surroundings with Detection, many medium and large sized monsters were closing in on us.

“Get ready for battle.” (Wendelin)

Erw, who got healed by Elise, and Haruka become the guards of Elise, who has the lowest fighting strength among us. Ina readies her spear, and Wilma her big ax in preparation for fighting against the monsters.

“If you consider it for a bit, it’s the perfect content for the honeymoon that Katia-san had originally requested. We can hunt as many of the Demon Forest’s monsters as we like.”

“That might be true, but…”

Ten-odd seconds after that we started the battle against a big number of monsters who couldn’t tolerate humans to trespass into their territory.


*   *   *


“It’s a big haul after a long time.”

“They were really tenacious. But, I wonder why?”

“This area is the habitat of the squirrels. As there should be many adventurers aiming for the Rainbow Jewels, I don’t think that all of them died, but maybe they thought that their regular fodder has come?”

Finishing the battle against the monsters that tried to devour us, we chatted while collecting the prey we defeated into magic bags.

“So that’s how it is. Right, this is the Demon Forest after all.”

The Demon Forest is a place to earn some money, but at the same time it’s a place with a high adventurer fatality rate.
Even so, the stream of adventurers coming here targeting a safe future by getting rich quickly never ceases.
Katharina predicted that as result of the adventurers concentrating on this area for the Rainbow Jewels, the number of monsters targeting them might have increased.
In the eyes of the monsters, weak humans are no more than fodder.

“With this it should be alright for some time. For just a little time, though.”

After having defeated this many monsters, they shouldn’t appear in such numbers for a few days.
However, it not lasting any more than a few days was the reason why this place is called Demon Forest.

“I wonder, did the squirrels run away?”

“No, they have taken a bit of a distance, but there are isolated responses here and there.” (Katharina)

Katharina detected several squirrel responses.
The squirrels are close to being the weakest creatures in the Demon Forest. For the other monsters they are simply fodder.
Hence they didn’t escape from this area as we exterminated the majority of the monsters around here.
Of course they have taken distance so that they won’t be caught by us.

“They are quite smart.” (Erwin)

“True, they might be 10,000 times smarter than you, Erw.” (Wilma)

“As if I’m below a squirrel! By the way, I can’t see Luise and Katia.” (Erwin)

“Now that you mention it, you’re right. They haven’t participated in the previous battle either.” (Haruka)

Erw and Haruka had noticed the absence of Luise and Katia quite a while ago.

“Don’t tell me, they were killed by monsters…”

“There’s no way for that to be true, is there?”

Even Luise herself is already strong. Katia loses out to Luise in pure fighting strength, but she’s the one among us with the longest experience as adventurer.
She didn’t have a reason to do something unreasonable.

“Where are those two?”

“I’m here.” (Luise)

“Me too.” (Katia)

I don’t think it’s because we gossiped about them, but suddenly both of them jumped down from above.
It looks like they silently hid themselves on top of a big tree while we were fighting against the monsters.

“Luise, Katia, did you catch one?”

“It went smoothly.” (Luise)

“Me too.” (Katia)

Both continued to perform ambushes atop the trees while erasing their presences, and splendidly caught some squirrels that tried to escape after being surprised by the sounds of us flashily fighting against the monsters.
Even with Luise’s and Katia’s level of agility and quick-wittedness, they only managed to catch the squirrels by performing careful ambushes. That sole weapon of the squirrels, their speed, is sure amazing.

“Oh my, they are cute.”

The squirrels held by both were very docile, apparently having resigned themselves to their fate.
Considering that they are squirrels, they are rather big, but as they are looking at us with their round and cute eyes, they are very adorable.

“Dear, it ate from my hand.” (Elise)

Once Elise held out a nut, the squirrel grabbed it with both hands, and started to eat it with crunching sounds.

“They are truly cute.” (Ina)

Ina has given the other squirrel a nut to eat, too. She’s spellbound by its cuteness.



“Umm, what about our objective, the Rainbow Jewels?”

“Ah, right. They are just too cute.”

“They really have one, a rainbow-colored gem.”

The difference between normal squirrels and these squirrels is the rainbow-colored gem sparkling in the middle of the forehead.
The gems have a diameter of 3 cm. Looking at its brilliance, it’s understandable that women want a Rainbow Jewel, I think.
I could understand why it’s popular as material for accessories.

“We’re going to take them, right? It feels slightly pitiable, though.”

“It’s okay. There will be no harm to the squirrels.” (Wilma)




As Wilma says, these Rainbow Jewels are eye resin which accumulated in the hollow of the squirrels’ degenerated third eye.
Even if we remove it, it won’t have any negative influence on the squirrel. Also, it looks like a Rainbow Jewel of the same size will grow back after 1,000 years.
The basis for the 1,000 years count seems to be the result of an analysis of the Rainbow Jewels by scholars in the capital.

“A millennium…that’s a long time for a human. These squirrels appear to live for a long time, though.” (Erwin)

“It means that they will live for 1,000 years at least.” (Haruka)

Despite being squirrels, their lifespan exceeds 1,000 years. Erw and Haruka slightly admired these squirrels for their definite proof of being monsters.

“Wend-sama, it would be best to collect the gems quickly and set them free afterwards.” (Wilma)

“You’re right.” (Wendelin)

It’s not like we have any business with the squirrels’ main body.
Since they have such a size, we wouldn’t be able to get much money, even if we took their pelts.

“A new Rainbow Jewel should shine on the foreheads of these squirrels after 1,000 years. Killing them is absolutely forbidden.”

“That method will be beneficial, after all.”

Wilma, who’s a professional hunter and fisherman, and Katia, who’s likewise a remarkable adventurer.
Both don’t desire pointless killing. Or rather, if we kill the squirrels here, the Rainbow Jewels will lose their radiance.
Since it will become impossible to get another Rainbow Jewel after killing a squirrel that had its gem taken, it’s not only meaningless, but will actually result in a loss on the long term. That’s why Katia’s and Wilma’s opinions were correct.

“Hubby, let’s quickly get the gems and release the squirrels.” (Katia)

“Yeah. I wonder whether it’s easy to take them? Ah, it worked.” (Wendelin)

I ended up easily removing the Rainbow Jewel with my hand.
Only a hollow remained on the squirrel’s forehead. But yeah, I can agree with it being a degenerated eye.

“That means this one can bless a human with a new Rainbow Jewel in another 1,000 years.”

“At that time all of us won’t be alive anymore, but it’s no good unless you take the gems without injuring the squirrels.”

“Yes, there you go. Please do your best in creating a new gem again.” (Elise)

After Elise gave each of them a nut, Luise and Katia released the squirrels, and both squirrels disappeared all of a sudden.
Due to their extreme quickness, my eyes cannot catch up with the escaping squirrels.

“You did really well to catch them.” (Erwin)

Erw praised the two who magnificently caught the squirrels without hurting them.
Certainly, I couldn’t even see them moving.

“Both of us, Katia and me, barely managed by ambushing them.” (Luise)

“I think they would have been able to run away, if we had relaxed our attention even just a tiny bit.” (Katia)

“We fought the monsters below. So it was good that we turned the squirrels’ attention in that direction?”

“I think that played a big part.”

Since the squirrels are not only fast, but also wary, they rarely come out.
As the squirrels’ attention was drawn to our fight against the monsters, two careless squirrels appeared below Katia and Luise.

“It was quite troublesome. First Luise and I lurked on top of a branch close to the route which the squirrels would likely take. Next, you guys flashily fought against the monsters below. As result the squirrels worried about the battle and slackened their vigilance. Then they took the route where we were hiding. I guess there are careless individuals among the squirrels, too.” (Katia)

“I see. It looks like that bore fruit as this method was the most effective one.”

“Let’s try it once more right away.”

That Erw, did he become greedy since we obtained two Rainbow Jewels, which are said to be difficult to obtain, at once?
…Then again, the eyes of the female camp were filled with expectations.
I guess there exist no women who hate jewelry, indeed.
Having said that, this world apparently isn’t that generous.
We changed our location and tried it once again, but this time we failed splendidly.

“It looks like the success rate won’t reach 100%.” (Wilma)

Wilma’s brief comment depicted the truth.
Certainly, if it would always work this way, no one would have any troubles, right?
Also, using this method is very exhausting.
No matter whether it succeeded or not, we had to fight a great number of monsters.
Even Luise and Katia, who did the ambushing, shouldn’t have had it easy.
After all the squirrels escaped as soon as they lost focus for an instant.

“Hey…isn’t it fine now that we have acquired two Rainbow Jewels?”

Obviously Erw’s motivation has fallen significantly.
Since I was tired, I gradually started to feel like him, too.
If we give them to Katia, whom I married, and Haruka, who’s going to marry soon…no, that’s no good.
When I just looked at Haruka, she donned a very awkward expression.
Well, if she disregarded Elise and my other official wives, and received a Rainbow Jewel as wife of a retainer…I don’t think Elise and the others would say anything, but for Haruka that should be quite unpleasant.

“(Erw, think about it for a moment. If Haruka received the second Rainbow Jewel, it would lead to troubles in the human relations in the distant future.)” (Wendelin)

“(…Troubles in the human relations…)” (Erwin)

I can’t believe that Elise and the others would complain to Haruka, but now that it has come to this, people that properly voice out their concerns are still the ones less objectionable.
If she locks her feelings away…or even if she doesn’t do so; if this is all needed to make Haruka feel something like this towards Elise and the others, she will definitely feel uneasy in various ways later on.

“(Wha-! Is Haruka-san going to feel ashamed!?)” (Erwin)

“(It will probably become tricky.)” (Wendelin)

All the more since they had a good relationship until now.

“Erw, let’s do our best.”

“Uoo───! The Rainbow Jewel collection has only started! Let’s put some fighting spirit into it!” (Erwin)

It’s great that Erw’s motivation has returned.

“However, is this really a honeymoon?”

Since Katia has said that it is, this qualifies as honeymoon.
Let’s pretend for it to be so.

“I guess I will look for the next location (Still, we will probably obtain the necessary amount if we do it all day long today…)” (Wendelin)




We resumed the Rainbow Jewel collection once again, but there was no way for this world to be so convenient.
We moved to another area and used the same strategy. A large amount of monster corpses and two squirrels held by Luise and Katia later, we only obtained one Rainbow Jewel.
The squirrel caught by Luise had its Rainbow Jewel already removed.

“Luise, can’t you catch a squirrel that still has its Rainbow Jewel?” (Ina)

“Ina-chan, no one can do something so superhuman-ish!” (Luise)

“After all we can’t see it in advance as we ambush them from above.” (Katia)

Seeing as they are catching squirrels that pass by below, they won’t know whether the squirrels have Rainbow Jewels unless they catch them.

“With this we have three. If we can collect four more in accordance with the number of people, it will be great.”

Since it’s slowly getting taxing on mind and body, I feel like it’s fine with just Katia’s share, but…nope. Due to my nature as Heisei Japanese, I feel that it’ll be no good if I don’t secure a gem for all my wives equally.

“Let’s keep at it!”

“This is definitely no honeymoon.”

“The Demon Forest is truly fun.”

I cannot stop having a hunch that it’s harder than hunting normally, but since Katia seems to enjoy it, I decide to consider it to be fine like this, even if Erw complains.




“Soon it will be evening, huh…?”

“It’s really great that we’ve been in time.”

Even though we gathered seven Rainbow Jewels in total, including Haruka’s share, in the end, it took the whole day.
There were also a few squirrels that didn’t have any Rainbow Jewels anymore. Since the jewel hadn’t grown back, we ended up releasing them without any loot.
Because it turned into a chain of battles to distract the squirrels, we were totally exhausted.
Luise and Katia, who weren’t allowed any mistakes in their ambushes while continuously concentrating, seemed to be worn out, too.

“Today I’m going to sleep early. Tomorrow we will hunt as well.” (Katia)

“Katia, you’re full of spirit.” (Luise)

“Luise, you’re younger than me, aren’t you? Show some spirit.” (Katia)

“How’s that related to age?” (Luise)

Luise was surprised by Katia’s toughness of looking forward to hunting as much as she can for the remaining two days.
I see, I guess it means Katia wants to do as much as possible as adventurer.

“Aaah! Right!” (Katia)

“What’s up, Katia?”

“Tell me, don’t we need another three Rainbow Jewels?”

“Three more? Why?”

“Hubby, I think it’s wrong for you to ask that. We have to also get Therese’s, Amalie-san’s and Philine’s share. Especially Philine’s share…won’t Margrave Breithilde-sama get angry otherwise?” (Katia)

“You did well to notice that.”

That’s right, isn’t it?
Therese and Amalie-san aren’t participating in this honeymoon, but I must properly procure Rainbow Jewels for them.
Philine, too.
If she was the only not receiving a jewel…

“Margrave Breithilde might get angry that I’m slighting his daughter…”

It’s probably not like it must definitely be a Rainbow Jewel, but the point is to treat all my wives equally.
Whether I give a Rainbow Jewel to all of them, or give them something else.
In other words, after I decided to give Katia a Rainbow Jewel as present, this had become a fixed path of tribulation.

“I will just assume that it will be easy to get three jewels in the remaining two days.”

“There’s also Philine’s share. It will be difficult for everyone, but I guess we cannot afford to stop here.”

Erw and I decided to enter the Demon Forest and look for Rainbow Jewels on the next day as well.


*   *   *


“Eh!!? You got ten Rainbow Jewels!? This is a brilliant achievement!”

In the end, the three-days-long honeymoon was completely devoted to securing Rainbow Jewels.
The reason why we needed the remaining two days for the last three jewels was because the efficiency of the strategy went down after the number of monsters living in the areas with squirrels decreased due to our continuous killing.
The flashy monster slaughtering was something definitely needed to attract the squirrels’ attention so that Luise’s and Katia’s ambushes had a chance to succeed.
Then the cases with squirrels not having Rainbow Jewels suddenly increased.
A captured squirrel is a specimen with a low level of wariness among the squirrels.
That means there were many cases where we caught squirrels, which already had their Rainbow Jewels removed by other adventurers.
At times we fought after pulling monsters to us by scattering monster blood. Either way, these three days were very difficult.
Thanks to that the exhaustion of our minds and bodies was at an unbelievable level when returning from the honeymoon.

“If you only were to sell…”

“””””””””We have no extras!”””””””””

While paying for the large amounts of monsters we procured as byproduct of the Rainbow Jewel collection, a young male guild staff member asked us to sell the Rainbow Jewels, but all of us denied simultaneously on reflex.

“I’m sorry, but these are required to improve the bonds between husbands and wives.” (Elise)


Elise declined the sale of the jewels quietly, but with a strong determination.
Because I thought that it would be unequal unless all my wives received Rainbow Jewels as present, and Elise thought that it would be unfair if people that weren’t able to receive any appeared, we ended up going through this hell trip over these three days.
We might have sold them if we had any extras, but I will say, “Thanks, never again” to another Rainbow Jewel hunt.

“What a pity. As a matter of fact the Rainbow Jewel was discovered right after you left to the Empire, Earl Baumeister-sama, but anyway, collecting them is sure hard. It’s common for there to be adventurers who didn’t secure even one after trying everyday for more than a year. The number of people wanting a jewel merely keeps increasing…”

As the price keeps rising steeply, many adventurers attempt to collect Rainbow Jewels. The jewels seem precious enough that it’s called a good harvest if two or three jewels appear on the market in one month.

“In reality around twice that has been collected, but adventurers, who can get the Rainbow Jewel from squirrels, are earning their income with their superb skills, and since they are not troubled for money even without selling the jewels off forcibly, they end up giving them to their wives as presents…”

I see.
Even in a different world, men show their affection by giving expensive gems to their beloved women.

“However, as might be expected, I think it’s only you, Earl Baumeister-sama, who would make a present out of all ten jewels.”

“One jewel is Haruka’s share, though.”

After all she’s not my wife, but Erw’s fiancée.
Hence it’s nine jewels, to be precise.

“If it’s one jewel, it’s not unusual to give it as present to a fiancée or a wife, but nine…? (Earl Baumeister-sama, I honestly thought that it’s enviable to have many wives, but having many wives is connected to many hardships, isn’t it?)”

“(…Well, yeah…)”

Like this the three days, where it was unclear whether they are a honeymoon or a hunting spree, came to an end, and we returned to our mansion.



“It’s very beautiful. But, is it really alright?” (Amalie)

“I think it’s a good woman’s job to receive it obediently and convey her feelings of gratitude here.” (Therese)

Having returned to the mansion, I gave the Rainbow Jewels we obtained at great pains to Amalie and Therese.
Given that they will decide by themselves what accessory to make out of the jewels, I plan to ask a jeweler in Baulburg, who had become the Earl Baumeister House’s purveyor, once they made up their minds.

“Tomorrow I have to bring one to Philine, too. Be that as it may, I’m dead tired…”

“Sorry, hubby. I said that I want a Rainbow Jewel without thinking too deeply about it.” (Katia)

“I have to at least give you a jewel after gotten married to you, so it’s not really your fault, Katia.” (Wendelin)

Katia apologized about the three-days-long honeymoon turning into a harsh hunting spree, but it’s history now anyway.
Now that it came to an end, it was more enjoyable than the daily public works.

“For thou to even get our share, Wendelin, thou sure have faithful parts to thou.” (Therese)

“Wend-kun is kind. Because of that I worry as he tends to try the unreasonable…” (Amalie)

We chatted about the unusual honeymoon while drinking tea together.
Elise and Amalie are going around to pour tea for everyone. The other women are happily gazing at their Rainbow Jewels.

“Haruka-san, are you going to turn it into a ring or a necklace? If it’s you, any accessory will likely suit you, though.” (Erwin)

“I’m wavering. I usually don’t wear any jewelry, but I’m happy that I was given one as present.” (Haruka)

“Then it’s good that we went through the trouble to get you one.” (Erwin)

“Indeed. It’s something we obtained with the two of us.” (Haruka)

Erw and Haruka created their own little world, but in Haruka’s case it looks like she would be happy about anything as long as it was from Erw.
But, Mizuho is similar to Japan, thus there might be a story similar to Konjiki Yasha’s 『Dazzled by Diamond~』.1

“It was tiring, but it might have been worth it for this. Katia, you seem to have grown accustomed to the Earl Baumeister House.”

She has a few slightly reckless and thoughtless parts, but with her open-hearted character she’s skillful at making new friends. The case with the Rainbow Jewels is also a result of her taking everyone into consideration.
I’m certain that she adapted well to the Earl Baumeister House.

“Hubby, the honeymoon was fun. I’m happy for having received a gem as present. Thanks.” (Katia)

“You’re welcome.” (Wendelin)

“It’s wonderful that the bond between the Earl Baumeister House and the Eulenberg House has become stronger after Katia-sama’s marriage.” (Roderich)

At that point, Roderich showed up as if having aimed for that moment.

“Milord, please have a peace of mind. From tomorrow onward you can work on the expansion work of the Baulburg ~ Eulenberg territory ~ Baumeister Knightdom road.” (Roderich)

“Eh? Such plans existed?” (Wendelin)

Hearing that story for the first time now…isn’t that a problem for a family head?

“The Eulenberg territory and the Baumeister Knightdom are currently tackling an expansion of their local product output. By reinforcing the transportation route to Baulburg, the place with the highest consumption of these products, both parties will be able to profit.” (Roderich)

“Yeeeeaah, I’m sure you’re not wrong at all.” (Wendelin)

If those three days didn’t exist, that is.
To be honest, I’d like to have a break of at least one day.

“If it’s a holiday, you just had one for three days. Or is there anything wrong?” (Roderich)

Ah, yeah…
A honeymoon counts as break, doesn’t it…?
That means I’m going to return to my daily public works from tomorrow onward.

“There’s a wife who will go through this hardship together with me. I wonder how much trouble something of this degree might be?” (Wendelin)

Now that it has come to this, I have to get her involved.
I gently placed my hand on Katharina’s shoulder.

“Meee!?” (Katharina)

“Katharina, we’re a married couple, aren’t we? A married couple must share its hard times, too.” (Wendelin)

Or rather, the only one who can cast magic that’s useful for public works is Katharina.

“For the sake of lowering my burden…ah, not that…isn’t it our duty as nobles to pay attention to the improvement of our fief’s population’s livelihood?” (Wendelin)

“You’re hitting my soft spot if you tell me all that, but…Wendelin-san, at first you mentioned lowering my burden…” (Katharina)

“Suffering together will surely deepen the bonds between husband and wife!” (Wendelin)

“That’s certainly true, but…” (Katharina)

“Yahoo! (How simple…)” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-san, did you say anything else just now?” (Katharina)

“Thank you, Katharina! Nothing less of my beloved wife!” (Wendelin)

“I’m the only wife who can help you in this area. Please leave it to me.” (Katharina)

It looks like it will become hectic starting with tomorrow, but now that I skillfully won over Katharina…it was decided that we would overcome all hardships with our beautiful love as married couple.

“Since it’s the construction of a road connected to my home, I will at least cook some rice. Cooking outdoors is my forte. I was also taught new recipes by Elise and the others.” (Katia)


*   *   *

“Time to eat───!” (Katia)

“Eh? Why Lord-sama’s wife?”

“I’m helping out.” (Katia)

“Is that so…? I heard that Elise-sama and the other wives also helped out occasionally in the past, but this is a surprise.”

“It’s only during the time my husband is at this location. Please don’t hold back and enjoy the food.” (Katia)


“You can eat as much as you like. There’s no store where you could buy something around here.” (Katia)

“This area is uninhabited, after all.”




On the next day the road expansion work started for Katharina and me, but Katia accompanied us as the one in charge of the food for the workers helping with the construction work and us.
She, who is also a veteran adventurer, is quite skilled at dealing with middle-aged men. Even at the time when we were about to leave the site after Katharina and I had finished our jobs, they regretted it quite a bit.

“Katia does have an interpersonal skill that you and I lack, Katharina.” (Wendelin)

“Indeed…wait! I’m adored by my fief’s population!” (Katharina)

“That’s not what I mean. Somehow I believe there’s something people like Katia possess (something you don’t possess, Katharina).” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-san, did you say something?” (Katharina)

“No, I just talked to myself for a bit.” (Wendelin)

Katharina and I, who have a generally accepted tendency towards a loner disposition, felt jealous from the bottom of our hearts about Katia’s communication skill.




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Translation Notes:

  1. It’s a line from a distinguished novel representing the Meiji era written by Ozaki Kouyou. The novel’s name is Konjiki Yasha and has been translated into English under “The Golden Demon.”


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