Chapter 1 – Wedding Ceremony with Katia…That’s not What It Might Look like, though

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“Jeeeez, I’m really tired of dresses like this, you know…? Long skirts are stuffy and hot. For humans it’s a major pain to wear something they are not used to.” (Katia)

The instant the official tunnel opening came to an end and no one was looking any longer, Katia lifted her skirt and began to enjoy a cool breeze by flapping the hem as if having completely forgotten Elise’s education up until now.
It’s a behavior that’s unbelievable for a noble lady, even if her house might be small, but since she didn’t have many opportunities to conduct herself as a noble lady to begin with, it might be inevitable.

“What a truly lost case.” (Luise)

“Luise, even I won’t do something like that at an official occasion. But, there are no guests present any longer, so it’s alright, no?” (Katia)

Because the invited guests have gone home, leaving only those related to the Earl Baumeister House behind, Katia acts as usual with a peace of mind.

“Even though Elise went out of her way to teach you manners and behavior befitting a noble lady.”

“Katia-san, your memory is very good.” (Elise)

In order for Katia to not be treated like a fool by the invitees as the Eulenberg House’s daughter, she received an intensive crash course on manners and similar for several days until the official tunnel opening from Elise.
According to Elise, she was a student with a very good memory, but as soon as the necessity to act like a noble lady was gone, she immediately returned to her usual acting.
Personally I don’t consider it a problem if she only acts like a noble at such times.

“Well, even I’m normally not very noble-like…” (Wendelin)

“As expected of my husband, how kind of you.” (Katia)

I pay attention to proper manners and conduct myself as a noble on official occasions, but I would get exhausted if I had to do so all the time.
I mean, originally, by birth, I’m just barely a noble.
If I didn’t have my magic talent, I might have lost my status as noble after becoming an adult.

“Umm…for better or worse, I’m here as well…it might be a blessing to be considered family by a remarkable adventurer as Katia-san, though.” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde, who also participated in the tunnel’s official opening, joined the discussion while smiling wryly.

“If I can get you to understand that this is the usual me, it will be nice as I won’t have to stand on attention each and every single time I meet with you, Margrave Breithilde-sama.” (Katia)

“Such way of thinking really fits a top-notch adventurer. It’s very logical.” (Breithilde)

I guess that means she deliberately demonstrated her usual behavior in front of Margrave Breithilde, despite conducting herself noble-like when it’s necessary.

“However, since another event is still awaiting you, you must do your best, Katia-san.” (Breithilde)

“There’s still more to come?” (Katia)

“Katia-san, is it fine for you to not have your marriage ceremony?” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithile pointed out that there’s still the important event of her getting married left.

“Now that you mention it, that’s true! But, we can do without being so flashy about it…” (Katia)

Even if Katia might be a daughter of the Eulenberg House, it’s impossible to hold a ceremony more extravagant than the one with Elise and the others.
If we did something like that, I would get complaints from Elise grandfather, Cardinal Hohenheim.
Besides, it’s also a bad idea to cause a stagnation in the development of Lord Eulenberg’s and Veith-san’s new territory through an excessive burden. If it becomes too luxurious, there will be the danger of those two collapsing.

“Let’s see. As result of the dispute over the tunnel, there’s no one who doesn’t know about the fact that you will marry Earl Baumeister, Katia-san. As you have exhibited your dress to all those, who were invited to the previous opening, I don’t think that it’s necessary to go at it so flashily.” (Breithilde)

Since many nobles were informed about Katia marrying me during today’s opening, there’s no need to hold a gaudy marriage ceremony.

“Right, Margrave Breithilde-sama?”

As it seems that Katia herself dislikes such a extravagant marriage ceremony, she approved Margrave Breithilde’s thoughts.

“However, you also have to consider the fief’s population of the Eulenberg territory.”

The daughter of the feudal lord is getting married, and moreover the other party is their new patron who prepared a new territory for them.
There’s no need to be especially flashy, but preparing a marriage ceremony at the lowest scale was the duty of a feudal lord.

“That’s true. Even my family holds important family ceremonies on a reasonable scale…” (Erwin)

“It’s the same in Mizuho, too.” (Haruka)

Erw and Haruka agreed with Margrave Breithilde.

“As my home is in the sticks, it might be rude to say so, but there are many people looking forward to important family ceremonies among those living in rural territories.” (Erwin)

“That also applies to Mizuho. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and it’s also possible to drink some sake.” (Haruka)

There’s little entertainment in rural areas. Thus there are many anticipating those few occasions to party to their heart’s content.
It’s a kind of amusement, and thus they usually save their money living frugally in preparation for those events.
Since Erw originally hails from a rural territory, he could sympathize with such circumstances well.
As Mizuho is resembling Japan, they might cherish important family events.

“Since they followed the relocation of the territory, you have to marry while holding a proper ceremony.”

“It’s the duty of the lord’s daughter. It will also give the Eulenberg territory’s residents a peace of mind if they are shown the marriage between Wend-sama and Katia.” (Wilma)
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No matter how much effort Lord Eulenberg and Veith-san are putting into it, the fief’s population should be uneasy on a new plot of land with no people living in the vicinity yet.
It’s necessary to demonstrate to them, who are clearing huge fields from scratch, that they can expect the support of the Earl Baumeister House after their lord’s daughter married into it.

“For nobles, marriage is a part of their job. The residents of the Waigel territory, who watched my ceremony with Wendelin-san, felt relieved, I believe.” (Katharina)

As the Waigel House, Katharina’s home, had just relocated to a new territory on top of it being right after the house’s revival, there was no way for the residents to not feel anxious.
I suppose, with mine and Katharina’s marriage ceremony in front of their eyes at that time, they felt reassured after once again confirming… 『It will be alright since the Earl Baumeister House will support us』.

“It’s just as Katharina-san says. A marriage between nobles is a duty and also a job.”

We agreed with Margrave Breithilde’s statement.
Whatever he might say, he also had five…or was it six wives?
Anyway, he had many wives.
And yet it’s amazing that it’s said there’s too few for a Margrave.
With even marriage being work, nobles sure don’t have it easy, I ended up thinking.

“No matter what kind of reasons there might be, there are many noble couples who trust and love each other while living together happily. Katia-san, it would be great if you could reach a mutual understanding with Wendelin-sama from now on. Just like me.” (Elise)

Elise makes a sound argument at the crucial moment.
Moreover, she admitted that she’s currently happy as my wife since she has a very good marital relationship with me.
If such things are said unskillfully, they sound false, but Elise’s way of saying so with a smile makes anyone believe that it’s really the case.
As a matter of fact I also believe that it’s great for me to have been able to marry Elise. I love her as my wife, but as might be expected of her authority as first wife, or rather you might say it’s because she’s a person of character.
…Thinking of such things, am I slightly rebellious?

“That’s right, isn’t it? There aren’t overly many cases where romance between married couples sprouts right at the beginning. What matters it how much of a good relationship one builds after the marriage.”

Haruka, who’s going to marry Erw, energetically expressed her approval of Elise’s words.

“Umm…if I’m not mistaken, it was a discussion about Katia-san’s marriage ceremony, but…well, I have also been happy with my marriage to Wendelin-san. I haven’t heard about Katia-san having any particular complaints either…” (Katharina)

Because of Katharina’s readjustment of the topic, everyone’s looks gathered on Katia who was still flapping the hem of her dress while saying that it’s hot.

“If my husband were to be a born high-ranking noble, we wouldn’t match each other since our upbringing would be much too different, but if Earl Baumeister-sama becomes my husband, I won’t have any complaints. Above all, he won against me.” (Katia)

“That part is the most important to you, isn’t it? Katia, are you possibly a battle junkie?” (Ina)

“Ina, please don’t start such rumors!” (Katia)

Katia, who had the doubt about her being a battle junkie which became apparent a little ago pointed out by Ina, denied it with all her might.

“No, that’s not what I meant. I’m also fairly strong as adventurer, right? That means I might end up going full power during small fights…even though things may appear like this, I do worry about my opponents.”

“I wonder what to think about using your full power during small matrimonial quarrels…”

“A horrible tragedy.”

Luise and Wilma pull the rag under Katia’s feet by saying that she might one-sidedly beat a weak husband black and blue in case of a matrimonial quarrel.

“No matter how much you quarrel with Wend-sama, I don’t think that he will resort to magic.” (Wilma)

“Indeed…I think that you have some misunderstandings about married life, Katia.”

“Really? The married adventurer couple I know…” (Katia)

There shouldn’t be that many couples whose matrimonial quarrels turn into actual battle.
I believe, normally it’s limited to a verbal argument, but Katia’s acquaintances seem to be different.
Or rather, seeing as each of their quarrels turn into battles, they are certainly a dangerous couple.

“Please feel relieved, Katia-san. Wendelin-sama isn’t such a violent person.” (Elise)

It’s as Elise says.
Or rather, did I actually fight with Elise and the others after getting married to them?

“Wend is only really fussy about his food preferences.” (Ina)

Ina, that sounds as if my gluttony is the only thing sticking out…

“Even if you start worrying about those matters now of all times, there’s no point. Katia-san, it’s your marriage ceremony, but I think it’ll be fine if you invite a few guests to the new Eulenberg territory. After all your real debut has finished with the formal opening of the tunnel.”

The Eulenberg House became a vassal of the Baumeister House, but they are still vassals of the Margrave Breithilde House, too.
I guess it’ll be fine to just invite those related to those two houses from the outside.

“Earl Baumeister, aren’t you forgetting a house?”

“Is that so?” (Wendelin)

“Which territory is the closest to the new Eulenberg territory?”

“Ah, my parents’ home!” (Wendelin)

As a matter of fact, the noble territory closest to the new Eulenberg territory is my parents’ home, the Baumeister Knightdom.
By the way, I previously asked Hermann to try help out the Eulenberg House as much as he can.
If there’s some big problem, then the Earl Baumeister House must deal with it, but it’s more efficient and convenient to entrust the normal, miscellaneous issues to my parents’ home as a fellow Knight peerage.
And, there are plans to have both houses expand together by increasing the assistance towards my parents’ home as payback.

“Then we have to invite Hermann and his folks, too.”

“Fellow neighboring territories inviting each other to important family ceremonies will strengthen their bonds. It will also be great if they can tie their relationship through marriage sooner or later.”

That’s another reason why I have to get Hermann to participate in the marriage ceremony.

“If it’s that, let’s visit them for greetings ahead of time.”

“That’s a nice idea.”

Ina supported Elise’s suggestion, resulting in us going to depart to the Baumeister Knightdom.
Before that I decide to drop off the busy Margrave Breithilde in Baulburg with 『Teleportation』.

“Say, hubby.” (Katia)

“Is there anything wrong, Katia?” (Wendelin)

“Is it okay for me to change out of this dress before going to your parents’ home?” (Karia)

“Sure. My parents’ home is located quite deeply in the sticks, after all.” (Wendelin)

She will wear the dress again during the marriage ceremony anyway. Today we’re just going to privately extend our greetings.
There are no paved roads in the Baumeister Knightdom. Thus they are always wearing clothes that are easy to move in since all traveling happens by foot.
Also, Hermann might get surprised if he suddenly sees Katia in her dress.
I’m saying this, but the people of the Baumeister Knightdom aren’t really accustomed to such things.

“Hubby, you’re quite the reasonable guy, aren’t you?” (Katia)

“Is it something so delightful?” (Wendelin)

“I dislike this dress ’cause it’s hard to move in it.” (Katia)

“I see. I guess you’re the same as me.” (Wendelin)

I’m also bad with noble attires since I haven’t been born as high-ranking noble to begin with either. I can understand Katia’s feelings quite well.

“We might actually get along well.” (Katia)

Katia said after swiftly changing into her usual attire, and I agree with her opinion.


*   *   *


“I see. I guess the number of your wives is going to grow again, Wend.” (Hermann)

“Yes. Are you jealous?” (Wendelin)

“Whether I am or not…I have already plenty of difficulty with my two wives.” (Hermann)

We headed to the Baumeister Knightdom with 『Teleportation』, and I introduced Katia to Hermann.
The speed of news spreading is slow, but even the Baumeister Knightdom is up to date on the details of the tunnel dispute. Although I mentioned that I will take Katia as wife, my brother wasn’t surprised.

“Are you going to invite us to the ceremony as well? That’s really appreciated.” (Hermann)

There are many people in the Baumeister Knightdom who have never left the territory so far.
It looks like even Hermann is looking forward to being able to go to the Eulenberg territory for the marriage.

“I guess we have to prepare some celebratory gifts.”


Hermann’s wife, Marlene, and Jutta-san, the daughter of a certain Baron, who had become his new concubine, seem very happy about having been invited to a marriage ceremony by another noble.
Jutta-san is the non-blood-related daughter of a certain Baron, or rather Baron Feinen, but it looks like she has lived in a city until her marriage. It doesn’t appear that she’s overly worried about country life, but she’s glad to be able to go outside the territory.

“On that account, I wonder whether I can’t have you help out in the Eulenberg territory a little bit before the ceremony.”

Different from the Eulenberg House that didn’t have any awareness of other nobles, the Knight Baumeister House owned a minimal amount of aristocratic thinking.
Accordingly I asked Hermann whether he can assist them if there’s anything lacking in order for the marriage ceremony to succeed.

“Us? I don’t really mind, but…hey Marlene, Jutta.” (Hermann)

“Yes…however, even we aren’t in any position to tell other people to do this or that, or rather…isn’t it fine if you keep it at the same scale as Amalie-san’s marriage ceremony?” (Marlene)

“Helping with the marriage ceremony, it is? Understood.” (Jutta)

Jutta-san doesn’t know, but Hermann and Marlene are conscious of the Knight Baumeister House being situated at a very low rank as nobility.
They are probably thinking that they don’t have such an exaggerated social standing allowing them to teach other nobles.

“It’s actually the contrary.”

“Is that so, Erwin-kun?”

“Indeed… Right, Katia?” (Erwin)

“Leaving it to just the Eulenberg House will very likely end in failure…the least noble-like part would be to know that they must hold that ceremony, but whether they are aware of that…” (Katia)

If we leave it in their hands, it might end up becoming something like a farmer’s marriage ceremony. There’s no way for the current Eulenberg House to organize a marriage ceremony befitting nobles.
It means I’d like the to guide the Eulenberg House towards preparing a Knight Baumeister House-styled 『Minimal Noble-like』 ceremony.

“I got the circumstances. But, for there to be someone lower than us…” (Hermann)

“Dear.” (Marlene)

“Truly, this is quite startling, isn’t it?” (Katia)

Marlene chided Hermann who badmouthed the Eulenberg House in front of Katia.
However, given that Katia knew about the un-noble-like parts of her home better than anyone else, she not only didn’t mind it at all, but actually agreed with Hermann.

“You’re a woman able to befriend others quickly, aren’t you?” (Hermann)

“Right?” (Katia)

As my brother says, Katia’s good points are her being easy to talk with and her friendliness.
Come to think of it, she has many acquaintances among the adventurers, too.

“Now that it has come to this, you just have to go to the Eulenberg territory beforehand and help out. While at it, they are your neighbors, so I suppose you should take some gifts with you.”

“Makes sense. Having said that, our main local products are honey, honey liquor and bears.”


I knew that they are in the middle of expanding their honey and honey liquor production, but I wasn’t aware of bears being a local product.
Certainly, I could agree with wyvern and flying dragon materials being their special local products, after taking over the dismantling of the prey that was hunted by dragon hunter parties other than Golf-san.

“The higher the number of bee hives, the more bears are lured in by those. It’s just a reuse of the killed bears.”

It looks like they can sell the processed bear meat and fur, as well as the bears’ gall as ingredient for medicine.

“Honey liquor is just the right stuff to drink at the ceremony.”

“Isn’t it? Booze is indispensable on such occasions. Seeing as it’s a rare invitation, we will prepare a somewhat larger share of it.”

“Thank you very much, brother.” (Wendelin)




The preparatory arrangements of the marriage ceremony itself finished right away.
The rest is just Marlene and the others entering the the Eulenberg territory a few days before the ceremony to teach the Eulenberg House the necessary things while helping with the preparations.


“Uncle Wendelin.”

Since it took some time for that to finish, my nephews joined us, and played together with us by fishing at streamlets and eating with everyone.
Once I tell the stories about the civil war in the Empire as I fish, especially Leon as boy listened to my stories with his eyes sparkling.
The girl Klara chats with the female camp while eating the sweets prepared by Elise and the others.
Even though she’s still quite young, she’s considerably levelheaded since she’s a girl.
Actually there’s a third boy who was born during the civil war, but given that he’s still a baby, he couldn’t play around with us.

“I wonder, Leon, Klara, are you going to participate in the ceremony?”


“It’s the first time for me to leave the territory.” (Klara)

“Uncle Wendelin, me too. I’m really looking forward to it!” (Leon)

Not just those two. There’s almost no child of the Baumeister Knightdom that has left the territory.
That’s why they are excessively looking forward to departing to the Eulenberg territory.

“Being able to look forward to something is very joyful, but as they only moved to that territory recently, my parents’ home has nothing of interest, you know?” (Katia)

Katia looked apologetically at the two.

“Since we have to go shopping before the ceremony, I will take you along to Breitburg and Baulburg.” (Wendelin)

“Really, uncle?” (Leon)

“Really?” (Klara)

“Yeah, I promise.” (Wendelin)


Learning that they will be able to go to a city for the first time, Leon and Klara were very happy.
If it finished at this point, it would be a truly great story, but an unexpected person made a bombshell announcement at this point.

“If it’s like that, I will let you ride a magic car next time.” (Elise)

“Magic car; what kind of vehicle is that, Aunt Elise?”

“It’s a vehicle that will boost your mood if you ride it as it’s very fast.” (Elise)

“I’d like to ride it!” (Leon)

“Me too!” (Klara)

“In that case I will drive as well.” (Haruka)

Haruka, who had stayed silent until then, announces that she will drive a magic car, resulting in a revival of the nightmare from a few days ago.
It seems those two aimed for an opportunity allowing them to legitimately drive a magic car.

“Elise, the travel to the Eulenberg territory will be fine as long as there’s 『Teleportation』.” (Wendelin)

“Haruka-san, that method will also keep the travel time short…” (Erwin)

Erw and I earnestly tried to stop their reckless action.
I have already grasped the location of both territories. Since I have traveled there with 『Teleportation』 many times, there’s no need to unreasonably use magic cars.
Or rather, I cannot afford to let my still young, pure nephew and niece experience that tragedy.
I couldn’t do something so pitiful as planting a trauma into the hearts of little children.

“Uncle, I’d like to try riding a magic car.” (Leon)

“Me too.” (Klara)

However, without knowing anything, the two were full of happiness over being able to ride an unknown vehicle. Or rather, if I don’t allow them to ride a magic car here, I will end up becoming a villain.

“Wendelin, is that magic car dangerous? Our children are still small, so something dangerous would be…” (Hermann)

“No, basically it’s safe.” (Wendelin)

“Basically?” (Hermann)

To the bitter end it’s limited to the case of driving it normally.
Anyone should be able to do something like that, but unfortunately it was a difficult matter for two people who had been possessed by the devil called speed.
Since Leon and Klara are going to be on board, they will drive them normally while taking the children into consideration…something like that doesn’t apply, does it? …If we limit it to those two.

“Then, Ina and Luise will drive…”

“I want to drive.”




“Dear, I want to drive.” (Elise)

“…Okay…” (Wendelin)

“Ah, me too.” (Haruka)

“(Haruka, too? Or rather, they want to drive so much?)”

Her tone was as usual, but I succumb to Elise’s intensity that doesn’t allow any objection. I would end up preparing the magic cars.
Haruka joins in as well, spelling mine and Erw’s doom.
Moreover, Ina and the others ran away at once so that they wouldn’t have to suffer.




And then, several days later, we became victims of Elise’s and Haruka’s speed contest, but…yeah, there’s nothing Erw and I need to say. Certainly it’s not like I couldn’t accompany the young children…

“Uncle, it was really fast.” (Leon)

“I want to ride again!” (Klara)

“Eh? Really?” (Wendelin)

Leon and Klara rode the magic cars as it couldn’t be helped, but after arriving and getting off, the two smiled all over their faces, obviously having enjoyed it very much.
Me and Erw? We managed to learn that we won’t get used to something like this. My condition is slightly…

“Are you truly alright?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, I had lots of fun.” (Leon)

“It was fun.” (Klara)

“(And yet even Luise is no good with this…)”

I was simply astonished by the children’s sturdiness.

“Uncle, Erwin-san, let’s go on a 『Drive』 together again.”

“I would love to drive once more together with uncle.”

“…Ahaha, sure…together with Erw as well (you think I will let you get away?)” (Wendelin)

“I’m looking forward to it. Now I will also be able to sleep much more comfortably at night…”

I remember how my body trembled after I learned that I would have to ride a magic car driven by Elise in the near future again.


*   *   *


“You’ve prepared really well, haven’t you…?”

On the day of the marriage ceremony many tables were lined up in the garden of the feudal lord’s mansion located within the Eulenberg territory. A great amount of dishes that had been prepared by the women were placed on top of them. And in addition plenty of alcohol has been provided, too.
The great amount of alcohol is for the sake of the residents who can’t drink it usually, no matter how much the Baumeister Knightdom expands its honey liquor production. That means today is a huge chance for them.
The last few days, the women of the Eulenberg territory, the women who came here from the Baumeister Kingdom in advance, Elise’s group, and also Amelie, who I called as reinforcement, helped out.

“Since the Baumeister Knightdom’s marriage ceremony is the criterion here, around this much should be fine? What do you think, Amelie-san?”

“As I was in the position of being congratulated back then, I had my hands full with conducting myself amiably and my memory about is vague, you know? It might be better to ask Marlene-san, who did the preparations.” (Amalie)

“I think it’s okay like this.”

While lining up food and booze atop the tables, Marlene and Amalie chatted while recalling their own marriage ceremonies.
If it’s a noble house with a history, that house has its own, unique traditions and ways of doing things, thus there’s a manual being passed on, but I guess it’s difficult to ask the Knight Baumeister House for something like that.

“The dessert was very extravagant. The alcohol, too.”

“Since the honey production is going well, I brought plenty of honey liquor and honey-based sweets. Because it’s a perfect opportunity, we will advertise it to the people of the Eulenberg territory to get them to buy these goods. After all we will be neighbors from now on.” (Marlene)

Marlene placed lots of honey-based sweets and honey liquor on the table.
She wants to connect it to a future business by having the residents of the Eulenberg territory taste those during the wedding ceremony.
You might say the Knight Baumeister House has changed drastically in comparison to the past, seeing how they have become able to come up with such ideas.

“The special product of the Eulenberg territory are potatoes, right?”

“They are called maroimo. It’s very delicious.”

“That means the other side is going to appeal their own special product to us, too. Our residents might buy maroimo since the money they have available for free use has increased in comparison to the past.”

Marlene looks at the sweets and dishes using maroimo, which have been lined up on another table. She had an expression that made it clear that she would eat them.
Women like potatoes after all.

“They have also been researching cooking methods, haven’t they?”

“The majority of that…is the idea of Wend-kun and his friends.”

“My younger brother-in-law has many parts that don’t befit a high-ranking noble, hasn’t he…?” (Marlene)

“But, he ends up doing amazing things when it counts.” (Amalie)

Just as Marlene and Amalie talked about such things, Katia came out of the mansion while dressed up in preparation for the marriage ceremony.
Next Elise and the others, who helped with the fitting and make-up, show up.

“Oh man, I’m hungry.”

“Hey! The bride shouldn’t snatch food!”

Wearing 『the most luxurious dress since the territory’s founding (provided by me)』 according to Lord Eulenberg and Veith-san, Katia had make-up applied and accessories chosen by Elise and the others added to her outfit. Given that she was a beautiful girl with a doll-like appearance to begin with, the fief’s population, who saw her, leaked sighs of admiration.
But as soon as the person herself was scolded by Ina for trying to snatch food from the tables, those voices of admiration stopped all at once.
They were probably reminded that it’s the usual Katia.

“Milady, it can’t be helped, since it’s Katia-sama we’re talking about here.”

“Yeah, yeah, because she has dressed herself up like some princess today, I fell for a hallucination for a moment there.”

“That’s how she normally acts anyway.”

“Yeah, yeah!”

That means the lord’s family and the fief’s population are on good terms in the Eulenberg territory, and they are all well aware that Katia is a tomboy.

“You guys, at least treat me like a princess for today!” (Katia)

“Katia-sama, we will do so during the ceremony, but otherwise…”

“I think the bride isn’t allowed to snatch food then, don’t you think? It’s bad manners.”

“Shut it!” (Katia)

Katia, who had the food snitching pointed out to her, yelled, but all the residents laughed.
They speak poorly of her, but it’s obvious that everyone is celebrating Katia’s marriage.

“What about dad and brother?” (Katia)

“They have gone to meet the priest.”

Veith-san’s fiancée, Marita, informed Katia.
Since the wedding ceremony is going to start soon, they went to call for the priest who’s going to run the ceremony.

“We’re not going to hold the ceremony in a church?” (Luise)

“Milady, we still don’t have a church.”

“I see.” (Luise)

One of the residents answered Luise’s question.
As the Eulenberg territory had just relocated, the church is still under construction.
Even when completed, the church wouldn’t be able to accustom all participants of the wedding ceremony anyway.
Accordingly it was decided to hold the ceremony in the garden of the mansion.




“Hic! Today is a very happy day.”

“Priest, you already drunken?”

“Everyone, I just checked whether 『God’s Water』, which will be used for the ceremony, isn’t spoiled.”

“I think you checked it a bit too much.”


It was scheduled for the marriage ceremony to be carried out at the same scale as taught by the Knight Baumeister House, but some parts were also traditions handed down over many generations by the Eulenberg House.
Offering alcohol as something like 『God’s Water』 should be one those traditions in the Eulenberg territory.

“Erw-san, it’s not necessary to sample it, right?” (Haruka)

“Isn’t it because he simply wanted to drink some booze?” (Erwin)

“Eh!? He’s a priest, isn’t he?”

“I think there are fairly many lenient priests in such rural areas…”

Fruits and vegetables harvested in the Eulenberg territory, the resident’s homemade alcohol, and maroimo as centerpiece were offered on a small altar.
Given that there are no rules for offerings in the capital’s church, this might be a local rule performed in the Eulenberg territory and other rural territories.

“There’s no problem with drinking alcohol after the ceremony…is nothing I can officially say, but I’d like him to at least hold back on drinking before the ceremony.” (Elise)

The serious Elise gave her honest opinion about the lax priest, who drank the offering sake in the name of verifying it.

“Now, now. Today is a joyous occasion.”

“Let’s keep it lax at times.”

“It’s necessary to take a breather in life!”

At that point Margrave Breithilde, Burkhart-san, and Doushi, who were invited as part of the few outsiders, soothed Elise skillfully.


“The rules of the land apply on the land! Since I also traveled to various places in my youth, I learned that!” (Armstrong)

“It’s different if they were to offer sacrifices, but offering alcohol on the altar, and the priest having drunk a bit from it is nothing of significance,” Doushi with his abundant experience said to Elise while laughing.

“Let’s start soon then?”

“The maroimo offering is perfect, too.”

“True. There’s plenty of honey liquor, too.”

Lord Eulenberg, Veith-san and Hermann gathered, and the marriage ceremony for Katia and me started at last.
The priest, who wore a slightly battered priest garb, stands in front of the altar, and begins to pray to god.

“Oh God watching over us in heaven, I call upon thee to report about these lambs becoming married from now on.”

Somewhat it doesn’t really look like a ground-breaking ceremony, but I decide to not mind it as this is a local difference, too.
This priest belongs to the Catholic church, for better or worse. Since there’s also no talk about him being trouble according to the information gathering by Cardinal Hohenheim at the time of the tunnel dispute, he must be a person who’s obedient to the church’s headquarter and easy to deal with.
However, since his family has held the priest role in the Eulenberg territory for many generations, he never went to the capital either.
It’s because he apparently settles all the important, church-related matters at the Breitburg branch without going to the capital.
With those circumstances in mind, he probably hasn’t been infected by the headquarter’s strictness.

“Well then…uhum! Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, do you swear to love Katia von Eulenberg as your wife for your entire life?”

“Yes, I swear.” (Wendelin)

“Katia von Eulenberg, do you swear to love Wendelin von Benno Baumeister as your husband for your entire life?”

“Yes, I swear.” (Katia)

I cannot help thinking, 『How many times makes that, including the ceremonies with Elise and my other wives?』, but after we made our vow to the priest, Katia and I bring our faces close and try to kiss each other.

“(Ah───I’m nervous since I’m inexperienced.)” (Katia)

Katia whispered such an ill-fitting line, but I harbored a good impression of her.
I sympathized with the parts of her that don’t suit a noble at all despite being one, just like me.

“Katia-sama, since this happens only once in your life, be quiet.”

“After all she’s pretty as long as she stays silent.”

As the residents of the Eulenberg territory think so as well, they hurl quite the terrible jeering at her, considering that they are talking to a noble, but I understood well that they simultaneously worried whether Katia would be able to finish the wedding ceremony properly.
After the vowing kiss, I put the wedding ring, which I had prepared, on her finger, and the ceremony ended without any incident.

“The two have safely become husband and wife. All that’s left is to freely drink and eat.”

“What a non committal ceremony…”

“It’s better than making it strangely long. I’m hungry.”

“It’s certainly true that I’m hungry as well, but…”

Katharina tentatively gave her frank opinion towards the priest who made the ceremony finish in a flash and then blurts out that the rest will be happy drinking and eating with everyone, which would be impossible to hear from a priest of the capital.
While harboring the view that such a privately-held marriage ceremony is fine being fairly carefree, Wilma starts eating the dishes lined up on the tables.
In preparation for this day, the ingredients had been prepared by the Knight Baumeister House and the Eulenberg House, and then cooked by the women starting early in the morning.
All the residents of the Eulenberg territory, and the volunteer attendees from the Baumeister Knightdom are participating. All of them are eating the dishes and drinking the alcohol while happily mingling with each other.

“Pheeeeeww, I’m starving.” (Katia)

“Katia, the greetings come first.” (Luise)

Katia was trying to eat the food as one of the very first despite being the bride, but Luise prevented that by remonstrating her.

“There will be time for eating later. It’s wrong to not let the other people enjoy the food properly. Your dress will get dirty, too.”

“I know, Amalie-san.”

Being stopped by Amalie with the argument that her dress will get stained by sauces and similar, Katia, who hasn’t eaten anything since this morning in preparation for the ceremony, reveals a displeased expression for an instant, but she immediately hides that, and goes to greet Margrave Breithilde.

“Katia-dono, congratulations to your marriage.” (Breithilde)

“Thank you very much. Sorry for causing you troubles the other day.” (Katia)

While replying to Margrave Breithilde’s congratulatory words, she apologized for the matter with the tunnel once more.

“Well, now that it has finished, I feel that it might have been fairly enjoyable.” (Breithilde)

Next she tried to greet the people from outside the Eulenberg territory who had been invited to the wedding ceremony, but since the official position flagged it as a private ceremony, there was no important person except for Hermann present.
Even Hermann was probably exhausted from helping with the various preparations. He ate 『Candied Sweet Potato』 made out of maroimo all by himself.
This is a recipe I taught to Elise and the others.
In order to make the outside crunchy, I use sugar as ingredient, but by combining it with the special product of the Baumeister Knightdom, we prepared a large amount of candied sweet potatoes that used honey today.
The residents of both territories are eating the dish while looking satisfied.

“Hermann.” (Wendelin)

“Ooh! Congrats, Wendelin. Having many wives is difficult, isn’t it?” (Hermann)

“Yes, well…” (Wendelin)

“Be that as it may, this dish called 『Candied Sweet Potato』 is wonderful. I have trouble deciding whether it’s a main dish, a side dish or a dessert. Also, the dish’s name.” (Hermann)

Since I didn’t come up with a name suitable for this world, Elise and the other spread it around while I still called it 『Candied Sweet Potato』.
I worried whether to simply call it 『Honey Potato』, but I felt like it lacked impact.

“Oops, Veith-san and I were busy.” (Hermann)

“Eh? Busy?”

“Margrave Breithilde-dono has brought along the heads of big companies in Breitburg and merchants from the surrounding territories. Since the regular service of the magic airship has just started here recently, there are talks about selling honey and honey liquor. There was a suggestion to add maroimo to this as well, but maroimo has the issue of its low production rate.” (Hermann)

After he explained this, Hermann started business discussions with many merchants together with Veith-san.
They are chatting while enjoying the food and alcohol.

“Veith-sama, does it seem possible to increase the maroimo production output?”

“It will take some time, but since Earl Baumeister-dono carried the soil over, it will be fine as long as its numbers close to the produced amount so far.” (Veith)

“As expected of Earl Baumeister-sama.”

One of the merchants praised my magic.

“That’s wonderful…is what I’d like to say, but recently I’m troubled because I can’t obtain sweet maroimo.”

“We’re in the process of beginning cultivation while imitating the Eulenberg territory, but they aren’t really all that sweet.”

The merchants desire the native maroimo of the Eulenberg territory with its good quality.
It looks like other nobles are trying to earn some money by imitating the Eulenberg House, but it’s difficult to get the maroimo to be sweet.
Without them being fairly sweet, the merchants wouldn’t buy them for much either.

“This 『Candied Sweet Potato』 dish is great.”

“It’s deliciousness is excellent even without the maroimo being that sweet.”

“I guess honey will sell as well, if we do it like this. Even though it’s the sale of ingredients, it’s a good method to introduce the art of cooking together with the ingredients.”

The merchants were full of praise due to the many types of desserts and dishes using maroimo and honey, which were enjoyed by the participants of the wedding ceremony.
And they apparently understood that their ingredients might sell well if they advertise that they’re delicious by cooking them like this during the sales time.

“It’s Earl Baumeister-dono’s suggestion.”

“Nothing less of Earl Baumeister-sama, who’s said to be fussy about food.”

The merchants said in admiration while talking with Veith-san.
Or rather, it looks like I’m regarded as man who’s fussy about food without me being aware of it.

“Eh? Is it that surprising for you? Going by the rumors I heard, you’re extremely fond of tasty, unusual food; you develop new recipes; and you’re merciless towards disgusting food.” (Katia)

And here I’m just aiming for the same food as when I was still in Japan…
If a high-ranking noble does something like this, it results in exaggerated assessments such as it being the birth of a new food culture, huh?
Also, it’s not that I’m particularly merciless towards disgusting food.
After all I will just never eat it again, without going as far as eliminating it physically through my authority.

“Rumors are truly frightening.”

Rumors like this spread about me at places I don’t know of.

“Because it looks like brother is busy, I will spare myself the greetings, I think.” (Katia)

“Is that fine?”

“I mean, if I go to greet him now, I will be surrounded by merchants.” (Katia)

“That’s true as well, I suppose.” (Wendelin)

Katia’s opinion is very reasonable and thus I obediently agreed with it.
I might get girls pushed on me again.

“Hubby, maybe it’s enough with the greetings for now?” (Katia)

“Certainly…” (Wendelin)

It should be Katia’s and my wedding, but it feels like the participants are already doing whatever they please.

“Puhaaa───! As usual the honey liquor from the Baumeister Knightdom is really great stuff!”

“Being able to drink during daytime is the best!”

“My words. It’s been a great idea to have come here today.”

Burkhart-san, Doushi, and Margrave Breithilde were already fully drunk from the honey liquor.
It’s the same with the residents of the Eulenberg territory. And even the people from the Baumeister Knightdom happily got drunk on homemade alcohol made out of maroimo.

“What a prime example of useless adults.”

“Isn’t it sometimes alright as long as it’s on such occasions?”

After all Margrave Breithilde appears to be normally troubled with plenty of work.
Doushi is…busy in his own ways, I suppose.
I mean, he is actually the royal palace’s Head Magician.

“Elise-sama, another serving please.” (Wilma)

“Here you go. There’s still plenty left.” (Elise)

The women and children enjoyed the sweets and dishes they had prepared themselves.
The children of the Eulenberg territory were engrossed with the unusual food they can’t eat normally.

“There’s a lot, even if you don’t hurry, okay?”

Ina and the others also help out in setting the table for the children.

“I wonder whether we can make those sweets, too?”

“As long as you have the ingredients. The recipe is…”

Being asked about the method how to make the sweets by the women of the Eulenberg territory, Haruka carefully taught them.

“I guess I will have the confectionery of an acquaintance try making them as well next time.”

And there are also merchants who think of new business fields while watching all that. It gradually looked less and less like a wedding ceremony.




“Hey hubby, this is a wedding ceremony?” (Katia)

“Isn’t it fine like this? We did what was necessary. As long as everyone has fun, it’s alright.” (Wendelin)

“That makes sense.” (Katia)

Since the ceremony has already ended, Katia also adopted the stance that it’s fine as long as everyone enjoys themselves.
While thinking that I really like that simple way of viewing things of her, I end up feeling that Katia looks at everyone with the eyes of an outsider, thinking 『Rather than a wedding ceremony, it actually looks like a festival or an exhibition to advertise the local ingredients』.



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