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T/N: I decided to start adding those Maid Extra Chapters from now on as well. Unlike in the Web Novel, the Light Novel doesn’t have that many interludes, and since the story is mostly Slice of Life anyway, I thought it might be fun to add these, especially seeing that some of them also have their own illustrations. The extras are mostly about the maids Dominique and Lea, and their antics. I might also translate the Extras of the LN volumes I have already translated once I get some time, but it’s on low priority for now.


“Dominique-neesan and me have been nominated?” (Lea)

“Yes, get ready right away.” (Dominique)




It was hurriedly decided that Dominique-neesan and I would move to the Earl Baumeister mansion in the capital.
I’m told additional help is urgently needed as it seems that we’re going to look after the young noble lady related to that tunnel case.
Dominique-neesan is Elise-sama’s childhood friend, and I’m Erwin-sama’s concubine candidate.
Considering our positions, it’s not strange for us to be called upon.

“Are we going to move to the capital from now on? That will take quite some time.” (Lea)

“Don’t worry. We will be able to move there instantly with master’s magic.” (Dominique)

Ah, I see.
Because we wouldn’t be in time if we were to move by magic airship, seeing as we have been urgently summoned, it means that we will be transferred by master’s prided magic.

“The transfer is instantaneous, but we have to gather our necessities before that.” (Dominique)

“Understood.” (Lea)

However, as we can simply buy the majority of our necessities in the capital, our preparations finished right away.

“Well, are you ready?” (Wendelin)

We were addressed by master who came to receive us, but he’s a very friendly person.
I think him not having being born as high-ranking noble plays a big role in that.

“We’re off then.” (Wendelin)

“”Please take care of us.”” (Dominique & Lea)

Without even a second passing after our reply, we transferred from the courtyard of the mansion in Baulburg to the garden of the capital’s mansion.

“That’s amazing, isn’t it Dominique-neesan?” (Lea)

『Teleportation』 was its name? After actually experiencing it myself, I’m completely astonished by its greatness.




“It would be convenient if we could have master transfer us with that magic when it’s time to go back home.” (Lea)

“Humph!” (Dominique)

Once I said this after bidding farewell to master and while we store away our luggage in the room for maids, a fist from Dominique-neesan once again…no matter how often she hits me, it’s still as painful as the first time…

“There’s no way that he’s going to use his valuable magic, which can only be used by a few dozen magicians in the entire Kingdom, for your homecoming, is there!?” (Dominique)

“I’m just joking.” (Lea)

“In your case I’m troubled since you look like you’d truly ask master to do it.” (Dominique)

“Ugh…even I wouldn’t do something like that.” (Lea)

I can’t promise anything if a chance presents itself though.

“Ah, right! Due to the first fist after a long while, the face of my first love whom I met at an age of 10 has…” (Lea)

“Did you really forget about him?” (Dominique)

Dominique-neesan looks at me with a worried expression.
Did she feel sorry as fellow women once it was related to my first love?

“Now that I think about it, I hadn’t my first love with an age of 10.” (Lea)

I mean, I was only surrounded by old men and brats at that age.
I don’t like men that are younger or around my age, after all.

“Humph!” (Dominique)

“It huuurts…my happy memory of going out for an all-you-can-cake at the confectionery 『Brabnar』 which was held for a limited time during my day off last week is…” (Lea)

“You haven’t forgotten it anyway, have you!? Or rather, why did you keep such information to yourself?” (Dominique)

“Isn’t that because it didn’t match with your day off and because your husband doesn’t like sweets? You have a child, too.” (Lea)

Despite her looking like this, Dominique-neesan is married and has a baby who has been born just recently.
Normally she has the other maids look after the baby, but that doesn’t work on holidays.
I think spending happy time with your family is indispensable.

“I’m busy, but if I had known about it in advance, I would have freed up some time. Please make sure to tell me next time. Got it?” (Dominique)

“Yes.” (Lea)

The story got derailed quite a bit, but Dominique-neesan and I took care of master and his friends as well as his guest at the capital’s mansion.


*   *   *


“They sure don’t get tired from coming here everyday.” (Lea)

“They are desperate in their own way.” (Dominique)




Dominique-neesan and I are airing the laundry in the garden, but many nobles have gathered outside the mansion.
I suppose it’s for the sake of showing off to Katia-sama who is taken care of by master.
There are people singing while playing instruments, dancing, reading poems, and painting pictures.
Are those pictures of Katia-sama?
I can’t help wondering what might be the point of doing something like that, but as it’s not like they have caused any harm at present, it seems they are being left alone due to master’s order.

“Having said that, master and his party can’t go out until the martial arts tournament thanks to them.” (Lea)

Which reminds, since a few days ago, we’re in charge of shopping.
It apparently has turned out like this because it gets troublesome for Elise-sama and the others as those people get involved with them once they go outside.
In our case, we get completely ignored since we’re unrelated to all of this.

“Even so, those are sure unskilled songs and dances.” (Lea)

“Lea, the other party are nobles so far as it goes. You mustn’t insult them where they can hear you.” (Dominique)

“Got it.” (Lea)

“After all they might file a protest towards master with that as a reason. There’s the danger that they will say, 『Since your maid has been rude to me, let me meet with Katia-dono as apology』.” (Dominique)

I see, it’s because the people outside are at the end of their wits’.

“We should silently do our work until the tournament ends. You mustn’t do anything unnecessary.” (Dominique)

“Understood.” (Lea)

Even though I’m finally at a place close to Erwin-sama, we can’t even go on a date in the capital thanks to the group outside.
I’d like him to invite me to something like that very soon, but even Haruka-sama doesn’t go on a date with him since they can’t go out.

“How regrettable. Even though I’m expressly wearing the new maid uniform…” (Lea)

“How’s any of that related to your maid uniform?” (Dominique)

“These are the new maid uniforms provided by master. They haven’t been given to you as you’re married and a parent, but since they are suiting this young me quite well, Erwin-sama should get fairly aroused by me. 『Lea, today you’re beautiful』, 『Thank you very much, Erwin-sama』, 『You’re truly beautiful, Lea』, 『Aah, you mustn’t, Erwin-sama! We aren’t officially engaged yet!』, 『I can’t resist your charm, Lea』, 『You mustn’t!』. Even I will pretend to resist more or less, but if things turn out like this, I will have him take responsibility. Huh? What’s wrong, Dominique-neesan?” (Lea)

Dominique-neesan, why are you looking at me with eyes full of pity?

“Lea, look over there.” (Dominique)

“Pardon?” (Lea)

Once I look at the nobles as told by Dominique-neesan, they are also looking at me as if seeing someone pitiful.

“(Eeehh! Why? Despite the awfulness of their singing and dancing!)” (Lea)

“(In their eyes it’s probably you who’s terrible.)” (Dominique)

Such a…
Even though they are much worse than me!
Besides, I’m a pure girl who quickly wants to go out with Erwin-sama on the premise of a marriage.

“Anyway, Erwin-sama is busy, too. Make sure to not bother him unnecessarily.” (Dominique)

“Okay.” (Lea)




Even though it was my precious stay in the capital, I ended up returning to Baulburg without even a chance to go on a date with Erwin-sama.




Ah, just when will I be able to officially become Erwin-sama’s fiancée?





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