Chapter 5 – Just when I Thought that It Was Resolved at last, an Unforeseen Situation Has…

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“I guess, in the end we arrived at that kind of conclusion…”

It was decided to transfer the management of the discovered tunnel to another house, according to the wish of the Eulenberg House.
In that case it will fall upon the Margrave Breithilde House as they are geographically the closest.
Since there would be rumors about a dispute between the royal family and the Margrave Breithilde House if it would become an area under the direct control of the Kingdom, it was agreed upon for the Kingdom, the Earl Baumeister House, and the Margrave Breithilde House to equally dispatch personnel for the management and guarding as a compromise.
The Earl Baumeister House and the Margrave Breithilde House were given the condition of sharing the expenses of the Kingdom’s guard unit.
It’s what you’d call a corrupt, political agreement. To such a degree that the people of the Eulenberg House should hate it.
For them, who rarely show their faces to other nobles, a political negotiation with the royal family and the Margrave Breithilde House would be impossible.
However, in exchange the Margrave Breithilde House has to prepare an alternative territory where the Eulenberg House can cultivate maroimo.
They need to prepare a big place that has better conditions, and also give financial support.
It’s probably also necessary to go around and explain the circumstances to the nobles who wished to arrange a marriage with Veith-san.
No matter how much advice they might get, such a stunt is impossible for the people of the Eulenberg House.
They would have been led around by the nose by cunning old nobles, ending up troubled due to weird promises they would make in the process.
In the end there was no other choice but for Margrave Breithilde to take the initiative.

“I had a hunch that something like that would happen…” (Breithilde)

“If you get through this, you will be able to gain big profits.” (Wendelin)

“You sure have it nice, don’t you Earl Baumeister? After all you just have to leave it to Roderich…” (Breithilde)

My house is upstarting. My abilities as feudal lord are still unknown with me only being 17 years old as of yet.
That’s why Roderich had it easy since he could proactively move around and do things on his own accord.

“I wonder, will I be turned into a puppet in the future?” (Wendelin)

“You as puppet, Earl Baumeister? That’s probably impossible.” (Breithilde)

“After all I’m a bad feudal lord who doesn’t invest much time in his work as noble.” (Wendelin)

“No, that’s not correct.” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde flatly denies my statement.

“According to what I heard, you did paperwork as staff officer during the civil war, didn’t you Earl Baumeister? Doesn’t that mean that you have been a lot more intelligent than the nobles around you? However, your abilities are simply divided due to your jobs as adventurer and magician. You have achieved great deeds of arms without knowing defeat. Thus I don’t think that you will be turned into a puppet unless you act quite foolishly. Roderich is an extremely capable person. He’s a person who’s worthy to be trusted even in regards to his character.” (Breithilde)

Roderich and I seem to be evaluated awfully highly by Margrave Breithilde.
It’s not that I’m intelligent in particular. I think it’s just helpful that I received an education in modern Japan and worked in a trading company.
Considering it like that, it means that the education level in modern Japan was high.

“I guess you’re right. That’s why I can also take it easy.” (Wendelin)

“I wonder about that easy of yours. If it was me, I would have hated to almost die in a huge underground ruin, cast magic against an army of 10,000 soldiers, liberate the Herthania Valley, or become a major battle force in a civil war…” (Breithilde)

Having it now recounted by someone else, makes me think that we’ve done quite a few things so far.

“In short, it’s an assignment of roles. Earl Baumeister, you move in various flashy ways, gaining profit and concessions for the Earl Baumeister House. Meanwhile Roderich develops the territory while skillfully making use of your achievements. However…” (Breithilde)

“However, what?” (Wendelin)

“This kind of method works because you’re the founder.” (Breithilde)

It’s unknown whether my children will be magicians. The existence of a household manager who possesses full authority like Roderich might also lead to a catastrophe later on.
That means it’s necessary to change the way things are handled in various ways by the next generation.

“It’s Roderich we’re talking about here, so he will probably give a strict education to your successor that might be born by Elise. Later he will designate his successor and split his work to young retainers while educating all of them. With this your successors in the next generations will manage the territory while commanding a group of retainers.” (Breithilde)

“The construction of a permanent ruling system, huh?” (Wendelin)

“A feudal lord’s authority is powerful, but a feudal lord is unable to accomplish anything by himself. Oops, we strayed from the original topic. It’s about the transfer of the tunnel rights, but I also believe it necessary to have the promise that this was a request by the Eulenberg House.” (Breithilde)

The Eulenberg House had to officially raise the white flag and state, 『It’s impossible for us! That’s why we will entrust the Margrave Breithilde House with this task!』
Without that, Margrave Breithilde will be barraged with a storm of criticism by the other nobles.
And the bad rumor that he threatened a small noble as high-ranking noble and stole their concessions will circulate in noble society.

“What a troublesome matter.” (Wendelin)

“Nobles are truly troublesome. With the Kingdom in the mix as well, we will be charged for the expenses of posts such as guard captain if their numbers increase, right? By doing that, we are paying money to the Kingdom. In case of an emergency, the Kingdom’s nobles have the duty to dispatch their feudal armies, thus they don’t need to pay money to the Kingdom. So we are doing it like this so that this rule won’t be violated.” (Breithilde)

I heard about that before.
In the past there was a system of paying money to the central government in proportion to the territory’s size and military service.
However, at that time the war against the Empire has been continuing already for many years. Because of the heavy strain, a part of the nobles apparently planned to separate from the Kingdom.
That movement was abated by stopping the system of paying money to the government. It would be intolerable for the Margrave Breithilde House if they were the reason for reviving that system.
That’s why it will be labelled as expenses for the stationed guard unit.

“At such times the church is easier to deal with. It would be settled by saying that we will construct a church and a pilgrim location here.” (Breithilde)

The rest would work out peacefully by just continuously paying donations.
No matter whether it’s good or evil, the church’s management system has been perfected to a high degree.
Though it also had the same meaning as 『Low-brow』.

“Time to go to the Eulenberg territory then.” (Wendelin)

It had turned into an unexpectedly long talk, but I had come here to fetch Margrave Breithilde.




Once I returned to the Eulenberg territory while bringing him along, the expressions of Veith-san and Lord Eulenberg brightened up as it finished without unreasonable work being forced onto them.

“Margrave Breithilde-sama.” (Eulenberg)

“There’s a slope suitable for maroimo cultivation where no wyverns and flying dragons come flying. It’s an alternative territory where you can also grow plenty of other produce. Even my Breithilde Margraviate has many places that touch on the Greater League Mountain Range. As long you search, you will definitely find a fitting spot.” (Breithilde)

“That’s wonderful.” (Veith)

Veith-san beams.
In his eyes the maroimo cultivation comes before the tunnel management.

“I have to immediately start with soil creation for the new territory. We finally acquired the know-how of soil preparation, but it will take ten years for the maroimo to reach their current sweetness.” (Veith)

“As for that, how about having Earl Baumeister transport the fields’ soil? In that way the territory’s share of field soil would be carried over as well.” (Breithilde)

“Earl Baumeister-sama, your abilities are truly amazing.” (Veith)

The most troublesome aspect of agriculture is the soil preparation.
In that case I will just carry the soil over at the time of the relocation.
And Veith-san looked at me, who’s capable of that, with eyes full of reverence.
Since he had only been scared of me so far, I feel like being respected by him for the first time.

“Either way, the Eulenberg territory will require large-scaled construction work…” (Wendelin)

Right now it’s been forbidden to trespass since we only removed the sand and stones with magic, but it’s necessary to widen the tunnel’s entrance and set up measures to prevent landslides from now on.
In addition we have to enlarge the roads, remove the farm fields and residential land, and build establishments such as parking lots for carriages and inns for the people that will go through the tunnel.
If we were to be negligent in preparing those, it would be possible for the tunnel users to cause huge congestion before entering the tunnel.
Not just lodging facilities and warehouses to store the cargo, but restaurant streets and pleasure quarters are necessary as well, I suppose.
Getting the fief’s population to relocate in order to build those needed facilities was the real issue.
Since the same facilities are also necessary on the Baumeister Earldom’s tunnel side, I have already submitted a request to Baron Rembrandt, who’s also an architect, and he’s in the process of drawing the blueprints.
Once those are finished, I have to work on the foundations for a while.
The shortened construction method of having buildings that had been built by many workers in the capital transported with Baron Rembrandt’s 『Relocation』 had started according to Roderich’s plans.
As a matter of fact, various things are already in motion.

“If you add such development to the management of the tunnel, it would have been increasingly impossible for us.”

“There’s also the aspect that it will become difficult to cultivate maroimo once we construct such things within the territory.” (Veith)

Lord Eulenberg laments that it exceeds the limits of their abilities. Veith-san is worried that the maroimo fields will disappear once the construction work starts.

“The slope with the maroimo fields has to be reinforced in order to prevent landslides. Please take the soil, since it will be removed at some point anyway.” (Breithilde)

“Thank you very much.” (Veith)

Veith-san expresses his gratitude towards Margrave Breithilde’s kindness.
At first there had been various issues, but with this the difficult problems were finally resolved.
Even though everyone was delighted, the Goddess of Fate seems to be quite whimsical.
We encountered a new big problem.
Suddenly the entrance door of the Eulenberg mansion was energetically slammed open, and a single person rushed inside the room.

“Father! Brother! Are you sane!? Even though it’s a great chance for a major breakthrough for the Eulenberg House, why are you happily yielding a golden egg to others!?”


“Dear, this person is…” (Elise)

“For real?” (Wendelin)

It’s the skilled female adventurer Katia who subjugated the wyverns and flying dragons with us just the other day.
She told us that she originated from the Eulenberg territory, but for her to appear in this place…
And, her calling Lord Eulenberg and Veith-san as father and elder brother means that’s she’s no resident, but surprisingly the Eulenberg family’s daughter.

“Katia, you have come home quite early. According to schedule it should have been next month.”

“Katia, did you run out of the dried maroimo I gave you before?” (Veith)

“I still have some of those…gah! That’s not it! I hurried back home since I heard rumors that my family’s home is in such a situation!” (Katia)

We had concealed those news from her, but nothing less of an excellent adventurer.
She apparently learned about the latest situation at home through her connections.
Come to think of it, Katia has many acquaintances and she’s also well-known.
In contrast to Katia, who rushed in with such great haste, Lord Eulenberg and Veith-san carefreely asked her about the reason of her homecoming.
Katia seems to regularly return home as she has a good relationship with her family.
When asked about her stock of dried maroimo by Veith-san, she answers honestly. She might be an unexpectedly docile girl.
However, dried maroimo, huh…?

“This was definitely a blind spot. We have to buy dried maroimo on our way home.” (Wendelin)

“No, that’s not the issue right now, is it…?”

“You might say that. But, no matter how this situation might develop, it doesn’t change the fact that dried maroimo exist.” (Wendelin)

“You, at such a time…” (Erwin)

Erw was astounded, but how much is the difference in sweetness to dried sweet potatoes?
Since that bothered me, it didn’t change my feelings of wanting to quickly obtain them.

“Excuse me, Lord Eulenberg. I’m sorry as I might be lacking information, but who’s the young lady over there?” (Breithilde)

“She’s my daughter, Katia, which makes her Veith’s younger sister.” (Eulenberg)

“Your daughter, you say…?” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde confirmed instead of me, but Katia was a daughter of the Eulenberg House after all.
I think that it’s a disgrace to not have known that there’s a daughter in the Eulenberg House despite them being their patron, but if I may say one thing in his defense: since not a single noble acquaintance of hers knew about it, I think the same offense applies to all of them.
After all it didn’t trouble anyone until now, even without knowing about it in particular.

“Katia, you are working outside the fiefdom?” (Breithilde)

“Aye, as adventurer. Until just the other day I subjugated wyverns and flying dragons with Earl Baumeister’s party over there.” (Katia)

“Is that so, Earl Baumeister?” (Breithilde)

“Yes, at that time we heard that she comes from the Eulenberg territory, but certainly I didn’t expect her to be a member of the feudal lord’s family.” (Wendelin)

“I see, that makes sense.” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde looked as if he could agree with that.
Because she’s an adventurer? Or because of her temperament?
Katia doesn’t change her tone even with Margrave Breithilde as conversation partner.
There were few capable adventurers who suddenly act ingratiatingly just because the other party is a high-ranking noble.
It’s not like there are absolutely none, but that doesn’t mean that they have a troubled life even if they are doubted by one or two high-ranking nobles. That’s because there’s a trend for other adventurers to belittle those, who take a menial attitude towards influential people in the world of adventurers where one is only judged by their abilities.
To go even further; since there were many people who work as adventurers while hiding their nobility like Katia, there was no reason for such people to abase themselves even if the other party might be a high-ranking noble.

“Oi, Katia. The person over there is…” (Eulenberg)

Lord Eulenberg’s face became pale due to his own daughter boldly talking to Margrave Breithilde as if he was her equal, but, in this case Katia’s side is in the right.
Lord Eulenberg is too menial, but it can’t be helped since this seems to stem from his character.

“Margrave Breithilde-sama, right? Unfortunately I’m currently an adventurer.” (Katia)

“I don’t really mind.” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde didn’t have a problem with her tone either.
Being a high-ranking noble, he has many opportunities to meet with adventurers for requests such as the subjugation of monsters in his territory.
He’s fully aware of the temperament of adventurers, or rather it’s meaningless to look down on adventurers. There are nobles, who turn away and denounce adventurers for their rude behavior, but that turns into a disadvantage for them.
It results in them being refused with 『I don’t want to do requests from that noble』, when they call for help.
The excellent Margrave Breithilde won’t make such mistakes.

“Katia-san isn’t my retainer, after all.” (Breithilde)

“Hee, nothing less from a high-ranking noble-sama. It helps that you grasp things quickly.” (Katia)

Next Katia turned her eyes in Burkhart-san’s direction.
As mana holder, she apparently comprehends Burkhart-san’s true ability.
Just that served as proof of her being a great adventurer.

“Hello.” (Burkhart)

However, Burkhart-san has no particular interest in Katia, and only greets her normally.

“(Burkhart-san, you aren’t interested Katia?)”

“(Not really.)” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san answered to Erw’s whisper with a curt tone.
Burkhart-san probably prefers girls like his wife.
Besides, if one were to speak of unexpected facts, Burkhart-san is eccentric, but he likes well-mannered women.

“You barge in all of a sudden, but what’s upsetting you so much, Katia?” (Wendelin)

Given that we have a relationship of having worked together, I asked Katia about her discontent without beating around the bush.
There’s no way to deal with it unless that remains obscure.

“What, you ask…the tunnel rights belong to the Eulenberg House, no matter how you look at it, don’t they!? I don’t know whether it’s the Kingdom or our patron, but brute forcing their way to forcibly steal it from us is terrible!” (Katia)

“Though it’s no brute forcing….in the first place, Lord Eulenberg and Veith-san have refused to manage the tunnel.”

No wonder that Margrave Breithilde refused at first.
Because newspapers and the Internet don’t exist in this world, rumors that the tunnel rights might belong to the small noble Eulenberg House are going around, and speculations whether the Margrave Breithile House will confiscate those rights as patron and high-ranking noble run riot.
Just as Katia returned home after worrying about that, her own father and elder brother were discussing to yield the tunnel rights to the Margrave Breithilde House as the rumors stated.
Her having stormed in yelling while panicking about that is likely what really happened here.

“However, it’s not something where everyone will be all smiles by us just irresponsibly taking tolls.” (Eulenberg)

“I do know that!” (Katia)

“Really?” (Eulenberg)

“Yeah!” (Katia)

Since the flow of people and goods will be accelerated by the tunnel, the negative issues will increase as well.
The movements of illegal goods and criminals will grow in proportion.
In addition, the tunnel will become an important infrastructure connecting the Breithilde Margraviate and the Baumeister Earldom.
Even if the Kingdom might have signed a peace treaty with the Empire, it’s possible that subversive activities to obstruct this place might be carried out if a war starts again.
There’s also the danger that the remnants of the deceased Duke Nürnberg could target the tunnel for terror acts in order to stage their comeback by riling the Empire and the Kingdom to fight against each other.

“That’s why the Kingdom’s guard unit will join as well. Even with them present, we would need to properly manage and guard half of the tunnel, except for the magic illumination control room which belongs to the Earl Baumeister House. It would take suitable time and labor.”

“If the Eulenberg House prepares for that…” (Katia)

“We arrived at that conclusion because we can’t do that. There are also other reasons.”

There’s also the establishment of roads around the tunnel’s entrance and surrounding facilities for the tunnel users.
A facility that handles the checking of the tunnel users’ social status and the cargo they are bringing along, like a customs, will be also needed.

“It requires a large amount of money, personnel and know-how. It will be a problem if the tunnel entrance on the Eulenberg Knightdom’s side is always congested while the entrance on the Baumeister Earldom’s side works smoothly. If that were to happen, the territory would be taken away by the Kingdom due to negligence in your duties as nobles.” (Breithilde)

“Ugh!” (Katia)

Katia is overwhelmed by the pointed arguments of Margrave Breithilde.

“Even so, brother has…even a method to manage it through the Eulenberg House…” (Katia)

“It’s not impossible.”

“There is one, isn’t there?” (Katia)

Once it proceeds in the direction of the tunnel not being taken away, a smile returned to Katia’s face.

“It’s on the condition that he accepts the talks about the formal marriage interviews.” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde pointed at the bundle of marriage photos Burkhart-san had brought along.

“There are many houses of Viscount rank and above who possess money, personnel and the know-how. Money and personnel will be sent in together with Veith-dono’s wife from her home. They will maintain the tunnel. On the outside it will be the Eulenberg House, but in reality it will be hijacked by his wife’s home.” (Breithilde)

Her home will be hijacked.
Katia’s expression immediately became very sullen due to that possibility.

“It would be a disagreeable situation for the Margrave Breithilde House, but we can endure. Since the royal army will be stationed here as well, there probably won’t be any troubles, and his wife’s home likely won’t try pull anything strange either. After all the Eulenberg territory is surrounded by the Breithilde Margraviate.”

They certainly want the tunnel right, but it’s not like they want to thrust their fangs into the rights of the Margrave Breithilde House.
They would hope to avoid needless confrontations and conflicts.

“By the way, the idea of sending a wife to you, Veith-dono, would be advantageous for us of the Margrave Breithilde House. After all we are the patron of the Eulenberg House.” (Breithilde)

If the patron introduces a wife to the heir of their vassal, the other nobles won’t have any choice but to stay silent.
As result, funds and personnel from close vassals or relatives of the Margrave Breithilde House would enter the Eulenberg territory, essentially hijacking the Eulenberg House.

“It’s a method I’d like to avoid since it has a bad reputation in society, but Veith-dono, if you had decided to welcome a wife from another noble house, I thought about enforcing that plan. In the end it’s fine though as Lord Eulenberg and Veith-dono are properly understanding the situation and made the best choice, but…” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde sent a look in Katia’s direction that told her 『If only meddlers didn’t butt in unnecessarily…』.
Now that I have heard about those circumstances, I increasingly feel that it would be difficult for the Eulenberg House to manage the tunnel by themselves.

“To put it in few words, I guess it’s bite what you can chew…”

Lord Eulenberg muttered only those few words.

“There’s that as well. Since the surrounding farming fields have to be destroyed for the tunnel’s construction work…it will have a big impact on the harvest amount of maroimo…” (Veith)

On top of the farmland diminishing, he hates spending time on anything besides farm work, Veith-san said.

“Brother! The tunnel management is much more profitable than that farm work of yours!” (Katia)

“Agriculture is the foundation of people. People won’t survive without food. Besides, Katia, you like maroimo, don’t you? Don’t you always take a huge amount of dried maroimo with you when you leave?” (Veith)

“If it’s maroimo, you just have to buy agricultural land somewhere else after earning money with the tunnel management, though!” (Katia)

The grounded elder brother, who has dabbled long and minutely in agriculture and maroimo cultivation, and the younger sister who hopes for the Eulenberg House’s development through the tunnel management.
The brother, who has remained at home, is conservative. The sister, who left home, is progressive. I guess she still has a slim chance to win?

“Katia-san, unfortunately that’s impossible.” (Breithilde)

“Is it because the entire vicinity belongs to the Breithilde Margraviate?” (Katia)

“That’s a part of it, but it’s forbidden by the Kingdom for nobles to trade land between each other.” (Breithilde)


“Eh? You didn’t know?”


That makes sense.
If the nobles increased or decreased their territories as they please by trading them among each other, it would be a major pain for the Kingdom’s side that manages the nobles.
If a territory suddenly reached the scale of an Earldom by buying out Knightdoms, it would likely cause grave difficulties for the Kingdom’s political measures to manage its nobles.
Of course there are exceptions, but to do that, one has to win in a dispute and conclude an advantageous arbitration plan.

“You will be punished by the Kingdom, if you sell land on your own accord.”

“It’s fine to simply exchange land, isn’t it!?” (Katia)

“That has to be permitted by the Kingdom.”

If the Kingdom gives its permission as foundation of the nobility laws, even acts that violate the laws will be tolerated as an exception.
I can’t believe that the Kingdom will refuse Margrave Breithilde’s proposal in this case.
After all they haven’t presented any plans to resolve the issue themselves.

“Damn! That’s unfair!” (Katia)

“Unfair, you say…this is the rational decision which Lord Eulenberg and Veith-dono made based on reality. I think it’s close to the best possible solution…” (Breithilde)

“Father! Brother! You got to stand firm here! If you do it skillfully, not only Baron, but even Viscount will be in reach! What’s the deal with giving up here!?” (Katia)

Katia, who ended up losing the argument against Margrave Breithilde, next turned her focus on her father and brother, trying to motivate the two.
Since she was confuted logically, it looks like she has switched over to appealing emotionally.
Having said that, saying to do something about it with fighting spirit…it’s not as if they are pre-war Japanese soldier. That idealism is extreme.

“Elise, is she becoming this headstrong because of her sadness of losing her birthplace?” (Wendelin)

I thought that Katia has become so emotional because she’s going to lose her home, and try asking Elise whether that’s correct.

“With the tunnel’s management, the Eulenberg House will make big progress. She’s someone who has left her family, but she will be happy if her home can make a breakthrough. I think that’s the gist of it.” (Elise)

“Again something troublesome…” (Wendelin)

Even though everything would have been resolved, if Katia hadn’t appeared.
I end up cursing the Goddess of Fate.

“Brother, welcoming a wife doesn’t work for you, right? In that case I will find a husband, have him take responsibility and leave the tunnel management to him.” (Katia)

“(Why does it have to go in this direction…?)” (Wendelin)

I quietly grumbled about Katia’s weird decision.
Even if she uses such irregular method, it won’t change the fact that the Eulenberg House will be turned into a puppet.
After hearing Katia’s absurd suggestion, even Margrave Breithilde openly frowned.

“She will return to her position as daughter of a noble house. That’s not really unusual…” (Ina)

It’s as Ina says.
Katia, who should have originally been married into some noble house, was able to act freely by leaving the house and becoming an adventurer due to the Eulenberg House’s unique circumstances.
Thus she would simply return to her original status.

“Therefore, please introduce a capable husband, who will do his best for the Eulenberg House, to me, Patron Margrave Breithilde.” (Katia)

“Wha-!? Katia-san, where did you hear about this story to begin with?” (Breithilde)

“Now that you mention it, it’s slightly odd.”

“Her coming here was a bit too fast.”

We bid farewell from her in Baulburg. Recently the adventurer guild’s size is growing at a good pace, but compared to the capital or Breitburg, the number of adventurers is low. That also means Baulburg’s adventurer guild falls behind in its speed of obtaining information.
I won’t go as far as saying that there are definitely no nobles who know about this, but since its my territory, that shouldn’t really be the case.
It’s no wonder that Wilma and Katharina are suspicious.

“As a matter of fact, right after leaving Earl Baumeister’s party, I unexpectedly ran into an adventurer who’s a bit of an acquaintance. He kindly told me about it.” (Katia)

Hearing about this story, Katia quickly jumped on a magic airship headed for Breitburg, and ran from Breitburg to the Eulenberg territory while boosting her speed with magic, she explains proudly.
It looks like that Katia is capable of the same feat as 『Yufa the Gale』, who visited us as messenger during the civil war.

“For the likes of messengers and spies employed by the church or adventurer guild, 1,000 km in a day is impossible. However if it’s 200-300 km, it’s not such a big deal for them either.”

After all they would move around with that much speed during battle.
I guess it’s not that complicated if you dedicate your mana solely to traveling.

“As long as I’m alive I won’t allow us to get deceived so easily. I’m begging you here, Margrave Breithilde-sama.” (Katia)

“…Umm, Margrave Breithilde…” (Wendelin)

“Earl Baumeister, even without everyone telling me…” (Breithilde)

Suddenly receiving an unreasonable request from Katia, Margrave Breithilde dropped his shoulders in disappointment.
And the one who leaked the information unnecessarily to Katia is without a doubt a noble.
It looks like one of the reason why His Majesty and the ministers didn’t come here is because they got busy with quelling the information leak.

“(Is this going to be resolved, Wend?)”

“(Even if you ask me…)”

Because of Katia’s misdirected scheming and the nobles maneuvering behind the scenes, the situation surrounding the tunnel has become even more chaotic.




“I’m home.” (Wendelin)

“Milord, I obtained information about that girl.” (Roderich)

“Thanks for your hard work.” (Wendelin)




In the end the tunnel matter returned to the drawing board due to Katia’s intrusion.
I wonder whether it wouldn’t have been fine if I had Lord Eulenberg reign in Katia with his authority as the feudal lord, but since it’s that reckless lass we’re talking about here, it’s possible that she will start searching for a husband on her own, if I do that.
There are many nobles that will consider taking advantage of this chaotic situation, trying to get some profit out of it, thus it’s necessary for that girl to be cautious as well. That’s what Margrave Breithilde said.
In the worst case it’s quite possible for Katia and her allied nobles to create a counter-movement against the family head.
As Veith-san seems to be soft on his younger sister, it’s possible that she would be able to push her arguments through.

『We have to make Katia agree.』 (Veith)

Having said that, Veith-san continues to persuade her together with Lord Eulenberg.
Meanwhile Margrave Breithilde ordered Burkhart-san to gather information about Katia.
The other day we got a little insight on her combat abilities, but there are still a lot of things we don’t know.
I pondered whether to ask Golf-san as leader of the 『Dragon Fighters』 who worked together with Katia on dragon subjugations, but he actually didn’t know that she’s Lord Eulenberg’s daughter either, it seems.
As we don’t know where he might be right now, we asked Burkhart-san, who has a lot of influence at the adventurer’s guild headquarter, to gather some information.

『It’s somewhat in the gray zone, so I’d be grateful if I could have you pretend to not know about it, okay Earl-sama?』 (Burkhart)

In order to avoid troubles, the adventurer’s guild has the tendency to not leak personal information about adventurers.
All the more for adventurers that earn a lot. If they stop earning money because the adventurers suffer damage from ridiculous extortions and crimes, it will be a considerable loss for the guild.

『Yo, is Eurariel-dono in?』 (Burkhart)

Once I brought Burkhart-san to the adventurer’s guild headquarter with 『Teleportation』, he entered through the back door, told the name of a certain person to a young office lady and then started to have a secret talk with the elderly man who appeared.
I think he belongs to the guild’s top brass.
Him not being surprised in particular after seeing me means that he’s accustomed to dealing with people in high positions.
In other words, he holds a high position within the guild.

『I can’t go too much into the details here, Burkhart.』 (Eurariel)

『Well, look…』 (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san explained the situation to elderly man.

『So that’s how it is, huh? Such work where you have to use your head is impossible for that girl. It can’t be helped…if you can get her to return as an adventurer…also…』

『Don’t worry, Eurariel-dono. I won’t reveal my source.』 (Burkhart)

『Well, I’d like to avoid a disciplinary inquiry. Treat me to a good drink later.』 (Eurariel)

『Trust me, I will.』 (Burkhart)

After that old man chat, Burkhart-san received one sheet of paper.
Holding onto that, we returned to the Eulenberg territory.




“How is it going with her?”


Once Burkhart-san showed the document he obtained to Margrave Breithilde, his looks immediately became grim.

“She’s earning quite a lot…”

“I guess she got the funds…”

We learned the reason for Katia’s confidence.
From her job as excellent adventurer she earned quite the hefty sum of money.

“She graduated from the capital’s adventurer prep school, and then earned more than 10,000,000 cents in the four years after becoming 15 years old…?”

If you ask why such outstanding talent didn’t catch the attention of Margrave Breithilde, despite her being the daughter of his vassal…

“Her registered name is just Katia, eh…?”

Katia herself only talked about originating from the Eulenberg territory, she never mentioned to her surroundings that she’s the daughter of a noble.
There are many such people among the adventurers who only assess others by their strength. There’s also the moral code among adventurers to not ask too much, if the other party doesn’t talk about it on their own accord.
It’s characteristic of this society that even the nobles, who requested her help, didn’t consider investigating her in detail since they would be unable to turn her into a retainer given that she’s a woman.
Even if they welcome Katia as a bride, the other side would get turned off due to her manly way of speaking and her strength.
If the other side negotiated with a condescending attitude without knowing that she’s the daughter of a noble, Katia would likely refuse and escape.

“Why didn’t she mention that she’s nobility?”

“『Bloodline is totally unrelated to adventurers! You will be famous if you earn a lot!』 is her favorite phrase.”

“It’s a sound argument, but that makes her a troublesome person.”

After all of us nodded in confirmation of Wilma’s impression, we next all looked at Katharina.

“Why are you looking at me?” (Katharina)

Katharina feels uncomfortable being in the center of attention.
It looks like she forgot the troubles she caused when she met us for the first time.

“Katia was no trouble at the first meeting, but now she has ranked up to being even more troublesome than Katharina.” (Wilma)

“Nothing less of you, Wilma-san…as usual you don’t go easy on others…” (Katharina)

Today as well Wilma’s sharp tongue was at peak condition.
Katharina’s face cramps up.

“Is she planning to manage the tunnel by herself with that character of hers after accepting an excellent husband?”

“She has more than 10,000,000 cents at hand, right? That boosts her confidence.”

What’s more important than anything in any society and epoch are sponsors.
Breithilde understood that better than anyone.

“I suppose she will cover the necessary expenses with her own funds.”

“If she continues to earn money as adventurer, she will be able to even procure additional funds…however, even if that turned out well…”

Even if she got an excellent husband, who’s no pimp and has no strings attached, it’s likely that it’ll create a conflict between brother and sister.
The longer Katia leaves the Eulenberg territory to earn funds, the more likely will the husband and the newly-hired personnel run into hostilities with Veith-san and the older fief residents.

“Even though the people in the Eulenberg territory would want to farm, their agricultural land would be taken away for development.”

In the end orders would be handed down with condescending attitudes by the next feudal lord’s sister, her husband and furthermore outsiders, forcing the residents to help with the tunnel’s management against their wills.
With uproars being a foregone conclusion, Elise’s face froze.
The Eulenberg territory is different from the former Knight Baumeister territory.
Seeing as the people can immediately choose to leave the territory and look for other work if they like, it would spell the Eulenberg territory’s end, if it lost its old population after having stolen the farming from them.

“That Katia has earned this much? That’s amazing.”

“Excluding you, Earl Baumeister, and your group, she’s regarded as young hopeful star, according to the information. It looks like she’s called 『Swift Katia』.”

“I have heard that previously when we hunted together. I was told so by Golf-san.”

“Adventurers are extremely self-conscious. They are weird show-offs that give themselves nicknames even though they don’t have any real abilities. But, in Katia’s case, she was called like this after people gave her that nickname on their own accord. That means her strength is the real deal.”

After all we have directly witnessed Katia’s abilities.
She’s weak at magic, but raising her speed with mana is one of her strengths that allowed her to ambush the dragons.
There’s no way that average adventurers would be capable of such a feat.

“Since the state of the raw materials she procures is good, her reputation is great as well. Especially ambushing special monsters such as wyverns and flying dragons and cutting their napes apart in one go…she did that in front of your eyes, didn’t she?”


That strategy won’t work against dragons with attributes, but even without recklessly challenging such dragons, it’s no problem for Katia as she earns plenty.
Even her equipment and her sabers were order-made items of considerably high quality.
That means she can spent as much money as she likes since she’s earning enough anyway.

“Having said that, how’s Katia-san going to search for a husband?”

“It’s not like Margrave Breithilde-sama can introduce someone convenient to Katia.”

Katharina and Luise seem to be full of doubt about Katia’s impulsive, haphazardly behavior.
If I remember correctly, Margrave Breithilde didn’t accept Katia’s request back then. Even if he introduces someone, she might refuse that person, saying that they are under the control of the Margrave Breithilde House.

“Through her connections as adventurer?”

“Looking for someone as adventurer, and looking for someone to develop a territory and improve the infrastructure are two different cups of tea.”

If it was the same anyway, she would have found a husband long ago.
Hence, Katia has to choose a capable person from nobility.

“Is she going to look for a person like Roderich-san?”

“Luise-san, it’s not that easy to find a person of Roderich-san’s caliber.” (Katharina)

“I guess so.”

I somehow managed to employ him at the start, but it’s not that simple to find such an outstanding talent.
That means I was quite lucky.

“Does she have any other connections?”

Even Margrave Breithilde cocked his head to the side in doubt, but in the end Katia seems to be someone with excessive energy who acts arbitrarily without any consultation.
Later she declared to search for a husband with a method that struck us speechless.


*   *   *


“Dear nobles! Do you know of the situation surrounding the Eulenberg territory? Then I will come straight to the point! I only want someone, who can fight against me and win, to become my husband!” (Katia)

Katia loudly announces the conditions of her husband search in front of a big audience right in the middle of a plaza located in the center of the royal capital.
Her bold way of speaking, her cute appearance that counters her mannerism, and her attitude that seems to provoke the nobles earned her a big applause from the commoners who listened to her.
The commoners, who are basically starving for entertainment, probably thought that something interesting is going to start.

“The matter with the tunnel, which made progress behind the scenes in absolute secrecy…”

On the other hand, Margrave Breithilde’s face has become pale.
Even though they proceeded with the talks behind closed doors because it’s a complicated matter of politics and rights, Katia exposed all of it on a public plaza.

“That Katia-san looks like an idiot on a first glance, but is she actually moving after calculating various options?”

Because Katia announced the matter with the tunnel to the public, it resulted in the commoners paying attention to who’s going to manage the tunnel.
This is equal to sealing all the underhanded tricks and backstabbing often used by nobility.
If she has calculated all that, she must be really skilled, but…
Katharina seems to believe that all of this might possibly be impulsive and intuitively.

“I think she’s just going at it by instinct. Like an animal.” (Wilma)

“That must be it…”

Margrave Breithilde shows his agreement to Wilma’s merciless, wicked tongue.

“Even though it’s about managing a tunnel, it’s no good unless they can’t win against Katia-san? Isn’t that weird?”

“It’s not strange, Ina-san.”

That’s because this serves as objective to lower the number of applicants.
It seems her aim is to remove all the idiots who plot to hijack the Eulenberg House with the power of their family, and those who only boast of a good pedigree.

“If you look for people meeting those requirements on a wide range, you will find quite a big number.”

“There’s that too, but I’m fairly strong-willed. Wouldn’t I want a husband who can at least reign me in?” (Katia)

Katia, who came back after finishing her announcement, explains to us the reason why she’s choosing a husband by their fighting strength.
They must also possess connections to both, the literary and military arts.
I wonder, does such a normalfag really exist?
As someone only possessing magic, I couldn’t sympathize with such genius-like existence.

“The ability to manage the tunnel and a strength surpassing your own, eh…? Aren’t you asking for a bit much there?”

“This country is big. There should be at least one man like this, right?” (Katia)

With her saying that he must be able to suppress the strong-willed her, I feel like Katia is mixing in her preferred man-type there.

“(What to say…with strength as criterion…)”

She might be a person who takes combat strength as criterion to compare herself with others.

“(Is she actually a battle junkie?)”

“I think with that condition only 『muscle-brains』 who are proud of their own strength will show up, though.”

Luise says something to Katia that has a tinge of a warning to it, albeit it’s probably not meant as a threat.

“That’s the reason why I addressed the nobles.” (Katia)

With the condition that they must possess connections allowing them to prepare personnel to manage the tunnel, she has casually excluded adventurers.
No matter how much stronger than Katia they might be, it bears no meaning if they can’t manage the tunnel.

“What about young merchants?”

“Luise-san, Katia-san is of noble origin. It’s different when a common woman marries into nobility, but a man being adopted by a noble family to marry their daughter doesn’t work.”

Margrave Breithilde explained to Luise why young merchants won’t be an option.

“Those are quite harsh conditions…”

Katia apparently had the goal of seizing the initiative by confidently announcing severe conditions to the nobles.

“It’s because of what’s at stake. With this they won’t be able to continue getting the better of us, who are tiny nobles.” (Katia)

Even though she puts on air, her cocksure attitude doesn’t fall apart.
For small nobles this might be the sole method to oppose high-ranking nobles.

“Katia, it’s great that you have a plan and all, but the reservation of the Colosseum to carry out the matches won’t come to pass unless I do it…”

The tunnel, which we opened up at great pains, won’t be usable as long as that’s not decided, no matter who’s going to manage the tunnel.
In the end I got stuck with going to the royal castle and booking the Colosseum for the battles.
I think it’s also necessary to explain the details to His Majesty and the ministers while at it.




“Earl Baumeister-sama, thanks for putting up with me for a little while.” (Katia)

She requested it quite carefreely, but it resulted in us going to look after Katia at my mansion until the martial arts tournament to decide her husband starts.
That’s because she declared that she won’t stay at her family’s home after creating a clash of opinions with her father and brother over her arbitrary decision to hold a tournament to decide her husband.
Even Margrave Breithilde has no obligation of taking care of her at this point in time.
Assuming she readily entrusted her safety to him, it would easily fan suspicions that he’s scheming to use a man of his family.
I don’t think that Margrave Breithilde would make use of such a plan, but even Katia is cautious, just in case.

“After all I would be troubled if the Margrave Breithilde House’s men crept into my bedroom at night while I’m asleep, and established facts then and there.” (Katia)

“Hm───m, you’re sure wary.”

“Naturally. Luise, you’re a female adventurer as well, so you know what I mean.” (Katia)

“I think I can understand.” (Luise)

She has become first-class as female adventurer and is earning quite a lot of money.
It might be natural for her to doubt anyone.

“You don’t suspect Wend, do you?”

Ina, are you saying I’m going to make a move on Katia?
Why such troublesome woman…just Katia is a no go.

“If the Earl Baumeister House forcibly stole even the tunnel rights of the Eulenberg’s side, the criticism by the surroundings would be brutal. Besides, I feel safe as there are many women here.” (Katia)

“(Wend, isn’t Katia surprisingly bright?)”

“(I think it’s just her wariness that’s strong.)”

Is Elise’s thinking correct?
Katia is a female adventurer acting by herself after all.

“Earl Baumeister, Elise, I will be in your care for a little while.” (Katia)

I decided to definitely complain to the surprisingly smart Katia later on.




“I will go to the royal castle.” (Wendelin)

“You have it hard, don’t you Earl-sama?” (Burkhart)

“Really, why did it have to turn out like this?” (Wendelin)

While tilting my head to the side in confusion, I head to the castle together with my guard Erw, Margrave Breithilde, and Burkhart-san.
Once we requested an audience with the king, we were guided to the audience hall right away.
Katia’s daring statement has apparently become a hot topic in the royal castle.
All the important people such as Doushi, Cardinal Hohenheim, Minister Rückner, Minister Edgar were assembled next to His Majesty.

“Earl Baumeister, an unmanageable tomboy showed up.” (Helmut)

The 『unmanageable tomboy』 mentioned by His Majesty is Katia.
Going against the opinion of her father and brother, meddling with the tunnel management without knowing whether she will be able to handle it, and boldly recruiting her husband in front of the public.
All of those actions can be regarded as reckless on a first glance, and daring on a second, but as way to struggle for an insignificant noble house, whose name hasn’t been even known until now, it’s not a wrong approach.
Katia turned the 『public eyes』 into her allies.

“Thanks to that, all the backstabbing has been sealed off.” (Helmut)

“Your Majesty, did you consider sending a royal member as husband?”

“It’s not that I hadn’t thought of that move, but it’s important that we’re able to keep the Kingdom’s costs for the tunnel’s guards at zero. If I had sent a husband, that would have strengthened the Eulenberg House, resulting in us being suspected of antagonizing the Margrave Breithilde House, which would be bad for the Kingdom.” (Helmut)

“Being suspected without cause is certainly undesirable.” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde agrees with His Majesty’s opinion.
If the Eulenberg House would gain in authority due to a royal becoming its family head, it would trigger new tensions with the Margrave Breithilde House, I guess… In that case they will choose to increase the posts through the deployment of the royal army’s guard unit.
I don’t know whether that’s the real intention here, but I was able to confirm that both are aware of that.

“Just when I pondered whether it should be managed by us because of that, that tomboy showed up.” (Helmut)

“However, that tomboy has put up harsh conditions.”

Even I was speechless due to those perfect superman recruitment terms.

“There is no one meeting those conditions in the royal family.” (Helmut)

“Among the family members of Margrave Breithilde, who has been no good at martial arts for generations, there’s also no one that could win against that tomboy.”

“The objective is probably to decrease the riffraff, but it’s a list of troublesome conditions.”

Katia declared that she also forbids to send out a skilled proxy. The populace, who heard that, cheered in joy.

『After all it would be a killjoy, if someone did the same as that retarded Duke.』

『Earl Baumeister-sama’s magic back then was amazing, though.』

Katia saying that they have to fight by themselves and not allowing them to send representatives just because they are important nobles was approved by the populace.
There’s also the case with Duke Hertha who previously acted very disgraceful in the battle against me. That also created a bad atmosphere for sending out representatives.
From the standpoint of His Majesty, that also seems to be headache inducing.
He probably doesn’t remember anyone who could put her under their control nor any younger nobles who could win against Katia.

“Being able to win against that tomboy while not tolerating the control of their home might also be troublesome to handle.”

By nature it’s unlikely that an heir will challenge Katia to a match.
Since only spare second sons and the unneeded later sons will make an appearance, it’s easy to imagine that they will rebel against being used by their home after winning against Katia and marrying her.

“In that case it’s also possible that there will be troubles with the family, resulting in unnecessary troubles around the tunnel. That means someone without any elements of instability would be preferable, but…”

“From our standpoint, dealing with the Margrave Breithilde House or any other noble house that can be controlled would be much more comfortable.”

Once you reach Minister Rückner’s level, the ups and downs of such small noble houses likely don’t matter.
It’s fine as long as the tunnel can be used safely and thus becomes a plus for the Kingdom’s economy.
In his eyes Katia is a rebel who appeared at the last moment.

“If the person himself says that they want to do it, we just have to leave it to them.”

“And what are we going to do if it ends in failure?”

“Minister Rückner, even before that, is there anyone who can win against the tomboy among the noble bean sprouts? That’s what I am worried about.” (Armstrong)

Doushi’s opinion is, in a certain sense, the most acrimonious.
He’s saying that there might be no one among the young nobles, who can win against Katia, without even being evasive about it.

“There should be at least one. Doushi, if you’re going this far, how about taking the stage yourself?”

“I don’t meet the requirements to begin with, but I’m also bad with such tomboys!” (Armstrong)

If it’s Doushi, he should be able to easily win against Katia, but there’s no way that he can leave His Majesty’s side to become a countryside noble.
I think even Minister Rückner knows as much, but he probably said it partially out of spite.

“I like graceful women!” (Armstrong)

Even though it’s surprising, all of Doushi’s wives fit that criterion.
Elise is his favorite niece, and as a matter of fact, Doushi seems to be popular among such women.
People might look for qualities that are exactly opposite of their own in the opposite sex.

“It sure causes uneasiness. I guess I will try to have several members of the royal family take part for the time being. If they win, it won’t become a problem.”

“Your Majesty, can they win?”

“So far as it goes, several of them are soldiers and quite skilled at swordsmanship. This will be a gamble.” (Helmut)

I guess even those royals are in a position where they won’t have any place to belong to if they don’t serve as soldiers. Even so, if they win against Katia, they can expect backing from the Kingdom.

“Even if they don’t say anything, the nobles will probably gather participants of their own. By the way, Earl Baumeister, are you going to be able to finish the preparations for opening the tunnel on your side?” (Helmut)

“Yes, as planned.” (Wendelin)

There’s no reason for there to be problems with that.
Roderich has made the plans, and I will be pushed around to build the foundations starting with tomorrow.
The only worrying part is the other side.
The tunnel can’t be used if it won’t be opened on both sides.

“Seeing as it had been made public, we have to inform the people about a conclusion they can understand to some extent. In one week the matches deciding the tomboy’s husband will be carried out in the Colosseum. I will prepare things in advance.” (Helmut)

Now that it has come to this, there’s no other choice but to hope for a strong noble that can defeat Katia.
His Majesty and the other important nobles will run about to prepare the tunnel’s opening after having been dragged into the difficulties surrounding that.



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