Chapter 2 – The Turmoil over the Illegitimate Child of a Certain Noble

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T/N: This story happened in the WN much earlier already. The placement and the pacing of the LN looks much better to me though. I completely translated the chapter without checking back on the WN version, so have fun.


“A Healing Tour?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, a Healing Tour. The villages in the circumference of the imperial capital have been troubled by the civil war, right? Accordingly it means that we are going to perform healing for free instead of paying them for their troubles. The people of the church are participating, but we are still short on hands. Foremost I’d like to request Elise-dono’s assistance.” (Peter)


We returned to the imperial capital together with the Imperial Army’s main force that had entrusted the former Nürnberg Dukedom to the army force staying behind.
When I believed that we would simply go home after receiving our reward, I was given yet another task by Peter.
The details are for me to offer healing for free to the citizens since the civil war caused them a lot of troubles.
Peter, who’s going to become the new Emperor, eagerly tries to strengthen the support by his imperial subjects, even going as far as pulling such obvious publicity stunt.

“I don’t mind, but…” (Elise)

“I’m not that good at healing magic, but it’s no problem.” (Wendelin)

Elise answers while worrying about my side, but even I’m not that small a man to reject occasionally doing some volunteer work.
Without thinking too deeply about it, I agreed to participate in the Healing Tour.

“I will join as well. Sometimes even nobles carry out charity after all.” (Katharina)

She can’t heal anything but minor injuries, but Katharina announced her participation in the Healing Tour arguing that it’s the duty of nobility to regularly participate in such volunteer work.

“Then you will be again treated as auntie by the children.” (Wilma)

“Wilma-san, something like that won’t happen all the time. After all I’m still in my teens.” (Katharina)

A while ago Katharina felt down because she had been called auntie by the children whose injuries she had treated.
Wilman pointed out that this might happen again.

“But, Katharina, children are especially cruel.” (Ina)

As Ina says, children calmly refer to a person around the age of 20 as uncle.
I remember feeling depressed after children called me uncle during my time at the university in my previous life.

“Accordingly, as it’s not like we will head into battle today, I should aim for an image change once in a while.” (Katharina)

No sooner than saying that, Katharina swiftly changed into a white one-piece dress with a neat and trim image instead of her usual attire.

“It’s somehow weird.” (Ina)

“True, somehow it feels really unnatural, doesn’t it…?” (Luise)

“It doesn’t suit you.” (Wilma)

Katharina planned to do an image change with all her might, but the evaluations of Ina, Luise and Wilma were harsh.

“Elise-san, what do you think?” (Katharina)

“Umm…it suits you…” (Elise)

Being a good girl to the core, Elise couldn’t honestly tell Katharina that her attire doesn’t fit her.
I confirmed that her eyes are wavering.

“Do you really believe that?” (Katharina)

“Yes…” (Elise)

It’s no good.
Elise is bad at lying.

“Wendelin-san, what do you think?” (Katharina)

I guess there’s no point in lying here…

“I’m not well-acquainted with fashion, but it looks unbalanced.” (Wendelin)

It was nice for Katharina to wear a simple attire, but her hairstyle is still the same.
If it’s her usual flashy attire, it suits her since the balance works out, but right now just the hairstyle oddly stands out…if I’m forced to phrase it out, she looks like a kokeshi doll with long hair.
I don’t know whether kokeshi dolls exist in this world, but…maybe they can be found in Mizuho?
I will look for them next time.

“What if you straighten your hair instead of the usual ringlets? If you do that, the balance will improve.” (Wendelin)

Katharina is a beauty, so it should suit her normally once she fixes that part.

“Change my hairstyle?” (Katharina)

“Yes.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-san, that’s impossible.” (Katharina)

“Is it a fixed family rule of the Waigel household or something?” (Wendelin)

She’s also a noble, so I can’t really force her if I’m told that it’s been decided by the household for generations.
There are many people possessing strange obsessions among nobles.

“No. Since my hair crimps, I can’t straighten my hair. As result of various trials and errors since my childhood, I confirmed this hairstyle to be the most suitable while at the same time possessing dignity as the hairstyle of a noble. Something like changing my hairstyle is simply not possible.” (Katharina)

Katharina declared boldly.

“Then that attire of yours won’t work.” (Wendelin)

“…How regrettable.” (Katharina)

In the end Katharina returned to her usual clothes.


“Elise, Katharina and me. I guess it’ll be fine if there are three healing magicians…” (Wendelin)

Everyone else plans to accompany us as guards or to waste some time. Burkhart-san has some circumstances, so he’s going to stay behind.
Since it looks like all we have to do is to make a Healing Tour to a single village, it will likely be plenty with three healers.
When I thought that, Doushi stated that he will participate as well for some reason.

“I will go too!” (Armstrong)

“There won’t be any combat.” (Wendelin)

“It’s necessary for me to practice the healing magic I learned!” (Armstrong)

I understand his sentiments, but Doushi’s healing magic won’t activate unless he hugs his target.
If it’s a child, they might suffocate. In case of a woman…I think I’d like him to especially hold back on women who haven’t been married yet.
Even men…I definitely wouldn’t want to experience that.

“Uncle-sama.” (Elise)

“What is it, Elise?” (Armstrong)

“Uncle-sama, I’d like you to handle the healing of the imperial soldiers.” (Elise)

I see. Since it would likely turn into a trauma for any innocent villager with no background knowledge if they were to be hugged by Doushi, he will be left in charge of the Imperial Army’s soldiers here, whose healing hasn’t finished yet.
Because of the Healing Tours, they are probably lacking healers.
They should be able to at least endure being hugged by an old muscled man as long as their injuries get treated…

“There’s still many injured among the soldiers. I believe they are in need of your abilities, Uncle-sama.” (Elise)

“It’s just as you say, Elise! Leave it to me!” (Armstrong)

Thanks to him being skillfully persuaded by Elise, the innocent villagers living in the Empire avoided falling prey to Doushi.
Their injuries will be healed, so at least enduring him is the job of a soldier, I think.


The splitting of personnel has finished with this. We headed to a village located in the outskirts of the capital.
That village is around half a day away on horse. We plan to lodge there today.

“I’m certain it was pushed on us, who are free, since it’s far away.”

Luise, although it’s probably the truth, you must not say that.

“Therese, you came along as well, eh?” (Wendelin)

“I can’t use magic, but I will at least help with the odd tasks. Even if I had stayed behind in the capital, there’s nothing decent I can do there anyway.” (Therese)

It’s the best plan for her to not come in contact with nobles that think she’s trying to stand in Peter’s way.
I guess that means she won’t leave my side until we leave the imperial capital.

“Dear, we will arrive in the scheduled village soon.” (Elise)

“There’s certainly no people that are so injured that they are about to die, right?” (Wendelin)

My healing magic is at intermediate level. I will feel pressured, if I were to be approached by severely wounded people as if I’m a certain, famous, unlicensed doctor.
I will feel somewhat bad to leave everything up to just Elise as well though.

“As expected, it should be rare to run into such people, but…” (Elise)


“It looks like we will be able to get healed with magic today. You have my utmost gratitude for that.”

Once we arrived at the village, an elderly with white hair that appears to be the village chief and goes beyond 70 in age extended his greetings as representative of the villagers.

“There is no healing magician in this village…”

Even if there’s a priest in the church, it’s not like he can use healing magic for everyone.
There are many priests who can’t use magic. They independently study pharmacy, mix medicinal plants and administer those.
For a church in a rural village it’s not enough to just preach from the pulpit to gain support.
But, medicine is expensive and the village has become poor due to the recent civil war.
Even though they are located in the capital’s outskirts, the number of people coming and going has dwindled, resulting in their income disappearing.
The Healing Tours are carried out to gain support for the new administration and help the Empire’s subjects.

“Well then, I suppose we are going to begin right away.”

At such times it’s the most efficient to entrust matters to Elise, who excels at healing magic.
Since she gained a lot of experience in the Kingdom with this kind of healing work, Elise went to work briskly.
Following Elise’s instructions, Katharina and I heal the slightly-injured people.

“I think I got the hang of it.” (Wendelin)

“Dear, please don’t use too much mana.” (Elise)

“There’s not that many injured in this village, right? Is there any need to focus on economizing to that extent?” (Wendelin)

I regard it as unnecessary to bother with saving mana here, but…

“Excuse me…we have heard in advance about you coming here today. A great number of patients have also come from the surrounding villages.”

“I see. For me to not notice something so obvious…” (Wendelin)

Since there’s no way for us to visit each and every single village, the villagers of the surrounding villages were likely instructed to gather at this village as much as possible.
Elise, who’s experienced in this, probably realized that a big number of patients would come.

“In order to lower the burden on Elise, I will also take over the patients ranging from minor to serious injuries. I guess we will entrust the slightly-injured people to you, Katharina. Err, Katharina…” (Wendelin)

Once I look at Katharina healing the slightly-injured people, she seemed to feel slightly depressed for some reason.

“Is something wrong, Katharina?” (Wendelin)

“Uuh…I’m just an auntie…” (Katharina)

She seems to be down after being again called auntie by the children.

“That’s how small children are. They are certainly calling me uncle or something like that, too.” (Wendelin)

“Is that true?” (Katharina)

“Yea, sure is. I’m the same as you, Katharina.” (Wendelin)

Since I was handling a three-years old child with a bone fracture right then, I tried to observe how it calls me during the healing.
Since small children are cruel, I’m certain it will call me uncle.

“Onii-chan, thank you.”

“…You’re welcome.” (Wendelin)

“…” (Katharina)

I didn’t expect this.
Even though it’s small, it’s a good child who discerned the truth.
Nevertheless, Katharina’s look is painful.


“I have become considerably accustomed to this.” (Wendelin)

“Umm…is it alright now?”

Having safely finished healing several hundred people, it was finally the last patient, but I knew that this person is going to be unmanageable for me and Katharina.
The patient was a young woman. She didn’t particularly look like an injured or sick person, but quite conspicuous burn marks were extending all over her face.
She said that he face got burned in a fire several months ago.
She’s not so severely wounded that it would affect her daily life, but it’s impossible for an inexperienced healer to erase these kinds of scars.

“It’s not like it influences her life, but this girl is scheduled to marry next month…”

“In that case it’s definitely better for her face to be beautiful.”

As fellow woman, Elise was enthusiastic about healing her.

“I approve as well, but how are you going to heal her?” (Wendelin)

As a matter of fact, these burn scars had been apparently healed once with healing magic.
The burn had been healed, but terrible scars were left behind.
It seems there are many such cases, but even if additional healing magic is cast here, it’s unlikely for the burn scars to disappear.
Even if you cast healing magic on a person, who has already been healed, it won’t improve anything at all.
As I’m troubled, Elise teaches me the healing method.

“There’s something we have to do first. Please hand me a knife with a sharp blade.” (Elise)

Once I hand Elise a knife, she speaks to the woman with the scars.

“Please endure as I’m going to shave off the burn marks.” (Elise)

Elise doesn’t go as far as administering an anesthesia, but she smears a medicine on the burn marks to soften the pain and then she begins to cut off the burn mark’s keloids with the knife.
Occasionally the woman’s body twitches due to the pain, but ignoring that, Elise cuts out all of the scars.
The affected parts and Elise’s hands were stained with blood.

“Dear. Please use powerful healing magic.” (Elise)

“Got it.” (Wendelin)

As way of thinking, cutting out the scars will probably allow to restore the skin with healing magic from scratch.
It consumed a somewhat larger amount of mana, but gradually the skin restores to its previous beauty.
After the healing, Elise wiped the affected parts that were covered with blood with a wet cloth. The burn marks had completely disappeared.

“Ooh! Amazing!” (Wendelin)

“Isn’t it your magic what’s amazing, Wendelin-san?” (Katharina)

Katharina says, but if Elise didn’t know the method of cutting out the scars first, the healing would have failed, I think.

“But, it sure healed beautifully…”

It’s not like you can completely heal all illnesses and injuries if you only cast healing magic.
The accumulation of such know-how is probably the strong point of the church.

“With this you will be able to marry without any worries.”

“Thank you very much.”

Having completely recovered from her burns, the young woman thanked Elise and me.

“Your husband will probably feel relieved as well.”

“Thank you very much for healing Heidi. Because of the burn marks on her face, she refrained from going outside and started to talk about canceling the marriage with me. As she suffered…”

A man, who seems to be the fiancé that accompanied her, revealed a relieved expression and gave us his thanks.
With this the first day of the Healing Tour came safely to an end.
And since it has become dark, it’s been arranged for us to lodge in the village.
Since there was fortunately a vacant house, we decided to rent it after receiving the village chief’s permission.


“I feel very sorry for it to be a vacant house with nothing in it…”

“Please don’t mind as we have brought the necessary furniture.” (Wendelin)

The beds, chairs and cookware, all of it has been stored in my magic bag, so I consider us to be low-maintenance guests.

“Though I think it would be great if you could provide us with a meal.” (Luise)

“Being close to the capital and the civil war, this village is barely scraping by. For Peter-dono to have nominated thou, Wendelin, is because thou won’t be any unnecessary burden on the village due to the need to provide hospitality.” (Therese)

Luise seemed to be bothered by the village chief not even offering a meal.
However, as the economical state of this area, including this village, is dire due to the civil war, it will bare any meaning to demand excessive hospitality, no matter how much healing magic we might have cast.

“I’m sorry. Even though you healed us for free, I can’t even provide any meaningful thanks…”

“It’s the special product of our village. If you don’t mind, please eat it.”

However, as they seemed to feel sorry unless they did something for us, the villagers, who received out healing, provided us with their own vegetables and such.

“Thank you very much for the fresh vegetables.” (Elise)

Elise, who’s also a person of character, thanked them and decided to make dinner with those vegetables as ingredients.
Miso Stew』 in a big pot cooked on a portable magic cooking stove. This dish is one of Elise’s originals.
It was a dish looking like a multicolored brew to me as a former Japanese, but it’s actually delicious.
It’s a mysterious stew that goes well with either bread or rice.

“There are also ingredients for a salad.”

In addition to making a salad, we roasted the monster meat that had been stored in my magic bag and prepared ready-made desserts, resulting in dinner being ready.

“Therese became more of a help than I expected.” (Ina)

Due to Therese skillfully cutting the vegetables, Ina praised her for having improved her handling of a kitchen knife in a short period of time.

“Fufun, my free time increased significantly. Since I noticed that Wendelin likes women who are good at cooking, it’s only natural for me to train myself in that direction.” (Therese)

To me it looks like there’s unexpectedly no consistency in regards to my preferences in women, but it’s correct that I have no wife that’s altogether bad at cooking.
Even in my previous life it was the same. There were situations where the mood got bad with women, who prepared bad food, because the conversation got dampened and it immediately showed on my face.
As result of that it might have developed into me having a perception that allows me to avoid such women.

“Therese, your cooking repertoire is lacking.”

“I’m learning that right now, too. It’s a nice thing to have time for such things, isn’t it?” (Therese)

In exchange it looks really difficult for Alfons who became the new Duke Philip though.

“Today you were admirable or should I rather say, fulfilling all expectations as usual, Elise-san. Especially the healing of the burn scars at the end was magnificent.”

“It’s something I was taught in the church.” (Elise)

Erasing only terribly burn scars with healing magic should require an extraordinary amount of mana. I can’t believe that all healing magicians are capable of that. If a healer uses a lot of mana to erase burn scars of a single patient, whose life isn’t in any danger due to those scars, it will influence the healing of other patients, who are on the brink of death.
Accordingly know-how like the one about first cutting out the burn scars is probably something that the church has been accumulating.
By doing that, even my healing magic, which is only at intermediate level, becomes capable of dealing with such situations.
It’s also being said that the church has become corrupt in the recent years, but since they possess medical knowledge, it’s an useful organization with a strong support.

“Elise, you don’t feel disturbed even if you see blood, do you?”

“I’ve been performing medical treatment for a long time now. But I did feel shaken when I saw blood for the first time.” (Elise)

“That makes sense… I was truly frightened when I was told to drain the blood of a rabbit that I had killed for the first time in my childhood.” (Erwin)

I guess Erw experienced something like that as well.
It was the same for me, but nowadays I stopped feeling sick even when looking at the aftermath of a battlefield.
Humans are creatures that can get used to anything, aren’t they?

“It’s great that we finished the healing within today. It allows us to go back to the imperial capital early in the morning tomorrow.”

“We might get asked by His Highness to do various things, if we stay too long in the Empire.”

Certainly, Wilma’s comment is probably correct. Let’s get our reward and return to the Baumeister Earldom as soon as possible.

“I guess we will buy some souvenirs and then go home.”

“Souvenirs are important.”

It’s not like souvenirs are just for other people. They also exist to buy what one likes and to enjoy the feeling of having traveled for a while even after returning home.

“That’s true, isn’t it. There are the souvenirs of the Empire, but we also must not forget souvenirs of Mizuho.”

Because Haruka resembles a Japanese she seems to have a nature of fussing over souvenirs.
Since we finished Peter’s request in one day, our after meal chat naturally inclined towards returning home.
Very soon we will be able to return.
I wonder what kind of souvenirs should I get?
Probably because we talked about something like returning, we ended up getting dragged into yet another troublesome matter…or am I reading too much into it?

“Excuse me for visiting you so late in the night.”

When there was a sudden knocking at the door, Erw opened it while staying on guard just in case. On the other side of the door were the village chief and a young girl that looked to be around 12~13 years old.

“Village Chief-san, do you have any further business with us?” (Erwin)

“As a matter of fact, I have something private to discuss with you…it’s about this child here.”

“Unnecessary. Such kind of behavior will only kill Wendelin’s mood.” (Therese)

I couldn’t understand the intention behind the words Therese directed at the village chief while getting slightly angry.

“(What’s this about?)” (Wendelin)

“(Although it’s because of the civil war, they are unable to decently entertain us who provided medical treatment for them. That’s why he brought this girl.)” (Therese)

Does the village chief mean to say: “We prepared the most beautiful girl of this village. So please enjoy her for this night”?

“(I don’t need her…)” (Wendelin)

Moreover, this child is much too young.
Aren’t usually a lot elder women used for such a task?

“(The one who did the most in today’s healing session was Elise. Is there a custom to offer up a good-looking man, if the other party is a woman?)” (Wendelin)

“(Wendelin, sometimes thou say things that make me want to open up that head of thee to check its contents…)” (Therese)

Having heard my remark, Therese looked at me with a completely fed-up expression.

“Village chief, including myself, there’s this many women here. That kind of consideration is uncalled for.” (Therese)

“(Therese, you are shrewd.)” (Wilma)

“(Be quiet. That’s just a figure of speech.)” (Therese)

Because she implicitly mentioned that she’s also my woman, obviously using the occasion, she got a retort from Wilma.

“No, that’s not my intention. This child is the illegitimate child of a certain noble-sama…”

“What? It has started already?” (Therese)

“Therese, what do you mean?” (Wendelin)

“That child’s father probably wants to possess a connection to thou, Wendelin.” (Therese)

Ah, that kind of meaning, huh?
I guess that means they are trying to form a relationship with the Earl Baumeister household by forcibly placing that child, which is an illegitimate child, at my side since a marriage all of a sudden is difficult.
Even though the civil war finally came to an end, something troublesome came visiting once again.

“Umm…that’s not what I mean. This child is the illegitimate child of a noble from the Helmut Kingdom. All I’m asking is whether I could have you take her back with you, if possible.”

“What? Thee say she’s the daughter of a Kingdom noble?” (Therese)

As expected, even Therese didn’t expect this child to be an illegitimate offspring of a noble from the Kingdom.
She was surprised for a change.

“Village Chief-san, can you tell us about the details…?”

It seems the village chief wanted to somehow entrust this child to me after having learned that I’m a noble from the Helmut Kingdom.
We let in the village chief and the young girl inside the house in order to listen to the full story.

“I’m called Philine. Please take care of me.”

Once urged on by the village chief, the girl introduced herself.

“Philine-san, right? How about some cake?”

“…Umm…” (Philine)

“Philine, accept it.”

“Yes!” (Philine)

There’s no way for a still young child to explain her own complicated history. For the time until the village chief finished the explanation, Elise put out cake and tea, and had her silently eat some of it.
At first Philine held back, but once she received the village chief’s permission, she began to delightfully eat the cake.

“Actually the mother of this child was a woman known for her beauty. At the time of the last Friendship Group’s visit, she was selected as maid to take care of a noble-sama from the Kingdom.”

Back then she got pregnant with the child of that noble.

“…And then she gave birth to Philine in this village, her own birthplace…”

After that mother and child lived in this village for a while, but her mother died to sickness when Philine was still very young. After that the village chief, a distant relative of hers, apparently took care of her

“At this rate, rather than living in this village, it’s better for her to rely on you, Earl Baumeister-sama. As soon as I believed that returning this child to her father would open up her future…”

In such a rural village a girl descending from a foreign noble is probably difficult to handle.
Since I, a Kingdom noble, luckily came here, he believed this to be fate and decided to try entrusting Philine to me.

“Huh? Did Peter actually know about this?”

Is that the reason for us having been in charge of this village?

“Earl Bameister-sama, no one except Philine, her deceased mother and me knows about Philine’s descent though…”

Coincidence…? If that’s true, this girl must be very lucky?
Though I might have a predisposition to get dragged into things.

“Say, I’m sorry to doubt you, but isn’t it slightly weird? That child is too big.”

The visit of the last Friendship Group is approximately ten years ago. And yet Philine’s big body looks like that of a 12~13 years old girl.
Just as pointed out by Luise, it doesn’t really match up with her age?

“Young madam, Philine is 10 years old right now, so the calculation is correct.”

“Eeeeeh! This child is still ten?” (Luise)

We were a bit surprised as well, but Luise, who head Philine’s age, apparently felt so all the more.

“Haha! It’s because that girl is bigger than Luise and doesn’t look like she’s much younger than her either.” (Erwin)

Erw laughed while pointing out that Luise looks younger than her actual age and Philine looks older than her actual age.

“It would be a turn-around if she was one year older! If Luise was around 30 years older, she would be, suitable for her ag…uguh!” (Erwin)

His mouth is his own downfall.
Erw was silenced with a vicious elbow strike from Luise.

“That clears up the matter with Philine’s age. So, about the evidence…” (Elise)

At this point Elise skillfully changed the topic.

Stories about illegitimate children of high-ranking nobles actually aren’t all that rare.
There are quite a few real examples of that, but since it looks like there are manifold more fakes out there, it’s not like we can take her back while accepting it so easily.

“Evidence, you say? It’s here.”

The village chief showed us the evidence he brought along…


Since it was proven with the evidence that Philine is really an illegitimate child, we returned to the capital early in the morning of the next day.

“Huh? That child is your new wife, Wendelin?” (Peter)

“No way!” (Wendelin)

Peter, who came to greet us, said something foolish after seeing Philine, so I denied it with all my mind.

“Right! Now’s not the time to keep you company, Peter!” (Wendelin)

“Eeeeh! Isn’t that way of phrasing it way too cruel?” (Peter)


Ignoring Peter’s objection, we hurry to Burkhart-san, who didn’t participate in this time’s Healing Tour. He was teaching young magicians who are going to support the Empire in the future. Given that he himself can’t use healing magic either, he stayed behind.

“Burkhart-san, there’s a little something to discuss…” (Wendelin)

When I called out to him, he was just talking about something with Doushi.

“Even though I’m telling them that I will heal them, there are many who decline that!” (Armstrong)

“The civil war came to an end, so it’s alright to not hurry, don’t you think?” (Burkhart)

Doushi was supposed to stay back in order to heal the injured imperial soldiers, but there was apparently a lot less work for him than expected.
Well, it can’t be helped if it’s an injury where the patient will die if they aren’t treated right away, but being hugged by Doushi to cure a wound that will heal itself soon is something they hate. If one is suspected of homosexual love by the priests healing together with Doushi, it will also have various inconveniences in this world.

“Isn’t it great that you have free time? Oh, Earl-sama, you came back? Huh? Who’s that child? Your new wife?” (Burkhart)

No way, for Burkhart-san to say the same thing as Peter…

“No. I’d like to consult with you in regards to this child.” (Wendelin)

“To persuade Elise-dono? I don’t want to. Do it yourself.” (Burkhart)

“I told you she’s not my wife, so please give it a rest. As a matter of fact this child is…” (Wendelin)

I explained to Burkhart-san that Philine, who we brought with us upon the village chief’s request, is Margrave Breithilde’s daughter.

“This girl? Certainly, the color of her hair is the same as master’s…her face is similar as well, bah I guess she resembles him…” (Burkhart)

“That’s why I said that she’s the real deal. Look, here’s the evidence.” (Wendelin)

Among the items the village chief entrusted to us, there was a diary written by Philine’s deceased mother.
We read the content as well. Philine’s mother was apparently in charge of assisting Margrave Breithilde at the visit of the previous Friendship Group.

“Last time? I didn’t see any of that.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-dono and I were busy with entertaining Therese-sama!” (Armstrong)

Come to think of it, Therese said something along those lines, didn’t she?
Burkhart-san and Doushi visited various places for fun in the capital together with Therese who was still young back then.

“It’s no wonder that master didn’t say anything about me leaving everyday. Rather, I considered it weird that he joyfully sent me off…” (Burkhart)

That’s because he repeatedly had trysts with Philine’s mother, using the good opportunity that his annoying watchdog was gone.

“Dense.” (Wilma)

“Ugh! I can’t deny that…” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san didn’t possess any counterarguments to Wilma’s merciless comment.

“There’s still more evidence.”

Not just the diary, but also love letters Margrave Breithilde gave to Philine’s mother, a letter that proves that it’s his child if a child is born, and a luxurious knife with the family crest of the Margrave Breithilde family were part of the evidence.

“The handwriting is definitely that of Margrave Breithilde-sama. Same for the crest on the knife. If I remember correctly, this knife can only be made by the shop of the Margrave Breithilde household’s purveyor, right?”

“I guess Margrave Breithilde enjoyed himself at the destination of his trip?”

“Master really can’t be helped…” (Burkhart)

With even Ina and Luise, who are the daughters of Margrave Breithilde’s retainers, giving statements that remove all objections, Burkhart-san surrenders completely.

“I really don’t want to say it, but he’s the worst!” (Katharina)

Katharina, who’s a famous magician and also a noble, quite bluntly criticized Margrave Breithilde’s deed.
They don’t voice it out, but it looks like Elise and the others clearly agree with her.
That was the moment when the reputation of Margrave Breithilde, who seems to be an educated, good young man, crashed to the bottom.

“Love letters…even at such times Margrave Breithilde shows his affinity to the liberal arts, doesn’t he…?”

When we checked the contents albeit feeling sorry, phrases, which were embarrassing to even look at, such as 『The you who is as beautiful as the sun』 or 『How shall I convey this throbbing in my chest to you?』 were written in there.
Seeing the contents, Doushi and Erw started to laugh while rolling around due to the overly embarrassing lines.
Margrave Breithilde might have been serious, but seen by an outsider, it’s kind of ridiculous and a public execution for the person himself.
The difference between the women’s scornful laughter and the men’s mocking laughter was surreal.

“『A love poem sent to the dear you by Amadeus Freitag von Breithilde』…he’s totally blowing it out of proportions…”

An embarrassing poem, which seems to have been written by Margrave Breithilde, was pasted on a page of the diary.
It appears that he’s good at writing traveler’s journals and similar, but he has absolutely no talent for love letters and poems.
To me it simply looks like Margrave Breithilde’s dark past.
If something like that was written by me and had been leaked to society, I would certainly consider suicide.
That’s how embarrassing this poem was.

“Margrave Breithilde-sama has really zero talent as poet.”

“He might have talent as comedian though.” (Luise)

“Luise, you know…” (Ina)

Ina chided Luise, but Doushi and Erw laughed out even louder.
Even Elise seemed had to struggle hard to resist laughing.

“Burkhart-san, please inform Margrave Breithilde at once.” (Wendelin)

With that device destroyed, the restriction on communication and movement magic was lifted.
I ask Burkhart-san to immediately inform Margrave Breithilde through a Magic Handheld Communication Device (MHCD).

“I will tell him. But, who’s going to look after this child until she meets with master?” (Burkhart)

“Isn’t it fine to take her along right away?” (Erwin)

“Don’t say something so absurd, Erw lad.” (Burkhart)

“In this world, where dispute over the illegitimate children of nobles is an everyday occurrence, it’s impossible for her to immediately meet her parent, no matter how much evidence she has.” Burkhart-san states.

“Indeed. First you must inform Margrave Breithilde-sama alongside handing over the evidence. Then Margrave Breithilde household’s side will judge its authenticity.” (Haruka)

Unexpectedly Haruka was the most composed among the women.
I wonder, did such disputes also take place in the Fubayashi household in the past?

“No!” (Takeomi)

Takeomi-san instantly denied that.

“To have this much evidence…somehow it’s an unpleasant story.”

“He has to talk with his wife and gain her approval. And it’s necessary to inform all his major retainers.”

“That’s how it is. With this child entering the Margrave Breithilde household, people, whose situation will change drastically, might appear. If it’s only about master giving his okay, then there’s no problem, but it’s essential for him to negotiate with those below in advance. Besides, you know…” (Burkhart)

“Even if she were to be allowed to meet with Margrave Breithilde-sama, a minimum of manners is necessary.” (Elise)

Manners, huh…? As expected of Elise to notice something like that.
If you consider Philine’s education, it might be best to regard her as unfamiliar with the manners of a noble’s daughter.
If it was the Knight Baumeister household, it would be no issue at all, but the Margrave Breithilde household is upper nobility amongst high-ranking nobles.

“Burkhart-san, you will teach her that?” (Wilma)

“No…I can’t teach a little girl about manners.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san completely denied it upon Wilma’s question.

“Even if you were to entrust me with a little girl…look…” (Burkhart)

Once Burkhart-san tried to get close to Philine, she hid behind Doushi.

“This mister is scary…” (Philine)

“It looks like I’m being disliked.” (Burkhart)

“How regrettable, Burkhart-dono.” (Armstrong)

“For a change you’re liked by a child…” (Burkhart)

Even so, Philine is weird.
She’s afraid of Burkhart-san, whose popularity among women and children isn’t really bad, and instead she’s emotionally attached to Doushi, whose popularity among women and children is bad…
She stayed hidden behind Doushi.

“I don’t know the manners of women either.” (Armstrong)

One wouldn’t be able to imagine from his appearance, but since Doushi had been born into high-ranking nobility, he received proper education in his childhood. In that point he wasn’t criticized by other nobles.
Though it’s really unexpected…

“How about asking some free-looking noble or their family?” (Armstrong)

“That’s no good.”

“I guess so.”

It would be best to not leak the information about Margrave Breithilde’s illegitimate child to others.
It can’t be helped that Doushi will…leak the information to His Majesty, but it’s best to not tell Earl Schultz and his group, who are doing many things together with us.

“Elise-dono, can I leave it to you?” (Burkhart)

“Dear?” (Elise)

“Philine is a girl, so it might be a good idea for Elise and the others to look after her. Can I ask that of you?” (Wendelin)

“That’s a matter of course. Please leave it to me.” (Elise)

Elise willingly took over the task of taking care of Philine.

“Since I only have elder brothers, I’m happy that I was able to gain a little sister.”

“Ina-chan and I also have only elder and younger brothers.” (Luise)

“Though it’s Luise that looks younger than Philine…uguh!” (Erwin)

Luise once again delivers an elbow strike against Erw who blurted out something unnecessary.

“I request it of you since I will try to make her meet with master as soon as possible! And, please keep it a secret from Earl Schultz and the others by all means…” (Burkhart)

“That’s fine, but…”

I don’t have the hobby of deliberately spreading rumors all over, but with Doushi having heard about it, it has the same meaning as it having been leaked to His Majesty…
Does he believe that to be inevitable?

“Philine, since the capital’s gelato shop has reopened, I will go buy some for you! Are you going to eat that?” (Armstrong)

“I will hold back on it as I just ate cake.” (Philine)

“How levelheaded! We will eat it together after dinner!” (Armstrong)

“Thank you very much, Doushi-sama.” (Philine)

At any rate, Philine is an odd one.
Normal children will cry or be scared if they see Doushi…

“Wend-sama, is it something that can be hidden?” (Wilma)

“That’s where the problem lies…” (Katharina)

I was told by Wilma and Katharina.
If we suddenly start taking care of Philine, Earl Schultz and his group, Philip and Christoph are bound to consider it weird.

“Let’s have her usually wear this.” (Wendelin)

“Maid clothes.”

“Wendelin-san, you are going to pretend that you have hired a new maid, aren’t you?” (Katharina)

Fortunately Philine looks older than Luise.
She may be regarded as new maid apprentice…right?

“It might be better than not doing it.”

“But, won’t it be considered in the manner of you having ushered in a new wife, Wendelin-san?” (Katharina)


Even though it’s for the sake of a reunion of parent and child, the risk to me is…
However, that worry faded away during the evening of that day.


“Earl Baumeister, is that the rumored daughter of Margrave Breithilde?”

“It was exposed right away, eh…?” (Wendelin)

“It’s because my father also participated in the previous Friendship Group. There was no definite proof, but rumors were circulating.”

It also means that Earl Schultz is a high-ranking noble with a history albeit an appointed one. The fact of Philine being Margrave Breithilde’s illegitimate child was exposed in one go.

“Is possessing such a characteristic silver-colored hair limited to people of the Margrave Breithilde household?”

“Yeah…he will be scolded by his wife later…”

Burkhart-san held his head between his hands due to the all too sudden exposure.

“Wend-sama, court service is difficult.” (Wilma)

“That’s true.” (Wendelin)

Only at this time I thought of the bottom of my heart that it was good for me to be a noble.



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