Chapter 7 – Peter and Therese and…

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In the battle over the capital against Duke Nürnberg, Peter defended successfully after being inaugurated as Prime Minister of the Empire and thus gained a victory. Due to this defeat, Duke Nürnberg has scurried back to his own territory after losing a great number of his elites, who depended on his trusted retainer, the famous Zauken.
With this major victory, him becoming the next emperor was basically set in stone.
After the victory, Peter’s rule over the central area, including the capital, went smoothly. Even the nobles announcing their support for him grew in number. The reorganisation for the next Duke Nürnberg subjugation was progressing as well. With this, the civil war’s end should…yeah right, the world isn’t such a nice place.

“She turned up again with a detestable timing, didn’t she?” (Peter)

As if observing the capital, a big army led by Therese and the nobles under her occupied the capital’s outskirts.

“Even if the whole army would have been unreasonable, reinforcements for the previous battle should have been in time. Them coming here now without having done so means…”

“That’s how it is. At this rate, Duchess Philip-dono probably can’t afford to stay silent either.” (Popek)

Peter and us, who went to inspect the repairs of the walls that had been damaged in the previous battle, can’t deny Popek’s predictive opinion.

“But Therese might also think that her not becoming empress will be fine as it will allow her to approach Wend or something like that.” (Luise)

“Even if she herself thought that, I don’t believe that her will matters in this situation any longer.” (Elise)

Elise gently refuted Luise’s statement.

“Well that makes sense. Even though it should have been set in stone for her to be the next empress, it was snatched from her through a big and unexpected winner1 called His Highness Peter.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-dono, I think there’s a slightly better way to phrase that…” (Emera)

For a change Emera rebuked Burkhart-san who worded it as if making light of Peter.

“Sorry, sorry. And yet, aren’t you quite nice there towards His Highness Peter, Emera-jou?” (Burkhart)

“Currently you have to consider His Highness’s position. I only thought that this statement of him sabotaging others isn’t appropriate.” (Emera)

“Certainly, you are right with what you are saying, Emera-jou. I stand corrected.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-dono, nice. See? Emera cannot help loving me.” (Peter)

Indeed, since Burkhart-san was able to pull out a protective statement from Emera, his own rude words are inconsequential, I suppose?

“Your Highness, right now the countermeasures against Duchess Philip are the most important, no?” (Emera)

“Even if you say countermeasures, she certainly won’t attack the capital with that big army, will she? I mean, she’s only here after being dragged into it by the people around her. I think that much should be Therese’s limit.” (Peter)

Peter stopped addressing Therese as Duchess Philip. He’s probably not regarding her as rival anymore.

“I see, so you are saying it won’t turn into a battle?”

“As I said, that’s her limit. If she attacks now, our side will be exhausted after having just finished a decisive battle against Duke Nürnberg, so we are full of openings as we are in the middle of reorganising our troops. At the moment she’s unable to do that, you can safely declare that she isn’t suited for being an empress during wartime. Even though she would have been a good empress during peaceful times, but I guess she just has bad luck. Ah, maybe…” (Peter)

“Maybe what?” (Armstrong)

Doushi suddenly brought his face close to Peter, looking very interested.

“Is it love? She doesn’t want to kill the man she loves.” (Peter)

“I see.” (Armstrong)

This time Peter and Doushi suddenly brought their faces close to me.

“Umm, you know…” (Wendelin)

“First she will come here with the intent of congratulating us on repelling Duke Nürnberg’s army. The real deal comes after that.” (Peter)

Peter’s prediction was on the spot. A messenger from Therese arrived, asking for permission for her to enter the capital for the sake of expressing her congratulations for the victory.

“As expected, she has been strung along by the people around her.” (Peter)

Peter muttered in a whisper while waiting for Therese in the throne hall.

“After all it’s a group that would lose its glorious future as supporters of the new empress, Duchess Philip-dono. Maybe they are going to try having you, Your Highness, recognize Duchess Philip-dono’s superiority by threatening you with their military force?”

“I wonder, do they really think that such a plan will bear any fruit?” (Peter)

“They have no other choice but to believe so. That’s how far they have been cornered after all.”

They received so much of a shock by Peter’s brilliant triumph.


“In the end, people prioritize their own matters. Because she’s supported by such people, they are trying to force something unreasonable to the top. Do you understand if you look at mine and Philip-nii-san’s fate? In the eyes of society, we were fools. But, no matter how many proper policies a leader tries to implement, there are times when they are compelled to implement poor policies due to being pressured by those below them.” (Christoph)

Since it’s a statement by Christoph who actually failed in the inheritance power struggle of the Margrave Browig household, everyone listened to him sincerely.

“I guess we will first have them show us what they’ve got.” (Peter)


That evening Therese visited the Imperial Palace while bringing only a few attendants along.
It seems to be under the pretext of a courtesy call.

“Peter-dono, first I shall congratulate you for your great victory.” (Therese)

“I think I was just lucky. Wendelin was with me as well. Though it wasn’t only that either.” (Peter)

Upon Therese’s greeting, Peter handled it with his usual attitude.
He demonstrated an attitude that told her to obey him already and indirectly declared 『I won’t yield to your threats』 and 『Earl Baumeister, on whom you have been relying, is my close friend』.

“(Wouldn’t it be better for him to handle her a bit more politely…?)” (Ina)

“(You’re right, the other party is a duchess after all.)” (Katharina)

Ina, Katharina, that’s not correct.
If he compromises here by abasing himself unskillfully, the other party will only get carried away.
If he accepts them as is, the possibility of yet another civil war occurring after Duke Nürnberg’s subjugation can’t be factored out. That’s why Peter is trying to have the other side accept that they are below him.

“It’s been a while, Earl Baumeister.” (Therese)

Without saying anything to Peter, Therese greeted me next, but her expression looks slightly gloomy. She was accompanied by two young males in the latter half of their twenties in addition to Alfons.
Since they are wearing extravagant clothes despite not being Lan tribe members, they are probably Therese’s elder brothers.

“It’s been indeed a long time, Your Excellency Duchess Philip.” (Wendelin)

“No matter where you go, you make a great impact, don’t you?” (Therese)

“It’s because I’d like to be able to return to the Kingdom as soon as possible.” (Wendelin)

“I guess you’re right. The civil war will come to an end soon.” (Therese)

Therese’s expression is dark after all. Though I might not have noticed it if I didn’t know her.
At any rate, Earl Baumeister, huh? She’s probably taking the surroundings into consideration. I guess there’s no way for her to address a traitor by name, huh? Her elder brothers behind her look at me with expressions that didn’t hide their negative feelings about me.
Because the civil war dragged on for too long, it seems like these guys are plotting to make a comeback. Therese’s despotic authority has declined.

“For the punitive force, which had three times more troops than their enemy, to lose and for His Majesty to be killed, by no means…did we imagine for that to happen. Since we waited with the mobilization until the harvest was done, it took time for our feudal armies to assemble.”

One of Therese’s elder brothers says something that appears to be an excuse, but in that case, it would have been fine if you had sent the 10.000 soldiers stationed in the Great Sorbid Wastelands’ encampment.
At the moment they didn’t do that, the suspicion that the northern lords wouldn’t send any reinforcements became reality.

“There’s no use in talking about the past. You will be able to work for the Empire from now on, right?” (Peter)

“Of course.”

Peter, who assumed the position of the Empire’s Prime Minister, openly treated Therese and those with her like his subordinates.
Therese’s group cannot afford to get angry over that.
After all Peter’s inauguration as the Empire’s Prime Minister had been approved by the parliament. If they were to complain about this, it would turn into a question where the responsibility lies and they would be told 『You people have no right to complain after not being even in time for the decisive battle against Duke Nürnberg’s army!』.

『Seeing that the capital had been re-captured by Duke Nürnberg, they would use the opportunity and stab into the openings to defeat him. It’s not a bad strategy, but it looks like you overthink things a bit too much, doesn’t it Duchess Philip?』

Gilbert clearly saw through the plan of Therese’s group.
There’s no such capable soldier in the liberation army after it lost Earl Lärmer. Given that Alfons is an able organisation manager rather than a capable soldier, he probably wasn’t able to meddle in this time’s matter.

“Right now we are reorganizing the Duke Nürnberg punitive force. I will inform you about your deployment later. Well then, I’m busy.” (Peter)

The audience ended after a short time and Therese’s elder brothers left the throne hall without even hiding their displeasure.

“Looks like those guys are the key people. I have no doubt that they are up to no good.” (Peter)

“They are?” (Elise)

“Correct, Elise-dono. As expected, Therese-dono was calm and composed. Well, she’s thinking that it can’t be helped even if she doesn’t become empress herself. But you know, her elder brothers are no good.” (Peter)

There’s also a shortage of servants, but Peter favorized the tea made by Elise since the time when he was stationed in Sakart.
He answers her question while enjoying the maté tea made by her.

“So it’s the rank and territory of the Duke Philip peerage…”

“Yes, they can’t resist its appeal.” (Peter)

Meaning, it’s not only Therese’s problem whether she becomes empress or not.

“If Therese-dono becomes empress, the Duke Philip title will naturally become available. Since she has no children of her own, the next Duke Philip will be chosen from among her elder brother’s sons, in other words, her nephews.” (Peter)

The skin colour decides in the Philip Dukedom, so her elder brothers can’t directly succeed the peerage, but if it’s her nephews, there’s no problem with skin colour. Since they are still very young, the real power should be in the hands of her elder brothers. If it goes smoothly, they might be even able to aim for the position of next emperor after Therese.
The number of Prince-elector households has decreased. It has become doubtful whether the rule that people of the same prince-elector household can’t be chosen as emperor in a row can still be applied.

“The situation taking a drastic turn is inevitable!” (Armstrong)

“That means it will be more comfortable for us if we clean up first before attacking Duke Nürnberg. A drastic turn would be very welcome. Ah right, can you please call Gatora?” (Peter)

Peter summoned his trusted retainer Gatora who became the new head of the intelligence department.

“Does it look like the situation will take a drastic turn?” (Peter)

“Yes, she got secretly in touch with the elder brothers of Duchess Philip.” (Gatora)

“After all.” (Peter)

“After all?” (Wendelin)

“Well, there’s a woman who has her head full of fresh cream.” (Peter)

Does that mean that Peter’s mother-in-law, the wife of the dead Emperor, has joined up with Therese’s elder brothers and is trying to remove Peter?

“Didn’t that person escape earlier!?” (Katharina)

In spite of being forced to join the counterattack by Peter while being scared of Duke Nürnberg, who was approaching the capital, she’s going to try to restore her rights once Duke Nürnberg is defeated. There should be a great number of nobles, who gave up on their official position out of fear towards Duke Nürnberg, including her own elder brother, Marquis Areil, behind the empress.
Katharina got angry that it was an act unbecoming of a noble.

“Well, it’s because they are nobles that they use such underhanded tricks, right? But, they are stupid. Did they really think that I wouldn’t watch out for them?” (Peter)

As if seeing through the true character of those people, Peter laid a trap for the empress and her supporters.
And they were completely caught in it.

“Katharina-dono, I have compassion. Even though they could have spent their lives in luxury due to their annuity alongside their territories and peerages, if they had stayed obedient, they are unnecessarily greedy. Katharina-dono, you should be careful as well.” (Peter)

“I guess you are right…” (Katharina)

Katharina actually regarded Peter as a frivolous person. Although that’s not wrong either, he’s capable of making a cruel decision like this, if push comes to shove. It’s not like I clearly perceived that either, but I might have guessed so with my intuition. That’s why I bet on Peter.

“Are you going to take measures in advance?” (Wendelin)

“No way, having them make a move first will give us a just cause. It appears like those two are moving in secret behind Therese-dono’s back. Otherwise she would stop them.” (Peter)

“Even if it’s Therese, doesn’t she need to form an alliance with them now that she has been cornered?” (Emera)

“Emera, even if you increase the number of incompetent allies, it won’t lead to anything but hindering your supporters. Well then, let’s go sleep for today?” (Peter)

“Haa…” (Emera)

Emera looks like she doesn’t agree, but with Peter cutting off the discussion at this point, it’s time for bed.

“Though I don’t think that it’s the time for us to go to sleep without any care…”

“Because it’s a time like this, getting your sleep is important.”

With the situation being what it is, only I…couldn’t fall asleep. Upon Peter’s order, Katharina and Wilma are sleeping next to me as guards.
I couldn’t quite fall asleep, but just when I started to doze off…



I heard people groaning from the ceiling and the sound of two objects falling on the ground.

“What happened?”

Once I turned on the lights in a hurry, two men, who wore black clothes and had their faces hidden, had fainted on the floor. Two fist-sized stones are lying next to them.


Just like me, Katharina isn’t sensitive to an opponent’s bloodthirst.
She got up from the bed slightly after me.

“Since rats were peeping on us, I exterminated them.”

The one who defeated the two thieves by hitting them with stones was Wilma. She also gets up from the bed and ties the two fainted thieves with ropes.

“Wend-sama, let’s go.” (Wilma)

“Yeah, I couldn’t sleep much anyway…” (Wendelin)

“Let’s sleep together afterwards.”


Once we enter the throne hall while yawning, Peter and the others had already gathered there as well. Four bound thieves were scattered on the floor.

“I wonder, can’t she use her head a bit more? Guess that’s the limit of the Fresh Cream Woman.” (Peter)

『Fresh Cream Woman』, that’s likely the empress’ nickname. She sent assassins after Peter and me, failed miserably and ended up giving Peter a just cause.

“Gatora, do you know them?” (Peter)

“Not all of them, but one of them harbours dissatisfaction over the fifth son of a Baron becoming his superior.” (Gatora)

The thieves were people of the intelligence department. Being displeased with Gatora, an upstart department chief, it was arranged as a raid by the empress’ elder brother Marquis Areil, the former department chief.

“There wasn’t even a shred of an element of surprise either. Gatora, you seized the evidence, so please punish them without any reservations.” (Peter)

“Your Highness, does that apply for Her Majesty the Empress as well?” (Gatora)

“It will be pointless if you don’t get rid of that person, right? Make it fit with her main supporters, calling it 『Death from illness』.” (Peter)

If Peter announced that it was an execution since they intended to assassinate him, the unrest among the capital’s residents would be big.
He probably has decided to put it off for another time and called it death from illness.

“I will handle it quickly.” (Gatora)

“Your Highness!”

At the same time as Gatora exits the throne hall, the one in charge of the Imperial Palace’s guards plunged in.

“What’s wrong?” (Peter)

“That is, an unexpected visitor has arrived…”

“Who is it?” (Peter)

“It’s Alfons-sama, the head of Duke Philip household’s branch family.”


Did he come in panic for an explanation after noticing this time’s attack?

“It’s not really unexpected for me though. He is slightly late, but let him through.” (Peter)

“As you wish, Your Highness.”

With Peter’s permission, Alfons and young Duke Baden showed up in the throne hall.
For me it was rather unexpected that he was accompanied by young Duke Baden.

“Yoo, Alfons-dono. Looks like you weren’t in time, eh?”(Peter)

“I’m very sorry.” (Alfons)

Without his usual air of joking around, Alfons apologized to Peter with a meek expression.

“So, I guess this was initiated by Therese-dono?” (Peter)

“No way! My cousins got in touch with the empress on their own accord!” (Alfons)

“Hmm, I see. But, it’s unbelievable for someone of Therese-dono’s calibre to not have noticed anything, right?” (Peter)

“That is…” (Alfons)

Alfons is really panicking quite a bit. If it was the usual you, you should have been able to play the fool by saying “Therese truly hasn’t noticed anything.” Or maybe Therese noticed it, but couldn’t say that she would give up on the seat of empress and pull back next to the nobles supporting her and her retainers.
If she had stopped her elder brothers unskillfully, she would have been killed or imprisoned, and in the worst case, there would be the risk of both armies attacking each other.

“Did she become unable to make any moves…?”

I recalled the situation with Philip and Christoph here. Those two probably didn’t want to start something like a dispute either, but being pressured by those around them…

“High-ranking nobles are scary, aren’t they?”

Peter replies to my murmur.

“It’s a story I can sympathize with. I have to be careful as well. So, Alfons-dono, having come here I guess you were able to resolve yourself?” (Peter)

“Yes.” (Alfons)

“Then let’s review the details? You are going to participate in my new administration as Duke Philip after I become emperor. And, although I don’t feel overly good about it, I will have the three people, who are the ones responsible, die from illness…” (Peter)

“Please wait!” (Alfons)

“No good?” (Peter)

“For my cousins that’s fine. After all their nature of offence deserves that punishment. But, I’d like you to conclude it with a forced retirement for Therese.” (Alfons)

Alfons used a strong voice making it clear that he can’t yield on that.

“Though I believe her to be the one most responsible. She’s the leader after all. I believe those responsible exist for the sake of taking responsibility.” (Peter)

“I understand that. I’d like to request for you yield on that part.” (Alfons)

Alfons was fixated on clemency for Therese. Due to his overwhelming intensity, even Peter seems unable to state that it’s impossible.

“The reason?” (Peter)

“I owe a big debt to Therese. When the previous family head died, there were talks about me assisting her after becoming Therese’s husband. But at that time I hadn’t even turned 15 years old yet. Since there was also the matter with the branch family, I ended up running away. She conducted herself properly as Duchess Philip so far. She even supported me, but the fact of me running away at that time still weighs on my heart after all. If Therese was to die at this point, I would regret it for my whole life!” (Alfons)

Usually Alfons was a bottomlessly cheerful person, but seemingly he had such worries as well.

“A guilty conscience, huh…? It’s not like I don’t have one either. I guess it can’t be helped.” (Peter)

I wonder, just what is it that Peter is feeling guilty over?

“I think you understand, but this is a story that could cause a big chaos. We cannot afford to give Duke Nürnberg an opportunity to counterattack.” (Peter)

Even though we finally managed to deliver substantial damage to him, it would be meaningless if a civil war between Peter’s and Therese’s factions broke out.

“I know, if I can’t have them kill themselves obediently, I won’t have any other option but to kill them myself.” (Alfons)

Alfons declared that he won’t spare his own cousins, even if he has to slay them himself.

“You will, Alfons-dono? I know of your skill with the sword. Will you be alright?” (Peter)

Does Peter even know about Alfons’ skill with the sword? This guy’s intelligence network is really amazing.

“Of course there are also sword masters among my retainers.” (Alfons)

“Mark, Wendelin, can I leave it to you, just in case?” (Peter)

“As you wish, Your Highness.” (Mark)

“Got it.” (Wendelin)

“Huh? Considering it’s you, it’s unusual for you to agree with it so obediently, Wendelin. Did you actually like Therese-dono?” (Peter)

“You know, it’s not like I refused most of your troublesome wishes, Peter! If I’m the one performing their last rites, Therese should obediently obey as well.” (Wendelin)

“Sorry, Wendelin.” (Peter)

“Don’t mind it.” (Wendelin)

After all, it would also leave a bad aftertaste if a beautiful woman is killed.
Since it’s midnight, Alfons and me took only Mark, Erw and Takeomi-san along and headed to the headquarters of the Duke Philip household’s feudal army located in the capital’s outskirts.


“Sorry about forgetting you. So, what kind of business do you have with me, young Duke Baden?” (Peter)

“It’s not as grave as the previous matter. I’d like to excuse myself from a suicide alongside Therese-dono’s elder brothers. I will support you, Your Highness. There are many other lords also looking at reality. You can see them on this list. If those two die, many other nobles will probably snap out of it as well.” (Baden)

“I thank you for your kindness, young Duke Baden-dono. After I’m enthroned as emperor, we will officially carry out the ceremony of you succeeding the Duke Baden peerage.” (Peter)

Young Duke Baden was hated by the emperor as he was considered to be one of Therese’s underlings. He still hadn’t performed the ceremony of succeeding the peerage as that has to be done by the emperor. Peter would hold that ceremony and it was decided that the Duke Baden household would support the new administration as Prince-elector household.
Since we weren’t present, we heard about that on the next day.


“There are only men here. We are completely lacking sex appeal.” (Erwin)

“I will tell on you to Haruka. It’s unknown how many retainers and soldiers follow the rebels. Even we will have to kill people. It’s better to not show such acts to women as much as possible.” (Takeomi)

“It’s a taboo for women to stay up late. It’s not good for their skin.” (Mark)

“””OOOH! An unexpected comment!”””

I’m walking towards our destination while being surrounded by Erw, Takeomi-san and Mark, but due to the unexpected remark spoken by Mark, all of us raise our voice simultaneously.



Once we arrive at a place close to the headquarters, Alfons was addressed by a retainer awaiting him there.


“How is it?” (Alfons)

“Well, in fact, the two just entered the tent of the headquarters.”

“Did they sense something?” (Alfons)

It seems that the two of them had been accompanied by several armed soldiers.
Once we prick up our ears and listen from the entrance of the headquarters, the voices of Therese and two men are audible.

“Milady, the assassination of His Highness Peter should succeed any time soon now. Afterwards you have…”

“Are you retarded? When did I give such an order?” (Therese)

As expected, the ones who gave the order to assassinate Peter and me were Therese’s elder brothers.

“You haven’t, but the die has already been cast.”

“You lot probably just cast it on your own accord. Do you believe that he has a character of letting himself getting assassinated obediently? Far from it being meaningless at this point, it might result in us being counterattacked and killed. Do you desire the seat of Duke Philip so much?” (Therese)

“Just how much did we suffer because of our skin colour!?”

“Therese, we will have you become empress! Soon the empress and the high-ranking nobles, who were chased out of their official positions by His Highness Peter, will take action!”

“Isn’t that a plan with zero chance of success, on top of it being a convenient excuse? Though I had hoped that you had become a bit wiser. Ambition and desire are frightening allies.” (Therese)

“Whatever you say!”

“We will have you restrained until the situation comes to an end.”

It seems as if Therese’s elder brothers are about to put Therese under house arrest.

“Wend!” (Erwin)

Erw called out to me with “You have to help her quickly.”

“Storm the place!” (Alfons)

Since her brothers were about to restrain Therese, Alfons ordered the tent to be stormed.

“Who is it?”


“Unfortunately your plan has failed. The empress and her cronies are about to toast wine now.” (Alfons)

Toasting wine is jargon for getting killed by poison. As minimal mercy, the poison was put into wine.
Given that I don’t like alcohol much, I’d like to request another beverage at such moment though.

“Wendelin!?” (Therese)

Therese apparently noticed me and raised her voice that was tinged with happiness.

“Earl Baumeister!”

“Did he survive?”

“Please don’t kill me off as you like. I’m a human full of openings, but I’m not as stupid as to get killed by you guys.” (Wendelin)

In truth, it’s thanks to Wilma though.


“Okay, don’t move.”

Something like the thoughts of small scoundrels like you guys I already know from anime and manga I saw in my previous life.
You are going to escape this place with Therese as a hostage. There’s not much meaning in that, but you will be able to earn some time after all.
Before they could do that, I unveiled the magic control I practised in preparation for the showdown with master.
I had ring-shaped 『Wind Blades』 deploy towards the knees, ankles, elbows, wrists, waists, chests and necks of Therese’s elder brothers.

“If you make even the slightest movements, your hands, legs and head will be cut off. But, are you going to move despite that?” (Wendelin)

Therese’s brothers didn’t even twitch. The soldiers appear to hesitate as to what they should do.

“You idiots! Hurry up and restrain Therese!”

“Are you going to disobey”

“””””No, Sir!”””””

I guess it’s regrettable but the soldiers can’t defy Therese’s elder brothers, who are high-ranking people, and to make up for it, they try to restrain her. However, that was also an ill-advised act.

“Don’t follow orders so readily in this situation.” (Erwin)

“Erwin, that’s the nature of manipulated people.”

“I won’t kill them, but they will die if they don’t get healed quickly.”

The soldiers, who were foolishly about to restrain Therese, are cut by Erw, Takeomi-san and Mark. As expected, it doesn’t look as if they have been killed, but due to their very heavy injuries, they were arrested by Alfons’ group quickly.

“How regrettable…” (Alfons)


Therese’s brothers, who had no hands to play anymore, turn looks full of hatred at Alfons and me.

“It’s an order from His Highness Peter, the Empire’s Prime Minister. At this moment now the title of Duke Philip will be inherited by me. Therese-dono will retire and you guys have been granted wine by His Highness. It’s the very last wine of your life. You better savour it slowly.” (Alfons)

“You bastaaaard—!”

“If you move, you will lose your arm. Hey!” (Wendelin)

I finally undid my magic after the swords of Therese’s brother had been taken, but they were immediately restrained by Alfons’ retainers.
We won’t verify it, but it’s highly unlikely that they will receive something like mercy from Alfons.
I don’t want to watch it either. When I was about to return to the capital at this point…

“Wendelin!” (Therese)

Therese hugged me.

“Wait a minute!” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin!” (Therese)

Why did she embrace me even though I forced her to retire, although I’m just an accomplice and not the principal offender. With the matter of me also having changed sides to Peter, I thought that she would bear a grudge.

“I came to give you your final decree.” (Wendelin)

“Even so, didn’t you save me?” (Therese)

“Even if I didn’t, wouldn’t Alfons have saved you?” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin, as usual you don’t understand the heart of a woman. Oh well, so be it. After all I’m satisfied.” (Therese)

“Really?” (Wendelin)

I can’t leave while hugged by Therese, so what’s the best option here? At such times a former Japanese will be troubled.

“Wend, you are really useless at such critical moments.” (Erwin)

“That’s true. He’s hopeless.” (Takeomi)

“My friend, Wendelin, if you don’t get through this, you will be unpopular with the women…or strangely popular.” (Alfons)

“Even His Highness would be a bit more tactful.” (Mark)

Not only Erw, Takeomi-san and Alfons, but even Mark ended up blaming me harshly, but having been able to avoid yet another battle over the capital, I sighed in relief.


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  1. A term used in gambling, where the player makes an unexpected win

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