Chapter 6 – The Decisive Defence Battle of the Imperial Capital

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“Maaan, we got all worked up since Duke Nürnberg moved faster than expected. It feels as if we made it barely in time, doesn’t it?” (Peter)

Peter, the highest authority of the defence battle, gazed at the approaching feudal army of the Duke Nürnberg household from atop the wall in the capital’s south.
The group that surrendered to Duke Nürnberg thinking the Empire is already done for with the emperor’s death, and the survivors who linked up with the liberation army after successfully managing to get away. Influenced by those two groups, there isn’t much of a difference in military forces between both armies.
Since we are the defending side, I believe us to hold an advantage, but once I looked properly, the wall was more worn-out than I thought.
In reality, we should have repaired all the other areas besides the western side, but there’s no time left for that anymore.
Duke Nürnberg’s army owns exploding golems and metallic dragon golems and it seems that these can also be used as siege weapons. In Duke Nürnberg’s eyes the existence of Peter might have been outside his calculations, but, even so, our side wasn’t in a situation where we could take it easy.

“Those exploding golems, was it? The wall will get blown away easily with those. I guess even the breath attack of the dragon golems might be enough for that?” (Peter)

On top of it, the wall surrounding the huge capital from all sides is long.
For Duke Nürnberg it means that he can invade from wherever he likes.

“Given that the dragon golems are heavy, they will be left at the troop headquarters or such. I don’t think that they are such convenient weapons…?” (Luise)

“Luise-dono, I’m sorry, but it looks like they can be moved with manpower.” (Peter)

Once I peeked through the binoculars following Peter, I could see metallic dragon golems, placed on huge wagons, being positioned at the frontline one after the other. They are smaller and their materials are inferior to the dragon golems we encountered in the underground ruins a while back. They feel like cheap, mass-production units to bolster the numbers. Even so, if it’s the brittle wall of the capital, they will be able to break through it without any issues. After all, they already accomplished killing many soldiers of the punitive force.

“Even though it’s ironic, the western wall that had been diligently fixed up has become the most secure one.”

All of it was Peter’s loan, but Mister Baron, who received the support, properly repaired the wall.
He has gone as far as making it sturdier than the walls in the other directions which haven’t received any maintenance.

“It’s better than nothing, but the people are more important than the wall.”

“By sacrificing the wall, it will be possible to buy time as long as we kill as many enemies as possible. And if they break through, the imperial army, which has the locational advantage, will deploy defensive strategies using the houses near the wall as shields.” (Popek)

That means it’s dangerous to only rely on the wall. Popek came up with a two-staged defence plan.

“Also, I’d like to request your group to participate actively as well, Earl Baumeister.” (Popek)

“You handle your workers roughly, Chief-of-Staff-dono.” (Wendelin)

“Please don’t worry. In this battle you won’t find anyone not being busy.” (Popek)

“I got it.” (Wendelin)

“I will later offer you some of the wine created in my territory, so please forgive me for now.” (Popek)

“I want some of it too!” (Armstrong)

Though it’s probably not like Doushi and Burkhart-san are aiming for the wine produced in Popek’s territory. At any rate, it’s certain that they think they have to win by cornering Duke Nürnberg.
Since Talrand’s death should have served its role as a jab, all that’s left is to drive in a body blow.
I never did something like boxing, but I inadvertently ended up using such a metaphor.

“There’s also Therese’s movements to consider.”

“It appeared as if she would come leading her troops in high spirits with you in a pinch, Wend, but…”

“She has her position to consider as well. Not like she can send reinforcements just for my sake.” (Wendelin)

“I wonder, is she thinking that you won’t die anyway?”

“Ina-dono, either way, Duchess Philip is too dependent on Wendelin.” (Peter)

If she felt like it, she could have dispatched several thousand soldiers as reinforcements from the Great Sorbid Wastelands, but Therese didn’t do that. Even if the reinforcements were in time and managed to win here, it would be seen as them having won while fighting under Peter.
She’s already regarding Peter as a rival.
The northern lords, who won’t profit in any way unless she becomes empress, will follow suit as well.

“Therese-sama has to wait for later. For now we have to somehow handle the battle against Duke Nürnberg.” (Katharina)

“That’s true. It’s exactly as Katharina says.” (Wendelin)

The looks of everyone face the army of Duke Nürnberg which is in the process of approaching the capital in orderly ranks.


“I guess, at last, the elite feudal army of the Duke Nürnberg household has sortied at almost full strength.”

In addition, after absorbing the soldiers, who betrayed the punitive force, the numbers of the enemy army have grown into a considerable size.
Since we have also absorbed the imperial army that retreated, there’s no real need to worry about a difference in numbers though.

“Wend, it looks like there are also many nobles who betrayed us.” (Erwin)

“First they shook their tails at Duke Nürnberg, then they followed the emperor after the liberation of the capital and at last they have gone back to Duke Nürnberg again, huh? Nobles have it difficult as well, don’t they?”

Humans who want to die without any relation to their social standing don’t exist. It’s not strange for them to continuously betray others in order to stay alive. Erw is fed up with that, but surprisingly Takeomi-san seems to have a clear opinion on this.

“But, they will be used as the advance guard again.” (Takeomi)

Haruka had an expression as if asking “Again?”
Moreover, the previously mentioned dragon golems have been deployed behind them. If they try to run away, they will be erased with breath attacks. It’s a situation that could be well described as “Whether it’s advancing or retreating, hell awaits them.”

“It’s gradually becoming tough for them. Well, if there are many casualties, it will cause much damage to the Empire, but… Why is Duke Nürnberg in such a hurry? Oh well, who cares. First comes winning.” (Peter)

Upon Peter’s signal, the whole army raised flags showing that their preparations to fight back are completely in order.
The morale of our allies, who will lose their home if they lose here, is far higher than I expected.
Since Peter, Gilbert and Popek have chosen commanding officers based on their abilities, the soldiers seem to believe that it will come to an end without them dying in vain.

“Prepare to intercept! I will leave it to you from the get-go!” (Gilbert)

Immediately after Gilbert’s order was handed down to the entire army, the enemy’s advance guard charges towards the southern wall.
Once they closed the distance to some extent, both sides hurled large quantities of arrows and spells at each other.
If they were lucky, they were protected by shields or magicians, but otherwise all of them got hit and collapsed.
The victims on the attacking side were numerous.

“This late in the game he’s still setting his elites aside? Well, it doesn’t matter.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san, who’s on standby next to Peter, the supreme commander, this time as well, blocked spells and arrows with a timely 『Magic Barrier』.

“Magic Gunner Squad! There’s no lack of targets!”

One of the big reasons why our allies’ morale was high was owed to the 20,000 elites – in addition to the troops from Mizuho that were stationed in Sakart – led by High Earl Mizuho himself barely arriving in time.
When the soldiers of the Mizuho army entered the capital, big cheers erupted among our allies.

“I guess I won’t be looked upon well by Therese-dono, though.” (Mizuho)

High Earl Mizuho disregarded Therese’s opinion and dispatched reinforcements.
To be accurate, Therese can’t complain though since Mizuho isn’t one of the northern lords but just a collaborator. After all High Earl Mizuho was dissatisfied with her not dragging down the emperor off his throne.

“Randolph, how is it going?”

“The wall they believed to be broken was repaired, apparently causing them to be surprised.” (Randolph)

A part of the enemy rushed the western wall as well, but they were skillfully blocked by the vigilante corps led by Mister Baron and Randolph.

“Randolph, eehh…? Duchess Philip did something regrettable there. To have exiled such an excellent retainer.” (Peter)

Peter praised Randolph’s talent as soldier, saying that he’d like to have him for himself.
Certainly, no one would have likely expected for such excellent person to live in the slums.

“Your Highness, Randolph-dono feels obligated to Mister Baron. I think it’s a wasted effort even if you were to invite him.” (Emera)

“Guess so… Oh well, I suppose it’s fine as he’s our ally.” (Peter)

Emera stated that Randolph definitely wouldn’t leave Mister Baron and Peter agreed with that line of thought.
I also think that he has no intention to be anything else but the Junior Commander of Mister Baron.

“Wendelin, something creepy appeared.” (Peter)

“Looks like it…” (Wendelin)

“He still had some on stock left!” (Armstrong)

Once the enemy’s advance guard began struggling, Duke Nürnberg immediately used his first trump card.
It’s probably with the intention to destroy the wall. He’s sending out suicide-bombing, metallic golems in the shapes of wolves, deer and bears in succession.

“Those were the reason for the punitive force’s annihilation…”

“He still had some of them…?”

Commotions occurred among our allies when they saw the suicide-bombing golems closing in one after the other, but Peter wasn’t disturbed at all. As a matter of fact, it was the same for us as well.

“I guess that’s the rest of the excavated golems that were used against the punitive force?”

“Very likely. I don’t think that he has that many on stock anymore.”

The approaching metallic golems with their various animal shapes headed our way with quite the speed.

“Why is he using them here?”

“Yeah, why.”

According to our information, people apparently won’t die unless they explode quite close to them.
As a weapon with the main goal of increasing the number of injured soldiers and paralyzing an army’s functionality, I think they would have a bigger effect if they were deployed into the capital after the wall was destroyed.

“There’s something I want to try!” (Armstrong)

Suddenly saying so, Doushi took out big rocks from within his magic bag.

“Your Highness, have a look!” (Armstrong)

Doushi enhances his bodily functions with mana and throws the prepared big rocks at the approaching suicide-bombing golems.
The suicide-bombing golems, which were hit by the huge rocks, explode one after the other, easily triggering further explosions due to their splinters clashing into the other suicide-bombing golems around them.

“Their response is too sensitive!” (Armstrong)

“I see. Since they will explode easily, the ways to use them are limited.”

Unless they are used in flat, huge areas, they are weapons with remarkably bad cost-effectiveness.
Unexpectedly the Ancient Magic Civilization might have stored them away since they were useless to them.

“In that case, it’s easy to deal with them.” (Luise)

“Indeed.” (Ina)

“Many targets.” (Wilma)

In addition to arrows and spells, Luise throws stones, Ina throws old spears she considers as disposable, and Wilma snipes with her magic gun.
With explosions occurring all over, the enemy apparently gets wrapped up in it as well, but Duke Nürnberg doesn’t seem to mind. Of course, since there are several thousands of suicide-bombing golems, it’s impossible to stop all of them. One after the other crashed into the southern wall and exploded. The old wall crumbles at one part, causing casualties among the soldiers returning fire.

“Good grief, this keeps one very busy.”

“Please carry the injured to the rear.”

Peter swiftly sends the injured to the back and deploys new soldiers. The wall didn’t collapse completely, but here and there you can find sections of the wall that can no longer be manned, causing the defensive strength to plummet accordingly.

“Nice one, Duke Nürnberg. But, is that wise?”

“What do you mean, Your Highness?”

“The southern wall was so brittle that anyone could see it. Going by human logic, it makes them want to focus their attacks on this place.”

Even if they actually manage to cross the wall, a defensive battle in the urban area is possible. Gilbert had the residents evacuate to get ready for that. Given that we haven’t relied on the wall much to begin with, it’s well within the range of our assumptions.

“A messenger from Randolph-sama who is defending the western wall! 『The world isn’t that easy!』 That’s all!”

“Tsk, so it comes down to this. But, it’s a way of talking befitting him.” (Peter)

Hearing the words of the messenger who came from the western wall, Peter put up a disappointed expression.
As a matter of fact, Mister Baron sent a secret message, stating 『I will open the western gate and let the Duke Nürnberg’s army win it over. In exchange, I will get peerage and territory』, to Duke Nürnberg, but since the wall had been repaired, Duke Nürnberg apparently realized that it was a trap.

“As expected, he won’t fall for it, huh?”

“If it had gone well, I planned to have their army beaten up by the military forces I had secretly stationed in the slums, but…” (Popek)

Popek, who was standing next to Peter and Gilbert, who took command of the defensive encampment that used the urban area, showed his regret through his expression.

“Now then, this is the crucial moment, right?”

It’s still around one hour since the battle began, but at last Duke Nürnberg’s army made a big move.
They started to prepare to move the dragon golems that had been deployed at the front.

“They are going to destroy the southern wall that became brittle due to the attacks of the suicide-bombing golems and will have their troops invade from there. If it turns into a melee, it will become advantageous for Duke Nürnberg who possesses many elites, I guess.”

There’s another very important point in defending the capital for our side.
We can’t use our soldiers for just the southern wall. After all, there’s no definite guarantee that there are no other detached forces of the enemy.

“If we were to call reinforcements from the other walls, the detached enemy forces would appear at those wall sections. It will be a nightmare.” (Katharina)

If it went as Katharina feared, it would be horrible to look at.
Because the capital is too wide, it’s unsuitable for a real defence.

“Then, I suppose we will use our trump card? Wendelin, Doushi, go and destroy the dragon golems.”

“You, that’s a really casual way of asking this of us.” (Wendelin)

“I don’t particularly mind, but…” (Armstrong)

Doushi looks in my direction, but if we don’t destroy the dragon golems before the walls are destroyed by their breath attacks, it will inevitably turn into a harsh battle, so his real opinion is that we have no other choice but to accept it.

“It’s the most simple way, isn’t it?” (Wendelin)

If we destroy the dragon golems now, Duke Nürnberg will lose a trump card for capturing the capital.
Rather than pointlessly wasting time on a battle of offence and defence, it’s the method with the least casualties for our allies.

“Doushi and I are fine with this. But, Peter, are you?” (Wendelin)

I ask Peter only that. No matter where Doushi and I go, there’s not much difference in danger.
Elise, Ina and the others will likely try to ensure their safety after being given a sign by Burkhart-san if push comes to shove.
However, there was no way for Peter to escape from here since he’s necessary to preserve morale.
I tried asking him whether he would be fine with me leaving his side.

“It’s fine. If I die here, it means that my luck lasted only that far. This is likely a moment I have to overcome with confidence.” (Peter)

“If that’s what you want, it’s okay with me.” (Wendelin)

“It will be alright. After all, Emera is here as well. You know, with the power of love…” (Peter)

“There’s no power of love, but I will take care of His Highness.” (Emera)

“Don’t deny that part!” (Peter)

It was the usual back and forth between the two of them, but it’s Peter’s decision.
I resolved myself as well.

“Ah, yeah, I prepared nice horses. Even with Doushi’s huge build, they will run quickly.” (Peter)

“I guess the preparations are in order then.” (Wendelin)

“Let’s go!” (Armstrong)

Doushi and I mount the horses prepared by Peter and begin galloping towards the dragon golems.

“Earl Baumeister, as usual your horse-riding sucks!” (Armstrong)

“I didn’t have any time to practise it!” (Wendelin)

Because I concentrated on the special magic training to defeat master, I didn’t have any time at all to practise horse-riding.

“Didn’t you have time when we were in Sakart?” (Armstrong)

“…” (Wendelin)

Sorry, because I’m not getting any better at it, I skipped out on it as it’s painful.

“That’s no good, Wendelin.” (Peter)

“Shut up, Peter!” (Wendelin)

I can at least mount it normally!
This is all because of Duke Nürnberg sealing off all movement magic!

“If you insist, I will ride together with you.” (Luise)

At this point a helper appeared. Luise jumped off the wall like an acrobat and landed on the horse I’m riding. I don’t know how she managed that, but even with Luise jumping down from such a high place, the horse apparently didn’t feel her weight at all. It didn’t buck or get surprised.

“Well then, let’s go?” (Luise)

“Luise-jou, I leave taking babysitting Earl Baumeister to you!” (Armstrong)

“I’m on it.” (Luise)

I wanted to complain to Doushi, but as expected of someone whose family is an authority in the military faction. He managed his horse skillfully.

“Put one hand around my waist. It’s fine for you to grope my butt under the cover of the turmoil, but keep it moderate… Huh?” (Luise)

Curled-up paper hit the head of Luise who said something stupid.
The one who threw that was Ina.

“Since time is of value right now, hurry and go!” (Ina)

“Ina-chan, you’re scary!” (Luise)

“If it’s a horse, I’m also skilled at riding it.”

“Uuh…if only the task of protecting His Highness Peter didn’t exist…”

Noticing that Wilma and Katharina have become angry in the same way as Ina, Luise immediately spurred on the horse.

“In total there are ten dragon golems. Earl Baumeister, head or tail?” (Armstrong)

“Tail.” (Wendelin)

As we are galloping towards the golems at full throttle, Doushi suddenly came next to us and asked this.
At the same time as I answer “Tail,” Doushi skillfully tosses a coin, in spite of being on the back of a horse, and lets it drop on his palm.
The copper coin showed tail.

“Right or left, choose any side you like!” (Armstrong)

“Right since that’s where my dominant hand is.” (Wendelin)

“Then, I will go left!” (Armstrong)

“It’s the enemy!”

“Time is precious, so excuse me!” (Armstrong)

The soldiers of the enemy’s advance guard rushed over to us who were getting closer on horseback, but their attacks were repelled by the 『Magic Barrier』 that covered Doushi and his horse.

Moreover, when they fell, they were sniped with spells and arrows from atop the wall, causing them to lose their lives.

“Luise, you just have to attack the dragon golems.” (Wendelin)

“Roger. Otherwise it would be a waste of mana.” (Luise)

No matter how many of these advance guard soldiers we defeat, it shouldn’t cause even the slightest effect on Duke Nürnberg household’s feudal army.
Destroying the dragon golems they are preparing is the most important objective in this time’s charge.

“I will go in a straight line!” (Luise)

Luise increases the speed of the horse even further.
Many enemy soldiers obstruct us on the way, but all of them were sent flying due to my『Magic Barrier』.

“Wend, is it fine for me to destroy the dragon golems as well?” (Luise)

“I would warmly welcome it since it would be more efficient that way.” (Wendelin)

“I feel like I can finally use my fists after a long time. Until now I only threw stones.” (Luise)

Because Luise, who specialized in close combat, had her 『Flight』 sealed, she was almost only allowed to throw stones in this civil war. Her weapons were pebbles with the fearsome power of almost instant death if they hit an enemy, but she might have felt dissatisfied due to being unable to participate in close combat.

“It’s great that I can destroy them with all my power as they are man-made anyway.” (Luise)

Luise whipped the horse strongly, increasing the speed even further as we approached the golems.

“Aren’t we a bit too fast?” (Wendelin)

“Really?” (Luise)

I reflexively bend back atop the horse.

“Stop them!”

The rebel army tries to hinder us as we continue our mad charge, but all of them are flicked off by the 『Magic Barrier』.
I didn’t have the spare time to look, but Doushi should be closing in on the dragon golems in a similar manner.

“It’s the first one.” (Luise)

The first golem appears in front of us.
It should be operating, but seeing as we are close to it, it won’t spit its breath against us. After all, it would drag its allies into it.
Or so I thought optimistically, but I sensed a huge amount of mana from the golem’s mouth.

“You don’t say!” (Wendelin)

Immediately after I reinforced my 『Magic Barrier』 in a panic, the dragon golem spits out a massive flame.

“It has amazing firepower, hasn’t it?” (Luise)

Luise and I were safe because of the 『Magic Barrier』, but the rebel army’s advance guard that was nearby was roasted mercilessly by the golem’s flames.
Due to it unexpectedly killing its allies, Luise and I only urged on the horse without saying anything.

“I guess the advance unit is treated as disposable from the get-go…”

Since the majority of them are soldiers who surrendered, Duke Nürnberg seems to think that it’s no loss even if they are killed.
I felt a chill travel down my spine due to his cruelty.

“Hurry.” (Wendelin)

“Gotcha.” (Luise)

Until we got close to the first dragon golem, we were hit by breath attacks from several golems many times.
The breaths’ elements are flame, blizzard, rocks and windcutters. Unlike the dragon golems we defeated before, there seem to be differences between the individuals.

“Say, can you break this?” (Luise)

“Yeah.” (Wendelin)

As it seems that mass-production was stressed with these golems, the intensity of their breaths were lower than the ones from before.
Even their materials consisted of iron with only a bit of mithril added, according to the results of 『Detection』.
These golems seem to have had their production costs lowered by keeping their breath power and defensive power low for the sake of churning out the numbers.

“Then I will go ahead and demolish it without holding back.” (Wendelin)

I remove the 『Magic Barrier』 for an instant and hit a dragon golem with a 『Fireball』 that had been compressed to the utmost limit.
The golem, which had the 『Fireball』 driven into its mouth, melted like syrup after its head became bright red due to the heat, and created a pile of melted iron that became a puddle on the ground.


“Put out the fire!”

Due to that melted iron, the weeds in the vicinity caught fire and people injured by burns among the soldiers pulling the dragon golem appeared one after the other.

“Let’s go to the next.” (Wendelin)

“Got it, Wend.” (Luise)

Once we are about to head to the second one, we hear the sound of some huge object crashing and the sound of metal breaking from the side Doushi is in charge of.
It seems that Doushi also succeeded in destroying his first dragon golem.

“Next is my turn.” (Luise)

“Alright. I leave it to you.” (Wendelin)

We boldly cross the area between the advance guard and Duke Nürnberg’s main force with our horse.
Spells and arrows come flying at us in succession, but all of them are firmly blocked by my 『Magic Barrier』.
When I was wondering how long the barrier is going to last, I feel a pain in my stomach, but persuading myself that it’s still alright, we continue to gallop.

“Wend!” (Luise)

“Yeah.” (Wendelin)

I undo the 『Magic Barrier』 for a few seconds and Luise jumps off the horse. She destroyed the dragon golem with one blow of her fist that was charged with mana. The terrifying sound of its destruction and the fragments scattering into the vicinity all at once fell upon the escaping soldiers.


After that we continue the task of destroying the golems in turns.
My mana is decreasing due to the constantly deployed 『Magic Barrier』, but Doushi has already destroyed two, and Luise and I three each. If we destroy the remaining two, we won’t lose this battle at least.

“Wend, look.” (Luise)

In the middle of crossing the battlefield, Luise discovered the headquarters of Duke Nürnberg household’s feudal army.
I also turn a piercing look that way and find the figure of Duke Nürnberg there.

“So that’s where he is…?” (Wendelin)

In spite of being toyed with by a mere three people by having almost all his dragon golems destroyed, Duke Nürnberg looks at us calmly.
I don’t know what he’s thinking, but he probably can’t lose his temper in front of his subordinates.

“Duke Nürnberg!”

At last your time has come. I hurled a 『Wind Spear』 that was compressed as much as possible in his direction.
If I can defeat him here, this long civil war will come to an end.



The 『Wind Spear』 flying in a straight line towards Duke Nürnberg mows down many enemy soldiers.
And at the moment I thought it would hit Duke Nürnberg,


A single magician stood in front of Duke Nürnberg. The male magician, who has the air of a veteran about him, looks capable, but he should be inferior to Talrand.
That’s because…

“Lerjure! Don’t!” (Nürnberg)

Duke Nürnberg shouted.
It seems he realized my intention. Suddenly the 『Wind Spear』 changed its trajectory, pierced the magician’s 『Magic Barrier』 from his blind spot and finally penetrated his body.

“Earl Baumeister!” (Nürnberg)

Indeed, Duke Nürnberg wasn’t my target. That’s because the magicians would have protected him with their lives even if I did something like that. As expected, Duke Nürnberg saw through that. However, unfortunately, he can’t use magic. The magician, who stepped in front of him, didn’t realize my aim. He probably never expected himself to be the target. That’s why his countermeasures were too late, resulting in his death.
Next I fire another one of the same spells and as expected another magician stood right in front of Duke Nürnberg in order to protect him. Since I easily predicted that move, it was extremely simple to take him by surprise.
A second and then a third magician, on whom Duke Nürnberg was relying, died.

“Kill him!”

“Stop, Bildoll!” (Nürnberg)

A retainer, who misunderstood his own lord being targeted, took along his soldiers and tried to attack us, but I mercilessly flooded them with spells until they were all dead.
Finally I succeeded in damaging the elites preserved by Duke Nürnberg.

“Wend, it’s about time.” (Luise)

“You’re right, I suppose.” (Wendelin)

It was a mere few seconds, but as expected, staying any longer to attack is dangerous.
We distance ourselves from Duke Nürnberg and once again attempt to crush a dragon golem.
Given that it would be troublesome if even a single one of them was left intact, we have to accomplish this.

“That’s why we will prioritize the dragon golems.” (Wendelin)

“True. Playing the hedgehog here is a bad idea.” (Luise)

Like that we cut across even Duke Nürnberg’s headquarters at maximum speed and almost at the same time as Luise destroyed her fourth golem, Doushi also destroyed his third.

“The mission is a success!” (Armstrong)

“You bastard! How dare you!”

An elderly knight, seemingly leading the soldiers pulling the golem dragon, came attacking us with his sword on top of his horse while raging.

“At this rate, you won’t even have an excuse for Duke Nürnberg. I shall show at least some mercy!” (Armstrong)

Doushi reduced that elderly Knight with his 『Fire Snake』 to ashes.

“Earl Baumeister, you are just at the right spot!” (Armstrong)

“I suppose, even if we return like this, the war situation won’t progress much…” (Wendelin)

Having finished the destruction of the dragon golems, we were right in the middle between the enemy’s advance guard and Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army.

“We are at the perfect location!” (Armstrong)

“Perfect location, you say? I have still mana left as well.” (Wendelin)

Doushi and I immediately kneaded our mana and fired a barrage of 『Fire Snakes』 and 『Fireballs』 towards Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army.
The enemy magicians immediately deployed their 『Magic Barriers』 and defended, but making the spells deliberately explode outside their range, we increase the damage.

“He has wasted too many magicians.”

As the losses of magicians were too high, the remaining magicians didn’t have the margin to cover the entire army of Duke Nürnberg’s household with 『Magic Barriers』. The ranks of their army, which boasted an iron discipline, become misshapen like a puzzle missing pieces. I’m pretty sure Duke Nürnberg is exploding in anger about now.

“Shit! With only three people!”

“I will slay them!”

Once the spells stopped exploding within their own army, mounted knights headed our way one after the other.

“Wend, handling the reins by holding them lightly is no good, okay?” (Luise)

Luise, who became aware of them, jumps up high, lands on the horse of an enemy knight and kicks him off his horse.
Due to her exceeding swiftness, the knights dropped off their horses without even being able to counterattack.

“I’m back. Don’t pull the reins forcefully. Good boy, good boy.” (Luise)

“Am I a child…?” (Wendelin)

“It’s dangerous to have you pull the reins of a horse on a battlefield, Earl Baumeister! Listen well to what Luise-jou is saying!” (Armstrong)

“Boo-hoo-hoo…” (Luise)

I’m thoroughly chewed out by Doushi, who continuously fires 『Fire Snakes』 next to me and apparently considers my horse-riding as unskilled.

“Wend, there are no attacks from the enemy’s advance guard in the back.” (Luise)

“They originally are from the imperial army after all. They are thinking that they don’t have the duty to go that far in saving Duke Nürnberg, I suppose?” (Wendelin)

The group close to the wall is busy with the capture of the capital, but the military forces in the back of the advance guard didn’t come attacking us. As Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army didn’t have the leeway to give them orders in their chaotic state, they probably didn’t feel any obligation to step up by themselves.

“This is a good opportunity! We will inform the imperial army soldiers who surrendered to Duke Nürnberg, who has been deserted by fate!” (Armstrong)

Even though he didn’t even use magic, Doushi’s voice carried across quite the extensive area.

“A message from His Highness, Peter! If you defeat a single soldier of Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army from now on, you will be allowed to return to the imperial army! Those who raise achievements will be able to obtain rewards and status! The person, who takes Duke Nürnberg’s head, will be given a peerage! Those are His Highness’ commands!” (Armstrong)

“Eh? I haven’t heard anything about that…” (Wendelin)

“That’s definitely Doushi lying, right?” (Luise)

I also thought that it’s a lie, but the soldiers of the enemy’s advance unit apparently believed in it.
Even if they continue attacking the capital, the resistance will be intense, making it difficult to even overtake the southern wall. That’s because their trump cards, namely the suicide-bombing golems and the dragon golems, are already gone.

“I can’t stand it any longer!”

“We are no disposable pawns!”

“If I’m going to die anyway, I might as well take Duke Nürnberg, that damned asshole, with me!”

The majority of the enemy’s advance unit complied with Doushi’s persuasion, turned around and attacked Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army which was disordered due to our magic attacks.

“Uwaaah, they are rushing this way!” (Wendelin)

“Earl Baumeister, we will advance forward so that we don’t get trampled to death!” (Armstrong)

Because Doushi hit the butt of my horse with his wand, the horse started to gallop at full throttle in the direction of Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army.

“Doushi! That’s pushing it too far!” (Wendelin)

“Even I had already enough of the Empire! We are going to bring it to an end quickly and return to the Kingdom!” (Armstrong)

Doushi makes his horse gallop at full power as well. He started to ride next to the horse with Luise and me on top.
At his back the former enemy advance guard runs as fast as it can, trying to kill Duke Nürnberg.

“You have stirred their spirit, but can that bunch really win?” (Wendelin)

I mean they aren’t elites and that’s why they have been turned into disposable tools by Duke Nürnberg.

“Of course we can’t win with just that group! But, this is a good chance! My close buddy Gilbert will definitely make a move!” (Armstrong)

We advance while tearing apart and killing Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army with magic. Immediately after the former enemy advance unit swooped down on Duke Nürnberg’s army, which hadn’t yet fully recovered from its confusion, a big change took place on the side of our allies.

“My close buddy Klimt! You did well!” (Gilbert)

“My close buddy Gilbert! How admirable of you to have noticed!” (Armstrong)

Even though it’s not like they had arranged it in advance, Gilbert, who commands the defense unit, attacked Duke Nürnberg’s army leading the entire army.
Even if it was Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army, they couldn’t endure this blow. The officers and men of the Duke Nürnberg’s army, who had incurred almost no losses so far, fall one by one.
Now that it has turned out like this, even Duke Nürnberg is likely in distress over the battle situation reversing.

“That Doushi, is he actually an amazing person?”

“I guess he’s good at reading the flow of a battle. I think he’s probably doing it completely by instinct.” (Wendelin)

The royal army group led by Philip and Erw also joined in on the attack and united with us after spotting us.
They probably thought that leaving 1,000 or 2,000 behind in the capital for defence doesn’t really matter.

“It’s not our turn.”

“We are only going to push.”

Without drawing their katana, Haruka and Takeomi-san watched the imperial army led by Gilbert as it pursued Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army.

“Erw, what about Peter?” (Wendelin)

“As expected, His Highness can’t sally forth, can he? Making Ina and the others guard him, he had even the soldiers protecting the headquarters participate in the pursuit.” (Erwin)

“No way, for them to fall apart so quickly.”

“Partly it was owed to Earl Baumeister-sama and Doushi-sama being strong, but he has used the soldiers besides his own proteges too much as disposable pawns.”

If there wasn’t a gap in Duke Nürnberg’s army, they would have likely had no choice but to resign themselves to their fate since they couldn’t have opposed Duke Nürnberg, but once Duke Nürnberg’s army fell apart once, there was nothing but hate left in the abused soldiers. That state after being betrayed in a flash, huh?

“Huh? The pursuit came to a stop?”

“He’s tenacious, that Duke Nürnberg.”

“What do you mean, Philip-dono?”

“If it was a normal army, they would have already collapsed long ago. Around half of them stayed back, standing in the way. There should be some retainers left in order to let Duke Nürnberg get away. At present, it’s likely his trusted retainer, Zauken. He’s a troublesome opponent.”

“Erw, we will chase as well.”

“Are you going?”

“If we can defeat Duke Nürnberg here…”

It’s only natural since we will be able to return to the Kingdom earlier. Including the matter with my master, I don’t have any reason to let that guy escape.
Once we go ahead together with the royal army group, it looks like a formidable commander is serving as a rear guard after all. Even Gilbert couldn’t advance the military forces any further. With mine and Doushi’s magic as a lead, the royal army group plunged into the enemy army. There we ran into a middle-aged man who was apparently a veteran commander.

“A slash scar at his right eye…so I was right. It’s Zauken, Earl Baumeister.”

“You know him well, don’t you?”

“He’s a decorated soldier after all. He’s a known face among the main commanders of the enemy army.”

We were told by Christoph that same applies to us as well.

“Zauken-dono, are you fine with it?” (Wendelin)

“To have my name remembered by the famous Earl Baumeister-sama, that’s the height of honour.” (Zauken)


His subordinates try to have him fall back, but the one who stopped that was Zauken himself.

“Are you going to stay behind by yourself in order to let your lord escape?”

“Good grief, you and Armstrong-doushi are beyond any kind of common sense.” (Zauken)

“Even so, a defeat is a defeat.” (Wendelin)

“Defeat? As long as milord lives, we will definitely make a comeback again. Rejoice over your victory while you can.” (Zauken)

“I see…there’s nothing more left to say, is there?” (Wendelin)

Zauken drew his sword and tried to slash at me, but I immediately beheaded him by releasing a 『Windcutter』.

“I killed the general!” (Wendelin)

With Zauken’s death, the rear guard collapses. Many of them are killed or taken prisoner.
Duke Nürnberg got away, but more than half of the elites on whom he relied were lost in this battle.
Duke Nürnberg, who probably didn’t even predict Peter’s rise to power at all, had the carpet pulled from under his feet. With his plan to capture the capital having failed, he was cornered into the defensive.
The battle surrounding the capital comes to an end with an overwhelming victory of the imperial family’s third son, the 『Commoner Prince』.
It was a battle that could surely be called a struggle to the death.


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