Chapter 5 – We witness history in the making… but, basically don’t do anything

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The emperor, who led the punitive force, was killed by Duke Nürnberg as predicted by Peter.
Having obtained that information first, Peter schemes to enter the imperial capital with almost the entire army stationed in the capital’s outskirts.
It was for the sake of forcefully stealing the political power before chaos over the emperor’s death spreads.

“No! It’s impossible to allow people to enter at night!”

“Actually it’s an emergency though.” (Peter)

“Your Highness, no matter how much of an emergency it might be…”

The gatekeepers and the defence commander leading them stated that it’s not possible to get inside according to the rules, fortifying the defence of the gate.
Given that they are soldiers and at the same time civil officials, they are loyal to orders from above.
No matter how much Peter might beg them, it’s unlikely that they will open the gate readily.
After all, every one of them hated the idea of getting punished over this matter.

“Haven’t your comrades, who promised that they will open the gate, come yet? Time is precious, you know? Are we going to force our way through?”

“We can’t use force on these guys when they’re just doing their jobs. Of course, I’ve got another card to play.” (Peter)

Since Peter says so full of confidence, we wait for a little while and then a military man, who looks more important than the defence commander, appears from the other side of the gate.

“Please open the gate and let His Highness and his party enter.”

“Bayerlein-sama, is that really alright?”

“I will take responsibility for it. Therefore hurry up and let them in.” (Bayerlein)

The defence commander sighs and says after a short pause, “Yes, Sir!”
Upon the order of the person called Bayerlein, who feels really soldier-like, the defence commander opened the gate, albeit unwillingly. One of the characteristics of soldiers and civil officials is to follow the orders from those above them.
Bayerlein asserting, “I will take responsibility for it,” played a big part as well.
After all, humans generally try to avoid bearing responsibility.

“Let’s go then, Your Highness?” (Bayerlein)

“I will go to the Imperial Palace first. I entrust the seizing of the imperial army’s headquarters to you, Gilbert.” (Peter)

“Please leave it to me.” (Gilbert)

Peter entrusted the capture of the imperial army headquarters to Gilbert who is leading the army on Peter’s behalf.

“Bayerlein, please help out as well.” (Peter)

“At your command, Your Highness. It’s an honour to be allowed to serve under you again, Your Excellency.” (Bayerlein)

Gilbert and Bayerlein apparently had a boss-subordinate relationship in the past. Both of them gladly accepted Peter’s order.

“I still haven’t returned into active duty.” (Gilbert)

That’s because the current Gilbert is no more than a soldier that has been personally hired by Peter.

“It seems to be the same for His Excellency Popek as well, but it’s probably only a matter of time. Oops, I guess we have to hurry and get started on the job.” (Bayerlein)

“Philip-dono, please follow Gilbert’s command alongside the Mizuho Army.” (Peter)

“As you wish. I will take Erwin with me as well.” (Philip)

“Don’t be so tense.”

“Erw-san, I will assist you, too.” (Haruka)

“Thank you, Haruka-san.” (Erwin)

It’s splendid for fiance and fiancee to be on good terms.
The majority of the military forces led by Peter and me will come under Gilbert’s command, their objective is to arrest the imperial reserve units and then to set out with Bayerlein to gain control of various places in the capital.

“I will assign Gilbert as the imperial army’s highest general as soon as possible. I’m going to need him to fight against Duke Nürnberg after all. I think only Gilbert is capable of dealing with Duke Nürnberg’s talent as commander.” (Peter)

“Is that fine?”

“You mean his pedigree? There will probably be fellows kicking up a fuss over it, but as it’s an emergency right now, we can face down that opposition. If I can establish a precedent, the rest will go as I imagine. Fortunately, all the fussy ones were killed by Duke Nürnberg. I think I’m grateful to him only for that much?” (Peter)

Peter says something quite scary, but it was ironic that the upper brass was eradicated so resulting in a meritocracy, which emphasize true ability, to be approved.

“We will go to the Imperial Palace, okay?” (Peter)

Splitting apart from the majority of the military forces, we head towards the Imperial Palace with merely a few dozen troops.
It seems to be forbidden to bring a big army to the Imperial Palace. It has no strong defence installations either. Since the number of guards is low as well, there’s no point in bringing a large number of soldiers.

“Now then, I suppose I will go to see the face of that woman, whose head is filled with fresh cream and bavarois.” (Peter)

“Your Highness, if you speak of such a weak-headed woman, who might you refer to?” (Burkhart)

“My stepmother. The woman who gave birth to my elder brothers.” (Peter)

“You sure are merciless.”

“No matter how much she glosses it over, she’s a damned, stupid woman who’s beyond saving.” (Peter)

Peter boldly answered Burkhart-san’s question about who it is without any scruples.
To treat the first wife of the current emperor as a damned woman… Although it would turn into a big problem if it was heard by the surroundings, he probably hates her quite a bit.

“I suppose you aren’t harbouring overly good feelings about her.” (Armstrong)

“Doushi-dono, let alone not overly good feelings, I absolutely hate her. Her foolish character is detestable. If she has spare time, she nags and boasts about the merit of pedigree. If you listen to the talk of that woman, it’s only a waste of precious time. I will put an end to her ahead of time.” (Peter)

“(Wend-sama, there was something similar to this situation in the past.)” (Wilma)

“(There sure was…)” (Wendelin)

I instinctively agree to the words whispered into my ear by Wilma.
At the time of the dispute with the Margrave Browig household, the first wife of the late Margrave Browig also gave such impression, didn’t she? Though I can’t say it out loud since it would be evil towards Christoph.
With Peter in the lead, our group of several dozens heads towards the Imperial Palace. The sentries over there readily allowed us to enter the palace.

“Did they hear about the operation in advance?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, I think Earl Lanzberg told them.” (Emera)

Emera provides a concise explanation to my question.
Well, Peter did say that he has collaborators in the palace as well.

“What kind of person is he?” (Wendelin)

“Umm… a person who is very fond of women…”

“Ooh! If this isn’t Your Highness!? Just as we planned for some time now, you came to seize the Imperial Palace. By the way, you are accompanied by so many beautiful women besides Emera-dono. My sweet ladies, I’m called Hartmund Kaiser von Lanzberg.”

Earl Lanzberg himself was a person one could describe as young noble in the first half of his twenties.
His blue hair, which has a deeper hue than Luise’s, is growing out in a simple manner, but the trimming is attentive, making it release a lustre. His clothes also looked plain on a first glance, but as they seem to have been sewn while using fairly good fabric, their unique design stood out.
Even his face might be better-looking than that of master and Erich-nii-san.
It’s probably appropriate to refer to him as flawless, refreshing young noble with long hair.

“After having received Your Highness’ message earlier, I locked up the noisy ones in their rooms. Especially one hag smelling of perfume kept kicking up a fuss though.” (Lanzberg)

“It must have been a nuisance.” (Peter)

Even Earl Lanzberg, an ikemen who loves women, refers to Peter’s stepmother in a demeaning manner.
Her regular speech and conduct has likely been quite terrible.

“Yes, Your Highness. However, five wonderful ladies have arrived here. By all means, do I wish to hear your lovely voices in order to learn your names.” (Lanzberg)

It was flattery that would normally make me sick, but for some mysterious reason, I could agree with Earl Lanzberg saying it.
In the end, an ikemen will stay an ikemen, no matter what they do or say.
That became clear with master and Erich-nii-san, therefore…

“I’m called Elise. I’m Earl Baumeister’s wife.”

“I’m Ina. Likewise, I’m Earl Baumeister’s wife.”

“I’m Luise. Same as the ones before.”

“Wilma. Me as well.”

“My name is Katharina. I’m also Earl Baumeister’s wife.”

Because of the current place and time, the five omitted quite a bit in their self-introduction.
It seemed that Earl Lanzberg didn’t really care about Elise and the others shortening their greeting.

“Ooh! For all the five beautiful women that caught the attention of the one generally accepted as the sole love hunter of the Empire, to be the noble wives of Earl Baumeister! This Lanzberg has reached a new height of astonishment.”


Earl Lanzberg expresses his surprise audaciously as if acting in a play.
If a normal person did that, it would likely result in them being ridiculed with scornful laughter, but strangely it fits his image if he does it.

“I’m full of deep regret, but meeting with so many wonderful women tonight became a healing for my eyes. I’m a love hunter. I’m a person always wandering and looking for new love, but I won’t do anything as inelegant as making a move on the cherished people of someone else. Please forgive me for leaving it at greetings tonight.” (Lanzberg)

I didn’t comprehend what needed forgiveness there, but Earl Lanzberg kneels down on one knee and gave a light kiss on the backs of the five girl’s hands as greeting in accordance with courtesy.
That conduct was extremely refined and I didn’t feel anything unpleasant from it.
If I had, Elise and the others would have likely denied the greeting as well, but going by the fact that they accepted it obediently, they probably don’t harbour a bad impression of Earl Lanzberg.

“Earl Lanzberg, just so that you know, I’m here as well.” (Peter)

“Your Highness, please forgive me. It’s because my eyes had been polluted by that person’s poison. I planned to recover through the beauty of the women present here, including Emera-dono.” (Lanzberg)

“You really don’t change, Earl Lanzberg.” (Peter)

“If you allow for Emera-dono to become my wife, I would be able to stop being a love hunter at any time though.” (Lanzberg)

“I doubt it.” (Emera)

“How harsh. Well then, let me guide you.” (Lanzberg)

Emera seems to be liked not only by Peter but also by Earl Lanzberg.
Though there didn’t seem to be any difference in her treatment towards him and Peter.
The room, to which we were led by Earl Lanzberg, was the private chamber of the current emperor’s first wife.

“Uwaaah! There’s plenty of dresses and accessories.”

Many expensive accessories were placed inside the room with its size of around 50 tatami mats. (T/N: Read here for details:
Luise raises her voice in surprise due to their great quantity.

“It’s the result of wasting money. Since she’s unable to restrain herself with the inside of her head being fresh cream, she ends up buying things as soon as she spots them.” (Peter)

It’s probably not only because she’s his stepmother, but Peter spoke in a very demeaning way of the empress.

“Uuh… I remember having heard of such people, but…” (Ina)

“You do?”

“Indeed, the aunt of Margrave Breithilde comes to mind…” (Ina)

Ina mentions Margrave Breithilde’s aunt, a spendthrift woman with a few loose screws in her head, who is troubling her nephew, Margrave Breithilde.
Now that she mentions it, there was such a person too…
Since it was at the level of me having only caught a glimpse of her during my marriage ceremony, I don’t know her though.

“I guess it’s a story you will find anywhere…”

“There’s a fixed number of such people in the Empire and Kingdom, isn’t there?”

Peter told Ina that it isn’t a particularly rare occurrence.

“Peter-dono, what kind of disturbance is this tonight?”

A middle-aged woman, appearing to be the empress, who was locked inside this bedroom, approaches from deeper inside while expressing her anger once she discovers Peter.

“Didn’t you receive the report, dear Stepmother?” (Peter)

“I don’t want to be addressed as stepmother by a vulgar man such as you. This uproar during the absence of His Majesty; no matter how much you might be his son, it’s not something that will be forgiven. You shall receive plenty of punishment later.”

I guess you can call it fortunate? The empress seems to hate Peter as well.
I end up thinking that it’s a good thing since it would be pitiful if it was a relationship of only one side harbouring positive affections.
Seemingly believing that Peter, who caused such a disturbance, would receive a punishment from the emperor later on, the empress acts overbearing in delight.

“(A hag with thick makeup.)”


Wilma spews her venom in a whisper after seeing the empress. I’m about to unintentionally burst into laughter due to that.
In the past, she might have been a beauty, but the current empress wears thick makeup, gaudy clothes and accessories… there are birds coloured like her in the southern countries… that’s the impression I have of her.
It makes sense for Earl Lanzberg, who’s strict on aesthetic sense, to hate her.

“I also have various thoughts about having to call a woman, who has no redeeming worth except for her parentage such as you, as stepmother at official occasions. Ah, I guess I will be fine afterwards. His Majesty the Emperor was defeated by Duke Nürnberg after all. My elder brothers are missing as well, but it’s probably okay to regard them as having been killed.” (Peter)

“Something like that is impossible. I guess you intend to start a rebellion by lying about it in such a way. This is exactly the reason why children of low birth are such a hassle.”

Unable to believe in the death of her husband and her own two children, the empress begins to rebuke Peter’s words as imprudent.

“I don’t really care what you think about it, but this is nothing but the truth. Or rather, I already talked about this possibility several months prior.” (Peter)

“I won’t go along with your reckless words!”

“Reckless words, huh…? I guess it’s fine then. Hasn’t any report from Earl Areil come in? I wonder just what he’s doing albeit being the top of the intelligence department? According to the information of a certain source, he appears to be busy with the former number one of a brothel after having made her his new mistress. With no report coming in during this emergency, I suppose he’s busy shaking his waist.” (Peter)

“Are you filthy child insulting my elder brother!?”

The empress, who’s the typical snobbish old woman, got enraged like a demon after her own brother was criticized.
Her elder brother has received a responsible post due to his family ties after he pushed his younger sister into the position of the imperial family head’s first wife. In society you’d call that nepotism.

“It’s a waste of time to keep talking with you any longer. The reports will likely reach you anyway if you wait two or three days. Please put the empress under surveillance.” (Peter)

After a glance at the empress, Peter ordered the soldiers he brought along to make sure that she’s placed under house arrest in her room. After watching that being carried out, he immediately moves to the throne hall.
Arriving there, a few dozen nobles and military staff awaited us.

“Now then, where’s the 『Emperor’s Quill』?” (Peter)

“Here you go, Your Highness.”

One of the imperial court nobles, who supported Peter, presents a quill with extravagant ornaments added to it.


“It’s a special magic tool. If you sign a document with this, it will become legal.”

It appears to be a magic tool, which was created in the past, in order to prevent decrees from fake emperors.
Once a person becomes emperor, they will be the only one who can use it and it will generate an official effect on the documents signed with it.
Documents signed with other pens will be immediately found out once they are examined with simple magic tools.
By the way, it seems to be set in law that a person who forges a signed and official document of the emperor will receive capital punishment.

“It’s an amazing magic tool, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s said that it can’t be made ever again. I think I will use this for a little while… no, for a long time to come?” (Peter)

“That’s fine and all, but what are you going to do about the existing cabinet ministers?”

“For the time being, I will summon them. Though I will fire them anyway. I will call together the parliament first thing in the morning, too. For starters, it will be fine with just the people who can attend.” (Peter)

Peter, who casually sat down on the throne, gives one order after the other to the gathered nobles and military staff. As it seems that they had a preliminary meeting about the details, the tumult within the Imperial Palace died down at once.
With the capture of the imperial army’s headquarters succeeding as well, it’s probably fine to call this a bloodless coup d’etat, isn’t it?
We are only observing the course of events.
I wonder whether I should note down in my diary afterwards that I witnessed history.
Though there’s no precedent of me being able to stick to something like a diary for more than three days.

“My friend Earl Baumeister, who possesses five lovely wives.” (Lanzberg)

“Umm, Earl Lanzberg was it, right?” (Wendelin)

“Those close to me call me Hart. Albeit the countries are different, both of us are fellow Earls. Let’s be friends.” (Lanzberg)

While everyone’s busy, only Earl Lanzberg seems to have nothing to do for some reason, and as such, he concentrated on forging a friendly relationship with me.

“Umm… Earl Lanzberg-sama, is it fine for you to not help out?” (Elise)

“Elise-dono, for me, a hunter of love living in the Imperial Palace, military affairs and politics are impossible.” (Lanzberg)

The Earl Lanzberg household seems to be appointed nobility that has been entrusted with work around the Imperial Palace for a long time.
It’s completely unrelated to work in military affairs, domestic affairs or financial affairs. It’s nothing more than a mixture of various miscellaneous tasks inside the Imperial Palace and in its vicinity.
Because he gets in touch with many people, ranging from the servants to the ladies, in the course of his duties, his communication skills are high and he’s well-informed in culture and arts as he’s keeping high-classed people company.
And, it appears that he’s a family head popular with many women.
Certainly, as anyone could see, he was a fascinating, handsome man. If I had been born like this as well, I might have enjoyed my life a lot more. (T/N: Yep, five wives are not enough…)

“I’m a man living in the sphere of the Imperial Palace’s influence.” (Lanzberg)

I think Peter has pulled over a good, capable person with him.
Surely, he was someone very irrelevant in regards to politics and military matters, but his ability to skillfully restrain the rampaging of that hysteric empress was magnificent.
He knows well about the circumstances within the Imperial Palace where many women and children, as well as a great number of maids and servants, are coming and going. To win over such person strategically makes a lot of sense.
And while we are at it, he also knows the whereabouts of the aforementioned quill.
Even if it’s about persuading the nobles and soldiers protecting the imperial capital, he would likely exhibit his powers freely.

“It looks like His Highness and the others are busy. Wend and friends, the reception hall is this way.” (Lanzberg)

Before I noticed it, I was called Wend by Earl Lanzberg, but for an odd reason I didn’t feel uncomfortable about it.

“I wonder, is that okay?” (Wendelin)

“No problem, tomorrow we will have to borrow your strength again, but it would be best for your mana to be full and for your bodies to be well rested at that time.” (Lanzberg)

After all, tomorrow will be the talks with the summoned ministers and parliament members.
There might be some among them who will send their soldiers after protesting against Peter’s actions.
That’s why magicians will be useful as countermeasures against them.

“Then we will gladly take up your offer to take a break.” (Wendelin)

“That’s fine. After all, there will probably be many people who will unnecessarily make a fuss tomorrow.” (Lanzberg)

“In the end we got used by His Highness, didn’t we?”

“Well, it can’t be helped.”

It’s because Therese made a mistake.
If we don’t cooperate with Peter’s rise to power, we won’t be able to go back to the kingdom, no matter how much time passes. Once I explain that to Ina, she was apparently able to agree with it.

“Ina-dono, how about thinking about it in this way: It’s difficult to not be homesick, so you are going to cooperate with His Highness for the sake of fixing that.” (Lanzberg)

“It’s certainly correct that I want to return to Baumeister Earldom as soon as possible.” (Ina)

“I believe that it will likely cause many troubles for the Kingdom later down the road if the Empire stays in a state of chaos. I think it’s advisable to tie a friendly relationship with the Empire, which had been unified by His Highness, and to start colonizing and investigating the western and southern parts of the continent after the anxiety about the future has been resolved.” (Lanzberg)

“Earl Lanzberg, you are…”

“Ina-dono, I’m an inhabitant of the Imperial Palace and a love hunter.” (Lanzberg)

If he felt like it, Earl Lanzberg actually owned the quality to become an excellent politician.
If he really was a mere inhabitant of the Imperial Palace, it would have been impossible for him to have chosen the option of following Peter.

“Then, we are going to take a rest for a short while.”


The next morning we head to the throne hall once again after getting out of bed and taking a breakfast.
Once we arrived, many ministers and soldiers had already assembled there.

“There’s no way that I will approve of such illegal act!”

The empress, who made a racket last night, is present as well. She hurled jeers at Peter who was sitting on the throne.
He listens to her without even trying to hide that he doesn’t care about what she’s saying.

“It’s an emergency after all. Leaving that aside, Duke Areil, haven’t you received any news about the defeat of the punitive force?” (Peter)

“Umm… It’s unclear why, but the periodic reports have stopped coming in…” (Areil)

After revealing an expression clearly stating 『This stupid brat!』 for an instant, he answered Peter’s question in a flustered manner.
Since the majority of the military in the capital obeyed Peter, he probably didn’t have the courage to openly criticize him.
He was given the post related to intelligence matters by the emperor with the reason that he can’t entrust someone else with it. However, since he has neither the ability nor the aptitude for that position, he still hasn’t been able to grasp the reality of the punitive force’s annihilation.
He replies to Peter while wiping the streaming sweat away with a handkerchief.

“That’s why I’m telling you, according to our information, the whole army is in the process of escaping after suffering a crushing defeat and losing His Majesty as well as my elder brothers! Why can’t you understand that? Minister Krenperal of Military Affairs, naturally you get what I’m saying, right? After all the imperial army has its own intelligence agency as well.” (Peter)

“Up to the point where the whereabouts of His Majesty and the princes is uncertain…” (Krenperal)

“So, how many of the 50,000 soldiers, including the logistical support personnel, are going to return by the time Duke Nürnberg closes in on the capital? Duke Nürnberg won’t be fixated on cleaning up the remnants of the defeated punitive force. He will likely try to gain control over the capital as fast as possible. He’s probably thinking that his enemies, who are in the middle of escaping, will immediately surrender as long as the capital falls into his hands.” (Peter)

Due to Peter speaking about what will likely happen from now on while showing a sadistic smile, almost all of the gathered ministers and military staff members turn pale.
They probably think that they don’t want to have anything to do with this.

“By the way, Duke Nürnberg’s army has suffered almost no losses.” (Peter)

Elite soldiers surpassing a 100,000 in numbers are going to advance on the capital right away.
Due to that fact, it seems that something like Peter seizing the power doesn’t matter anymore as there is no other choice anyway.
That’s because they probably think that they won’t have any prospect for victory at all if they are told 『Then you take command in the counterattack against Duke Nürnberg’s army!』 after nitpicking at this point.

“I got it, His Majesty died in battle. So, what are we going to do next?”

“That’s obvious! Alexander or Julian! It’s clearly a lie that those children have died!”

“It’s pointless for me to lie about something like that at this point. Even if they were alive, they would lack the legal foundation to take command in the counterattack, just like me.” (Peter)


Because the emperor is decided in an election in the Empire, his children don’t hold any authority at all, even if the emperor dies.
In order to gain that authority, they have to win in the emperor election.

“I think, even if the information was wrong and they had miraculously survived, they wouldn’t have the time to deal with the approaching military forces of Duke Nürnberg…”

Someone has to fight against Duke Nürnberg by consolidating the existing military forces.
Peter inquired about the intentions of all those gathered, asking whether there’s another candidate besides himself.

“How about you, Stepmother? It’ll be a battle of revenge for your killed husband and sons. But then again, if you lose, you will follow them right away. No, I’m sorry. I forgot that the members of the Duke Areil household don’t fear death. By all means, please borrow the power of your elder brother and defeat Duke Nürnberg.” (Peter)

“Me, you say?”

“Yes. It will be alright if you borrow the strength of your onii-sama.” (Peter)


The empress and her brother, Duke Areil, became pale due to Peter’s suggestion. Even though they were full of composure thinking that it will be a fight that’s easily winnable until now, they lost their confidence to defend the capital due to the punitive force’s annihilation.
If they were to lose while leading the troops, Duke Nürnberg would doubtlessly execute them.
They probably don’t want to undertake that task since they understand all that.
Especially the empress had suddenly become frail after her previous stirring attitude.

“I will return to my room for the sake of mourning for my husband and children.”

“I will take responsibility for being unable to accomplish my duty as head of the intelligence department and resign…” (Areil)

Leaving with just these few words, the two of them exit the throne hall as if running away.

“Me too…”

“Suddenly my health is…”

The majority of the nobles gathered here are those who shook their tails at Duke Nünberg at the time of the coup d’etat and kept their positions after buttering up to the emperor. Of course, they want to escape a sinking ship. Almost all ministers expressed their wish to resign and disappeared from the throne hall.

“Wendelin, they are terrible, aren’t they?” (Peter)

“I don’t know if it wouldn’t be the same in the Kingdom if the situation was similar.” (Wendelin)

Even if they are excellent during peaceful times, there will be many people who will break apart in this kind of crisis.

“It’s convenient for the idiots to voluntarily hand in their letters of resignation. That lot will never be able to get an official position while I’m alive. There won’t be any problem if I entrust it to excellent personnel providing them with executive wages, unrelated to their peerage. Then, next is the parliament, I guess.” (Peter)

Once Peter headed over to the parliament building, less than half of the parliament members had gathered there.

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the parliament! Let me first explain the current situation to you.” (Peter)

When Peter explains the course of events until now to the parliament, almost all of them sink into silence.
In truth, they probably don’t know what they should say.
Even if they try to carry out an emperor election, they will get attacked by Duke Nürnberg’s army before the candidates gather.

“Accordingly, how about the idea of this Peter Oswald Derius von Urquhart leading the counter attack after ascending to the position of prime minister?” (Peter)

The parliament members stayed silent towards Peter’s question.
Since they didn’t foresee such kind of situation, they likely don’t know the best legal option to choose.

“I don’t mind that. Right now we should prepare the countermeasures as quickly as possible.”

At this moment the head of the Meyer Company states his approval. He was a merchant close to Peter.

“That’s right! Right now isn’t the time to worry about formalism.”

“Time is valuable. We have to get the capital ready as much as possible.”

With his statement as a stimulant, several more supporters appear. As there was no other solution, Peter was inaugurated as prime minister with the vote of the parliament members.
As such he has become the top in reality, resulting in him facing Duke Nürnberg who’s approaching the capital.


“It went well up to this point.”

Having been inaugurated as prime minister, Peter worked busily.
He entrusted the command of the imperial army to Popek and Gilbert who had returned into active duty. The newly assigned ministers, who were chosen by stressing actual ability, are toiling away too. Requests for reinforcements and reports about the current situation have been sent to various places, including the northern area. Earl Mizuho Country, with whom he had negotiated in advance, apparently has dispatched military forces of 20,000 soldiers right away, making them head to the capital at a rush.

“The Mizuho army will be barely in time.”

That means it was correct to hold a secret conference with High Earl Mizuho in advance.

“How about the northern lords?”

“They won’t be in time. Or rather, Duchess Phillip won’t allow them to be in time.” (Peter)

There’s no way that Therese, with the northern lords at her side, will let the reinforcements get here in time. After all her rank as the strongest contender for the next emperor had suddenly been stolen by Peter.
In that case, it would be better to send the reinforcements after Duke Nürnberg took the capital.
If she sent soldiers from the field encampment in the Great Sorbid Wastelands, they would be in time, but rather than having her soldiers crushed after sending only a half-baked number of reinforcements, she should head over after preparing her entire army. That’s because Peter is an enemy, who competes for the seat of the next emperor, in the eyes of Therese.

“Putting aside the reinforcements, what about the imperial army?”

“Their reorganisation is progressing favourably.”

The number of soldiers that had stayed behind in the capital amounts to around 30,000. Since there are many soldiers among the staff and commissioned officers, who had been removed from the frontline for opposing the operation of the Duke Nürnberg subjugation, likely carried out in order to obtain achievements, the talented people have stayed together.
Even from among the punitive force, soldiers, who have succeeded in running away with their units, started to appear in places close to the capital.
If we reintegrate them as well, we will probably be able to put up somewhat of a fight.

“We will manage one way or another. After all, even for Duke Nürnberg my existence is beyond his own expectations.” (Peter)

“Say Peter, are you an acquaintance of Duke Nürnberg?” (Wendelin)

“Isn’t it at the level of us knowing each other’s names? Since he’s a typical high-ranking noble in a certain meaning, he likely won’t do something like associating with me whose blood is half that of a commoner.” (Peter)

If I remember correctly, I have heard that Peter and his group were waiting for a chance while continuing to camp and hunt in the vicinity of a monster domain at the time when Duke Nürnberg occupied the capital.
Duke Nürnberg thought that it’s unnecessary to expressly dispatch troops to catch them, but seemingly that will trip him up.

“Because Duke Nürnberg will be careless, thinking that there’s no one in the capital left to lead the military forces that have stayed behind, it will give us a slight advantage, even if it’s only that much. We will prepare various other things in addition, too.” (Peter)

Except for the gathering of personnel and the reorganisation of the military forces, he tells us to exhibit the carapace of the boss of the subjugated monster domain, Rock Turtle King (Rainbow Assault), in the central plaza of the capital as a measure to suppress the turmoil of the people.
As there’s a history of many imperial army soldiers and renown adventurers having failed in its subjugation until now, it is a full success in making the name of Peter, who commanded its subjugation, known.
Moreover, by exhibiting the result of that in a public place, he restrains the agitation of the people and shows his will to defeat Duke Nürnberg in the same way as the big turtle. It was one of the plans to boost the people’s fighting spirit.

“Your Highness, 『Mister Baron』 is requesting a meeting.”

“Let him in.” (Peter)

And then another pending matter of defending the capital was resolved as well.
The master of the slums located in the capital’s west, who is an excellent healing magician, commonly known as 『Mister Baron』, and the male Lan tribe member Randolph, who is unifying the vigilante corps under Mister Baron, showed up.

“Your Highness, let me first congratulate you for your success in usurping the political power.” (Baron)

Being rumoured to be an illegitimate child of a noble as well, he respectfully greeted Peter.

“It matters from now on. Your side is going well, I guess?” (Peter)

“The repairs of the western wall finished successfully. Randolph also trained the vigilante corps properly.” (Baron)

“Within the range of what’s possible.” (Randolph)

Randolph, who was next to Mister Baron, added humbly. However, his talent as a soldier was indisputable.
Exiling such an excellent man for the reason of having supported her elder brothers’ side, Therese sure did something wasteful.

“I think my place will become tense once the battle against Duke Nürnberg comes to pass, but outwitting Therese gave me intense pleasure.”

Randolph harboured reservations towards Therese, who exiled him from his home. For that reason, he had turned into a supporter of Peter, who stole a march on her.

“If we manage to win, I will give you the liberated monster domain as territory. I will be expecting your strenuous efforts.”

“Your Highness, you kept all your promises until now. We will give it our best for the sake of a new place to live.”


A prince with the blood of commoners flowing through his veins, the commoners, the lower-ranking nobles and the inhabitants of the slums.
Peter advances his preparations well without obsessing about blood. The decisive battle against Duke Nürnberg, who was aiming to retake the capital, would begin very soon.


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