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  2. I am not a spoiler I swear

    None for volume 9-13 yet? Also, how different or similar is the WN from the LN?

    • Only the completely translated volume illustrations will be posted here to avoid spoilers.
      As for the differences; they removed the redundant stuff and instead described the scenes like fights etc. in more details as far as I’ve read it, though I just skimmed through a little bit of it as it doesn’t really concern me anyway. 🙂

  3. Quick question but where does this illustration fit? I think sometimes my internet is so bad it doesn’t load the images but i can’t remember a point where this would be…..or is it from an omake or something?

    • No, it’s not your internet. It wasn’t included in any released chapters since it’s an illustration from LN content iirc. 🙂

      • Ñoooooooooooo, do you know what they are doing? i mean it looks like Elise and Wilma (although the later looks a little diferent) or someone else? And why are they feeding him (assuming is Wend of course).

        • It’s Elise and her mother, Nina Meier von Hohenheim, trying to feed Wendelin afaik.

          • Well since the LN is probably never going to be translated (and even if it is i will be near imposible for to buy it T.T) i better hope that is in the manga………is it in the manga? plz someone say yes T.T

            Unless that by some cosmic miracle you want to translate it as a sort of extra chapter………..

            • Sorry, nope. I already struggle with wanting to TL the normal omake and interludes, so don’t expect me to go out of my way to include LN-only content. 😉

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