Chapter 81 – A turbulent night

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“Somehow I’m not fully satisfied.” (Wendelin)

“With what?”

Eleven days after the death of Wilhelm the 14th, the enthronement ceremony of the new emperor was carried out.
Therese-sama, once again, didn’t return to the guest house the previous day due to being very busy with the preparations, but it seems that the arrangements were completed in time.
We were also invited and a stately ceremony took place.
The congress members and influential people of the church participated too, and the new emperor, Urquhart the 17th was enthroned.
With the emperor’s seat returning to the central’s imperial family after three generations, the citizens of Bardiche were also very delighted.
Since there was a parade after the ceremony, many people showed up along the roads.
That doesn’t mean that the reign of the previous emperor was bad, but the awareness of ((the new emperor)) being a local of this city is probably the same in any world and country.

“No, it’s about Duke Nürnberg…” (Wendelin)

The other contender for the throne, Duke Nürnberg, cornered the new emperor into a close contest going as far as a third voting round, might be the expression of a wish for some change in the empire’s state which has some kind of hopeless feeling, although its government is stable.
That’s why it probably ended up becoming an unexpectedly close competition once there were only two candidates left.

“The emperor’s election has such rules. Thus he has no other option but to aim for the next time.” (Burkhart)

It’s likely just as Burkhart-san says.
Given that it’s possible for the emperor of this country to retire, it might barely be possible for Duke Nürnberg to run for becoming the next emperor.
However, since there’s also the possibility of ((the next emperor selection)) being too late, he should bear quite strong feelings of frustration.
However he swore allegiance and cooperation to the new emperor without hesitation and as confidently as usual.
As there were opinions that he is hiding ulterior motives in his heart, I also sensed that there are some parts which I’m not fully satisfied with.
He should have wanted to become emperor.
In addition, he had more supporters than expected.
Just as speculated the emperor had been chosen from among the members of the Archduke household and I felt in reverse a doubt about him pretending that it is not a reason for him to not be mortified.

“Well, since he isn’t a child, it would be wrong of him to throw a tantrum.” (Burkhart)

“However, in the case of normal people, you can expect them to reveal those emotions through their expressions and behaviour, even if only just a bit.” (Wendelin)

“I guess he has an outstanding talent enabling him to hide that.” (Burkhart)

I unintentionally reveal my true opinion to Burkhart-san.
This bad premonition comes from no more than my own intuition and might be a wild delusion.
And yet I think I would be able to feel relieved if he showed a bit of a bad obstinacy or his frustration.

“At any rate, the new emperor has been decided. The Friendship Visit Group will likely be assembled next year once again. Though it’s unknown whether we will be invited to it.”

Since the magic exhibition has already ended, it seems that there’s actually no necessity to invite us.
Nevertheless, we might be invited once again since we have left in a flashy manner.

“We have to stay patient for three more days. Once the enthronement ceremony finishes, the stores related to entertainment will resume business. Let’s return home after buying some decent souvenirs.”

Three days after the ceremony finished, we spent our time with buying souvenirs and going sightseeing in Bardiche since we don’t have anything particular to do. At last we will set out to return to Helmut Kingdom tomorrow.

『Wendelin, can thou mate with me early?』 (Therese)

『Wendelin-sama will be busy inseminating us!』 (Elise)

Therese-sama’s solicitation was as usual, however Elise and the others dodged it skilfully.
Especially last night’s words, which were filled with Elise’s anger, were something I couldn’t imagine from the usual her.
Even Ina and the others at least understood that 『It’s scary if Elise gets really angry』.
On the night of the last day in the empire we slept normally in our rooms since it’s the day before returning home, but I end up opening my eyes due to suddenly hearing a sound I’m not used to hear.
As the time’s still in the dead of night it was pitch black outside, but I can hear a sound similar to some metal being scraped with a clattering from outside the window.
Once I look outside after getting up from the bed, I was able to confirm a large number of soldiers rushing into the imperial palace.
At the same time it seems that this guest house is also surrounded by soldiers and knights who wore metal armour.

“What’s this about?” (Wendelin)

No way, is it a declaration of war by erasing the Friendship Visit Group?
No, rather than that, I can also predict one more possibility.

“It’s a coup d’etat, isn’t it?” (Elise)

“With this timing?” (Wendelin)

“Yes.” (Elise)

Elise, who entered inside after opening the door, mentions the worst-case scenario which I anticipated as well.
The emperor is chosen by election in this country, therefore the other candidates, who harbour dissatisfaction towards the result, will regularly cause a coup d’etat, won’t they?
I don’t particularly care about them doing as they like, but I’d like them to hold back on that during the time of the Friendship Visit Group’s visit, I end up thinking.

“Get ready.” (Wendelin)

“Yes.” (Elise)

The enemy soldiers might come rushing in at any time.
Once I swiftly changed my clothes, I tossed all our luggage into my magic bag.
Elise also already changed into her combat outfit for when she’s active as an adventurer and tightly grasped her specialized mace.

“Is outside full of enemy soldiers?” (Ina)

“Rather than enemies, it’s the forces of the coup d’etat. Will they become our enemies?” (Luise)

“We will counter-attack if they tell us that they will capture us.” (Wilma)

Next Ina, Luise and Wilma got ready as well, but as expected, they were used to it or rather they were already completely armed.

“Wendelin-san, if one considers that they are strangely skilled, the imperial army must be in cohort with them as well.” (Katharina)

“So, who’s the ringleader?” (Wendelin)

“That’s likely obvious.” (Burkhart)

Continuing, Katharina, in her usual dress-styled equipment, and Burkhart-san, wearing a robe, enter the room as well.

“Duke Nürnberg after all?” (Wendelin)

“There’s no one else who has a motive.” (Burkhart)

The young, ambitious household which advocates military expansion and an expedition towards the south, Duke Nürnberg.
He, who had piercing eyes like a falcon, set his sight on me.
It seems that I’m a hindrance for his southern expedition policy.
Under normal circumstances, they probably wouldn’t commit such foolishness like sending soldiers to us who are from another country.

“We can’t hope for decent treatment if we are caught.”

“It’s quite likely that we will be used as hostages for the sake of recognizing the political power of the coup d’etat party.”

That’s the same for Earl Schultz’s group as well, but as we have to currently care about our own situation with all our might, we don’t have the leeway to worry about others.

“Let’s escape after gathering our luggage.” (Wendelin)

“I agree!” (Armstrong)

Lastly Doushi made an appearance, but once we left the room in order to gather everyone, there were several knights and soldiers lying unconscious in the corridor.
It seems they were knocked down by doushi, who fought with a flowerpot, as they tried to secure us.
His strength was powerful as usual, but suppressing us with these numbers would have likely been impossible to begin with.

“Which reminds me, what about Earl Schultz’s group?”

“It looks like soldiers also entered the neighbouring inn. Since Earl Schultz’s group consists of civil officials, they have been captured, I suppose.”

They have guards, but it’s probably unreasonable for those to oppose several enemies per person.
In that case, they were either caught or killed.

“Certainly you are not planning to rescue them, right?” (Armstrong)

“No, that would be unreasonable.” (Wendelin)

I deny Doushi’s question right away.
It’s obvious if one looks at the number of soldiers surrounding the guest house and the imperial palace.
Besides, at the time they joined the Friendship Visit Group, any kind of noble must have the resolve that this might happen.
It’s wrong of me to not have rescued them is a completely absurd opinion.

“Well, we can escape with 『Teleportation』 right away though. Ack!” (Wendelin)

“What’s wrong, Earl-sama?” (Burkhart)

Once I try to use the 『Teleportation』 spell on the spot since everyone finished preparing, a sudden pain hits my head.

“Magic is being obstructed?”

I used the 『Teleportation』 spell once more, but it just caused another stab of pain in my head.
When I chant silently in order to invoke the spell, I receive another stab of pain that cuts it off completely inside my head.

“No way! We can’t use magic?”

“Is it really the magic? I can use it though.” (Armstrong)

Doushi, who defeated the soldiers who stormed in, was able to normally charge his fist with mana.

“What does that mean?”

“There’s Earl Baumeister!”

“I’ve become a target after all…” (Wendelin)

It’s probably because their comrades, who charged in first, haven’t come back.
Next several knights and soldiers draw their swords and approach our direction.

“It’s legitimate self-defence, thus…”


I steal their consciousness by mercilessly releasing an 『Electric Shock』 spell and not 『Area Stun』 at them.
They might have died since I didn’t adjust its power output, but I didn’t have the flexibility to care about it to such an extent.

“Huh? I can use magic.” (Wendelin)

“It seems to be limited to a part of magic.” (Burkhart)

“Only a part?” (Wendelin)

As his head apparently suffered pain, Burkhart-san held his head with his hand.

“As a test I tried to float with 『Flight』, but…” (Burkhart)

It appears that all movement magic gets obstructed.
The magic won’t invoke and a stab of pain would hit the caster’s head.

“Hm~~~mm. We can’t use magic tools for communication either.”

Since it’s a state of emergency, Doushi tried to get in touch with His Majesty by using a magic hand-held communication device, but this didn’t connect either.
As test I tried to use my own magic hand-held communication device, but it was completely in vain.

“Magic tools which have restricted types of magic get obstructed but not all magic?”

“They have increased the range of the effect to some extent in exchange for restricting it to a few types of magic?” Burkhart-san predicted.

I have a feeling that it’s a frightening OOPArt, but there’s a great number of the Ancient Magic Civilization heritages sleeping in Helmut Kingdom as well.
It was unthinkable that something similar doesn’t exist in Holy Empire Urquhart.

“That means, in other words…”

Movement and communication spells and magic tools don’t work at all right in the middle of Holy Empire Urquhart’s capital.
It would probably be best to expect that even the magic airship, we used before, won’t be able to take flight with this.

“Before that, have the coup d’etat forces already seized full control then?” (Elise)

It’s probably as Elise says.
I guess it’s almost a fact, but the elite Duke Nürnberg feudal army and quite a few forces of the imperial army are suppressing important bases and people of Bardiche by obstructing communication.
As it seems that even soldiers of the imperial army have joined, the whereabouts as well as life and death of the new emperor Urquhart the 17th is uncertain.
I’m not very knowledgeable about things like the political and military circumstances of other countries, but such total coup d’etats are things that happened often in the past as well.
Probably, they secretly prepared and made sure they were ready at the time they lost the emperor election.

“Earl-sama, we are foreigners after all.” (Burkhart)

As Burkhart-san says, we are from another country.
Rather than their safety, our own safety takes priority.

“There’s no other option but to escape.”

It’s a painful fact that we have no means of transportation, but at any rate, we have to run away.
Since the ringleader will harbour wariness towards me if we are caught like this, there’s no doubt that he should make me suffer needlessly.

“I don’t want to mention it, but there are women here.”

I think it’s pointless to demand reason from Duke Nürnberg who has become the mastermind of a coup d’etat just because he couldn’t become emperor.
There’s the possibility that he won’t think anything but sacrificing us for the sake of building a new nation.
Even if Duke Nürnberg was rational, there’s no guarantee that he will transmit his thinking down to all his soldiers.

“Anyway, let’s escape to a place where this strange jamming magic doesn’t exist.”

I take out bags which were filled with a large amount of a certain something from my magic bag.
I collected it at the time of clearing the Savage Lands. It was something copying a bullet which uses tungsten.
Guns don’t exist in this world.
In the case of bows, large ballistae existed, but those evolved in the direction of changing them into magic tools as a means to raise their power.
They have been deployed in battles as magic tools which fire large, special arrows with mana, but the thinking hasn’t reached guns yet.
There was no gunpowder either. In that case I think it’s a better idea to exchange gunpowder with mana.

“(It will be dangerous if Elise’s group gets caught. Besides, I’m a person from Helmut Kingdom.)” (Wendelin)

There were many good-for-nothing nobles there, but the place I belong to is over there. I have to protect my family.
To begin with, the ones who attacked me first is the other side.
If they receive such retaliation, it probably won’t fit with their predictions.

“Did you get it as well, Elise-jou-chan and the others? Kill them.” (Burkhart)

“Elise’s healing is the most important component of our escape. Protecting her takes maximum priority. At worst it can’t be helped if others have to be sacrificed for her.” (Armstrong)

Burkhart-san’s and doushi’s expressions became sharp.
Both might have experience in killing people from their time as active adventurers.

“Erw, will you be alright?” (Wendelin)

“Wend, will you be alright?” (Erwin)

“Who knows.” (Wendelin)

As a matter of fact I have already killed close to 100 people, but since I didn’t see their corpses at that time, I didn’t feel something like remorse.

“How about you, Ina?” (Wendelin)

“There’s no other choice but to do it! We don’t know what might happen if we get caught.” (Ina)

“Luise?” (Wendelin)

“The magic combat style is originally a martial art to be used on the battlefield. There’s no reason for me to hesitate.” (Luise)

“Wilma.” (Wendelin)

“The reason why I became your wife, Wend-sama, is for a time like this. I will do it.” (Wilma)

“How about you, Katharina?” (Wendelin)

“If I ended up dying here, the long-awaited revival of the Waigel household will vanish like a bubble. There’s no other way but to get it done.” (Katharina)

Everyone seems to have resolved themselves.
At the end I try to ask Elise.

“Currently time is precious. Let’s move quickly.” (Elise)

“Got it.” (Wendelin)

While being cautious of the vicinity, we decide to take refuge in the urban area of Bardiche by leaving through the back-door of the guest house.
Once we went down to the lower floor, the other corridors were already occupied by enemy soldiers.
Several servants and maids had collapsed. They were apparently slain at the time of resisting.

“Taurus! Did you fail?”

“Well then, let’s get to it. Those numbers are insufficient as our opponents.” (Burkhart)

No sooner than saying that, Burkhart-san casts several small wind cutters.
The soldiers, which were targeted, got cleaved and beheaded. They fell down while raising fountains of blood.

“It’s a horrible scene.”

The lower floor was annihilated.
I try to peek into the rooms for just a bit, but several of the magicians, who came from the Sorcery Guild headquarters and such, were dead.
No matter what powerful magic they can use, they will end up dead unexpectedly quickly if they are taken by surprise.

“Duke Nürnberg may be a seriously crazy fucker*.” (T/N: solved – thanks to Makoto Akamine)

Normally they would arrest or restrict the movements of the people from Helmut Kingdom, but it would be common sense to not make a move on them.
However, he killed several of our country’s precious magicians.

“It’s probably because they will become strong game pieces once it turns into a war.” (Burkhart)


“Even if he succeeds in the coup d’etat, a sudden war will be impossible…”

It might mostly follow Doushi’s thinking, but time is too valuable to go along with such crazy madman.
Giving up on the rescue of our allies, we decide to go outside right away.

“It’s Earl Baumeister!”

“It’s the prized head.”

“I’m very popular, am I not?” (Wendelin)

“Viscount Armstrong is there as well! Kill them!”

“Doushi, you are popular, too.”

“I’m a man who is popular among women and children!” (Armstrong)

Is that a joke? Or the truth?
At the same time of saying that, he defeats the soldiers one by one with his fists which were clad in mana.
Once I looked properly, the heads of every soldier was crushed with one blow. They collapsed while having their faces turned in a weird direction away from him.


A soldier, who was scared by Doushi’s strength, swings his sword recklessly, but that sword ends up completely broken in one blow by Doushi’s fist.
Having lost his sword, the soldier tries to run away, but the instant he turned his back on us, Doushi grabs his head and crushes his neck.

“I have family as well. I won’t let you off.” (Armstrong)

The corpse of the soldier, which was still held by Doushi, dangled down loosely like a marionette since the neck has been broken, but he immediately throws it away to the side of the corridor.

“We have to hurry.” (Armstrong)

After that the soldiers get eliminated by Burkhart-san’s wind cutter, Doushi’s mana-charged fists and my tungsten-made bullets which I send flying with mana.
The bullets, which have a tip similar to dum-dum ammunition and the shape of a chinquapin seed, smash the faces of soldiers, if they hit there, and tear the intestines into pieces if they hit the stomach.
A splatter-like scenery unfolds, but as this is for the sake of survival, I advance while averting my sight.
[Sniper’s note: Dum-dum is another term for bullet designed to expand on impact with a target, either a hollow point or soft point]

“Their numbers are unexpectedly high.”

“It’s probably because we are next to their main target, the imperial palace.”

Even the specialised weapons of Ina and Erw, who wielded spear and sword respectively together, are already dyed with the colour of blood.
For the sake of recovering the sharpness of their specialized weapons, both quickly wiped them with the clothes worn by the soldiers they defeated.
Surprisingly they aren’t disturbed or rather you can say that they are too busy to be disturbed about it.

“We got rid of most of the enemies. Let’s go outside.”

Once we enter the back yard from the back-door which is used for the sake of carrying in goods and food, there was a person whom we didn’t see until now.
Therese-sama alongside five retainers continued a skirmish with enemy soldiers while trying to get away.
Two victims had already appeared on Therese-sama’s side and four enemies had been defeated on the enemy’s side.
It seems to be a hard fight, but as there are many soldiers on the enemy’s side, Therese-sama’s side is unable to get outside.

“We will assist them.”

All the soldiers, who had gathered at the centre of the back gate, are defeated by Burkhart-san’s wind cutters and my 『Bullet』 spell.
Getting beheaded and having holes drilled into their faces and bodies, there wasn’t even one survivor.

“Sorry for having to help us.” (Therese)

Therese-sama in her nightgown appearance thanks us while still holding a sword drenched in blood.

“Did you kill soldiers yourself?”

“Originally that’s something I won’t do, but it would have been a harsh situation if I wasn’t included in the numbers. I have received the minimum of swordsmanship practice since my childhood.” (Therese)

As there’s blood attached to her sword, she should have killed at least one enemy. It seems that I can’t win against Therese-sama in sword skills.

“Sorry for troubling thee as well, Elise-dono.” (Therese)

“No, I think they will survive.” (Elise)

Elise cast healing magic on the retainers of Therese-sama who had collapsed.

“You saved us.”

“Therese-sama, I’m sorry for having made an unexpected blunder.”

“It’s fine. Thou became a shield in order to protect me. That’s honourable.” (Therese)

After they got up safely, they thank Elise.
They apologized to Therese-sama for getting defeated, but she praised them for being honourable in reverse.
She possesses ability and charisma, one can’t take lightly, as a noble after all.

“Well then, shall we try to escape? Wendelin, won’t thee escape via magic?” (Therese)

“Therese-sama, actually…” (Wendelin)

Once I tell her that communication and movement magic is sealed off, her expression gets gloomy for just an instant.
For it to be only for an instant is probably because she will cause her retainers to get uneasy if she, who is currently the most distinguished person, shows an anxious expression.

“That’s strange… Then we can’t count on reinforcement from our allies.” (Therese)

At the time when we were isolated due to it being impossible to send messages, the coup d’etat forces have started a surprise attack.
Thanks to this attack, the important military bases, which are located in Bardiche, have been probably completely taken over, Therese-sama predicted.

“Then they distributed soldiers in the many important bases. They have known about the impossibility to communicate in advance. Duke Nürnberg’s feudal army has a lot of elites. They are probably flawless in communication through messengers, but…” (Therese)

It’s unlikely that they have gained control over all of Bardiche.
If we escape to the northern Philip Dukedom after skilfully taking refuge inside the city, there’s a chance for success, Therese-sama stated.

“Well then, we will go to the south.”

“Regrettably Nürnberg Dukedom lies in the south. The southern nobles are suspicious as well.” (Therese)

There’s the possibility that they are participating in this time’s coup d’etat. Escaping on foot or by horse will likely be difficult, she explained.

“It will be safe if thee take refuge in my Philip Dukedom. Let’s escape after stealing a stagecoach?” (Therese)

A northern highway, that continues from here in Bardiche to Philip Dukedom, has been established. Moreover, as there seem to be large stagecoaches as well, it will probably be possible to run away by using that, she says.

“There’s no other choice, huh…?”

“Well, let’s go then.”

Once we leave the guest house after having decided on the plan, Therese-sama led us to the sewer system.

“Rather than in the city, it will be probably safer in the sewers?”

“You are well acquainted with it.”

“Since I’m a noble, I have prepared for the worst-case situation, too.” (Therese)

She had likely made the retainer, who is leading us, investigate it regularly.
She is a far more excellent noble than me.

“We have nearly arrived at the stagecoach stop.”

It was smelly, but as expected even the coup d’etat forces didn’t have the leeway to send soldiers into the sewers.
We return to the surface without encountering a single soldier, but above ground enemy soldiers lied in wait after all.

“Oh my, Earl Baumeister-dono is with them as well? Are you imitating a rat?” (Eins)

Eins, the eldest brother of the four magic brothers in his red robe, was waiting for us there.

“Do you approve of the coup d’etat?” (Therese)

Therese-sama revealed an expression full of disgust.

“Duke Nürnberg-sama will make me Head Magician! In that case it’s only natural that I turn traitor.” (Eins)

Eins’ tone changes all of a sudden.
No, probably that’s his actual tone.
In spite of living at the imperial palace since his childhood, he has apparently been raised into quite the boorish fellow.

“I believe that Blattson-san is suitable as Head Magician though.” (Wendelin)

Eins is probably a bit superior in regards to mana, but if it’s knowledge, experience and personality, Blattson-san is superior to an extent that it’s pointless to even compare.
In order to provoke him on purpose, I address Eins.
Being told that Blattson-san is more suitable as Head Magician than himself, anger appeared on Eins’ face for an instant.

“That’s true. Blattson might be suitable. However you can’t appoint a dead person to a post any more, right?” (Eins)

While laughing frivolously, Eins throws something in front of us.


“No way…”

A short scream is raised by Elise’s group.
The thing Eins threw was Blattson’s head.

“Did you defeat him?”

“Yea, I killed him! If the number of magicians decreases, our value will rise by that degree! This means that I’m* the Head Magician-sama!” (Eins) (T/N: Eins uses ore-sama here, sometimes I wish you could add a Hifumi to another series’ scene.)

“If it’s Blattson, for you to overtake him…” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san asks Eins a question while having a pale face to a degree I haven’t seen until now.

“I had more mana than him, though only a bit. It’s not like there was this much difference between us. That’s why I used a little scheme.” (Eins)

“Yes, we went to report to him with the four of us. We told him that Duke Nürnberg rose in rebellion.”

“While he was surprised, I stabbed him with a knife from a blind spot.” (Eins)

“If he can’t use magic, he’s just an old geezer. He isn’t an enemy for us. Unless the old geezer retires, he will be plenty of hindrance for us who have a promising future.”

Zwei, Drei and Vier, wearing blue, yellow and green robes, show up from behind Eins.
Image-wise they looked like a certain hero squadron, but their words and deeds are no more than that of villains.
Nothing but unpleasant feeling emerged within me in regards to them.

“You bastards!” (Burkhart)

“Geezer, if you get too angry, you will collapse after a cerebral stroke.”

“That old geezer was killed because he was weak.”

“At any rate, be relieved since you will follow that geezer in death.”

“Sip tea in hell together, as fellow geezers.”

Vier mocks the enraged Burkhart-san with a slightly ridiculing tone. The other three raised a vulgar laughter in agreement with that.

“Burkhart-san, calm down.” (Wendelin)

I call out to Burkhart-san quietly.

“Sorry, I lost myself for a moment there.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san, who came to his senses after being called by me, returned to a composed expression right away.

“Besides, those are the words of fellows who will be dead soon anyway. Let’s at least listen to them while considering it as their last request.” (Wendelin)

“Did you say anything, Earl Baumeister?”

“I did. Are you deaf despite still being young? You guys will have an unsightly death very soon.” (Wendelin)

They are excellent magicians, that’s why even the emotion of it being regrettable to kill them wells up within me.
At any rate, they are magicians of another country and their character is the worst.
If I don’t kill them here, I have a premonition that they will become a hindrance in my future life.
Even before that, cutting corners and making them incapable of fighting would be difficult, or rather, I have no other choice but to kill them since it’s not unlikely that I suffer an embarrassing defeat otherwise.

“That’s a funny joke!”

“You fucker will die!”

“Flirting while being accompanied by women.”

“Die with peace of mind since we will rape all the women until they die once you bastard are dead.”

“Good grief, did you really receive proper education at the imperial palace?” (Wendelin)

Going beyond anger, I’m just disgusted.
Is it because they have talent? They were probably pampered quite a lot.

“Well, it doesn’t really matter. Even if I kill lowlifes, I will have little feelings of guilt.”

“Hah! Do you think that you can win against the four of us?”

The instant Eins roared like that, the situation changed.
First, after doushi strengthened his body’s function with magic in an instant, he instantly moves in front of the blue-robed Zwei and smashes his head with one blow.
Moreover, at almost the same time, Luise moves in front of the yellow-robed Drei and releases a thrusting technique which was charged with large quantities of mana.
Drei somehow deals with it by defending with a 『Magic Barrier』, but the 『Magic Barrier』 of Drei breaks due to the power of Luise’s fist breaking through by focussing on one point alongside a sound of *parin* similar to glass breaking. Crushing both his palms which he pushed out in front to erect the 『Magic Barrier』, she made a large hole in his abdomen after defeating the anti-magic defence of his expensive robe.



“I believe that I’m not a monster as I’m this cute.” (Luise)

Drei dies instantly while spilling large quantities of blood, fragments of his spine and intestines to the rear.
The strength of Luise’s blow is far too powerful. She had almost no blood splatter on her, but the soldiers, who were behind Drei, screamed in terror while at the same time being sprayed with Drei’s blood and pieces of flesh.
However, the time, they could raise their voices, was short.
Several wind cutters, which came flying just like boomerangs, mercilessly cut and tore through them.

“Since I’m a lady, I shall excuse myself from any partner except Wendelin-san.” (Katharina)

Before even a second passed, the soldiers under Eins’ control got annihilated atrociously.
Becoming panicked, he turns his look towards Vier, as if clinging to him, who’s the sole person left alive, but he was not of this world any longer.
He, who wore a green robe, had already no head. A stream of blood rose from the cut end like a water fountain.
And, the one who accomplished that is…

“He got what he deserved.” (Burkhart)

It was Burkhart-san who used up the majority of his mana.

“Such a! Even Vier, he has more mana than you!” (Eins)

“That’s true. But I won’t be troubled even if I use up my mana here. I attacked him with spells using all my power.” (Burkhart)

While replenishing his mana a bit with the few remaining prepared magic gems, Burkhart-san showed a triumphal expression to Eins.

“Though you made a surprise attack against Blattson, your confusing and pretentious rambling was long.”

No matter how excellent their magic might be, there’s no meaning to it if they die before releasing it.
Eins, who made a self-important, impertinent speech while even forgetting the traits of doushi and Luise as magicians, was sure to get defeated from the start.

“Well then, only you are remaining.” (Wendelin)

“Hiii~~~~!” (Eins)

“Your siblings, with whom you were on good terms, died. You will keep them company in hell.” (Wendelin)

“Hiii~~~~!” (Eins)

Did Eins’ legs cramp out of fear once I made one step forward?
He tries to escape by retreating after having fallen on his backside.
However, right after hitting something, he looked back and his face became stiff in horror due to its true identity.
It was the tragic corpses of his killed brothers and soldiers. Once he continues to back off while trying to escape despite those corpses, his special-made, bright red robe becomes sullied by blood and mud which was created due to the blood.
Furthermore, a stain spread at the part of his nether region and he ended up incontinent due to his excessive fear.

“Even if it’s just you, it will be troublesome if I let you get away. And, Eins, I will keep the fact that you got incontinent out of fear on the verge of death a secret. Die with a peace of mind.” (Wendelin)

“Don’t fuck with me~~~~!” (Eins)

Eins, who mustered some courage, forms a huge fireball with a diameter of around one meter above his head.

“All of you, burn and die~~~~!” (Eins)

“It’s futile.” (Wendelin)

Even at the last moment he uses magic while scrutinising on the allotment of mana.
If he aims for a recovery from this hopeless situation, it’s necessary to immediately fill it with all his mana like Burkhart-san did.
I immediately erase Eins’ fireball by offsetting it with a water ball, create a fireball with a diameter of 3 meters in an instant and drop it on Eins from above.

“Why is it more than my fireee~~~!” (Eins)

“Don’t ask me. Ask god in the other world.” (Wendelin)

Eins extends a 『Magic Barrier』 as last resistance, but I destroy that with strength by charging the fireball with even more mana.
Having lost what protected him, Eins is swallowed up by the fireball and burnt to death alongside a scream of death agony.
At the same time the other corpses burn and lose their shapes as well. There was nothing left when the fireball vanished.

“Phew… Let’s go then?” (Wendelin)

Today is a miserable day.
It’s the worst kind of day where I won’t be able to survive unless I commit a bloodbath.
Since there’s the possibility that I will fall into a very bad mental condition if I reflect on the fact that I killed people, I decided to prioritize escaping for now.

“Everyone, to a free carriage!” (Wendelin)

Since there are ten-odd carriages, which can be called large, and one right next to us, all of us board that one.
A retainer of Therese-sama sits down in the coachman’s seat. I sit down next to him in order to remove the enemies in front and it was decided that Katharina will be vigilant of our rear.
Since we have to remove the enemies while travelling, I’m more suited for it than doushi or Luise.
Given that Burkhart-san has little mana remaining, he becomes the reserve while recovering his mana.

“Let’s go then.”

“Before that…” (Wendelin)

Creating a huge fireball with magic, I tossed it at the stable and standby location of the stagecoaches.
Several tens of small and large carriages as well as the horses to pull them are burning.
I feel sorry for the horses, but there’s also the possibility of our escape failing due to them being used as means of chasing us.

“Earl Baumeister! You are!”

Even so, the young retainer acting as coachman apparently wasn’t pleased with that.
He flared up at me.

“Is there any harm to you?” (Wendelin)

“The carriages and horses are important property of the empire!”

Horses and carriages aren’t that cheap either. They are also an important means of transportation for commoners and merchants except the magic airships.
Something like burning all of those, you are a person from an enemy nation after all, he says.
He began to preach in a self-important manner because the other party is a noble from another nation, but I grabbed his collar and quietly interrogated him.

“Is it fine for me to ask you one thing? Although we succeeded in escaping, is it fine for Duchess Philip’s party to die here?” (Wendelin)

“How does it reach such point?”

As they noticed that mine and the retainer’s mood is odd, Therese-sama and Burkhart-san immediately show their faces from within the carriage.

“What’s up?” (Therese)

“Therese-sama! Earl Baumeister has!”

The retainer, who serves as coachman, prompts Therese-sama to look at the spectacle of the horses in the stables and all the carriages, which were left in their standby place, burning.

“As horse-drawn carriages are valuable assets of the empire, it’s far too cruel! Is this a scheme of Helmut Kingdom to damage our country?”

I only destroyed them as they are a means of transportation that might be used by pursuit units, but going by what he says, I seem to be an existence that harms Holy Empire Urquhart.
Although he is furious, Therese-sama doesn’t say anything.
Rather than that, she has a stance similar to waiting for my way of dealing with it.

“(Shall I do it!?)” (Wendelin)

As expected, I have ended up losing my temper a bit.
Even though she’s a noble from another country, she has made Elise’s group angry with her suggestive temptation and has appeared imprudent just because she’s a prince-elector as Duchess. Even though they have been rescued thanks to us, now her retainer is nitpicking.
I decide to stop holding back any longer.
No matter how much she’s a woman, she’s a noble of another country.

“Then die by sacrificing yourself for those pitiful carriages and horses.” (Wendelin)

I push the retainer acting as coachman off the carriage.
At the same time I declared to Therese.

“Let’s have you get off, Therese-dono.” (Wendelin)

“All of a sudden it’s an outrageous story.” (Therese)

Therese looked at me with great interest without particularly feeling shaken.

“Your group has become a nuisance.” (Wendelin)

“I intend to shelter you in Philip Dukedom though.” (Therese)

It looks like a good idea on a first glance, but this is also a trap.
If we escape from this predicament, Therese should raise an army to defeat Duke Nürnberg and she should expect us to become a war potential for that.
Many high-ranking magicians, who are employed by the central government, should have joined the coup d’etat forces, after seeing those four brothers.
She is trying to drag us into the Philip Dukedom in order to oppose them.

“Although it’s by coincidence, I saved you who are nobles from another country, but it seems there are some who are not pleased with that.” (Wendelin)

Once I look at the retainer who was pushed off the carriage, he continues to cast a defiant look at me.

“Even if I don’t go that far, it’s possible to escape if we normally go south while avoiding Nürnberg Dukedom.” (Wendelin)

Duke Nürnberg has made movement and communication magic inaccessible with some kind of magic tool in order to have the coup d’etat succeed.
Since it’s immediately after the new emperor was decided, there are many noble family heads staying in Bardiche. If he restrains them, many noble territories should fall into partial functionality as they are at the same time incapable of contacting their absent family heads.
I guess Duchess Philip intends to carry out a swift operation to suppress the whole empire by attacking that blind spot.
In that case, just us escaping to the south will raise the probability that we can reach Helmut Kingdom.
If she considers the suppression operation, Duchess Philip can’t spare soldiers for just us any longer. It’s possible to eliminate them with force if it’s just few military forces.
Rather, it will likely be a large difficulty for the side Therese-sama’s group belongs to.

“I’m sorry but we will return by ourselves. It would be best if you return to your territory with your own strength, Duchess Philip-dono. It will be fine if you consider the removal of the four brothers and the case, where you could leave from the back gate of the guest house, as gratuity.” (Wendelin)

Tension travels between me and Therese.
It seems that neither Doushi nor Burkhart-san plan to get in-between us.
They waited while keeping their mouths shut.

“Did you hear, Ebbo?” (Therese)

Therese calls out to the retainer who dropped off the carriage.
Ebbo seems to be the name of the retainer who treated me as terrorist.

“In this state of emergency the property of the empire and such is a trifling issue. Look. Thanks to our incompetence, Duke Nürnberg and the idiots, who joined him, are causing a tumult with a coup d’etat game.” (Therese)

The coup d’etat forces occupied the important bases by distributing their military forces and seem to be carrying out the capture and killing of nobles. We can confirm that the flames of fires are rising up at various places already.

“With just us, we would have been killed in front of the back gate. It seems that Duke Nürnberg wants to create a large country with his authority as its new emperor.” (Therese)

In preparation for the coming expedition to the south, he will start mighty military preparations and create a nation which is commanded by him alone as emperor.
Hence it’s useless for him to be chosen as emperor in an election. He wants to further the power of the central government by crushing the prince-electors who possess big authority.
That’s why he aimed for Therese’s life.

“It’s a terrible statement, and even a case of barking up the wrong tree, towards our benefactor who rescued us until this point.” (Therese)

“Therese-sama! It’s wrong to create a debt towards a noble from another country!” (Ebbo)

Creating, or rather it seems to be something that should not be announced.
Does it weigh on him just how much interest will be attached later on although it’s just one favour?
Although he didn’t want to understand, I wonder, does he comprehend the current situation?

“It’s different in normal times, but now is a crisis. Got it? We can’t return to our territory if we don’t rely on Earl Baumeister’s group.” (Therese)

“We are here!” (Ebbo)

“I can’t judge whether it’s possible to do it with just fighting spirit and loyalty. What is it that we have to accomplish the most now? It’s us running home to our territory while staying alive, no matter how disgraceful or unsightly it might be.” (Therese)

“Therese-sama…” (Ebbo)

“If you understand, switch with Barthold. Time is valuable.” (Therese)

“No, I will serve as coachman.” (Ebbo)

Honestly, I’d like him to switch out, but currently it’s about safely escaping from Bardiche.

“Sorry for my retainer’s rude speech. Can you take us along until our territory? We will give you as much gratitude as you like.” (Therese)

Me thinking that it’s difficult to refuse her at this point since she ended up even lowering her head is because of my naivety after all, I guess?

“And if property of the empire blocks the way, it’s natural to preserve it?” (Wendelin)

Let’s give them a reminder just in case.
Not only will I feel bad to be treated as terrorist for destroying the property and infrastructure of the empire while removing the enemy, it’s not unlikely that we will be attacked later with that as pretext.

“We don’t have such leeway. On the contrary, it’s no good if you don’t destroy it completely.” (Therese)

“Why?” (Wendelin)

“Once they realize our escape route, the pursuing party will become relentless.” (Therese)

The large northern highway doesn’t seem to be the only route leading directly to Philip Dukedom.
It splits into several branches along the way and continues to the Philip Dukedom through other cities and noble territories.
If you use the central route, the distance is the shortest, but naturally the pursuers will take that one, I guess.
Since that’s the case, the pursuers will lessen if we enter some branch road.
No matter how smart Duke Nürnberg might be, he won’t be able to easily predict which branch road we are using to return to the Philip Dukedom.
That means that the number of pursuers will naturally decrease if it’s a branch road.

“You heard her, Ebbo. According to your pointless speech, pray that the empire’s property, which blocks us in front, doesn’t increase.” (Wendelin)

“Guuh!” (Ebbo)

“Tell me at any time if you want to betray us due to feeling offended. I will burn you to death on the spot.” (Wendelin)

“Don’t tease him like this. Ebbo is a man who has a slightly strong sense of justice. However, he got excited because of the actual combat.” (Therese)

“You can’t kill people unless you bear such tension, right?” (Wendelin)

The me of my previous life wasn’t a soldier or mercenary.
There’s no way for me to take it as ordinary to kill people.
I myself know that I’m getting worked up by losing my temper quite a bit, but currently I didn’t have the composure to suppress that.
And it seems that I can kill people if I keep my mood like this.

“That’s true. Then, this is a prepaid reward if you calm down. Please do your best.” (Therese)

The minute she says that, Therese presses her lips on mine.
I was completely unable to react due to the sudden kiss.
Neither Ebbo nor Burkhart-san can say anything due to their excessive surprise.

“Then, go ahead quickly.” (Therese)

“I haven’t seen anything. I haven’t seen anything…” (Ebbo)

They probably thought that they saw something unthinkable.
Ebbo makes the carriage depart while repeatedly whispering a murmur.
Once we advance on the highway for a while, there’s a unit who is performing inspections.
Discovering our carriage, they immediately engage in obstructive actions.

“Although it’s the empire’s property, what shall we do?” (Wendelin)

“Therese-sama’s order takes precedence over everything!” (Ebbo)

It seems I have teased him too much.
The retainer called Ebbo puts strength into the whip for the horses and increases the speed of the carriage. It looks like he plans to stubbornly break through.


Completely armed soldiers are standing in the way at front, but I cannot afford to ignore the danger of our escape route being known and remove the opposition.
I raise 『Pillar of Fire』 with magic covering the entire range where they are standing.
Because I created a temperature and power that is impossible for humans to survive, all soldiers writhe about on the ground while screaming due to their bodies immediately catching fire.
There were some who struggled and tried to take off the metal armours which got heated up, but they became silent right away and the fire increased further, feeding off their bodies which had become pitch black like charcoal.


All of them had been burnt black and died in the fire.

“There are no survivors.”

In order for them to not become obstacles for the next carriages passing through, I blow the corpses of the soldiers, who had turned into charcoal, away to the road’s side with wind magic. Our carriage advances while keeping its speed.
Ebbo wanted to say something again, but this time he kept his mouth shut and devoted himself to making the carriage hurry on.

“If you have any complaints, tell them to the mad dog who caused a coup d’etat just because he couldn’t become emperor.” (Wendelin)

Mad dog is about Duke Nürnberg.
I had a bad premonition since the time he turned his glaring look at me. That bad premonition proved to be right.
I have truly ended up getting sick of it.

“So, what route will we take?” (Wendelin)

“The one through 『Earl Mizuho Country』.” (Ebbo)

“『Earl Mizuho Country』?” (Wendelin)

“It’s a self-governing dominion which is managed by an ancient ethnic group which has an unique culture. In the past they have opposed invasions by the empire many times and caused heavy losses. The details are that a High Earl peerage was bestowed to their feudal lord since it would be a troublesome matter to turn them into enemies. It’s a type of protectorate where only the authority for diplomacy was entrusted to the empire.” (Ebbo)

Although Ebbo harboured bad emotions towards me, he gave me a polite explanation about the Earl Mizuho Country.
If it’s work, he gives a clear explanation, I guess.

“After we have a temporary rest there, we will head towards Philip Dukedom. Because that nation is half-independent, Duke Nürnberg shouldn’t make a move on them yet.” (Ebbo)

We, who escaped from Bardiche, headed straight to the northern Earl Mizuho Country.


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    I was getting worried for a second since it looked like Wend was turning agains Therese just because that idiot, but it seems like it was part of the plan to get them understand the situation they were, at the same time she managed to control Wend’s temper while trying to put a place in his heart. Glad the girls didn’t saw that xD

    Wend seriously need a woman as Therese if want to be a good noble and ruler.

  33. 13MAY18
    Thanks for the treat.

  34. Thanks 4 the translation!

    Talking is not a free action.

  35. Given Wend is going to such lengths to reduce the chances of pursuers, wouldn’t it be better for him to use terraform magic to remove the highway behind the coaches?

    Then no one except light cavalry can follow and if he drops a small ravine or something, forcing them to go around into the forest could make things even harder.
    In a more extreme position, if Wend fires tactical class magic of the fire element into any forest they go past, it could start a huge firestorm behind them and essentially stop all land pursuit for days.

    This is a country that is hostile, there isn’t any need for Wend to mind collateral damage. In fact, if every time pursuers come, a large portion of countryside burns, that’s a very good encouragement to just let Wend go. Leaving farewell gifts behind like collapsing their city gates or destroying road and canal infrastructure behind their escape path would be perfectly fine.

    And in fact, since it’s essentially going to go a war situation, Wend becomes a strategic class asset in that he has teleport points in the air on a route towards Urquhart capital. Combined with tactical grade fire spells, he’s like a strategic bomber.

    Given that Urquhart just lost their top 4 magicians, it would be safe and easy to use Wend to burn their resources and cities one day at a time until Urquhart surrenders. Wend never fights any army and just teleports out when engaged. And conversely, his teleport points in their country will keep increasing.

    From the POV of Helmut, their army just has to defend that nice defensible ravine while Wend slowly destroys their ability to fight at all. It will be enough to just gift huge numbers of charged magic gems to Wend. 60 let him stun an army of 10k, which was noted to be mana inefficient compared to attack magic. 1000 could let him raze a small town.
    Or just start destroying all their transport infrastructure like roads, bridges and canals, effectively crippling their ability to field any army at all.

    It was implied the anti-movement magic magic tool was used only in the capital. Likely this can’t be employed throughout the country. Plus Wend’s party is tiny, has insane strategic mobility and a very high firepower density; a hit and run warfare with Wend popping up around the edges of the anti-magic and tossing tactical fire spells into the capital, will also work even if it’s indiscriminate bombardment. Eventually such tactics will hit that magic tool and the rest of the city GGs, infiltration and sabotage teams would also aim for it.

    On the other hand, why would Nurnberg use coaches or cavalry to intercept Wend’s group? They could deploy from large airships too. (although that poses the risk of Wend et al. shooting the airships down)

  36. Sigh, I know they are cannon fodders but I had expected them to give a good fight even if they do some underhanded tricks. I really wish the author even just once, make a villain that is above 3rd rate, even 2nd rate villains will do.

  37. Wend, that is some next level of hypocrisy. Apart from Therese’s vassal’s idiocy, he got angry and try to get back at her because she angered Elise by trying to seduce him nonstop? You were clearly aroused and did not even give a slight resistance.

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