Chapter 79 – The female Family Head of the Duke Philip household

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“My certain-kill technique! Burst Rising!”


“As amazing as ever.”

The next day after I arrived in the Holy Empire Urquhart as member of the Friendship Visit Group, the magic exhibition was carried out by magicians of both countries.
Performing something like a martial arts tournament in the coliseum which is located next to the imperial palace, the venue is crowded by a large number of spectators and even His Majesty, the Emperor, is present as main guest.
The magicians are showing their unique spells in this place one after the other.
As it’s a chance to see offensive magic, which one can’t usually see quite often, many people are interested even among the commoners. It seems like obtaining tickets has gone as far as ending in distress.
Amongst them there were also those ridiculing it as 『an extension of a sleight of hand show』 though.
There are magic shows used privately as entertainment by elementary magicians, but people are curious because they can watch the magic of famous magicians of both countries at the occasion of the Friendship Visit Group’s attendance which is usually impossible.
Since the ones at intermediate level are first, they burst stuff like huge rocks and set-up targets with flashy attack spells judging by appearance.
For it to not be in the form of duels was because neither side wants casualties amongst their precious magicians even if it’s just by chance.
Going ahead with the magic exhibition, doushi melted the entirety of a 10 meter high rock into magma with the fire pillar spell he used against Kurt.
The spectators raise loud cheers and applause due to its power.

“From doushi’s point of view it’s probably a skill at the level of making him yawn.”

If doushi really displayed his true power here, there would be large damage to the surroundings.
Thus he made do with rising a 20 meter high pillar of fire.
And that spectacle was watched by me who sat in a seat for noble visitors.

“If it’s that gentleman, he’s likely capable of routing even an army of 10.000 man with ease.” (Therese)

“I guess so.” (Wendelin)

“That’s because he’s a gentleman who overturns the principles of common sense in military affairs. Does that apply to you as well, Wendelin?” (Therese)

“…” (Wendelin)

That troublemaking, sensual beauty, Therese-sama, sat on the seat next to me.
For some reason I’m liked by her. And I even have the permission to embrace her to my liking.
Elise, who is sitting in the seat opposite of her due to being my first wife, seems to harbour a large sense of impeding danger towards Therese-sama.
I still haven’t told Elise about the matter of having received the right to have sex with Therese-sama, but since Elise would be jealous all the more if I told her, my mind was filled with the worry whether I could pass this period safely somehow while at the same time keeping it a secret from Elise.

“(If I make a child with Therese-sama, the troublesome matters will just increase again.)” (Wendelin)

Even though I should be a successful man by having five beautiful wives, I can’t feel superior for some reason.
What’s even more troublesome is that, different from Karla, Therese-sama is a woman who appeals to my male instincts and makes me want to sleep with her. That’s what makes it so vicious.
I don’t want to get close to her in order to not be tempted, but she is the manager of us magicians.
Even if she’s at my side, there’s nothing strange about it whatsoever.
Or rather, that’s her job.

“It looks like His Majesty, the Emperor, is pleased as well.” (Wendelin)

For the sake of the conversation not drifting towards the matter of having sex, I inquire about His Majesty, the Emperor, who is applauding at doushi’s magic.
According to the information I obtained in advance his name is Wilhelm the 14th and he is 78 years old. He is an old man whose reign is now lasting for 38 years.

“His Majesty hails from the Duke Metternich household. He was enthroned through a vote by the Noble’s Congress 38 years ago.” (Therese)

Because this country’s emperor is someone who is a candidate from the seven Duke households, who nominate a prince-elector, and the imperial family in the capital, the emperor is chosen through a vote by the members of the Noble’s Congress.
For it to have turned into such a system seems to also be a desperate measure in old times to include many different nation-states.
Assigning the imperial throne to the imperial family in the capital and the Duke households appears to be an act to keep the power between them as equal as possible.
It can also be regarded as slightly unstable, but because Holy Empire Urquhart, which was quick in unifying since the old days, overpowered the Helmut Kingdom in the south, it wasn’t that much of a problem.
Later they lost the southern territories beyond the Giganto Crevice, but Helmut Kingdom didn’t advance further north because of the ceasefire agreement.
Splitting labour towards development of backward regions and liberation of monster domains at the same time, there isn’t much of a difference in national power between the two now and there’s also the risk that it will turn into a big situation if they go to war. In other words, the current peace is supported by the power balance of both countries.

“Since he is and elderly gentleman, he has to consider about retiring soon as well.” (Therese)

Another difference, although the crown of Helmut Kingdom can’t be abdicated until death, the emperor is allowed to retire due to advanced age and sickness.
Even if he resigns, it’s fine as the next emperor will be decided by an election. That method is also convenient for the other candidates.
Furthermore, the retired emperor spends his remaining years while receiving an annuity and being referred to as former emperor.
Although the title possesses prestige, he will become a person who doesn’t wield any real power.

“Given that there are such tattles, the other Dukes are busy with mediating things like technology exchange and revisions of the trade agreements.” (Therese)

Since they intend to become the next emperor, they have likely entrusted the partially play-like practical exhibition of magicians to the old emperor and Therese-sama, who is a woman, and are focussing on the promotion of technologies and trades which yields profits.
You can even call it plainly as earning achievements. It’s a story I know very well.

“Therese-sama, you won’t run as candidate?” (Wendelin)

“The previous emperor was mine own great-grandfather. By just being too closely related to me, it turns into an issue for becoming empress.” (Therese)

Since it will also be a problem if too many emperors appear from only one household, some discussions are carried out at the stage of announcing the candidacies.

“Rather than that, next is your turn, Wendelin.” (Therese)

“Seems so.” (Wendelin)

I’m in a seat for noble visitors since I’m an Earl-sama, but as I have to present my magic as well, I hurry to move to the grounds while holding a wand.
I don’t particularly need a wand, but the action of swinging a wand is necessary as it’s an exhibition.

“Dear, please do your best.” (Elise)

“Don’t make it too flashy though.”

While receiving encouragement from Elise who is restraining Therese that is behaving as if she’s my wife, I moved to the centre of the grounds.
There’s a rock with the same size as the one, which was changed into magma by doushi’s spell, set up. With the rule that it’s fine to break it by casting a spell on it, it has been decided to not inquire about the spell’s attribute and type.

“(Rather than power, with accuracy…)” (Wendelin)

Once I focus my mind and prepare the wand, I create a whirlwind after several seconds and hit the rock with it.
Since great power wasn’t obviously visible, there was no change to the rock on a first glance.

“A failure?”

“There’s no change?”

The spectators are noisy, but the spell has been already activated successfully.
I leave the place after hitting the rock with a pebble I picked up from below my feet by lightly throwing it and the rock crumbles down on the spot after breaking into dices with a length of around one cm on each side.


“If this was a war, would all of the soldiers be cut into such dices…?”

Voices of awe and cheering begin to swell up from the spectators who realized the effect of my spell.

“Hee, the results of my coaching are finally appearing a bit.” (Burkhart)

Seeing the rock which was cut into equal dices, Burkhart-san, who is scheduled to show his magic next, gave me a more or less passing mark.

“The next one is you, Burkhart-san.” (Wendelin)

“I’m also bad at being too flashy…” (Burkhart)

Next was Burkhart-san’s turn.
Once he stands in front of the rock and has set up his wand, similar to me, he makes the rock freeze to the utmost limit with coldness, not ice spheres, and hits it with a small ice bullet.
The rock, which was frozen down to almost absolute zero, is shattered into pieces due to the impact of the ice bullet hitting and drops to the ground.
The broken rock displayed a brilliance like diamond dust on its way to the ground and showed a fantastic spectacle to the spectators.

“Have you gotten slightly weaker?” (Therese)

“Therese-sama, I’m still not at that age.” (Burkhart)

“It’s because you art newly-wed.” (Therese)

“You are obsessive about that. Therese-sama is…” (Burkhart)

Therese-sama calls out to Burkhart-san who returned to the seats for nobility, but seeing him, the magicians of Holy Empire Urquhart’s side whispered amongst themselves.
Do they consider it as imprudent since he is pretty much a fellow magician of the enemy nation, I wonder?

“Next is Katharina.” (Wendelin)

“Is the lady one of your wives? She appears to be a capable magician.” (Therese)

Even though she is originally a magician possessing top-class abilities even in the Helmut Kingdom, her mana has grown due to her night activities with me.
Casting a tornado spell that easily wrapped up the rock, the rock was changed into small pieces once the tornado ceased and vanished at the spot.
Since it turned into sand after being cut up to the limit, it ended up getting scattered into the surroundings due to the wind.

“That doesn’t even serve as warm-up.” (Katharina)

“That can’t be helped. There’s no way for it to be okay to battle here.” (Wendelin)

“It’s as Wendelin says. If you freely use your magic in duels, it will likely cause injuries to the spectators. For the time being both countries have a ceasefire agreement. Irresponsibly causing injuries and death shall turn into a main cause for increasing the antagonisms.” (Therese)

“That’s true, but…” (Katharina)

Even Katharina should understand this much.
However, I believe it’s just something she expresses to Therese-sama who is addressing me as Wendelin and nonchalantly monopolizes the seat next to me.

“Next is Holy Empire Urquhart’s side, huh? So, how will they do?” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san, who sensed a delicate atmosphere spreading between Therese-sama and Katharina, changes the topic to the magicians of Holy Empire Urquhart’s side who will exhibit their magic after this.
In reality it might be something I had to do, but the current me didn’t have such mental composure.

“That’s because there was the Armstrong shock 10 years ago.” (Therese)

“Because of doushi?” (Wendelin)

“That gentleman’s outside-the-norm mana was well-known.” (Therese)

Doushi’ mana growth pattern has the style of being completely Great talents mature late.
Doushi’s mana was at the intermediate level around 20 years ago and moreover he was weak at emission spells.
Currently he has more than enough mana to use a snake-emission spell but it seems he was unable to use it back then. He apparently didn’t possess the ability to be added to the Friendship Visit Group.

“Such gentleman demonstrated strength of monster-class 10 years later. Furthermore, isn’t his mana even now growing? It’s only natural for him to cause an uproar.” (Therese)

For that reason doushi was the centre of attention at the previous time.

“This time you and 『Storm』-dono are also participating in addition to him. There’s 『Saint』-dono who specializes in healing and purification magic as well. Burkhart-san has displayed his true ability as usual, too. The roaster of Helmut Kingdom’s magicians is deep.” (Therese)

As it’s a gathering of big guns, one might feel like that, but Holy Empire Urquhart’s side shouldn’t be inferior to the degree of one being able to tell either.
If they are even, they can’t be that different, I think.

“In these 10 years quite the powerful people have appeared amongst us as well. Well, have a good behold at them.” (Therese)

As I watched the magic performances after being told so by Therese-sama, there were many great magicians on Holy Empire Urquhart’s side, too.
Since there’s also the dignity of a state, they likely have secured the numbers properly.
Beginning with Blatson-san, who is the Head Wizard, there are many other magicians who possess mana at the upper regions of intermediate level.
And once we got into the second half, the venue was wrapped in large cheers.

“It’s the four Peachu siblings!”

“The four siblings have appeared!”

“Are they celebrities?” (Wendelin)

“That is so. The four Peachu siblings are the most famous magicians in today’s empire.” (Therese)

Therese-sama answers while nodding towards my question.

“They are magicians and siblings?” (Wendelin)

“To be exact, they are quadruplets.” (Therese)

Since the talent for magic isn’t hereditary, a person’s relatives being able to use it doesn’t necessarily mean that they can use it as well.
However, since the Peachu siblings are quadruplets, they are capable of using magic as they possess the same talent.

“(Because their genes are identical? It’s probably hopeless if it’s fraternal or such.)” (Wendelin)

It seems that the four siblings, who showed up on the grounds, are identical and the four people certainly have the same faces.
Black hair and black pupils, but it’s not like their faces are Japanese either.
It’s also not like they are exceeding in appearance that much with their western faces. To put it plainly, they have common faces.
Their ages appear to be around 18. They have a slender build with a height of approximately 175 cm and seem to be normal youths you can find anywhere.
The four of them wore robes, but for some reason all of them were in different colours, namely red, blue, yellow and green.
And, because of the conspicuous bright, striking robe colours, I want them to hold back a bit since I would have been embarrassed if it was me there.

“(They look like a squadron*…)” (Wendelin) (T/N: The kanji used here is usually used for hero units like Power Rangers or other such groups of cosplaying weirdos. Not sure whether a proper word to express that even exists in English. I sure hope not.)

What I imagined at the very first after seeing them was the TV program about hero squadrons I watched in my childhood.
Though there’s one thing lacking, I think.

“Each of those quadruplets has a different stout attribute in magic.” (Therese)

“Really?” (Wendelin)

It seemed that talent for magic was related to the genes, but they have differences in their own magic attributes even though they have the same genes.
Maybe that might vary depending on the cause of acquisition.

“I have heard that the eldest son, Eins, is stout at fire magic.” (Therese)

Once the youth, who wore the red robe, swings his wand, the rock melts into magma after being wrapped up by a blaze.

“The second son, Zwei, uses the water attribute.” (Therese)

Once the youth with the same face, who wore the blue robe, swings his wand, a rock is cut into pieces with water cutter.

“The third son…” (Therese)

“(He’s probably named Drei, isn’t he?)” (Wendelin)

“Drei is strong at earth magic.” (Therese)

These four siblings’s names are apparently originating from German numbers.
It was unknown whether German existed in this world, however it wouldn’t be strange as many of the people’s names are German-styled.
The youth, who wore the yellow robe, breaks a rock by hitting it with a great number of high-speed rock bullets.

“And the last is the fourth son, Vier.” (Therese)

The youth, who wore the green robe, cuts a rock into pieces with a wind cutter.
They are indeed possessors of quite the ability.

“Even our country has assembled quite the seeds.” (Therese)

“The fourth’s son’s robe being green is just because it’s wind and since it overlaps with the second son’s blue if he performs the blue* attribute?” (Wendelin) (T/N: Can be either blue or green)

“You are paying attention to trivial matters.” (Therese)

Facing the end of the entire magic performance by the four, loud cheers and applause is raised by the spectators.
They probably believe that the peace will last for a long time if the magicians, serving the country, have remarkable abilities.
Alongside our country’s doushi being a powerful deterrence, the assembled seeds of magicians, led by those four, are the powerful deterrences of Holy Empire Urquhart.

“…” (Wendelin)

“Dear, what’s wrong?” (Elise)

“I don’t think those guys are acquaintances, but…” (Wendelin)

Given that the four of them, who finished their performance, met my gaze, I ended up feeling uneasy by just that.


“It seems that excellent young magicians have appeared in Helmut Kingdom as well.”

“Looking at it according to the theory of probability, around the same number will appear in both countries if you consider the population ratio.”

“Even though you are young, you say the same thing as our Minister of Home Affairs. You are an interesting child.”


The banquet sponsored by His Majesty, the Emperor, was carried out in the evening that day.
Only select people from among the Friendship Visit Group were invited and me, doushi and Katharina were a part of those.
Elise was invited likewise since she’s my first wife, but Erw, Ina, Luise and Wilma weren’t allowed to attend the party in the imperial palace which was restricted to invitees only.
They are attending a party exclusively for invitees with low social standing held at a palace for welcoming guest below the imperial palace.

『I believe it’s necessary to guard you though.』 (Erwin)

Erw complained, but it seems that it’s prohibited to be accompanied by guards to the party in the imperial palace.
It suggests a slightly dangerous atmosphere, however if something happens to the important invitees from inside and outside the country, Holy Empire Urquhart’s dignity will hit rock bottom.
Even Helmut Kingdom’s side, if we, who are representing our country in this place, don’t attend the party due to being scared, we will end up being branded as a cowards.
As it seems that there haven’t been any particular troubles in these 200 years, I told Erwin and the others to enjoy themselves at the party at the palace for welcoming guests.

『Will there be a fated, cute girl there, I wonder?』 (Erwin)

『As for Erw, you are pretty much serving as our guard, however…』 (Ina)

『I know that, but that I don’t feel like it’s necessary with you three.』 (Erwin)

『Even so, it’s your job.』 (Ina)

Once Ina tells Erw to properly do his job since it’s serious, it’s inevitable for Erw to heed to that.
If you call it the usual scene, it surely is.

『Ina, give Erw with his broken heart a little chance.』 (Wilma)

『Even if you think that, don’t say iiiitt~~~!』 (Erwin)

Due to Wilma’s remark which contains a bit of poison, Erw shouted with partially teary eyes.
It looks like he hasn’t recovered from the damage caused by Karla that easily after all.
Even though there were such circumstances too, we split up and participated in the parties, but at the location I received the honour of being directly addressed by His Majesty, Wilhelm the 14th.
It’s a secret, but I haven’t considered it to be a special honour in my mind.
For His Majesty, who is a 78 years old elder, I’m likely still a child.
Being called 『an interesting child』 by His Majesty who grins friendly, we discussed gossip for a few minutes.
The contents are mainly my growth and stories of my dragon exterminations.
Even I have gotten used to narrating those considerably well since I have been asked often recently and I was able to give a skilfull summary, I think.

“Your Majesty, I’m very sorry for ((interrupting)) your pleasant chat, but…”

“It’s already time, isn’t it? Even in this place there are many people I have to greet since I’m the emperor. Please enjoy this country, Earl Baumeister. It seems like Therese has taken a liking to you, thus it’s fine to have her guide you.” (Wilhelm)

Once the four of us see off the leaving emperor, the quadruplet magicians from before draw close next.
They were still in those colour classifying robes, but there’s no particular problem because those are the uniforms of magicians.
Given that Katharina was a woman she wore a dress, but I changed into a new, clean robe and attended the party just like that.

“Nice to meet you for the first time, Earl Baumeister-dono. My name is Eins Simon Peachu.” (Eins)

The eldest of the four brothers, Eins, who wore a red robe, introduced his three younger brothers after himself.

“You are very polite. I’m Wendelin von Benno Baumeister.”

If I remember correctly I heard that employed head wizards wear black, high-ranking magicians wear grey and apprentices as well as lower-ranking magicians wear white robes.
Even so, those four have been allowed to wear robes with special colours.
It’s probably a matter of them being that powerful.

“According to the talks, you have defeated dragons and made an armed forces of 10.000 incapable to battle in an instant or such?” (Eins)

“It seems some parts are exaggerated in the rumours as well.” (Wendelin)

Incapacitating 10,000 soldiers was a feat accomplished by me, Burkhart-san and Katharina.
Therefore I correct him that he’s wrong there.

“It’s a magnificent accomplishment. I think I have to do my best as magician as well.” (Eins)

Eins and his other brothers praised my achievements with the same expressions.

“However… If it’s around this much, we are easily capable of doing the same, too.”

However, suddenly the flow of the conversation changed.
The four mentioned that they are able to defeat a dragon with leisure while warping their faces a bit.

“(Umm…a sense of rivalry? Jealousy?)” (Wendelin)

I don’t know which of either, but they don’t seem to have overly nice characters.

“Since our childhood we have been referred to as treasured children of the empire.”

I don’t know what kind of birthplace it was, but being born as quadruplets, all of them are magicians possessing an advanced level of mana.
Even the empire probably wanted to shelter them by all means.

“Thanks to that, we weren’t allowed to go on something like subjugations.” (Zwei)

Even though I don’t want to particularly listen to it, the blue-robed second son, Zwei, continues his story.
Since they are young magicians who have talent, it was probably difficult to use them for stuff like liberating monster domains as there’s the possibility of them dying in the worst case.
If the rate of magicians born in the population is the same in both countries, it’s fine to dispatch high-ranking magicians who are unaffiliated.

“Of course, if we were allowed to do so, we would do it easily though.”

“Well, I guess so.”

“You admit that?”


Since I haven’t heard talks that the rate of magicians being born in both countries is different, it’s probably possible for the magicians of Holy Empire Urquhart if the magicians of Helmut Kingdom are able to do it.
Thinking like that, I honestly voiced that opinion.

“(Or rather, what do these guys want to say anyway?)” (Wendelin)

“We will also make sure to not lose to you from now on, Earl Baumeister-dono.”

“We will overtake you right away, too.”

“Haa… Is that so…?” (Wendelin)

After that they consistently talked about them being treasured since a lot’s expected of them or how excellent their own magic is.

“(Is it not allowed as noble to ignore such a long and stupid talk?)” (Wendelin)

While yawning in my mind, I listened to the talk of the four brothers with a superficial smile.
Even in my previous life, since there was the scolding by superiors even though their abilities were questionable, I was forced to use the skill I learned for the sake of ignoring the yapping of such people.

“I think it’s obvious that we will be able to get achievements surpassing even you, Earl Baumeister-dono, before long. Honestly, I feel a bit sorry, but…”


It looks like I will offend them if I tell them 『Do your best』. Telling them something like 『I won’t lose to you』 doesn’t match my character either though.
I ended up giving them an ambiguous reply, but it doesn’t seem like they are expecting the best answer from me.
Talk is just talk in the end. I head towards the place of another guest.

“What are they? Those people?” (Katharina)

“Who knows?” (Wendelin)

“Are they jealous because they are losing in achievements to you, dear, who is younger than them? Saying that they will be able to raise achievements that exceed yours right away if they feel like it.” (Elise)

“They have no other choice, do they?” (Wendelin)

“It’s a doubtful declaration of war.”

When Elise is talking about her conjecture about them and Katharina tilts her head to the side in confusion, Therese-sama shows up.

“Finally the greetings art finished. For the rest of the time I can continuously stay next to thee, Wendelin.” (Therese)

I’m fancied by her after all.
I end up having my arm linked with her again right away, but suddenly I sense something similar to thirst for blood from behind.
Once I faced my look there, the four Peachu brothers were stabbing me with their gazes.

“Are they aiming for you, Therese-sama?” (Wendelin)

“That’s how it is.” (Therese)

The Peachu brothers, who are certain that they will become nobles in the future are apparently scheming various things to successfully be set as husbands of Therese-sama.
You can call that the embodiment of frightening self-confidence.

“If it’s those gents, they are matching the conditions for becoming mine own husband or the father of mine own child.” (Therese)

Although they have talent for magic and are able to become nobles, the authority of a household with a rising noble is next to none.
If you look at it the other way, they can also be called as convenient for the Duke Philip household since it will prevent the high-handedness of the maternal relatives.

“There art whispers that they art competing for me with their identical faces.” (Therese)

“Are they good husband candidates?”

“I’m against them. I’d like to have at least the right to choose a bit.” (Therese)

According to what Therese-sama says, it seems that them bluntly showing their ulterior motives inspires unpleasant feelings in her.

“Besides, thy visage and ability is surpassing them. Thee hast a honest nature, too.” (Therese)

“Do I?” (Wendelin)

No matter how humbly I think about it, I couldn’t believe that I, whose contents are close to 40 years old, have a heart like a boy.
Even my character should be crooked due to being just surrounded by worthless nobles in the royal capital and such.

“The dispute with the Margrave Browig household was sore for thee as noble, but considering it was thy first time, thee did handle it well. Though thee hast unreachable parts as well, thou art a cute thing.” (Therese)

If you look at me as a lady of character who rules the Philip Dukedom with an age of 20 and some, someone like me is at best half of a noble.
Moreover, because I’m four years younger, it wasn’t evident whether she didn’t partially treat me like a little brother.

“Even though they art trying to attract mine own attention, they have lost in achievements as magicians to a greenhorn who is younger than them. They also met with misfortune, but…” (Therese)

As for the situation of the quadruplet brothers who possess an advanced level of mana, they passed everyday with training while being sheltered by the empire since their childhood.
For the empire it would be troublesome if they die trying the impossible while having half-baked abilities. Until now they don’t have much experience in hunting high-ranking monsters.

“(A sheltered upbringing, eh…?) So, why do they feel rivalry towards me?” (Wendelin)

“That’s because thee have played an active role since being 12 years old.” (Therese)

On the one hand I, who was early in becoming independent due to my family being like that, have defeated a dragon at the age of 12 years although the element of coincidence was strong.
From their point of view, they felt quite impatient due to me.

“There art also voices critical of the method of carefully rearing the four Peachu brothers. Those people hath said in sarcasm 『Helmut Kingdom’s Wendelin Benno von Baumeister has exterminated two dragons at the age of 12』.” (Therese)

It’s fine to be cautious to not lose them, but it seems the army circles and others have the opinion of it being overprotective.

“(What a nuisance to other people…)” (Wendelin)

Even so, it’s not like the other side can publicly do anything to me who is an Earl anyway. Once our stay here ends, it will merely result in us not meeting for at least ten years.
There shouldn’t be any problems if it’s handled properly.

“Though it’s fine for them to go defeat a dragon right away if they have the time to make hateful remarks about others.”

“Even so, if there’s no order or permission from the government, those guys won’t be able to make a move.” (Therese)

Finishing the party which wasn’t even particularly interesting since we made an appearance out of duty, we return to the guest house.
Before I realized, Therese-sama disappeared, but thinking that she’s probably busy, I opened the door of my room.

“Thou art late, Wendelin.” (Therese)

“Therese-sama?” (Wendelin)

Therese-sama, who put on a silken nightgown was lying in wait on top of my bed.
She has a sake bottle just like yesterday.

“It’s not bad to pass the boring time of night together with me. Or…” (Therese)

Once she takes off the nightgown she had worn, all of a sudden a see-through negligee appears below.
With it being violet, it had the same colour as her bra and panties.
Even while thinking that it’s wrong to look, I end up watching her against my better judgement.
I was completely overwhelmed by her sex appeal.

“Even nobility and the imperial family need private time sometimes.” (Therese)

“I guess so…” (Wendelin)

“No matter what happens in this room, mine own subordinates art tight-lipped. We can indulge in passion with a peace of mind.” (Therese)

“(Eeh~~~~! I have been seduced openly) Isn’t that still foolish from the standpoint of our positions…?” (Wendelin)

“Be relieved. Even if we make a child, I shall raise it as mine own child.” (Therese)

I don’t know about what I should be relieved, but my heart is pounding once I’m approached by her while being told that.
It’s wrong if I don’t resist the temptation, but her sexy erotic allure is the real thing.
It’s to the degree that I can’t believe at all that she’s a virgin.

“(I’m foolish… I might succumb to the temptation…)” (Wendelin) (EN: Just give into the temptation)

At the same time I think that, the room’s door is abruptly opened and several people rush in.

“Therese-sama, as expected, I can’t shut my eyes to that.” (Elise)

The ones who entered the room were Elise and the others who put on nightgowns just like Therese-sama.

“You might be a Duke-sama, but that’s shameless.” (Ina)

“I don’t feel any admiration toward thieving cats.” (Luise)

“No matter how much the other party is a lower-ranking Earl, he’s from a different country. There’s no problem even if you reject her more powerfully, Wend-sama.” (Wilma)

“Therese-sama, you don an appearance one wouldn’t expect of your high class social rank.” (Katharina)

Being successively blamed by Ina, Luise, Wilma and Katharina, Therese-sama revealed an expression of 『Nuisances have barged in』 for just an instant.

“Thy unity is more solid than I thought.” (Therese)

“If it’s not at least at this level, it will be endless if he makes each and every woman into his wife.” (Wilma)

As Wilma says, even now there’s a never ending flow of women trying to push themselves onto me saying that it’s fine being just a mistress.
Even from my point of view, I’m a person who lived in a world where monogamy was common to begin with.
I was just the usual commoner who longed for a harem, but actually five people is the limit.
And yet, since my stress is piling up, I have clandestine meetings with Amelie-sister-in-law-san behind the scenes in absolute secrecy.
Those are quite contradicting words though.

“For that reason, we will look after him tonight. Even after this there will be no free time in Wendelin-sama’s night.” (Elise)

Once Elise declares it bluntly, Therese-sama ends up being forcefully pushed outside of the room.

“It will be alright if we bring in beds from other rooms and connect them. Dear, let’s all six of us sleep together starting tonight.” (Elise)

“Yes…” (Wendelin)

It appears to be her usual smile, but due to the intensity oozing out from Elise, I understand the meaninglessness of disobeying her.
Besides, there’s also the matter of me being unusually excited thanks to Therese-sama’s sex appeal. That night we connected the beds and plunged into our “night time” just like that.
And then, the next day…

“This is terrible…”

Seeing the disastrous scene on the beds, the maid, who came to make the bed, stands stock still while being lost for words.

“Maid-san.” (Wendelin)

“Yees! I will clean it right away!”

“Umm, do your best.” (Wendelin)

I quietly bribed the maid with several silver coins.


“My lover was a stud not matching his appearance? That is convenient.” (Therese)

Without even mentioning how she was driven out of my room last night, Therese-sama talked about me while looking happy at breakfast.

“If it’s male magicians, there are many who can use 『Vitality Recovery』.”

As a matter of fact there are plenty of magicians who can use this spell as it doesn’t need more than an elementary level of mana.
There will be differences in its effect, but it has been considered to be a spell with low difficulty since the majority of magicians can’t use it on anyone but themselves to begin with.
However it has been made into a partial taboo to teach it to minors with its effect being what it is.
Even I opened the closed page of the book of master for the first time after I got married.
Yet, me having thought 『There are also sealed bags of nude gravure pictures in weekly magazines』 is my very own secret.

“Are you still scheming something?” (Elise)

“Please don’t get so angry. I’m wishing for a compromise with thee, Elise-dono and the others.” (Therese)

“A compromise, is it?” (Elise)

“Indeed. Even thee, Elise-dono, likely understands mine own difficulty in choosing a husband from the empire’s nobles.” (Therese)

Her husband’s family will meddle with the government of the Philip Dukedom.

“However, that’s the same for the Baumeister household, too.” (Katharina)

“Katharina-dono, if it’s the new Earl Baumeister household, the circumstances art different in regards to the Duke Philip household with its long history.” (Therese)

Given that the Earl Baumeister household has been formed just recently, it will be necessary to build a group of retainers with blood relatives and successive generations from now on.
A large amount of relatives of central and southern nobles are flowing in, but as the pie is big, there’s currently no shortage in positions.
Also, the bonds to their parents’ homes will weaken once the next generation takes over and priority will be given to the Earl Baumeister household.
Not being the heirs from the start, they were sent away since they were left over. Of course there are also a few people who give maximum priority to their family’s home.
But even if there are, such people will be gradually removed.

“It’s a new household and thus it’s flexible in reverse.” (Therese)

However the Duke Philip household has already completely established its group of retainers.
With the percentage of interests and such being set, there’s not much surplus.

“Assuming I did accept a husband, they would ask for a collateral from mine own husband’s family with that as pretext. If I did agree to such terms, there shall be some who shall be ostracised due to that.” (Therese)

Since the number of retainers and restrictions of the budget are set, one can predict that people, who were part of the group until now, will be driven out once new people join in.

“There shall likely appear among the relatives and successive generations people who get the short end of the stick. As a matter of fact, there were bloodshed incidents in the past with such as the cause.” (Therese)

Their positions and concessions were stolen by people who suddenly came from the family head’s husband’s family.
I can also understand the feelings of those who took such action after being driven into a corner.

“As there art such circumstances, I haven’t decided on a husband until an age where I get worried by having missed mine own chance to marry at an age of 20. That’s where thee come in, Wendelin.” (Therese)

From the start I won’t be her official husband. Even if a child is born, it won’t be officially announced that it’s mine.
Once they declare that it’s simply Therese-sama’s child, the surroundings will probably agree with that.

“Being a female family head is really troublesome. Since mine own elder brothers shall likely appeal towards having their own children succeed anyway, it wonneth be any particular trouble to make the child of me, who has nay supporters, into a branch family’s head.” (Therese)

“Regarding that, is there any merit for me in there?” (Wendelin)

“There is. Thee shall be blessed with me.” (Therese)

“…” (Wendelin)

Everyone has become speechless due to the unexpected reply.

“Thee art probably capable of travelling by magic, aren’t thee? I’m also busy as feudal lord. It shall be plenty if thee come visiting around once a week. I won’t mind if thee come more often when thee misses me too much either. Nights art long after all.” (Therese)

“Therese-sama, you are…” (Elise)

“It also shall not disturb the hierarchy of Elise-dono and the other wives. Since even I’m a noble, I understand at least this much. So, how about it?” (Therese)

Unusually Elise was troubled how to deal with Therese-sama who attacks with a force of surging waves.
Even Elise, as daughter of a high-ranking noble, has quite the wit, but Therese-sama exceeds that as she’s a high-ranking noble herself.

“Luise, what do you think?” (Wilma)

“It depends on Wendelin, doesn’t it, Wilma?” (Luise)

“I’m originally the daughter of a low-ranking noble. How about you, Katharina?” (Ina)

“It’s a difficult problem for me who became a noble just the other day…” (Katharina)

The bill for leaving such problems completely to Elise has appeared. The four seem to be troubled with replying as well.

“(How will it turn out if I accept her here?)” (Wendelin)

For me, who is actually wavering due to Therese-sama’s sex appeal even while openly saying that it will be troublesome or such, it was a very troubling issue.

“(Her negligee appearance yesterday was amazing) Oouch!” (Wendelin)

“Wend, I wonder what you are thinking?” (Luise)

When I was indulging in my lewd delusions and such, I’m swiftly kicked by Luise.

“… The matter is that it will become a de facto married sexual intercourse with a noble from a foreign country, right?” (Elise)

“That’s fits best, doesn’t it?” (Therese)

“Even if you are approved by Wendelin and us, I wonder whether His Majesty would allow it.” (Elise)

“That is true.” (Therese)

Before that, even if myself, Elise and the others don’t approve of her, it’s also a fact that Therese-sama and me will have to enter such relationship if His Majesty orders us to do so.
That’s because it will be our lord’s decree.

“Then doth thee assume I shall receive permission somehow?” (Therese)

“I believe it will be difficult.” (Wendelin)

“I think I shall make an effort for the time being. If I get permission, I’d like thee to accept me.” (Therese)

Once breakfast and chatting finished, Therese-sama quickly leaves the guest house saying that she has plans today.
What confirmed the reason for her elated expression of 『I made a commitment』 was the events several hours later from now on.


“Elise-dono, thou got outwitted.” (Therese)


The biggest program during the 3-days stay in Holy Empire Urquhart was the meeting to inform the Friendship Visit Group members of our own country about the midway progress.
The main is the midway progress report about the negotiations and exchange meetings by the nobles and government officials who are responsible for things like trade and technology exchanges. The reports about personal information and special magic, which were obtained during the skill exhibition gathering of the magicians, of Holy Empire Urquhart’s strong magicians is a freebie at the very end.
This report is intelligence that is especially important to the military authorities and such.
Sitting in their seats, the military officers and army bureaucrats diligently took notes.
Moreover, the one giving the report is me for some reason.
In reality it should have been done by doushi, but he pushed it on me since it’s too troublesome for him.

『Please do it, Burkhart-san.』 (Wendelin)

『Me, who is a retainer, passes on that.』 (Burkhart)

With Burkhart-san being able to get away from it as well. I safely finish the report somehow by referencing to the notes Katharina took.
Once the reporting finished, I thank Katharina who sat in the seat next to me.

“Your notes saved me.” (Wendelin)

“It would be better if you became a bit more sensible towards other magicians, Wendelin-san.” (Katharina)

It’s a fair argument, but since I like learning while testing what kind of spells I’m able to use, I didn’t have much interest in what magic others use.

“The gratitude for the notes will be returned physically later on.” (Wendelin)

“Your way of talking is vulgar.” (Katharina)

“You don’t want to?” (Wendelin)

“I haven’t said that much. Rather, I’m happy… hey! Forget what I said just now!” (Katharina)

Once all of the serious reports came to an end, gossip-like, informal talking became the main event next.
What turned into the main topic among the nobles in the beginning was me getting approached by Therese-sama with her going as far as doing it openly.

“To get approached by a beauty of such degree, Earl Baumeister is well liked by women.”

“I’m very envious.”

“That’s right. If I were 10 years younger, I might have been able to look forward towards being called out by her.”

With the good excuse of it being somebody else’s problem, I get mocked terribly by the middle-aged and elder nobles.
Given that she was asked 『What will you do?』 successively after being questioned through-and-through, Earl Schultz, who is in charge of trade with Holy Empire Urquhart in the commercial affairs faction, faces Elise with a pitying look once Elise tells him that she declined by using His Majesty’s name.
He was a handsome man with thinly lined blonde hair and at an age around the middle of his twenties.
With his gentle expression, his appearance is the very definition of an ikemen of the liberal arts.

“I was outwitted?” (Elise)

“The possibility of His Majesty giving his permission is not nil.” (Schultz)

“By no means…” (Elise)

“To tell you the truth, an expansion of trade is planned behind closed doors.” (Schultz)

Since there’s been a ceasefire for 200 years already, there are apparently opinions appearing to somehow expand the stream of items and people by tying an anti-war treaty at long last.

“It’s because warmongers are preserving a considerable influence in military circles. We have advanced the talks carefully for the time being, but it’s not like they are particularly against it either.” (Schultz)

Once it reaches the point that people, who can’t currently go anywhere but each other’s country’s capital, are able to enter and leave cities and other noble’s territories, it will be useful for gathering intelligence for the time when both countries go to war. Since a war costs money, there’s support to expand trading to increase the revenue.

“Besides, even if there is an anti-war treaty, there will be a time when a war will start.” (Schultz)

It’s a quite frank opinion, but certainly a treaty is no argument for preventing a war.
Something like violating a treaty, if they feel like it, is common in the history of mankind.

“Even if there are die-hards saying that, there are few who are too extreme. Okay, there are people pretending as well.” (Schultz)

In order to be ready no matter when a war starts, they aren’t negligent in preparing for war by always preaching a sense of danger to the neighbouring country.
Due to a pretence like that, there seem to be many people recently who are lobbying to guarantee a budget for the army which keeps decreasing.

“If we restrict the talks to trading, there’s almost no one opposing it.” (Schultz)

They carry out foreign trade by flying with magic airships at a set frequency to just the capitals of both countries.
As there are only a few people who obtained special permissions even among the merchants related to this, it won’t contribute to the expansion of business. It looks like there are especially petitions by nobles whose territories are close to the Giganto Crevice .

“They probably want to do business on the other side of the Giganto Crevice. Well, they actually do it in secret anyway.” (Schultz)

It’s apparently carried out using the occasional coming and going refugees and by smuggling with a rope during the dead of the night, albeit it’s a small quantity.

“In the beginning we cracked down on everything, but now we tolerate small quantities.” (Schultz)

They were targets for punishment if they helped illegal immigrants and such, but now they are given a tacit consent to small scale smuggling.
However, with them apparently considering this kind of situation not being good, they increased the ports capable of carrying out trading and want to officially enlarge the area of activity for the merchants who are restricted to the capital.

“After that it’s the permission to marry with a noble from a foreign country, I guess?” (Schultz)

Will it be a link of friendship? Or will it turn into the cause of foreign threat?
The discussions take place behind closed doors about this as well and it appears that it’s possible that the ban will be lifted.

“There’s the possibility of a de facto marriage with Earl Baumeister as husband of Duchess Philip being approved as a test. That’s because there’s the possibility that it will garner the support of the trade acceleration faction.” (Schultz)

From the standpoint of the opposing faction, the Earl Baumeister household uses the support of Helmut Kingdom’s royal family to meddle in the succession of the Duke Philip household? Or you can expect them to object by saying it’s the other way around.
However, if even that’s cleared, there’s the possibility of the marriage being allowed.

“Her Excellency, Duchess Philip, probably anticipated you using the name of His Majesty, Elise-sama. Thus, being told that, she made her commitment. If His Majesty approves, Earl Baumeister will be able to be her husband in a de facto marriage.” (Schultz)

This will be also true for Elise.
She likely considered that someone like me can be easily cast away from Therese-sama’s viewpoint.

“That person was a puppet directly after her succession. However, around five years ago she finished bringing most of the Duke Philip household under her reins. According to my information, even her elder brothers are in a state where they can’t defy her publicly. That lady is a fierce woman.” (Schultz)

Listening to the information from Earl Schultz, we become aware about the strength of Therese-sama once again.
When I’m pondering how to get away from her until our return to our country then, a young government official, who is a member of the Friendship Visit Group, barged in with a changed facial colour.

“What’s wrong?” (Schultz)

Once Earl Schultz, who has been chosen as leader of the Friendship Visit Group because the trade objectives are the most important, calls out to him, the government official reports while using a shrill and nervous voice.

“It’s a disaster! Just now Wilhelm the 14th died without medical treatment having any effect after he had collapsed at work!”

“That’s an incident without precedent…” (Schultz)

It seems there hasn’t been any death during the visit of a Friendship Visit Group of either His Majesty the Emperor, or His Majesty, the King, in these 200 years.
Even though Earl Schultz talked in a government official-like way, his face revealed an expression of surprise.

“This is troublesome. There won’t be any trade negotiations anymore.” (Schultz)

At the moment of settling the talks at great pains, His Majesty, the Emperor, who acknowledged them, ended up passing away.
If a new emperor is chosen and that person doesn’t give their permission, the talks will stop at that point.
From the point of view of Earl Schultz, who is in charge of the trade negotiations, this should be a troublesome issue.

“If we don’t get permission to extend the stay after communicating with His Majesty…” (Schultz)

In addition, there is the intelligence gathering about the new emperor and the participation in the enthronement ceremony according to diplomatic etiquette.
However, with the detailed schedule being undecided yet, we were absorbed in our deliberations what to do from now on due to the unexpected incident.


EN: Hello fellow readers, I’m SniperIRL, the new editor. I’ve been trying to give Therese what I consider to be a “refined archaic” way of speaking that I feel has a better flow than the original way of speaking used when she was first introduced in chapter 78. What do you all think, should we keep her speaking archaic like the author intended, or remove the Shakespearean tone and switch to a more “modern yet posh” style of speaking. I’d appreciate your thoughts on if you like my methods, hate them, have any suggestions? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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