Chapter 77 – I try to go out for leisure

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One and a half months passed since I married Elise and the others.
The marriage ceremony and the wedding reception were troublesome, but fortunately my newly-married life is going well.
The surroundings, especially Roderich, are muttering 『Lord, there must be an heir soon』 like an incantation, but we are still 16 years old.
Since someone like Wilma is 14 years old, there’s no need to hurry that much either, I believe.

『Although you think that, you end up hurrying as much as possible to get it done as soon as possible.』

For convenience the right of succession has been set to the children of my elder brothers, but it’s planned that they will be lowered in precedence once my children are born.
Even though my elder brothers will take over in the worst case, there seem to be already retarded nobles who are asking stuff like 『Does Earl Baumeister have some chronic disease or such?』.
Perhaps they are harbouring the foolish dream of grasping the power of the Baumeister Earldom themselves by manipulating my elder brothers, who are deemed to be estranged from politics, and my young nephews.

『Wend, your strong presence promotes the development. There are plenty of stupid nobles.』 (Erich)

Since Erich-nii-san, who participated in the marriage ceremony, usually resides in the capital, he has apparently many opportunities to get in touch with such stupid nobles.
He whined to me while sighing.

『I want you to make children fast.』 (Erich)

『Are even you saying that, Erich-nii-san?』 (Wendelin)

『Yes, I am. It also has to do with the future of my and your other elder brothers’ children.』 (Erich)

Since their succession rank is high, they will be dragged into the disputes and struggles over the Savage Lands concessions if something happens to me.
As father he likely can’t approve of that.

『Keep at it, you must have children.』 (Erich)

『Haa…』 (Wendelin)

It was a questionable topic for a talk between siblings, but nobles might be such creatures.
If there are no children, the troublesome matters in the succession will multiply.
If one considers the ugliness of that dispute and the scandals as well as incidents created with that as reason, decent nobles likely won’t want to participate.

『Ahahaha. I’m doing my best. There’s also master’s spell.』 (Wendelin)

Thus it’s my belief that I kept at it for this one and a half months.
Opening the sealed page of the magic book left behind by master, I’ve been made to recover my vitality while fulfilling my duty as husband and noble every day.
Currently the nude Ina was lying next to me on top of the bed.

“Children, eh…” (Wendelin)

“Do you want one, Wend?” (Ina)

When I’m remembering my conversation with Erich-nii-san, Ina asks while look apologetic.
However, there’s probably no necessity to hurry that much since we are still one and a half months old newly-weds.
It seems that the wife will feel ashamed if no children are born, but that’s something far down the road.

“That will happen in due time. Or rather, isn’t it fine if you are able to get pregnant until around 20 years in age?” (Wendelin)

“As expected, if I can’t get pregnant with your child in four years, you will be advised to get a new concubine.” (Ina)

“I see, that’s how it is, huh? But…” (Wendelin)

It’s a vulgar way of talking, but she should get pregnant naturally sooner or later since we are doing what has to be done.
Even so, Ina’s expression doesn’t look good.

“Are you worried about something?” (Wendelin)

“Look, these days our mana grew, right? At the beginning I was in high spirits, but isn’t there some side effect to it…?” (Ina)

The rise of mana obstructs the conception.
Certainly, I couldn’t say with 100% that there isn’t such side effect.

“However, the growth of mana stopped, didn’t it?” (Wendelin)

“It stopped indeed. However I’m completely satisfied since my mana reached intermediate level in one month.” (Ina)

Among magicians there’s around one person in ten at intermediate level.
Even if the spells, she can use, are few, Ina appears to be happy since it contributes to an increase in fighting strength.
Come to think of it, she recently beat Roderich in a match with spears.

『As expected of Lady-sama.』 (Roderich)

Roderich smiled, but I was are of it.
When he has even a little time to spare, he will restart his spearmanship training again.
Roderich was actually a sore loser.

“Seeing that the rise of mana stopped, you will definitely get pregnant normally.” (Wendelin)

“Yea, it will surely be as you say.” (Ina)

“For that reason, let’s have sex once more.” (Wendelin)

“Wend, isn’t there a way to express it a bit ((better)), I wonder?” (Ina)

I’m not so sure that there isn’t, but I can’t talk like the protagonists of the books Ina is usually reading.
I wasn’t able to say such embarrassing whispers of love as I would die out of shame as originally Japanese.

“Hmm, what shall I do?” (Ina)

“Wait a minute! It’s not that, right?” (Wendelin)

I think that’s not typical for the age of my body.
My body is still 16 years old after all.

“Just kidding. It’s a lie. I will also be troubled if you go more than scheduled to Amelie-san’s place.” (Ina)

“Amelie-sister-in-law-san? What about her?” (Wendelin)

“Did Amelie-san’s mana grow, I wonder?” (Ina)

“Not at all.” (Wendelin)

“Wend, you have no intention to hide it, right?” (Ina)

Although I realized that it’s a bait, I pretend to be caught in it purposely.
Ina noticed that right away though.

“So, it was exposed, eh?” (Wendelin)

“Good grief. Since the time I met you for the first time I thought that you were the ultimate softie.” (Ina)

“Even now it’s mostly like that, I believe.” /Wendelin)

“That’s true as well. It’s fortunate that you took someone like me as your wife.” (Ina)

Right after that we try going at it since the night’s still young, but now that we have started, it might be the rule of the world that we won’t be done with just once.
And once again we are greeted by morning like always.
It has become a custom to enter the morning bath together after causing a disastrous scene on the bed as usual.

『Something like a mixed bath with women. Wend, your dick should be plucked off!』 (Erwin)

Erw hurled cursing words at me when it was only us, but as expected he had the discernment to not mention it when there were other retainers present as well.
From their point of view, it’s desirable for me to have skinship with my wives so that children are born quickly.

“Ina, your hair is beautiful.” (Wendelin)

“Thank you. It might be my only pride as woman.” (Ina)

Usually she ties them up in a bundle, but Ina’s blazing-like red hair is free-flowing without any curls.

“Occasionally Katharina’s hair explodes*.” (Wendelin) (T/N: Probably meaning that it curls up like mad if the knot is undone 😉 )

“She spends time every morning to put it in order.” (Ina)

Her ojou-sama drill hair is actually very frizzy. Such is the reason.
Every morning she forcibly arranges it into her usual hair style.
Her way of arranging her hair by releasing heat with magic makes me think that she can open a beauty parlour, if it’s on Earth, without even needing perm machines.

“The hair adjustment agent, you created, is very nice, Wend.” (Ina)

Shampoo existed in this world, however conditioner didn’t.
Noble children and their-likes arranged their hair after shampooing it with something like perfumed oil.
Accordingly I produced a natural conditioner with vinegar as ingredient and gave it to my wives.
As its popularity is great, Artur-san has sniffed it out before I noticed and is making plans to sell it after improving it.
He had a keen scent of smell as ever.

“That’s great. Then, let me wash that hair.” (Wendelin)

“I can do that myself.” (Ina)

“At least once per week is fine, isn’t it?” (Wendelin)

“Thanks.” (Ina)

In addition, when we are passing in front of the bedroom on our way to the living room once we left the bathroom after washing out bodies together, Dominique was coaching a new maid how to make the bed.

“Got it? In the current Earl Baumeister household there are many concerns which are kept secret like that.” (Dominique)

“In short, master is peerless!

“Your voice is too loud.” (Dominique)

Once Ina and me listen attentively, Dominique lists the important points to the young maid.

“Master is peerless… In other words, there’s a chance for me and Dominique-nee-san though!”

“I’m a married person, but…” (Dominique)

“However, master is craving for your beauty, Dominique-nee-san!”

“Humph!” (Dominique)

Dominique drops her fist on the head of the young maid who made an imprudent remark.
We felt like we saw an unexpected side of her.

“Do you get it? Master won’t do such immoral act.” (Dominique)

I have the discretion to at least not make a move on someone else’s wife.
It looked like I was very highly assessed by Dominique, but if I consider the matter with Amelie-sister-in-law-san, I end up thinking that she shouldn’t appreciate me that much either.

“Wend?” (Ina)

“Being overestimated by Elise’s childhood friend and maid is painful.” (Wendelin)

“Isn’t it alright if it’s about Amelie-san? That person is currently single.” (Ina)

“Uuh. Thank you.” (Wendelin)

“Don’t cry…” (Ina)

I’m slightly moved to tears due to Ina’s kindness.

“Got it, Rhea? You were recommended because you are my cousin. If you receive punishment for unnecessarily spreading rumours, my evaluation will end up falling as well.” (Dominique)

There are many situations where one will be criticized in Japan if they got their job through connections, but if they fail in those, the honour of the people, who recommended them, will be sullied as well.
It’s not simply easy or enviable in the least.

“Besides, if there are rumours going around about master being peerless, it will increase the high-pressure approaches unnecessarily.” (Dominique)

“There’s also a possibility that the number of merchants and nobles, who offer their daughters for strengthening their relations with him or due to their desire of concessions, will grow”, Dominique explained to the new maid who’s her cousin.

“That means, it might actually make Elise-sama’s position difficult.” (Dominique)

A noble’s concubine, who has entered ((the harem)) later, will slight the legal wife by receiving affection.
That throws the harmony within the household out of order.
It was a story that often occurred in noble society.

“Me and you, Rhea, are receiving such blessed treatment because Elise-sama became the first wife of master.” (Dominique)

“Certainly, the pay is decent, isn’t it?” (Rhea)

Given that the work location is in the Savage Lands at the kingdom’s southern tip, they were paid larger wages than average.
If one makes me name it, it’s a bonus for being in a remote location.

“Uh hum, therefore make the bed quietly and learn the other tasks quickly as well, please.” (Dominique)

“Got it. After looking at the disastrous scene on top of the bed, the special bonus must be hush money.” (Rhea)

“Humph!” (Dominique)

Dominique lowers her fist on Rhea’s head again.

“The contents of the job, I was taught, seem to be flying around my happy memories of childhood or such.” (Rhea)

“Then don’t say anything unnecessary!” (Dominique)

“Dominique-nee-san, you are strict…” (Rhea)

She has been just scolded by Dominique, but the skill of the maid called Rhea is good albeit her mouth’s bad.
Just as instructed, she quickly completed the bed making.

“The sheets are amazing, Dominique-ane-sama*. However, if they are this amazing, I can maybe become master’s concubine as well.” (Rhea) (T/N: She addresses Dominique a lot more politely now, though her mouth’s as yappy as ever)

“Humph!” (Dominique)

Dominique drops her fist on Rhea’s head for the third time.

“It hurts, Dominique-nee-san. It seems like my memory of going for a swim at the Lehmann Lake when I was five years old has vanished.” (Rhea)

“It hasn’t vanished, now has it? We are going to the next room.” (Dominique)

Ina and me immediately moved from in front of the bedroom to the living room, but our topic on the way was entirely about the new maid.

“That girl, I wonder if it’ll be alright with her?” (Ina)

“There’s the part of her loose tongue, but her work skills were good. Dominique will likely train her well.” (Wendelin)

“I guess that’s true as well.” (Ina)

Once the two of us move to the living room, the breakfast preparations are carried out by other maids.
However the life of having various things in the mansion taken care of by maids is something I can’t get readily used to.
Due to my original poor person’s mentality, I’m somewhat not able to settle down.

“Master, what do you prefer today?”

“Rice.” (Wendelin)

“For me a large serving of rice!” (Armstrong)

It reached the point that we can freely choose between rice or bread for the meals in the mansion.
I’m mostly going with rice, but even doushi, who recently has spent less time in returning to the capital, requested rice from the maid while holding out his own large rice bowl.
However, doesn’t this person need to be at attendance in the royal palace?

“Doushi, is there no official business in the capital?” (Wendelin)

“Actually there is, but it’s not particularly necessary for me to appear there!” (Armstrong)

Doushi, who is also the kingdom’s 『Ultimate Weapon』, seems to basically have free time as long as it doesn’t reach the last stage.

“Me not having anything to do is a proof that this county is peaceful! By the way, where’s Burkhart-dono today?” (Armstrong)

“On holidays.” (Wendelin)

Burkhart-san can’t come here immediately if I don’t go fetching him with 『Teleportation』.
Without any such plans for today, he is enjoying a holiday with his newly-wed wife for a while since he has recently been working non-stop.

“What are your plans, Earl Baumeister?” (Armstrong)

“Today is a full rest day.” (Wendelin)

“In that case we will go hunting in the Demon Forest!” (Armstrong)

“No, I won’t go. It’s my vacation after all.” (Wendelin)

Certainly, although it’s also my hobby, hunting in the Demon Forest is my job as well.
If I’m on vacation, there’s no need for me to go there.

“What are you saying! How boring!” (Armstrong)

“Instead we will go to take a dip in the ocean though.” (Wendelin)

“Dip in the ocean?”

Since it’s actually a leisure declaration without any prior notice, I didn’t tell Elise and the others about it either.
They appear to be slightly surprised after hearing today’s plan from me all of a sudden.

“Wendelin-sama, taking a dip in the ocean is about going swimming at the hot season, isn’t it?” (Elise)

“Yes, it is.” (Wendelin)

Even in this world the custom of swimming in the ocean exists.
However, given that it’s far from Breitburg and the capital, the majority of people make do with nearby rivers and lakes.
It seems that events, where rich people go out to the ocean after deliberately taking a vacation, exist as well.

“I went to the eastern ocean before when I was around 7 years old.” (Elise)

“As expected of Elise’s home.” (Ina)

Ina admired Elise for having the experience of swimming in the ocean.
If you consider the expenses and time to deliberately move to the ocean from the capital, which is located inland, there weren’t that many people of the capital who have experienced swimming in the ocean.

“How about you, Ina?” (Wendelin)

“I swam in a river close to Breitburg.” (Ina)

“Same for me as well. I can’t easily go to something like an ocean.” (Luise)

It seems Ina and Luise have no experience with the ocean.

“And you, Wilma?” (Wendelin)

“I have caught fishes at a lake close to the capital.” (Wilma)

Playing in the water for Wilma has apparently to include catching fishes as well.
It’s probably because she becomes hungry if she swims around.

“How about you, Katharina?” (Wendelin)

“I was there once since I was close to the ocean in the West. However, is it something that enjoyable?” (Katharina)

“That’s probably because you went there by yourself, Katharina” (Wendelin)

“W-Wh-Why d-do you k-know that!?” (Katharina)

If I’m asked why, it’s because I was originally a loner.
A loner recognises another loner.
In my thoughts of the Katharina before she met with me, I can’t imagine her going to the ocean with a group of friends.
And swimming in the ocean for me was about making salt at the beach of the Savage Land’s southern tip or eating seafood after catching it.

“(Going by yourself to swim in the ocean has a high level…)” (Wendelin)

I can’t talk about other people, but I admire it for being something significant in a certain meaning.
Katharina’s loneliness power was high.

“The Earl Baumeister household has a private beach after all.” (Wendelin)

“There was such a thing?”

“I created it. Let’s enjoy our holidays by also having barbecue for lunch.” (Wendelin)

“That appears to be interesting.” (Armstrong)

Given that doushi promptly supported it, we departed to the private beach,which is located at the southern tip of Baumeister Earldom with 『Teleportation』 right after breakfast.


“It’s the best weather for taking a swim in the ocean!” (Armstrong)

Once we transferred to the private beach with 『Teleportation』 when we finished preparing after breakfast, doushi was very delighted by the white sand beach and the ocean with its high degree of blue clearness.
Although he is the oldest among us, he frolicked around like a child the most for some reason.
Currently it was winter, however the Savage Lands are only slightly cool in the early morning even at the northern part following the major northern mountain range.
The coast-lands of the South were hot to a degree where it’s possible to swim in the sea throughout the entire year.
Even so it’s not as humid as Japan. The felt temperature crosses only a bit over 30 degree ((Celsius)).
It’s refreshing if you enter the shade of trees since it’s not as sultry as Japan. You can even call it a southern area where it’s easy to spend some time.

“By the way, what’s the matter with the Erwin-lad?” (Armstrong)

“He is training*.” (Wendelin) (T/N: Not the martial one but administrative)

Usually he has the duty of guarding me, but since I want to leave the leading of the feudal army to him in the future after all, he continued to train under Thorsten regularly.

“He is quite enthusiastic. For me something like commanding military forces is impossible though.” (Armstrong)

That can’t be helped.
It’s because doushi exhibits his fighting prowess the best by fighting alone or joining up with high-ranking magicians.
Since His Majesty is aware of that as well, he usually lets him act freely, I guess.

“Well then, if you are talking about swimming in the ocean, there’s the matter of bathing suits.” (Armstrong)

“Uncle-sama, we prepared for it properly.” (Elise)

“As expected of my niece!” (Armstrong)

Elise and the other women have brought along their own swimsuits. Even doushi’s swimsuit was arranged for by Elise.
Everyone started to immediately change their clothes after using the shade of trees as partition screen, however doushi suddenly took off his robe in front of me and began to change.
Although muscles of steel, which were tempered by training and were truly those of a body builder, enter my field of vision whether I want this or not, I don’t want to see something like a nude man.
Turning around to the back, I take off my own robe as well and start to change my clothes.

“That’s a peculiar swimsuit…” (Armstrong)

I expected it to some degree, but doushi wore an old style bathing suit that covered his body up to the elbows and knees like it was worn by the men on Earth in the past.
Mine are trunk swimsuits which were previously made by a shop in the capital.

“I finished changing clothes.” (Luise)

“That’s disqualified!” (Wendelin)

“Wend, already!” (Luise)

And since even Elise and the other girls wore swimsuits that covered them with a thick cloth up to their knees and elbows while possessing not even a speck of sex appeal, I immediately find fault with that.
Luise, who finished changing first, seems to be surprised by my swift negative judgement.

“No good, you say… Swimsuits are like this though.” (Luise)

“There’s no sensuality in those.” (Wendelin)

“I’m able to understand what you are trying to say, Wend, but if you are thinking like that, you must have prepared new swimsuits, haven’t you?” (Luise)

“Hoho, you said it, Luise.” (Wendelin)

“Gah! Did you really prepare them by chance?” (Luise)

“That’s correct, Luise-san.” (Wendelin)

I was an amateur in regards to clothes, but I’m at least remembering the general design.
Therefore I had a first-class tailor in the capital create swimsuits which are usually worn by woman in modern Japan.

“Change into those over there. It’s an order by the family head.” (Wendelin)

“Uwah~~~. There’s so little cloth. I will wear it since it’s the order by the family head, but how shall I feel about this being the first order of the family head towards me?” (Luise)

“I haven’t made a mistake. That’s because I’m family head-sama.” (Wendelin)

“I don’t particularly mind though. As this place is a private beach, there’s no one else here anyway. But, what about the size?” (Luise)

“Luise, it’s already more than one month since we married. I have at least grasped the sizes of my wives’ bodies.” (Wendelin)

“Wend, you pervert.” (Luise)

Even while saying that, Luise returns behind the partition screen for changing clothes while holding the swimsuits for the other wives with a highly-spirited expression.

“Luise-san, Wendelin-sama has told us to wear these?” (Elise)

“Even as family head order.” (Luise)

“A family head order in this place… My belly button and such are completely visible.” (Ina)

“Isn’t it fine since the important parts are hidden? Ina-chan, it suits you.” (Luise)

“Luise, you…”

“It might actually be fine as it’s easy to move in.” (Wilma)

“I’m jealous that you are able to adopt such way of thinking, Wilma-san.” (Katharina)

“I’m envious because your style is nice, Katharina.” (Wilma)

“As I’m a noble, I pay attention since I’m constantly watched by the surroundings.” (Katharina)

Noisy talking voices are audible from behind the partition screen, but finishing to change their clothes in a few minutes, they showed their appearances to doushi and me.


“I see, Earl Baumeister, you are going to popularize new fashionable swimsuits?” (Armstrong)

“No, it’s purely my hobby.” (Wendelin)

This is a private beach anyway. I don’t care whether the swimsuits, I created, are fashionable or not.
It’s merely because I wanted to dress Elise and the others.
There exists no other reason besides that.

“Umm… Wendelin-sama, uncle-sama… It’s slightly embarrassing, but…” (Elise)

“You might think so in the beginning, but I feel like it will become a fashion sooner or later.” (Armstrong)

Elise looked shy in her yellow bikini-type swimsuit.
While slouching a bit, she hid her breasts which are often ogled.
However, Elise chest is amazing, I believe.
Despite that, her waist and such are normally slender making her appear to be a gravure idol.

“Elise, you are magnificent.” (Wendelin)

“Really?” (Elise)

“There’s no one else here anyway. You can be more brazen. You are beautiful after all.” (Wendelin)

“Yes!” (Elise)

Once praised by me, Elise was very happy.

“Ina, you are lovely, too.” (Wendelin)

“Thank you.” (Ina)

Ina had an average chest, but her slender style was great since she is training her body well.
Matching that with her red hair, she looks slightly cool.
And, although she was unwilling to wear the new swimsuit at start, she’s actually wearing it unexpectedly boldly.

“Ina-san, you are enviable since you don’t have overly much useless fat.” (Katharina)

“Is that so, I wonder?” (Ina)

Katharina, who is the incarnation of petit-dieting, looked enviously at the slenderness of Ina’s body.

“Katharina, I’m even more slender.” (Luise)

“Err…” (Katharina)

“The new swimsuit fits me well, too, right? It’s directly appealing my adult charm.” (Luise)

“That’s right…” (Katharina)

Luise, who is wearing a light blue bikini, is lovely, but she’s quite obviously a different type of Elise and Ina.
It might be adequate to call her cute, but that was also her charm.

“I think you are cute.” (Wendelin)

“I’m following a different route from Elise and Ina-chan. But, Wilma, that’s nice…” (Luise)

Even though Wilma’s body belongs to the same small body type category, Wilma’s breasts are unexpectedly big.
It looks like Luise considers that aspect to be very enviable.

“If they become any bigger, it will be difficult to move.” (Wilma)

“Uuh… I’d like to say such nice thing at least once…” (Luise)

Luise sent a powerful gaze at Wilma’s breasts.

“Wilma, you are cute as well. How do you like the new swimsuit?” (Wendelin)

“It’s easy to move in. Slightly embarrassing though.” (Wilma)

Wilma, who wore a pink-coloured bikini, exhibited her swimsuit appearance in front of me by twirling around.

“As it’s easy to move in, I will catch plenty of shrimps and shell-fishes.” (Wilma)

“True…” (Wendelin)

However, Wilma appears to put priority on her appetite after all.
This private beach had abundance in seafood as it’s also the actual site where we defeated the sea dragon before.

“Umm…, Wendelin-san.” (Katharina)

“What’s wrong? Katharina, you are a shy person, so I changed it to an one-piece type.” (Wendelin)

“Isn’t this embarrassing even as one-piece type!?” (Katharina)

As Katharina is the shyest among them, I prepared a violet one-piece swimsuit for her, but she still seems to have complaints.

“It suits you, doesn’t it?” (Wendelin)

“Frankly, as wife I’m happy about that, but why is this swimsuit strongly cutting into my crotch part?” (Katharina)

“Because I designed it like that.” (Wendelin)

As Katharina’s swimsuit was the type of high-leg leotard, which was popular in the old Japan, and moreover as the cloth at the chest part was designed to be thin, it reached the point that one can tell the rough shape of her breasts.
If you ask why I made it like that, that’s because it’s my hobby.
There shouldn’t be any other reasons besides that.

“I believe it suits you though.” (Wendelin)

Since Katharina looks like a domineering S going by her appearance, this kind of swimsuit fits her very well.

“Is it no good?” (Wendelin)

“I won’t say it’s no good, but…” (Katharina)

“Then, it’s the family head’s order.” (Wendelin)

“Why do you continuously stress that part?” (Katharina)

Once I try to play at once since everyone safely changed into their swimsuits, there’s a person who is tapping my shoulder.
That person was doushi.

“I have a problem with just me being left out!” (Armstrong)

“In other words, you want to wear a new swimsuit, you say, doushi?” (Wendelin)

“Don’t you have something for me?” (Armstrong)

“More or less, I do…” (Wendelin)

Once I passed several of those to him since I had them make male swimsuits just for caution’s sake, doushi chose the most improbable design from among those.
I had it created as joke. Those were minuscule black swim briefs like those worn by competitive swimming racers.

“This is appropriate for me!” (Armstrong)

Since he immediately began to change by taking off his first swimsuit before our eyes, all of us averted our looks.
Doushi, who finished changing in the blink of an eye, took a pose completely like a body builder while confirming the feel of the swimsuit. (T/N Can imagine it as the posing from his FMA counterpart)

“(I remember Elise’s and the other wives’ beautiful swimsuit appearance, but it looks like it’s being overwritten by the swimsuit appearance of doushi…)” (Wendelin)

He had an atmosphere of taking the championship if he took part in a body builder tournament on Earth, but unfortunately for him I had absolutely no interest in that direction.

“Well then, now that we changed, let’s play, but…” (Wendelin)

Next doushi took out some jar with some fluid in it.

“If I don’t apply sunscreen, it will likely be terrible later.” (Armstrong)

Sunscreen exists in this world.
They likely can’t get hold of stuff like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide like on Earth, but there are articles with high efficiency made out of plants.
As the price is considerable instead, you won’t obtain it unless you are quite rich.
Noble women go to the beach while also ((putting on)) airs, but they want to avoid having their skin damaged.

“Earl Baumeister, can’t you apply it on my body?” (Armstrong)

Since I got an impossible request from doushi, I turn my look towards Elise who is his niece.

“Umm… Elise…” (Wendelin)

“Let’s apply it on each other?”

“I approve of Elise’s opinion!”

“I agree as well.”

“I will apply it on you, Katharina.” (Wilma)

“Then, I will handle it for you, Wilma-san.” (Katharina)

However, even Elise, who is doushi’s niece, feels unpleasant to apply the sunscreen on his body.
With the skilful strategy of applying the sunscreen among themselves, the female camp escaped its pinch.
Naturally I have been abandoned.

“(I wanted to blend in with them as well…)” (Wendelin)

Having the plan of applying sunscreen on each other with Elise’s group crushed, I’m in reverse plunged into the distress of having to apply sunscreen on doushi’s body.
Doushi has no disposition towards “that”, but what’s wrong about being sad about having to apply suntan lotion on the body of a muscled, 40-years old man?

“I will apply it on you as well, Earl Baumeister.” (Armstrong)

“(That, I absolutely don’t want either…)” (Wendelin)

I’m forced into an even worse pinch.
Normally even I want Elise and the others to apply sunscreen on me.

“(Think! The method to escape from this pinch…)” (Wendelin)

In my brain, that ponders about somehow avoiding the worst-case scenario, a certain idea surfaces.
It’s a heartless method, but it’s also for the sake of getting out of my pinch. After I harden my heart, I immediately put my robe on top of the swimsuit and leap to the guards’ garrison, which is located in Baulburg, with 『Teleportation』.


“I have business with Erw.” (Wendelin)

Once I enter the training room after slipping through the gatekeeper’s examination due to my free admission for being well known, I discover Erw, who is taking lessons from Thorsten, there.

“Lord-sama?” (Thorsten)

“Thorsten, I’m going to borrow Erw for a bit.” (Wendelin)

“Eh? What?” (Erwin)

When I grab the hand of Erw, who hasn’t quite grasped the situation, I once again return to the sandy beach with 『Teleportation』.

“Hey, what kind of business…? Wow~~~, what incredible swimsuits.” (Erwin)

As Erw had a lewd look on his face after seeing Elise’s and the other’s swimsuit appearances, the girls chided Erw.
That’s because they realized my heinous plan.

“Doushi, it looks like Erw wants to apply the sunscreen on you no matter what.” (Wendelin)

“Is that so? Then I shall leave it to him.” (Armstrong)

“Huh? I, what?” (Erwin)

When Erw turned in the direction of the voice, doushi, who was wearing swim briefs, stood there. Furthermore he was handed a jar with sunscreen by him.

“Erwin-lad. Please apply sunscreen on me. I ask you to put it on every nook of my entire body.” (Armstrong)

“Oy, Wend…” (Erwin)

Erw, who finally realized my intention, turned a very unpleasant expression towards me.

“Erw, it’s the order of the family head.” (Wendelin)

“You are a demon, Wend…” (Erwin)

Due to the fact of his first family head order being the application of sunscreen on doushi’s body, Erw seems to be stricken in his mind.

“As a matter of fact, I get a rash if I touch a man’s skin for more than a minute.” (Wendelin)

“I know that it’s just a lie!” (Erwin)

Of course it’s a lie just as Erw says.

“At any rate, it’s an order. Let’s have sunscreen applied on me by Elise, I guess?” (Wendelin)

“Fall into hell.” (Erwin)

Without a doubt I would have said the same thing in Erw’s situation.
If it was other retainers, it would be an extreme lese majeste, but I directly head to the place of Elise’s group while lightly ignoring him.

“Please all over, Erwin-lad.” (Armstrong)

“Yes…” (Erwin)

Erw applied the sunscreen on doushi while being half vacant eyes.
And I start applying sunscreen on Katharina who still hasn’t finished with that.
Having quickly decided to leave it to Erw, is my victory.

“How is it? Does it feel nice?” (Wendelin)

“Your way of asking seems somewhat obscene…” (Katharina)

“There’s nothing obscene between a married couple, now is there… Let me apply it on your butt as well.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-san, I don’t particularly mind, but you have to consider the gazes in the surroundings, you know…” (Katharina)

In contrast to her appearance, Katharina becomes obedient once pushed by me in my hands’ direction.
Even so, without disliking it particularly, I applied sunscreen on her.
After putting sunscreen on Katharina’s entire body, I have sunscreen applied on me by everyone of Elise’s group.

“Wend, smear it on my butt as well.” (Luise)

“I shall gladly undertake that task.” (Wendelin)

“Haa… What a nice feeling…” (Luise)

I applied sunscreen on Luise, who looked like she’s feeling good, as well.

“Such stuff is great, too.”

Is this called depravity?
Or should it be called happiness?
When I’m brooding over such stuff, doushi, who had sunscreen put on his entire body by Erw, took a pose like a body builder.
As it looks like Erw properly applied the sunscreen on him, he looks very satisfied.

“With this it’s alright. If I’m burnt too much by the sun, my skin gets scalded.” (Armstrong)

“Though I believe that you won’t have a single burn even if you are roasted by the flames of hell, if it’s you, doushi…” (Erwin)

“Erwin-lad, I’m not that sturdy.” (Armstrong)

Doushi seems to be thinking that Erw has made a joke, but there’s no doubt that it’s an expression of Erw’s real feelings.
The reason is that me and Elise’s group ended up agreeing with Erw’s muttering.

“So, what’s my job?” (Erwin)

“It’s finished with this.” (Wendelin)

“Oy…” (Erwin)

Before he can complain, I grab Erw once again and leap to to the guards’ garrison located in Baulburg with 『Teleportation』. And then, after handing over Erw to Thorsten, I returned to the sandy beach.
I think that it’s pitiful, but I was able to become an Earl at great pains.
I wanted to leave the penance of something like applying sunscreen on doushi’s body to other people.

“Isn’t Erw slightly pitiable?” (Ina)

“Erw has tomorrow free after all. Or did you wish to swap with him in exchange, Ina?” (Wendelin)

“Then, let’s quickly go playing.” (Ina)

Even Ina, no matter how much she pities Erw, she apparently doesn’t want to apply sunscreen on doushi herself.
She immediately dodged it by changing the topic.

“We will play! Before that…”

After leaping with 『Teleportation』 to the mansion this time, I summoned Dominique and the new maid, Rhea, who were on standby after finishing their morning tasks.
I decided to leave the preparation of lunch and beverage to them.

“It’s amazing, Dominique-nee-san, something like a private beach.” (Rhea)

If it’s about nobles possessing a territory with coast-lands, there are many even if it’s just a small portion, but if they aren’t fairly important nobles, as nobles who don’t possess the ocean in their territory, it’s not something they will own.
From the view of Rhea who was raised in the capital, it’s probably a staggering luxury.

“Rhea, prepare the food and drinks without saying anything unnecessary.” (Dominique)

Since there’s little male help, they set up a parasols, line up reclining chairs and install the stove since we will be doing a barbecue party. All the items were taken out from mine and doushi’s magic bags.
Preparing the ingredients, Dominique and Rhea cut the vegetables and meat, processed the fish, made cold maté tea and created things like fruits sherbets and juices.

“Not sparing on expensive magic tools for an outdoor party, master is amazing.” (Rhea)

Rhea seems to be admiring it, but all of the items were obtained from the underground warehouse in the Demon Forest.
The magic tools from that place have a nice and compact user-friendliness like the home appliances of Japan.
Them being usable by supplying your own mana without having a cord attached is what makes them great.
Given that there’s a wide gap in mana consumption to the existing articles as well, it doesn’t take overly much work to replenish the mana.
Which reminds me, I wonder whether the Magic Tool Guild, which bought these, produced some results?

“It’s something we picked up though. It’s fine for you to eat and drink suitably in-between work. Today there are no other maids here.” (Wendelin)

I can’t say that as there are other maids and servants if it’s within the mansion itself, but since there’s no one but us in this place, I won’t mind today, I guess.

“Thank you very much, master.” (Dominique)

“Today’s a lucky day, isn’t it, Dominique-nee-san?” (Rhea)

“Give your thanks to master first!” (Dominique)

“Gaahh… Thank you very muchhh…” (Rhea)

Once again Dominique lowered her fist on Rhea’s head.

“Ah… This time my memory of having gone on a picnic with my family when I was six years old has…” (Rhea)

“You are remembering it, aren’t you?” (Dominique)

“How to say it, Dominique, you have it difficult.” (Wendelin)

“Her learning of the job and her skills are good, but the way she talks is problematic…” (Dominique)

Dominique seems to have troubles with training her younger cousin maid.

“Well then, I leave it to you.” (Wendelin)

When we head to the sea after entrusting the food preparations to Dominique and Rhea, we start to play around by entering the ocean with everyone and swimming around or diving.
Swimming in the ocean after a long while is pleasant. Someone like Wilma began to catch shrimps and shell-fishes by diving deeply.

“The one who can swim the best among us is Wilma.”

“It looks so. Umm, Wendelin-sama, please don’t separate your hand.” (Elise)

“For you to be unable to swim was unexpected, Elise…” (Wendelin)

I led Elise by the hands while teaching her starting with flutter kick swimming.

“I have the experience of swimming in the ocean, but since women only play in the vicinity of sandy beaches…” (Elise)

It looks like she has no experience of the act of swimming itself.

“You will immediately learn it if I teach you after building a pool in the mansion.” (Wendelin)

“Thank you very much, Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

“Wend, if it’s this crawl, she will be able to swim smoothly…” (Luise)

“Breaststroke is comfortable as well.” (Ina)

Next to me teaching Elise swimming, Luise, who immediately learned crawling, swam smoothly.
Ina is swimming with breaststroke while looking happy and carefree.
In this world there’s nothing but obsolete swimming styles.
In order to be able to swim while wearing heavy armour, swimming was recognised as something for just males.

“Wend, you did well to come up with such swimming styles.”

“It’s because I had free time in my childhood.” (Wendelin)

In reality I was part of the swimming club in middle and high school.
Of course, without having any talent, I fell to being an all-round-reserve due to being able to use the basic swimming styles.
Rather than that, I believe Ina and Luise are amazing.
With just one lecture how to swim, they have immediately reached a point where they can swim faster than me.
The two seem to be superior in their reflexes.

“And, Katharina is…” (Wendelin)

“The movement of the hands and legs is difficult…” (Katharina)

She is able to swim normally as well, but she has troubles learning the new swimming styles.

“After building a pool in the mansion, I will teach you there.” (Wendelin)

“Umm, the hands’ movement is like this… And the legs’ this way…” (Katharina)

Katharina’s reflexes don’t seems to be that different from mine.
Stopping the movement of her legs if she moves her hands while crawling or concentrating on the legs’ movement while neglecting the hands’ motions.
I repeated similar mistakes in my childhood.

“Even if I’m unable to swim, there’s no problem since a magician has magic.” (Katharina)

“Once you say that, that’s how far you will go.”

Since there’s a spell to move underwater within a created bubble of air, you can say that there’s no problem if you can’t swim unless you aren’t able to use your mana.

“Given that I have it especially taught to me by you, Wendelin-san, I will gratefully accept it though.” (Katharina)

“Uncle-sama is fast in picking it up as well.” (Elise)

“Doushi is, well…” (Wendelin)

Elise looked enviously at doushi swimming while causing grand sprays in a slightly separated place.
However ignoring crawl, breaststroke and backstroke, he only learned butterfly quickly.

“It looks like the swimming of a large monster.” (Luise)

The person himself seems to enjoy it, but if you look at it from the side, it seems as if an aquatic monster is drawing close, just as Luise has said.

“Now that you mentioned it, he’s coming over here…”

Doushi, who came swimming in our direction at a frightening speed, stopped at a place just in front of us, but we were assaulted by a large amount of water sprays.
All of us end up being submersed.

“This swimming style is handy!” (Armstrong)

Doushi was pleased with the butterfly he chose.

“By the way, where’s Wilma?” (Wendelin)

“If I remember correctly, she should be diving freely to catch shrimps and shell-fishes…” (Luise)

Immediately following Luise’s reply, the ocean’s surface swells greatly and Wilma makes an appearance there.
In her hands she held a net bag with prey inside.

“I caught plenty.” (Wilma)

“I see, that’s great.” (Wendelin)

For Wilma, rather than taking lessons in new swimming styles or playing around, it’s enjoyable above all else with just the fruits of her gathering seafood.
Although she headed towards the sandy beach as is, the insides of her bag had an uncommon amount of shrimps, shells and fishes.

“She has filled it up quite a bit, but will she be able to eat all of them?”

“As the freshness won’t deteriorate once those are put into a magic bag, she will be able to enjoy them for a while.”

“She’s steadily going for it…”

With it just becoming noon in this place, we decide to take our lunch that was prepared by Dominique and Rhea. The menu has mostly become barbecue. We ate it after putting dipping sauce on stuff like meat, seafood and vegetables that were grilled on top of a net.


“The soy sauce, miso and salt dips are delicious.”

As all of them were dips which I completed by individually mixing them, doushi ate large quantities of grilled meat and fish while trying to gulp them down.

“Uncle-sama, how about some vegetables?” (Elise)

“Let’s not care about those as vegetables are for later. Currently I prefer meat and seafood.” (Armstrong)

“That’s not overly good for your health.” (Elise)

Doushi said something completely child-like and Elise was just like a mother in reverse.

“Wendelin-sama is eating vegetables as well.” (Elise)

“There are dips for those after all.” (Wendelin)

I ripped them off articles by makers who have created dips to be used with high-class ingredients in my previous life, but the mixture of flavours was harder than expected.
I couldn’t obtain the same ingredients, the taste was different even after putting them in or I had troubles with the mixing ratio although I knew the main ingredients.
These three kinds of dips are the crystallization of my hardships.

『Does the taste change with such detailed mixing ratio?』 (Erwin)

Even though someone was troubled with the mixture of the dips, Erw frequently teased me from the side.
He is an outrageous person to find fault with my dip mixtures.
That’s why you can also say that I executed a penalty by having him apply sunscreen on doushi.

“Certainly, those dips are well made.” (Elise)

“Artur-san even wants me to sell him the recipes.” (Wendelin)

“That man is good at business.” (Elise)

“He’s probably quick-witted since he’s a former adventurer.” (Wendelin)

“Wend-sama.” (Wilma)

When I’m chatting with Elise, Wilma comes calling out to me next.

“What is it, Wilma?” (Wendelin)

“My stomach is empty.” (Wilma)

“Mine as well.” (Armstrong)

It seems, matching with doushi, she probably felt an insufficiency of carbohydrates since she has been only eating meat and seafood.

“You want to eat more after eating that much?” (Ina)

Ina looks astonished after seeing the mountain of husks of shell-fishes and shrimps which were eaten after being grilled by those two.

“Well, then I guess I will try to make some?” (Wendelin)

“Wend, you are making something?”

“Now that we came to the ocean, we have to eat something slightly different.” (Wendelin)

Once I take out an iron plate from my magic bag, I begin to apply heat to it by exchanging it with the freed-up grilling net.
Putting oil on it next, I fry minced meat as well as vegetables and put in steamed noodles, which I had prepared, as well.
Using a sauce, I created myself same as the dips, as seasoning, I complete it by sprinkling green dried seaweed and red pickled ginger on the dish once I placed it on the plates after it stir-fried to a decent degree.
I created sauce yakisoba which reminds me of summer at the ocean.
The reproduction of this was hard as well, but it helped me that the cooks in the mansion are excellent.
Once I gave them an extent of explanation, they prepared steamed noodles, red pickled ginger and green dried seaweed.

“I have also completed a salt yakisoba which uses seafood as main ingredient in a different version.” (Wendelin)

“It looks delicious.” (Katharina)

Katharina apparently was sucked in by the aroma of the green dried seaweed and the fried sauce.

“It’s a not-noble-like dish though.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-san, how often are nobles boasting about having eaten some unusual dishes at parties?” (Katharina)

Katharina swiftly started to eat after her plate was filled with yakisoba.
It’s an awfully large serving, but will that be alright with your diet you are always worrying about?

“It’s tasty.” (Ina)

“The saltiness is delicious as well.” (Luise)

“It’s a noodle dish I’m eating for the first time.” (Elise)

Ina, Luise and Elise were apparently pleased with the yakisoba, too.

“It’s great, but since there’s isn’t enough, make more.” (Wilma)

“Let me have a go at it, too, since I saw the way of making it.” (Armstrong)

After all those two seem to be unsatisfied with the amount.
Wilma and doushi begin to fry yakisoba as if competing with each other.
I prepared a somewhat larger portion of the ingredients like the noodles, but those were completely fried on top of the iron plate.
Speaking of that amount, it’s the total of what’s used at stalls at temple festivals.
Frying all of the prepared ingredients on the iron plate, they are making sizzling sounds.
The two looked with quiet expressions at the frying state while stirring with the curling tongues.

“Doushi, will you be able to eat all of it?” (Wendelin)

“At least it won’t be insufficient.” (Armstrong)

“Doushi-sama, you were previously told by father-in-law to eat moderately.” (Wilma)

“It’s Minister Edgar, huh? That’s not a wise saying.” (Armstrong)

Although stuff like that has been said to doushi, he wasn’t persuaded, even after being told by people who have tried to compete with Wilma, after several tens of yakisoba balls.

“They are lucky for not getting a sour stomach.” (Ina)

It was just as Ina said, but as expected after the meal of those two, they began napping after lying down on the reclining chairs which were placed on the sandy beach.
Hearing an explosive-like snoring from doushi, it can be even used to ward off monsters going by its volume.
I wonder how his wives are able to sleep at the same time?

“Wilma-san’s appearance is cute.” (Katharina)

As mentioned by Katharina, possesses a cuteness that incites the desire to protect her as she sleeps while being rolled into a ball like a small squirrel.
It doesn’t look like she ate more than doushi at all.

“Will we also take a little nap?”

“Yes, I became a bit sleepy with my stomach being full.” (Elise)

“Being able to leisurely sleep at such times is also the true charm of vacations.” (Wendelin)

“That’s true.” (Elise)

Given that we were worn-out from various things happening since the marriage ceremony, we start to doze despite drinking chilled juice and tea after lying down on the reclining chairs as well.

“It’s an extravagant time.” (Wendelin)

“Yes, it is.” (Elise)

With the various hectic events occurring at the same time as becoming 16 years old, my conversation with Elise ends up becoming completely like that of an elderly couple.
Even though it’s an age where you have a good time as senior high school student if it’s on Earth, I have a feeling that there are many people who are living a fast life among the people of this world.

“Elise, that you are here really saves me. I don’t quite understand about the capital’s nobles.” (Wendelin)

“I’m happy to be told that by you, Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

Elise, who smiles sweetly at me, was adorable.
And, after all her breasts, which don’t lose their shape even after lying down, are the best.

“That’s true. As I’m the daughter of a retainer, I can’t advice you at this part, Wend.” (Ina)

“It’s the same for me. It’s different from my world up until now. Katharina, you are only about outward appearance.” (Luise)

“It couldn’t be helped since I was a fallen noble. It was necessary to advertise myself even if only as outward appearance, Luise-san.” (Katharina)

“You can certainly say that.”

Ina, Luise and Katharina acknowledge Elise’s superiority.
At the time when I reaffirmed that, Elise had already departed into the world of dreams.

“She’s tired, I guess.” (Wendelin)

I cover Elise with a towel blanket and enjoy a brief myself as well.
And, after a few hours, the sandy beach was dyed red by the evening sun and the beauty of that stood out.

“It’s wonderful.” (Wendelin)

Me and Elise’s group were deeply moved by the beautiful evening sun as we watched it from the sandy beach.

“It’s really beautiful, Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

“Let’s come here again, Wend.”

“Well~~~. Today we rested, right~~~.”

“We were able to eat plenty of delicious dishes.”

“Private beach, it was enjoyable.”

Once we are planning to return to the mansion after watching the setting sun for quite the long time, I call out to Dominique and Rhea who are cleaning up.
After lunch, once they finished tidying up until evening, I told them that it’s fine to cook the remaining ingredients and to eat them.
I thought it would be improbable for it to go haywire if it’s Dominique, but that new maid, Rhea, sat down at the location of the luggage which were put in order.

“What’s wrong with this girl?” (Wendelin)

“While it’s embarrassing, she genuinely overate.” (Dominique)

“Eh! Is that so?” (Wendelin)

“She stuffed herself with large quantities of seafood which she can’t eat often.” (Dominique)

She properly cleaned up, but she apparently sat down there after reaching her limit.

“There are limits though!” (Dominique)

How many times is it with this?
Dominique dropped her fist on Rhea’s head.

“Ah, the memory of going to a high-class restaurant with my family at the age of 7 has…” (Rhea)

“As I said, it hasn’t vanished, now has it?” (Dominique)

The combination of the serious Dominique and the funny character of Rhea was completely like a two-person comedy act.

“How about taking some stomach medicine if you overate?” (Wendelin)

Taking out a stomach medicine made out of herbs from my magic bag, I hand it over to Rhea.

“Ah, master’s benevolence is piercing the heart of this one…” (Rhea)

“(This girl is funny…)” (Wendelin)

Once making Rhea take the medicine, we immediately return to the mansion with 『Teleportation』 after changing our clothes.
When I entered the living room to take my dinner after enjoying a shower to wash off the salt sticking to my body, I found Erw’s figure there as he’s reading a thick bundle of papers by turning the pages over.

“What are you reading?” (Wendelin)

“Guidelines of commanding military forces. In the beginning it will be classroom study.” (Erwin)

“I see.” (Wendelin)

He apparently received the documents which handled only the necessary parts from within the books about military science from Thorsten.
He zealously read those.

“At any rate, today was cruel, wasn’t it?” (Erwin)

“That was, you know…” (Wendelin)

As result of no one wanting to apply sunscreen on the brawny doushi, I simply ended up remembering the existence of Erw in my head all of a sudden which was an unfortunate accident, I explain to Erw.

“Tomorrow you have off, haven’t you?” (Wendelin)

“Even without particularly applying sunscreen on doushi’s body, I will have off tomorrow.” (Erwin)

“You realized it after all, huh?” (Wendelin)

“I rather want to know someone that wouldn’t realize that!” (Erwin)

Certainly, it’s as Erw says.

“Let me introduce you to one girl instead.” (Wendelin)

“You real?” (Erwin)

“Yea, she is quite the cute girl.” (Wendelin)

I’m not telling a lie.
The new maid Rhea seems to be two years younger than Dominique, but her style doesn’t lose to Dominique either. She has a lovely appearance with her flaxen hair.
If I let Dominique speak out, she would says something to the extent of 『If I somehow do something about her way of talking…』, but as maid she was actually excellent.

“Is it true? Who is it?” (Erwin)

Since he’s asking too delightfully, I tell him Rhea’s name.
Thereupon, Erw’s expression begins to get clouded at once.

“Eh! That girl?” (Erwin)

“You knew her?” (Wendelin)

“Well, yea…” (Erwin)

He has actually witnessed the fist of Dominique, who is in charge of her education, dropped on her.

“That person, is she alright?” (Erwin)

“Her way of talking is a bit questionable, but she’s an unexpectedly nice girl, I think.” (Wendelin)

Her ability as maid shouldn’t lose out to even Dominique.
I believe it to be good for taking her as wife.

“How about trying to invite her for a date as test?” (Wendelin)

“Y~~~ea, let met think it over.” (Erwin)

The next day Erw ended up leaving to the down-town of Baulburg by himself for his day off, but in reality it was also the first holiday for Rhea after coming to us.

“Dominique-nee-san, what if I’m called out by a man down-town?” (Rhea)

“Call the guards if he’s persistent. They will help you if you tell them that you are serving in the mansion of master.” (Dominique)

She is always dropping her fist on her, but Dominique apparently loves Rhea.
She saw off Rhea, who left to the city for her first vacation, in front of the mansion.

“Got it. Then it’s at once the start of hunting for sweets.” (Rhea)

“Make sure to not waste your money.” (Dominique)

“I know that. I will buy some presents.” (Rhea)

At the moment the figure of Rhea, who ran off in full spirits, couldn’t be seen any more, I tell Dominique about the matter of me having recommended Rhea to Erw.

“Huh? Rhea, you mean?” (Dominique)

“As best friend of Erw I don’t want to forcibly push a girlfriend of him, but it’s so that he can choose her as one of the options.” (Wendelin)

“Will that be alright?” (Dominique)

Once letting Dominique speak out, it’s probably inevitable for her to worry about that questionable way of talking.
She has to correct it a bit more.

“Maybe it’s possible.” (Wendelin)

“Understood. For the time being I shall keep it in mind.” (Dominique)

Will those two get ever married?
Currently that was a future only Heaven knows.



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