Chapter 76 – The secrets increase in a newly-married life

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“Don’t use that 『Vitality Recovery』 with me, okay?”

“Of course.”

“Since you have five wives as well, they have to be the main cast.”

It’s around one month after safely marrying Elise and the others.
The time was evening, but I continued my secret meetings with Amelie-sister-in-law-san without change.

“Before that, an 『convenient woman』 like me should have been discarded at the time of your wedding, Wend-kun…” (Amelie)

“That part is a selfish strategy of a high-ranking noble-sama.” (Wendelin)

The relationship between me and Amelie-sister-in-law-san didn’t stop even after my marriage.
I’m continuing it forcefully.
Being an Earl-sama, the surroundings won’t say anything since it’s currently the wilfulness of the greatly powerful me.
At least on the surface.
Even if I’m told something behind the scenes, I’m a high-ranking noble that doesn’t have to care about such things.
It seems that’s how it is.
Roderich said so before.

『There won’t even be any fellows who will complain about a matter of such degree, but…』 (Roderich)

It might turn into a big problem on Earth, but it wasn’t deemed to be odd in this world.
Rather, there seem to be many people who think 『Supporting the wife of his elder brother whom he killed himself and even promising to bestow peerage and land to her children, Earl Baumeister has a firm character』.
I was surprised by the difference in values, but for that reason I’m continuing my tryst with her once a week.
Entertaining my five wives in order during five days of the week, the remaining two days are my free days.
On one day of those two free days I enjoy a tryst with her for a few hours.
Of course Elise and the other have noticed that, but this time they have given me their tacit consent.
However, since it’s wrong if I don’t return to the mansion, I don’t do something like devouring her that greedily.
There were also time when we had dates after moving to the capital with magic, but this was also for the sake of a temporary peace of mind for me.
Well, it’s something we do once every two times though.

“Wend-kun, you are quite peculiar as well. Even though you have five young and beautiful wives, you keep such old lady company.” (Amelie)

Although it’s the person herself saying that, Amelie-sister-in-law-san isn’t an old lady either.
Considering that she has conceived twice with 27 years, she looks rather young.
Her figure isn’t bad and her skin is fair as well.
It can be said that she simply looked a bit sooty thanks to living in the poor Baumeister household until now.
And, at the time when there was only the two of us, she managed to call me 『Wend-kun』 like in the old times.
This is something I asked her to do.
Recently the people who only call me 『Lord-sama』 or 『Earl Baumeister-sama』 are increasing and that is somewhat unpleasant.
You can also say that I have Amelie-sister-in-law-san deliberately call me like that for the sake of keeping my heart in balance.

“I, who is a lover whom you are keeping to yourself, have the privilege of keeping you company until you get tired of me, Wend-kun.” (Amelie)

“The one’s called nobles are troublesome, aren’t they?” (Wendelin)

“Even my father is someone like that. That’s only natural.” (Amelie)

I somehow came to understand the reason for nobles having many wives or living in luxury to some extent.
Since there are usually various difficulties, they likely do it to release stress.
There were also fellows whose reputation fell too much or who lost their heads in debts though.

“In other words, you can also say that I’m taking a breather* here.” (Wendelin) (T/N: seems to be a wordplay where 息を抜いている can also mean “ejaculate my penis”, if you stretch it a bit)

“I can consent with it if that’s the case. Umm, is something sticking to my face?” (Amelie)

We talked while lying naked on the bed, but Amelie-sister-in-law-san noticed my line of sight.

“No. I’m measuring your mana.” (Wendelin)

“Mine’s the same as normal people.” (Amelie)

I have confirmed it many times over, but Amelie-sister-in-law-san’s mana was certainly the same as that of normal people.
An extremely small amount; that seems to be the case for the majority of the people in this world.

“That’s right, isn’t it…?” (Wendelin)

“Did something happen?” (Amelie)

“Yes, it’s an important secret that will turn into a disaster if it’s leaked. However, it will be soon exposed anyway, I think?” (Wendelin)

“It’s fine without me hearing about it…” (Amelie)

Given that Amelie-sister-in-law-san is able to keep a secret, I reveal something I can’t tell other people overly much in fairly large parts.
It’s something like the story of a detestable noble, a parasite-like noble and good-for-nothing noble.
Also, as it’s not like there aren’t any misgivings at all although it’s going smoothly, I have her occasionally listen to idle complaints towards my wives.
I need Amelie-sister-in-law-san for such aspects as well.

“As a matter of fact…” (Wendelin)

I begin to speak about a fact that came to light directly after being newly-wed.


It’s about the next morning after Elise’s bridal night finished.
When we headed towards the dining room to take a breakfast after stepping out of the bath, Burkhart-san, who stayed the night in the mansion, Armstrong and Katharina drew near Elise all at once.

『Hey, hasn’t your mana increased a bit?』 (Burkhart)

『I think so as well, but…』 (Armstrong)

『I noticed it as well.』 (Katharina)

Even I, who was completely in high spirits since last night, begin to measure Elise’s mana in a hurry and certainly, the mana rose to a detectable extent.
Elise, who possesses mana above intermediate level, apparently stopped increasing her mana at the time of being 11 years old as she continuously practised 『Heal』 and 『Purification』 since her childhood.
Busy with the act of healing with magic as 『Saint』, she ended up reaching the limit of mana growth earlier than usual.
Despite that her mana capacity grew again after getting close to becoming 16 years old.
If you consider it normally, that was something very improbable.
It’s disregarding the definition of a matching vessel quite a bit.

『『What did you do?』 means that you did 『something』.』 (Burkhart) (T/N: The pun here is probably that it can also be read as “”What did you do?” means that you licked “something””, though not 100% sure on that one)

『Umm… That is…』 (Elise)

It was a vulgar pun appropriate for Burkhart-san’s age.
Elise blushes out of embarrassment, but I might be the same kind as well as I’m actually grinning after seeing her her state.

『Master-sama, you are indecent.』 (Katharina)

『Sorry, but that’s very likely the cause.』 (Burkhart)

While reining in Katharina’s criticism, Burkhart-san presented one possibility.

『In other words, it means that your mana increases if you do such thing with Earl-sama. I don’t understand why or the finer details to it though. I haven’t heard about such principle either. Such things are subjects investigated in the curio-like Sorcery Guild in the capital.』 (Burkhart)

Due to the very likeliness of Burkhart-san’s deduction, it causes an shock among us.


“So, you looked at my mana? But…” (Amelie)

We are continuing this kind of relationship for several months already, but there has been no change in Amelie-sister-in-law-san’s magic capacity.
That means the mana won’t increase unless one has talent in magic, even if it’s a minuscule amount.

“How disappointing. Even though it would have been amusing if I could make something after becoming a magician. So, how about the other wives?” (Amelie)

After asking me, Amelie-sister-in-law-san pushes out both her hands like a magician and does something like 『Eiya~』.
I end up considering her appearance like that as a bit cute.

“It was terrible, wasn’t it?” (Amelie)

“Well, accordingly…” (Wendelin)

And, after that possibility was suggested, I became strangely occupied.

『Wendelin-san, please ((indulge in me)) without reservations.』 (Katharina)

『I want to be a magician.』 (Wilma)

『If my mana increases, I will also be able to use fire ball.』 (Luise)

『Even I, that possibility…』 (Ina)

With that as cause, it was terrible as partner of the four, who completely changed into carnivores, I told Amelie-sister-in-law-san.
The crucial effect was there, but the four’s mana increased more than Burkhart-san expected.

『Wendelin-sama, please don’t do the unreasonable too much.』 (Elise)

Only Elise, who’s the first wife, was gentle, but since her breasts are big, I succumbed to their temptations after all.
I have no doubt, I think breasts are no good.

『Wendelin.sama, are you tired?』 (Elise)

『Recovery magic exists for that reason.』 (Wendelin)

Due to such reason, I was busy at night on five days in the week.

“Having lost to your desires, you are to blame here, Wend-kun. Or rather, since Elise-san is the first wife, you have to make a child with her quickly.” (Amelie)

“That’s right, isn’t it?” (Wendelin)

“So, it’s the same for Ina-san, too?” (Amelie)

“Ina unconsciously used mana to enhance her physical abilities and spearmanship.” (Wendelin)

Even normal people do that unconsciously, however Ina made use of her large mana a bit more than that.
With it not being wrong to barely call her a magician according to Burkhart-san, her mana raised greatly on the next morning.


『Ina-chan’s increase is large.』(Luise)

『Does the increase grow even if it’s done the same number of times albeit being a person with a low amount of mana?』 (Katharina)

Katharina’s conjecture should be mostly correct.
Even if they gain the same amount of experience points, the people, who have low levels (mana), will likely have it easier to increase their levels (mana).
As it’s unknown whether the amount of experience plays into such acts, there’s no problem with such way of thinking since it’s actually happening, I believe.

『Wend-sama, my ((mana)) went up considerably as well. I want to raise it even more.』 (Wilma)

Given that there wasn’t such a difference in mana quantity between Wilma and Ina, it increased quite a bit after the first time.

『It’s advanced level I’m aiming for. Of course I have to do my best in various ways since we are newly-weds.』 (Luise)

Even Luise looks at me completely like a carnivore.

『Wilma-san, Luise-san, if you don’t take Wendelin-sama’s stamina into consideration…』 (Elise)

Elise, who has a position like a semi-doctor with her mastery in healing magic, gave a warning to the two who are full of vigour.
It’s probably because it will become terrible if I die during sexual intercourse.

『Ina-san, as well.』 (Elise)

『Huh? I wonder why you are putting me together with them?』 (Ina)

『Ina-chan, you look very happy about your mana increasing.』 (Luise)

It’s not like that’s because it actually showed an effect, but Roderich has been absent a lot in the newly-wed period this month.
While hunting in the Demon Forest, doing public works though less than usual and training magic, scenes making Dominique speechless were created once again.

『Elise. That is?』

『Taking your physical condition into account, I made a concrete schedule, Wendelin-sama.』 (Elise)

Elise gave me, who shook due to the threshold of sexual appetite, freedom and being preyed upon, a night schedule while floating a smile.
At such times the fruits of Elise’s labours as wife stand out after all.

『Of course I want a baby soon. But, it’s fine to go with the feeling of newly-weds for a while.』 (Elise)

Although that was the main objective, there aren’t many people who dislike their mana growing.
Thanks to that, I feel like there were various difficulties.
I think that it was a month that wasn’t bad, but…


“That means you were plastered with love, Wend-kun.” (Amelie)

“Ha ha ha~~~. A man is a creature that will somehow ruin himself with money, booze or women.” (Wendelin)

That one month was painted by my own lust and difficulties.
Moreover, since I’m having secret meetings with Amelie-sister-in-law-san, I believe that a human’s greed might be endless.

“So, what did happen?” (Amelie)

“That is, you know…” (Wendelin)

In this one month the mana capacity of all my wives grew.
Elise’s up to the middle of advanced level.
The spells she can use didn’t increase, but you can call it plenty amazing since the frequency and the power of the spells, she can use, has risen.

『It would be great if I could use offensive magic, but…』 (Elise)

『You can leave that to others. That’s because your best ability is recovery magic.』 (Wendelin)

『That’s also true, isn’t it?』 (Elise)

Elise agrees with my words.
Next, Wilma’s mana amount grew up to intermediate level.

『Magic. I can’t use it…』 (Wilma)

『You can’t use it?』 (Wendelin)

Being taught basic mana control by Burkhart-san, she reached the point of being able to use 『Physical Ability Boost』 and 『Weapon Bestowal』.
Without aptitude in any magic attribute influenced by her talent, she strengthens her body with void magic and enhances the strength of weapons by cladding them with mana.
You could say that it reinforced her way of fighting until now.

『Wendelin-sama, the magic, which Wilma-san is talking about, is something like fire ball?』 (Elise)

『I think so as well, but…』 (Wendelin)

It’s probably as Elise says, but only this can’t be helped due to the aptitude she possessed since her birth.
I feel like that’s fine since she became plenty powerful, but the magic, Wilma harbours in her heart, is probably something like releasing flashy flames.
In the world in general such image is strong and importance is attached to its appearance.

『My mana increased, but…』 (Luise)

Luise’s mana increased to a level of being almost the same as Burkhart-san’s.

『However, the usable spells didn’t increase.』 (Luise)

『Mana capacity and talent in available spells are different matters. Isn’t it great as you became stronger? Your mana capacity has even caught up with mine.』 (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san, who was almost overtaken in mana capacity, comforted Luise while smiling bitterly.

『Isn’t Katharina’s mana incredible?』

『It’s equal to doushi from a bit ago.』

『However, the usable spells didn’t increase. I’m thankful for the increase in magic capacity though.』 (Katharina)

Katharina’s mana grew quite a bit, too.
The amount will probably increase if there’s mana capacity to begin with?
However, with her having a genius talent in magic she can use, new magic, that she can use, hasn’t appeared and the amount of mana, Katharina has, has been large to begin with.
If one has mana to a degree as her, there won’t be any spells she can’t use due to insufficiency in mana.

『And, Ina, huh?』

And the last one was Ina, but she might have had the most dramatic change.

『Burkhart-san, this 『Blazing Spear』 is amazing.』 (Ina)

『Please raise your proficiency level by practising it repeatedly.』 (Burkhart-san)

Ina, whose mana raised up to intermediate level, learned the spells 『Body Enhancement』 and 『Attribute Spearmanship』.
The latter is as its name suggests. It’s something that increases the power by cladding the spearhead with a magic attribute.
She had aptitude in 『Fire』 and 『Wind』, however she wasn’t able to learn any emission-types of spells.
Having the spear clad in magic was also a last resort.
Striking the techniques 『Blazing Spear』 and 『Beheading Wind Spear』 at a boulder in the garden, the boulder has been already broken apart and sordidly melted.

『Those have great power. I have to train them more.』 (Ina)

『Ina-chan, you seem to have fun…』 (Luise)

『Magic is fun!』 (Ina)

Due to Ina being delighted by destroying countless boulders, even Luise, who’s her best friend, drew back a bit.

『However, the spear’s decrease in durability is intense.』

『If you use it a number of times, iron-made and bronze-made spears will end up deteriorating. It will be alright if it’s a spear purely made out of mithril.』 (Burkhart)

『I will buy one immediately.』 (Ina)

Burkhart-san advices Ina to change her weapon.
With such feeling the newly-wed period was also a 『Wife Power-up Month』.
I became a master in the spells 『Stamina Recovery』 and 『Vitality Recovery』 though.


“That’s not terrible though, now is it?” (Amelie)

“Actually it’s very terrible.” (Wendelin)

According to doushi’s and Burkhart-san’s analysis, it’s very likely that the mana of women, who have elementary foundations for being a magician even if to a minuscule degree, will increase if they have sex with me.
The kinds of usable spells depend on the talent of the person herself.
If you look at Ina, who used magic she couldn’t invoke until now due to deficiency in mana, that was very very clear.
How much it grows likely also depends on the talent of the person herself.
Even people, whose increase in mana capacity stopped due to the vessel limitation, will increase their mana if there’s leeway.
The growth of mana capacity of the five stopped after the one month for now, but there’s also the possibility that it will increase again.
It was the continuation of a required investigation, but this was simple to observe as long as marital relationships continue.

“Won’t it be a disaster if it gets leaked outside?” (Amelie)

“Yes… Please keep it a secret.” (Wendelin)

“I can’t even tell my father-in-law-sama…” (Amelie)

“Please not father. He will faint.” (Wendelin)

Since mother and him are commoner-like nobles, they will probably be unable to endure the weight of that story.

『Rather, it raised this much in one month…? It will definitely be exposed once you are seen by other magicians.』 (Burkhart)

Moreover, it’s as Burkhart-san says, if people, for whom it’s visible, have a look, it will be exposed since everyone’s mana increased quite a bit.
Before that, Burkhart-san has reported it to his master, Margrave Breithilde, and doushi to His Majesty.

“Is that alright?” (Amelie)

“On the contrary, it probably won’t be leaked readily with that.” (Wendelin)

Chaos will be inevitable if it’s leaked.
Therefore, the only ones from the kingdom knowing about it are doushi and His Majesty.
Even in the Margrave Breithilde household, only Burkhart-san and Margrave Breithilde himself knew about it.

“You will be flooded by female magicians telling you 『Have sex with me』, won’t you?” (Amelie)

Only imagining that makes me tremble.
Although it might make me laugh if seen in a literary work, being actually pushed to do so myself will be unbearable.
As half of the magicians are women, there’s also many old ladies and grandmothers among them.
As expected, even I probably won’t be able to have an erection to begin with.

“There are a lot more troublesome matters.” (Wendelin)

If looking at the example of Ina, even the people, who haven’t been treated as magicians until now, will have the possibility to raise their mana if they have the elementary foundation as mere magician.
There was the possibility that I would get flooded by female magician candidates.
Of course, old ladies and grandmothers will be mixed in there as well.
Also there’s the pattern for nobles. who sent their daughters, 『Take responsibility since you hurt her』 if their mana can’t be raised.
It was a fraud-like method, but it’s not an odd opinion if they can actually get involved with me like that.

“Even so, it’s still fine if it’s a woman!” (Wendelin)

It’s not only women who want to raise their mana.


『Erw became the weakest. That’s since before though.』

『Well said, Wilma! Wend, my butt-hole!』 (Erwin)

『That’s too much of a joke even while jesting!』(Wendelin)

It was mainly Wilma’s abusive language, but even as joke I pass on something like anal sex with a man.

『My current mana is fine…』 (Burkhart)

『There’s no problem since I’m raising my mana by training every day!』 (Armstrong)

In the first place, even if I do such a thing with a man as partner, it’s still unknown whether their mana will grow.
Or rather, even before that, I don’t want to test it.

『Erw-san, homosexual love is a heresy. Even if there’s only such rumours about Wendelin-sama, it’s possible that he might become a target for punishment.』 (Elise)

『Sorry…』 (Erwin)

Elise, who is related with the church, harshly rebutted Erw’s statement even as a joke.
In this world homosexual love is denunciated to a degree that’s not funny.
Even for nobles it will become a reason for change in rank or change of family head if they are unlucky.
Also, the church with its freedom of marriage, with the exception of one part of the denominations, had problems in the past with homosexual love between fellow male priests.

『It’s not allowed for you as well, Wilma-san.』 (Elise)

『Erw, I’m sorry.』 (Wilma)

『That’s fine, but what will we do?』 (Erwin)

『There’s no other choice but to hide it.』(Wendelin)

What raised the mana was a matching of vessels, though the reason is unknown.
If we don’t do such a thing, even male magicians wouldn’t hesitate to push me with 『Have anal sex with me!』.
By just imagining that, I can’t call that anything but a nightmare.


“It would really have been better if I didn’t hear about it.” (Amelie)

“Please don’t reveal it.” (Wendelin)

“I won’t carelessly leak that. Also, there’s one more problem.” (Amelie)

“Yes…” (Wendelin)

That is, if children are born between my wives, who have an elementary foundation in magic, and me, who was confirmed to have such strange ability, won’t those children possess mana?

“Troublesome, isn’t it…” (Amelie)

“That’s why I come here like this occasionally.” (Wendelin)

“I can agree with that.” (Amelie)

Yes, Amelie-sister-in-law-san is soothing.
In order to forget the once again increased difficult problems for now, I bent over Amelie-sister-in-law-san.
Even if I forgot it for a while, it’s not something I should be able to run from though.


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