Chapter 75 – A noble’s wedding ceremony and bridal night are troublesome!

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“Earl-sama, you are quite stiff, aren’t you?” (Burkhart)

“Well, that’s my nervousness.” (Wendelin)


It’s one month after the chain of events of finishing the dispute with the Browig household, Erw having his heart broken and the opening of the Grand Marriage Interview Meeting.
Finally I have turned 16 years old and at last the marriage ceremony will be carried out in the completed principal residence of the Earl Baumeister household.
Of course I don’t have any experience in getting married even if my previous life is included.
Since it’s unusual to be a single with 25 years in my previous world, I had decided to excuse it with “It can’t be helped.”
At least I attended the weddings of relatives and the early marriages of friends several times.
At those times I asked for the contact addresses of cute girls who were the friends of the bride since I was easygoing as person not concerned or wetted the wick of my candle with water at the time when the bride and groom where going around lighting the candles at the wedding reception.
I was a really carefree person on the marriage ceremonies of other people.
However, the current me is a noble.
Moreover, an Earl and as such I’m advancing the Savage Lands development with the sponsorship of the royal family.
Of course it’s bad if I don’t invite plenty of distinguished guests.
High-ranking nobles from various places, important appointed nobles from the central government and normal nobles I had relations with.
It seems there are also many patterns where heirs attend as representatives, if the other party is a noble with a slightly lower status, but this time everyone replied that their family heads will attend.
I wonder if it’s preferable with only minister-ranked people as I’ve just got used to seeing them?
It’s wrong if I don’t invite other attendees without revealing that.

『There are also nobles who will get angry if they aren’t invited.』 (Roderich)

Roderich was concentrating on checking the list, but since nobles are creatures with high pride, there’s the possibility that they will become enraged, emotional nuisances if only they aren’t invited.
From his point of view, he probably wants to avoid a second Baron Rückner.

『Since they are free to not come, I think we have to send as many invitations as possible.』 (Roderich)

『What an annoying idiosyncrasy…』 (Wendelin)

『As a matter of fact, the majority of nobles thinks so as well. It’s no good if they don’t bring a large amount of congratulatory gifts either. Because the return gifts are troublesome too…』 (Roderich)

『Isn’t it us who will be troubled with the return gifts?』 (Wendelin)

『There is the attending of important ceremonial occasions of the other party as well.』 (Roderich)

『I already don’t wanna go from now on.』 (Wendelin)

『Well, you will definitely be invited.』 (Roderich)

With the invited guests and their attendants and guards the city of Baulburg was overflowing with people. Thorsten’s group was very busy with their guard duty as it would be bad if something happened.
Of course, Roderich was even busier.
Given that he was managing all the small tasks related to the marriage ceremony by himself, he continued in a state where he couldn’t take a break at all even though he was a newly-wed.
In the end he has accepted the eight years old granddaughter of Minister Rückner as first wife and in addition the eldest daughter of the Commercial Affairs’ Earl Leche, Katia.
Since talks about business connections will appear once the development of the Baumeister Earldom proceeds, it took such shape.
As an 8 years old child isn’t able to marry yet, she is receiving bridal training at the capital. Her child will succeed the household of that disturbing Baron Rückner while Katia’s child will succeed a retainer household. That’s how things were settled.
At that point in time Roderich himself hasn’t participated much in the discussions. Nobles are bothersome creatures.
Since there are also cases where children aren’t born even if it was decided in such manner, it will apparently become once again troublesome in such case.
The point is that they want him to properly make children if possible.

『Umm, master, you can’t talk about other people either though…』 (Roderich)

If Elise doesn’t give birth to a boy, it will likewise become troublesome.
Even if I’m told that, I won’t know until that time comes.
Since it won’t become that much of a problem in Heisei Japan whether the child is a boy or girl unless it’s deep in the sticks, I’m unable to quite understand the sense of impeding danger of such matters.

『At any rate, I’m worn-out from the marriage rush.』

As Roderich said, I think I only left my home for marriage ceremonies in this month.
Due to the marriage ceremonies of couples, who decided right at the Grand Marriage Interview Meeting, everyone ended up bustling about every day.


『Erich-nii-san, I won’t be able to appear at the after-party. Sorry.』 (Wendelin)

『Are you busy?』 (Erich)

『Today there will be two marriage ceremonies of retainers after this…』 (Wendelin)

『You have my condolences.』 (Erich)

I attended the marriage ceremony of Erich-nii-san, who presented his concubine at the capital, on the way, but I wasn’t able to take it slowly overly much.
Given that I can use 『Teleportation』 without thinking about it, I was tied with a tight schedule by the demon Roderich.

『For a noble to attend three marriage ceremonies in one day, it’s the first time I heard of that.』 (Helmut)

『Helmut-nii-san, won’t you attend as my representative?』 (Wendelin)

『No, no, that’s impossible since those are the ceremonies of your retainers, Wend!』 (Helmut)

Helmut-nii-san, who went to a ceremony yesterday in the same manner, looks at me with sympathizing eyes.
Even though it’s just a ceremony for receiving a concubine, its scale has become large as it has a connection with me. Because the schedule was unreasonable for them as well, I have brought father, mother, Hermann-nii-san and Paul-nii-san together to the capital with 『Teleportation』.
As expected, even my parents can’t escape this kind of socialising anymore.
Having surpassed the age of 50 and greeting important nobles and such for their first time, they apparently have various difficulties.
With me completely playing the role of something like a taxi, I’m introduced to their unmarried daughters and am flooded with nauseating flattery by the attending, distinguished nobles once I appear at the ceremony.
Once that finally stopped and I got to sit down on my seat, I wasn’t able to do anything but sigh.

『Wend-sama, this is delicious.』 (Wilma)

『Wilma, your unchanging manner is lovely…』 (Wendelin)

『Feeling good…』 (Wilma)

Considering Wilma, who sticks to her usual routine at such times, as adorable, I end up stroking her head instinctively.
Once she attends a party, she will search for delicious food and eat it.
Why I had only her accompany me as fiancée was because it was decided that they would take turns with just one of them coming with me at a time as we are too damn busy.
Since Elise and the others, who aren’t attending, are hectic with the preparations for their own marriage ceremony, it’s not like they are particularly playing hooky.

『Earl Baumeister, it would be better if you ate more.』 (Edgar)

Even Minister Edgar, who is her father-in-law, was the same type as Wilma.
Being next to Wilma, he stuffed his cheeks completely like doushi with the meat dish recommended by his daughter-in-law.

『Minster Edgar, you are eating well.』 (Wendelin)

『Since I don’t have any hobby except eating.』 (Edgar)

Be that as it may, usually he is putting up with simple food and trains his body so that it doesn’t get fat.
I have heard this from his son, Thorsten.
As it’s an event where he eats at a party to which he was invited by another noble, he lets out his appetite.

『You can avoid troublesome invitations to dances and such if you eat!』 (Edgar)

『Father-in-law-sama, this is delicious. Will you eat it?』 (Wilma)

『Ooh, ma daughter! Please give me a full serving.』 (Edgar)

『Got it.』 (Wilma)

I think it’s probably tolerated because he is a noble belonging to the military.
However, even though they are not related by blood, they resembled parent and child quite well.

『Paul-nii-san, what’s your impression?』 (Wendelin)

『Having two wives is bothersome. Wend, you have nicely accepted five people.』 (Paul)

I call out to Paul-nii-san who is together with Minister Edgar.
Since Minister Edgar is his patron as intermediary from his time as guard, even Paul-nii-san’s concubine is related to Minister Edgar. That means even today’s attendance is an important job for him.

『Some time ago it was on the verge of becoming six people.』 (Wendelin)

『The youngest daughter of the Browig household, was it?』 (Edgar)

『Now it’s former ((daughter of the Browig household)) though…』 (Wendelin)

『How admirable to reject her! I have to praise you!』 (Edgar)

Once Minister Edgar hits my back with all his strength, I end up choking for a moment.
From his point of view it’s probably praising, but with his strength being too powerful, the damage to my body is far too high.

『I heard the story about your friend, Erwin, having his heart broken. Is he alright?』 (Paul)

If it was a genuine noble, they would likely have criticized Erw, but since Paul-nii-san doesn’t seem to be much of a noble, he is purely sympathizing with Erw, who had his heart broken, as a man.

『Even I, since it was in my time as guard… Even when I wanted to call out to her, that was impossible as our social positions were too different. If I consider that, we are now poles apart though.』 (Paul)

『Was that so?』 (Wendelin)

If you think about it logically, the chances for Paul-nii-san to become a noble were slim.
Therefore, if the woman he fancied was a noble’s daughter, there was probably nothing that could be done about it.

『I believe that Erw will be alright.』

『Certainly, he is strong-willed…』

『Hello, young lady. I’m called Erwin von Armin and am serving the Earl Baumeister household.』 (Erwin)

Erw put his effort into searching for an ideal wife and called out to a woman who looks beautiful and unmarried.
He has a level of toughness where you wouldn’t believe that he had his heart broken just recently.

『If he isn’t at least this strong-willed, he won’t be able to work as adventurer.』 (Wilma)

『Indeed…』 (Paul)

Paul-nii-san deeply nodded towards Wilma’s opinion.

『By the way, how did it go at Hermann-nii-san’s place?』 (Wendelin)

He searched for a concubine after taking into consideration Minister Rückner since he leads the former Baumeister main family, but there was actually one problem.
Marlene-sister-in-law-san, who is Hermann-nii-san’s first wife, has a low social standing because she is the daughter of a retainer, albeit a relative.
As Hermann-nii-san, who is the second son, was expected as heir of the originally retainer household, he didn’t usher in a wife from outside.

『If I unskilfully bring in a concubine from outside, the social standing of the concubine will end up becoming high.』 (Hermann)

No matter how poor the Knight household is, its daughter has a higher social standing than the daughter of a retainer.

『Uwah! It’s that kind of difficult story!?』 (Paul)

As Paul-nii-san had his stomach apparently filled with such kind of stories, he openly showed a unpleasant expression.

『Even so, it looks like Minister Rückner’s group earnestly searched for one.』

『I searched as well! I exerted myself greatly though! Ahaha!』 (Edgar)

Minister Edgar joins the conversation while enjoying a second serving of the meat dish with Wilma.

『There are few precedents, but in such situation it’s normal to demand an exchange of the wives’ rank. Earl Baumeister, your elder brother clearly denied that. It feels like that guy is unexpectedly quite manly.』 (Edgar)

It’s a fact that the rank of Marlene-sister-in-law-san is low even as daughter of a retainer belonging to a high ranking noble. It looks like it was an unexpectedly hard fight for Minister Rückner’s group to search for a concubine.
There were many households which came forward, but apparently all of them started saying 『Well, then our daughter will become the first wife』.

『Rückner that fool broke down there for a moment and asked your elder brother for a temporary, internal exchange of ranks, Earl Baumeister.』 (Edgar)

『If he tells Hermann-nii-san such a thing…』 (Wendelin)

Hermann-nii-san is a parson who calmly opposed even Kurt who was the next family head.
It’s impossible for him to swallow such demand.

『Just as you thought, he clearly told him “Then I won’t take a concubine.”』 (Edgar)

『If it’s Hermann-aniki, he will say that.』 (Paul)

Currently Marlene-sister-in-law-san seems to be pregnant for the third time. It will be fine if he searches for a concubine within the territory as long as the pace of the retainers and village headmen in advancing the development of the territory doesn’t sink.

『So, what happened?』 (Wendelin)

『Rückner searched amongst his vassals with teary eyes…』 (Edgar)

『That man occasionally goofs up, doesn’t he…』

『His ability to follow-up is amazing though.』

Finding a fourth-born daughter of a certain Baron household, he apparently decided to have her marry him as daughter-in-law.

『Daughter-in-law?』 (Wendelin)

『She’s a daughter who was born between the family head and a commoner from another place…』

Since she was made outside, she isn’t able to enter the main family. She will be married to Hermann-nii-san as adopted daughter even though she is a blood-related daughter.
As she is an adopted daughter, that means that there won’t be any problems with her even as concubine.

『That’s a disgusting story…』

『I know that man, but the legal wife is a terribly harsh woman. Did he want her to feel at ease somewhere else? It was clear that the girl would be tormented by the legal wife even if he let her enter the main family. Thus it was apparently godsend.』 (Edgar)

There appears to also be the reason that it should finish without that many problems if it’s a rural noble household like our home because she lived as commoner albeit receiving support.

『The person herself was delighted. It’s because her children can become village headmen and retainers.』 (Edgar)

『In that case, all that remains is Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s mood, huh…?』 (Wendelin)

『If it’s Hermann-aniki, he will somehow manage.』 (Paul)

Paul-nii-san and me stop thinking about this topic as the rest is an issue of the people themselves.
By no means we did so because we were scared of Marlene-sister-in-law-san.

『You have to be careful as well, Earl Baumeister.』 (Edgar)

『I have the duty to make sure that the children of Elise and the others won’t have any inconveniences.』 (Wendelin)

I won’t be able to give all of them the rank of Earl, but it will be bad if I can’t guarantee them an according livelihood.
Being a family head is quite difficult as well.

『Earl Baumeister, you are a dauntless man who gives peerage and territory to the children of your elder brother whom you killed yourself. I won’t worry about you.』 (Edgar)

Minister Edgar’s manner of speech was as if something was on his mind.
Maybe the case with Amelie-sister-in-law-san got leaked? (T/N: Story from Interlude 21, will be translated in due time)

『(It shouldn’t have been exposed…)』 (Wendelin)

When I’m frantically pondering within my mind, my shoulder is suddenly tapped.
The one who tapped it was Wilma who held a plate filled with a large amount of meat dish.

『It has the tacit consent of Elise-sama.』 (Wilma)

『(It has been exposed~~~!)』 (Wendelin)

I raised a scream in my mind while having cold sweat.
If I voiced it out, that would end up being recognised as truth.
Although it has already been exposed, there’s no particular necessity to acknowledge it and I will try to gloss it over by acting Earl Baumeister-like.

『I don’t know what’s it about though.』 (Wilma)

『(Say, Wend. It’s very unlikely that it hasn’t been leaked to the surroundings after five days passed.)』 (Paul)

『(No, as that’s work…)』 (Wendelin)

『(Our territory’s development is too fast.)』 (Paul)

It seems the method of using the territory’s development as excuse for a clandestine meeting wasn’t good.
When Paul-nii-san pointed it out, I finally noticed my blunder.
I have decided to not decrease the frequency of the clandestine meetings no matter what.


Lately it was busy with such a feeling:

『I haven’t hunted at all for this one month.』 (Wendelin)

『It’s impossible schedule-wise.』 (Roderich)

With the attendance of marriage meetings or public works, my schedule was filled to 99%.
And, as today’s my marriage ceremony, I, who wore an expensive ceremonial dress exclusively for nobles which was ordered for the sake of this day, have been pointed out by Burkhart-san, who came to see how things were going, that I’m stiff due to nervousness.

“One will be nervous if it’s that line-up.” (Wendelin)

“Certainly, even my master apparently didn’t expect that the line-up will be up to this point.” (Burkhart)

It’s fine that there are many nobles.
I don’t particularly mind my family either.
My family has a weak aura of nobility, except Erich-nii-san, anyway.
The ministers, doushi, Margrave Breithilde and the new Margrave Browig, who’s already an acquaintance and thus not a problem.

“His Highness, the Crown Prince, I don’t have any memory of having met him overly much.” (Wendelin)

“Someone like me hasn’t seen his face even once though.” (Burkhart)

“Eh? Is that so?” (Wendelin)

His Highness the Crown Prince attends the marriage ceremony of the family head of the Earl Baumeister household, which will become one of the two major noble households controlling the South in the future.
Since the Savage Lands development will still take time, there’s probably meaning in the future king to attend such event.
However, given that I don’t remember having met him often, I’m more nervous than meeting with His Majesty.

“His Highness, Waldo, is famous for not standing out much.” (Burkhart)

He seems to be a person who excels at literary and military arts, but for some reason he appears to not be very conspicuous.
If you talk about him in modern terms, he should be called His stealthy Highness, I guess?

“His Highness is still fine.” (Wendelin)

Since he is His stealthy Highness anyway, I shouldn’t be bothered about him once the ceremony begins.

“Why the main priest though?” (Wendelin)

Marriage ceremonies in this world are split into a ceremony in a church, which is limited to no one but carefully selected attendees and family, and a wedding reception that is carried out in a mansion or such.
There’s no great difference to the marriage ceremonies on earth in that aspect.
However, the one who manages the marriage ceremony all by himself is the most eminent main priest in the church.
If talking in earthen terms, it means that the pope is presiding over the marriage ceremony as priest-sama.
I think it would be weird to not be nervous about this.

“Since it’s the marriage ceremony of Cardinal Hohenheim’s granddaughter, he can’t play the role of priest himself here.” (Burkhart)

The church has the peculiar rule that a relative can’t play the role of priest ((in such situation)).
Originally it wasn’t strange even if he had the role of priest since he is the person said to be closest to becoming the next main priest, but today he obediently sat down in a seat of honour on the relatives’ side.
The roles to lead the brides to the priest at the time of the ceremony has been decided to be given to Viscount Hohenheim for Elise as her father, Minister Edgar for Wilma, Heinz for Katharina and their respective fathers for Ina and Luise.
Which reminds me, I met with Ina’s and Luise’s fathers for the first time, but their faces became stiff due to tension because of their important task to walk the bridal aisle with their daughters amongst those attendees.
I can relate to their feelings very well.
Even I originally belong to their side as petty bourgeois-like man.

『It’s great that you aren’t a daughter, Wendelin…』 (Artur)

My father showed an expression of relief from the bottom of his heart due to feeling at ease that he won’t have to do that.

“Welcome to the graveyard of life.” (Burkhart)

“You are saying that as newly-wed, Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)

“Humph. I’m pretty much your senior as married person.” (Burkhart)

“By merely a few weeks, right?” (Wendelin)

“Even so, senior is senior.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san, who was made to marry forcibly by his master due to the reason that the inheritance after his death mustn’t cause problems, seemed to pay attention to his attire and had a more beautiful robe than before.
With him also having a faint scent of perfume, it’s clear that men are visited by changes once they get married after all.
He might have been worried about having a distinctive body odour pointed out by Elise’s group before.

“Leaving that aside, the madams have many difficulties.”

Because it’s five people at once, there are apparently many important nobles.
But on the other hand, since there are also many people who have low numbers in the beginning and increase afterwards, it’s not like it’s that many either.
Apparently there are also some who employ dozens of concubines among successful, wealthy merchants. Even the size of those numbers became one parameter to measure how successful their business was.

“Artur-san has actually several dozens as well.” (Wendelin)

“It’s not that many, Earl Baumeister-sama.” (Artur)

“Yo, wealthy merchant.” (Burkhart)

“Yo, my friend who finally got married.” (Artur)

As we are talking in the waiting room before the ceremony, Artur-san, who has become the head purveyor of my government, comes to give his greetings.
He deployed helpers from his company because of the Earl Baumeister household still being short of hands.

“Although there are many such talks since our recent expansion is quite extreme, I’m too busy for that, Earl-sama.” (Artur)

Even so, as the surroundings were apparently noisy because a person, who holds assets at the level of Artur-san, has only one wife, he now has three wives.

“It’s not like I don’t have any particular interest, but it’s also true that the work’s side is quite interesting.” (Artur)

“I wonder which side applies to me?” (Wendelin)

“Please indulge in love at least during the time of being newly-wed since you are young. That also includes the meaning of the perpetuation of your descendants.” (Artur)

Artur-san, who became the purveyor of my government, changed his tone to being polite.
However, he probably thought that I will draw back if he abases himself too much all of a sudden.
He has kept it slightly half-baked.
Given that Burkhart-san is my master, he stays the same as until now unless it’s a formal occasion.
I think it’s great for that person to be easygoing though.

“Burkhart, you have nicely stopped at only one wife.” (Artur)

“Several of them would be harsh at this age. Since Agate is young, she will probably give birth to children normally.” (Burkhart)

Agate is the name of Burkhart-san’s wife.
She is 20 years old as the eldest daughter of a small Knight household located in an area of small feudal lord territories that touched the Breithilde Margraviate.
Burkhart-san has the experience of having visited there in his time as adventurer and thus she knew his face.

“But then again, that was 15 years ago. The child which restlessly followed me around while saying 『It seems to be a magician~~~』 has become a woman. Moreover she has become my wife. The world is a mysterious thing.” (Burkhart)

Their age difference is more than 30 years, but in this world he won’t particularly be called lolicon for that.
It’s not an especially rare occurrence either.

“At last it’s your marriage, Earl Baumeister, huh? How moving!” (Armstrong)

At the end doushi has come to call me as the female camp’s dressing apparently came to an end.
I stand at the front entrance of the church which was constructed next to the feudal lord’s mansion. After opening the large door as arranged before, the main priest waits there in his role as priest.
The church’s structure wasn’t that different from those of Christianity.
The central pathway ends at the communion stand and serves as aisle. Benches have been installed and the invitees sit on those.
It seems that the detailed ornaments haven’t yet been completed, but as there’s also a jurisdiction head office, which will control the churches that will be constructed in Baumeister Earldom, next to the church, it has an extremely gorgeous structure that matches with the stained glasses covering the ceiling and walls.

“(As expected of the church. They do have money.)” (Wendelin)

There’s no difference in that aspect with Earth.
Once I stand in front of the priest who stands in front of the communion stand after walking there by myself, the brides enter next while receiving escorts by their fathers.
The lead is Elise. As first wife she wore the most extravagant wedding dress.
She comes walking up next to me while being led by the hand by her father, Viscount Hohenheim. I take over the duty of leading Elise by the hand from him.

“(Even this aspect is the same as it was at church ceremonies during my relatives’ weddings.)” (Wendelin)

My nervousness might have made a comeback if it was a completely different programme, but that point rescued me.
Next Wilma, Katharina, Luise and Ina come entering and it gets quite crowded in front of the communion stand.


Given that it was normally three people if it was alot, you could also say that it was inevitable.

“Well then, in this place I shall declare the purport by reporting to God of the marriage of Wendelin von Benno Baumeister from now on.”

The close to 80 years old main priest informs us of the ceremony’s beginning.
Not having mentioned any name but mine can’t be explained with anything but that it’s a custom.
A male Earl marries.
It means that only this fact is plenty.
If the feminists of Earth heard of that, there will likely be people who will be indignant by that alone.

“Do thou, Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, swear to love Elise Katharina von Hohenheim, Wilmal Etol von Asgahan, Katharina Linda von Waigel, Luise Jorlande Orphelia Orwin and Ina Susanne Hildbrun for the rest of thou life as wives?”

“(To finish all that in one sentence…) I swear.” (Wendelin)

The main priest finished saying the long names of five people in a single breath completely like reciting a spell.
He probably eagerly learned them before.
If you want to know why, even I occasionally don’t have the confidence that I can say the full names of Luise or Katharina.
At that time I remember them somehow, but it will be uncertain once a week passes.
As there’s no opportunity to call them by their full names either, I end up deleting them from my brain right away, I guess.

“Next, do thou, Elise Katharina von Hohenheim, swear to forever love Wendelin von Benno Baumeister as thou husband?”

“Yes, I swear.” (Elise)

Next he asks the other four the same.
It was apparently to hear each of my wives.
With everyone saying 『Yes, I swear』, it didn’t turn into the development where they are suddenly taken away by another man like in a certain movie.
If you consider the guarding, you can also say that it’s only natural for it to not happen though.

“(Wend, aren’t you thinking about some strange things?)” (Luise)

Luise, who has a sharp intuition, asks me in a whisper, but since this atmosphere is heavy for the petty bourgeois me, I was able to distract my feelings by thinking about other things.

“Next is the kiss of oath.”

Even if it was before the ceremony, it was okay, but kissing in front of everyone in this place has the meaning of telling the surroundings 『Don’t make a move on her since she’s my wife』.
However, as it’s in front of a priest, a too showy kiss is prohibited.
I kiss them in turns by lightly touching their lips.

“(Katharina, are you alright?)” (Wendelin)

“(Even I got used to it.)” (Katharina)

I was worried about Katharina who has absolutely no immunity towards such things despite her appearance, but as expected, she became familiar with it.
She kissed me normally.

“Next is the exchange of rings.”

These were prepared beforehand as well. I put five rings made out of silver with the family crest inscribed on the fingers of Elise and the others.

“In view of the foregoing, the reporting to God finished. God will likely be also pleased by the departure of the new married couples.”

It was ambiguous whether there’s really a god who can be pleased about it, but there might be a fellow who send me into this world.
Because it’s a wording that has been decided before, I ignored the main priest’s words without feeling anything special about it.

“Well then, it’s the end, but…”

Leaving the church, the well-known bouquet toss would be carried out in marriage ceremonies on Earth.
The particpant’s unmarried daughters, who didn’t enter the church, line up at the front row and don’t move to catch the bouquet as it’s improper to do it themselves if they are daughters of important nobles.
Maids and servants moved instead.
The jinx, that the person, who caught it, will be able to marry next, exists in this world as well. Since there are many cases where they will be able to get a reward if they can catch it safely, the maids were serious as well.
『Won’t it be the maid, who caught it, who will be able to marry next?』, that question is apparently taboo.
As it’s wrong to catch it by themselves, they are made catching it by using maids.

“Then, please throw them.”

While it may be true that they caught this, I don’t think that it’s really a guarantee that they will be able to marry next either, but they earnestly scrambled for the five bouquets.
No doubt, it’s a struggle of predatory women.
Once the bouquets safely landed in the hands of five maids, they brought them to the location of the respective noble daughters whom they are serving.
At once there were people among them who have received something like a bag filled with the reward.
And among them there was a single coloured person mixed in.

“You caught the bouquet well. Let me give you a reward.”

No matter how you look at it, it was a woman, who wore a luxurious dress, that doesn’t seem to be below 40 years, but she gave a reward to the maid who fetched the bouquet.
I see her for the first time, but she seems to be that rumoured Anita-sama.
What might Margrave Breithilde’s intention be to bring her along?
It was quite the enigma.

“(Or rather, she still has the intention to marry…)” (Wendelin)

They don’t voice it out, but there should be many people in the surroundings who think like that.

“Since the ceremony finished safely, I think that we want to start the wedding reception.”

The marriage ceremony finished without even taking one hour, but being restrained by the party and wedding reception after that until the day got dark, we welcomed the night while being completely exhausted.


“Since a noble’s marriage ceremony has the same official function, this is something inevitable!” Armstrong)

When I’m relaxing with everyone in the living room of the completed mansion after finishing the long hours spent working, doushi calls out to me.

“The marriage ceremony was the easiest part…” (Wendelin)

There isn’t that much to do ((during the ceremony)) either. The procedure wasn’t that different from Earth.
The performance of the main priest was great. It didn’t take much time either.
In comparison, there were many bothersome things at the wedding reception and party.

『I’m called Alois Hildebrecht von Waltershausen.』 (Alois)

Proceeding with the greetings of all major guests, what order of greeting to use was even more troublesome.
As that aspect was completely managed by Roderich, he is quite good to remember this many nobles.

『Even I had to take lessons from Yeff of the seal office.』 (Roderich)

『After all, huh?』 (Wendelin)

『Without that, I wouldn’t be able to remember them.』 (Roderich)

The Earl Baumeister household is a rising household, but opportunities to get in touch with many nobles due to the matter of the Savage Lands development are increasing.
Therefore I employed an expert seal official in a hurry.
His name is Yeff. He is the second son of Mr. Breier who is serving as seal official of the Margrave Breithilde household.
Since he was able to work as go-between in that dispute, I employed his child.

“The greetings were still fine.” (Wendelin)

If it’s just about giving greetings, that’s alright.
Although it caused mental fatigue, you could also say that it didn’t cause any more than that.

“Coming to the marriage ceremony of someone and asking 『How do you feel about accepting a sixth wife?』 or such, you mean?”

There were countless nobles who tired to hand over marriage interview photographs or appeal their own unmarried daughter whom they brought along.

“Given that you increased your concessions with the mines of Herthania Valley adding them on top of the Savage Lands, everyone is desperate.”

Even if it means presenting their daughters, they want a piece of the cake.
At any rate, me and Elise’s group, who encountered those, are dead tired.
Judging by Elise entrusting the brewing of tea to Dominique which she usually does always by herself right away, she must be quite worn out.

“But, isn’t tonight the bridal night?” (Burkhart)

“Buh-!” (Wendelin)

Because Burkhart-san mentions something strange all of a sudden, I spit out the maté tea I had in my mouth.

“How dirty, Earl-sama.” (Burkhart)

“It’s because you said something strange, Burkhart-san.” (Wendelin)

“There’s nothing particularly strange about it. Dominique’s duty is to observe it. Do your best so that you don’t mess up.” (Burkhart)

“That’s the hardest part.”

Which reminds me, There was something I saw in some book in my previous life.
People, whose role is to confirm whether the bridal night was properly carried out, will be appointed.
That meant that there’s a custom to check whether nobles had proper sex after they got married in this world as well.

“Elise-sama will finally become a madam.” (Dominique)

As there’s no way to allow a male to peep at them, married women take on this role.
Last month Dominique married with a 20 year old youth who is working as gardener and is called Kasper.
With him being the second son of Viscount Hohenheim household’s gardener, Dominique was acquainted with him since her childhood.

“Having Dominique watch is embarrassing.” (Elise)

“Sorry, Elise-sama. This is a custom as well.” (Dominique)

Just like Elise, a normal person shouldn’t want to be peeped at in such situation.
Even I didn’t have the characteristic of getting excited by being watched.

“Moreover, it will be five days in a row, won’t it?” (Erwin)

“You are hopeless, Erwin-san.” (Dominique)

“Although I normally don’t want to see such scenes of my friend and lord…” (Erwin)

Somehow recovering from his broken heart, Erw, who is currently holding the embarrassing nickname of 『Love Hunter』, questioned Dominique in order to tease her.

“Me neither, but there isn’t anyone else here.” (Dominique)

As it seems that you can’t all of a sudden entrust the observation of the bridal night to a maid who was just employed, ((she will observe)) beginning with Elise, then Wilma, Katharina, Luise and Ina.
It was decided that Dominique will carry out the confirmation for all of them.

“(That’s quite the shame play…) Well, it can’t be helped.” (Wendelin)

While saying this, I begin to turn the pages of the magic book left behind by master.
It was a book I inherited from master when I was still 6 years old, but as a matter of fact, this book had sealed-page printing like a magazine.
As work by master, he instructed me with 『Open the sealed pages once you got married』 at the time of handing it over to me.
There isn’t any appendix of a weekly publication. However, you can say that it was an appropriate way of doing it by master.
That person had unexpectedly many playful parts to him.

“You were told to open it after getting married by Alf?” (Burkhart)

“Yes.” (Wendelin)

“Mmmmh. Maybe.” (Armstrong)

“That spell, huh…? It isn’t very difficult. It will be alright if it’s you, Earl-sama.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san and doushi were able to imagine what kind of spell it was.
Matching their sights, they showed bitter smiles.

“Anyway, I will open it.” (Wendelin)

Once I cleanly cut the sealed page with a paper knife, an explanation of the adult spell 『Vitality Recovery』 of the 『Water』* attribute was noted down there. (T/N: Usually the author doesn’t use such brackets in this situation. It’s probably a hint towards the word play that mizu 『水』 is usually “water” but can also be translated as “fluid” or “liquid” in certain context.)

“Such a spell. It existed, eh…?” (Wendelin)

Indeed, even if it was taught to me when I was still a child at that time, it probably could be considered meaningless to do so.

“Such spells or medicines are indispensable for nobles, right?”

For the perpetuation of one’s descendants?
Or for making many wives satisfied?
No, the majority wasn’t able to think anything but using it with the goal of 『Even when grown old, with my ((vitality)) as it used to be』.
It seems to be a priceless treasure for someone like a young lover.
I wonder if Burkhart-san actually uses it habitually as well?

“(A magic ○iagra version?)” (Wendelin)

“Using that spell, you can strive to secure having descendants with your five wives.”

“But, if there’s too many children…”

There was the possibility that those below second son will be treated miserably like in my family.
Even now I sometimes think that it hopefully won’t happen.

“Your fortune is something completely different. It fine if you ponder about such things later on! If you are unable to make a child, that will become troublesome as well!” (Armstrong)

Giving an unusually aristocratic advice, doushi forcibly pushes Elise and me into the bedroom.

“Umm… My best regards from here on out.” (Wendelin)

“Yes, the same to you.” (Elise)

If it was Erich-nii-san, he would probably be able to say something smart at such time, but I don’t possess such skill.
Even Elise, who usually exhibits a perfect superwoman style, is apparently unable to cope with something where she has no experience.
The two of us end up silent after we exchanged greetings on top of the bed.

“There are ears outside, but the policy is to not mind them.” (Wendelin)

“Yes, that’s right, isn’t it?” (Elise)

I was really saved by my experience from my previous life and having recently done secret training.
Without that, I should have run into quite the difficulties.

“I believe that you will experience hardships from now on as well.” (Wendelin)

“Those close-to 4 years, I spent with you, were very enjoyable, Wendelin-sama. I haven’t considered them as hardship. It will be definitely the same from now on as well.” (Elise)

“Thank you.” (Wendelin)

“But…” (Elise)

“But?” (Wendelin)

“Please make sure to not ignore us while going just to her place.” (Elise)

“…” (Wendelin)

As I was told by Wilma before, Elise was perceptive.
Since she’s the daughter of a big noble, she probably knew of the custom of a 『convenient woman』.
Also, since I wasn’t able to go for a while due to the dispute with the Browig household, it might not have been a good idea to have gone visiting once I had time due to the good excuse that I’m able to use 『Teleportation』.
I erased things like the scent with magic. Since I almost never spend the night somewhere else, I thought that I was able to deceive them.

“Wendelin-sama, looking only at me now, please become engrossed with just me.” (Elise)

Instead of a reply, I plug Elise’s lips with my own lips and continue doing so while falling onto the bed.
Close to four years after meeting her in the capital, Elise and I finally became a real married couple.


“Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

And then early next morning, the two of us, who are accustomed to it for a long time, awaken at the usual time.
We are nude together on top of the bed, but as expected, Elise’s breasts are amazing.
Even when lying down, they keep their shape as is.
By the way, my girlfriend of my previous life didn’t have large breasts up to this point.

“Good morning, Elise. Are you alright?” (Wendelin)

“I’m fine, but…” (Elise)

Both of us being young, I had the great justification of practising the 『Vitality Recovery』 spell as it was instructed on the special sealed page from master.
Well, I was just faithful to my own lust.
Even Elise, although she said in the beginning that it hurts a bit or that she’s tired, she’s able to use healing magic.
As result, we piled up many trials and errors until both of us got sleepy.

“Shall we enter the morning bath?” (Wendelin)

“Yes.” (Elise)

With Dominique pricking up her ears outside to listen and the overly disastrous scene on top of the bed, the two of us quickly move to the bathroom trying to escape while wearing gowns.

“Even though you are a newly-wed as well, we did something bad to you, Dominique.” (Elise)

“No… As it means that Elise-sama safely turned into a madam…” (Dominique)

Elise apologized to Dominique who was outside the room, but her face became stiff due to the disastrous scene on the bed.

“Perhaps, this for five days in a row…” (Dominique)

There’s also no one but her here as she’s a maid who’s worth to be trusted. After that Dominique followed her job of attentively listening at the bedroom according to the custom for four days.

“Even the other wives, everyone is amazing…” (Dominique)


“You have satisfied me, Wend-sama.” (Wilma)

“Do you understand the meaning of that, Wilma?” (Wendelin)

“I learned it from a book.” (Wilma)

Wilma, who possesses an inaccessible power because of the hero syndrome, had inaccessible stamina, too.


“『Vitality Recovery』, is it? It’s a spell that can’t be used by women.” (Katharina)

“Before that, I’m worried whether your head won’t start to boil over, Katharina.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-san, as I’m the oldest among us, I’m an adult woman.” (Katharina)

“(No, I’m worried because it doesn’t look very much like that…)” (Wendelin)

“I will assist you in you learning the new spell, Wendelin-san.” (Katharina)

Katharina can use healing magic as well. She did her best while healing herself in the same manner as Elise.


“In other words, it’s a trial of strength?” (Luise)

“It’s not martial arts training though…” (Wendelin)

“Ohohoho. This is also something like practise between man and woman with Wend and me.” (Luise)

Being able to use healing with 『Meditation』, Luise, who possesses excelling physical strength herself, did her best until close to dawn as if opposing Elise and the others.


“It looks like I’m not as amazing as the other four.” (Ina)

“Even I think that it’s normal though.” (Wendelin)

I said to clear her misunderstanding, but it’s not like 『Vitality Recovery』 increases one’s vitality.
It merely returns it to its original state.

“I think it’s plenty amazing with just that much though. I’m unable to use recovery or such after all.” (Ina)

“Yeah, yeah, I got it. However, I can use it.” (Wendelin)

In mere physical ability, Ina isn’t that different from Luise.
In addition, since she was healed by me, it resulted in her keeping at it until morning.
Once we opened the door of the bedroom to go to the bathroom at early morning, Dominique showed a relieved expression from the bottom of her heart while shedding tears.

“At last you finished… However, the top of the bed is horrible… If I don’t ask Roderich to increase the number of maids…” (Dominique)

Given that Dominique, who was worn out by the night shifts for five days in a row, was pitiful, I have directly conveyed her appeal for an increase in maid numbers to Roderich.
In addition she got paid a special bonus and received a special three-days break.


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