Chapter 74 – Grand Marriage Interview Meeting

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“Still not? Karla-san. Won’t you get here soon?” (Erwin)

Finishing that troublesome dispute, I have finally returned to my normal life.
Making Roderich advance the preparations for the postponed Grand Marriage Interview Meeting, the crucial day would draw near after three days.
Erw waited himself for the arrival of a ship at the magic airship port in the outskirts of Baulburg while floating a slovenly smile.
The youngest daughter, Karla, who was toyed with by the Browig household, sent a message that she would visit Baulburg to offer her thanks.
The current her has been removed from the family register of the Browig household by the new Margrave Browig and has now become free.
Once she received it as reward for nursing the previous Margrave Browig and acting as figurehead supreme commander from Gerd-san, she returned to the capital to meet her mother.
And today she will formally come to Baulburg.

“She definitely came to become my wife. Yea. If it’s such a dependable person, it’s safe to even entrust the household to her.” (Erwin)


From my point of view it’s slightly scary, but it looks like Erw thinks that Karla can become a wise wife.
There’s probably no doubt that she can become one, but somehow I feel frightened of that.
I end up sensing something of an unknown dreadfulness that cannot be compared with someone like Elise.

“Just once I want to look inside the head of that man.” (Katharina)

Even among our female camp Katharina and Wilma are likewise thinking that he has no hope and consider Erw a gullible fellow who believes Karla will become his wife with 100% certainty.

“Elise, was there any rumour that Karla was together with someone?” (Wendelin)

“No. I never heard about anything like that. But…” (Elise)

“But?” (Wendelin)

“With the type of person Karla-san is, it wouldn’t be strange for her to have such relationship in secrecy…” (Elise)

“Certainly, yea…” (Wendelin)

That doesn’t mean that Karla is sluttish towards men or such.
She hates her father and appears rather like an earnest type for men.
For example, even though she was previously a difficult partner due to her position as daughter of the Browig household, she has been able to realize her love by overcoming those difficulties while hiding them.
That’s how she appears to others.
As a matter of fact, the worry, that Gerd-san and me were skilfully used by her, isn’t vanishing from our minds no matter what.
However, that was to the bitter end nothing but our conjecture.

“For me that’s an impossible stunt.”

“Same here.”

For me, whose love score is low, it’s only natural to not understand something like they typical conduct of a riajuu.
Elise is popular with men just like that even while staying silent though.

“Given that I was introduced to Wendelin-sama by Grandfather-sama, such things are unnecessary. I’m happy with Wendelin-sama as my husband-sama.” (Elise)

Elise, whose face is dyed red while saying that, was lovely.

“Elise, occasionally you grab hold of Wend’s heart. Teach me the trick for that.” (Luise)

“Trick, you say? I’m envious of you, Luise-san, but…” (Elise)

She’s likely considering it as enviable for Luise being carried on my back after her often making use of her light and small body.

“That’s not allowed. If you ride on his back, Elise, my superiority will end up vanishing.” (Luise)

“Will end up vanishing?” (Elise)

“There will be a double impact on Wend’s back…” (Luise)

Something like those breasts hitting one’s back was definitely a man’s romance.

“Breasts, it is? Wendelin-sama, are you happy with such things?” (Elise)

“Everyone should be happy if they are men.” (Wendelin)

Luise is also wonderful since she has a warm and pleasant scent, but it should become much more wonderful if I carried Elise on my back.

“If you say so, Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

“You guys… The ship arrived.” (Ina)

“Wa~~~n. Ina, how mean.” (Luise)

“Why has it turned out like this…?” (Ina)

Stopping Elise from being carried on my back, the reason for that, Ina, received complaints from Luise while the magic airship safely landed.
New government officials, adventurers who will investigate the Demon Forest, applicants for working away from home or immigrating; a lot of people are visiting Baulburg by using the magic airships which increased their number of flights.
According to the schedule Karla, who became free, will come with today’s flight to extend her thanks after having received our favour. Erw is looking forward to that.

“By the way, Wend, do you think Karla-san will become that with Erw?”

“Though I hope so…” (Wendelin)

I answered affirmatively towards Ina’s question.
The current Karla has been removed from the family register of the Browig household by Gerd-san who is the present family head.
Since the authority of family heads is powerful among this world’s nobles, it actually creates such phenomenon occasionally.
Talking of the old Japan, it might be close to the act of disinheriting a child.
However, in this case it has taken the shape of her being removed from the family register upon Karla’s wish.
In order to have the wish of Karla, who offered information towards the settlement of that dispute, accepted, we also put in a good word for her with Gerd-san.

『I made a move because I was quite indebted, but my niece-san, that’s right…』 (Gerd)

From her point of view there isn’t even any good memory or debt of gratitude towards the Browig household.
Gerd-san accepted the removal of Karla’s name without resistance.

『As a matter of fact, there are many people who will have their name removed from the register.』 (Gerd)

Philip and Christoph themselves and their families, all of them have been imprisoned in another mansion of the Browig household located in the capital.
Since they will cause confusion in the Margrave Browig household again if they come up with unnecessary things, it was decided that Philip, who is the eldest son, will succeed a Knight peerage, to which the Browig household possesses a right just like me, and manage the household as appointed Knight household.
It seems he was told by Gerd-san that it’s even fine if he uses the family name of the Browig household, but his descendants wouldn’t ever be concerned with the succession of the Margrave household and that would be recorded in the official archives of the kingdom. The scandal concerning the recent dispute has become a rumour in the capital.
Apparently they are already using a different family name.
The predecessor’s legal wife, his concubine and his daughters, who were divorced from their families, will be sent to the church. The family, which was left behind, heavily weigh on Philip’s and Christoph’s shoulders.
Having become poor Knight households, even paling my former home, Philip apparently began to work in the army with Minister Edgar as intermediary and Christoph started to do minor jobs such as accounting to earn their living expenses.
They might be fortunate to not having been executed after having caused such troubles, but if you turn it around, it feels like they are living in disgrace.
Honestly speaking, my thoughts about that are slightly complicated.

“It’s a story where those feelings can go both ways.”

If it’s my current position, it’s also possible for me to order Karla.
If I make her mother a member ((of my household)) as well, she likely won’t complain about it.

“She’s Erw’ beloved person, thus there’s also the hand of me designating her as his wife forcibly, but…” (Wendelin)

I tried asking indirectly before, but Erw rejected that.

『I know that you are paying attention to other’s needs, Wend, but if it’s that, I can’t agree with it. I choose Karla-san and she chooses me. That’s the shape I want it to take.』 (Erwin)

One might say that he has confidence, however if we talk about romantic feelings, that’s the norm in my previous life.
I believe it to be unusual, but as a matter of fact ((it happens)) very often in the worlds of literary works.
Since there are many people who marry according to the circumstances of fellow households in reality, he is likely yearning for something like that after all.
I witnessed even our female camp reading such books occasionally.

“Ina, you like such books as well, don’t you?” (Wendelin)

Given that she’s the one who likes reading books the most among the female party, a large bookshelf was placed in her room.

“What I like to read are stories. But, I didn’t expect Erw to yearn for such a thing…” (Ina)

Ina appears to be slightly surprised by her friend’s unpredictability.

“Although it wasn’t that long, I wonder if he has confidence as he lived together with her for many days?”

“It might be so.”

While I’m talking with the two, people are disembarking the magic airship, which landed in the port, one after the other.
To immigrate, to serve in the government and to do trade; they are likely thinking about living in this new place.
While talking happily, they disperse towards their respective destinations.

“It’s been a while, everyone.” (Karla)

Karla, who disembarked as last, appears in front of Erw and us.
Different from the time when she was a daughter of the Browig household, her today’s attire was something plain worn by lower-ranking noble women, but even so her beauty was conspicuous.

“How did you fare since then?” (Wendelin)

“Since my mother’s side’s home hasn’t said anything, I feel liberated.” (Karla)

Given that she was a girl who was removed from the family register of the Browig household, which is an upper noble household, on the surface, she has apparently been left alone as she can’t be used for a political marriage by her home either.

“That’s great. So, what do you plan to do from now on?” (Wendelin)

“I will marry.” (Karla)

“Marry…?” (Wendelin)

“Of course it won’t be Earl Baumeister-sama.” (Karla)

“That’s right, isn’t it…” (Wendelin)

I don’t possess even a speck of romantic feelings towards her anymore.
Being merely reminded of my memories by her resembling my girlfriend of my previous life, I have respected her skill in archery at the beginning, but I drew back from her a bit due to her manner of scheming in the series of events in supporting the new family head of the Browig household.

“(Marriage? Who is it?)” (Wendelin)

According to Elise, she didn’t hear any such rumours. Having said that, I feel doubt about asking whether the other party is Erw.
However, the concerned Erw showed a wide smile while listening to her talk.

“(Is he confident that it’s him?)” (Wendelin)

If I consider it for a bit here, I feel like I heard from Erw that he had enjoyable conversations with Karla everyday as long as he had some free time.
Probably it was a feeling similar to both of them going out in Erw’s opinion.
However, among his descriptions was nothing like confessing or promising to marry in the future.
That’s also what makes me show doubt. I felt like it will be bad if I ask and get involved too much.

“(However, she has even come here, hasn’t she…)” (Wendelin)

She has come here after paying an expensive fare for her who is basically the daughter of a poor noble, though she has received that as her reward for nursing the previous Margrave Browig and for acting as figurehead supreme commander.
Maybe there might be a chance that she intends to marry Erw.
That might be seen as scene where two people are united in marriage completely like in stories.

“Congratulations.” (Erwin)

Erw declares while smiling.

“(That Erw, he believes that he has been chosen…)” (Wendelin)

If it’s according to a story, after the flow of 『Congratulations』 and 『So, what kind of person is he?』, Karla will list Erw’s features, we will be made to notice that it’s Erw in the end and the two of them will be unified in marriage. That would be the pattern.
On earth it was a story pattern that was worn out, but in this world those were prided literary work with firmly-rooted popularity.

“That person is one year younger than me…” (Karla)

The features of her marriage partner, Karla mentions, are very much resembling Erw.
Hair style, hair colour, height, age and what started their romance was her teaching him archery.
Erw had a full smile plastered all over his face believing that it was definitely about him.

“I’d like you to introduce that person to us.”

“Got it. Dear.” (Karla)


Turning around, Karla called a young boy from among the people leaving the port.
That young boy is likely almost at the same age as us.
Moreover he is resembling Erw quite well from his hair style to his atmosphere.

“He’s the one I plan to marry now.” (Karla)

“I’m Kamil Robert von Pflug.” (Kamil)


I had a bad premonition, but there was another man after all.
Karla introduces her fiancé while floating a bright smile.
And, on the other side Erw had his smile frozen.
Likely his brain can’t process what has happened.

“He is the third son of the Knight Pflug household.” (Karla)

As fellow children of poor appointed noble households, they were friends from their childhood.
However, once they reached a certain age, there were rumours about those two.
Since the Browig household was especially fussy, both of them hid their relationship by acting like they are pupil and master in teaching archery.

“Given that I’m one year older, I taught archery to him. However, nowadays he is skilful at it.” (Karla)

What to say, while I awkwardly lost in the first round, it seems like he splendidly won the championship in the archery section of the Martial Arts Tournament.

“Wend, you are someone that isn’t interested in stuff like the result of the Martial Arts Tournament.” (Luise)

“Is that bad…? If I entered the archery section, I would have at least broken through the third round…” (Wendelin)

“You are a bit small-minded, Wend.” (Luise)

“Isn’t it fine since you have reached quite the high standings, Luise…?” (Wendelin)

I lost in the first round anyway, but I believe in my mind, even as sore loser, that something like the results of the Martial Arts Tournament and my character as noble are not related.

“Recognizing his accomplishment, he now entered government service as one of the archery instructors of the Margrave Holmer household.” (Karla)

『One’s artistic skill saves oneself』.
Even as third son of a poor noble it will become a saving hand if his ability in archery is that good.
If he serves at the Margrave Holmer household, which are men of the West, without attaching himself to military service at the central government, it’s probably because he is treated as retainer who has inheritance rights.

“Is that so? Congratulations for that.” (Wendelin)

Erw, who watched from the side, was already in the process of collapsing internally while clinging to his smile, but there’s no way for me to imitate him in that.
In accordance with common sense, I offered my congratulations.

“If he is that skilled, I wonder if it would be fine for him to become our scout?” (Wendelin)

This is also a kind of lip service.
If the two are here, it might be dangerous for Erw’s heart. No matter how much she severed her connections, it won’t change the fact that Karla is a family member of the Browig household.
Understanding that as well, she is probably migrating to the West by marriage.
The merit of that judgement is very helpful from my point of view as noble.

“Karla is very grateful to you.” (Kamil)

The young boy called Kamil, who resembled Erw, extended his thanks to us in a very polite manner.
Being a very agreeable youth, I wasn’t able to complain about him at all.
Though Erw’s smile remained frozen.

“Erwin-san, it looks like you took very good care of Karla.” (Kamil)

“No, to go that far…” (Erwin)

There should be still a relief in this if he was a ruffian who has no common sense.
However, the young boy called Kamil courteously thanks us while being grateful from the bottom of his heart.
Moreover, he is similar to Erw.
The mental state of Erw at this point in time can probably be guessed precisely even by us.
Even that Katharina looked at Erw with pity.

“Because Erwin-san was kind, I was able to spend my time in the encampment with a peace of mind, too. Since Erwin-san resembles Kamil, I was able to talk with him calmly.” (Karla)

“That’s great…” (Erwin)

That comment were the final words that squeezed out the current Erw.

“Umm. You two, what are your plans from now on?” (Elise)

Did she think that Erw was unlucky in his current state after all?
Forcing her way through, Elise asked the two about their plans.

“We will go to the Demon Forest while making it also our honeymoon.” (Kamil)

“That’s a slightly dangerous honeymoon.” (Katharina)

“We like such a thing. As married couple. It’s the same for 『Storm』-san as well, right?” (Kamil)

“With your connection to the Margrave Holmer household you know about me, huh?” (Katharina)

“There are no people in the West who don’t know about 『Storm』-san.” (Kamil)

As there’s still time until they will go to the Margrave Holmer household, they will enter the Demon Forest while also training their archery.
Having people who became adventurers among the young nobles, who are their acquaintances, they talked about their plan of joining up with them and go hunting and gathering in the Demon Forest.

“If I bring a small amount of presents for the master, whom I serve now, I will probably be able to make a good impression as well.” (Kamil)

Given that he’s a greenhorn archery instructor, he apparently wants to avoid friction with his surroundings by showing his skill a bit.
That might be the idea of the person himself, but it also might be Karla’s view.
Katharina seems to also fully sense Karla’s shadow behind Kamil’s opinion.

“Is that so? But, please be careful.” (Katharina)

Even as adventurer Karla was excellent.
Since even her husband was that skilled, there should be probably little danger for them.

“It would be great if we went hunting together with everyone, but…” (Karla)

We are busy with the preparations for the Grand Marriage Interview Meeting that will start from now on. The relationship of those two is up to them.
This time it’s probably about it not being fated to be.

“If you head to the Demon Forest, will you take a ship from here right away?”

The small magic airship for the travel Baulburg ~ Demon Forest will take off without waiting for that much longer anymore.
It looks like those two are planning to head to the Demon Forest by boarding that ship.

“It’s time soon. Really, thank you very much.” (Karla)

“We won’t forget this debt of gratitude.” (Kamil)

While giving those final words, they take their leave from our place. Both of them walk to the small magic airship anchored in the port.
As their appearance was without a doubt that of a matching couple, I thought in my mind those are probably the living creatures called riajuu.

“After all, it’s as expected…” (Wendelin)

“Yes.” (Elise)

Only these words were spoken by Elise and me.
Well then, if asked about a plan to get Erw and Karla together as his best friend, absolutely nothing comes to mind.
The plan itself of her being ordered to marry him has been denied by Erw. He considered it important for it to be a marriage of mutual love.
In that case, I, who isn’t particularly experienced in this field either, couldn’t prepare any move.
He has completely given up all hope.

“As expected, he became pitiful…” (Katharina)

Even Katharina, who criticized Erw harshly until now, started to feel sympathy for him who had his smile frozen in front of her.

“Erw, cheer up.” (Luise)

“In this world there are plenty of women.” (Wilma)

Luise and Wilma continue to console Erw, but I think that Wilma’s way of consoling him is, how to call it, a bit imprudent.

“Erw looks like he is suffering from having his soul taken out… Klaus, isn’t there anything ((you can do)) from your abundant experience in life?” (Wendelin)

I try asking Klaus, who slipped into the role of being my private bag full of wisdom and who has received quite the bonus for his activities in the dispute after being the mastermind of a rebellion, about a method to console Erw,

“Since you inspired Erw with something strange before, take responsibility for it.” (Wendelin)

“Though I have told you to not misunderstand, I simply mentioned to him that he should work earnestly to lower Karla-sama’s position.” (Klaus)

I suppose there was nothing else he was able to advice, but I just tried saying it for the time being.

“I know, but it’s just for caution’s sake. So, isn’t there anything?” (Wendelin)

“Let’s see. Erwin-san, there are ups and downs in life. Something like women, there are around as many as there are stars…” (Klaus)

“You say that…”

He has said it extremely carefully, but basically there was no great difference to what Wilma said.

“Klaus, don’t you have anything else?” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-sama, for me there was no one but my deceased wife, thus I don’t have such experience, but… I don’t have any experience in having my heart broken either…” (Klaus)

“Are you actually boasting about that?” (Wendelin)

“Aren’t you, Wendelin-sama, who even has five fiancées well-versed?” (Klaus)

“The impetus hasn’t been love though.” (Wendelin)

“Considering all that, you seem to be very happy every day…” (Klaus)

“Is that wrong?” (Wendelin)

“No, not at all. It’s important for the prosperity of your esteemed household.” (Klaus)

Next to Klaus and me, who are gradually derailing the conversation, Erw had his smile frozen due to the shock of having his heart broken no matter what.

“Hey, it looks like Erw’s soul is coming out though.” (Ina)

I didn’t quite hear what Ina pointed out as I was busy talking with Klaus.


“Hu~~~~mph. Broken heart, eeh…. Well, I expected as much.” (Katharina)

Three days after Erw’s heart being broken, the 『Grand Marriage Interview Meeting』 started in the garden of the Earl Baumeister household’s feudal lord mansion which was completed for more than 80%.
The unmarried retainers, who serve our household, and the noble sons and daughters, who want to marry them, are finding good partners while talking and eating.
I didn’t participate, but it should prove successful that it resembled the marriage interview meetings in Japan.
As they are people who have been recognised by me after being officially hired, as entry qualification, it actually also included married people.
It was only the leading staff or leading staff candidates, but there were many people who were forcibly made to participate after being told that it’s only natural to have several wives after becoming a high ranking retainer.

“However, there are amazing participants.”

Since the expenses for using the magic airship on the Capital ~ Breitburg ~ Baulburg route were covered by me and Margrave Breithilde, many young women took part.
And, with those women, Erw who still hasn’t recovered from the shock of having his heart broken, Roderich who is next to an 8 years old girl that is the grandchild of Minister Rückner, Thorsten who is surrounded by girls who brought letters from Minister Edgar and Moritz as well as Felix, who were busy with the development of Herthania Valley, participated.
I brought them here with teleportation for a one day trip.
By the way, apparently having been warned by their parents to return while bringing people, who will definitely become their wives, along, they talked with women while having somewhat cramped faces.

“That’s because those two won’t be able to move away from Herthania Valley for a while.”

As it’s a treasury of the Earl Baumeister household since it has large-scaled mithril deposits, its development and protection was an important duty.
Deciding on a wife by the end of the day, their ceremony will be over there.
This was already a decided matter.

“Shall we eat something, Corinna-sama?” (Roderich)

“Roderich-sama, I’d like to eat fruits.” (Corinna)

“Let’s get those.” (Roderich)

The pair of Roderich and Minister Rückner’s granddaughter looks just like parent and child if seen from the side.
Because she is Minister Rückner’s direct granddaughter, even if she is an 8 years old young girl, Roderich seems to pay careful attention to her needs.

“The rest is…”

For no special reason there were also many young priests.
With the construction rush of the church, the human resources of the priest, who will manage that place, were also decided. Given that a parish headquarters, which will control from Baulburg the southern part, has been established, there are many lower priests and staff members ((who arrived together)) with the cardinal who came from headquarters.
Since only a small portion of denominations prohibit their priests to marry, they intend to get help with their church work by finding a marriage partner here.
There was also the matter of business of making reservations for marriage ceremonies.
One can say that it’s a very enthusiastic business.

“It’s a story that is smeared with greed quite a bit.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-san, although it’s deplorable, it’s not someone else’s problem, is it?” (Wendelin)

“I know that, however…” (Burkhart)

Many young women are lying in wait behind Burkhart-san who is chatting with me.
For this time’s Grand Marriage Interview Meeting, half of the cost of the large magic airship to transport the bride candidates is shouldered by Margrave Breithilde.
If you ask why half the cost, it’s because people from the Margrave Breithilde household are also participating in this Grand Marriage Interview Meeting.
The men are looking for a wife and the women are searching for a husband.
And the leader, who is guiding them, is the employed Head Magician of the Margrave Breithilde household, who is at the peak of his popularity. Even as retainer, his position is high. Moreover, Burkhart-san is still a single.

“I want to stay single until I die, but…” (Burkhart)

Given that he was a single for half a century, he probably doesn’t want to marry this late in the game.
Besides, he is literally a single who lives affluently.
Even though he was a wealthy person to begin with, his fortune has increased even more by doing various jobs after joining us.
Once he goes back home after finishing his job, he care-freely drinks booze at home or goes out to play in the pleasure quarters of Breitburg.
He more or less possesses a mansion, but after employing elderly women as maids, he apparently just leaves the cleaning and laundry to them.

“It’s a comfortable life as unmarried man…” (Burkhart)

Who finally stopped such Burkhart-san’s life was Margrave Breithilde who is his master.


『Do you get it, Burkhart…?』 (Breithilde)

Burkhart-san got a scolding by senpai’s master as lord of the household although he is younger than him.

『Even as a joke, there are various rumours that our household’s employed Head Magician is a regular in the pleasure quarters.』 (Breithilde)

『Aren’t you going there occasionally, too, master?』 (Burkhart)

『That is, socializing, therefore… Besides, where I’m going are stores at the level of beautiful onee-san’s taking care of one, right?』 (Breithilde)

He was apparently blamed by Margrave Breithilde for going to brothels beyond that point.

『Moreover, you are even taking Erwin-kun along…』 (Breithilde)

Even in the capital as well as Breitburg, it was seen as problem for him taking along Erw to such places.

『There’s no way I can take Earl-sama with me after all.』 (Burkhart)

『Please never do that! If an uproar is started by some strange prostitute saying that her child is Earl Baumeister’s child, I will be in trouble.』 (Breithilde)

If the nobles in the surroundings make a fuss that it’s a scheme by Margrave Breithilde, it’s very likely that a crack will develop between both households after finally having a favourable relationship.

『They are high-class establishments which properly deal with diseases or contraception.』 (Burkhart)

『That’s not the problem here. Oops, the talk went astray…』 (Breithilde)

It looks like Margrave Breithilde ordered Burkhart-san to make a child after marrying so that he can make that child succeed the household.

『It might be fine for you to be carefree, but it will become troublesome after your death.』 (Breithilde)

At the time when master (T/N: Alfred) died, a large amount of riff-raff swindlers appeared for his fortune.
Where the after-death of Burkhart-san, who has a lot more of assets, is concerned, Margrave Breithilde mentioned that he cannot help but being scared how much labour it will take.

『If it’s now, you are healthy so that you even got the time to see your child grow up, right?』 (Breithilde)

『Well, I wonder about that?』 (Burkhart)

『Aren’t there many magicians who live a long life?』 (Breithilde)

Certainly, there are many magicians who live a long life.
There’s a prominent theory that the body is influenced by large quantities of mana, but different from martial artists and swordsmen, whose capital lays in their stamina, there are also many people who raise their magic precision as elderly people. There was a fixed number of active magicians who even have passed 80 years.
If it’s just living normally, it’s not rare for magicians to live more than hundred years either.
Since they are able to work if they don’t become senile, that has also become the reason why the upper ranks of the Sorcery Guild and the Magic Tool Guild are clogged up.

『Anyway. Since I have acknowledged the succession as retainer household, make a child after marrying. As I will entrust leading our household at the Grand Marriage Interview Meeting to you, take the initiative to search for a wife.』 (Breithilde)

『Got it. By the way, is it fine for me ((to ask)) one thing?』 (Burkhart)

『What is it?』 (Breitburg)

『What about Anita-sama?』 (Burkhart)

『Isn’t she unable to birth children? And before that, do you really want to take my aunt-sama as your wife?』 (Breithilde)

『Sorry, I just tried to mention it…』 (Burkhart)


Having underlying circumstances, Burkhart-san had a name tag on the chest part of his robe today as participant and leader of the Margrave Breithilde household at the Grand Marriage Interview Meeting.
With this name tag being my idea, it also serves as sign that a person, who wears it, is a participant.

“In that case it can’t be helped even if you chat with me. You have to properly find a wife.” (Wendelin)

“Since you have five fiancée-sama’s, Earl-sama… I can’t talk back.” (Burkhart)

Inside the venue where there are mostly none but participants in their teens or early twenties, Burkhart-san, who is the only one who is older than 50 years, wears a name tag. (T/N: Punishment game, anyone? 😉 )
With this scene apparently fitting as bull’s eye, Ina’s group laughed and fell prostrate on the table after seeing Burkhart-san who is bewildered by this sudden marriage decree.

“It’s a serious affair for the esteemed household of Burkhart-sama.” (Elise)

Even Elise, who rebukes the four as sole person with common sense, averts her look from Burkhart-san.
If she looked directly at him, she would probably end up laughing together with them.
Similarly I made sure to not look at him who had a name tag.

“You lot, I will remember this…” (Burkhart)

Even while saying that, Burkhart-san returned to the marriage interviews since it was the order of his master.
He is addressed by many women, but there are many who are in the first half of their twenties among them.
It’s an age which can be called best if eaten by this date soon, but they flooded Burkhart-san with his high age due to him being a wealthy person.

“You saved me…” (Thomas)

With a likewise high age, Thomas, who was swarmed by such women, leaks a sigh of relief.
He talked with with a pretty woman of around 28~30 years in age at the end of the table while looking happy.

“Thomas is clever at a place like this.” (Wendelin)

“True.” (Ina)

Ina agreed with my opinion.
On the other side, Burkhart-san has already been surrounded by many women like a bunch of ants gathering towards sugar.
His age is high, but he is a wealthy person, a magician, originates from being an orphan like his master as well and has no family.
Since there are no problems such as a father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law that will become an issue if you marry into a family, that makes his popularity rise even further.

“Since it’s his master’s decree, I think he will somehow choose one, but…” (Wendelin)

Next, once I survey the vicinity, there are also my three elder brothers who are likewise participating on obligation.
It’s Erich-nii-san, Paul-nii-san and Helmut-nii-san.
All of them are enclosed by many women.
They came to search for a person who will become their concubine.

“However, as expected of Erich-nii-san.” (Wendelin)

Different from the other two, he is talking to the women while gracefully holding a wine glass.
Since he is originally an ikemen of the orthodox school, all of the women, who are gathering around him, are entranced.

“(It’s a riajuu! A real riajuu!)” (Wendelin)

Since the old days, Erich-nii-san used unbelievable ikemen skills on the people of the Baumeister household, but even after his marriage, his ability is still going strong.
Rather, he might have actually polished it.

“Even though they are his siblings… (Paul-nii-san, Helmut-nii-san, you will be able to skilfully get through it somehow).” (Wendelin)

Once I see the panicking manner of Paul-nii-san and Helmut-nii-san, who didn’t expect for them to be swarmed by women at all, I rooted for them within my mind.
That’s because, no matter how I think about it, it’s a race over there.
Not all people are easily able to become like Erich-nii-san.

“Three hours after the start of the party, huh…?”

As time passes, couples are gradually formed as well.
Occasionally there was a single man with a group of 2~3 women, but his is also a method of this world’s nobles and retainers.
The number of wives will increase in proportion to the leeway a person has.
They were blamed by the people who believe in the monogamy on Earth, but if you consider rich people and politicians keeping unofficial mistresses, you can also say that they are upright in a certain meaning.

“Everyone, your footwork is light.” (Wendelin)

Once the partners are decided to some extent, couples begin to appear who leave outside the venue.
It’s still in the middle of construction, but they do stuff like dating in the city of Baulburg or leading their partners to the area where their home is planned to be built.
What’s even more amazing is that there are many women who have come while already bringing their luggage with them as they assumed that they will marry.
Once their partner is decided, they intend to immediately live together with that person in their home or official residence.

“Oi, oi. Is that alright?” (Wendelin)

“I don’t know about an average family, but the majority are people who think 『Don’t return home anymore. The next meeting will be a marriage ceremony』.” (Ina)

As Ina says, putting aside the noble sons and daughters who are aiming for the good staff leader group with their household’s lineage, there are also daughters of lifetime Knights and retainers who are aiming for people that aren’t like that while having their backs to the wall.

“Considering them as poor or such, they aren’t surrounded much.”

“There are also those who aren’t surrounded at all.”

If such story was leaked, it was very likely that I will be flooded by young women possessing fictitious pitiful stories.

“I don’t know as how lustful you regard me within your mind, Ina, but that will never happen.” (Wendelin)

“Do you really happen to not know?” (Ina)

“Well, I wonder.” (Wendelin)

The first day of the Grand Marriage Interview Meeting has safely ended. The next day was a follow up for those, who had to do civil service on the first day, and then it became a free-activity day.
All of the participants apparently enjoy their respective dates and such.
And, at once there were people who consulted about a schedule for the ceremony with the priests.
It was a threatening lightness of footwork, but the only one who feels that is me who has knowledge of Earth.

“It looks like Burkhart-san also decided on a partner.”

Leading a single young woman, he went out to the city of Baulburg.
He seemed to have somewhat dead eyes, but there are likely various points he has to consider since he won’t be able to live as emperor of the night as until now.
And there was Erw who had just a few days ago his heart broken, but…

“No good…” (Wendelin)

“His consciousness is still partially gone!” (Luise)

Just as Luise pointed out, he stood in the same place of the party venue as yesterday.
No matter how much women talked to him, he didn’t reply at all. Without a focus in his eyes, his eyes were completely dead.
Due to the excessive abnormality, there are almost no women who try to talk to him.
Even though Erw is this time’s marriage interview meeting’s main star, he doesn’t function as that at all.

“Wend, what will you do?”

“As expected, I can’t force him this time… Let’s have him take a break for a little while…” (Wendelin)

If I make him marry forcibly, my feelings of guilt will end up surpassing the limit.
With this time’s Grand Marriage Interview Meeting the ratio of singles in the Earl Baumeister household has been lowered substantially.
However, I think I can clearly specify that among those just Erw doesn’t enter this category.

“I will marry a woman that is even more splendid than Karla-san~~~~!” (Erwin)

One week after having his heart broken, Erw, who finally returned to reality, shouts by himself.

“Such dream-like high aim will just lengthen your period as single.” (Katharina)

Katharina calmly thrust a tsukkomi at such Erw.


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