Chapter 72 – Herthania Valley Liberation Operation

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“Although it’s vast, it’s really a barren wasteland.” (Wendelin)

The Herthania Valley, which the Earl Baumeister household received in exchange for a reduction of the reconciliation money, is huge.
The almost rectangle area is mostly occupied by wasteland and rocky areas where no decent vegetation is growing. It’s just a rocky mountain with a great number of mountains where no plants are spouting.
In addition, it was a plot of land that was unsuited for something like agriculture, even if it wasn’t a monster domain, as it’s snapped apart in the centre by a ravine with the depth and width of around 100 meters which is running for 100 kilometres to the east and west.
As a matter of fact this Herthania Valley is close to the borders of the South and East and has become an enclave of the Browig Magraviate.
According to the books written in the era of the Ancient Magic Civilization, this place is an area filled with dense ore deposits where many mineral resources are sleeping.
In that ancient document the places and types of mine-able minerals were recorded. It seems like the ravine in the centre is mostly a deposit of minerals.
To begin with, it has been mentioned that the ravine itself spread this far because of the mining.
For some reason the Ancient Magic Civilization abandoned this Herthania Valley, but the influential people, who gained control of this area afterwards, have failed altogether to make effective use of this mountain of treasures.
Needless to talk about the Margrave Browig household, but even countless other noble households and the past royal family failed to liberate this place.
Alongside their failures, the number of victims was great. Since there were many opinions like 『Are they really able to liberate it?』 even the current adventurer’s guild has settled down to an evaluation of 『Given that it’s reckless, it’s preferable to not trespass there』.
Probably for that reason the release of information didn’t take place in the adventurer prep school either.
It’s likely a measure so that young adventurers, who are filled with an adventurous spirit, don’t head there to invade recklessly after being taught about it badly.
I also didn’t know about the existence of the Herthania Valley at all before coming of age.
For Katharina to have known about it was because she was searching for a place to obtain achievements that would allow her get a peerage.

“Did you know about it, Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)

“Only by its name. In the past there were many adventurers who dreamed of making a fortune at one stroke with a liberalization of this place.” (Burkhart)

We, who managed to get out of the arbitration negotiations first, departed to a ridge of a rocky mountain looking out on the Herthania Valley with Hendrik’s small magic airship.

“There’s no presence of living creatures.” (Wendelin)

“We are standing here and over there’s a stone monument, isn’t it?” (Burkhart)

“Yes.” (Wendelin)

At the place, where Burkhart-san’s finger was pointing at, was a stone monument with no inscription engraved erected.

“Erw-boy. Try to pass over that line just a little bit.” (Burkhart)

“Yes.” (Erwin)

Once Erw enters inside by taking one step past the stone monument as told by Burkhart-san, I detect a reaction of a monster appearing right away.

“Erw!” (Wendelin)

“Got it!” (Erwin)

Suddenly a wolf jumps out from a shade of a rock and leaps upon Erw.
If properly observed, this wolf is made out of rock.

“Rock golem?”

Next, two wolves appear and the number of rock wolves, who were attacking Erw, is in total three.
If it was my sword skills, it would be out, but Erw cut down one wolf after other as if completely performing a dance with a time lag.
If a rock wolf is cut at the head or heart part that are similar to normal animals, it will apparently stop functioning.
Finishing by making three scattered mountains, Erw picks up stones that seem to be ores and marble-sized magic cores from there and returns.

“Aa~~~ah. Even though it was a fine sword… If I don’t fix and sharpen it later, it will be useless.” (Erwin)

Erw sighed after seeing his own sword having a chipped blade.

“So, well, that’s how it is.” (Burkhart)

Because of the past victims, a stone monument like that was built to show the border of the domain. There are no people approaching this place since there’s wasteland and rocky mountains in the monument’s surroundings.
If you take just one step across the boundary line, mysterious rock-made animals will come attacking and you will obtain ores and magic cores once you defeat those.

“Wend, what’s this ore?” (Erwin)

“Umm. Low quality iron ore.” (Wendelin)

“Baah~~~! How very unprofitable!” (Erwin)

Once I examined the composition of the ore with 『Analyze』, it was iron ore with a low concentration.
The quality of the magic core is very low as well.
Thus, Erw ended up having to fix and sharpen his quite expensive sword, which he uses habitually, just because he cut merely three monsters.

“In other words, that means, even if you defeat these monsters, far from yielding zero profit, it will become a loss.”

It’s unsuitable even as adventurer hunting ground. If Erw remained a bit longer in the domain, the number of rock-made monsters coming attacking would have increased to dozens, several hundreds and then thousands.

“If you lead in an army aiming to mine at the ore deposits, it will get surrounded by rock monsters before realizing it. And then they will turn into corpses after being outnumbered.” (Burkhart)

According to what Burkhart-san says, there are crumbled ruins of military forces remaining if you enter a bit further inside.
Given that the recovery is dangerous, they have been apparently abandoned just like that.

“According to the ancient document, there is supposed to be large-scale mithril deposit.”

It’s a metal that won’t chip in high quality armour and magic tool structures. Because there was always too little of it, its price continued to stay at a high level.
It’s possible to produce it by adding mana to silver for a part of the high-ranking magicians including me as well, but the amount is extremely low.
The current mines are forcibly mining even low-quality ores.
Naturally that share of labour increases the costs,
The mithril mine, newly discovered in our territory, had its operation accelerated after being told by the kingdom 『At any rate, start the mining quickly!』

“Obtaining a large-scale mithril deposit or getting annihilated, huh? That’s a tough choice… Umm, by the way is it fine to ask one thing?” (Wendelin)

“What is it?” (Burkhart)

“Why is Karla-san here?” (Wendelin)

Even though the arbitration negotiations between the Margrave Browig household and the Earl Baumeister household should have ended, Karla followed to this place without leaving our side for some reason.

“Why you ask, it’s probably because the arbitration negotiations between the Margrave Browig household and the Margrave Breithilde household haven’t finished.” (Burkhart)

“She was a prisoner of the Margrave Breithilde household?” (Wendelin)

“A half of it. The other half lies with the Earl Baumeister household since she has been made into a prisoner after being persuaded by Erw-boy.” (Burkhart)

“The concerns about the rights in such matter are severe, eh?” (Wendelin)

“Even ransom is an important source of income after all.” (Burkhart)

By no means there’s a way to split a person in two.
Nevertheless, as it’s dangerous to put Karla in a place filled with only men, she has been entrusted to us.
Therefore, when we headed to the Herthania Valley, she accompanied us as well. Currently Erw was talking with her while looking happy.
From the standpoint of Erw who has fallen in love with her, it’s a great joy for her to come together with us.

“Erwin-san’s sword skills are wonderful.” (Karla)

“No, compared to your archery skills, Karla-san, it’s probably nothing to talk about at all.” (Erwin)

Being praised by Karla, Erw had a lewd look on his face.

“However, it’s nice that it was accepted by the Browig household.” (Wendelin)

“Even if I stayed with them, I wouldn’t play any role anyway. But, if I accompany you, Earl-sama, possibilities will appear.” (Karla)

“Yeah, yeah. You mean me falling in love with you, Karla-san.” (Wendelin)

“Her elder brothers are probably confident. Karla-ojousan is a beauty as anyone can see.” (Burkhart)

Certainly, she is a beauty that won’t be outdone by Elise or Katharina.
Rather, giving a slightly humble impression, there should be many people who will gladly take her as their wife if it’s the men of this country.

“What’s your opinion, Earl-sama?” (Karla)

“I think that you are a beauty…” (Wendelin)

There’s no doubt that she’s a beautiful woman. As a matter of fact, her mood resembled my student days girlfriend.
Therefore I thought that it might be dangerous, but to be honest I don’t have much feelings of love towards her.
At first I was surprised by her skill in archery and since I ended up harbouring a little feeling of respect, feelings of love didn’t take root in me.

“Is that how it is?” (Karla)

“Besides, it would be somewhat evil towards Erw…” (Wendelin)

Seeing Erw’s attitude towards Karla, there’s no one amongst the people of our Earl Baumeister household that hasn’t realized his feelings.
It’s obviously a love of different social standings, but since I’m uninterested in marrying Karla, the time for just watching from a distance increases.

“That guy. Does he understand his own position?” (Wendelin)

“He is motivating himself because he knows it, I guess.” (Klaus)

“Klaus…” (Wendelin)

The one who interrupted the conversation between me and Burkhart-san was Klaus.
Actually, I knew it.
Klaus has given Erw something like an advice.
At the moment he said that, he was extremely suspicious, but by no means has he suggested an evil deed to Erw either.
Erw shouldn’t have accepted such either.
However, no matter what, his shadiness and suspiciousness end up appearing at front.

“Are you aiming to cause confusion at the Earl Baumeister household by grilling Erw?” (Wendelin)

“Even if I schemed that in the current situation, I believe that no one would lend their ear to me.” (Klaus)

I had always such impression, but there’s actually also a part where my sarcastic attacks help Klaus himself.
Because he was the person responsible for realizing the rebellion no matter how you cover it up, he lightly dodges the criticism of the surroundings by doing his job while being showered with sarcasm by me.

“I wonder about that, eh? So, what did you tell Erw?” (Wendelin)

“Something simple.” (Klaus)

If the Earl Baumeister household is successful at liberating the Herthania Valley, it will drive the Margrave Browig household into even more of a dilemma.
If that happens, the Browig household might relax on the condition of having Karla married into the Earl Baumeister household.

“The probability is high, but how does that story connect to Erw?” (Wendelin)

The other nobles of the central government or the other influential nobles of the East, who have a vigour towards rebuilding the fallen Browig household, there are as many other candidates as she likes.

“That probability is high, but in the current situation there’s nothing left but clinging onto that possibility. Besides, I think he has more of a chance than expected. That’s because Karla-sama came along with Wendelin-sama.” (Klaus)

At the present time they want to encroach on our development rights by marrying her into my surroundings.
In that case even the losses suffered in the recent dispute will be recoverable in some way.

“It might be a strategy to impress the other nobles by attaching her as retainer of Wendelin-sama.” (Klaus)

“She has already been made my mistress or such, you mean?” (Wendelin)

“I don’t think it will go that far, but the intention of the Browig household will be clear to the surroundings.” (Klaus)

The Browig household wants to send Karla into the Earl Baumeister household no matter what it takes.
Although they excuse it with the family head as long as possible, won’t it be no problem if it’s a retainer if they become poor by falling into further dilemma?
Especially Erw, since he is close to me as a good friend, they should consider aiming for him at the right time.
Certainly, currently Erw is receiving a treatment as favoured retainer from me.
Though it’s not like I said so, the surroundings are arbitrarily thinking that.

“It feels like a very light viewpoint, but…” (Wendelin)

Even so, for Erw it’s wrong if he doesn’t work in the Herthania Valley as retainer of the Earl Baumeister household.
Harbouring the hope that he might be able to marry Karla, it was necessary for him to raise his tension.

“Putting aside Erwin-dono’s matters, are there any prospects of succeeding in the liberalization of the Herthania Valley?” (Klaus)

“Quite so. Though it’s necessary to prepare a bit. Also, the recruitment of the participating war potential will take a few days?” (Wendelin)

“We will be on standby for a while here then.” (Klaus)

The Baumeister army, which is less than 100 in total, decides to wait for reinforcements and sets up an encampment in a place just right outside the boundary of Herthania Valley.
Within the Herthania Valley, which was transferred to us from the Browig household according to the arbitration draft, there was no kind of limitation for us to act inside since it even included the barren rocky mountain area that’s not located within this monster domain.
Even the territory outside the area where rock-made monsters appear if you set foot in the Herthania Valley has been declared as area where it’s not recommended to trespass so that no one accidentally sets foot into the domain.
As those are mostly rocky mountains and wastelands where even weed won’t grow decently, they were treated as buffer zone of the dangerous Herthania Valley since mineral resources can’t be mined there.
Nowadays there’s apparently no person that enters this area.

“Even goats can’t be raised in such wasteland. Agriculture is out of the question. When adventurers entered previously, they apparently looked for mineral resources as well, but…”

As there’s nothing but rocky mountains, Herthania Valley had been apparently transferred to us as freebie.

“In that case we have to take countermeasures against intruders for the sake of the time when this place got liberated.”

“You are terribly confident, Earl-sama.” (Karla)

“If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have gone as far to decrease the reconciliation money in order to acquire this place.” (Wendelin)

Taking Burkhart-san and Katharina along, we begin building rock-made walls with magic at the borders to the territories of other nobles.
It declares our intention 『Entry for strangers forbidden since from here on out it belongs to the Earl Baumeister household』, but once the three of us did the tedious task of gathering materials such as the rocks of the rocky mountains, the residents of the other noble’s territories looking from outside watched at us with suspicious looks.

“It’s because 『Even if you claim your territorial rights this strongly, we won’t enter such place』.”

No matter how many ore deposits it might have, that place is nothing but a pie in the sky if you can’t enter to mine there.
For the Browig household to transfer the territorial rights easily due to seeing the charm of reducing the reconciliation money could be seen as proof of this place being an inferior property.

“Even so, no matter how much walls we make, it doesn’t quite come to an end…” (Katharina)

Adding the buffer zone area as well, it will take time since the enclosing wall has to cover approximately 23.000 square kilometres of the Herthania Valley.
It was a work just for the sake of claiming the territorial rights by fencing it in roughly, but it’s likely necessary to reinforce the vigilance and true construction work readiness to defend against ore thieves after the liberalization of Herthania Valley.

“Is it really possible to liberate it?” (Katharina)

“Didn’t you plan to liberate it before, Katharina?” (Wendelin)

“I did, but I gave up because the prospects of succeeding were too low no matter how I calculated it. I understood that I would be outnumbered.” (Katharina)

She realized that it would become a difficult situation even if she invaded because even if one slaughters several hundred rock-made monsters by casting a wide-area advanced spell with one or two excellent magicians, the monsters would gush forth one after the other.

“In the first place, the principle behind creating those golem-like, rock-made monsters is unknown.” (Katharina)

“There’s a helper who knows about that.” (Wendelin)

“Is that true?” (Katharina)

“The explanation will follow after the powerful helper arrives.” (Wendelin)

“I’m right away able to imagine who’s coming…” (Katharina)

Several days later, after we returned to the troop headquarters since the work to build a wall had mostly finished, the 『powerful helper』 gazed at Herthania Valley while drinking tea poured by Elise there.

“I have heard the rumours, but Herthania Valley is dominated by strange monsters made out of stone, huh? Moreover, for me to participate in the liberalization of this…” (Armstrong)

The powerful helper was of course doushi.
I want him, who is appropriately called 『human-shaped final bastion weapon』 in the Helmut Kingdom, to join in on the liberalization operation.

“It’s been a while, doushi.” (Wendelin)

“It’s has really been quite a while! Although it was probably great for you, Earl Baumeister, to rampage around in the dispute against the Margrave Browig household, I was bored!” (Armstrong)

“(Bored, you say…) As it was a dispute, I had plenty of free time as well. Putting that aside, did you bring along what I asked you to?” (Wendelin)

“I brought it after getting permission from His Majesty. In the first place it’s something you discovered anyway, Earl Baumeister. There’s no problem since the object has already been analysed.” (Armstrong)

“An object that has already been analysed?” (Katharina)

Katharina tilted her head to the side in confusion, but I called a meeting since it’s probably better to explain to everyone.
The participating members are me, doushi, Burkhart-san, Erw, Elise, Ina, Luise, Wilma, Moritz, Thomas and Klaus.
If we talk about the usual members, those are the ones.

“First off, there’s a reason for me obtaining Herthania Valley on the condition of reducing the reconciliation money.” (Wendelin)

That is something after the capture of that 『Deadly Inversion Regulation』.
When I was reading a book in Earl Ischrubak’s library to kill time, it contained notices about this Herthania Valley as well.

“At that time it was belonging to the Margrave Browig household, thus I didn’t have overly much interest in it.” (Wendelin)

Even if I were to be requested to liberate it, I wouldn’t accept it unless there was quite a large reward. I didn’t have any intention to liberate it before that either.
As a matter of fact they never approached me to request the liberalization.
They likely considered it impossible to begin with.
They thought that Margrave Breithilde would interfere even if they asked or it’s also possible that they had no will to liberate it from the very start.

“After that, once they harassed my family’s home and because I was summoned to that unproductive dispute, I judged that I had to have my revenge somehow and this is the place for that.” (Wendelin)

“The Browig household cheaply transferred Herthania Valley, which they treated as bad property, to you, Wendelin-sama.”

“That’s how it is.”

“Don’t you think that those rock-made monsters in Herthania Valley are similar to the golems of the Deadly Inversion Regulation, Elise?” (Wendelin)

“I believe that to be true except for their propagation.” (Elise)

“However, even the 『propagation of their appearances』 is managed by a system resembling the unmanned golem repair workshop in the Deadly Inversion Regulation.” (Wendelin)

“In other words, it’s a defence system to prevent illegal mining in this Herthania Valley!” (Armstrong)

What doushi brought along was an old book.
It’s 『Catalogue of my own works』 written by Earl Ischrubak and found in his library.

“Differing from historic ruins, the Herthania Valley is vast. Moreover, since it’s a natural environment, there’s the possibility of golems, which were made out of metal, to corrode due to degradation over time!” (Armstrong)

Even if they were to maintain an unmanned workshop, it would take time since the numbers are huge.
They would have to exchange parts because of the intense degradation. There was the risk of the defence system’s operating ratio dropping gradually once a numbers of years had passed.

“Thus, that’s the reason for the rock-made monster-shaped golems.”

With a magic core to keep them running, they are able to be constructed with rocks no matter where they are as long as it’s within Herthania Valley.
For ores to have been mixed in is apparently by chance due to the location of them rising.

“Since they are able to make up the numbers like this, it becomes possible to defend a large area!” (Armstrong)

“Me, me, doushi!” (Luise)

“What is it, Luise-jou?” (Armstrong)

“I wonder from where they get the magic cores? Also, since they are golems, I believe they should have an artificial personality crystal. When Erw defeated one, it didn’t seem like that monster had one…” (Luise)

“Certainly he didn’t collect anything but ore and a magic core.”

Erw examined the remains after he defeated that rock-made monster, but he didn’t discover even a fragment of an artificial personality crystal.

“The reason for that is simple! This Herthania Valley has a master and that one is controlling all of the rock-made golems!” (Armstrong)

According to Earl Ischrubak’s 『Catalogue of my own works』, there’s apparently a huge rock dragon called 『Gigantic Rock Golem』 enshrined within the crevice located in the centre of Herthania Valley.

“If you consider it the other way around, you can even say that there’s no other golem in Herthania Valley except that Gigantic Rock Golem.”

Inside of the Gigantic Rock Golem, which easily exceeds an over-all length of 100 meters, there’s a huge artificial personality crystal embedded which is controlling a great number of rock-made monsters at the same time.
Once it detects intruders from outside, it will carry out an interception depending on the scale of the attackers and if the numbers decrease, it will carry out a restoration up to a number it can control.
What can be regarded as propagation by its appearance might be called a strange fixation of the genius Earl Ischrubak.

“How about the magic cores?”

“There’s a hint at the point where the Gigantic Rock Golem has been enshrined!” (Armstrong)

It was recorded in the old book that it has been deliberately enshrined on top of a large mithril vein.

“I heard from Wend that adding a large amount of mana to silver will create mithril.” (Ina)

Just as Ina says, there are many monster domains with dense mana and mithril veins below.
The silver, which is located there, changes into mithril while gradually absorbing mana as time passes.

“Staying at a point with lots of mana, the Gigantic Rock Golem is artificially refining magic cores?”

“It looks like that’s how it is!” (Armstrong)

Although they are rock-made golems, there’s no difference in their strength to wolves, boars and bears since their numbers are something like a war potential.
Even the monsters like hawks and wyverns who are able to fly are only imitating the movements of flying accordingly.
They aren’t stronger than the real ones.

“However, their number is astounding.” (Ina)

“Indeed, just as you say, Ina-jou, their numbers are a threat!” (Armstrong)

Even if one has a bit of confidence in their magic and destroys a few thousands of them on the first day, those losses will be already recovered on the next day.

“Just one of those is plenty of a threat to a common soldier!” (Armstrong)

Even if you destroy several thousands of them by invading with 10.000 military forces, it’s not like the side of the human military forces will come out unhurt.
They will be attacked once again at the location, where their numbers decreased due to being killed in action or receiving war wounds, on the next day.
It’s unthinkable to succeed in the liberalization like that.

“The aforementioned old book has records of the abilities of the 『Herthania Valley defense golem device』!” (Armstrong)

This was written on a certain page of the old book opened by doushi.
The Gigantic Rock Golem can’t move as it’s enshrined within a ravine where mana is collecting.
A huge artificial personality crystal is embedded in its large build that can control 100.000 rock-made golems at maximum.
It also has a device to gather mana and to manufacture low-quality magic cores, that become the cores of the rock-made golems, installed.
Its magic core production ability lies at around 5.000 cores per day.
Once the number of golems decreases, the artificial personality crystal will try to make up the lost part.
The magic cores appear outside the body of the Gigantic Rock Golem, are temporarily swallowed by the golems outside and then those golems split themselves into small golems with rock being the material which they are composed from.
Although it can be seen as if they are born going by appearance, it’s actually a splitting. The children, who were born in the same shape as their parent, grow large due to the rocks in their surroundings.
Their similar appearance might be regarded as them having eaten the same rock.

“A completely autonomous defence system, huh?”

That’s why it has likely been operating till now.

“It means that the mystery was at last unravelled, but while that may be true, it’s impossible for the kingdom to liberate it right away.” (Armstrong)

The method to liberate Herthania Valley is actually very simple.
All will be fine if you smash the huge artificial personality crystal embedded inside the body of the Gigantic Rock Golem.
Since this artificial personality crystal is the source moving the Gigantic Rock Golem and the rock-made golems, the golems will turn into simple masses of rock once you destroy it.

“The method is easy. But the means are very difficult…” (Erwin)

Just as Erw has said, breaking through golems, reaching a maximum amount of 100.000, won’t work unless you reach the location of the Gigantic Rock Golem.

“The means are difficult, but the Herthania Valley was originally something belonging to the Browig household.” (Katharina)

No matter how much they might be a part of the kingdom, it’s not like the kingdom can selfishly make a move on a property owned by the Browig household.
It was as Katharina said, but this time’s dispute was a huge chance.
If the Browig household didn’t notice the value of Herthania Valley just as before, the kingdom would have taken responsibility for a part of the reconciliation money in the latter half of the arbitration negotiations and confiscated this place. It was possible that they would have requested us to liberate it afterwards as well.

“His Majesty showed a bitter smile. It was nicely snatched away by you, Earl Baumeister.” (Armstrong)

“Now that I think about it, it was useful for me being close to death in that underground labyrinth. Even if it’s a similar liberalization, I will be able to show willingness if it becomes my own possession.” (Wendelin)

Therefore, this time the positions have changed even for the previous party members.
It has taken the shape of me, Earl Baumeister, requesting excelling adventurers as main force to storm towards the Gigantic Rock Golem.
As it’s troublesome to split the concessions of the mines, I decided to pay one hundred million cents upon success in advance.

“Although the degree of difficulty is high, the reward is exceptional.”

Given that it’s 10 billion in Japanese Yen, it’s not an excessive reward to begin with.

“You will take charge, Burkhart-san, right?” (Wendelin)

“I have been told by master to accept it.” (Burkhart)

If you consider the time after the liberalization, there’s no other choice for Burkhart-san, who is a magician employed by the Margrave Breithilde household, but to accept.
Since there’s no way for just the Earl Baumeister household being able to manage the mining areas of Herthania Valley, it will be necessary to consign quite a few of the operations.

“I’m also receiving private support from His Majesty and the Business and Engineering Minister.” (Armstrong)

For the kingdom that means that they want to obtain even a bit of the concessions of the Herthania Valley, which was snatched away by me ahead of time.
Though the property rights are mine, they’d like to have a certain degree of concessions regarding mining, guarding, refining and transportation.
Also, if the royal family is involved in the concessions, they will become a guard for the Earl Baumeister household against being blamed by the Browig household after the liberalization.
Since they will likely be jealous, if I keep it completely to myself, I considered a method how everyone can be happy.
Though I still didn’t know whether the Browig household will join in on that.

“The group, who can’t fly by means of magic, will be a diversion here, huh?”


I want Erw, Ina, Wilma and Elise to participate in the diversion as people belonging to the Earl Baumeister household.
The main members, who will destroy the Gigantic Rock Golem, will plunge straight towards the target by flying in the air.
During that time the feinting ground unit will barely enter and leave the boundary as they were given the task of drawing the rock golems on the ground.

“Wend-sama.” (Wilma)

“What’s up, Wilma?” (Wendelin)

“The numbers for the diversion are too little.” (Wilma)

According to the documents, the golems are split into 80.000 ground forces and 20.000 airborne forces.
As expected, Wilma pointed out that it would be too harsh to run a diversion with less than 100.

“I have called for reinforcements. Before that, we will have a bit of combat practise.” (Wendelin)

To preserve mana as much as possible, we have to destroy golems on our route with a good efficiency.
For that reason I wanted to check how much mana is needed to break those golems.
It would be best for the diversion unit to grasp the strength of the golems, too.
Because of that, we waited right at the boundary line for the golems, the storming group, from the sky, and the diversion unit, from the ground, and started our combat training by defeating those.

“According to the old book, the manufacturing amount of magic cores per day by the Gigantic Rock Golem is 5.000. Therefore, if we kill more than that, the recovery won’t be able to keep up!” (Armstrong)

“Doushi, don’t state something troublesome…” (Erwin)

Erw is checking his sword.
Once doushi clad himself in a minimal 『Magic Barrier』, he plunged into a flock of wyvern-shaped and hawk-shaped rock golems which he called together by deliberately provoking them.

“Certainly, only by their appearance, they aren’t that powerful!” (Armstrong)

“As usual, amazing…”

At the same time of plunging in, he pulverises one after the other with kicks and fist-strikes that were clad in mana. Once he faces a target slightly away, he throws a small snake-shaped tornado, made out of mana, at it.
Once hit by the small tornado, the targeted golem scattered and its broken pieces rained down on the surrounding golems like a buckshot spreading the damage even further.

“The Magic Mobile Armour is rejected due to the aspect of its mana consumption, but I will simply destroy those on the route as efficiently as possible since they aren’t as strong as a dragon!” (Armstrong)

“Decrease their numbers by dragging several of them into it without using a too powerful spell.” (Burkhart)

“Got it.” (Wendelin)

“Understood.” (Katharina)

Katharina and me hit wyvern-shaped golems in turns with small tornado spells upon Burkhart-san’s instruction.
Once hit, the golem breaks and its fragments increase the damage among the golems in the surroundings.

“Is it fine to fire this spell continuously?”

“There are no monsters with other attributes. This much is plenty. Rather, preserve your mana to the utmost. If your mana has run out at the time you reach the Gigantic Rock Golem, you will die. I’m sorry, but I will cancel the operation before that though.” (Burkhart)

If I can’t fly I will end up becoming a victim to the ground golems. It’s no good if I don’t have any mana remaining to defeat the Gigantic Rock Golem either.

“I will leave the stopping of the Gigantic Rock Golem to you, Luise-jou-chan. But, since there’s the possibility of it ending in failure, the other storming members will preserve their mana for that as well.” (Burkhart)

In this time’s operation five people will charge in.
Transporting Luise to the Gigantic Rock Golem in a perfectly protected condition, she will destroy the huge artificial personality crystal in the body of the Gigantic Rock Golem with one hit using all her power.
If she succeeds, all other golems will cease operating.
That means there’s no necessity to forcibly destroy them ahead of time.

“Luise-san, you are in perfect form.” (Katharina)

Ahead of her sight Katharina witnessed Luise’s figure moving across the sky while breaking the heads of golems and flying without hindrance completely as if leaping up from the initial charge.
Same as living creatures, the golems fell towards the ground once they lost their heads.
Luise was the best in regards of not using mana pointlessly.


“I realized it just now! If my sword is a treasured orichalcum sword, it won’t suffer a single chip!” (Erwin)

Erw, who is in high tension because of Karla being there, cut one wolf-shaped golem after the other with the orichalcum sword he bought with the money he obtained in the capture of the underground labyrinth.
Certainly, if it’s an orichalcum sword, it should cut the golems like tofu.

“Don’t say something absurd! Such a sharp sword. How can you possess something like that if you aren’t a rich person or a first-class adventurer!?”

“I do have one though.” (Erwin)

“For real!?” (Moritz)

“How nice…” (Thomas)

Once Erw begins to fight with an actual orichalcum sword, Moritz showed an expression of surprise and Thomas one of jealousy.

“Erwin, go in front since Karla will assist you.”

“Really?” (Erwin)

“She will be sending your encouragements as if she can’t see anyone but you, Erwin.”

“I will go ahead!” (Erwin)

“Erwin is monopolizing the attention of Karla-sama.”

“Ahahaha! Diee! You small-fry golems!” (Erwin)

“(Moritz, you are nasty…)”

Although he dashed out in front constantly due to Karla’s case being used as pretext by Moritz, Thomas and the others, Erw continued to peerlessly hold the front line by himself thanks to his own skills and the performance of the orichalcum sword.

“I wonder if Karla-san is watching?” (Erwin)

“It’s fine. She has been paying attention properly.” (Moritz)

“I will do my best!” (Erwin)

However, since it’s not like Moritz hates Erw either, it seems that he has Erw retreat once he fought to a certain extent.

“Erw, come and take a little break in the back. Karla-san is waiting for you.” (Moritz)

“Yess!” (Erwin)

Erw returns to the rear in a hurry. Completely like a dog, he goes to the location of Karla who is treating the injured together with Elise.

“Are you alright, Erwin-san?” (Karla)

“Yes! I have plenty of leeway!” (Erwin)

While receiving a cup of water and a towel from her, he’s apparently taking a rest happily.

“Moritz, you are skilled in using Erw…”

Once I look for Ina’s whereabouts next, she was showcasing her dear big move.

“Spearmanship Giant Swing!” (Ina)

It’s a spearmanship, which I was shown by Roderich at the time of his fruitless effort, where I don’t know whether it’s powerful or not. (T/N: Refers to the time when he was using the technique in front of the Brandt’s mansion, I think)
I didn’t know when Ina learned it, but this seems to be more useful than I expected.

“This skill is a technique used against multiple opponents. Somehow I can imagine it, but…” (Ina)

A great number of golem remains were scattered about in Ina’s surrounding.

“I wonder where Wilma is?” (Wendelin)

Once I search for Wilma, she was drawing one of the most powerful iron bows, we talked about before.
As it seems that all of it is made out of iron, even the arrows, the released arrows penetrated several golems at once and destroyed them.

“Being able to draw such bow frequently…” (Wendelin)

I was once again speechless due to her superhuman strength.
Even if I tried to draw that iron bow, it shouldn’t move an inch.

『Around three years ago it was placed as decoration at my favourite weapon shop.』 (Wilma)

Given that it was used as decoration, the owner apparently didn’t think of selling it as he used it as replacement for a signboard.

『I was told that there’s no way for me to pull it and that he would sell it once I’m able to do so.』 (Wilma)

Since she was told that it will be for free if she was able to draw it, she apparently obtained it after drawing it in front of the owner’s eyes.

“Though I hesitate if it’s between humans, it’s convenient that the opponents are golems.” (Wilma)

However, there’s a weakness to it as well.
Because the arrows are more expensive than the common ones, she ended up exhausting her stock right away.

“War costs money.” (Wilma)

While lamenting over the truth of this world, Wilma switches her weapon to her battleaxe and pulverises a lot more golems by swinging it around than with bow and arrows.
As expected, it’s probably a feeling of that being Wilma, huh?

“Wendelin-san, any time now.” (Katharina)

“Yea.” (Wendelin)

Time-wise and according to the number of people we are probably soon approaching the limit.
I, who was told so by Katharina, complete a huge tornado spell by using vast amounts of mana with the four people, except Luise, after the diversion unit withdrew just a bit.

“That’s combination magic?”

“Spin Tornado!”

“Everyone is compatible. That’s magnificent.” (KAtharina)

“Tetragon Tornado?” (Wendelin)

“That’s it! Wendelin-san, please don’t use a question there!” (Katharina)

Thanks to the combined tornado spell of the four of us, all of the visible golems are broken and smashed against each other by the tornado spell. They drop down to the ground after having turned into simple rocks.
There was also a large amount of blocks, ores and magic cores remaining.

“Pick them up~~~~!” (Wendelin)

Upon my order from the sky, the personnel of my army, which had withdrawn, begins all at once to search the remains of the golems.

“Put priority on magic cores! Ores after that!” (Wendelin)

At any rate, there isn’t much time.
It’s certain that reinforcements will close in immediately, with numbers that are bigger than now, from other places.

“Wend! I have discovered a golem corps with more than twice the amount from now! They are heading this way!” (Luise)

“All hands, retreat outside the boundary!” (Wendelin)

Since the golems, who were surging forward one after the other, were discovered by Luise with her good eyes, I give the order for the whole army to retreat right away.
Like this the first day of combat for the sake of gaining experience in actual combat has safely passed with zero casualties.

“The number of magic cores is?” (Wendelin)

“2056 cores.”

“Such an amount, eh…?” (Wendelin)

The subjugation itself wasn’t the goal, but once I hear today’s results, it confirms the fact that it will be difficult to capture this area with a frontal attack by military forces after all.
There’s also the reason that our army is too small, but even if we subjugate 2.000 golems in one day, there’s no meaning to it since the restoration ability lies above that.
Besides, it’s also true that more than half of those 2.000 were brought down with magic.

“What will you do with the magic cores?” (Erwin)

“I will use them to replenish the magic gems I used up in the recent wide-area stun.” (Wendelin)

“I see.” (Erwin)

Erw agrees with my reply.
The replenishment with mana of all the empty magic gems, which I possessed, hadn’t finished yet. Since those were low-grade magic cores anyway, there wasn’t that many other uses for them either.

“However, a device to produce magic cores, eh…? The one called Earl Ischrubak was a genius.”

“Thanks to that genius we have to constantly fight with all our power though.”

Although they are low-quality, he created a magic core production that has a creation process where even taking the first steps in understanding it are impossible nowadays.
If possible, it’s something I want to seize undamaged.

“Only if it’s possible to do so.” (Luise)

“That’s true, isn’t it.” (Wendelin)

As Luise says, it’s a viewpoint that can’t be applied if we fail due to being too greedy.
The first priority should be the destruction of the Gigantic Rock Golem.

“So, until when will we continue the combat training?”

“Until our friends arrives.” (Wendelin)


The strategy is for us five magicians to rush in and destroy the Gigantic Rock Golem, but if we go by the old book, the Gigantic Rock Golem itself isn’t overly powerful.
Since it’s made out of rock, it’s possible to destroy it if someone among us five preserves a certain extent of mana.

“The problem is what the golems, which are manipulated by the Gigantic Rock Golem, will do.” (Wendelin)

Since it’s realistically impossible to destroy all of them, we are aiming at the Gigantic Rock Golem by destroying only the bare minimum of obstacles.

“Since we will be flying, it will be fine if we take on only the airborne golems. However, even the ground forces, which are bustling around next to the Gigantic Rock Golem, will become a hindrance for the destruction. That means it will be necessary to cause a diversion.” (Wendelin)

“With just the Earl Baumeister feudal army?”

“Since that will be completely insufficient, I have asked for other reinforcements as well. That’s why I had doushi accept a subjugation request as adventurer as well.” (Wendelin)

“Those are, possibly…”

Several days later the sky above Herthania Valley was covered by large magic airships. A sky fleet of four ships was floating there.
Luise is apparently speechless due to that spectacle.

“Those are the large magic airships prepared for route service, right?” (Luise)

“That’s right. The numbers can’t be transported if it’s not those.” (Wendelin)

“It will cost quite a bit…” (Luise)

Once we liberate the Herthania Valley, they will demand various concessions anyway.
Since that’s the case, it’s fine for us to receive assistance from the kingdom as much as possible.

“The one who will pay the money is me after all. Even if we fail, it won’t cause that much damage either.” (Wendelin)

“I understand well the reason for the Margave Browig household to cause a disturbance in the rear…”

Roderich might not have a good expression right now, but the kingdom’s army will acquire actual combat experience and training by being in charge of the expenses here. The participating commander and soldiers can obtain military exploits even though their opponents are golems.
As a matter of fact, once I suggested this idea to Minister Edgar, he immediately sent them over after loading the troops into magic airships.

“We came upon the command of Minister Edgar. I’m the commanding officer, Alois von Willi Achilles.” (Alois)

Alois-san, who led 3000 soldiers, was a person who looks like a diligent military bureaucrat type and appears to be around 40 years old.
As family head of an appointed Viscount household, he has a relationship of being a relative of the Earl Armstrong household.

“It’s quite the flashy operation. By the way…” (Alois)

“Ah, yes. I have prepared them.” (Wendelin)

“As expected.” (Alois)

As Viscount Achilles led the troops in a hurry, they haven’t prepared overly much of things like food and water.
Since there’s no port either, the soldiers are coming down on rope ladders one at a time as it’s not possible to land the large magic airships properly either.

“You truly hurried coming here.” (Wendelin)

“I heard that our task is to act as diversion and that the goods will be prepared at the actual site. Since that’s the case, let’s finish the liberation in a hurry.” (Alois)

“Why?” (Wendelin)

“Although this Herthania Valley has been officially transferred to Earl Baumeister in the arbitration draft, parties, who consider unnecessary things once time passes after getting to know of our movements, will increase.” (Alois)

Viscount Achilles, who is a noble himself as well, doesn’t believe the slightest in something like the sincerity of the Margrave Browig household.
He stated that it’s essential to turn it into an established fact after finishing it as fast as possible.

“That’s also true. Ah, right.” (Wendelin)

I hand over the prepared large amount of goods to Viscount Achilles.
Yesterday I made a temporary storage for the goods and placed them in there.

“An army won’t move if there are no goods. If you prepare those, unexpectedly absurd things become possible.” (Alois)

The 3000 soldiers, who disembarked the large magic airships via rope ladders, moved to take the goods after assembling in their respective units right away.
It’s for the sake of starting to construct an encampment and prepare the meals quickly.

“If people enter this boundary, the golems will start up but they won’t attack once you leave. I received such information previously, but it’s a mysterious system. We will explore the method of an efficient diversion while practising in a period of several days.” (Alois)

The 3000 soldiers of the kingdom commanded by Viscount Achilles repeated entering and leaving the boundary while repeatedly hunting and luring the rock golems which are on the ground.

“Don’t chase too far. Don’t forget to leave outside before their numbers increase.” (Alois)

Differing from Minister Edgar and the members of the Armstrong household, Viscount Achilles calmly gives directions to the troops.
Although there were already casualties as well, Viscount Achilles says that this much was in the range of his assumptions.

“If one dislikes dying, they shouldn’t become soldiers or adventurers.” (Alois)

Viscount Achilles performed the training of the diversion for the crucial moment indifferently.
Their mission is to act as diversion to pull the golems on the ground at the time we rush in.

“So, what about the reinforcements of our allies?”

“They will all be present until today or tomorrow.”

As that means that the 3000 soldiers of the royal army aren’t enough, I requested reinforcements from the nobles close-by in addition.

“Earl Baumeister-dono, that helps…”

The majority of the nobles, who are bordering the territory of the Herthania Valley, have suffered losses from being led by the nose by the Browig household in the recent dispute.
They had the damages being taken over by switching sides to the Margrave Breithilde household, but if the Browig household doesn’t pay after concluding the arbitration draft, their debts would remain as is.
Since their financial standing is severe, they were added to the diversion task after sending their troops.
That means they accepted the job of mercenaries aiming for the reward handed out by the Earl Baumeister household.

“That’s because we really don’t have not enough manpower…” (Wendelin)

“It’s owed to you developing as territorial noble.”

With the arrival of over 50 noble households and the royal army, they repeated the training of the diversionary tactics in Herthania Valley after splitting the troops into ten army corps.
Luring out the golems by crossing the boundary line, they escape outside after people are hit.
Once the golems disappear, they cross the border once again and carry out their provocations.
While exploring for a method to attract as many golems as possible, they also continued the training how to destroy them with a good efficiency.
After a period of a week, merchants, who sell stuff like food and entertainment items to them, started showing up.
The Herthania Valley experienced a kind of special procurement for the liberation operation.

“Well then, won’t we begin the storming soon?”

After a last meeting, the operation starts.

The military forces will provoke the golems on the ground while entering and leaving the boundary at 10 points in the vicinity of Herthania Valley. We will begin the invasion with 5 people from a point where the distance to the golems and Gigantic Rock Golem is the shortest once their caution is attracted to the maximum.
While destroying only the least amount of airborne golems at short distance, we will destroy the Gigantic Rock Golem in one go.

“Burkhart-san, this is the closest infiltration point, right?” (Wendelin)

“Earl-sama, you used 『Detection』 as well, right? The main target is right down in the middle of Herthania Valley.” (Burkhart)

To be precise, it’s right in the middle, deep inside the crevice running through Herthania Valley’s centre.
The Gigantic Rock Golem, which has no legs, is enshrined there as it gathers mana.
Surpassing a size of 100 meters, it has 8 heads at the front and 8 tails in the rear.
Storing a huge artificial personality crystal, which can manipulate 100.000 golems at the same time, and a device, which is able to produce at maximum 5.000 magic cores, albeit being low-quality ones, per day, in its body, it destroys all enemies which invade Herthania Valley.
According to the genius magic tool craftsman from the time of the Ancient Magic Civilization, Earl Ischrubak, it is a defence system that seems to be alive.

“It has 8 heads and tails?”

Although it won’t move, it will cause damage to an enemy by swinging its tails and firing rock bullets, which aren’t breath attacks, from its heads.
Given that it’s basically made out of stone, it isn’t as solid as the mithril golems we fought before, but that didn’t mean that you could take it lightly at all since since it appears that it will recover over time.

“It resembles 『Yamata no Ooki Ryuu』* I learned about in the past!” (Armstrong) (T/N: Left it like that because of the reference following below. Basically it would be “Eight-headed large dragon”)

It is similar to 『Yamata no Orochi』* which appears in the Japanese myths, but there are legends of legendary dragons, which have 8 heads, left behind in this world as well. (T/N: Yamata no Orochi or Orochi, translated as the Eight-Forked Serpent in English, is a legendary 8-headed and 8-tailed Japanese dragon that was slain by the Shinto storm-god Susanoo.)
The one doushi knows about is the one taught in the basic classroom lecture if you go to a school related to adventurers.
Though it was uncertain whether it really exists.

“I wondered about it since before, but if it has 8 heads, isn’t it a 『Nana mata no Ooki Ryuu』?” (Luise) (T/N: Left it like that for difference to what Armstrong said above. It translates to “Seven-branched/-headed large dragon” and is probably a pun towards that a dragon has already one head, otherwise it wouldn’t be a dragon, and thus the other 7 are its branches… though I’m not sure.)

“Luise-san, it won’t help even if you complain about such an old folklore, will it? Rather than that, it’s soon time, isn’t it?” (Katharina)

Katharina made a tsukkomi at Luise’s hair-splitting.

“It’s just as Katharina has said.”

While we were on standby with five people on a ridge of the rocky mountains which is located outside the boundary, the mixed forces of kingdom army and Earl Baumeister feudal army entered combat with the lured golem forces below.

“Oryaaa~~~!” (Erwin)

“Erw is putting fighting spirit into it. Though his reason for it is wrong…” (Luise)

Luise didn’t go easy on Erw who is wielding his treasured orichalcum sword while standing at the front.
Even Erw should have gone to the front with his sword that doesn’t lose its sharpness in order to lower the damage to our allies as his prime objective.

“That reason and his feelings of trying to show Karla-san his good side are fighting each other, aren’t they?” (Katharina)

“Katharina, you have no mercy either…” (Wendelin)

“All men at that age are like this, I guess. Hey, we will start soon.” (Burkhart)

An estimated 8.000 golems had gathered at the outer edge against the enemy invasion at more than 10 places.
They will be annihilated if these are all of the opponents, but there’s no need to go that far.
We are aiming for the Gigantic Rock Golem by using high-speed flight and since they have pulled the golems to the outer edges already, those golems won’t become a hindrance to the operation.
However, the 20.000 airborne golems didn’t move overly much.
It seems that they only deal with enemies invading from the sky.

“20.000, huh…?”

“Usually they are scattered in Herthania Valley. We will destroy the Gigantic Rock Golem quickly before they gather. Got that?” (Burkhart)

There’s no need to destroy all of them.
They will return to being rocks if we destroy the Gigantic Rock Golem anyway. The operation would fail if we spent that much time ((on destroying all of them)).
Burkhart-san emphasizes it especially for doushi.

“Please don’t stop on that occasion and become peerless or such, doushi.” (Burkhart)

“Tentatively I’m a professional adventurer as well, but…” (Armstrong)

In such a situation, he respects the opinion of the experienced Burkhart-san after all.
Even doushi obediently abides to the view of Burkhart-san who is his senior.

“It’s just for caution’s sake. The same applies to the others as well.” (Burkhart)

“Roger!” (Wendelin)

“Leave it to me.” (Luise)

“I’m itching to put my skills to good use.” (Katharina)

“Well, then let’s go!” (Burkhart)

Upon Burkhart-san’s signal, five people plunge into Herthania Valley with 『high-speed flight』.
The formation is: Katharina and me as two-top, behind us are Luise and Burkhart-san and doushi acted as rear guard for the sake of destroying the golems chasing after us.

“Burkhart-dono, there are no enemies in the back though.” (Armstrong)

“It would be a failure if they chased us at the current point in time…” (Burkhart)

Since we are still in the proximity of the intrusion point, the golems, which are in the sky, practically weren’t  able to cope with us.
As there were several of them in front, we first threw tornadoes in the shape of spears made out of magic at them.
The hit wyvern golem and several others, which were in its vicinity, were smashed and dropped to the ground.

“You have to conserve your mana, Katharina.”

Although we formulated a perfect strategy on the basis of the data in the old book, it was a basic tactic to preserve mana as much as possible since we don’t know what might happen.

“That’s only natural. My mana capacity is lower than yours, Wendelin-san.” (Katharina)

Next Katharina uses magic against the ten-odd falcon golems which came in sight at the front.

“Tornado Break!” (Katharina)

Appropriate to her name 『Storm』, she suddenly creates a tornado in the middle of the golems at the front and blows them up into the upper sky.
The golems, who collided within the tornado, were damaged, destroyed and fell to the ground.

“Amazing. I want to attack something as well.” (Luise)

“Luise, you have to preserve your mana.” (Wendelin)

“That’s right, isn’t it…” (Luise)

Since she can’t use emission magic at all to begin with, Luise’s role is to directly inflict damage to the Gigantic Rock Golem with a powerful attack.
Preserving her mana to the limit until our arrival, she will deliver the final blow to the Gigantic Rock Golem.
This is Luise’s task this time.

『I will release my secret technique with the power of my entire body.』 (Luise)

『It looks like I can anticipate something (There’s one after all, a secret technique?』 (Wendelin)

『Wend, look forward to it very much.』 (Luise)

The Luise before our sortie was as usual.

“There are less golems than I expected…” (Burkhart)

Around 10 minutes after starting the storming, Burkhart-san tilted his head to the side.
According to the old book, the airborne golems should have come gathering more after this much time had passed.
However, with us having five times crushed a group of 10 to several dozens golems, the enemy didn’t appear in front of us overly much.


“Maybe what?”

“Artificial personality-san might be unexpectedly busy with its job.”

Once we continue flying for 10 more minutes, we finally arrive at our target point.
The huge crevice running through Herthania Valley.
The Gigantic Rock Golem is enshrined within, but in the sky above it more than 10.000 golems were waiting for us.

“Tsk! Did it guess our target?” (Burkhart)

“If there are this many of them, we won’t be able to enter the crevice.” (Wendelin)

Given that the Gigantic Rock Golem is inside the crevice, we have to destroy those golems first.
The golems were gathered in the sky with a density that covered the sky’s blue allowing one to guess that the majority of the 20.000 airborne golems was here.

“Earl-sama, it’s still within expectation. Go!” (Burkhart)

“Roger!” (Wendelin)

Even though the golems are drawing closer, I take out 10 magic gems and grasp them in both hands.
While focussing my consciousness even more, I began to prepare an advanced level spell at maximum.

“(Basically it’s refreshing to cast such magic.)” (Wendelin)

After accumulating ((mana)) for about a minute, the spell is invoked in front of my two hands.
As it took me two minutes in the battle against Grade Grande back then, I have apparently grown quite a bit as well.

“Burst Tornado!” (Wendelin)

Since I don’t need to chant, I voice it out as something mood-like to let everyone know about the invocation timing of the spell.
The huge tornado, which was generated in the middle of the golems at a distance, raised a violent howl as it swallowed up thousands of golems.
Getting destroyed by crushing into fellow golems within the tornado, they fall down to the ground dragging the golems, who were safe in the surroundings, into it once the tornado dies down after a short while.

“Wendelin-san, you are strong at that kind of magic.” (Katharina)

“Yes, I am. It’s refreshing.” (Wendelin)

Since the opponents are golems, there’s no necessity to pay attention to something like intensity as with the previous wide-range Area Stun.

“It looks like we were recognised as threat to be purged.” (Katharina)

Since around 40% were destroyed in one go, the golems begin to move in order to eliminate us.
I was able to confirm that around half of the 7.000 ~ 8.000 golems are heading towards us.

“One more!” (Wendelin)

This time I fire the emission spell of the void attribute, which I used in the battle against the dragon golem, after pushing out my hands in front once again.
The power has fallen, but once hit, the golems are blown backwards, crash into the golems in the rear and thus break each other.
With their close formation having backfired, their preference in attacking with numbers doesn’t seem to be overly powerful after all.

“I saw it for the first time, but it has an absurd strength.” (Katharina)

Even Katharina destroyed a few thousand golems by firing tornado spells in rapid succession, but she ended up exhausting most of her prepared magic gems.

“However, their numbers have decreased considerably as well… Wait, aren’t they increasing?”

Certainly, although they should have decreased down to around 5.000, they have recovered to around twice that again for some reason.

“Did they already revive with the magic cores as basis?”

“5.000 per day, wasn’t it?”

According to the explanation of the old book, the Gigantic Rock Golem is capable of producing 5.000 magic cores per day. Releasing the magic cores from its buttocks part, golems take those away and small golems, just like living creatures, are born.
The born small golems attach rocks from around the area to themselves and grow big.
I felt like that was the explanation ((in the book)), but it might speed up the process to some extent if the losses increase all of a sudden.

“It has the materials after all.” (Burkhart)

There are the remains of the golems who fell to the ground after having been destroyed not long ago.

“Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)

“It might become bad if we spend time.” (Burkhart)

The refining of magic cores might be limited to 5.000 per day, but there’s also the possibility of them continuing to increase for quite a while if they were able to store the produced magic cores.
It was necessary to hurry up the operation at this point.

“There’s only one huge reaction from within the crevice and several hundreds smaller ones. We will quickly destroy them by plunging into the crevice!” (Burkhart)

“True… Let’s storm in. Doushi!” (Wendelin)

“Leave it to me!” (Armstrong)

I decrease the number of golems by once again firing the void emission spell and doushi plunges into the crowd of golems at the same time. Cladding his body in a 『magic barrier』, doushi delivers one blow with his fist against the head of a wyvern golem which came towards us.
The golem, which had its head broken, crashes to the ground just like that.
Next, pulverizing a golem, which comes attacking from behind, with a kick, he grabs the tail of another golem and destroys several others by swinging it around like a hammer.

“He is very strong. Just as expected.” (Burkhart)

“Isn’t he…” (Wendelin)

He doesn’t appear to be a magician, but it was plain obvious in anyone’s eyes that he was overwhelmingly powerful.
Burkhart-san and me are once more surprised by that strength.

“We will leave the sky to doushi and charge in!” (Burkhart)


We should probably put it to an end while the number of golems still hasn’t recovered completely.
Once we rush quickly into the crevice with the four of us, rocks suddenly appear in front of us.
When those were repelled by the 『magic barriers』 we deployed beforehand, a rock dragon head, which launched those rock bullets, raised a roar.

“Gigantic Rock Golem!”

According to the description in the old book there are eight of those huge heads. One by one they tried to crush us by firing rock bullets from their mouths.
In addition there were several hundreds hawk golems in this narrow crevice, too. They also begin their attacks in our direction.
There were many unlucky golems who were broken by being swallowed up by the rock bullets fired by the heads of the Gigantic Rock Golem, but it seems to not mind something like losses amongst its allies as it can produce as many of those as it likes.

“The target is the huge artificial personality crystal within its body. We will go ahead and destroy the heads.” (Burkhart)

Given that the Gigantic Rock Golem is enormous, it’s indispensable to advance by destroying the heads to get into body section.
I immediately crush two heads by striking them with tornado spells, which were changed into lances. Katharina also destroy two by manipulating small tornadoes and Burkhart-san defeated two by striking dodgeball-sized tornado ball into them.
Although Burkhart-san is continuously attacked by hawk golems, he creates softball-sized wind spheres and destroys them by hitting their heads with those.
10 wind spheres are buoyantly floating in his vicinity and they are launched to destroy golems which become a threat for him.
The decreased share of wind spheres is replenished at once and they once again revolve around Burkhart-san.
He had a magic accuracy to a frightening degree.

“My mana is low. Thus I have no other option but to come up with a strategies, I guess. Two more left!” (Burkhart)

There were two more heads of the Gigantic Rock Golem remaining.
Since they are lying in wait in the crevice, we will be able able to attack the body if we can break through those heads.
Are they fearing that?
The two heads raised their firing speed and continued to spit out rock bullets as if they have gone mad.

“Aaah! Geez, you are nuisances!” (Katharina)

While repelling the rock bullets with her 『magic barrier』, Katharina blows off the heads by sending medium-sized tornadoes at them.
With this it became possible to advance.

“But, where’s the weak point of this body?” (Luise)

“Don’t know! Haphazardly break anything with your fists!” (Burkhart)

The blueprint of the Gigantic Rock Golem wasn’t left behind in the old book of Earl Ischrubak.
Seeing that its organs are in the trunk, we likely have no other choice but to destroy the entire body.

“Burkhart-san, you are unexpectedly irresponsible… Body you say, isn’t it just a cluster of rocks?” (Luise)

Rather than a body, there’s nothing but a cluster of simple rocks filling the crevice at a width of 50 meters and a length of 100 meters.
Luise stands at a point close to the broken head while being puzzled. She swings her fist down after charging it with mana.
Is that the secret technique of the magic combat style?
Or is it just the strength of Luise’s magic power?
I don’t understand it properly, but the body part develops cracks in a sphere of a 10 meter radius and begins to fall apart to pieces.

“It’s a hit?” (Wendelin)

“Unfortunately, it’s a miss!” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san answers in replacement for Luise, but I immediately understand his reason.

“Wendelin-san! We have to destroy the crystal quickly!” (Katharina)

It seems that the restoration of the heads was faster than expected.
Katharina defended against the eight heads, which came attacking from the back while firing rock bullets, with her 『magic barrier』.

“Is that’s how it is!? Damn it!” (Burkhart)

Next Burkhart-san begins to strengthen his 『magic barrier』 and moves above our heads.

“Doushi is doing well, but…” (Wendelin)

He destroyed one golem after the other by being peerless by himself, but it resulted in the golems’ remains increasing.

“If doushi isn’t there, a large army of golems will come attacking from the sky…” (Burkhart)

There’s no choice but to endure the rain of rocks.
While saying that, Burkhart-san begins to throw wind spheres towards the hawk golems which escaped being defeated by doushi.

“Luise, please keep destroying it.” (Wendelin)

“Got it!” (Luise)

While advancing bit by bit with the four of us, the body is destroyed by Luise.
It became my job to protect the front which is in the rear, but with 8 tails and dozens of hawk golems attacking that can only be expected.

“It’s producing the magic cores, which turn into the golems’ cores, at its butt, doesn’t it?”

“Seems so!” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san answered while protecting us from the rock rain with his 『magic barrier』.
Luise continued to swing her fists at the body of the Gigantic Rock Golem while replenishing her mana with the magic gems she possesses.
As one part of the body after the other gets destroyed, she is approaching the artificial personality crystal.
There are 8 tails with a thickness of around 3 meters which are attacking us while winding similar to whips.
Moreover, hawk golems are assaulting us in between the gaps ((of the tail lashes)).

“In front the tails, in the back the heads and from above a rock rain. eh!? Luise!” (Wendelin)

“Geez, I will finish it in one go! All of my mana goes into this fist strike!” (Luise)

“Oooh! It looks like something amazing ((is coming))!” (Wendelin)

Luise extends one hand towards the sky while concentrating and gathering her remaining mana and the mana from the remaining magic gems.

“Did she gather mana which exceeded your own mana capacity?” (Wendelin)

If one asks why the current Luise is somewhat amazing, that’s because a normal magician can’t hold back mana, which exceeded their mana capacity, within their body.
Therefore, at the time we started the wide-ranged Area Stun, we ended up with hardships due to the speed of sucking up mana from the magic gems.
However, Luise gathered mana in her raised fist which surpassed her mana capacity several times.

“The recoil is a bit severe, but I will go ahead since it will get gradually worse and worse if I prolong it. Ultimate Secret Technique of the Magic Combat Style! 『Big Bang Attack』!” (Luise)

The techniques name was unexpectedly cliché, but at the moment when Luise hits the body of the Gigantic Rock Golem with her mana-charged fist, it generates a flash that makes one’s eyes dazzled and cracks begin to appear at a range that can’t be compared to until now.

“It’s a success, Wend!” (Luise)

The entire body, which was once a cluster of rocks, breaks into fist-sized rocks and the tails, which were attacking me, the heads, which were attacking Katharina, and all the golems, which were deployed inside the crevice, turn into rocks and crash to the ground.
It seems that she was really successful at completely destroying the Gigantic Rock Golem.

“Amazing! Luise!” (Wendelin)

As it was a great technique I hadn’t seen until now, I was very impressed.

“But, my body doesn’t move a bit…” (Luise)

Just as it was a great technique, the recoil to her body was great as well.
I immediately recovered and carried Luise who was wobbling on top of the mountain of rocks.

“Are you alright?” (Wendelin)

“As I’m on the verge of mana exhaustion, I feel a bit sleepy.” (Luise)

“I see. You really did your best.” (Wendelin)

Once I smiled while gently stroking her hair, her eyes began to become passionate.

“As reward you will take me home while hugging me, okay, Wend? In a princess carry.” (Luise)

“I will answer your demand.” (Wendelin)

I’m incapable of bluntly refusing her wish because of her distinguished deed.
Thus I immediately agree to it.

“Then it will be happiness for just me. I will be unconscious for a little while.” (Luise)

“Haa?” (Wendelin)

For a moment I didn’t understand what Luise was talking about, but the answer to that would appear right away.
In other words.
Once the Gigantic Rock Golem, which controlled all of the golems, was destroyed, the golems have ended up returning to being plain rocks.
Quite a portion of the airborne golems were lured by doushi in the sky.
And, when all of those have turned into rocks, they are falling to the ground in accordance to the physical laws.
If one asks where to, it would be the place where we are at right now.


I raise a loud voice and order Burkhart-san and Katharina to take refuge.

“Such a! There isn’t any leeway to immerse ourselves in the after-taste of victory!” (Katharina)

“Such things come later!” (Wendelin)

While I carry Luise in my arms, the three of us evacuate towards the sky while deploying our 『magic barriers』.
On the way hundreds of tons of rocks are pouring down like an unexpectedly strong rain. Its power was more terrible than the rock bullets shot by the heads of the Gigantic Rock Golem.
Since a large amount of rocks came down all of a sudden, the Herthania Valley was attacked by a local earthquake and the crevice cracked at many points, too.

“We got away somehow…” (Wendelin)

“We were closer to death due to the rock rain than due to the Gigantic Rock Golem or the golem army.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san, who was quite at the limit of his mana, sighed in relief.

“Geez, that was terrible. Though it seems that Luise is happy…” (Katharina)

Luise, who is sleeping due to mana exhaustion, has a happy expression. Katharina watched that while looking jealous.

“Do you wish to get a princess carry as well, Katharina?” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-san, what are you saying!? … Afterwards, just for a bit…” (Katharina)

Katharina became fidgety after all while her face turned red.

“However, it was a good thing that you trained your body under doushi. You are properly carrying Luise-jou-chan.” (Burkhart)

“Just how much of a Beansprout-kun am I for you, Burkhart-san…?” (Wendelin)

I won’t deny that there are generally many Beansprout-kun’s among magicians.
Someone like doushi is a rare exception.

“Well, compared to doushi.” (Burkhart)

“So, although it’s that doushi…” (Wendelin)

Doushi, who is the person with yet another meritorious deed of having held back thousands of golems by himself, was floating at a position that had a higher altitude than us.

“Umu! It’s our victory! (Armstrong)

No one worried about it, but doushi hadn’t a single injury after all.
He raised a strange victory shout by himself, but once he discovered our figures, he came close while looking delightful.

“The martial arts, which I learned from Luise-jou, were useful. As the mana efficiency of the Mobile Magic Armour is bad, it was a great help. By the way, Luise-jou has run out of mana?” (Armstrong)

“It’s because she used her secret technique.” (Wendelin)

“That dazzling light, huh?” (Armstrong)

Once I explained the technique used by Luise, doushi asked while showing an expression of admiration,

“What! Although the recoil is harsh, it releases several times of one’s mana capacity charged into a fist! That’s a perfect technique for me as well! Have her teach me later without fail!” (Armstrong)

“No. Stop it. If you released such a thing, this continent would collapse, doushi.” (Burkhart)

“That’s probably a bit exaggerated.” (Armstrong)

“(No. I don’t think that it’s exaggerated…)” (Wendelin)

“(The possibility is not non-existent…)” (Katharina)

Katharina and I agree with Burkhart-san’s complaint.
The liberation of the Herthania Valley was safely completed with this, but doushi’s learning of the 『Big Bang Attack』 was decided by the specifications ((of the technique)) and thus simply became something that didn’t happen thanks to its degree of difficulty.
That means that the world’s peace was safely protected.



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