Omake 3 – The circumstances of the opposite genders

“What should I say…? It finished unexpectedly easily.”

“Everyone says that often though.”

The revival of the Waigel household was decided at a terrifying fast pace.
Having the powerful backing of Finance Minister Rückner, there weren’t any nobles who objected to it.
Since even His Majesty stated 『It’s urgent business for the stability of the Earl Baumeister household, isn’t it? There’s no particular reason for me to be against it either』, it was apparently decided right away.
Furthermore, on that occasion we also got the permission for the marriage of the next Associate Baron Waigel family head with a daughter of the Marquis Rückner household.
It was Minister Rückner who drew nothing but short sticks in his connection with the Associate Baron Waigel household, but it seems he was able to largely keep his face in this matter.
On the contrary, Earl Liliental, who made a blunder, looked sullen though.
And after the above mentioned details, a messenger from the royal palace arrived at Katharina’s location and elevated her peerage to the rank of Associate Baron.


『Yes. I will become the mother of the next Associate Baron Waigel. I shall become a cornerstone for His Majesty, for the kingdom and for its people.』 (Katharina)

Although her wording is considerably different in comparison to when a man obtains a peerage, it means that it’s such a special precedent in the Helmut Kingdom.
There are doubts such as 『And if you don’t bear a child?』, however we don’t have to mind that overly much as there’s still the move to adopt a child in worst case.
In short, it will be fine as long as the household continues.
We, who had spare time since she was able to receive an honorary peerage, had a talk while having a simple magic training in the garden of the Viscount Hohenheim residence.

“Even for men it ends with a brief oath in front of His Majesty.” (Wendelin)

“His Majesty is busy as well, I guess.” (Katharina)

Katharina continued the training of circulating the mana within her body while linking it up with the Zen meditation she learned from me.
Given that there’s no way for us to release magic spells in the garden of another family, we carried out training that wouldn’t cause troubles to our surroundings.

“By the way, when will Hermann-sama succeed the peerage?” (Katharina)

“The other side has to deal with various things, you know… It’s something for after the situation has calmed down a bit more.” (Wendelin)

Things like the settlement of Kurt’s matter, helping Paul-nii-san with the development of the neighbouring territory and new territory development projects.
Since he was busy, he was told by the royal palace that it would be fine to wait until the situation calmed down.
Also it won’t do if Hermann-nii-san doesn’t take at the very least one concubine.
As it’s the same for Paul-nii-san, the selection process takes time as well.
Since they already have legal wives with their social status being low, it requires unexpectedly much effort to choose concubines who won’t butt in.
It seems that as candidates it’s desirable for them to be second daughters and below of appointed Knight households in the capital, for the household itself to not be overly prosperous and for them to lack any responsibilities.
In exchange, the household, from where the concubine hailed, will receive benefits such as receiving an allowance, receiving help to obtain an official position and their siblings and relatives will be employed as retainers.
It looks like Minister Rückner, Minister Edgar and Earl Armstrong are looking for candidates.

“Both of them said that they don’t want one if possible.” (Wendelin)

My siblings are busy and they aren’t as lustful as father.
As for father, there were some parts where he couldn’t avoid it due to the state of affairs at that time too, but since he has handled matters rather quickly, he was treated as lustful man after all according to my mothers words.
Although one might say that I’m resembling father the most among us siblings as I have the most fiancées and women relationships, I have a feeling that it’s, how to say it, quite the false accusation.

“For Hermann-nii-san there are also plans to raise in peerage to Associate Baron, though that’s in the far future. To have only one wife is…” (Wendelin)

There are also high-ranking nobles, who stick to a single wife as very rare exceptions, but usually most of them have several.
There were reasons such as helping a disadvantaged woman by placing her under one of the remaining noble households since they have leeway, for tying relationships with other houses for the sake of managing the household smoothly and for preparing in case the legal wife didn’t bear any children.

“Erich-nii-san and Helmut-nii-san are likely avoiding concubines as well.” (Wendelin)

Since those two aren’t particularly lustful either, they will probably reluctantly accept with the reasoning that it’s a custom.

“This matter is easy for me since I’m a woman.” (Katharina)

Since it’s not like she will increase the number of husbands, there should certainly exist people who are jealous of her in that regard.
It was a man’s nature to long for a good woman they can have a good time with without future troubles, but there are also many troublesome matters if they live together with you as concubine.
I feel like there are quite many men who are thinking about it in such way.

“I see you are doing simple training, both of you.” (Burkhart)

At that point Burkhart-san, who is staying at the Viscount Hohenheim residence together with us, shows up.
He told Margrave Breithilde about Katharina’s conferring of a peerage having ended first thing in the morning.

“Simple, you say. You should be doing it every day, too, Burkhart-san.” (Wendelin)

“Of course. I am working on it every day.” (Burkhart)

No matter how busy he is, Burkhart-san didn’t fail to train the circulation of the mana within his body every day.
By continuing this practise, one can maintain and raise the control proficiency of mana.
However, carrying out the mana circulation together with Zen meditation was an original technique from my previous life.
As it seems that the efficiency will be great if you carry it out with this method, Burkhart-san and doushi have adopted it now as well.
Even master praised me at that time with 『It’s a great idea』.

“That’s because it’s directly connected to the power, precision and usage efficiency of mana. I’m not negligent in doing it every day.” (Burkhart)

Even if the increase of mana stopped, it would be an indispensable training method.

“In addition, in my case my mana capacity is still in the middle of growth.” (Katharina)

Katharina was still 16 years old.
Therefore her mana is still increasing.

“That’s very enviable.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san was an excellent magician, however he himself always mentioned that he wanted a bit more mana capacity.
Since back in his days it was decided that the capacity was fixed by birth, he often complained that it was inevitable.

“However, as expected, I think that I will soon hit my limit as well.” (Katharina)

Katharina’s mana is quite superior even for advanced level.
She said that she likely can’t expect any drastic increase anymore.

“If that’s the case, how about unifying your capacity with the boy?” (Burkhart)

“Ough! Unifying capacities?” (Katharina)

Once Burkhart-san recommends the unification of capacities with me to Katharina, she looks downwards while her face becomes bright red.


I didn’t understand why she has become that embarrassed.

“It’s not really something embarrassing, right? You two will become a married couple.” (Burkhart)

“Umm, I’m not quite catching on to the circumstances here, but…” (Wendelin)

“What? That fellow Alf didn’t explain it properly to you?” (Burkhart)

Since the society of magicians is small, there is a special custom related to the unification of capacities. I didn’t know that.
Master likely didn’t teach me because he hadn’t much time left.
It was also possible that I forgot though.

“Because, a man and a woman performing capacity unification, well, that is…” (Burkhart)

Although I think that it’s partially a strained interpretation, I can imagine it to be some kind of sex act.
If it’s fellow members of the opposite sex, it’s no more than a simple relationship of teacher and student, but that doesn’t seem to apply to a pair of lovers, a married couple or corresponding relationships.

“If it’s between men, it’s considered as genuine teacher and student relationship. In the case of a woman, if the other side is a sibling or her father, there won’t be any issues.” (Burkhart)

“Such a thing, even though the talent for magic isn’t hereditary…” (Wendelin)

As expected, there are many situations where the women of this world are at disadvantage.
No matter whether they are the teacher, it’s improper for them to carry out capacity unification if the other side isn’t a lover, fiancé or husband as woman.
If they do it nevertheless, the surroundings will consider them to be in such a relationship.

“There’s also no problem if you carry it out with your own children.” (Burkhart)

“Even so, that’s unrealistic.” (Wendelin)

“It’s very rare for parent and child to be magicians, too.” (Burkhart)

Which reminds me, previously I was asked by doushi to perform capacity unification with the royal magicians and a bunch of his apprentices, but I recalled that all of them were men.

“The exception is…” (Wendelin)

At that time I did a capacity unification with Luise.

“In my case it was decided that I will become your wife, Wend.” (Luise)

“Eh? Was that so?” (Wendelin)

And, before I noticed she joined the conversation as well.

“That’s because I had already decided for myself.” (Luise)

“I see.” (Wendelin)

I didn’t know about such custom at all, however the royal magicians, who did the capacity unification with me, naturally knew.
It seems that Luise decided to become my wife at that moment.

“Also…” (Wendelin)

Come to think of it, I did a capacity unification with Elise during our stay in the capital, too.
Unfortunately her mana didn’t rise overly much, but I remember that she stayed in bed for around 2 days with mana intoxication.
There were even Ina and Wilma too, but with the two having little mana to begin with, I didn’t perform a capacity unification with them since they were already at their limits.
People, who are treated as magicians with a mana capacity below elementary level, won’t do something like a capacity unification.

“Elise didn’t talk about that.” (Wendelin)

“She likely thought that you know. Since you will become married anyway, there’s no problem either. By the way, won’t you do a capacity unification with Katharina-jou-chan?” (Burkhart)

“Waah! With me!?” (Katharina)

Thinking that it depends on Katharina, I turn my look at her and for some reason she looks very agitated.
Moreover, her face was bright red.

“My intuition tells me that Katharina-jou-chan shouldn’t be able to win against Earl-sama in regards to mana quantity. Although I believe that it’s probably frustrating, it will increase the variety of magic and raise the precision since her mana capacity will rise up to the limit here…” (Burkhart)

Given that Burkhart-san has heard about the situation when Katharina met me for the first time, he believes that she won’t be able to actively ask for capacity unification due to the frustration of being inferior in mana capacity.
Capitalising on his experience of having taught many students, he persuaded her gently.

“You don’t want to?” (Burkhart)

“No… That’s not it…” (Katharina)

Katharina tried to bashfully face downwards while her face was still bright red.

“If that’s the case.” (Burkhart)

“Ummm! I will go take a bath and change my clothes before that!” (Katharina)

“Haa?” (Burkhart)

Once she suddenly blurts out something strange, Katharina returns to the Viscount Hohenheim residence at lightning speed.
Only Burkhart-san and me, who can’t comprehend the reason at all, are left behind.

“What’s this about?” (Wendelin)

“That jou-chan, just how low is her immunity towards men?” (Burkhart)

Even though she looks like she is leading men around by their noses with an unyielding spirit going by her appearance, with her just hearing that she will join hands with me for a capacity unification, she says stuff like taking a bath or changing clothes. She probably has absolutely no resistance towards men.

“Or rather, it’s probably in vain, if she is conscious of it.” (Burkhart)

“Is that how it is?” (Wendelin)

The adventurers she met before being with us, the male workers whom she met at the public works sites, doushi, Burkhart-san and me.
Since I didn’t catch sight of her being particularly shaken, I think that a shyness switch has been likely flipped at the time she became my fiancée.

“That jou-chan, won’t her head explode at the time of the bridal night?” (Burkhart)

“That probably won’t happen.” (Wendelin)

Around 30 minutes later, Katharina returns after entering the bath, putting on light make-up and sprinkling perfume on herself.
Even her attire isn’t the usual leather dress, but a expensive-looking silk dress.
With a faint rose perfume drifting about, Katharina’s beauty was emphasized, but Burkhart-san and me had question marks above our heads.
Why is it necessary to go that far for just a capacity unification?

“(Well, the capacity unification between a man and a woman is such a thing, however why is it necessary to dress oneself up?)” (Wendelin)

“(Who knows? Well, I guess it will be fine if you do a normal capacity unification?)” (Burkhart)

Katharina had some parts that were off after all, but, thinking that it’s cute, I carried out the capacity unification right away.




“Hey, Wend. Did you perhaps do something strange to Katharina in the garden…?”

“Not at all! I didn’t!” (Wendelin)

However, it seems that Katharina asked Ina about which of her several underwear would work well at the time of her changing clothes. Finishing the capacity unification and going back, I ended up being observed with strange eyes by her.


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