Chapter 70 – You lot finally came, huh…?

“Basically I’m able to do it. At the time when I release my hand from the nocked arrow, there are occasions when the aim is slightly off because of a slight shaking.” (Karla)

“I see.” (Wendelin)

Although they had caused such a disturbance, no messenger from Browig’s side has arrived yet.
Since it can’t be helped, we continued our protective occupation of a part of the east’s domain while immersing ourselves in killing time at the headquarters of the Earl Baumeister feudal army.
Thomas and the others were sent to the villages and cities, which we declared occupied, and spent every day busily leaving for the territories of the nobles, who were released on conditions. Moritz was occupied with assisting Margrave Breithilde in protecting the encampment.
However, we have quite a bit of spare time.
Although there are occasionally documents delivered together with the supply goods from my territory, it looks like they have a policy of not burdening me much at this point in time.
Nothing but the situation reports from Roderich arrived here.
The territory seems to be making good progress at the development even though they are still lacking manpower.
Once I check and sign those documents, I spend my days by training in magic or taking lessons in archery from Karla who’s already treated as a guest.
In reality I wanted to go hunting in the Demon Forest as well, but since it’s wrong to leave the headquarters during war time as one might expect, I used all my free time like this.
The one who is the most busy among us is Elise who has become a temporary priestess.
Although there’s no battle, there are occasionally injured people appearing due to work or hunting for the sake of food provisions. It goes without saying that there are sick people as well.
Ina trains her spearmanship in-between the preparations of meals and such.
Luise had time off?
She seems to be teaching the basics of the magic combat style to Wilma.

『Whoaa! You are quite talented…』 (Luise)

It was easy to regard Wilma as power fighter due to her hero syndrome, but in reality she was the technician type.
Her learning rate of the magic combat style is great, too. Being also taught stuff like archery and knife throwing techniques from Karla, she has been told that she has talent by Karla, too.

『Instead she doesn’t have any ability in leading soldiers though.』 (Moritz)

According to the assessment of Moritz, who’s her blood-related elder brother, she has absolutely no ability to lead soldiers as commander.
At any rate, as she excels in power and martial arts, the best way of using her efficiently is to currently have her guard Elise and me.

『Don’t release your mana all of sudden there. Imagine it as long stream of mana, just like a thin string, as much as possible.』 (Burkhart)

『Yes.』 (Katharina)

And Katharina received special training in magic from Burkhart-san.
Since she has little experience like me, she took lessons in mana control, she was weak at, for long periods every day.
Appropriate to her nickname 『Storm』, she seems to be best at firing off showy magic.

“Like this?” (Katharina)

“You are improving gradually.” (Burkhart)

It seems that Katharina is actually feeling the training to bear noticeably results. She is earnestly following the coaching from Burkhart-san.

“They are mostly hitting the central part of the target now.” (Karla)

“It’s a good style.” (Wendelin)

With merely 2~3 days of coaching, my archery skills improved to a degree that it was obvious to me, too.

“However, it was unexpected. For you to be skilled in archery in addition to magic.” (Karla)

“My family’s home is that shitty countryside after all.” (Wendelin)

I concealed my magic as long as possible in my childhood. I earnestly trained my archery after considering situations where I used up my mana.
Also there was something like an atmosphere at home of 『you must be at least able to use the bow well』.

“If you can’t catch prey, you won’t eat meat.” (Wendelin)

“It was the same for me, too.” (Karla)

The home of Karla’s mother in the capital is poor. It looks like the didn’t get to eat meat if she didn’t go catching prey with her bow.

“Otherwise the livelihood of a freeloader is quite limited.” (Karla)

In spite of expecting a small allowance from Margrave Browig, her grandparents, her uncle, who’s the family head, her aunt, her cousin, all of them without exception, treated her as nuisance.

“Having said that, since I was treated as non-existing person even in the Browig household…” (Karla)

Being called all of a sudden, she looked after her father, she doesn’t even love, and was forced as far as becoming a decorative Supreme Commander.
In all honesty, she wants to return to the capital quickly and earn money to support a livelihood with only her mother.

“Umm, how to say it…? Feel free to consult with me at any time…” (Wendelin)

I didn’t have any intention for her to become my wife, but once I saw a beautiful girl being struck with grief, I ended up opening my mouth just like that.
After all a beauty is a gain for the world, I think.

“Thank you very much.” (Karla)

After training for a while, it has become lunch time. We decide to eat lunch as Elise’s invitation came about.
It was a peaceful lunch as usual, however this was likely due to the successful large-scale Area Stun we did our best with.

“I want to go hunting.” (Ina)

“Yea, you’re right…”

Not just me but also Elise, Katharina and Karla reacted to Ina’s grumbling.
Going by Karla’s words, at such times she wants to leave even a minute earlier to go catching prey.
I can’t see her as daughter of a major noble at all, but since her livelihood wasn’t overly different from ours until now, it was proof of her job as Supreme Commander representative being nothing but something painful to her.

“If that’s the case, how about becoming an adventurer and going hunting in the Demon Forest with us, Karla-sama?” (Erwin)

“That’s a great idea.” (Karla)

Karla responded to Erw’s invitation, where one doesn’t know whether he’s joking or meaning it seriously, with a smile.

“If you go with us, you will be able to avoid risks quite well. Ah, yea, actually I’d like you to teach me archery as well.” (Erwin)

“Okay. That’s fine.” (Karla)

Keeping at it, Erw implores Karla to teach him archery and she accepts that without any particular hesitation.
After finishing lunch, Erw shot arrows at the target while happily receiving coaching from Karla.

“You are skilful as well, Erwin-san.” (Karla)

“I can’t win against you though, Karla-sama. It’s magnificent how skilled you are at teaching, too.” (Erwin)

Erw, who praised Karla’s archery skill, continues to chat cheerfully with her while showing a loose smile.

“That idiot…” (Ina)

“He’s incredibly easy to understand…” (Wendelin)

Ina, who spied on his state from a distant place together with me, noticed it after all.
The fact that Erw has fallen in love with Karla, that is.

“Let me see…” (Luise)

Next Luise looks at the situation of the two, but she noticed it right away as well since she had been associating with us for a reasonably long time now. Copyrighted by Infinite Novel Translations!

“Erw has a total crush on her.” (Luise)

Luise found fault with him from the bottom of her heart after having seen Erw’s dreamy look towards the beautiful Karla.
In the first place, Erw works as my guard.
Even if he doesn’t particularly do so, there’s no kind of problem since Moritz has deployed his subordinates in our camp, but to play hooky isn’t good either.

“Your teaching is skilful as well. Very different from Luise.” (Erwin)

“Really?” (Karla)

“Yes, if I compare her with you, it’s really just like 『day and night』, Karla-san.” (Erwin)

“That asshole…” (Luise)

Certainly, Karla was an archery genius who wasn’t just skilled herself but was also good at teaching others.
Luise, labelled as being bad at teaching by Erw, begins to send a sharp gaze at him while lowering her voice.
However, it didn’t reach Erwin, who is dyed in the colour of silliness, at all.

“Now, now, You are strong and cute, Luise (Erw you big fool).” (Wendelin)

Since Luise wouldn’t hesitate to give Erw a good beating at this rate, I began to soothe her in a hurry by hugging her gently from behind.

“The magic combat style and archery are different. I will make you my wife because I consider you cute, Luise. Something like the opinion of a third party, just ignore it.” (Wendelin)

“Is that so?” (Luise)

Although those were compliments which set one’s teeth on edge, I was relived in my mind since they apparently fixed Luise’s bad mood.

“Stupidity has its limits, too.” (Katharina)

“True. To begin with, it’s impossible.” (Ina)

Katharina and Ina had sharp tongues too.
For a retainer to fall in love with a daughter of a noble who has been made into a prisoner for form’s sake.
It would be permissible if it was a tale, but in reality it is nothing but a bother.

“Does he have hope, I wonder?”

As soon as they see it, anyone would understand, but Erw’s expression with his feelings towards Karla is foppish.
How pathetic, even though he was born with a better-looking face than me, he looks somewhat ugly because because of his overly sloppy expression.
It seemed like Katharina, who has taken a distance from Erw to begin with, regards him as someone creepy. Ina calmly reproaches Erw who has fallen in love with someone of a different social standing.
And there was me, but more than anything else I was bothered what Karla was thinking about this.
I thought that probably even Erw won’t do something strange or confess his feelings in this situation.

“Karla-sama is an adult, I believe. She shouldn’t be particularly aware of Erw.” (Wilma)

The one who answered exceedingly calm was the youngest among us, Wilma.
She seems to be poorly informed about the deeds between men and women who became lovers, but she is unexpectedly sensitive to the subtleties of men and women.

“Karla-sama understands that she is blessed with her current treatment. That’s why she answers Erw’s lechery expression with a smile.” (Wilma)

Wilma’s speech was unusually long, but its content was filled with a sharp and brief opinion.
To put it simply, Karla attends to Erw with a lip-service attitude.

“Is that so? Doesn’t it look like she isn’t as dissatisfied with it either?” (Wendelin)

“Wend-sama, I think you are still taking a woman’s discerning eye too lightly.” (Wilma)

“That’s harsh, Wilma-san.” (Wendelin)

I end up caving in somewhat within my mind due to Wilma’s pointer.

“Wilma-san, you are as direct as ever. It’s a love that won’t ripen anyway.” (Katharina)

Just as Katharina says, no matter how much she is treated as unwanted daughter, Karla is still the daughter of Margrave Browig.
There weren’t any expectations for her to become something like the wife of the retainer Erw.

“Wendelin-san, how about if we opened his eyes a bit?”

“He will likely sober up very soon anyway. Personally I feel like wanting to support him, but…” (Wendelin)

Now that it has come to this, my position as noble is a heavy burden.

“What do you think, Elise?” (Wendelin)

“Me!?” (Elise) This translation is owned by Infinite Novel Translations

As they thought that the diligent Elise wouldn’t do something like peeping by any means, everyone except me didn’t realize her presence.
When I called out to the secretly peeping Elise, she apparently didn’t expect to be found by me.
She answered while having a shrill and nervous voice.

“You like such things fairly well, too, Elise?” (Luise)

“Luise-san, even I have some interest in such things.” (Elise)

Elise, who answered Luise’s question while blushing, was quite adorable.

“After all Karla-san was someone drawing the attention of men at the time when she was in the capital.” (Elise)

Different from Elise and Katharina, Karla is a beauty that has a sense of translucence if described with few words. Even from my point of view, she is a type I like quite a bit.
Since her face is slightly plain, she has a beauty that is a bit nostalgic for me who is a Japanese.

“She is beautiful, has a good style and is skilled with things like cooking.”

“In Karla-san’s case, she diligently learned things such as domestic chores in the church until she returned to the Browig household.”

There are also the circumstances that her home, where she was free-loading at, can’t employ someone like a maid due to economical reasons. Apparently she was able to promptly do stuff like preparing meals after mingling with Elise and the others.
Of course she caught the attention of many men, but everyone ended up shrinking back after getting to know her lineage.
As things continued like that, she didn’t have many male figures at her side, it seems.

“They didn’t want to turn a Margrave into their enemy over a love of different social standings, huh?”

“Yes.” (Elise)

“Although he knew that, love has sprout in Erw?” (Wendelin)

“No, even so…”

Elise had recently quite a few chats with Karla during cooking and such in this place, but she heard that Karla desires sincerity from a man.

“It seems that the type of men she hates most are those like her father, Margrave Browig-sama.” (Elise)

Watching the treatment of her own mother, it’s likely difficult for her to look at Margrave Browig favourably.

“Erw is…”

Erw, who was taught womanising by Burkhart-san, might be considered to be lacking sincerity a bit.
Even Moritz’ group restrains themselves from talking about such things since there are many women in our encampment, but it’s not like they abstain completely from it either. Women are sensitive to such secret talks.
Karla will end up noticing it as well since Erw amuses himself by talking about juicy topics while drinking booze together with the other retainers to get quickly familiar with them as Erw’s situation is a bit special.

『Moritz-nii-san is a vulgar person.』 (Wilma)

『More or less all men are like that!』 (Moritz)

Since Karla ended up hearing the sad conversation between a certain elder brother and his younger sister a little bit ago, she might end up believing that Erw’s the same kind of man.
A certain elder brother being treated as filth by his younger sister, I remember the elder brother was on the verge of tears.

“What’s up with that guy? He’s making such sloppy face.” (Burkhart)

Moreover, showing his face at this place, Burkhart-san inspected Erw’s hopeless state while being astonished.

“He is troubled with love.” (Wendelin)

“How pitiful. Even if Erw-boy got a crush on her, Karla-sama will ward it off easily.” (Burkhart)

Once Burkhart-san, who has a rich amount of life experience, observes Erw, it can’t be seen as anything but the countdown to Erw’s broken heart.

“Even he should know that, I think, but… Ah, right.” (Burkhart)

“What happened?” (Wendelin)

“Tomorrow a negotiation team from the Browig household will come in order to negotiate the arbitration.” (Burkhart)

“Eh? Aren’t those major news?” (Wendelin)

I didn’t know what face they would be making having caused such an incident in the end after breaking off the arbitration negotiations that had commenced once, but with this it finally looked like the beginning of the end of the long-lasting dispute. Reading this anywhere but at Infinite Novel Translations means you are supporting thieves!

“I wonder whether it will go that well?” (Burkhart)

“There’s no meaning either way if we don’t start the negotiations first though.” (Wendelin)

“That’s certainly true, but…” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san’s worries became reality and weighed down on us the next day.




“As expected, they didn’t bring any military forces along?” (Wendelin)

“Even gathering them costs money after all.” (Burkhart)

Morning of the next day, the Margrave Browig household sent in a delegation to carry out the arbitration negotiations according to Burkhart-san’s report.
As the occupied territory increased, our allies are waiting in a large built tent to be used for the negotiations in the front line grasslands where our troops are stationed. The delegation arrives there together with around 100 guards.
However, the negotiations suddenly turn into one big failure.
Or rather than failing, they didn’t even start.

“I’m Philip von Browig.” (Philip)

“I’m Christoph von Browig.” (Christoph)

I expected it to some degree, but as there are two tops in Browig’s camp, both parties started to quarrel when Margrave Breithilde asked with whom he is supposed to negotiate.

“Being the eldest son, I will join the negotiations.” (Philip)

“What are you talking about!? Your failure led to this situation. I will be the one negotiating!” (Christoph)

Not just the two but even the retainers, both parties brought along, have started to argue.

“You lot, who planned something stupid like a war, have no qualifications to join the negotiations! Even before that, as everyone became prisoners, there’s only small fries attending from your side. Such a line-up is a discourtesy towards Margrave Breithilde-sama!”

“Didn’t you guys prepare the budget and goods without even any decent opposition at the beginning!? Then you changed your attitude quickly just as the war progress became disadvantageous! Simple bookworms should be silent!”

“Negotiations with idiots who have no brains and can only swing their swords? Don’t talk nonsense!”

“You are a retard who only behaves like an intellectual! You guys’ intelligence is just fake, isn’t it!?”

There were probably various problems, but they might not have shown such disgraceful behaviour if Margrave Browig were in good health.
Another problem is that only up to 20 people of both sides are allowed to participate in the negotiations.
Even so, given that both, Philip and Christoph, brought 20 retainers to attend, it ended up becoming a dispute without either side yielding.

“How about going with a 50-50 split?” (Breithilde)

As expected Margrave Breithilde was unable to keep watching and threw them a lifeline, but even that resulted in nothing but a new cause for quarrelling.

“Philip-sama, who has many of his feudal army staff members turned into prisoners, shouldn’t join the delegation of 10 people.”

“It’s an arbitration related to military movements! What do you intend with excluding Philip-sama who unifies the feudal army!? You guys have no merit other than signing documents! There’s no need for 10 of you to join the negotiations, right!?”

Since the negotiations wouldn’t start no matter how much time passed if things were left like this, Viscount Knappstein, who was unable to bear it any longer, recommended each side to enter the tent while taking half of their attendants along.
Not counting as part of either side’s numbers, he is a person who has a neutral position due to being sent by the kingdom.
The two, who felt that it would be bad for the negotiations to make him angry, entered the tent obediently after picking 10 retainers to attend with them.

“There’s the signing of the arbitration document before the negotiation, but…” (Knappstein)

“Father died five days ago. Won’t it be valid if both sides sign together?” (Christoph)

“It will.” (Knappstein)

Viscount Knappstein showed an agreeing expression due to Christoph’s reply.
However, the reason why they finally showed up here is because their father, Margrave Browig, died.
He was a person whose face I don’t know, however he was a somewhat pitiable man, I think.

“With this the negotiations can continue, however…”

Of course the previously presented arbitration draft is completely invalid.
That’s because the prerequisites changed completely.

“As a matter of fact, the nobles who joined Browig’s camp with their armies have…”

Due to the far too irresponsible manner of the Margrave Browig household, they cleverly declared that they will change their patron to Margrave Breithilde.
The negotiations about the reconciliation money for the disputed cases and the ransom hasn’t finished, but since the economy of their territories will fail if the dispute keeps prolonging like this, they returned to their territories after being released first.
And they will restore the state of the disputed cases to their pre-war state. Since it’s wrong for them to allow things like merchant groups of Browig’s camp to enter their territory due to their status of being occupied, they have agreed to trade with the south.

“The conditions have already changed. Please understand that aspect.” (Knappstein)

They, who were vassals of the Browig household before the war, have become vassals of Margrave Breithilde now.
All the disputed cases will be restored to their pre-war state. The nobles and soldiers, who became prisoners, will be released.
In other words, it signified that the domain controlled by the east ended up going north quite a bit. (T/N: Meaning they lost the southern parts due to the switch of the nobles)
And, moreover another cruel reality is thrust at them.

“Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean that the reconciliation money of my vassals, who attacked us, has been waived. It changed into the shape of me demanding the entire batch from you.” (Breithilde)

“The entire batch?”

“Well that’s only natural. After all there’s these document here.” (Breithilde)

What was grasped in Margrave Breithilde’s hand were more than 40 contracts, which were given to the former nobles of the Browig camp, stating that all the damages incurred due to the dispute would be covered by the Browig household.

“As they were opponents in the dispute, it will be wrong for them to not pay the reconciliation money to return the interests into their pre-war state. However, in this contract it’s written that the Browig household will cover for that. Based on the negotiations’ efficiency, it’s better for me to demand it all together in one go.” (Breithilde)

Since Margrave Breithilde has already paid the reconciliation money to the nobles before that, he will end up in the red if he doesn’t collect the debts.

“My vassals are…”

Moreover, the part beyond redemption for the Browig household’s side is the point that more than 40 noble households won’t ever work under them as vassals even if they pay the reconciliation money.
The have only lost money and their own ruled domain has ended up shrinking.
It’s unmistakable that the Browig household only lost out in this war.

“There’s also the ransom for the prisoners who were mainly captured by Earl Baumeister.” (Breithilde)

The prisoners over here have been already released and the management expenses for the prisoners, who are taken care of by our allied nobles, have been paid in advance.
Naturally, I will demand this share from the Margrave Browig household as well.

“In addition, there are 10.000 and oh 567 prisoners of the Browig feudal army. Quite a few of the cities and villages in the eastern domain are in a state of being occupied. To return these as well, it’s necessary for you to pay reconciliation money.” (Breithilde)

At the time of the first arbitration negotiation Viscount Knappstein estimated four hundred million cents.
However, in the current situation the same amount of money won’t suffice.
It should become a drastic increase in the amount of money.

“How much is it?” (Philip)

Philip, who finally opened his mouth, asks Margrave Breithilde.

“According to the calculations, it’s one billion cents.” (Breithilde)

“No way!”

Due to the excessive amount of money, both successor candidates become speechless.
However, even before that reckless night attack it was five (T/N: author means four here?) hundred million cents.
It likely can’t be helped that the increased amount has reached this level.

“No matter how you look at it, it’s far too high!”

“Still, it’s a big failure to such an extent. The increased amount is unavoidable.” (Knappstein)

“Special Envoy-dono, are you siding with Margrave Breithilde!?” (Philip)

Due to Viscount Knappstein’s comment, Philip snaps at him, but Knappstein answered calmly without changing his expression at all.

“Side with him? I don’t understand the meaning of what you are talking about. Prolonging the nonsense called 『dispute』 which is tolerated by the kingdom, you equipped real weapons and planned a night attack once the situation became disadvantageous in the first arbitration. Let me tell you clearly, the kingdom’s distrust towards the Browig household has become strong. Having a succession struggle is fine, but please make at least sure to not become a bother to other nobles. And, if you plan to say something like “return to the pre-war state without paying any reconciliation money” in this place, I won’t be able to agree to that as it will turn into a one-sided support of the Browig household’s side.” (Knappstein)

His tone was indifferent, but both succession candidates end up silent due to the merciless rebuttal of Viscount Knappstein.
Since there was also the possibility that he would have been killed in the night attack if it wasn’t prevented by us, he was probably highly offended.

“I think it might be possible to get a bit of debt reduction, but I believe it will be pointless even if we negotiate about the other matters. It’s the same with the separation of the vassals. The Browig household has the responsibility to pay their losses in accordance to those contracts, but they won’t return being vassals of the Browig household.”

Carrying out an unyielding occupation while using the fact that their vassals can’t refuse, they didn’t show their faces at the front lines as they were engrossed in their succession struggle.
There’s truly no other way but to express it as “they reap what the have sown.”

“Since today’s objective was to make introductions and to present the conditions, let’s wrap it up with this?” (Breithilde)

Even if they negotiate about the reduction of reconciliation money, it’s probably necessary to discuss it with the Browig household’s side.
Margrave Breithilde declared today’s negotiations to be finished and both sides broke up.




“They’d like to invite you to dinner, Earl Baumeister-sama.”

“Haa… invite, eh…?” (Wendelin)




Around one hour after the first days’ arbitration negotiation, we returned to our own encampment, but I received something like a warning from Margrave Breithilde during the return.

『It would be best for you to be careful, Earl Baumeister.』 (Breithilde)

『As I’m a youngster, they will go for my weak points?』 (Wendelin)

『That’s the point.』 (Breithilde)

A considerable part of the reconciliation money to be paid by Browig’s camp in the negotiation is the ransom of the nobles and soldiers I captured.
Due to that thoughtless night attack many of the leaders and elites of the Browig main army have been arrested.
If one adds this as well, the amount of money becomes enormous. Both succession candidates will likely try to decrease the sum of reconciliation money by specifically aiming at the young me.

『It will be quite difficult for them to reduce the reconciliation money to be paid to me. In your case they might consider it possible if they deceive skilfully.』 (Breithilde)

『It’s because I’m a youngster who has just become an adult. However, aren’t they forgetting the case of that rear disturbance operation?』 (Wendelin)

『That’s why. While that’s unofficial, they will apologize and present certain conditions instead.』 (Breithilde)

『Karla-san, huh…?』 (Wendelin)

As she’s close in age, they will present her, who’s the youngest daughter of the Browig household, to me as wife.
To the Browig family it will finish with them saying 『she is included as apology for the aforementioned manoeuvring』. If Karla becomes my wife, it will turn into a convenient matter for them, too.

『They will be able to join in on the Savage Lands development concessions. It’s would be strange to not lend money to your wife’s home, right?』 (Breithilde)

『I have no intention to make her my wife or such.』 (Wendelin)

She isn’t a bad girl, but her relatives are more than too bad.
Even without that, my true opinion was that I wanted to prevent the intervention of such people since my territory is just being established right now.

『She will probably be bewildered as well.』

I have her teach me archery. I think that Karla herself is a good girl as she helps with things like preparing the meals together with Elise and the others, but even so, marriage was something completely different.
She is a good girl who is able to consider the people she speaks with, but saying that in reverse, it’s also a breeding ground for causing misunderstandings like with Erw.
For some reason Erw fell selfishly in love with her, but it’s not like she is in love with him. It can be regarded as her having an interaction between adults.
However, there’s also the possibility that she is really harbouring good will towards him. Judging that is difficult for me who has a low love score.

『Please don’t get deceived.』 (Breithilde)

『Of course.』 (Wendelin)

Separating from Margrave Breithilde I move to our own encampment.
The negotiation team of the Margrave Browig household with a total amount of 150 people put up their encampment close to Margrave Breithilde’s main army.
As there will be negotiations every day from now on, they chose a close-by place. As the situation has deteriorated to such extent, you might say that they aren’t expecting to get attacked or assassinated in reverse.
Although I think that they’ve got quite some nerves, I wished they had demonstrated that judgement a lot faster.
When thinking about such matters, Moritz shows up. He brought news that the Browig household wanted to invite me to dinner.
After waiting for a while, an official messenger from the Browig household’s side arrived and handed me a written invitation.

“Got it. We will visit.” (Wendelin)

“Thank you very much.”

The elderly man, who acts as messenger, returns to the encampment of the Browig household while showing a relieved expression.

“Isn’t that dangerous?” (Moritz)

“Not really.” (Wendelin)

If they kill me in this place, the Browig household will definitely lose their peerage.
By no means I wanted to believe that they didn’t think that far ahead.

“Guards will accompany me.” (Wendelin)

“Erwin, do you understand?” (Moritz)

“Yes.” (Erwin)

Moritz makes sure that Erw definitely carries out his role as guard.
The current Erw was always silly due to his crush on Karla, but it apparently didn’t go as far as him forgetting his job.

“By the way, this written invitation is…” (Moritz)

Moritz, who gazed at the written invitation he received from me, noticed a certain important aspect.

“The sender is Philip-dono.” (Moritz)

“U~~~~mm, in other words…” (Wendelin)

“Tomorrow a written invitation from Christoph-dono will arrive?” (Moritz)

“That’s right, isn’t it…? It will be intense for two days in a row…” (Wendelin)

If they at least invited me together, I cursed at the two succession candidates in my mind.




“I’m happy that you came.”

“Let me treat you without reservation.”

Evening that day I went out in order to attend the dinner party sponsored by the Browig household.
Conveying this to Margrave Breithilde, the ones who entered the enemy camp were Erw, me and four guards who were designated by Moritz.
Also, thinking that it’s likely better if there was a woman as well, Luise is participating while likewise acting as guard.
If it’s her, she probably will defeat several enemies with margin even if something happens.

『Besides, I think that Elise will be in danger.』

I shouldn’t be poisoned, but there was the possibility of drugging Elise.
The poisoning wouldn’t be the objective but the goal would be to serve Elise, who will be my legal wife in future, secretly a poison that makes her unable to give birth to children.
Although it’s quite rare to obtain, such poison does in fact exist.
Anticipating the worst possibility, Luise participated this time.

『In my case I can sense poison to some extent.』 (Luise)

『What’s with that ability?』 (Wendelin)

She’s completely like a certain end of century saviour.

『Once one persists in doing martial arts to some extent, one’s senses will become sharp.』 (Luise)

It’s not everything, but it looks like it’s possible to sense poison contained in food and such with a high probability.

『Is it something like a identify spell?』 (Wendelin)

『If the two of us are careful, there’s likely no way for us to eat poison. Isn’t that right, Karla?』 (Luise)

『I pray that Philip-nii-sama doesn’t go that far.』 (Karla)

Leaving Karla, who has a somewhat stiff expression, we join the place of the dinner sponsored by Philip.
The small scale encampment, constructed by the Browig household, was filled with two large tents because of the antagonism between the two succession candidates.
The second son, Christoph is probably in the large tent we didn’t enter.

“Since it’s an encampment, I can’t show you splendid items though.” (Philip)

Since the circumstances are as they are, Philip interacted with me, who is 20 years younger than him, politely.

“Since I’m usually working as adventurer, you don’t have to mind it.” (Wendelin)

“I believe that I have understood your ability well.” (Philip)

The eldest son of the Browig household, Philip, was owner of a well-trained, compact body with a height of around 185 cm.
He seems to excel in military ability, but since we have seen the disgrace of the Browig army in front of our eyes, it won’t work even if he tries to make us swallow that story.
Going by his looks, he was a neat person.
Without this time’s failure, I might have associated with him normally.
Compared to Minister Edgar and the Armstrong family, including doushi, he isn’t a 『strong』 person.

『Philip? That guy is an excellent general candidate.』 (Edgar)

Before the dinner I procured information through the magical hand-held communication device from Minister Edgar, but not many insults towards Philip came over his lips.

『However, when it comes to being a feudal lord…』 (Edgar)

It appears that he will be able to be quite successful if it’s as appointed noble of the military department, but it will be hard for him to rule as feudal lord.
Even the person himself has admitted that repeatedly, but since there’s no way for him to say that in front of his maternal relative and his retainers, who wish for him to become the next feudal lord, he has no other choice but to display a manner of disputing with his younger brother from a different mother on the surface.
“Isn’t that the real situation?” Minister Edgar guessed.

『And, what about that major incident?』 (Wendelin)

『That was likely done by that idiot Kodowien being impatient.』 (Edgar)

Kodowien was the elderly chief retainer who was in charge at the first arbitration.
It seems that he acts as Junior Commander and his daughter is the legal wife of Philip.

『Does he wield influence as maternal relative in the Margrave Browig household?』 (Wendelin)

『It’s a common dream to be the chief retainer of an upper noble household. On the contrary, causing a debacle that’s very likely to make him lose his current job, he probably did that to gloss it over somehow.』 (Edgar)

There’s no point in doing that if it costs close to 100 people their lives.
No matter how much he might be a maternal relative, with that grand failure it means that his career is finished at this point. Currently he is a prisoner.
He will probably be disposed of if he returns to the Browig household, but we had no intention to tell him to accompany us.

『If Philip comes to the capital, I will be troubled once he does stupid thinks like asking me for a big favour or wanting me to actively mediate for him. I will be completely hated if I helped Philip in this place.』 (Edgar)

If he leaves the territory unable to become the feudal lord, he will assist him with re-employment, but if he intervened wrongly in this situation, the sparks will even spread to him.

『I believe that it will become a huge amount of reconciliation money, but I guess there’s no other choice but to pay it. At worst they will probably get an order to liquidize their property. Since they can’t be shut down anyway, they won’t have any choice but to accept it obediently.』 (Edgar)

『Order to liquidize property』 is simply put about going temporarily bankrupt.
As the debt is considerable, an appointed noble of the finance department will be dispatched by the kingdom as third party administrator for a noble household, which cannot be afforded to be shut down, even by the kingdom, and they will suffer large restrictions in the budget plans until the debts are repaid to a certain degree.
The reason for such system to exist is that the local region will be plunged into chaos if an important noble vanishes all of a sudden.
Although it has a generous feeling, an important noble of the province, who received an 『Order to liquidize property』, will be nothing more than a pet dog of the kingdom.
Besides, the matter of adopting it is equal to being told 『You are incompetent as feudal lord』.

『He has probably no option but to yield the seat of next feudal lord to Christoph. That’s because he destroyed himself on his own accord. Even if it’s the rampaging of his retainer, who is his father-in-law, he bears the same crime as he wasn’t able to restrain his retainer. It’s the best move for me to take care of the troubles and be responsible for him, but…』 (Edgar)

However, although that move is good for Philip, it means that the retainers, who supported no one but him, will be at worst plunged into the danger of unemployment. It seems that Minister Edgar believes that there’s no guarantee that it won’t kick up a fuss if he sets up Philip’s son as successor with 『Because he is my picked-up grandson』 by tomorrow.

『Everyone is at their wit’s end.』 (Edgar)

Even if the Margrave Browig household is shut down and other nobles are relocated there to take direct control of the area, it will be unavoidable for there to be chaos for a while.
Given that they would be bound to provide a lot of money, to say nothing about getting no profit from it, the important appointed nobles of the central government were actually reluctant to shut the household down and take its property.
If it was a small fry, they would likely have shut it down and taken it all without hesitation though.
If going by Japanese standards, it’s the same reason why ○ Electric Power Co. and ○IE can’t be shut down. (T/N: First is Tepco aka Tokyo Electric Power Co., second I don’t know)

『Do you want to become a landed noble, Minister Edgar?』 (Wendelin)

『No. I’m not fit to govern.』 (Edgar)

Marquis and Margrave.
The way of calling them is different, but even though they should hold the same rank, Marquis, which is only an appointed noble rank, loses out in number of retainers and possession of assets.
Therefore, even if he were ordered to relocate, it would be unlikely for him to be capable of governing.
Rather, it was possible that unnecessary chaos would spread if the former retainers and soldiers rebelled.

『(It sounds like a story. Even if a protagonist was to be suddenly given a large territory, that would be unreasonable as well.)』 (Wendelin)

Even we are always troubled by the lack of manpower since developing the vast Savage Lands.

『If they say something disagreeing about the reconciliation money being too high, make them shut up by seizing a mine or their tax revenue.』 (Edgar)

『That’s an unyielding view.』 (Wendelin)

『That’s because the other side is completely at fault here. For us it’s fine if we can control the East and leave a certain scale to the Margrave Browig household. No one will complain if the debt is reduced a bit.』 (Edgar)

Although we had such a chat, I was actually asked by Minister Edgar to not mention it to Philip.
If it was just a problem of Philip, it would end at once with him renunciating his succession rights, but it will become fatal if there’s faulty guidance from outside because the retainers are involved in it.

“Well, please take a seat over there.” (Philip)

Sitting down at the head of the prepared table as offered by Philip, Luise sits down next to me in her role as my wife.
Erw stands diagonally behind me and is cautious of assassins and such. The other guards did the same.
It could be said that this much precaution was natural as we were still mutual enemies without even having agreed on an arbitration draft.

“Let’s toast first.” (Philip)

Since he’s a person from the military department, his energy might come from being an athletic type.
After toasting with wine at once, the full course meal starts with hors d’oeuvre.
As for the quality of the food, relatively magnificent dishes came out for being on a camp-ground.
As expected, is that the feeling of an 『country man』 who controls the east?

“Even in the east I heard the rumours. That you are a splendid magician who defeated two dragons.” (Philip)

There was no way for him to talk about the recent war as it was a dinner party with the goal of befriending me. He switched the topic to the story about my dragon slaying and such.
And, if it’s that noble, it indispensable for him to talk about the martial arts tournament  once, too.

“I lost in the fifth round of the preliminaries. Should I say that it’s preferable for the son of a noble?” (Philip)

Drinking wine, we continue a suitable chat while eating the dishes of the full meal course that appear one after the other.
However, since he doesn’t talk about the recent war after all, I ask myself the question why I’m in this place and for what sake.
Even though Luise is cautious, she eats plentifully unfitting for her small build. Erw’s group continued to monitor the surroundings as well.


Although the possibility of poisoning and assassination not happening was almost 100%, it can’t be helped since it’s their job. Copyrighted by Infinite Novel Translations!
After finishing the dinner with desserts, we are having a chat while drinking an after-meal tea and that topic comes up after all.

“Don’t you have any intention to take our Karla as wife, Earl Baumeister-dono?” (Philip)

It seems that he is trying to force Karla onto me as wife as expected.

“In this situation the opposition from Margrave Breithilde might be strong. As it’s impossible to begin with…” (Wendelin)

It’s quite likely that there will be once again a war over the concessions for the Savage Lands development.
If things don’t go well, it’s probable for there to be interference from Margrave Breithilde as well.
Currently his relationship with me is favourable, but there are also parts where even he won’t yield.

“Won’t you at least try thinking about it?” (Philip)

It will become an issue if he tries to push it onto me forcibly, but right now Karla is a prisoner of the Earl Baumeister household.
Her treatment was based on her being a guest, but he might be thinking that she can fall in love with me one way or the other.

“(By no means will he extend the negotiations with that as goal, will he?)” (Wendelin)

Ending the dinner, we return to our own encampment.
And, the next day I was invited to a dinner sponsored by Christoph as expected.

“They are really on bad terms with each other. Usually it would end with just one time, right…?” (Erwin)

Continuing from yesterday, Erw, who is in charge of my guarding, sighed together with the other guards.

“Who will go today?” (Wendelin)

“Of course I will pass.” (Luise)

We haven’t married yet, but it’s absolutely necessary for me to be accompanied by a fiancée again since we are engaged to each other. However Luise refused as the very first as she attended yesterday.

“Well, Ina then?” (Wendelin)

“Fine with me. But I might not know overly much about the taste of food…” (Ina)

Since Luise is a genius in a certain way, she has the boldness to ask for a second serving of desserts while continuing her lookout even if she is invited to the dinner of an important noble household.
However, since Ina is the serious type, she will become extremely nervous in such place.

“It looks like there’s something disagreeing with you.” (Wendelin)

“To be honest…” (Ina)

“It’s troublesome for me as well… Since it’s not allowed to not act according to etiquette, I’m going there reluctantly.” (Wendelin)

I’m able to eat at any time if it’s something delicious. Since he will just ask me to take Karla as my wife again anyway, even I’m fed up with it.

“How about you, Wilma?” (Wendelin)

“I’m fine because our side’s food is delicious.” (Wilma)

“Is that so…?” (Wendelin)

Given that the Browig household is the household of an upper noble, they will serve good dishes, but they were unrelated to the new art of cooking and the new ingredients such as soy sauce, miso, mayonnaise and chocolate since they don’t trade with us.
Therefore I don’t think she wants to eat it very much as the contents of the dishes have no great difference to the party menus of nobles she attended in the capital.

“How about you, Elise?” (Wendelin)

“I will refrain this time.” (Elise)

Elise, who is my future legal wife, usually accompanies me a lot of times.
Thus there’s actually another reason for her to refrain.

“If you take Elise along, she will be persuaded.”

It’s very likely that he will reach out to Elise to manoeuvre and persuade her for the sake of marrying Karla to me.
That’s because she will manage the inner circle of the Baumeister household in future.

“If I go, it might become too troublesome…” (Elise)

“Well then, what to do about this…?” (Wendelin)

Of course there’s one more candidate and moreover she is facing me with an expression that shows that she wants to attend very much while waiting and seeing how the situation develops.
I don’t know what’s so enjoyable about such dinner that she wants to go there, but there’s likely some kind of amusement for her there.

“The lasr one is…” (Wendelin)

“There’s no other way. At this point I will…” (Katharina)

“Luise, though it’s difficult with two day in a row.” (Wendelin)

“Why Luise again when you are looking at me!?” (Katharina)

The reason is simple. As Katharina wants to go that badly, I just ended up teasing her.

“It’s a joke. But, do you want to go that much?” (Wendelin)

“I have been unrelated to such parties and dinners…” (Katharina)

It seems that she is yearning for them as it’s an unknown for her.

“Well, then let’s leave it to Katharina?”

“Please entrust it to me. The dinner will become a success due to my elegance.” (Katharina)

She might be completely misunderstanding something, but I decide to not mind it since we will just go there to have a meal.
And then, evening of that day.
Since it’s soon time, we decide to leave towards the encampment of the Browig household.

“Wendelin-san. I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.” (Katharina)

“Oi…” (Wendelin)

Somehow I had a bad premonition, but Katharina got terribly fired up and thoroughly dressed herself up.
She changed into a bright red dress, which that had an amount of frill attached while using silk generously, wore a horseshoe-shaped hair-band, that had lots of real jewels instead of her usual magic gems embedded, had many gemmed accessory types such as rings and wore high heels.

“A perfect full dress…” (Wendelin)

Even though it would have been plenty with an ordinary dress since we are currently in times of war and moreover in the fields, she had an attire as if she was going to a party hosted by the royal family.

“I tried to stop her. I told her that Luise also wore an ordinary dress yesterday…” (Ina)

Ina, who helped with Katharina’s dressing, sighed.
Luise, Katharina and Wilma.
Since each of the three has her own liberal ways, damage occasionally befalls upon the serious Ina.

“Isn’t it fine since it’s not like I’m particularly in the wrong here…?” (Katharina)

“Well, then let’s go.” (Wendelin)

Because Katharina isn’t going unwillingly but looking forward to it, that’s probably the sole salvation, I guess?
Sure enough it’s hard for her to walk in grassland since she is wearing high heels, thus she is pretending to walk elegantly while floating slightly above the ground with 『Flight』.
From my standpoint it’s a waste of mana, but for Katharina it seems to be something important.

“Thank you very much for following our invitation.”

As there’s another butler meeting us as today’s dinner is hosted by Christoph, it appears that both of them are staying at two different places even in the encampment.
It’s inefficient, but you can also say that it’s inevitable since their relationship is twisted.

“She’s my fiancée.” (Wendelin)

“I’m called Honorary Associate Baroness Katharina Linda von Waigel. Thank you very much for extending your invitation to us today.” (Katharina)

Even though everyone is dressed ordinarily as the location is in the fields, only Katharina has her body wrapped up in a frilly, expensive dress.
Although it was only perfect with her floating, it doesn’t seem like the person herself minds at all.

“She is…”

Noisy voices are raised by the retainers who met her.
It’s because they noticed that she is the wizard who captured the employed magicians of the Browig household. Read this at Infinite Novel Translations!
One part of the people there are showing an expression of feeling disappointed, but from their point of view they might have a feeling of 『The magicians we gathered at great troubles were done in by such flashy woman…』.

“I’m glad to meet you. I’m Christoph von Browig.” (Christoph)

The second son, Christoph, whom I see for the first time, was a person with a slight thin line-like liberal arts body.
Also, there’s nothing else special about him, or rather…
I can’t regard him as anything but a normal person just a bit before his mid-life.

“I’m thankful for you having followed my invitation today.” (Christoph)

I think he wants a quick agreement on the arbitration draft. Since it has been decided that he will tell me that he wants me to take Karla as my wife anyway, it’s in truth troublesome to interact with him.
Though there was no way for me to voice that out.

“Well, here’s your seat.” (Christoph)

Christoph politely guides us to our seats.
Once we sit down, the dishes are immediately brought in, but the menu was almost the same.

『I think similar dishes will be served. After all they are an upper noble household. The menu of dishes to entertain guests has been mostly decided.』

Depending on the season, they are usually preparing several patterns as well, but this place is unfortunately an outdoor encampment.
The Browig household, which is capable to serve a full course menu in such place, had the impression of an important noble as expected, but it’s also something intolerable for the body to have the same meal two days in a row.

“(At least go and ask your elder brother what he served!)” (Wendelin)

If that was possible, he likely wouldn’t be in dispute with his brother up to this point.

“As expected of a dinner by the Margrave Browig household.” (Katharina)

“It’s an honour to receive your praise, madam.” (Christoph)

“I’m still his fiancée…” (Katharina)

For  me it’s two days in a row but for Katharina it is the first time to eat the dishes. Moreover it’s the first time for her to be at such place.
Just like a country bumpkin, who visited a sight-seeing area for the first time, she enjoyed the food and the conversation.
Katharina, who has become embarrassed from being called madam, was cute, but the slightly too festive Katharina is drawn in by Christoph to a certain extent.
However that was convenient for me at today’s occasion.

“(Katharina, please enjoy it a lot. So that Christoph won’t start talking about that.)” (Wendelin)

My wish was honoured by heaven and Christoph wasn’t able to talk about Karla’s matter in the end.
Because he wielded the topic to Katharina, who is a renown magician, her big solo performance ended up starting.

“At the time when I went out hunting for the first time, a huge bear monster came attacking. I brought it down by blowing it up in the air with a tornado spell in panic. Then I finished the other monsters in the vicinity by blowing them away with wind magic. Thus everyone called me 『Storm』.” (Katharina)

“Hahaha… Is that so?” (Christoph)

In the end her solo performance continued until the end of the dinner party and Christoph had a cramped expression as he couldn’t bring up the crucial matter.
Without doubt he is believing that I brought along Katharina anticipating this.
As expected, that was something called overestimating me too much though.

“It was fun.” (Katharina)

“That’s true. I’m thankful to you today, Katharina.” (Wendelin)

“Huh?” (Katharina)

Katharina, who was puzzled why I was thankful to her, was a bit cute after all.
And, without being able to understand what kind of meaning they had, the dinners for two days in a row finished safely.


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