Chapter 66 – Even while victory is estimated, it continues tediously

“However, they aren’t coming, you know…”

“Who isn’t?”

“The messenger to begin the arbitration.”

It’s one month since the dispute with the Margrave Browig household and the nobles, who are touching the border and who are below their control, has started.
The war situation was overwhelmingly advantageous for our side, but the stand-off between the two main armies continued as usual.
For around a week there hasn’t been any particular changes in the progress of the war at all.
The young knights do one-on-one battles and the employed magicians have magic duels.
Even that has come completely to a stop. There are no knights, who do it for the sake of entering government service, and mercenaries, who want to do the same, anymore.
They have finished the appeal time during the unexpectedly long confrontation of armies. Because they fell through the employment examinations which I started for the sake of disturbing Browig’s camp, we left the battlefield as there’s no further meaning in staying there.
Their dream is to serve some noble household.
If this place is no good, they will move to the next place.
As result of that, the numbers dropped by 500 in total for both armies.
Since they will come to appeal if they are just given food and a place to sleep, the noble’s camp uses the mercenaries to cheaply boost their numbers.
However, in reverse the the mercenaries will disappear right away if it’s in vain.

“They are probably reluctant because they can expect an overwhelmingly disadvantageous arbitration.” (Wendelin)

“Even if you say that, it has already reached the limit.” (Breithilde)

In this era of no wars they are stationing military forces of several thousand people for a month.
In addition there are things like rewards for the knights who excelled at the one-on-one battles.
As the expenses for that aren’t little at all, something like a confrontation of armies for over a month almost never happened in the past.

“Even if the expenses can’t be helped, the royal family will get impatient soon.” (Breithilde)

From the point of view of the royal family, which desires a stable reign of Helmut Kingdom, they will shut their eyes if it’s a short term confrontation of armies because of a dispute over concessions, but since it might turn into a real war if it’s dragged on for too long, there’s the possibility of them coming to intervene.
Of course, if they intervene, it will mean that it’s a crucial situation which will thin down the individuality of the provinces.
The Margrave Browig household and the Margrave Breithilde household will likely receive suitable damage.

“That’s why I’d like them to show up soon.” (Breithilde)

“Margrave Browig is ill though.” (Wendelin)

“Yes.” (Breithilde)

Margrave Browig being on the sickbed and him not leading his army in this time’s dispute has already become a known truth.
If you ask why, that’s because it was us who caught hold of that information.
That was something that happened several days after the one-on-one battles had begun.




『It’s an exchange of prisoners.』

『Yes. I don’t know if it’s possible for important people, but mercenaries and lower ranks won’t turn into money.』

It’s the fifth day of one-on-one battles in a sham battle style carried out between both armies.
The result was mostly even.
Since it takes money to keep prisoners for both sides as well, an exchange of prisoners will be carried out by both armies once the day finishes.
Calculating the ransom they can get, they exchange in order starting from those who are unprofitable and return them.
Even that elder brother of Thomas was immediately returned to Browig’s camp.
Although he is pretty much a knight, he was returned right away because he is the next family head of an insignificant retainer household.
That means his treatment is low as he is a retainer knight appointed by a noble and not a Knight appointed by the kingdom.

『If it’s important households, including retainers, the family head and their successor won’t participate in the one-on-one battles. I guess it’s related to their family status and economic situation.』 (Klaus)

『It’s as Klaus-dono says. My former master’s household is a poor retainer household of the degree that it can be seen as wealthy.』 (Thomas)

The ones who have been returned in the prisoner exchange aren’t the nobles and their retainers, which were caught by us, but only mercenaries and low-ranking retainers who became prisoners in the one-on-one battles. One won’t receive something like ransom from mercenaries. The ransom for retainers will become the burden of their lord’s household, but someone at the level of Thomas’ elder brother isn’t anything special with around 5 gold coins in ransom.
As it’s necessary to take care of the captured prisoners, torture and mistreatment is naturally prohibited.
It’s also necessary to raise the level of treatment depending on their social status. Those, who won’t turn into money, are quickly exchanged for those of the same level.
By the way, those, who were returned, aren’t allowed to participate in the one-on-one battles of the current dispute anymore.
Since they are judged to be dead, they won’t get any acknowledgement from their lord’s household either. It’s a war where people won’t die, but with the fact of them having lost the rare opportunity to display their own strength in the dispute, it was a state similar to having died for those who were defeated.

『Thoma’s nii-san was downhearted.』 (Wendelin)

Even Thomas’ elder brother returned to Browig’s camp with an expression as if the world had ended.

『The merit of having sold me is written off with this.』 (Thomas)

『Thomas-dono, there’s no need for you to mind it. It’s the problem of another household.』 (Klaus)

『That’s right. It’s already the problem of another household.』 (Wendelin)

Even while saying that, Thomas saw his elder brother, who goes back due to the prisoner exchange, off with a complicated expression.

『The information that Thomas’ group has been employed by master will spread to Browig’s camp from that gentleman. I wonder what kind of face they will make?』 (Klaus)

It’s not planned for them to become material for the negotiations, but the other side should be completely frightened.
That’s because I myself know about the truth of the rebellion in the Knight Baumeister territory.
However, Klaus, who says that while showing a smile as if he’s enjoying it, is after all a crafty man, I think.

『Let’s give it another try at doing some intelligence gathering.』 (Klaus)

Klaus continues with a proposal, but my face has a cramp due to the viciousness of the plan.

『Isn’t that foolish? Won’t they get killed?』 (Wendelin)

『Why? The new government servant unit isn’t related to the Margrave Browig household in any way, are they?』 (Klaus)

In order to investigate the state of Browig’s side, one of the new government servants will lose in the one-on-one battles on purpose and have an audience with Margrave Browig as prisoner.

『Even if one of them were to be killed to erase any evidences, we still have more than 20 left on our side. Moreover the person himself, who became a prisoner, can claim that they are the retainer of master with a different family name. If they killed him, it would become a big problem.』 (Klaus)

It will become a violation of the battlefield rules in this era.
If one goes further, Margrave Browig is a high-ranking noble.
That moves’ reputation will be what worries him most.

『Since that’s the worst case, I will recruit candidates after properly explaining the risks. Therefore, in case of a success…』 (Klaus)

『You want me to hand over a reward, right?』 (Wendelin)

『Yes. Including a risk bonus though.』 (Klaus)

I won’t give them a letter of commendation since they formally lost in the one-on-one battle, but it’s fine if I give a somewhat larger rewards since it’s a dangerous mission, Klaus suggests.

『I shall carry it out at once then.』 (Klaus)

Klaus explained my plan to the new unit.
This will shake up Browig’s camp and it will be a mission for the sake of gathering information that isn’t known by other prisoners.

『Officially you will become a prisoner after having lost in an one-on-one battle. There won’t be any letter of commendation, but I asked master to definitely promise a larger reward.』 (Klaus)

After quietly listening to Klaus’ explanation, a young, small man from among the new unit volunteers.

『I’m Nikolaus Frauke. My previous family name was Brieger.』 (Nikolaus)

『I believe that you have heard the details from Klaus.』 (Wendelin)

『I’m thankful for having been given the opportunity to carry out such a very efficient task.』 (Nikolaus)

The man’s way of talking was amusing.
According to Thomas he isn’t very strong in the noble’s usual preferences in martial arts like swordsmanship and spearmanship, but he is an existence like a mood-maker since he has a bright character.
He appears to be a man who exhibits unexpected ability in things like the accounting and management of the new unit’s materials.

『I’m poor at swordsmanship. Thus it’s difficult to obtain achievements which are necessary for a successful career with just simple military exploits.』 (Nikolaus)

『There’s the risk that you might get killed though.』 (Wendelin)

『That’s almost non-existent, I think. I will survey the other side in a surprising way.』 (Nikolaus)

Nikolaus, who is a cheerful youth, had an one-on-one battle with a knight of Margrave Browig’s followers according to our instructions and became a prisoner of the other side after losing on purpose.
The Margrave Browig main army is mixed with several other household’s feudal armies ranging from Baron households to Viscount households. Since they won’t withdraw before Margrave Browig does if they lose to a knight from our side, Klaus had prepared to lose on purpose in order to aim for those knights.

『I have just returned.』 (Nikolaus)

Nikolaus, who lost in the one-on-one battle first thing in the morning, came back through the prisoner exchange in the evening.
As expected, the Browig household’s side apparently considered that there wouldn’t be any meaning in killing just Nikolaus at this point in time. He, who was treated like a small-fry, returned safely.

『Was it safe?』 (Wendelin)

『Yes, they provided a good meal. Though it’s inferior to the food provided here.』 (Nikolaus)

『Ours is made by Elise’s group after all.』 (Wendelin)

『I think that makes a very big difference.』 (Nikolaus)

Fortunately Nikolaus wasn’t acquainted with the knight he had a one-on-one battle with.
Once he returned to the stronghold of the Browig army while leading Nikolaus with bragging triumph, it turned into an uproarious atmosphere within the stronghold.

『The matter, that I was sacrificed in order to cause a rebellion in the Baumeister territory, isn’t known by anyone but the higher-ups of my family and the retainers of the Browig household.』 (Nikolaus)

The people, who know about the original Nikolaus and the others, were apparently told that they were disinherited and expelled because of bad behaviour.
If you think about it for a bit, you will likely notice that something’s strange, but even they don’t have such leeway either.
Given that they don’t have the courage to fall into disgrace by pointing out to the ones above that something’s weird, they simply looked at Nikolaus from a distance and talked in whispers.

『I guess they wondered whether I’m working as mercenary now, but unfortunately the sword and the armour…』 (Nikolaus)

Because of participating in a joint army, we hurriedly attached our crest to our equipment.
If it’s a mercenary, they won’t have a crest on their weapons and armour.
Although Nikolaus should have been disinherited and chased out, he had officially become a retainer of the Earl Baumeister household for some reason.
From their point of view, it’s something that won’t lack in material to whisper about as much as they like.

『We were able to plant a nice seed among the Browig household.』 (Klaus)

Certainly, it ought to kick up a convenient fuss as expected if the retainers of the Browig household are shilly-shallying.
If one goes even further, the war situation has become overwhelmingly disadvantageous for the Browig’s side because of me joining the army.
In addition, Nikolaus, who should have been disinherited, has become my retainer.
One can say that this largely contributed to the drop in morale alongside the distrust towards the top brass.
However, Klaus, who is able to say something like having planted a seed with a smile, gave me somewhat a feeling of wanting to draw back from him.

『So? What about Margrave Browig?』 (Wendelin)

『That part is suspicious.』 (Nikolaus)

Usually, if a knight follower brings back a prisoner after winning in an one-on-one battle, it’s a rule for the noble himself to grant the winner an audience.
Listening to the name of the prisoner himself and his lord, he will write a letter of commendation right there after approximately deciding the prisoner’s social status and hand out the reward.
However, Nikolaus was apparently received by the staff of the feudal army.

『That’s certainly strange.』 (Klaus)

Klaus was puzzled as well.

『Even if it’s a small fry like me, I have directly met with Margrave Breithilde-sama, who is from a distant world, and received his words of praise and was given a reward by him.』 (Thomas)

Because it’s the earning of rewards by achievements and not simple wages, it was a rule for the noble himself to do it, no matter how busy they might be.

『The reason why Margrave Browig didn’t appear was?』 (Wendelin)

『Because he’s busy.』 (Nikolaus)

Because Nikolaus introduced himself as my retainer with a different family name in a calm manner at that location, the expressions of the top brass of the feudal army apparently changed into a colour of bewilderment.
Although I was able to seize evidence of the rebellion, it wouldn’t be any kind of solution even if they killed Nikolaus now.
The reason is because before that Thomas has captured his elder brother in an one-on-one battle and introduced himself with a different family name.

『They shamelessly asked me things like what kind of position I have in the Earl Baumeister household though.』 (Nikolaus)

Once the audience ended and while he was waiting for his time to return through the prisoner exchange, he learned of something even more strange.

『I asked the other of our allies who became prisoners, but…』 (Nikolaus)

They were apparently properly received by Margrave Browig himself.

『I see, perhaps.』 (Klaus)

『Margrave Browig isn’t among those troops.』 (Nikolaus)

Nikolaus’ opinion is coinciding with Klaus’ and mine.
I don’t know why, but Margrave Browig isn’t with that Margrave Browig main army.
The reason for that is simple. He didn’t appear to have an audience with Nikolaus.

『Even if Nikolaus-dono was an underling, he at least knows the face of his former lord.』 (Klaus)

I think there isn’t someone resembling him to the degree that they can be called a body double, but putting the equipment of Margrave Browig on a person with similar stature and age, the retainers of Margrave Browig are making others believe that he is at the troop headquarters.
To begin with, our allied knights, who participate in the one-on-one battles, are mostly in a lower position of earning great achievements.
They shouldn’t know the face of Margrave Browig who is an important noble of the East.
As it’s a person who wore expensive arms and resembled him in age and physique, they listen to the names of our people, who became prisoners, and give rewards and letters of commendation to the knights of the Margrave Browig household, who captured them.
Of course the retainers of Margrave Browig should notice that it’s an imposter of Margrave Browig.
No, they were probably given detailed instructions.
This is also on behalf of deceiving the enemy.

『We have to report this to Margrave Breithilde-sama.』 (Klaus)

『True.』 (Wendelin)

It should have been a strategy to shake up the enemy’s leaders by emphasizing the matter of Thomas’ group being employed by us, but an unthinkable information appeared.
Even while being surprised by the ability of Klaus, who accomplished that, he goes to report this to Margrave Breithilde together with Nikolaus.

『Then that rumour is true, huh?』 (Breithilde)

『Rumour?』 (Wendelin)

Once he listens to the new brought in by us, Margrave Breithilde made an expression as if he can agree with it.

『Yes. Since it’s a large-scale dispute, the Browig household’s side and me are gathering information…』 (Breithilde)

Dispatching people to the vicinity of their mansions and into each other territories, they are investigating about the supply situation and some useful information.

『There’s the rumour that Margrave Browig is tied to the sickbed. The rumour of his health deteriorating appeared since around one year ago.』 (Breithilde)

Importance was placed onto it since it was information about the health of the high-ranking noble who is controlling the East, but as it’s also possible that it was fake information to throw our side into confusion, the confirmation of its authenticity took time.

『I see. You told me something nice. It will still take some time to confirm the details, but the possibility for the information to be authentic is quite high.』 (Breithilde)

He sent out a former retainer, who knows his face, as representative to meet him at the audience as prisoner.
Seeing that even the royal family hasn’t prepared something like body doubles currently as it costs money, different from the period of wars, they shouldn’t have been able to prepare something overly sophisticated even if used in this dispute.
Therefore, they presented the fake in front of prisoners, who don’t know his face, and glossed it over with proxies at the time of Nikolaus.
That’s what I feel is a possible situation according to the deductions.

『I don’t know whether this information will speed up the arbitration, but isn’t it a big deal if the family head is absent from the main army?』 (Wendelin)

『It’s also easy to shake them up.』 (Klaus)

『That’s how it is.』 (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde, who was convinced that we can’t lose anymore with this, gave a bag with a reward inside to Nikolaus.
Next, when we returned to the encampment of the Earl Baumeister feudal army, I gave a reward to Nikolaus as well.

『I can’t give you a letter of commendation due to the kind of mission it was, but I splurged on the reward in exchange for that.』 (Wendelin)

『I shall happily appreciate it.』 (Nikolaus)

Since a letter of commendation is something related to military exploits, I can’t hand it out for this time’s special mission.
But, at those times it was normal to keep the balance by increasing the reward.
Nikolaus’ eyes sparkled due to the reward, which was in a bag, I gave him.

『You also have permission to participate in the marriage interview meeting.』 (Wendelin)

『That’s the best reward.』 (Nikolaus)

In reality I want all singles to participate, but since the other side is pretty much only daughters from nobles and important retainers, it was necessary to choose the personnel to some degree no matter what.
Therefore I decided for the criterion to be young leader candidates.

『Nikolaus, how many rewards were you able to get?』

『It was three gold plates.』

Since it was useful information, Margrave Breithilde gave him 1 gold plate and I gave him 2 gold plates including a risk bonus.

『Incredible! That’s 12 yearly wages from my former home!』

『For someone like me it’s 15 yearly wages.』

『That’s because Nikolaus was successful in a mission that had a chance of him getting killed. I wonder if it would have been alright, if I applied too?』

Nikolaus, who received his reward and returned to the location of his comrades, was surprised about the amount of his reward.

『Hey, Klaus.』 (Wendelin)

『The situation in the wallets of lower retainer knight households is like that.』 (Klaus)

Given that it’s impossible to live with only that much, they usually raise their living standard by farming, fishing and hunting.
Even for the women it’s necessary to contribute to the household with side jobs such as weaving clothes.
And, the money, they saved like that, is used for them to appropriately conduct themselves as knights in public.
I see, previously Wilma called Katharina a 『waterfowl*』, but that doesn’t seem to be anything unusual for such retainers. (T/N: This is a metaphor hinting at ducks, geese, etc. who look calm and elegant above the water surface but are busily moving their feet underwater where it can’t be seen)

『My home itself gave such impression…』 (Wendelin)

『The previous Knight Baumeister household was poor to a degree of being ridiculed by the households of other retainers…』 (Klaus)

Previously we were made fun of as 『Peasant Knight』 by the retainers of the Margrave Breithilde household.
Since Margrave Breithilde will very likely fire them from their position if they leak such words now, no one seems to mention it anymore.

『Nevertheless, is it an illness that he can’t at least depart to the front? I wonder if that’s a good omen for it to become the first campaign of master?』 (Klaus)

『In addition to that, the messenger for the start of the arbitration isn’t coming.』 (Wendelin)

『That’s why it’s necessary to disturb the opponent a bit more. I’m looking forward to master’s idea.』 (Klaus)

『Idea, huh…』 (Wendelin)




Although we did as much as possible, Browig’s camp hasn’t sent a messenger for the arbitration, no matter how much we cornered them.
Even though Margrave Browig himself is on the sickbed, they should soon start to prepare for the arbitration if Margrave Browig issues the orders from the bed, is what Margrave Breithilde is expecting.

“If it stays like this, the situation of Browig’s camp will gradually become worse.” (Breithilde)

Both sides are wasting war expenditures pointlessly, but there’s a large difference in basic endurance between the Margrave Breithilde household, which has special procurements from the Savage Land development, and the Margrave Browig household, which was excluded from those.

“I don’t think that Margrave Browig isn’t that stupid either, but…” (Wendelin)

On the contrary, there are parts like the timing to harass the Breithilde household and preparing soldiers in secrecy this time.
Even on the sickbed, he is a despicable person, Margrave Breithilde judges.

“Well, personally I hate him with all my heart.” (Breithilde)

“He doesn’t appear to be an overly nice person.” (Wendelin)

However, his personal feelings and his thoughts as public figure are different.
Seeing that it’s impossible to have a clash of military forces and to utterly destroy the Margrave Browig household, there’s no other choice but to conclude it with an arbitration here.

“As it’s unfavourable for them even if they conclude with an arbitration in this situation, are the holding out to draw out a compromise?” (Wendelin)

“Perhaps that’s the point, but I don’t have any intention to compromise.” (Breithilde)

The war situation was overwhelmingly advantageous for us. Given that we are more superior economically than the Browig household though a long confrontation of armies costs money, we won’t propose the arbitration from our side.
If you consider the frequent harassment at the time Margrave Breithilde had just succeeded the household, it’s necessary to beat them completely here so that they never try to do such things again.
Also, for this time’s dispute more than 40 noble household have dispatched soldiers.
If he thinks about their honour and controlling them from now on, his real intention is likely that he wants to avoid them falling into disgrace due to some unskilled compromise.

“I have retainers compensate for my absence. It’s the same for you, Earl Baumeister, I guess?” (Breithilde)

“Yes.” (Wendelin)

It’s necessary to keep control of the general parts, but it has reached the point that Margrave Breithilde and us can advance the development without any problem even if the retainers, who have joined the current feudal armies, aren’t there.
We were short of people as usual, but to compensate for that, we increased the numbers by going as far as holding employment examinations for mercenaries from both armies.

“Since it has become like this, I wonder if the second and third sons of the Browig household’s retainers will welcome an employment examination warmly?” (Wendelin)

“That will be foolish.” (Breithilde)

“It’s a joke.” (Wendelin)

There might be large damage to Margrave Browig’s side, but there’s also the possibility of a huge influx of spies.
I should be prudent here, I guess.

“However, it’s painful that we can’t catch hold of overly much information about the Browig household’s side.” (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde was even now eagerly investigating information about the Margrave Browig household, however he didn’t obtain any additional news except that the family head is lying on the sickbed within a room of the mansion and that his surroundings are protected by an impressive number of guards.
He can’t confirm what kind of illness it is if he doesn’t place spies within the mansion, but that’s probably impossible after all.

“I can imagine. That place has internal squabbles.” (Breithilde)

“Really?” (Wendelin)

“Yes.” (Breithilde)

According to Margrave Breithilde the eldest and second son are fighting over the inheritance of the Margrave Browig household.

“Due to that Margrave Browig still hasn’t decided on the next family head.” (Breithilde)

“Won’t it usually end with the eldest son being accepted?” (Wendelin)

“No, the social status of the eldest son’s, Philip-sama’s, mother is low…” (Elise)

Unexpected or rather as expected.
Elise is well-informed about this sort of information.
It’s likely something she heard from Cardinal Hohenheim.

“It seems Philip-sama’s mother is the daughter of a retainer with low family status.” (Elise)

According to Elise’s words, Margrave Browig made the mother of Philip, who was previously his concubine, into his wife and after that invited his first wife from a high-ranking noble household of the central government.

“The second son’s, Christoph-sama’s, mother is the first wife.” (Elise)

The eldest son, whose mother has a low social standing and the second son, whose mother is the first wife.
Without being that far apart in age, they would certainly dispute over the inheritance.

“To add even more to that…” (Elise)

Margrave Browig’s eldest son, Philip, is 35 years old.
He is blessed with military ability and his looks are similar to Margrave Browig.
In short, he is the same kind as Minister Edgar.

“Is he Minister Edgar’s favourite then?” (Wendelin)

At the same time his first wife seems to be the daughter of the Junior Commander of the Browig household.
To put it another way, it’s no exaggeration to say that he has gained control of the feudal army.
As a matter of fact, many of the feudal army’s leaders were supporting Philip.

“Next the second son is Christoph-dono, but…” (Elise)

With him being 34 years old, he is similar to Margrave Breithilde as type.
He has absolutely no military talent, but he excels at domestic affairs.
With his first wife being the daughter of the chief retainer responsible for internal administration, he naturally has a strong backing from the civil officials.
You could even say that the fact of both of them opposing each other was reasonable.

“What to say? It’s an often heard story, or rather…” (Wendelin)

“Yes, thanks to that it’s troublesome.” (Breithilde)

First there’s the sickness of Margrave Browig.
Can he really take command while laying in sickbed?
Previously Margrave Breithilde said to not take him lightly even if he’s on the sickbed, but it’s possible for the top brass of the feudal army to do the same work.
Did he really carry out this time’s expedition only for the sake of dissolving the dissatisfaction of the nobles who missed out on the development concessions of land and to break down the feeling of hopelessness in the East?
Or was it Philip’s side’s, which is controlling the army, selfish action that did it in order to get an advantage in the succession in a situation where Margrave Browig himself isn’t able to take command?

“In case of the latter, it’s definitely hard to say whether they will declare their participation in an arbitration that has become disadvantageous, right?” (Wendelin)

“Certainly…” (Breithilde)

“Won’t it turn into a real war if they get desperate?” (Wendelin)

“That shouldn’t be the case, but…” (Breithilde)

If it really turned into a war, it would interrupt the development of the Savage Lands.
Also, if they are unlucky, it will be the collapse of the Browig household.
If a large noble household, which controlled the East for more than 1000 years, collapsed here, a successor would become necessary. The confusion after the war and the restoration would take a lot time, labour and cost a lot money.

“If you enter the fray, Earl Baumeister, the possibility of us winning is high, but an outrageous responsibility in the name of a reward will be pushed on you.” (Breithilde)

Even if I unskilfully received something like a detached land in the East, it will be impossible for the current me to reign over it.
Margrave Breithilde probably doesn’t want that either.

“I don’t want something like another territory that was tainted in the colour of Browig for more than 1000 years. If you consider the labour to rule it, it will probably be for several decades in the red.” (Breithilde)

If it turns out like that, it will be far more productive to push forward the development of the southern Savage Lands by ending it quickly with an advantageous arbitration plan for us.
It isn’t like a strategy simulation game either. It’s unlikely that one will raise revenue from an occupied area right away.

“Is the other side waiting for us to break down after having predicted it this far?” (Wendelin)

“I can’t say that it’s not the case, but I’d like to excuse myself from the collapse of the other side as well.” (Breithilde)

If it goes that far, it will become impossible for the kingdom to tolerate the Browig household.
They won’t be able to complain even if the household gets executed. Same applies for the retainers, who were the cause of the war, and their families.

“Umm, is it fine if I say one thing?” (Erwin)

“What is it, Erwin-kun?” (Breithilde)

“Who is leading that Margrave Browig main army?” (Erwin)

“Probably it’s someone from the top brass of the feudal armies…” (Breithilde)

If you consider the sickness of the current Margrave Browig, the two succession candidates should be at his side.
If he suddenly dies and one of them isn’t next to him, it’s possible that the remaining side will usurp the inheritance by declaring something like 『He was nominated as heir』.

“However, is it a Browig feudal army without a single person from the Browig family being there?” (Erwin)

“Now that you say that, it’s strange…” (Breithilde)

Although next would be the third son and below, the other sons have entered branch and retainer households as adopted children and even all of the daughters have have been married.
Seeing that they have already become people of another households, they probably won’t fit into the role of supreme commander, even as representative, that easily.

“Umm… Maybe…” (Elise)

“Elise-san, do you know anything?” (Breithilde)

“Yes. The youngest daughter of Margrave Browig-sama is…” (Elise)

“She is unmarried?” (Wendelin)

“Yes. They haven’t announced it overly openly, but…” (Elise)

Her mother is the daughter of a Knight, that has no responsibilities, in the capital. Apparently the youngest daughter was living in the capital just a few years ago.
What Elise knows is what she heard during their relationship at the voluntary work for the church.

“I wasn’t aware of that either.” (Breithilde)

It seems even Margrave Breithilde didn’t know.

“It looks like her mother was made into a concubine by Margrave Browig-sama at the time he stayed in the capital…” (Elise)

An important noble of the East and the daughter of a poor Knight without responsibilities in the capital.
From Margrave Browig’s view he probably made a move to play around with the daughter of a commoner. The other side wouldn’t be able to complain about that.
There is the possibility for the family to complain, if a noble selfishly increases the number of concubines. It’s also possible that complaints will be raised from the other children, if the noble increases the number of children.
That’s why he probably agreed for the mother and daughter to secretly live in the capital.
This was Elise’s guess.
No matter how much of an acquaintance she is, that daughter shouldn’t have frankly told everything to Elise. Even so, that’s why it’s possible for her to make a surmise.

“All of the other children of Margrave Browig are within the Browig territory.” (Elise)

If only she herself lived in the capital, she was likely treated as an unwanted daughter after all.

“So, what the name of that person?” (Breithilde)

“Excuse me!”

At that point a retainer rushes in while being out of breath.

“What happened?” (Breithilde)

“The Browig household’s side came with the request for arbitration!”

Suddenly a messenger came and handed over a promising letter stating that they want to start the arbitration.
Having currently grasped that letter in his hands, Margrave Breithilde quickly breaks the seal of that letter and check its contents.

“The seal is the real deal. The contents also have the details as according to the rules…” (Breithilde)

In case a noble sends such kind of letter, they push the family crest’s stamp onto melted wax as seal. It was a memory I had from my previous life.
I forgot whether it was from foreign drama movies, but there was a similar custom in this world as well.

“However, it’s the first time for me to hear of the sender’s name. Supreme Commander Representative Karla von Browig?” (Breithilde)

“That woman is the youngest daughter we talked about just now.” (Elise)

“We will negotiate with that daughter?” (Wendelin)

“It will likely be the other chief retainers with her as figurehead.” (Breithilde)

With the prospect of the dispute’s arbitration being carried out, Margrave Breithilde and everyone’s expressions showed relief, but I couldn’t feel anything but that we are still only halfway along the path.
Since it’s a group with bad characters, it was possible for them to make difficulties with all their heart at the negotiation location.
Even so, while thinking that I want to quickly finish this and go hunting, I breathed a sigh of relief for the time being.


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