Chapter 62 – Ill weeds grow apace even if they’ve become old

“Oy, Klaus! Do you have some grudges against me, too?” (Hermann)

“Grudges? There are. You made light of my grandchildren.” (Klaus)

“You want to make them nobles!?” (Hermann)

“That’s only natural, isn’t it?” (Klaus)

“Haa? Are you really saying that?” (Hermann)

“Of course I am.” (Klaus)


A rebellion occurred, plotted by the village headman Klaus, in the Knight Baumeister territory which is my home.
At the time I heard the report, I wasn’t able to believe it.
Klaus is certainly a dubious person who schemes various thing behind the scenes.
However, at the same time he is a capable man.
Causing something like a rebellion with this timing, even a child can see that it obviously has no chance to succeed. I didn’t believe that Klaus to not realize such a thing.

“So, what’s the military strength of the rebel army?”

In any case, it won’t do if I don’t command the soldiers at high speed first.
Hiring the adventurers who came to the Baumeister territory, Klaus, together with them, has caught Hermann-nii-san, his family, the servants of the mansion and the stationed subordinate warriors and put them under house arrest.
In other words, since the territory’s governing system got paralysed, I have to deal with it as I’m their patron as well as the head of the main family.

『U~~~m. Who will serve as commander?』

『I’m busy…』

Although it will be someone of the guard unit, they are busy with securing the city where all of the development helpers and adventurers gather.
Or rather, a rebellion at this period of time had a meaning close to harassment.
Thorsten, who is the top of the guard unit, seems to deal with it by assigning his subordinate to it as he can’t move himself.

『Will it be fine with Moritz?』 (Thorsten)

Because of Thorsten’s recommendation, it resulted in Wilma’s elder brother, Moritz, participating and leading 50 soldiers.

『Isn’t the number of soldiers a bit low?』 (Wendelin)

『Are there any magicians among the rebel army?』 (Moritz)

『Doesn’t look like it.』 (Wendelin)

The rebel army which occupied the mansion consists of Klaus, Walter, Karl, 5 approved young residents and around 20 adventurers.
Their total number is around 30 and it has been confirmed that they don’t have anything like a magician either.

『To mention anything else, they are using an entrenchment strategy without any intention to come attacking from the beginning.』

If they unskilfully try to gain full control over the territory just because they seized the feudal lord, it will just incur losses from being counter-attacked and Klaus realizes that as well.
Besides, the strategy of using the feudal lord as game piece will hinder the Junior Commander, the other subordinate warriors and the male residents to become a military force.

『Anyway, it’s certainly essential to dispatch soldiers as fast as possible.』 (Wendelin)

『True. Moritz, get the soldiers ready.』 (Thorsten)

『Yes, sir.』 (Moritz)

Even if we have to send reinforcements later on, we reached the conclusion that this military force would be enough for now and I sent Moritz and the soldiers to the Knight Baumeister territory with teleportation using several trips.

『Check only your own equipment perfectly! Lord-sama will carry the food and other necessary goods.』 (Moritz)

『Haa… My first feudal army dispatch is for the suppression of a rebellion…』 (Wendelin)

While I sigh, we transfer to the Knight Baumeister territory with the usual members including me and a soldier. We were greeted by the Junior Commander and the residents, which were mobilised by him. They had arranged their military forces in order to surround the mansion.

“Why did that village headman stage something like a rebellion?” (Erwin)

“Who knows. Just ask him directly.” (Wendelin)

“No, that’s the job of Feudal Lord-sama.” (Erwin)

Erw’s question was quite basic.
Even so, we dispatched solders swiftly since a rebellions is a rebellion after all. But since we were able to deploy military forces on the spot albeit only few, Moritz was admiring my magic.
Also, given that I’m able to carry food, water and the necessary goods in my magic bag, he highly praised it as wonderful as a supply unit was unneeded.
I hear that he guarded the supply unit as training in his time as soldier of the royal army. Apparently he still remembered the difficulty of that well.

“After a rebellion occurs in a small territory like this, the royal army will join the reinforcements because the feudal lord and his family were captured. There is also hypothetical training like that.” (Moritz)

According to Moritz, it is crucial to send soldier in an as early stage as possible during such time.

“The numbers of the rebel army and such, though that only obvious…” (Moritz)

They seized the feudal lord first because they are only few. If that’s neglected for an extended period of time, it would very likely result in something foolish.
The fief’s population would gradually start to do as they are told by the rebel army.

“That’s because their leader has been captured and is absent.” (Moritz)

Therefore it is necessary for me to relieve the fief’s population by quickly entering the territory.

“For that reason the transport of food and goods becomes urgent.” (Moritz)

If the soldiers, who were dispatched to suppress the rebellion, did something like requisiting those on-site just because they got nothing to eat, that would become a cause for the population to be pushed towards the side of the rebel army.
Therefore it’s necessary to prepare food and such as fast as possible.

“How about buying it with money?” (Wendelin)

“That’s alright if there’s surplus food, but…” (Moritz)

If there isn’t, you will have to push the money on them and requisite it forcefully.
However, such deed would trigger a flag of getting pincer-attacked by the fief’s population and the rebel army.
That’s because from their point of view, the royal army, which had stolen the food, would be nothing else but a rebel army as well.

“This matter was easy this time.” (Moritz)

The soldiers were transferred with magic and there are large quantities of food in my magic bag.
Because the support was quick, the retainers, who escaped getting captured, participated in the besieging of the mansion together with the soldiers who were recruited from the fief’s population. No chaos or such has occurred thanks to me, the patron, entering the Baumeister territory.
Since Klaus’ group is caging in Hermann-nii-san’s group in the mansion as hostages, they were able to prevent after-effects towards outside the mansion.

“However, the village headman called Klaus had the intention to stop at the occupation of the mansion from the very beginning.”

With his current military forces and the state of affairs, it will be a pipe dream for Klaus to seize the Knight Baumeister territory itself.
In the current situation the inhabitants of the main village shouldn’t sympathize with him and we don’t even have to talk about the other villages.

“The sympathizing residents are 5.”

The soldiers brought by me and the Junior Commander, who avoided capture, successfully finish a complete siege of the mansion by leading the feudal army. The Junior Commander together with several subordinate warriors comes to give a report.
Among them a small man, who seems to be around 30 years old and is called Helge, had investigated the precise number of sympathizing residents in the rebellion.

“Currently they are serving under Hermann-sama as retainers, but originally they were members of farmer families belonging to the main village.” (Helge)

Since the feudal lord together with his family has been captured, they came to report to me who held the right to command them.

“There were even 5 who went along with it?” (Wendelin)

“That’s because they are nothing but young men.”

Should that be called a youthful indiscretion? They were probably skilfully tempted by Klaus when they were holding large dreams of their futures and longings towards the outside world after having been raised in the sticks.

“I’m told that they were lured in by Walter and Karl.”

“Those two, eh…?”

“Yes, it’s those two.”

The person called Reich, who is a relative of the branch family and serves as Junior Commander, reports that these two had previously spouted stupid things in the Knight Baumeister territory.

“They said that they will be given territory in the future because they are the elder brothers of Earl Baumeister-sama.” (Reich)

“Ah, there was such a talk.” (Wendelin)

I thought that I didn’t particularly mind doing that, but ended up being told that it wasn’t allowed at all by father and Hermann-nii-san.
From my point of view who has a Japanese spirit, I consider it necessary to treat Walter and Karl well since they are my half-siblings. That also included the possibility of making them into nobles.
However, according to father’s and Hermann-nii-san’s opinions, no, according to the common sense of the noble society, that is absolutely impossible.
Blue blood and red blood.
There is a absolute difference between these two.

『It’s fine if a former commoner becomes a noble in their generation after clearing a plot of land.』

There are nobles in the central government who look down on those as well, but that will be resolved by repeatedly marrying with other nobles in the next generation and the ones after.
Even in case an illegitimate child, born from a commoner because the noble, legal wife has no children herself, becomes the heir, it’s possible to have that approved as an inevitable exception.
However, I’m an blue-blooded noble who was born by the legal wife.
If I do something like elevating my brothers, who are half red-bloods, into the status of nobility, it’s definite that I will be hated entirely by my surroundings, I was told in the end.

『You can make them into village headmen or give them business concessions. But, to the bitter end the favourable treatment has to happen within the limits of the commoner status.』 (Artur)

Having been told that by father, I decided to give them the right to manage the store I used before and made them into village headmen of new villages after consulting with Hermann-nii-san.
For some reason the other party rose in rebellion feeling discontent with that treatment.

“Walter and Karl thought they can become nobles, too.”

“Are those two that stupid? However, they are Klaus’ grandchildren, aren’t they?”

“He failed in their education…? They believed they could join in on Earl Baumeister-sama’s progress as well, since they are young.”

It’s likely some sort of youthful indiscretion, but if it goes as far as causing a rebellion, that will already be too complicated to excuse.
Or rather, why is it a rebellion all of a sudden?
Don’t you usually start with a petition or such?

“What I can’t understand most is why Klaus is agreeing with them?” (Wendelin)

On the contrary, he has become the ringleader.
What else I can’t understand is the matter of them having no chance at winning after staging a rebellion with so few people.
At least as far as I know, Klaus won’t do something this reckless.
However, when I went to the occupied mansion to listen to their side just a while ago, Klaus, who came to greet me, threw the absurd demand to make his grandchildren into nobles at me.

“Why does that Klaus make such absurd demands without any kind of thinking?”

“As expected, everyone believes that to be odd.”

Walter’s heirs and Karl would become village headmen of the new villages which will be developed from now on.
The husbands of my half-sisters have been given favourable treatment by being Karl’s and Walter’s helpers and leaving the management of the store to them as well.
Therefore, I can’t understand the meaning of giving that up and staging a rebellion.

“The person himself is insisting that it’s a direct petition though.”

“No, usually you will judge this as rebellion.”

They have amassed war potential by employing adventurers as mercenaries.
Although they might call it something like a direct petition, that didn’t sound as anything but sophistry.

“Anyway, it’s strange.” (Wendelin)

Since the Junior Commander went back after finishing his report, I was pondering in the house which has been changed as temporary troops headquarters.
I believed it to be impossible for that Klaus to do something like planning a thoughtless rebellion.
Therefore, it won’t work if I don’t surmise his reason.

“It’s certainly strange.” (Ina)

Even Ina, who is accompanying me as my guard, was puzzled.

“Why were my half-sisters and their husbands excluded from the rebellion?” (Wendelin)

It was confirmed right away. Leila-san, my half-sister Agnes and her husband Norbert as well as Korona and her husband Reiner turned themselves in and were led to the Junior Commander at the time we arrived in the Knight Baumeister territory.
They say that once they opposed the staging of a rebellion, her children severed their connection to Leila-san and the other four were isolated by Klaus as well.

『Leila-dono. There are rumours that you instigated the arrogance of Walter and Karl by using your relationship to the former lord.』

The Junior Commander, who brought them along, actually witnessed Leila-san coming along at the time when Walter and Karl went to petition to Hermann-nii-san before.

『Is that true?』 (Wendelin)

『Yes, but…』 (Leila)

According to Leila-san, she accompanied them in their petitioning only once with the intention of at least her children and the husbands of my half-sisters receiving proper, good treatment as commoners.
By no means did she think that they want to become nobles or such.
She was adequately satisfied with the first treatment.

『Knowing that it will be thwarted, such reckless petition…』

Noble households with long histories are always suffering severely for a while when it’s about handing blood-related people and successions.
For that reason they were very strict about unnecessarily breaking the law at strange parts.
It would end up becoming the foundation of an odd precedent.
Leila-san seems to understand that as well.
She might have been told that by Klaus, but if that’s the case, Klaus’ rebellion will become even stranger.
In the first place, why did he even go as far as cutting all connections to his daughters and their husbands?

『Can you stay obedient until the situation is resolved?』

Ordering Leila-san’s group into house arrest, I arrange for several guards to watch them.
There’s also the treatment of the adventurers who are helping in the rebellion.

“The adventurers who are not participating in the rebellion have been placed under house arrest as well, right?” (Wendelin)

“That’s only natural.” (Ina)

It will be bothersome if they stab us in the back as sympathisers after all.
Naturally they were gathered and confined in the same place.

“Erw, Luise and Katharina have gone to interrogate them, right?” (Wendelin)

“Going by my intuition, they won’t know anything though.” (Ina)

The tree of them went to interrogate the confined adventurers.
It’s for the sake of hearing information about the adventurers who were participating in the rebellion.
Also, Elise, together with Wilma as her guard, have gone to the church to voluntarily provide free healing with the goal of stabilising the territory.
Elise’s popularity in this territory has become a definite fact.
In spite of a rebellion occurring at the same time, the church is crowded with many people.

“We are back.”

“How was it?” (Wendelin)

“No good. It seems the sudden incident is a bolt out of the blue for the other party as well.”

Having finished the interrogation of the adventurers, the three have come back, but as expected there were no results.

“It seems that all of them came here to investigate whether they can really hunt the flying dragons and wyvrens inhabiting the northern mountain range.” (Katharina)

If you aren’t a magician, it’s difficult to hunt a flying dragon, even as adventurer with remarkable abilities.
Even if they are able to hunt those, there will be only little profit if there are injured people. All the more if it leads to corpses appearing.
Therefore it was common practice for ordinary adventurers to form a bigger group at the time they go hunting dragons.
They tackle the dragons’ power with numbers.
With at least 10 people, they freely use things like traps after skilfully luring in one dragon.
The rewards will be split by their leader, but even so, if it’s an adventurer party which is great at teamwork, they will earn far more money than usual.
It seems they came here to check this place whether it can be used as new hunting ground.

“The bunch who went along with the rebellion as well?” (Wendelin)

“Well, in fact, some of the adventurers said something weird.” (Erwin)

Erw received the testimony 『I have never seen those guys』 from several veteran adventurers who have reached an age of 40.

“If it’s the world of adventurers hunting dragons in groups, it’s unexpectedly small.”

It requires a degree of individual strength and whether one is able to put priority on teamwork even if there’s team competition.
Since the hurdle of being able to earn money with it is high, the number of large-scale parties specialized on dragons is small. In this world the long-standing, aged adventurers are aware of almost all the people in the same profession.
However, until now they haven’t ever seen them.

“What about something like the first challenge as newcomers?” (Wendelin)

“Even so, since one would join up with some veterans in the beginning, it’s very unlikely for them to not know the faces of those veterans.”

Certainly, the adventurers who are guarding the occupied mansion are all young men in their twenties and lower thirties.
Since they are adventurers a few women should be mixed in as well, however it’s also a weird aspect that there are zero women.

“They aren’t adventurers, I think?”

“I guess so. They are too accustomed to leadership.”

The adventurer parties which are experts in hunting dragons are accustomed to leadership as well.
But, that’s only at the time of hunting dragons.
Since they are ordinary adventurers, there are many people who do as they like. It’s unthinkable for them to earnestly guard in shifts as if they belong to a military unit.
In spite of being hired as mercenaries, they don’t amuse themselves with sake and food or scavenge through the mansion for money and goods.

“If you look at the way they operate, they resemble soldiers.”


Although they have the appearance of adventurers, they are totally moving briskly like soldiers.
If that’s the case, they are soldiers disguising themselves as adventurers.

“Is it the royal army?”

“By no means!”

At the present time they shouldn’t hinder the development of the Savage Lands.
Let alone the profits, they would only incur heavy losses.

“If it’s like this, then it’s the private army of a noble. Moreover, it ought to be a high-ranking noble.” (Katharina)

It’s probably just as Katharina imagines.
If it’s the feudal army of a high-ranking noble, the difference in skill with soldiers of the royal army will naturally vanish since they will be retainers who are doing special training.

“I wonder who has instigated this?”

It was very likely that some noble was scheming something once again.
Intending to confuse and delay the development of the Baumeister Earldom, they aimed at my home town which is my Achilles’ heel.
Dispatching soldiers who are disguised as adventurers, they instigated Klaus’ grandchildren knowing that they are dissatisfied with the current situation.
No, even that would be weird after all.
That Klaus shouldn’t become the leader of the rebellion if the possibility of success doesn’t exist.
Klaus is harbouring warped emotions towards the Baumeister household, but he always secures his own benefits.
I don’t expect him to be a man who gets suppressed just like that and dies by hanging.

“Different from our Heinz, he is black-hearted.” (Katharina)

“Isn’t such soft-hearted, outstanding talent rare?”

Something like supporting his fallen master’s household without even receiving pay, that’s a really precious, outstanding talent in this world.
Currently he is working as our counsellor, but it’s at a level that Roderich is grateful for it from the bottom of his heart.
He was the lead retainer of a small territory, however he was even aware of the way to associate with high-ranking nobles with the territory’s nature to be close to the capital. Experienced and strong even in economical aspects, he has become a valuable person for the Earl Baumeister household which has only young retainers.

“Anyway, for now we will wait-and-see, I guess?” (Wendelin)

Earlier I tried to talk with Klaus after calling him out, but that fellow’s reply was the intense statement 『Don’t underestimate my grandsons!』
It seems he will withdraw the soldiers once I make Walter and Karl nobles.
His demand is far too unreasonable. It’s completely out of question.

“By the way, where’s Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)

The figure of Burkhart-san who should have come here together with us couldn’t be seen much.

“I think he is communicating with Margrave Breithilde-sama.”

He is probably informing him of the situation over here.
However, we have to avoid a situation where we need reinforcements from him.
No matter how much he is my patron, if I depend too much on him, this will create problems as well.

“A forceful storming at worst, huh…?”

It would lead to many victims without a doubt, however this was also method in this world if there was no other way.
If I did something like negotiating and compromising with rebels, it will end up causing a second and a third rebellion.

“Is it foolish to get reinforcements from Margrave Breithilde-sama?”

“An independent resolution will be the best.” (Wendelin)

“Please do so because I agree with you completely.”

As I’m discussing ways of resolving the situation with Erw, Burkhart-san, who apparently finished talking with Margrave Breithilde, comes back.

“Did something happen?”

Usually you would expect Margrave Breithilde to send reinforcements at this point.
Helping us since we have still our hands full with the development will show his own influence.
This would be the ideal move as noble.

“It seems impossible as a sudden large-scale troop deployment has been decided.” (Burkhart)

“Large-scale troop deployment?”

A large-scale troop deployment at this stage, or rather, in this warless world?
A question mark floated in my mind.

“It’s the Margrave of the East, Browig.” (Burkhart)

Which reminds me, I have heard that there was a conflict with each of them confronting with large armies in the past.
If I remember correctly, Klaus should have earned military achievements by participating as well.

“Anyway, please ask master about the details.” (Burkhart)

I quickly take out the magic cellphone from my pocket and connect a call to Margrave Breithilde.
Then he answered the call immediately.

『Earl Baumeister, it seems like the large-scale troop deployment over here and the rebellion over there are linked.』 (Breithilde)

“Doesn’t it… But, why all of a sudden?” (Wendelin)

『That is, you see…』 (Breithilde)

Since the old days, the Margrave Browig household which controls the East and the Margrave Breithilde household which controls the South didn’t have a good relationship.
Repeatedly breaking down direct negotiations in disputes over territory and concessions of fellow small nobles which are below their control and have adjoining territories, it has sometimes created a multitude of small-scaled conflicts and confrontations leading to the dispatch of soldiers for the sake of accepting each others demands.
This was always like that before the peace with Holy Empire Urquhart.

『At the time when each other’s predecessor became the family head, a large-scaled conflict broke out and led to many victims.』 (Breithilde)

I have heard about that before.
It should have been the battle where Klaus raised his military achievements.

『Also, at the time when I just succeeded the household’s headship, they harassed me badly.』 (Breithilde)

As a family head who had just taken over the position will likely be late in reacting, they tried to take effective control of some of the disputed areas and attempted to steal all the forestry and mine concessions.
Of course both parties relations grew only worse.

『However, recently our side had completely the advantage.』 (Breithilde)

The biggest reason for that seems to be me.

『I was saved with you being there, Earl Baumeister.』 (Breithilde)

A magician who performed two dragon subjugations was the child of his own vassal.
Thanks to that Margrave Breithilde triumphantly strengthened his pipe to the central government as well.
Apparently Margrave Browig looked at Margrave Breithilde with a deep red expression at a certain party.

『Also, by now it goes without saying, I guess.』 (Breithilde)

With the concessions to exploit new territories, there are also various spoils that are yielded from the Demon Forest.
By just interacting with the Baumeister Earldom and the capital, the Breithilde Margraviate has conveniently obtained profits.
The flights of magic airships have increased. It’s the same with ports and maritime ferry services. Many jobs related to development demands are flowing in as well.
Naturally it results in him being all smiles.

『Of course I have completely excluded the eastern folks from that.』 (Breithilde)

Certainly, he should have no obligation to split those with Margrave Browig and the eastern nobles under his control who pestered him thoroughly until now.
If he has such leeway, he will split it with the southern nobles. It’s a correct decision from Margrave Breithilde who is their leader, I think.
Even I would have certainly done it like that.

“So, they have deployed their troops? Isn’t that a bit too hasty?” (Wendelin)

『It’s true that it’s a bit strange. But, we won’t know unless we investigate it a bit more. Since he was pressured by the eastern nobles who don’t have any development rights, he is trying to diverge from the troublesome matter at hand by stealing the control over territories with a troop deployment. That might be the point.』 (Breithilde)

Actually, since it has been decided to split the forestry fity-fifty between South and North for now, they are apparently driving out the fief’s population of the nobles on Margrave Breithilde’s side and likewise the miners from the mines.
There are no casualties, but they ended up being driven out by the soldiers of the completely armed feudal army of Magrave Browig’s side and the soldiers of Magrave Browig private feudal army.

『We have completely fallen behind. If I don’t gather the soldiers quickly, haa… That will cost money.』 (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde had to gather soldiers disregarding the costs since he won’t do something like Japan which is an expert at weak-kneed diplomacy and which would leave their opponent in control of the territories.

『I want to ask you to participate in a mixed army of feudal armies as well, if possible, Earl Baumeister』 (Breithilde)

“I guess so. I will join you as fast as I can.” (Wendelin)

『Is that so? I’m grateful for that. Please do so.』 (Breithilde)

“Is it alright?” (Erwin)

Once I cut the communication through the magic cellphone, Erw immediately asks me whether we will really dispatch our feudal army as well.

“I have to send them.” (Wendelin)

This happens just as I began to develop a new territory.
If I don’t hand down a thorough punishment on the group which schemed this strange incident first here, it would be possible for a second or third Margrave Browig to appear.
It’s absolutely necessary to beat them up and make others believe that they will only incur losses if they start a fight with us.

“It’s a war where people will get killed though.” (Wendelin)

“You have to resolve yourself for such things. Will you be alright, Wend?” (Erwin)

“I don’t know about that unless I have a go at it.” (Wendelin)

People will kill people.
It’s probably something detestable, but that also depends on the environment where those people were employed.
Actually, I might have bad dreams full of feelings of guilt after I killed someone. Or I might not feel anything unexpectedly.
I won’t know about such matters if that time doesn’t come.

“However, this period’s war, no, dispute, huh? It seems it would be better if people didn’t die.” (Wendelin)

“You will settle it with magic?” (Erwin)

“Yep. If I do it together with Katharina and Burkhart-san, I can calculate with zero victims.” (Wendelin)

In order to suppress this rebellion first, I began to discuss things among us three magicians right away.


“The hostages have been gathered in the dining room, eh?” (Burkhart)

“Nice, you found them.” (Wendelin)

“I’m still better if it’s about detection.” (Burkhart)

“Well, I still can’t use minute spells with the mana I own.” (Wendelin)

“I’m also unable to be so detailed in the detection.” (Katharina)

We unrolled a hand-drawn map on the table in order to plan the suppression of the rebel army while at the same time guaranteeing the safety of the hostages.
It’s a detailed map of the mansion and its surroundings I requested from the the servants, who luckily got away, and the Junior Commander who are participating in the siege. On the map the deployment of the personnel, we learned from Burkhart-san, is drawn in.
Although its my own home, I didn’t comprehend the entire layout.
My room, the dining room, the study and the hallways connecting those.
The time I spent at home became shorter as I grew older. Thus I didn’t approach rooms where I had nothing to do.

“Hermann-dono, his family and the servants, in total it’s 11 hostages. Gathering them in the dining room, there are four men guarding its entrance. The rest is securing each place in the mansion and the front of the fence set up around the mansion. In total it’s 20 rebels.” (Burkhart)

“Have you found Klaus?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, he is in the middle of the dining room.” (Burkhart)

As apparent ringleader of the rebellion he is talking about his own cherished opinion to the hostages?

“It will be unexpectedly easy if we do it with three people.” (Burkhart)

“An Area Stun, you mean?” (Wendelin)

“That’s it.” (Burkhart)

The spell called 「Area Stun」 paralyses its targets with a lightning strike, just as the name says.
The majority of magicians are able to use it if their mana is at an intermediate level, but it’s a spell which is difficult to control.
It’s quite convenient for guards to do things like mob suppression, however if the output is too weak, it will only be a slight electric shock. On the other hand, if the output is too high, the targets will become electrocuted. If the caster is too unskilled at controlling the range, unrelated people will get dragged in and become paralysed as well. Likewise, if the range is too narrow, most of the targets won’t be affected.
That’s just an example for many of the registered spells.

“The area, where the rebel army is located, and this mansion will be split into three parts.” (Burkhart)

Putting aside the dining room which is the most difficult to take control of, Burkhart-san points out the four who are guarding it.

“We leave Klaus alone?” (Wendelin)

“Even if he moves by himself, he won’t be able to accomplish anything.” (Burkhart)

“Given that he’s old, it will be troublesome if he dies from getting shocked, huh?” (Wendelin)

“If he resists pointlessly, I won’t particularly mind though.” (Burkhart)

Afterwards, Katharina and me divide the remaining area in two parts.

“I have the weakness to make the stun a bit too powerful.” (Katharina)

“Don’t electrocute them.” (Wendelin)

“It won’t be that powerful.” (Katharina)

We move to the spot closest to the area within the encirclement each of us is responsible for.
Moreover I called out to Moritz’ and the Junior Commander’s group who were given the task to capture the rebel soldiers after Area Stun has been cast.

“They shouldn’t be able to move due to the paralysis, but don’t get careless. Also, I ask you to put maximum priority on ensuring the safety of Hermann-nii-san’s group.” (Wendelin)

“At your command.” (Moritz)

“There won’t be a single scratch on Lord-sama’s group.” (Reich)

Katharina has headed to her designated location first. When Burkhart-san and me are walking to the spot where we are to cast the Area Stun, he addresses me with a small voice.

“Aren’t you skilfully handling that wild horse?” (Burkhart)

“Wild horse, eh… Actually it’s not that amazing.” (Wendelin)

In fact Katharina is able to handle quite many useful spells and she possesses a tremendous amount of mana even for the advanced level, but I don’t have the image of her being a wild horse like Burkhart-san has said.
There are times when her usual speech is a bit strong, but if I consider it as her acting tough for the sake of reviving her esteemed household, I think she is cute. That’s probably because my insides are those of an old man.

“Because I’m an old man, I know that Storm’s attitude comes from her putting up a front. A youthful indiscretion, I guess? It seems to be the same for those idiots who are participating in this rebellion.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san is probably talking about the young residents who joined the rebellion out of sympathy for Walter and Karl.

“Though they will hang, if they make a blunder. Youth has the potential to do something rash.” (Burkhart)

“Those adventurers as well?” (Wendelin)

“They are even more pitiful.” (Burkhart)

In this situation it’s hopeless for them to return to Margraviate Browig alive.
Getting killed in the process of the suppression or getting executed after capture, those two options exist.

“Probably they were told to say that they are simple adventurers, even if tortured. They are sacrificial pawns to seal your movements, boy, and to divert my lord’s attention.” (Burkhart)

“It’s far too tragic…” (Wendelin)

“Even as retainer you are on the inferior side. For those below the second son of a household there isn’t much of a difference to regular soldiers.” (Burkhart)

“Unable to succeed the retainer’s household, they are nothing more than guys living as free-loaders at home, I guess”, Burkhart-san predicted.

“It would be fine if they simply became adventurers.” (Wendelin)

“Not everyone thinks like that.” (Burkhart)

Even in my previous life there were many people aiming for jobs that are safe (like public servants and such) with a frightening enthusiasm.
Undoubtedly they are the same type as well.

Someday I want to build an independent household without sponging off my home. While thinking such things, they are striving in their studies and training, occasionally receive a part-time job from the master’s house, grow old without even marrying and die in the end. There are fairly many such people.” (Burkhart)

Since they are excess personnel, they are the best for wasting them as errand boys on a military operation like this.

“That’s miserable, isn’t it…” (Wendelin)

“Doesn’t Earl-sama understand after seeing the elder brothers of Ina-jou-chan and Luise-jou-chan open a dojo at your place? There’s quite a lot of such guys.” (Burkhart)

Revising their points of view a bit, there are many people who change their occupations to farmers, craftsmen or merchants, but while thinking that’s running away, those guys are too fixated on establishing an independent retainer household.
There are many people with high skills, but no matter how high-ranking the noble household is, the limited number of retainer households won’t increase and thus many people remain living in obscurity in the end.

“So these guys want to turn things around with a single successful attack…?” (Wendelin)

“They have a terribly low chance of success though.” (Burkhart)

Even so, from their standpoint, it’s still a chance.
No matter how I look at it, I can’t see it as chance, but they are people who have been driven into a corner to such a degree.

“It’s different if they have talent in magic though, like you, boy. The same applies for Storm’s case. Do you believe that such tomboy is taken as wife so easily?” (Burkhart)

If it’s the stupid son of a high-ranking noble, he will likely think about such stuff and use the authority of his home.
But if it’s a normal man, they will be uncomfortable to take such strong magician as wife, Burkhart-san explains.

“With the possibility of dying in a matrimonial quarrel, they will be reluctant to accept her as wife.” (Burkhart)

“Certainly…” (Wendelin)

“If it’s you, boy, such worries are unnecessary.” (Burkhart)

“Even in Burkhart-san’s case, there are no such worries.” (Wendelin)

“I don’t have that kind of taste. Besides, she is a necessary game piece for you as noble, boy.” (Burkhart)

She is probably a fine personnel to use if you win her over, but such is a noble’s way of thinking. Though I have a feeling that I will stray off the dream of becoming a great magician I have received when I was introduced to magic by master.

“Do such matters worry you? Perhaps I should tell you that even in Alf’s case it was to a certain extent decided for him to enter the service of the Margrave Breithilde household because of his magic.” (Burkhart)

“It’s not like master particularly fussed over leading a thoroughly free life as adventurer and thus he got himself employed as his retainer”, Burkhart-san explains.

“The previous Margrave Breithilde was very pleased with Alf’s service. Apparently he considered creating a new retainer household and having him marry with Anita-sama once they returned from that expedition.” (Burkhart)

As youngest sister of the previous Margrave Breithilde, Anita is right now an ojou-sama, who has passed an age of 40, and works as maid.
Now she was a woman who completely missed her chance to marry, but with her being in her twenties at the time when master served that household, those talks had progressed behind the scenes given that they were a good match age-wise.

“Alf’s and the predecessor’s death in action spoiled that though. Incidentally, Anita-sama is on the path of leading an unmarried life.” (Burkhart)

Timing matters for a marriage.
I remembered that I talked about it with my company’s boss in my previous life.

“You are practising your magic everyday. Aren’t you using your magic for hunting and public works as well? Even now you are playing an active role with the Area Stun.” (Burkhart)

“That’s true as well.” (Wendelin)

“No one know what awaits them in life. You are young, boy, so do as you like for now. Even Alf did as he pleased when he was around your age, boy.” (Burkhart)

I was worried a bit over my life, but I feel like Burkhart-san’s advice eased my feelings.
Once I separated from him and reached my designated location, I began to prepare the invocation of Area Stun at once.
Seeing the figures of three magicians at the front line of the encirclement, the adventurers, who were watching the front of the fence placed around the mansion, got tense, but as they didn’t know what we were attempting to do, they only glared at us.
The timing of the Are Stun invocation was left to Moritz and the Junior Commander who will storm the mansion first.
It’s three seconds after the soldier, who’s next to me, puts his hand on my shoulder.

“(There! 1, 2, 3!)” (Wendelin)

Just as arranged the soldier put his hand on my shoulder. And after counting to 3, I cast Area Stun.
Immediately following that, the ground of the mansion and its surroundings was enveloped in a bluish-white light. The guarding adventurers fell then and there without a second passing.

“Go, go, go! Fire in the hole!” (Moritz) (T/N: Sorry, had to! :p It’s “Storm in!”)

On Moritz signal the chosen soldiers vigorously rush into the mansion.
Entrusting the capture of the adventurers, who have collapsed paralysed outside the mansion, to the siege unit, their number one objective was to gain total control of the mansion’s interior.

“Erw! Ina!” (Wendelin)


“Leave it to me!”

I also stormed the mansion’s interior from a window with Erw and Ina as guards.
The objective is to secure the hostages who have been gathered in the dining room…

“I’m looking forward to what kind of sophism Klaus will use!” (Wendelin)

“Wend, you hate Klaus-san, don’t you?” (Ina)

It’s not at the level of hate or such.
That geezer is doing nothing but being a nuisance in my life.

“Even if I cover for him, he will hang anyway. I want to at least hear his last words!” (Wendelin)

Rushing in through the window of the study which is usually not used most of the times, we left the room and entered the hallway. There we ran into adventurers who are paralysed by the Area Stun.
Leaving those to Moritz’ group who stormed together with us, we hurry to the dining room to find Walter, Karl and two other resident-like youngsters collapsed at its entrance.
They are apparently unable to move due to the paralysis of the Area Stun.

“As expected of Burkhart-san.” (Wendelin)

Hermann-nii-san’s group, who had their feet and hands bound and were confined in the dining room, weren’t affected by the Area Stun.
By using his minute detection ability, he restricted it only to the lookouts and brought them down with the Area Stun.
It was a feat that Katharina and me are unable to accomplish unless we train for a bit longer.

“Please tie them up.” (Wendelin)

“Got it.” (Erwin)

“Understood.” (Ina)

Leaving the capture of Walter and Karl’s group to Ina and Erw, I enter the dining room and an unexpected scene unfolds there.
Klaus, who is the ringleader of this rebellion, cut the ropes binding Hermann-nii-san’s group who were the hostages.

“Do you believe that you will be found innocent with that degree of action?” (Wendelin)

“What are you talking about, Earl Baumeister-sama? I only deceived them following Lord-sama’s order.” (Klaus)

“Haa?” (Wendelin)

Klaus was Klaus after all.
As soon as he saw my face, he called this rebellion a play.

“A play that causes this much of an uproar? Do you dislike hanging this much?” (Wendelin)

Hearing my remark, Walter and Karl, who were tied up by Erw and Ina in the back, ended up fainting after screaming.
It seems they finally realized the graveness of the situation.

“I understand your mood, Earl Baumeister-sama, but I would like you to listen to my story.” (Klaus)

“I will at least hear you out. After all the ropes for hanging and the scaffolds have to be prepared.” (Wendelin)

Next the young residents, who were together with Walter and Karl, fainted after being overwhelmed by the shock.
It seems they participated with a casual feeling to get more favourable treatment than the other residents if they join the rebellion. They didn’t really consider the time after it failed after all.
Or rather, the young folks fainted from my statements, but only Klaus’ expression hasn’t changed. It seems that he is absolutely confident that he won’t be executed.
Seeing his expression, I suddenly felt a bit angry.

“I have thought that the preparation over there might become unnecessary, but…”

Let’s see, just what kind of explanation will Klaus give us?
Just because I wanted to know that, I decided to listen to that guy’s story.


“Requesting a deal to be judged innocent after having caused a rebellion is…” (Wendelin)

“No, not at all. It’s not about being judged innocent, what I want and wish for is to avoid for it to be judged as capital crime.” (Klaus)

In the end the rebellion was completely suppressed in one day.
With there being zero victims due to Area Stun, the men except Klaus, who participated in the rebellion, were disarmed and put under surveillance by soldiers after gathering them in one place.
And then I met with the main instigator Klaus, but he boldly requested a deal with an innocent look in the study of the mansion which had finally regained its peace.
As it’s related to highly classified information, there’s currently only Burkhart-san, Elise, Hermann-nii-san and me in the room.
Everyone else helped with the cleaning up after the rebellion.

“Klaus, did you warn them before?” (Hermann)

From Hermann-nii-san’s point of view, for some reason they ended up causing a rebellion to claim a direct petition with the three of them although he had ordered Klaus to give Walter and Karl, who were growing impudent, a warning.
With Klaus insisting on his innocence, it was only natural for him to be angry.

“Making a mistake in the education of Walter and Karl was honestly my blunder. It’s difficult to instruct them skilfully. Even the move of restraining them with my authority doesn’t work if I’m going to die in a few years anyway.” (Klaus)

At the time he worried what he could do, those adventurers contacted Walter and Karl with just the right timing.

“They are the subordinates of Margrave Browig.” (Klaus)

“You knew it?”

“Yes, it seems they were troubled. I talked to them whether they wanted me to cooperate in the planning of a rebellion.” (Klaus)


Klaus seems to speak the truth without concealing anything.
Cooperating himself with them who got in touch with Walter and Karl, who got cocky by being able to become nobles, to use them, he skilfully drew out information from them in the process.
Once you look at the lot who participated in the rebellion, you will see that there are many young men.
From the experienced Klaus’ viewpoint, he likely regarded them as easy targets to extract information from.

“If you reported that, it might have been an achievement. But isn’t it too late for that, experienced village headman-dono?”

“I thought about that, but the arrest of rebelling forces surpassing 20 members in this small territory would have likely caused many victims.” (Klaus)

Since they are a bunch who hasn’t any achievements from before, they should have resisted desperately.
Accordingly he decided to cause a rebellion.

“Related to the number of participants, a complete take-over of the territory was impossible. Since they also moved in order to constrain Earl Baumeister-sama to dispatch his troops and to confuse Margrave Breithilde-sama’s rear, they didn’t wish for that much either.” (Klaus)

Therefore he changed it to an official direct petition by occupying the feudal lord’s mansion and taking hostages. It appears that was the strategy he implemented together with them.

“Did you believe that we would suppress the rebellion, Klaus…?”

“Well, in fact you are a high ranking magician-sama.” (Klaus)

Having the rebels gathered in the mansion, he expected us to catch them all in one haul.
Moreover, with no victims on either side.
Klaus caused a rebellion after predicting that far ahead.

“Did you drag Walter and Karl into it as well?”

“It’s no good if they aren’t scolded severely at least once. Also, it was for the sake of them never again getting used like that.” (Klaus)

Seeing that they are my half-brothers, it’s possible that one day another noble, who tries to use them, appears.
Therefore Klaus apparently considered it to be necessary that they won’t ever be used again.

“Having failed once, there will be surveillance with them barely keeping their heads on their necks. Certainly, aren’t there nobles who come up with unnecessary things…? Wend, the problem on my side is that I have no choice but to accept it.” (Hermann)

The biggest problem for Hermann-nii-san was that he would run out of capable personnel if the village headman and his successors suddenly vanished.

“It’s necessary to prepare a next one if the village headman of the main village is gone.”

It won’t do for Klaus to remain as is, but having said that, a sudden stranger would be problematic as well. It seems he wants to leave the store to Reiner, the husband of my half-sister Korona, and make Norbert, the husband of my half-sister Agnes, into the village headman of the main village.

“They have opposed Klaus’ rebellion to the point of severing connections. I think there will be little resistance from the residents.”

“So, what about Walter and Karl?”

They completely did a grandstand play, but as result they certainly advanced the situation as Klaus had intended. There were no victims among the personnel of the Knight Baumeister territory.
If Klaus had reported to Hermann-nii-san that a rebellion is about to occur, he would most likely have gathered the soldiers and tried to arrest them. If that were to happen, it’s possible that they, who are sacrificial pawns, would have resisted frantically and caused many victims in the process.
As he acted on his own authority, it’s not like we can recognize it as Klaus’ achievement.
However, it wasn’t a case where it would be fine if we just hang him either.
Seeing that Klaus will apparently take the responsibility and retire, it would be wrong to hang Walter and Karl as well.

“I will make them village headmen.” (Hermann)

With Klaus’ forced retirement, he will leave the reclamation of a new village to Walter and Karl.
However, the assistance from Hermann-nii-san will be cut down quite a bit. There won’t be any help from me and Katharina either.
Clearing the fields from scratch by themselves, they will build a village.
Even the salary and support from the feudal lord won’t return until the next generation.
They barely avoided the execution because they are my elder brothers, but they will be constantly supervised in their reclamation of a new village until they die.
Since there will be surveillance, they probably won’t think of pointless ambitions from here on out, is Hermann-nii-san’s idea.
Moreover, the population of that new village will be scarce.
As it will be only the people who participated in the rebellion and their families, Hermann-nii-san won’t lend them a hand in recruiting new immigrants.
Given that they have no other connections, they will apparently perform the development of a new village by themselves until the generations change.
It was a punishment close to an exile.

“What do you think, Wendelin?” (Hermann)

“That should do?” (Wendelin)

He is hesitating to execute them after all. On the other hand it will set a bad example for the other residents if they don’t receive a proper punishment.
I believe it’s fine as point of compromise, however Klaus listens normally without changing his expression in any particular way.
It completely seems as if he had foreseen our thoughts.

“Are those conditions fine for you, Klaus?”

“Yes. Of course.” (Klaus)

While scolding his grandchildren who came up with something stupid, he was calm with them becoming the village headmen of a new village even though they have the difficulty of developing it 100% by themselves.
From the standpoint of the other villages their salary will be low until the generations change, but that will be cancelled for the generation after Walter and Karl.
The husband of Klaus’ granddaughter was able to succeed as village headman of the main village too.
It might be much better compared to having his relatives hanging.
Probably Klaus’ true objective was to save the lives of his two grandchildren who came up with something stupid.

“Well, then I will the rest to you, Hermann-nii-san.” (Wendelin)

“What shall I do with the captured rebels?” (Hermann)

“Since they have a use, I will take them in.” (Wendelin)

“That will save me troubles. The food expenses and the manpower to control such lot would…” (Hermann)

There are more than 20 adult males who have received military training.
Although it’s growing, they would likely be too much for the current Knight Baumeister territory.
Having said that, even if we execute all of them, it will cause a strong shock to the fief’s population.

“Do you want to use that bunch for a counter-attack against Margrave Browig, Earl Baumeister-sama?” (Klaus)

“While someone is busy, he stood in my way with something trivial.” (Wendelin)

“That’s right, isn’t it? If you want to go with that, do you want me to help you with something?” (Klaus)

“I want to peek once in that head of yours.” (Wendelin)

“You won’t find anything interesting there. With the incident this time I have reached a forced retirement. However, my age is a difficult age to help Walter and Karl in the reclamation. Fortunately I have life experience with more up and downs than other people. If you make use of that, I’d like to receive a small reward from you, Earl Baumeister-sama. Although they are paying for their own mistakes, it’s necessary for me as their grandfather to assist Walter and Karl a bit.” (Klaus)

“That’s true.” (Wendelin)

Since there are the eyes of the other residents, the young residents, who participated in the rebellion, will need to build a house by themselves at the planned location for establishing a new village and till the fields there.
That’s probably why Klaus wants to help out on the funding.

“It will be a part-time job to earn an allowance.” (Klaus)

Given that it will be a problem if he acts as counsellor like Heinz, I will personally provide his salary as counsellor.
I guess that should be his position, huh?

“I will even pay you a bonus if you are really useful, but I won’t give you anything but a meal if you don’t meet my expectations.” (Wendelin)

“Since I’m a retired old man, it will be splendid if my meals are taken care of.” (Klaus)

Like this I got stuck with temporarily employing Klaus who is the ringleader of the rebellion for some reason, but I somehow ended up feeling like it moved according to his expectations.


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