Chapter 61 – Waigel household’s revival

“A method to restore a noble household which had its peerage and territory confiscated?” (Roderich)

“Right.” (Wendelin)

“Is it about Katharina-jou?” (Roderich)

“Yea.” (Wendelin)

Katharina had that speech and behaviour the first time we met due to that loss, but she was a quite excellent magician. Once I tried to get along with her, she wasn’t such a bad person either.
Since that’s the case, it’s not like there are no way around it.
After all I’m a noble bearing responsibility for a huge territory.
Also, there is the reason that I’m a person who considers stability.
I got many allies in order to live a good life.
And there was a method to create an obligation for gratitude from her, though there’s only one.
It will restore the Waigel household’s peerage and territory.
Given that it’s almost impossible for women to become nobles, it won’t do if she doesn’t look for an agreeable method.
The best one would be the possibility of the children, born by her, to inherit peerage and territory.

“However, are you really asking the humble me?” (Roderich)

I’m asking Roderich who is the head retainer since it’s a problem whether it will increase the friendly nobles of the Earl Baumeister household or not, however his expression becomes bitter.
That’s because next week there will be a marriage interview meeting held.
Moreover, those marriage interviews are scheduled to become quite large-scaled.
Erw will participate as well. It turned into an obligatory participation for the the young fellows who were working for us while having no wives.
Although the nobles got psyched up as well and sent more than 1000 marriage interview photographs, I think that most of those will be in vain.
At the time I asked them 『It’s no problem even if it our young folks?』, almost all of them accepted it.
Before I noticed the retainer group of the Earl Baumeister household had taken form, however the upper echelon was blended with all the children of cabinet ministers and each of them did the task which suited their home’s forté.
Even that child of doushi, Cornelius, has become the leader of the guard unit.
Their way of working was excellent, but there were still many singles since there were so many third sons and below among them.
Therefore we decided to hold a large marriage interview meeting based on the fact that they will become busy from now on.
Even if I say so myself, but I believe it to be a nice idea. However, for Roderich who advances the preparations for his own marriage interviews, there might be some parts he can’t agree with.

“How about it? Once you accept her as wife, Roderich, doesn’t it mean that your child will become a noble?” (Wendelin)

“Why me? Isn’t it no problem for Erwin either?” (Roderich)

Given that it has been finally settled that Roderich will become the father of the next era’s Baron Rückner household’s family head after many turns and twists, it won’t be any kind of problem if he makes a child with Katharina and that child becomes a noble.
However, it seems Roderich doesn’t want to be burdened with any more hardships.
Thus he tried to force it upon Erw.

“Erw is, you know…” (Wendelin)

He is a nice guy, however him ending up learning womanising thanks to Burkhart-san was no good.
Katharina is sensitive in such matters and therefore has distanced herself from Erw.
She’s alright with him as companion in the same party, but apparently she refuses him as husband.

“That foolhardy one is unexpectedly innocent.” (Roderich)

Certainly, compared to gaining top class achievements among the adventurers, which is a gathering of many rough fellows, and rejecting fellows like yakuza and parasites, who have tried to steal a share from her, with ability, she doesn’t seem to have much immunity towards men.

“Just recently too…” (Wendelin)

After Erw practised his archery in the early morning, he cooled himself in the courtyard by taking off the upper garment since it was hot. I ended up getting complaints from Katharina who practised her magic at the same time.

『Wendelin-san! It might be the way of nobles, but something like undressing outside is no good!』 (Katharina)

『Wasn’t it only his upper body?』 (Wendelin)

『Even if it’s only the upper half, isn’t it always no good!?』 (Katharina)

Her way of talking was as usual, but Katharina’s face was deep red.
In short, she likely doesn’t have much tolerance in such things.

“Erw will be difficult, I believe.” (Wendelin)

“Then, isn’t all well if it’s you, my lord?” (Roderich)

“Me?” (Wendelin)

“Yes. She fits the requirements nicely as well.” (Roderich)

Since she is an elite adventurer to begin with, she can accompany me on my hunts.
Even from Katharina’s view, a child made between me and her will smoothen the manoeuvring at the royal palace to make it the family head of the Waigel household.
“Both of you will profit from it”, Roderich says.
I feel like it gives off a slightly dry sensation if said by a former Heisei Japanese, but you couldn’t call this an incorrect evaluation criteria in this world either.
As marriage served as connection of fellow households, things like affinity of the marriage partners themselves was secondary.
I think that it’s not bad to love for the love’s sake, but this might also be the reason for the problems of declining birth rates and the low marriage ratio in Japan.
Either way, it’s difficult to persist as single in this world.
“It will be pointless if Katharina doesn’t prepare herself for it either”, Roderich stated.

“It’s necessary to deepen the line-up of the Baumeister household by treating the Waigel household as quasi-family.” (Roderich)

Since Roderich is the head retainer he apparently wants to quickly tackle the issue of stabilizing the Earl Baumeister household which changed into a large-scale household rapidly.
After my death the Earl Baumeister household will continue with the next generation and the ones after as well.

“However, that might also be the will of the person herself.” (Wendelin)

“Saying that, it’s also necessary to meet and frankly speak about it once. By the way, can’t you do something about the mark remaining on your cheek?” (Roderich)

“Hm~~~m. For some reason Elise refused to do that. I’m not allowed to heal it myself either.” (Wendelin)

As a matter of fact, in the early morning today, after finishing my daily routine of practising magic, I entered the bathroom to wash off my sweat.
There I ran into Katharina who entered the bathroom before me after likewise finishing her training.
Furthermore, she was taking some kind of pose in front of the mirror in the wash-room while being stark naked.


『Since the meals, provided at Wendelin-san’s house, are delicious, I seem to have recently gained weight…』 (Katharina)

『Is that so? I don’t think so though.』 (Wendelin)

『Eh?』 (Katharina)

I was probably an idiot to immediately answer her at that point.
Katharina, who ended up meeting me in the wash-room when no one but her was supposed to be there, stared at me, who came entering carelessly, for several seconds and a strange mood drifted between the two of us.

『Wendelin-san?』 (Katharina)

『Men won’t notice little fluctuations in the weight of a woman.』 (Wendelin)

『……』 (Katharina)

『There are also variations in the ideal figure of men and women. If a woman becomes too thin, men won’t feel attracted instead.』 (Wendelin)

『Wendelin-san?』 (Katharina)

『Well, that’s all from my side.』 (Wendelin)

Somehow I seem to have missed the 『Bathroom in use』 note which hung at the entrance to the bathroom.
To be honest, I do that occasionally, but since Erw is a man, there no problem either. It was the same for the times of the other female members.

『Wend, are you really not doing that on purpose? I don’t particularly mind though.』 (Ina)

『It’s a disaster. I’m getting attacked by Wend who craves for my nude body~~~~. As if, you aren’t easily influenced to join in on the mood.』 (Luise)

『Wendelin-sama, we will do such things after holding the official ceremony.』 (Elise)

『Wend-sama, let’s go in together.』 (Wilma)

Since the four are my fiancées, there was absolutely no problem, however my deception didn’t work on Katharina after all.

『Wendelin-san…』 (Katharina)

『Sorry, I messed up a bit.』 (Wendelin)

『Do you plan to let it finish with you looking at the naked body of a maiden before her marriage!?』 (Katharina)

Although Katharina’s magic didn’t appear here, I ended up receiving a slap on the cheek with all her strength.
I probably could have dodged it if I felt like it, but I sensed that it would be wrong to do that and thus I simply took the brunt.

“How to call it…? Is my lord’s luck good or bad…?” (Roderich)

Those were the impressions of Roderich who is also a man.
The slap on the cheek is unfortunate, however he said it like that since I was able to see something nice.
Since doing something like slapping a noble was disrespectful, punishment wasn’t impossible either, but if I do that, my act of peeping will get exposed.
If it’s officially announced, the one who will carry the disgrace in society will undoubtedly be me.

“Moreover, Katharina is unexpectedly, you know…” (Wendelin)

After giving me a magnificent slap, she wept and clung to Elise which was totally unlike her.

『I can’t become a bride anymore!』 (Katharina)

『You aren’t that kind of character… Sorry, it’s nothing…』 (Wendelin)

If you can’t get married anymore just because a bit nudity was seen, most of the marriageable women in Japan will disappear.
Or rather, I ended up thinking that it’s a surprise for such woman to actually exist outside of Light Novels and Anime, but Elise was Katharina’s ally in this matter.
The women in this world; the higher their social standing, the higher their sense of virtue.
Therefore, I, who had seen the nude Katharina without her being my lover or wife, apparently became a sinful man.

『Wendelin-sama. Please leave your face as it is for the whole day today.』 (Elise)

『As expected, as it is…』 (Wendelin)

『It’s for you to reflect on your actions, Wendelin-sama.』 (Elise)

Being unusually strongly told by Elise to do so, I consented to not even heal the hand-print imprinted on my own cheek for today.

『It’s no good. Wend. The times when Elise speaks forcefully are special.』 (Ina)

Certainly, it’s as Ina said. Although she usually is an old-styled woman who stands up for me, she has imposed a calm punishment upon me while comforting Katharina who is currently clinging to her tearfully.


I didn’t know whether this part of her was also a reason why she was chosen as my first wife.

『Although it’s no problem if it’s us, Katharina is no good.』 (Ina)

『Shall we add a name column to the note for bathing use?』 (Wendelin)

『Won’t you then enter if it’s anyone else but Katharina?』 (Ina)

『No comment.』 (Wendelin)

It’s difficult for the nobles of this country to have premarital sexual relations due to the annoying regulations of the church.
Therefore I think it’s a cute mischief to at least occasionally peep at their nude bodies for a bit while pretending to have made a mistake.
The other party are my fiancées anyway.

『Wend, you are doing it on purpose after all…』 (Ina)

『Well, I wonder about that?』 (Wendelin)

『As a matter of fact, this is actually quite the problem.』 (Elise)

As expected, if it’s such a situation, it will result in a composition of the serious Elise and Ina giving me a scolding.

『Hey, say Wend, how was Katharina’s figure?』 (Luise)

Those were Luise’s feelings.
She told me about the figures of the other women who entered the bath together with her occasionally. I consider her to possess some ero oyaji components in her mind.

『She’s a good match to Elise as they go boin boin like this.』 (Wendelin)

『As expected. Dominique is quite amazing too, but she’s no match for Katharina.』 (Luise)

『Hee, Dominique is nicely stacked, huh?』 (Wendelin)

『She is fairly amazing. As she is Elise’s childhood friend, does it have to do with the environment?』 (Luise)

According to Luise, a self-proclaimed woman’s body critic, Dominique, who serves as maid in this mansion, seems to have a disposition of looking quite slender in clothing as well.
I was told that she has a truly nice figure.

『As expected, it’s completely as I feared…』 (Katharina)

『Luise-san! Wendelin-sama!』 (Elise)

However, Katharina wept once again due to this blunt old man talk. Luise and me got once again scolded by Elise.

『Anyway, you will reflect for today.』 (Elise)

For that reason it has been decided that I would spend my time with a hand-print imprinted on my cheek for the whole day today.

『Wend-sama.』 (Wilma)

『What’s up, Wilma?』 (Wendelin)

『The hand-print on Wend-sama’s cheek is similar to the grilled starfish you can get at a shop in the capital.』 (Wilma)

『… I see…』 (Wendelin)

And, as expected of Wilma, she apparently didn’t understand why there is such an uproar.
Looking at the hand-print on my cheek, she is delighted that it resembles the 『Grilled Starfish』 sold at a shop in the capital and gulps down due to hand-print.
Furthermore if you ask why grilled starfish*, maple leaves* can’t be found anywhere but in a small region in the north of the Helmut Kingdom. (T/N: What I translated as hand-print, as that’s easier to understand in English, is actually momijii or a red maple leaf. Wilma calls it a starfish due to its shape)
It means that there’s a problem of popularity.

“Don’t be immediately kept on a short leash.” (Roderich)

“Elise usually doesn’t speak in such strong way.” (Wendelin)

“I guess. As Katharina is aiming for the revival of her household, she learned for her treatment to follow that of a noble daughter.” (Roderich)

Therefore I was rebuked for having carelessly seen her naked body.

“At any rate, no matter how much effort Katharina puts into it, she won’t become the head of a noble household herself.” (Roderich)

On top of it being no good if it isn’t discussed with the royal family and other nobles, she won’t receive a favourable answer if she doesn’t agree to the condition of taking a husband and giving birth to children no matter what.
If you turn that around, as long as she just swallows that condition, it’s not such a difficult issue either.

“Therefore you should properly discuss those matters with Katharina as well. It will be a loss if we don’t win over a magician of such degree.” (Roderich)

“You, gradually you have become like a noble’s retainer.” (Wendelin)

“Let me take that as compliment.” (Roderich)

Anyway, it was decided that I would once speak with Katharina about those matters.




“That’s the reason why…” (Wendelin)

“I will discuss it with everyone and then decide.” (Katharina)

“Everyone?” (Wendelin)

“The representatives of the former Waigel territory’s population and all the former retainers.” (Katharina)

When I conveyed Roderich’s idea to Katharina, she replied that she will decide once she discussed it with everyone.
The everyone she means are apparently her former retainers and fief’s inhabitants.
Nonetheless, even though her peerage and territory was taken away in the generation of her grandfather, they have a frightening level of loyalty.

“In case of the former Baumeister territory, they have grown accustomed to the new feudal lord and governor within one year.” (Wendelin)

“That’s because it’s a different territory… Can you accompany me since I will discuss it with them?” (Katharina)

“Got it.” (Wendelin)

After sweating at public works once more for around 2 days since the story with Katharina, we travelled to the former Waigel territory with the usual members.
Be that as it may, because I’m not very well-versed about places in the former Waigel territory, we can’t transfer with teleportation.
The Waigel household was a Knight peerage in the same way as my family has been originally. Their territory was at a place which is approximately one day walk away from the capital.
It was pretty prosperous as Knight household with a population of around 1.000 people.
Cultivating vast agricultural land, they supplied the capital with food. There were many people and goods coming and going as the highway connecting the capital and the West ran through the territory. The territory’s condition was very good with it even having shopping districts and post stations.
Certainly, it seems to be a good place with easy access since we arrived at the area in around half day after teleporting to the capital.

“If it’s this location…” (Wendelin)

“It’s as you have feared, boy. They were treated as nuisance by the management under the direct control of the kingdom.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san, who has accompanied us, had heard about the circumstances of the Waigel household from Margrave Breithilde.

“In order to change everything in the vicinity of the capital into being under the direct control of the kingdom, a forced relocation of several smaller feudal lords was ordered.” (Burkhart)

In exchange they prepared a larger area than their previous territory in the new region.
Apparently there were such conditions, however the location of the former Waigel household is really great.
It’s overwhelmingly more appealing than increasing the agricultural production by extending the territory. It seems they really hated to leave this fantastic location with the highway running through it.
No matter which era, it’s a fact that agriculture isn’t very profitable.
It carries importance because people won’t survive without food, but it’s a truth that taking hold of the distribution channels yields a good profit.

“Nonetheless, it’s wrong to refuse an order by the royal family.”

“Grandfather-sama had no intention to refuse it.” (Katharina)

If nobles in the Helmut Kingdom receive such order to relocate to a different domain, they will always decline it at least once.

“Even if small, they are nobles after all.”

The first time they refuse is to sound out behind closed doors and the next time they will attempt to officially sound out about improving the conditions a bit more.
If one was to ask why they are doing such thing, it’s because they have to uphold their honour in front of the people below them, even within their own noble household.

『We refused it once, but the other side certainly improved the terms.』

With such an excuse, they would be able to accept the forced relocation with a peace of mind.

“How, troublesome…” (Wendelin)

“It’s because that’s how nobles are.” (Burkhart) (T/N: I swear, the author loves this sentence. Pops up at least once every chapter, should make a hotkey for it.)

It’s probably just as Burkhart-san says.
My face has a cramp, but everyone else seems to agree with it.
I might still not have gotten used to this world in those matters.

“However, when Grandfather-sama refused once following the custom…” (Katharina)

He suddenly lost his peerage due to the crime of ignoring the royal family’s order.
Once they investigate why something like this happened, they found out that the former Marquis Rückner was involved in it.
Indeed, it’s no good if customs are violated, no matter whether it’s an important noble, I end up judging.

“Katharina-sama! You have returned!?”

As we are walking within the former Waigel territory following the highway while listening to Katharina’s story, an elder man, who seems to be around 60 years old, comes running from the direction of the post-station town.

“Heinz, you mustn’t unreasonably strain yourself since you are already at an old age.” (Katharina)

“Don’t mention it! I will still be in active for quite some time to come.” (Heinz)

He seems to be around the same age as Klaus, but it looks like he is still energetic.

“Since you are everyone’s mediator, it’s indispensable for you to be still in good health.” (Katharina)

“One way or the other I will last for at least 10 more years. By the way…” (Heinz)

“This is the 『Dragon-slaying Hero-san』 from the rumours in the capital.” (Katharina)

“Katharina-sama has a large, diverse circle of acquaintances.” (Heinz)

“That’s only natural.” (Katharina)

Although she returns to her usual way of speaking again, our meeting was by chance. The impression after seeing her for the first time was the worst.
Therefore it’s troublesome even if she puts on airs, we thought.

“However, it’s the first time for Katharina-sama to travel with others after you went to the adventurer prep school in the West at the age of 12.” (Heinz)

“I’m picky about choosing my friends.” (Katharina)

“(Hey, if it’s about that…)” (Ina)

“(Ina! Don’t! Any more is not allowed!)” (Wendelin)

Although the first impression of her was really bad, there’s a reason why I haven’t excluded her.
That’s probably because she has spent her childhood in the same way as I did.
Expending hours on magic training, she was basically a loner even in the days at the adventurer prep school. Even when she became an adult, she always acted by herself.
There likely wasn’t any true friend to invite to come along and thus she always returned home by herself.

“(She is a loner! Just like the old me, she is a loner!)” (Wendelin)

A loner will recognise another loner.
Because she fully reminded me of the loner style, I unconsciously ended up inviting her on various occasions.
Moreover, even though she came along while saying it can’t be helped as if that was a preface at the beginning, it actually can’t be seen as anything but her style to look forward to act together with us more than anyone else.
She didn’t once refuse doing jobs like public works either. She was also popular among many workers at the construction sites.
Her tone was the usual one, but it seems she was called 『Funny nee-chan』 by many of the rough construction workers.
Also, the slightly haughty speech and conduct of a young lady was similar to their own daughters and thus made them laugh by treating her as joking material.

『Katharina-sama, it’s this hole. I’d like you to dig it a bit deeper.』

『I guess there’s no helping you. Carefully observe my grand magic.』 (Katharina)

『As expected of you.』

『For someone like me that’s only natural.』 (Katharina)

『I have a request to such wonderful Katharina-sama.』

『Leave it to me.』 (Katharina)

Furthermore, it seems they also asked her to do additional work by skilfully flattering her.

“(Wend. You…)”

“(I was a loner until the age of 12. Well, Katharina is even now continuing to be one…)” (Wendelin)

“(Wend, I think that’s cruel).”

“How about some tea for our important guests as well?” (Heinz)

Being led by the elder called Heinz, we head towards his home.
Along the way there was a mansion which was more gorgeous than my home although we were a Knight household as well, but that mansion was originally the main residence of the former Waigel household.

“Now it has become the residence of governor-sama.” (Heinz)

Heinz’ tone was cold.
From his point of view, someone like the governor is illegally occupying the mansion of his lord and is at the same level as yakuza, I guess.

“It’s a provocation that a relative of the Rückner household always acts as governor.” (Heinz)

It’s not like he is taking taxes illegally by ignoring the law, but for him only the feeling of the Rückner family indulging in the governor’s wages by crushing the Waigel territory exists.
The fief’s population and the retainers won’t do something like rebelling, however they kept their association with the governor extremely dry.

“This here is my residence.” (Heinz)

The household of Heinz seems to originally have a family lineage of being the Junior Commander of the Waigel household.
The size of his mansion ranked next to that of the mansion of the former Waigel household.
Moreover, once we entered the grounds, around 20 men of various ages lay in wait there.
According to Heinz, all of them are people from families such as retainers, subordinate warriors and village headmen.

“Ooh! Katharina-sama has returned!”

“You have become even more beautiful.”

“It looks like there’s guests as well.”

“They say he is the 『Dragon-slaying Hero-sama』.” (Heinz)

“Hee, despite being this young, he is an important personage.”

“Everyone, I have returned today because there is something very important to discuss.” (Katharina)

Although being a loner, it appears that Katharina has been dearly loved by her former retainers and fief’s inhabitants.
Once listening to Heinz-san, she, who possessed talent in magic, earned money by hunting and such while training her magic from a very young age in order to revive her esteemed household in this city. Then she went to a western adventurer prep school, where the eyes of the hateful Marquis Rückner household doesn’t reach, and became a money-earning adventurer in the West.
Her grandfather, who was the family head, died from illness immediately following the shock of loosing the peerage. Her parents overworked themselves for the sake of reviving the household, fell ill and followed her grandfather into death before long.
She, who remained behind by herself at the mere age of 5 years, conducted herself as family head of the Waigel household from then on.

“Katharina-sama continues to put great efforts into the revival of her household as she understood the suffering of the previous generation and the regrets of future generations at a very young age. This Heinz will stay a loyal retainer of the Waigel household until I’m reduced to ashes.” (Heinz)

It seems to be the same for the other people gathered.
They refused the invitation of the governor, who has been dispatched by the Rückner household to retire from his high-ranking government job by taking a lucrative post, and while making a living as merchants, craftsmen, hunters, wealthy farmers and such, they didn’t miss training and studying for the time when the Waigel household would be revived.
Moreover, without people dropping out even if there was a generation change, there were also many young people among the bunch that has gathered here.

“(A threatening loyalty! Are you guys Mikawa samurai*!?)” (Wendelin) (T/N: Warriors serving the Tokugawa household as retainers. Google 三河武士 if you want to know more)

Or rather, although it’s not like he has been imposing misgovernment, the side of the governor, who isn’t able to do anything but the least amount of associating with them up until now, is slightly pitiable.

“As a matter of fact I was able to seize a clue for the revival of my esteemed household.” (Katharina)

“Is that the truth?”

“Great! While I’m still alive, the Waigel household will…”

The room has been wrapped up in great joy in an instant.
It turned into a state where the elder people are shedding tears in delight.

“I have put earnest efforts into becoming a noble by raising achievements. But, even though I saved up money, the revival of my esteemed household didn’t get any closer at all. That’s because I’m a woman.” (Katharina)

Due to Katharina’s statement, everyone quiets down in an instant.
Probably all of them had actually realized that very fact in the innermost depths of their hearts.

“Accordingly, I decided to change my thinking. I will become the wife of Wendelin-sama, who is standing here, and our child will succeed the Waigel household.” (Katharina)


“That’s wonderful!”

“As expected of Katharina-sama!”

It seems Katharina has chosen that path after all.
If she aims for the revival of her family by marrying the second or third son of some strange noble, there is the danger of it being usurped by their home, but my home doesn’t have such leeway. Even me myself, I don’t have the spare time to intervene in the territory of someone else while my own territory is in such a state.
From Katharina’s standpoint I’m the better choice.

“However, there is no way for it to happen in this territory. It’s necessary to change our residence. Therefore it’s no problem if it’s only those who want to follow me. Those who won’t come with me will receive an appropriate reward from me. You have my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for serving this temporarily collapsed household up until now.” (Katharina)

Katharina has probably received education for such a situation as well.
She brought it to a finish with a speech befitting of a noble daughter.

“I will follow you! Even to the furthest hinterlands!”

“Me too! My family should agree with it as well!”

“I will accompany you, too!”

There aren’t any inconveniences in regards to things like shopping, the capital is close and the agricultural land is abundant as well.
I have a feeling that this place is similar to a divine realm, however there wasn’t a single person among those gathered in this room who wanted to stay behind.
Everyone seems to greatly enjoy relocating to a new territory if it means the revival of their esteemed household.

“It’s a mystery, isn’t it?” (Heinz)

“Yes, it’s convenient to live in this place after all.” (Wendelin)

“Isn’t everyone excitedly cheering in great joy?” It looks like Heinz noticed my surprised expression.

“Certainly, it’s a fact that it’s easy and convenient to live here, but…” (Heinz)

The former Waigel territory has a population of 1000 people.
Since it couldn’t support any more than those, it seems that the cases, where children and such had to relocate to other places, increased.

“Even though it’s normal for a child to leave their parents, it’s also lonely being unable to see the faces of their grandchildren owed to being apart very far.” (Heinz)

In regards to that, the land, which I will likely distribute from the Savage Lands, has a big leeway for exploitation.
Even regarding its convenience, it will probably improve largely once the development of my territory advances.

“Its future prospects are definitely superior. I believe there will be many coming along.” (Heinz)

“Since that’s the case, the match will be decided tomorrow, I guess?” (Katharina)

“The match?” (Wendelin)

“I will go to request the relocation from the household which fabricated the cause of the Waigel household’s change of rank.” (Katharina)

It’s a request, or rather laying the necessary groundwork.
Although they have the permission from the royal family, it will become troublesome if they hinder the relocation in anger due to not being consulted with beforehand.

“I see, that’s important.” (Wendelin)

That day we enjoyed the party organized by Heinz’ group and stayed for the night in an inn managed by a former retainer.
The next day we transferred to the capital with teleportation once again and met with a certain person.

“Son-in-law-dono. It’s a great pleasure to see you in good health.” (Hohenheim)

“Umm…” (Wendelin)

“At present Earl Baumeister-sama has a momentum not loosing out to a flying bird. It also can’t be helped if you increase the number of wives by one.” (Hohenheim)

We met with Cardinal Hohenheim who calls me 『Son-in-law-dono』 for some reason despite being a non-consanguineous grandfather, but even while not expressing any complaints about the increase of my wives, he pointed a sharp and proper look at Katharina.

“I’m honoured to meet you. My name is Katharina von Waigel.” (Katharina)

“The daughter of that Waigel household which is a famous magician in the West, huh?” (Hohenheim)

“I’m much obliged to meet you today.” (Katharina)

“Currently son-in-law-dono is still lacking many people. Katharina-jou will support son-in-law-dono and your child will support the Earl Baumeister household as family head of the Waigel household. If you can bear in mind your duties, I won’t be averse to cooperate with you either.” (Hohenheim)

“Thank you very much.” (Katharina)

As expected, even Katharina got apparently overwhelmed by the aura of an important noble who survived in the central government for many years.
She gave her greetings meekly.
Also, it’s probably because he truly holds his granddaughter, Elise, precious.
In order to not shake her position as first wife, he will certainly cooperate with us.

“You seem to be doing fine as well, Elise.” (Hohenheim)

“Yes. It’s because Wendelin-sama is very kind.” (Elise)

“Is that so? I’m looking forward to your wedding then.” (Hohenheim)

Usually he was a cardinal of the church, which is a den of demons, and an important appointed noble of the central government, but he changes into a good-natured old man doting on his granddaughter if he is in front of Elise.
Therefore one can expect him to not show any mercy at all towards fellows who try to endanger her position as first wife.
Katharina, who sensed that, immediately became obedient.

“Well then, let’s go? By the way, you are quiet today, Burkhart.” (Hohenheim)

“I’m merely acting as guard.” (Burkhart)

“Let’s pretend it just like that, I guess? What’s Margrave Breithilde’s thoughts on this case?” (Hohenheim)

“He is thinking that it was quite fortunate?” (Burkhart)

“Well, I guess so. Even for Finance Minister Rückner the wrongdoings of his predecessor are something troubling. Also, the Earl Liliental household acted quite foolishly.” (Hohenheim)

I was able to follow vaguely.
In short, if his predecessor didn’t force the change of ranks, there wouldn’t be any reason for Minister Rückner to be hated by the useful magician called Katharina. That’s because she would be under the control of the Earl Liliental household.

“Did the Earl Liliental household mention anything after you became famous, Katharina?” (Wendelin)

“Yes. Coming from the third son who is around  40 years old, it was 『Since I’m able to revive the Waigel household, become my wife.』” (Katharina)

“And?” (Wendelin)

“I told him to sleep-talk while he is asleep.” (Katharina)

Since he is the third son of a big noble so far as it goes, it might have been wrong to use such reckless remark, however I’m able to understand her notion quite well.

“So, will I become your husband? I don’t particularly believe that I’m such a handsome man either though.” (Wendelin)

“Aren’t you dependable and don’t you have a big wallet, Wendelin-san? There’s nothing as important as this as requirement for a husband.” (Katharina)

Since this place is different from Japan, it rarely happens that the spouse is chosen for love’s sake.
That doesn’t mean that Katharina’s view is too dry either.

“Besides, it’s fun to be together with you, Wendelin-san. Because you treat even a woman like me normally…” (Katharina)

Saying this much, Katharina casts her eyes down while her face turns bright red.

“She became dere*.” (T/N: showing a lovestruck/affectionate side, as she is a tsundere, the tsun part would be her being defiant.)

“She became dere, yes.”

“She turned dere.”

“She became dere.”

“Hey, Elise. Is that word 『dere』 a fad in the South?” (Hohenheim)

Of course it didn’t become something like a fad in this world at all, but since I unconsciously ended up referring to her as such, it reached the point that even Ina’s group was using it in regards to Katharina.

“Oh well, I guess it’s fine? Let’s quickly go to the mansion of Minister Rückner.” (Hohenheim)

For the sake of negotiating the revival of the Waigel household, we hurried towards the Rückner mansion.


“That Cardinal Hohenheim?”

“That man has many worries recently.”


The crucial Waigel revival negotiations finished in little time.
Although it would probably be immediately approved of, if I asked His Majesty, the bothersome aspect of noble society is that it seems necessary to lay they groundwork with the Marquis Rückner household which put effort into changing the rank of the Waigel household in the past.
If we were to shirk this, it might cause them to become nuisances out of spite.
One might think that this is stupid, however such situations also often occurred during my trading company time.
It was a reality that higher-ups went even as far as becoming a hindrance by storming at me while yelling 『I didn’t hear about this!』, if I didn’t properly explain things like projects or new personnel.
Since humans are beings which possess pride, it’s necessary to make such arrangements in advance.
Even though we went to his mansion while I was thinking that, Finance Minister Rückner ends up showing a weary expression once he sees us for some reason.
To be more precise, it’s Katharina who was together with us, I suspect?

『Why is the daughter of the Waigel household together with Earl Baumeister!?』 (Rückner)

As one should expect of an important noble.
Minister Rückner apparently knew about Katharina.

『As I will take Katharina-san as my bride, please give us your permission for our child to succeed the Waigel household.』 (Wendelin)

『Curse him! That damn old man!』 (Rückner)

It appears that from Minister Rückner’s point of view not only his younger brother but also his father were people who stood in his way.
Just like his younger brother, his father was probably a person who didn’t care to tread over the corpses of other people as long as it was for the sake of the Rückner household.
I can understand the principle, but I don’t believe it to be a smart move to go too far with it.
And it seems that Minister Rückner’s father was such a person.
Since they had many enemies, Minister Rückner, who took over the family, ended up having to put strenuous efforts into mending the relationships.

『You won’t allow it?』 (Wendelin)

『No, I will give you my permission…』 (Rückner)

In such negotiations there are many cases where the method of pressing the other party for an answer while they are weakened will go smoothly.
Besides, Cardinal Hohenheim is standing in the back as well.
There was no necessity to worry about anything.

『And, you see. Katharina should become a honorary Associate Baron until the child is born. I hear there is such system in place for royalty and the daughters of important nobles?』 (Wendelin)

『Do you want me to write a letter of recommendation?』 (Rückner)

『Yes, please.』 (Wendelin)

『Or rather, as the Waigel household was a Knight household…』 (Rückner)

『If it’s territory, I will allocate some from my Savage Lands. The development will be troublesome. So, please assist us on that point.』 (Wendelin)

I possess the right to name several nobles as well, but it should be easier in the future by preserving that right and not using it for as long as possible. I negotiated in a way of having the household revive into the same shape it had originally.

『Got it…』 (Rückner)

『Also…』 (Wendelin)

『There’s still more!?』 (Rückner)

『Actually it’s about the residents and retainers of the former Waigel territory. They want to follow Katharina.』 (Wendelin)

Them moving to a new territory isn’t particularly anything illegal either.
However, with the governor of the former Waigel territory apparently being a second cousin of Minister Rückner, it was indispensable to prevent unnecessary conflict and friction at the time of them relocating.

『Understood. I will convey that to Kellner.』 (Rückner)

Kellner was the name of Minister Rückner’s second cousin.

『Afterwards we will need development support funds for the Waigel territory, too.』 (Wendelin)

I believed it to be difficult for me since I’m providing the majority of the funds for the development of the Savage Lands.
The kingdom offered various types of subsidiary aid.
Because they were able to put the leftover young nobles into governmental service, there is a system to guarantee the wages of those young nobles for several years and there is also additional assistance payment for families who have to develop the territory from scratch like Paul-nii-san and my nephews.
If the Waigel household is able to receive that, it should speed up the development considerably.

『However, as Katharina-jou should be earning quite an income…』 (Rückner)

『That’s true for me as well, but this and that are different matters. If Your Excellency, the Finance Minister, doesn’t give his permission with a ba~~~m here, you won’t be able to mend your relationship with the Waigel household.』 (Wendelin)

『If I didn’t allow it, the petitions by the Earl Liliental household…』 (Rückner)

Although the Marquis Rückner household is currently holding the Ministry of Finance, that family is also one of the leaders of the financial affairs faction.
Moreover, once the term of Minister Rückner ends in two more years, Earl Liliental will become the next Finance Minister.
He shouldn’t be able to disregard the petition of such person who holds almost equal authority.

“Uuh… That alone, please stop it by all means~~~!” (Rückner)

Of course Minister Rückner cannot allow that.
If I take the side of Katharina’s petition, the Earl Liliental household will be able to form a connection with me.
But then again, the relationship between Katharina and the Earl Liliental household has been severed due to their misconduct in the past, but I had no obligation to inform Minister Rückner of that.

『Fine! I will provide the funds!』 (Rückner)

『That’s great. Katharina, give him your thanks, too.』 (Wendelin)

『I’m very grateful for you to permit the revival of my esteemed household. You are also one of the people my husband is acquainted with. With this I will forgive and forget the whole case since I believe that it won’t be good to continue resenting the Marquis Rückner household.』 (Katharina)

『I’m appreciating that very much…』 (Rückner)

Though he is grateful, Minister Rückner’s face is glum.
That’s because once Katharina receives the honorary Associate Baron rank in the future, rumours will spread through the church.
There isn’t anyone in noble society who doesn’t know of the absurd reasoning for the Waigel household’s change of rank.
It will be said that Katharina, who revived the household, has the permission of the Marquis Rückner household.
Which side will be deemed more tolerant as human being? (T/N: The one allowing the revival or the one forgiving the past actions of the other)
Given that noble society cherishes its public face, the Waigel household’s side will naturally be considered as generous. Minister Rückner, who noticed that, couldn’t do anything but showing a sullen expression.

『And, the next head of the Waigel household, born by Katharina, will marry an ojou-sama of the Marquis Rückner household who will be chosen to be a good match age-wise…』 (Wendelin)

『How very wonderful…』 (Rückner)

No matter how much he struggles, with this he won’t be able to obstruct the revival of the Waigel household anymore.
It was arranged that the Marquis Rückner household, which is the biggest problem, will provide a bride to the Waigel household.

『It’s great that we could settle it peacefully.』

『That’s right, Earl Baumeister-dono.』

There was only one person who had a poor facial colour, but the negotiations concluded without problems.


“Well, the negotiations are done, but there’s a problem.”

It was a temporary measure until Katharina’s child is born, but there was the matter of her being bestowed the rank of honorary Associate Baron.
It seems that a messenger from the royal palace will come tomorrow to appoint the peerage to her, however with her not receiving it directly from His Majesty because she’s a woman, this country has unsociable parts as well.
Be that as it may, having finished our business with this, we were invited to the mansion of the Viscount Hohenheim household and were treated to tea and sweets.
We also gave them souvenirs like the native fruits of the Demon Forest.
Although I also passed some to Minister Rückner, I wonder how many days it will take until his mental state reaches the point of him savouring those from the bottom of his heart?
Since he had aspects resembling me in regards to going through hardships for the sake of his family, I ended up sympathizing with him a little bit.

“Son-in-law-dono, is the development of the territory going well?” (Hohenheim)

“Yes, it’s proceeding faster than scheduled.” (Wendelin)

The development performed with engineering magic has a completely different speed after all.
Furthermore, it’s not only me, but Katharina can use engineering magic as well.
I she pushes forward in the development of the new Waigel territory together with me, it’s very likely that the plans will be sped up once again.

“I see, that’s wonderful.” (Hohenheim)

“It’s because it’s my own domain.” (Wendelin)

“Well, nobles acting as feudal lords are such people.” (Hohenheim)

After we received favours in the mansion of the Viscount Hohenheim household until Katharina received her honorary Associate Baron rank, we quickly returned to the Baumeister Earldom in order to prepare the relocation and settling of the new Waigel territory.


“I see, this will make Marquis Rückner sob.”

The new territory of Waigel was obtained on the conditions of the child between me and her being able to succeed and her temporarily receiving the title of honorary Associate Baron.
Its location was decided to be in the outskirts of Baulburg.
The reason is that the development rate will be quicker since their former territory had the same conditions.
As time advances there will be a stream of people and goods towards the Meinbach household, which will be succeeded by my nephews, from the two Baumeister branch families along the northern mountain range. They have rich experience with things like managing an inn town along the highway. And they will also be able to maintain agricultural land to supply Baulburg with food.
Since the highway itself has already been created, the new Associate Baron territory was allocated next to it and many residents ran about to develop agricultural land and an inn town.

“Been’ a long time since I was this exhausted.” (Rembrandt) (T/N: As usual speaks in Osaka dialect)

“Well, I’m sorry, Baron Rembrandt.” (Wendelin)

“However, you are doing great too, Earl Baumeister-han. By telling them that they will receive a new territory, you grabbed a whole bunch of experienced personnel. Your new bride-han is also a beautiful lady and a magician.” (Rembrandt)

It takes time to establish farm fields and an inn town from the scratch on an empty plot of land.
Thus, the permission I obtained from Marquis Rückner is useful.
It’s a permit of travel since there are people who want to come along for the development of the new territory.
Of course there’s no restriction on travelling, but it’s usually wrong if they don’t leave their fields and inns in the old territory once they travel.
However, relocation magic exists in this world.
Wedging ourselves into the reservations with Cardinal Hohenheim’s pull, the majority of houses, inns and shops were relocated from the former Waigel territory to the new territory with my help this time.
Even the agricultural land, at the same time as the harvest of wheat finished, all of the fields’ soil is taken along.
What will become the biggest bottleneck in the reclamation of the new territory is keeping the soil in good condition.
It’s possible to greatly reduce the reclamation time with my magic, but it’s obviously much easier to bring in already-conditioned soil.

“Over there. Although it’s close to the capital, it became awfully depopulated.”

The majority of former Waigel fief’s population abandoned that fantastic location and moved to the new territory.
Being able to establish an inn town alongside the highway connecting the north with Baulburg due to Baron Rembrandt’s technique, they are beginning to prepare for producing spring wheat by spreading the soil we brought along from their former fields on the agricultural land Katharina and I reclaimed recently.
Since there’s still agricultural land left, we started to prepare that for rice cultivation.
The assistance in rice cultivation is mainly assigned to the children of the residents and their families, who left their homes in the time of the former Waigel territory due to there not being sufficient work and agricultural land.

“Don’t they wish for the former Waigel territory to grow any more?” (Wendelin)

“Everywhere around the capital’s outskirts gives such impression. The only exception are the Palkenia Grasslands which were liberated by you, Earl Baumeister-han.” (Rembrandt)

In the era of the former Waigel territory the population exceeded 1000 people and they had to leave elsewhere since it couldn’t support those people.
However, since the surroundings were mostly in a similar state, it resulted in them having to move quite far away.
Yearning for the capital and proceeding towards there, it seems there weren’t few cases of those people becoming residents of the slums after a short while.

“Even though things may appear this way, it has improved since there’s the Palkenia Grasslands.” (Rembrandt)

“However, the land remains, right?” (Wendelin)

“If it’s new reclamation in the remote countryside, it will be quite difficult. This place is a lot more comfortable thanks to you, Earl Baumeister-han.” (Rembrandt)

Besides, there’s also a difference in the speed of information transmission.
Even if a noble performs recruitment of people to reclaim new land which is far away from the capital, the problem of how they want to advertise to the people necessary for new agricultural land appears.

“Certainly, the land is left behind. However reclaiming it and obtaining income from that is quite difficult.” (Rembrandt)

“If it was this easy, it would be very improbable for the young nobles to cry over having no place of employment”, Baron Rembrandt expressed.

“As fourth son of a stunted, poor Knight household I was saved from dying in obscurity by having talent in magic.” (Rembrandt)

If that wasn’t the case, his children would have fallen to commoner status without doubt.

“The former Waigel territory reached its limit. But if it’s this place, the children and grandchildren can live nearby. Actually it seems they called their children, grandchildren and their families when they moved.” (Rembrandt)

Around 900 people came along to the new territory from the approximately 1000 residents of the former Waigel territory.
However, the current population of the new Waigel territory is 1.200.
In addition, there were close to 1.000 people from old fiefs cultivating agricultural land in the outskirts of Baulburg or managing and establishing new inns in the circumference of Baulburg by my request.
There is also a minority of young people of former retainers who decided to serve the Earl Baumeister household.
As Roderich had said, the revival of the Waigel household would also carry benefits for the Earl Baumeister household.
However, on the other hand there are people who got the short end of the stick.
Decreasing the population to around 100 people and with most of the buildings having vanished, Minister Rückner who has his relative act as governor in the former Waigel territory must start from keeping the agricultural lands’ soil in good condition.

『A famous inn town in the outskirts of the capital has all of sudden become de popularized. I was treated by all ministers with sarcasm, but…』 (Rückner)

『Didn’t I properly obtain permission for the move? In the first place, it’s not illegal to change residence. However, that’s why I secured Marquis Rückner’s agreement just to be sure…』 (Wendelin)

『It’s fine! I appreciate the sincerity of Earl Baumeister!』 (Rückner)

I cheaply sold magical portable communication devices (T/N: magic cellphones from now on) to acquainted nobles from among the large amount of loot obtained in the Demon Forest underground ruins exploration the other day.
The performance of those magic cellphones is far more excelling than that of already existing ones. I contacted Minister Rückner right away.
At the beginning of the call I pondered whether I should tell him about the misery called the current condition of the former Waigel territory which became depopulated due to the moving.

『The place is nice. I believe it will overflow with people before long.』 (Wendelin)

Because it’s a fact that the place is good, it would sell at an according price even if it’s only the land. Since I compensated for it by improving the foundation of the soil which I brought in from elsewhere with magic, the agricultural land should return to its original yield once it’s used for 2~3 years.
Therefore this would also be sold out right away.
It would end up selling in the blink of an eye to people who are considering the time for reclamation although they want to begin agriculture.

『Katharina has said that there will be no resentments with this, but if you consider the emotions of the former Waigel fief’s population, I think it will also be easier for you afterwards in regards to them being tormented in this place.』 (Wendelin)

『I know that. That’s why I will have a daughter of my family marry the next Associate Baron Waigel. It will be pathetic to torment the bride.』 (Rückner)

In regards to mere persecution, there are also parts similar to a partial drama-like tormenting since Minister Rückner is an important noble after all.

“For me it’s impossible to express myself without words and gestures like important nobles. The best I can do is to earn my money by using 『Relocation』 magic. However, is this the new model of magic cellphones? It’s very user-friendly.” (Rembrandt)

“For me it was strange for you to not possess one though, Baron Rembrandt.” (Wendelin)

“There are many people who can’t buy small magical communication devices even if they pile up money.” (Rembrandt)

At any rate, making them is difficult and the ones, which are fully functional, are given to the army and royal palace with priority.
Therefore it seems that even Baron Rembrandt, who is earning quite a bit, didn’t stand a chance of purchasing one at all.

“It will be convenient, if you use it for your work.” (Wendelin)

“On the other hand, it has the potential to bind me to my work. Are you telling me that in order to skilfully induce me into it from an unexpected angle?” (Rembrandt)

As the one who sold a magic cellphone to Baron Rembrandt there will be many cases from now on where I will request his work.
The discovered large objects such as cars, trucks, etc. exceed 500, but since Roderich said that it would be better to properly make sure of them before selling them, an overwhelming number of them is still being stored away.
Around 10 of them were sold to His Majesty by the members who participated in that exploration and who are the owners. Apparently it was the same for Minister Edgar and Minister Rückner, too.
The remaining ministers had to lend them from His Majesty while they were in active duty.
Because it would be endless, if we sold them recklessly just because they are distinguished and important nobles, I limited it to only those people I particularly received favours from.
Of course I gave 5 of the large magic tools to Cardinal Hohenheim. He kept one machine in possession of his household and donated the others to the church in my name.
Given that the ability to gather information is one of the church’ strengths, the new models of magic cellphones are indispensable.
Owning a number of magic communication devices ranking next to the royal family to begin with, the priest, who has been entrusted with the church in Baulburg which is currently under construction, brought an item as way of thanking, which had luxurious ornaments added to it, afterwards.
Also, three large magic tools have been sold to Margrave Breithilde.

『This new model of magic cellphones has a splendid performance.』 (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde called me at once and told me that he ended up selling his old, small magic communication devices to rich nobles who wanted them.

『Wouldn’t it have been better to keep them for yourself?』 (Wendelin)

『There are many nobles who are calling me sly or such for receiving them as if it was an under-the-table pay-off to Earl Baumeister. Therefore I let go of my treasures.』 (Breithilde)

『Did they sell for a large amount of money?』 (Wendelin)

『As those are originally items one can’t obtain no matter how much money they accumulate, you can expect them to obtain it even if they have to pay a large amount. Is this an under-the-table pay-off, I wonder?』 (Breithilde)

As usual it was a statement befitting an important noble, but those magical cellphones, which resembled the cellphones made on earth, had functions just like the earth’s cellphones as well.
How the heck were they built?
To say nothing about within the kingdom, the instruction stated that it was possible to talk anywhere with a clear voice as long as it’s on this continent.
Functions like an address book are existing as well.
In fact, once I open the address book of my magic cellphone, it’s a bit frightening that I can find all active ministers and His Majesty there in addition to my usual friends.
Just a little while ago I suddenly got a phone call from Minister Edgar, but in the beginning I wondered whether it was from a yakuza or a right-wing extremist.

『Is Wilma healthy!? Also, I will send some people over to participate in the insufficient guard unit! Be cautious of forgeries since they were given letters of introduction!』 (Edgar)

I heard outrageous details, but as a matter of fact groups holding fake letters of introduction began appearing once it was actually possible to enter governmental service with us.

“Somehow it seems quite difficult.” (Rembrandt)

“Well, it’s a matter of practise. You will get used to it.” (Wendelin)

“Looking at such long term, with your age.” (Rembrandt)

“Wendelin-saa~~~~n!” (Katharina)

When I’m talking with Baron Rembrandt who finished his relocation job in the central part of the new Waigel territory, Katharina, who finished talking with the residents in a similar manner, comes walking in this direction.

“You done already?” (Wendelin)

“Yes. I will leave the matters of the territory to Heinz’ son, Alexis.” (Katharina)

Although it it had “honorary” attached, Katharina, who became an Associate Baron, tries to participate in the management of the territory as much as possible, however Heinz stopped that.

『In the first place, the thing which Katharina-sama has to do with utmost priority is to make a child with Earl Baumeister-sama.』 (Heinz)

Afterwards he apparently told her that she can’t leave my side since she will become my wife.

『Please come on an inspection as married couple occasionally. Also, in regards to the situation of the assets and development of the territory, we will give you a detailed report every half year. Once you examine it together with Earl Baumeister-sama, you will be able to point out changes and such, Katharina-sama.』 (Heinz)

『What’s that, it’s very enviable.』 (Katharina)

At the time of Katharina’s grandfather’s change of rank, Heinz dealt with all the governmental affairs of the territory by himself although he was still young.
It seems he was invited by other noble households after the Waigel household’s change of rank since he is capable, but he refused those and stuck to the Waigel household as aboriginal.

『He is a person who has the exactly opposite position to Klaus though he is similarly capable.』

However, since he has already passed the age of 60, he will leave the job of governor to his son, Alexis, whom he educated from his childhood.
Once it becomes like that, this experienced, capable person will have spare time.
Therefore it was decided that he will act as Roderich’s advisor and act as counsellor of the Baumeister Earldom.
Thus the current him should be pushing forward the development operations in Baulburg together with Roderich.

“I will actively earn income as adventurer together with you, Wendelin-san.” (Katharina)

“Don’t strain yourself too much.” (Wendelin)

“As usual you have weak ambitions, Wendelin-san. Although, considering that, you seem to have many various achievements…” (Katharina)

“It’s the boon of bad luck.” (Wendelin)

Right, I have strange bad luck, or rather, I might somehow have a disposition to be dragged into incidents.
Thinking like that, I have a hunch that something will happen once again, but something apparently happened in fact.
Burkhart-san comes plunging in with a changed facial expression.

“Boy! A rebellion occurred in the Knight Baumeister territory!” (Burkhart)

“Eh? Rebellion?” (Wendelin)

I don’t know about it if it was a bit back in the past, but since I considered it highly unlikely for something like a rebellion to happen in these circumstances, my mind was plunged into confusion.

“In these circumstances? Who’s the ringleader?” (Wendelin)

“It appears to be Klaus.” (Burkhart)

“Haa?” (Wendelin)

I pondered about Klaus just a little while ago, but I cannot help but feel like a rebellion is far too much bad luck no matter how you look at it.
Or rather, the odds for something like a rebellion occurring in these circumstances are not existing in the first place.
Will that Klaus, who is an incarnation of self-preservation, really do such reckless thing?

“Rebellion, you say, what are their military forces?” (Wendelin)

“It seems they are 30 people. Occupying the mansion of the feudal lord, they have taken Hermann-dono and his family hostage.” (Burkhart)

“It’s truly incomprehensible for me.” (Wendelin)

“Same for me, but it’s necessary to dispatch soldiers.” (Burkhart)

“At this busy time…” (Wendelin)

Anyway, the first move is to grasp the state of affairs.

“Katharina.” (Wendelin)

“Yes.” (Katharina)

“We are going back.” (Wendelin)

“Got it.” (Katharina)

Taking Burkhart-san and Katharina, I rushed back to Baulburg.


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