Interlude 23 – The Rückner brothers

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“A visitor for me?” (Minister)
“Yes.” (Konrad)
“Who is it?” (Minister)
“That is…” (Konrad)
In the office of the Finance Minister within the royal castle, which is located in the capital of Helmut Kingdom.
Finance Minister Rückner, who is currently continuing to earnestly sign the accumulated documents, was suddenly informed by his secretary about a visitor.
“Don’t be so unclear, Konrad.” (Minister)
“Actually, it’s 『that gentleman』… Certainly you don’t want to tell me that you foresaw him coming here, right…?” (Konrad)
Once Minister Rückner asked this young male secretary, who is still in the first half of his twenties, to report clearly with a tinge of criticism in his tone, he was told that 『that gentleman』 came with a flustered expression.
Konrad, being the secretary of Finance Minister Rückner and being expected to become an elite in the future, was a person rumored that it isn’t even a dream for him to become Finance Minister in the future.
A man of that level felt shaken just by announcing the name of the visitor.
As that’s the case, 『that gentleman』 is without doubt that incompetent younger brother of me, Minister Rückner concluded.
Head of Financial Auditing Rückner is the blood-related younger brother of Minister Rückner.
Without having a different father or mother either.
As younger brother born a year later by the same parents, their relationship wasn’t bad in their childhood.
With the Marquis Rückner household being an appointed noble household inheriting an important office in the financial department, the family’s head always carries out the duty of Finance Minister for one term of 5 years.
The only acceptable exception was the head suddenly dying while being in office or similar.
Also, in addition there are around 4 households, Earls and Marquis’, in the kingdom that have the potential to inherit the post of Finance Minister.
With the Marquis Rückner household added to the mix, it’s 5 houses. The five houses properly work on the duty of Finance Minister making sure that the terms between the 5 houses are as similar as possible.
Close to a conference, they would come together for negotiations behind closed doors.
It’s not a heated debate whether the kingdom’s rule is stable or whether they should hate this arrangement though.
The brothers of the Marquis Rückner family were on good terms in their childhood, but after the younger brother learned of the fact that he wouldn’t succeed the household after becoming an adult, it turned into him opposing his elder brother.
Although children split the sweets they eat, the position of the Marquis household’s family head, with its inheritance to potentially serve as Finance Minister, can’t be split like sweets.
To be honest, a story like that isn’t rare either.
They were close in their childhood, but something like a noble’s siblings hating each other after becoming adults wasn’t that unusual either.
Of the brothers, who became adults, the elder brother steered on the course of an elite of the financial department and the younger brother started his career by being an intermediate-ranking government official after he became an adult and left the household.
Him starting from intermediate rank was a minimal assistance by his family’s home and his elder brother.
For the younger brother such level of support wasn’t only seen as natural but rather as nothing more than a sarcastic, condescending attitude.
As result it only spurred on the younger brother’s hatred towards his elder brother.
Even so, he has obtained the position of Head of Financial Auditing and the peerage of appointed Baron piling up effort after effort.
The elder brother was surprised about the younger brother catching hold of that position, even though he didn’t really admire the methods applied.
Being aware of his elder brother assuming the position of Finance Minister beforehand, the younger brother’s hatred got incited excessively.
For the elder brother, while it may be true that he didn’t have any intention to resign his position to his younger brother, it was also impossible to do that.
Besides he understood that if he had apologized to his younger brother for this, he would have hurt his pride unnecessarily.
In addition to this, since it came to the point of his younger brother linking up with appointed nobles of the financial department opposing him and harassing him, he naturally ended up confronting them.
The outcome of such chronology was that his younger brother, who became Head of Financial Auditing, never entered this office.
Was it obstinacy?
Though he didn’t know whether it was fear of assassination.
Although it was unnatural, that doesn’t mean that there was a particular obstacle for the Auditing head to not visit on governmental affairs either.
It was fine to hold periodic meetings for work-related talks.
However, for the elder brother it resulted in him deciding to treat him businesslike. He was filled with a feeling of guilt towards his subordinates, who ended up taking the brunt.
“Show him in, if he has business with me.” (Minister)
“Umm… is it really alright?” (Konrad)
Although he didn’t come visiting at any cost until now, he has now business with him at this stage.
From Konrad’s viewpoint, he’s likely scheming something bad.
“Something like assassination is improbable. At the moment he did that, it would be that guy’s end as well. However, it won’t be any decent business anyway. I have decided to listen to it ahead of time.” (Minister)
“Understood.” (Konrad)
“Ah, and don’t serve something like tea for that idiot.” (Minister)
“… Acknowledged.” (Konrad)
A few minutes later Baron Rückner comes entering the room led by Konrad.
He is my blood-related younger brother, but that already didn’t matter at all.
While thinking about the troubles of being half-heartedly related, Minister Rückner urged his younger brother to talk right away, if he had some business with him.
“As a matter of fact, I obtained intelligence from a certain well-informed person, but…” (Baron)
Although it was himself, who told him to hurry up, but by no means he meant without even greetings.
Even while Minister Rückner was surprised, he urged on the Baron to keep talking.
“I’m aware that His Excellency the Finance Minister is currently supporting the Savage Lands at the southern tip, but…” (Baron)
Rather than supporting, he invested a huge amount of money into the development of the Savage Lands.
If someone didn’t take control, there would have been the possibility of a setback in the plan with the internal strife of the nobles, who were filled with greed.
If you went to extremes, it wouldn’t have been unusual for the nobles to extract money from Baron Baumeister and then have nothing to do with the outcome of the Savage Lands development afterwards.
Accordingly, people like him, Minister Edgar and Margrave Breithilde, who’s Baron Baumeister’s patron, decided to observe the foolish nobles in the vicinity.
Of course they intended to grab a bonus in exchange for their troubles.
“It’s a story unrelated to you, Baron.” (Minister)
In the case this plan used the national budget, there would be many turns for the Head of Financial Auditing.
However, this project is carried out with a 100% investment by Baron Baumeister.
Naturally, there shouldn’t be any chance for the Auditing Head to have a turn either.
The kingdom also planned to pay subsidiary aid, but this will finish with a regular check.
Therefore, there isn’t a single component allowing Baron Rückner to join in on the concessions.
Even if some miser clung onto it, Minister Rückner considered even up to removing them from their official position under that pretext.
“If I remember correctly, there was the suspicion of you having tried to kill off Baron Baumeister, Baron.” (Minister)
According to Baron Baumeister, in the case of the ancient ruins investigation the adventurer’s guild on purpose provided too few guides due to being pressured.
In reality, although the adventurer’s guild holds an official position, it wasn’t an organization that should yield to the pressure of a single Baron either.
However there are only very few among those like commoners, who are aware of that. Even now there are quite a few believing in that rumor.
Moreover, the one spreading these rumor is the son, who this younger brother didn’t acknowledge to have blood ties with.
Minister Rückner could do nothing but earnestly withstand bursting into laughter.
He thinks that the younger brother is a detestable fellow, but until now he thoroughly harassed him.
He believed it to be allowed to slightly amuse himself, at least when his younger brother acted like a fool and blew himself up.
“That suspicion is a complete misunderstanding. Leaving that aside, I have news which should be better passed on ahead of time…” (Baron)
On official occasions, the two people are Finance Minister and Head of Financial Auditing.
Naturally, the position of Finance Minister is higher.
Therefore, his younger brother in front of him addresses him in honorific language.
He is likely criticizing me harshly behind his back, but since he has some ability as he became Head of Financial Auditing, he seems to be able to discern.
Personally he thinks that it would be even fine if his younger brother made a verbal slip in a public location.
“News, you want to inform me about?” (Minister)
“Yes. That information is about a plan to assassinate Baron Baumeister.” (Baron)
“Ho? Are you finally determined as well, Baron?” (Minister)
He was told about the assassination plan concerning Baron Baumeister, who is the central figure of the Savage Lands development, by his younger brother.
The elder brother inquires in a sarcastic tone whether he came to tell him about his own plan to assassinate Baron Baumeister.
Even if I have to say so myself, isn’t that a warped relationship between brothers? Minister Rückner pondered.  
“You are joking. A certain freelancing adventurer lent a ancient magic tool to the next family head of the Knight Baumeister territory.” (Baron)
“I see.” (Minister)
Minister Rückner swallowed down the words, stuck in his throat, 『Haven’t you provided the magic tool to that adventurer anyway?』
If he accused him of a crime despite having no evidence, it would end up becoming Minster Rückner’s mistake.
“Though I’m not aware how you obtained such important information, Baron…” (Minster)
Minister Rückner has understood this to be a fool-like farce with an obvious charade.
However a noble will only ridicule listening to something like information by another noble.
Although this degree is a distinction and trick of living, it was common sense that it was unlikely for him to talk about the previous matter for free.  
“I wonder what are you planning by coming here to report this to me at this time, Baron?” (Minister)
Fellow noble youths killing each other.
It was an upcoming concern to some extent, but there was a difference in how to deal with it.
It’s a case where it won’t even be a problem, if they cut their way through by skilfully causing a death by illness or an accident.
Even if they are doubted, they won’t be punished in this case as long as there’s no evidence.
In case they are completely exposed, they will receive a severe punishment.
What will be the result? That is difficult to judge for an amateur considering the various conditions.
But, in this case the kingdom’s side has turned it into a case of waiting and luring the other side to make a move in order to punish the criminal.
Naturally, the criminal should be handed down a harsh punishment.
“(If the other side goes on a rampage, the punishment will be easy as well, huh? But…)” (Minister)
I have no doubt, the man in front of me has lent a magic tool to use for assassinations to the eldest son of the Baumeister household.
And, if you consider the difficulty in contacting and moving to the Baumeister territory, there was also the possibility that the eldest son has already used it.
If something happens to the targeted Baron Baumeister, this won’t end safely for this man himself either.
Therefore this man has come to report and act like he is doing a favor with a composed expression.
I wonder just what the heck is he planning.
“Baron, if something happens to Baron Baumeister himself…” (Minister)
At the time he wanted to say 『it will be your ruin』, the man in front of him starts talking as if interrupting that.
“Even I’m a noble serving the kingdom. At this point I won’t do something to obstruct the development of the southern tip’s Savage Lands.” (Baron)
“That’s on the verge of being shameless, isn’t it?” (Minister)
“Although there was a little dispute with Baron Baumeister-dono in the past, I don’t consider that to be desirable.” (Baron)
As it is now, this man and the nobles belonging to his faction can’t join in on the profits of the Savage Lands.
You could even say it was natural for a noble to hurry in restoring their relationships, with the only difference whether that’s actually possible or not.
“(My eyes are dark deep within. I absolutely won’t allow it.) So, what do you want to do, Baron?” (Minister)
“That freelancing adventurer apparently procured the magic tool in a backstreet market of loot after having received a request by the eldest son.” (Baron)
“Well, there are such places, I guess.” (Minister)
Magic tools, excavated from ruins, basically belong to the adventurer discovering them.
It’s fine with them being only convenient things like refrigerators or portable cooking stoves, however among them there are also things endowed with troublesome functions.
Depending on the situation, there were also dangerous, cursed items, which cause disasters by just touching them.
Thus, such items are forcibly bought up by the adventurer’s guild and are strictly managed by the kingdom after a careful examination.
But, there were also items amongst those, which escaped this and streamed into the black market.
If the adventurer doesn’t personally report them, those dangerous magic tools will flow into exclusive markets for loot and then will be procured by nobles from behind the scenes to be used to get involved in some crime or scheme.
No matter how much the control is enforced, it might be inevitable that it’s impossible for these to become zero.
“That freelancing adventurer apparently bought that magic tool hearing it is the 『Flute of a Dragon Tamer』.” (Baron)
“You bastard…” (Minister)
Even among the magic tools excavated from ruins, the 『Flute of a Dragon Tamer』 has been labelled as item with a high danger degree.
If you blow into this flute, a sound, that can’t be heard by anyone but dragons, spreads over an extensive range.
The dragons, hearing that, will come gathering in rage. It was a magic tool, which was affected by a partial curse.
Moreover, the person blowing into that 『Flute of a Dragon Tamer』 won’t be attacked by the dragons.
Instead, the called dragons will devote themselves to killing and destruction in their vicinity until their death.
As expected, it didn’t have much of an effect on big species of the dragon race, but it has a tremendous effect on flying dragons and wyvrens.
“The mountain range, adjoining to that territory, is where flying dragons live, I think. Have you delayed this report on purpose to get rid of the fief’s population, I wonder, Baron?” (Minister)
If he did that, it will of course become the death penalty for this man in front of me.
However, at the same time, he likely won’t do such blunder, he also judged.
“That’s a talk, if it was really the 『Flute of a Dragon Tamer』. That black market is a place where shady folks offer magic tools.” (Baron)
Without considerable judgement you will end up laying your hand on junk and get cheated because those dealing in these items are basically criminals.
Of course, even if you complain to the authorities that it is a fraud, it will conclude with 『What are you, who bought it there, hiding?』
Doing economical purchasing at the black market required quite the courage, judgement and connections.
“So, what is that magic tool called? Is it a flute that even calls flies?” (Minister)
“No, it seems to be 『Flute of Grudges』.” (Baron)
“You are…” (Minister)
Minister Rückner unintentionally ends up spitting out abusive language towards the man in front of him. (T/N: The “you” in the line above can also be understood as derogatory.)  
The 『Flute of Grudges』 was a cursed magic tool that couldn’t be compared with something like 『Flute of a Dragon Tamer』, which was likewise created in ancient times.
Of course it has been decided that the kingdom would manage all of the excavated flutes of grudges.
The reason is that the 『Flute of Grudges』 is a magic tool exclusively used for revenge by sacrificing your own body.
“(That eldest son is pathetic as well…)” (Minister)
If I infer the circumstances by the story from this younger brother up until here, this younger brother tried so far to form a connection by sending information via letter to the heir, the eldest son, in order to oppose Baron Baumeister and me.
However, that crucial eldest son is someone less usable than he thought.
Saying it poorly, he is a fellow you can call a jealous bumpkin and is apparently considering all the nobles of the central government to be pigheaded good-for-nothings. It wouldn’t lead to a cooperative relation easily.
Since it’s such a remote place, strangers are likely received badly.
Although he is also a noble, who will at least be hospitable, even if only on the surface, even in that point this eldest son is a man inferior to Baron Baumeister, he thinks.
Even the kingdom’s side didn’t want to unreasonably prolong contriving to bring him down, if the eldest son at least put up with Baron Baumeister and went to the extent of handing over the succession of the main family to Baron Baumeister.
Nevertheless, by the level of gathered information, the eldest son’s narrow-minded manner is standing out.
Given the situation, there’s already no choice but to get rid of him.
There’s also the possibility of of the eldest son himself standing in the way of Baron Baumeister for a long time after this, if he were to be kept alive socially.
This has been induced by this being, similar to a stupid younger brother, who is in front of me.  
Placing the eldest son as figurehead, he tries to steal the profits by influencing the succession problem of the Baumeister main family and the concessions of the Savage Lands development.
Honestly speaking, looking after such idiot regularly is a labor not worth the time.
Since that’s the case, it turned into a plan to have the eldest son exit the stage, though it might be a bit pitiable.
Naturally, His Majesty is agreeing with this approach as well.
Returning to the story, the troublesome point here is that this foolish younger brother in front of me has noticed our real intention.
For this reason he probably executed a plan of using that eldest son efficiently at the end.
First of all, he came to report about the fact that the eldest son is trying to assassinate Baron Baumeister.
Isn’t he pretty much an accomplice? This younger brother’s side likely offered the 『Flute of Grudges』 to the eldest son with a gentle expression.
If you consider what he did, it will be an act of a terrible villain, but concerning the result you can even say he has read our hidden intentions and is supporting them.
Given that the eldest son restrained himself and endured the provocations unexpectedly for more than 3 months, this younger brother can be even considered to have helped with triggering the rampaging.
“However, if it’s the 『Flute of Grudges』, won’t there be a possibility of an emergency?” (Minister)
“In that remote place?” (Baron)
My younger brother floated a smile similar to looking here in scorn.
“The 『Flute of Grudges』 has a weak effect in a place where only few people live. That’s how it is.” (Baron)
Even if he delayed the report, that’s because he’s thinking that there’s no possibility for an emergency to occur.
Also, there’s the matter of him not discarding that freelancing adventurer or whatever since he’s an usable pawn.
Even if we investigated the black market after this, we shouldn’t expect to find out something like who the freelancing adventurer, who bought the 『Flute of Grudges』 was, much less where it came from.
Even if I seek information from this younger brother, it will end, if this guy tells a lie.
In the worst case, it was even possible to conclude by discovering a corpse that had been prepared as substitute.
“In that territory filled with grudges, won’t Baron Baumeister or his fiancée-dono exterminate those with a single strike of purification?” (Baron)
Certainly, it was as this younger brother said.
The 『Flute of Grudges』 was an item that achieved its revenge by the person, who blew the flute, calling and gathering the grudges in the vicinity and then changing the user into a strong undead.  
The gathered grudges aren’t things you can call evil spirits or such. It’s difficult to explain them.
For example, if you received scolding by your superior for doing your job and became irritated due to that thinking “This asshole”, the negative emotions and such would accumulate right then.
However, with such level of grudge there won’t be any changes to the spiritual entities in the vicinity.
Of course, grudges, which were generated by something like murder, had an effect of affixing the soul of the victim to the place of murder.
And, being the 『Flute of Grudges』, it had a function of gathering grudges, which were in range of hearing the flute’s sound, through the person blowing the flute.
Even the flute’s sound has an extensive range beyond imagination because it’s a magic tool.
Even if there are extremely small amounts of grudges in one place, it will become a huge amount, if it gathers many of those. That’s how it works.
And, the gathered grudges, stealing the life of the person blowing the flute, change his existence into a powerful undead.
A small dose of grudges won’t cause harm to humans, but if it’s a large quantity, it will have an effect.
“That eldest son schemed to assassinate Baron Baumeister. However, it will be troublesome, if he dies before judging his crimes. I considered this as well, but it’s regrettable, he was caught in my information network too late.” (Baron)
“Therefore, the freelancing adventurer, who owned the 『Flute of Grudges』, should have contacted the eldest son long time ago already”, the younger brother said as if disappointed.
The shamelessness of his lie and his acting ability to show an expression as if regretting from the bottom of his heart only made me furious in this particular case now, although you can call it typical for a noble.
“I’m sorry that I’m not in time.” (Baron)
“(To say that impudently, there are no words but disgust for that).” (Minister)
Or rather, it will likely be troublesome, if the eldest son dies.
If he survived and got arrested, all would end, if he talked about the supplier of the 『Flute of Grudges』.
“(Well then, what to do…?)” (Minister)
This younger brother discarded that eldest son after tricking him.
It was a behavior that I personally want to get rid of him for the same crime, but it’s also possible to take it as if he was helping with the disposal of the eldest son.
Of course, he’s the worst, if you only judge by good and evil, but you can’t judge things with only that in politics and the noble’s society.
“(At any rate, it’s certain that he erased all evidence of him being involved at the time he came here to talk, huh?)” (Minister)
If there’s no evidence, it’s impossible to punish nobles having an official position in the central government.
Minister Rückner reaches the conclusion that it is likely difficult to punish him in this case.
For the time being we will perform a search for traces of evidence, but the possibility of this younger brother leaving behind evidence is small, he thought.
“You have my gratitude for providing this information. But, if something happens to Baron Baumeister, you understand, right?” (Minister)
I will definitely crush you.
Evidence of whatever, even if its His Majesty, Minister Edgar, the other cabinet ministers or, without the need to really say it, him.
Minister Rückner glares at his younger brother in front of him with a gaze filled with killing intent.
“And, there’s the aforementioned share in question, but…” (Baron)
Since he couldn’t openly talk about the concessions of the Savage Lands development, it turned into this expression.
This younger brother discarded that eldest son for the sake of securing that.
Since it’s probably what was worrying him the most, he decided to inform me.
“It’s something Baron Baumeister decides. There won’t be any statements from my side.” (Minister)
Of course that’s an lie as official stance.
Since he is only providing the budget and leaving all decision-making to others, it’s impossible for Minister Rückner and Margrave Breithilde to have no authority.
However, with the Baron Baumeister’s side being in charge, Baron Rückner shouldn’t get even a single cent from Roderich, who is also his nephew.
Since Baron Baumeister himself also hates him, there can’t be any answer but that it’s impossible in the first place.
“Indeed. Certainly, there is that issue.” (Baron)
“(What that issue!?) You escaped from a tiger’s den at great pains. I believe you shouldn’t be too greedy, though…” (Minister)
Probably it should be hard to prove the crime of having planned to assassinate Baron Baumeister on this younger brother, even if it gets investigated.  
It’s unlikely to find any evidence.
It’s vexing, but this time it can’t be helped.
But, splitting the profits with this guy, only that is impossible, Minister Rückner thought.
Although he escaped from taking responsibility, he is still greedy, huh? He ends up judging.
“As argument based on emotion, won’t you approve of a share for us?” (Baron)
“Won’t you cut it out already?” (Minister)
『You are only surviving by standing at the edge of the cliff』, Minister Rückner cursed in his mind.
“However, I think it’s possible, if I use my connections as a noble.” (Baron)
“Haa? Connections?” (Minister)
Far from connections, you won’t get any concessions from another party that hates you.
Just how the heck have you come up with such pipe dream?
Minister Rückner was simply nothing more but astounded by the optimism of his younger brother.
“If it’s connections, I have them though. Roderich is my son after all.” (Baron) (T/N: Kurt and him … dream team … simply dream team!!!)
“… (Damn it!)” (Minister)
Minister Rückner began to curse his carelessness.
The Baron Baumeister household’s house caretaker, Roderich, is tied by blood with this younger brother as his son.
Since his younger brother, being the father, didn’t want to acknowledge Roderich, being his son, until now, both of them had a relationship of strangers according to the laws of the kingdom.
However, now the younger brother suddenly declared that he would acknowledge Roderich as son.
Roderich would likely want to say 『Don’t fuck around!』, but you can also call this a blind spot in the noble’s law established 2.000 years ago in the kingdom.
As the authority of the family head is remarkably powerful, the family head, being the parent, is also free to not acknowledge a child. It’s also impossible for the child’s side to cut its connections with its parent, being the family’s head.
Or rather, that was because in the current state that wasn’t assumed in the first place. (T/N: child cutting connection to parent)
“You… To Roderich…” (Minister)
Since he’s a noble, he will use even a child, he abandoned, for the sake of profits.
I can’t deny it because I’m a noble too, but as expected, for a human, that’s far too cruel, Minister Rückner believes.
“(I won’t say there are no countermeasures either, but…)” (Minister)
There are naturally noble’s children, who want to cut their connections with their parents, but they abstain from contacting their parents and naturally they wouldn’t have any other option but following the path of being degraded to commoners after their death.
However, it won’t do if the current Roderich doesn’t continue to work as house caretaker of the Baron Baumeister household, no, of a household that will undoubtedly rise to an Earl household.
Something like loosing contact with this younger brother is in fact impossible as he is close-by.
“(If Roderich completely refuses it…)” (Minister)
But, that was a half-hearted plan.
If they knew of the full details, people would turn looks of pity towards Roderich and blame the younger brother.
However, it’s unthinkable that society will settle all of it with just that.
If Roderich refuses his father at any cost and doesn’t share the concessions, the criticism of the surroundings will focus on him and his master, Baron Baumeister, at once.
Concealing the real intention with 『For the sake of concessions, he wants to recognize his child, he threw away, this late in the game? Baron Rückner has veered off the human path.』
Under the cover of the public stance of 『It’s joyous for parent and child reconciling after many years of discord』, master and servant will be blamed for being narrow-minded to reject that.
The nobles, belonging to the faction of Baron Rückner, and those nobles, who simply won’t get any concessions, should spread this criticism in society.
“(This younger brother is bound to apply pressure on a large scale by gathering such folks.)” (Minister)
There’s no perfect countermeasure against this repulsive plan.
It’s frustrating, but there won’t be any choice but to yield concessions to some extent.
If we compromise ahead of time, he won’t incite and collect those folks, who don’t belong to his faction, after all.
Before increasing the damage by a full-scale conflict due to provoking our anger through causing a large uproar, he will snatch the available share of profits for only the lot belonging to his own faction.
It’s a evil way of calling it, but there are parts similar to the mafia bargaining like this.
Even the concessions, promised in a comprise, couldn’t be called anything but protection fees. (T/N: the fees meant here is what mafia/yakuza asks of shops etc as fee to be left alone. They cover it as protection fee.)
“Wait a bit.” (Minister)
“Understood.” (Baron)
At the end of this exchange the younger brother leaves to perform his official duties without saying anything else.
Since it’s a sharing of concessions, Minister Rückner can’t arbitrarily decide by himself either. The other side is aware that it’s necessary to consult this with other nobles as well.
“(That rotten fucker!)” (Minister)
I can’t even consider him as a splinter of being my blood-related younger brother anymore.
As simple political opponent, I will definitely consign him to social oblivion until his death.
While cursing his younger brother in his mind in abusive ways, Minister Rückner becomes determined.
“By the way, you have to confirm Baron Baumeister-dono’s safety, but…” (Konrad)
“That’s an urgent message to Breitburg, too…” (Minister)
As pointed out by his secretary, Konrad, Minister Rückner acknowledges that, even while he wants to escape from this place.
He was certain he would receive sarcasm from Margrave Breithilde and the other ministers thanks to his blood-related younger brother.
“That bastard, although it would be great, even if he died suddenly.” (Minister)
“…” (Konrad)
Konrad decides that he didn’t hear the words, atypical for a noble, muttered by his superior and begins today’s planned revision work.
Minister Rückner’s gloomy day had only just begun.




– ПоХ Узиŀг Паŀíш –
“ЕфŁфŁф, иí цат а зфжд тфввдтт.” (Баŀон)
“Узаí’т ŀижзí, Łаíздŀ.”
Узд шофнждŀ бŀоíздŀ, цзо Łинитздг зит гитвфттион циíз Минитíдŀ Сüвкндŀ, зит блоог-ŀдлаíдг длгдŀ бŀоíздŀ, здлг а паŀíш инхиíинж зит Łамилш анг íзотд бдлонжинж íо íзд тамд Łавíион ин íзд дхднинж оŁ íзаí гаш.
Узд паŀíивипанíт аŀд зит лджал циŁд, зит здиŀ, зит здиŀ’т гафжзíдŀ анг 12 аппоинíдг ноблдт золгинж íзд пддŀажд оŁ Аттовиаíд Баŀонт анг Книжзíт, цзо аŀд аŁŁилиаíдг циíз íзд гиттигднí жŀофп анг аŀд макинж а лихинж бш цоŀкинж аí íзд Łинанвиал гдпаŀíмднí.
Уздш алто бŀофжзí íздиŀ Łамилидт анг маин ŀдíаиндŀт алонж. Зит оцн ŀдíаиндŀт цдŀд ин взаŀжд оŁ тдвфŀинж íзд хднфд. Узд мантион’т маигт анг тдŀханíт цдŀд хдŀш бфтш циíз тдŀхинж.
“Иí тддмт íзаí длгдтí тон оŁ íзд Бафмдитíдŀ зофтдзолг гидг.”
“Узаí’т íзд кинг оŁ мажив íоол иí ит.”
Удллинж а лид абофí а 『Елфíд оŁ а Гŀажон Уамдŀ』, зд заг зим íŀантŁоŀм инíо ан фнгдаг циíз íзд 『Елфíд оŁ Жŀфгждт』 íо ждí ŀиг оŁ Баŀон Бафмдитíдŀ.
Дхдн íзд оíздŀ тигд цитздг Łоŀ анг аимдг аí ждííинж íзаí длгдтí тон íо ŀампажд. Шоф ван дхдн таш íзаí зд зат интíдаг воопдŀаíдг циíз íздм.
“Узд пŀоблдм ит íзаí агхднíфŀдŀ, зфз?”
“ИŁ иí’т íзаí пдŀтон, И план íо макд зим ханитз.” (Баŀон)
Тинвд íздŀд цдŀд вфŀŀднíлш тдхдŀал оŁ зит ткиллдг ŀдíаиндŀт гдплошдг алонж íзд цаш íзŀофжз íзд мофнíаин ŀанжд, íзд Łŀддланвинж агхднíфŀдŀ, цзо цофлг агханвд он íзд мофнíаин íŀаил аŁíдŀ Łинитзинж зит ŀдрфдтí, тзофлг захд бддн гдалí циíз.
“Иí’т а мофнíаин íŀаил он тфвз зижз жŀофнгт. ИŁ зд цдŀд íо ждí инйфŀдг íздŀд, зд цон’í тфŀхихд.”
Зд цилл бд ŀиппдг апаŀí бш íзд плднíш цилг анималт íздŀд.
Дхдн иŁ зит ŀдмаинт цдŀд тíилл лдŁí, иí тзофлгн’í цоŀк ат дхигднвд ат íзд гдаг гон’í íалк.
“Гиг шоф аппоинí íзаí пдŀтон íо ан импоŀíанí потí, Łаíздŀ?”
“Зд цат а вонхдниднí пацн. Зит мофíз цат алто íижзí-липпдг. Зоцдхдŀ, аí íзаí лдхдл íздŀд аŀд ат манш тфбтíиíфíдт ат онд цанíт амонжтí агхднíфŀдŀт.” (Баŀон)
Уздŀд ит алто íзд íŀфíз íзаí íзд агхднíфŀдŀ зимтдлŁ ит ин а потиíион оŁ кноцинж íзд тдвŀдíт оŁ зит влиднí.
Зд аппаŀднíлш бдлидхдг íо бд гиŁŁдŀднí Łŀом оíздŀ агхднíфŀдŀт.
“АŁíдŀ алл, íздŀд аŀд бдííдŀ пдоплд амонж íзд гŀиŁíдŀт. Ин íзд Łиŀтí плавд, агхднíфŀдŀт захд íзд тижниŁиванí оввфпаíион оŁ зфнíинж оŁ монтíдŀт. Узаí твфм’т гиŁŁдŀднвд ин вомпаŀитон íо а гдлирфднí ит íзд лдхдл оŁ заиŀт давз оŁ íздм зат жŀоцн.”
“Узаí длгдтí тон ат цдлл?”
“Узаí ит ан дхдн бижждŀ игиоí. Но маííдŀ зоц мфвз зит шофнждŀ бŀоíздŀ ит дчвдллинж аí мажив íалднí, зд ит тíилл а жŀдднзоŀн оŁ 15~16 шдаŀт. Алíзофжз зд цофлг захд лаŀждлш пŀоŁиíдг бш боцинж зит здаг цзилд йддŀинж аí зим циíзин зит минг, бдинж фнаблд íо го íзаí, зд цат ноíзинж моŀд бфí а моŀон.” (Баŀон)
Паŀднí анг взилг, бдинж аликд, ŀдвдихд а цинджлатт Łŀом а маиг анг вонíинфд íо íалк.
“АŁíдŀ алл íзит ит цзш зд цат а зивк. Зд вофлгн’í днгфŀд ноí бдинж кинж оŁ íзд ватíлд. Алíзофжз иí цофлг бд Łинд, иŁ зд пфí ин жŀдаí дŁŁоŀí, зд цатн’í аблд íо го дхдн íзаí. Уздŀд ит но мдгивинд íо агминитíдŀ Łоŀ тфвз ан игиоí.” (Баŀон)
“Узаí’т цзш шоф фтдг анг íздн гитваŀгдг зим.”
“Дхдн íзаí Łоол заг фíилиíш халфд. Саíздŀ, И цанí íо íзанк зим.” (Баŀон)
Ин íзд паŀíш хднфд дхдŀшонд взаííдг лижзíздаŀíдглш циíз взддŀŁфл Łавдт анг днйошдг íзд Łоог анг гŀинкт.
Еоŀ íзд Тахажд Лангт гдхдлопмднí, И íзофжзí цд цофлгн’í захд анш лфвк циíз аí алл, зд жоí а Łиŀм пŀомитд Łŀом зит длгдŀ бŀоíздŀ, циíз цзом зд’т ликд ваí анг гож, Łоŀ вонвдттионт.
Циíз фт бдинж а гиттигднí жŀофп íо бджин циíз, íзд рфивк циí оŁ Баŀон Сüвкндŀ, цзо ит офŀ ботт, зат томдзоц пŀдтдŀхдг íзд Łавíион.
Дхдŀшонд цат ин а жоог моог гфд íо íзд íалкт оŁ жоог пŀоŁиíт аŁíдŀ а лонж íимд.
“Зоцдхдŀ, íо авкноцлдгжд íзд взилг оŁ íзаí маиг тдŀханí.”   
“Дхдн иŁ И ŀдвожнитд зим, зд цон’í ŀдвдихд а тинжлд вднí оŁ íзд инздŀиíанвд. Узд тфввдттион оŁ íзд пддŀажд ит импоттиблд ат цдлл. Бфí, тинвд Согдŀивз ит линкдг бш блоог циíз фт, иí цилл бдвомд а ндвдттаŀш агханíажд онд цаш оŀ íзд оíздŀ. Алто, но маííдŀ зоц мфвз Согдŀивз цанíт íо гднш иí, зд’т томдонд лихинж ин íзд ноблд’т товидíш.” (Баŀон)
Баŀон Сüвкндŀ, бдинж зит Łаíздŀ, кинглш ŀдвожнитдг Согдŀивз, цзо цат ан иллджиíимаíд взилг, ат тдвонг тон.
Ин íзд ноблд’т товидíш, но маííдŀ зоц мфвз Баŀон Сüвкндŀ’т фтфал ŀдпфíаíион ит, íздŀд’т но цаш íо ноí пŀаитд зит гдвитион.
Узд Łамилш здаг оŁ а ноблд зофтдзолг ит золгинж поцдŀŁфл афíзоŀиíш ин ŀджаŀгт íо íздиŀ Łамилш íо íзаí дчíднí.
“Ин ŀдхдŀтд, íзд íидт оŁ паŀднí анг взилг ван’í бд тдхдŀдг бш íзаí взилг оŁ íзд маиг тдŀханí. Аí íзд вфŀŀднí тíаíд, тддинж íзаí зд ит днíŀфтíдг ат жохдŀноŀ оŁ íзд Тахажд Лангт гдхдлопмднí, зд цон’í жо ат Łаŀ ат дтвапинж анг вфííинж оŁŁ зит вонíавí циíз мд. Дхдн Баŀон Бафмдитíдŀ, албдиí ŀдлфванíлш, зат но оíздŀ опíион бфí íо аппŀохд оŁ иí.” (Баŀон)
“Дхдн иŁ зд лоокт Łоŀ а жохдŀноŀ ноц, аí íзит поинí оŁ íимд, Łŀом твŀаíвз, циíз дхдŀшбогш захинж томд кинг оŁ вонгиíионт, Баŀон Бафмдитíдŀ цилл ликдлш бд аí зит циí’т днг ат цдлл.”
Бдтигдт, Согдŀивз ит а фтдŁфл кинг оŁ пдŀтон.
Баŀон Бафмдитíдŀ пŀобаблш плант íо ноí лдí жо оŁ зим íзит датилш диíздŀ.
“Ат фнтвŀфпфлофт ат дхдŀ.”
“Иí’т тфвз а цоŀлг, íзаí ит ŀдбфкинж ан импоŀíанí ноблд аí íзд íоп. Иí’т ноí ликд зд ван фтд поцдŀŁфл мажив ликд Баŀон Бафмдитíдŀ. Анг зд’т ноí гиŁŁдŀднí Łŀом оíздŀ пдоплд диíздŀ.”
Оíздŀцитд зд тзофлгн’í вŀдаíд томдíзинж ликд а Łавíион, но маííдŀ зоц мфвз зд ит íзд шофнждŀ бŀоíздŀ оŁ íзд Еинанвд Минитíдŀ.  Дхдн иŁ иí’т вŀаŁíш, иí цилл бд тплднгиг, иŁ íзд Łавíион ван тфŀхихд анг бдвомд биж.
Иí Łдлí ликд íзаí.
“Цдлл íздн, иí’т íимд íо жŀддí дхдŀшонд…” (Баŀон)
“Цзо ит иí?”
Аí íзд íимд Баŀон Сüвкндŀ íŀидг íо жŀддí алл íзотд паŀíивипаíинж ин íзд паŀíш, ан Аттовиаíд Баŀондтт, цзо цат аí а цингоц оŁ íзд паŀíш залл, твŀдамт.
Онвд дхдŀшонд íфŀндг íздиŀ лоокт ин íзаí гиŀдвíион, íздш тац а зфжд Łавд, вомпотдг оŁ томдíзинж ликд блавк тмокд, ŀдŁлдвíдг офíтигд оŁ íзд цингоц.
Иíт дшдт тзонд ŀдг анг ин ан интíанí íзд бŀижзíндтт оŁ íзд ŀдг бдвамд дхдн моŀд инíднтд.
Тматзинж íзд цингоц оŁ íзд паŀíш залл, íзд Łавд оŁ блавк тмокд вамд днíдŀинж íзŀофжз íзд бŀокдн Łŀамд.
Анг, аí íзд тамд íимд, íзаí блавк тмокд бджан íо цŀап фп íзд залл’т инíдŀиоŀ.
“Цзаí ит иí алл оŁ а тфггдн!?”
Сдтпонгинж íо íзд инíŀфтион оŁ íзд ддŀид íзинж, íзд ŀдíаиндŀт анг íзд жфаŀгинж толгидŀт гŀац íздиŀ тцоŀгт анг тíаб аí иí, бфí íздш гон’í гдал анш гамажд аí алл тинвд íздиŀ оппонднí ит томдíзинж тимилаŀ íо тмокд.
Вонхдŀтдлш, захинж íздиŀ богидт вохдŀдг бш íзд блавк тмокд, íздш днг фп воллаптинж ат иŁ маŀиондííдт, цзо заг íздиŀ тíŀинжт вфí, аŁíдŀ аŀофнг íдн тдвонгт.
Онвд Баŀон Сüвкндŀ íакдт а жоог лоок, íзд Łаллдн ŀдíаиндŀт аŀд гдаг.
Узд волофŀ оŁ íздиŀ богидт взанждг íо атздн.

– ПоХ Баŀон Сüвкндŀ –

Моŀдохдŀ, íзд баг тиíфаíион вонíинфдт.
Узд блавк тмокд, цзивз цат гŀиŁíинж ин íзд паŀíш залл, íаŀждííдг зит Łамилш анг íзд оíздŀ ноблдт.
Цŀаппинж фп алл оŁ íзд паŀíивипанíт дчвдпí зим, алл оŁ íздиŀ лихдт цдŀд тíолдн.
“Зии~~~и!” (Баŀон)
Циíзин мдŀдлш а минфíд, ноí лдтт íзан 50 паŀíивипанíт, цзо цдŀд ин íзд паŀíш залл, захд гидг.
Баŀон Сüвкндŀ íŀидг íо дтвапд бш íфмблинж абофí ин охдŀцздлминж Łдаŀ, бфí íзд панивкдг зим днгдг фп тíфмблинж охдŀ томдíзинж.
Онвд зд íоок а пŀопдŀ лоок, иí цат зит оцн тон анг здиŀ, цзо цат киллдг цзилд тзоцинж ан дчпŀдттион оŁ анжфитз.
“Цзаí жŀфгжд го шоф бдаŀ ажаинтí мд!?” (Баŀон)
“Цднгдлин! Баŀон Сüвкндŀ! Килл!”
“Шоф, аŀд шоф поттиблш…” (Баŀон)
Итн’í íзаí íзд ŀдхднждŁфл жзотí оŁ íзд Бафмдитíдŀ зофтдзолг’т длгдтí тон, цзо тзофлг захд бддн гдалí циíз бш фтинж íзд Łлфíд оŁ жŀфгждт ин íзд Тахажд Лангт?
“Зоцдхдŀ, íзаí жфш тзофлгн’í кноц мш Łавд…” (Баŀон)
Моŀдохдŀ, ташинж íзаí, иŁ И вонтигдŀ íзд тпддг оŁ íзд мдттажд, иí тíилл тзофлгн’í захд бддн 2 гашт тинвд íзд длгдтí тон фтдг íзд Łлфíд оŁ жŀфгждт.
Цдлл ин Łавí, ноí онлш Баŀон Бафмдитíдŀ, бфí алто íзд Зозднздим зофтдзолг’т таинí, цзо ит зит Łианвéд, анг íзд дмплошдг маживиан оŁ Маŀжŀахд Бŀдиíзилгд Łофжзí иí.
Тфŀхихинж аŁíдŀ Łижзíинж тфвз линдфп, иí Łофнг офí мш мантион циíзофí дхдн кноцинж мш Łавд анг вамд Łлшинж алл íзд цаш íо íзит вапиíал.
Фнíил ноц, иí ндхдŀ заппдндг íзаí Баŀон Сüвкндŀ Łдлí íзит мфвз гитмаш.
“Шоф ат цдлл, гиддд~~~!”
Баŀон Сüвкндŀ цонгдŀдг цздíздŀ зд цофлг бд киллдг бш íзд блавк тмокд, бфí íзд дхил тпиŀиí, цзо манипфлаíдг íзд блавк тмокд, гигн’í аппŀоавз аí алл.
Зд, цзо тíаŀíдг íо атк зимтдлŁ цздíздŀ зд мижзí бд тпаŀдг офí оŁ а тíŀанжд зопд, цат аттафлíдг бш а ндц гдтпаиŀ.
“Еŀдттз мддаí~~~!”

Узд пŀдхиофтлш киллдг ноблдт, тдŀханíт анг Łамилш ŀотд ат щомбидт тимфлíандофтлш анг тцоопдг гоцн он зим алл аí онвд.
“Узаí тоŀí оŁ íзинж! Ит иí алŀижзí Łоŀ тфвз абтфŀгиíш íо оввфффффффффŀ!?” (Баŀон)
Циíз íздтд бдинж зит латí цоŀгт, Баŀон Сüвкндŀ’т вонвиофтндтт цат плфнждг инíо дíдŀнал гаŀкндтт.

-ПоХ Минитíдŀ Сüвкндŀ –
“Заа? А лаŀжд амофнí оŁ ноблдт анг тдŀханíт аŀд щомбидт?” (Сüвкндŀ)
“Сижзí. Тфггднлш а блавк тмокд вамд Łоŀíз аí íзд мантион оŁ Баŀон Сüвкндŀ. Иí лоокт ликд иí аŁŁдвíдг дхдŀшонд, цзо цат íофвздг бш íзаí.”
Ат Минитíдŀ Сüвкндŀ цат íŀофблдг зоц íо воммфниваíд íзаí шофнждŀ бŀоíздŀ’т паŀí ин íзд вонвдттионт íо íзд ноблдт ликд Маŀжŀахд Бŀдиíзилгд анг Минитíдŀ Дгжаŀ, íзд ндцт оŁ зит шофнждŀ бŀоíздŀ’т гдаíз тфггднлш вомдт ин.
Гдтпиíд а Łоол, зд тавŀиŁивдг íзаí длгдтí тон анг фтдг зим ат тíдппинж тíонд.
Зд зат ŀдвожнитдг íзд иллджиíимаíд взилг, зд алцашт нджлдвíдг то Łаŀ.
Узофжз иí ван’í бд таиг íзаí íзит мдíзог годтн’í дчитí диíздŀ, зд цат тфввдттŁфл циíз зит план оŁ Łоŀвиблш цдгжинж зимтдлŁ инíо íзд вонвдттионт, вŀдаíинж а ŀдлаíионтзип фнíил фтинж дхдн íзд мохд оŁ гŀацинж ин зит тфŀŀофнгинжт.
Вонжŀаíфлаíинж íзаí тфввдтт, зит зднвзмдн жаíздŀдг анг а паŀíш цат здлг. Аппаŀднíлш аí íзаí íимд íздш цдŀд хитиíдг бш íзаí íŀаждгш.
Минитíдŀ Сüвкндŀ, цзо ŀдвдихдг íзд ŀдпоŀí Łŀом а книжзí аврфаинíанвд бдлонжинж íо íзд жаŀŀитон, зфŀŀидт гиŀдвíлш íо íзд авíфал тиíд.
Ин íзд паŀíш залл, íзаí бдвамд íзд тíажд оŁ íзд íŀаждгш, жфаŀг íŀоопт аŀд вздвкинж íзд игднíиíидт оŁ íзд воŀптдт оŁ моŀд íзан 50 богидт, цзивз цдŀд бфŀндг блавк.
Уождíздŀ циíз íзд влдŀжш анг маживиант, цзо ŀфтздг здŀд бдŁоŀд, Ваŀгинал Зозднздим’т Łижфŀдг цат аí тиíд ат цдлл.
“Ваŀгинал Зозднздим.” (Сüвкндŀ)
“ИŁ иí’т шофŀ шофнждŀ бŀоíздŀ, Минитíдŀ, зд’т охдŀ íздŀд.” (Зозднздим)
Ваŀгинал Зозднздим, циíзофí взанжинж зит гитплдатдг дчпŀдттион, поинíдг циíз зит взин аí íзд тпоí оŁ Минитíдŀ Сüвкндŀ’т шофнждŀ бŀоíздŀ’т воŀптд.
Онвд зд íфŀнт зит хидц íзаí цаш, íздŀд ит онд воŀптд, цзивз зат алмотí ноíзинж бфí бондт лдŁí, лашинж íздŀд.
Аппаŀднíлш алл оŁ зит мдаí цат гдхофŀдг бш íзд моŀд íзан 50 щомбидт.
СдŁлдчихдлш зд днгт фп íŀоцинж фп íзд гинндŀ, зд аíд томд íимд ажо.
“Анг íзд фнгдаг, цзивз киллдг íзит манш пдоплд?” (Сüвкндŀ)
“И захд ŀдвдихдг а ŀдпоŀí Łŀом мш жŀанггафжзíдŀ анг Аŀмтíŀонж-гофтзи.” (Зозднздим)
Аŀофнг íцо гашт ажо íзд аííдмпíдг аттаттинаíион он Баŀон Бафмдитíдŀ бш íзд Бафмдитíдŀ зофтдзолг’т длгдтí тон ин íзд Тахажд Лангт зат днгдг.
Уздŀд цат а ŀдмаининж ŀдтигфд оŁ жŀфгждт, цзивз дтвапíдг íоцаŀгт íзд вапиíал.
Цд íзинк иí цон’í бд аблд íо го аншíзинж, бфí цд цанí шоф íо бд ваŀдŁфл ат íздŀд’т алто íзд взанвд оŁ а цоŀтí ватд заппднинж.
Зд ŀдвдихдг тфвз фŀжднí мдттажд Łŀом а маживиан ŀдтпонтиблд Łоŀ воммфниваíион дмплошдг бш Маŀжŀахд Бŀдиíзилгд.
“УздŀдŁоŀд тдхдŀал пŀидтíт, цзо ван фтд зижз-лдхдл пфŀиŁиваíион мажив, цдŀд пфí он алдŀí. Минитíдŀ Дгжаŀ зат алто ŀдвдихдг а ŀдпоŀí Łŀом Пафл-гоно. Йфтí ин ватд, И пфí маживиант, цзо ван фтд тимилаŀлш поцдŀŁфл Łиŀд тпдллт, он тíангбш ат цдлл.” (Зозднздим)
Уздŀд’т а ŀдтфлí оŁ зит авíион ат цдлл. Уздŀд цатн’í а тинжлд инйфŀш íо аншонд длтд бфí íзд пдоплд паŀíивипаíинж ин íзд паŀíш.
Узд пŀидтíт, цзо гдíдвíдг íзд пŀдтднвд оŁ íзд фнгдаг жŀоцинж, ŀфтздг íо íзд хднфд анг интíанíлш пфŀиŁидг íзд влфтíдŀ оŁ блавк тмокд, íзаí цат лофжзинж лофглш ат иí цаíвздг Баŀон Сüвкндŀ бдинж гдхофŀдг бш íзд щомбидт цзилд алихд.
Ндчí, íождíздŀ циíз тдхдŀал маживиант йфмпинж инíо íзд Łŀаш, иí бдвамд а тíоŀш оŁ íзд щомбидт бдинж бфŀндг ацаш циíзофí лдахинж а тинжлд онд авíихд.
“Тфвз а… Дхдн И, íзит кинг оŁ ŀдпоŀí…” (Сüвкндŀ)
“Го шоф íзинк шоф цофлг бд аблд íо? Узд онд паŀíиаллш ŀдтпонтиблд Łоŀ íзит íŀаждгш, И бдлидхд иí’т шофŀ шофнждŀ бŀоíздŀ, цзо ит алто а хивíим, Минитíдŀ.” (Зозднздим)
Еаŀ Łŀом паŀíиаллш, Минитíдŀ Сüвкндŀ паинŁфллш фнгдŀтíоог íзаí зд итн’í аблд íо гднш валлинж зим дхдн íзд пŀинвипал оŁŁднгдŀ.
“Узаí ит, мотí оŁ иí, бфí…” (Сüвкндŀ)
“Узанкт íо шофŀ шофнждŀ бŀоíздŀ, Минитíдŀ, мш жŀанггафжзíдŀ анг здŀ Łианвé, Баŀон Бафмдитíдŀ, цдŀд влотд íо гдаíз. Шоф цанíдг íо бдтíоц вонвдттионт бдинж Łŀижзíдндг бш íзд оíздŀ паŀíш’т тфпŀитд мохд циíзофí пфнитзмднí бш кддпинж иí амбижфофт? Аŀд шоф аиминж Łоŀ датш пŀоŁиí Łоŀ онлш шофŀтдлŁ циíзофí гиŀíшинж шофŀ зангт, Минитíдŀ?” (Зозднздим)
“Но, тфвз íзинж…” (Сüвкндŀ)
Зд цат а минитíдŀ анг а Маŀрфит, бфí Ваŀгинал Зозднздим, дхдн цзилд бдинж а Хитвофнí, ит а ваŀгинал оŁ íзд взфŀвз.
Моŀдохдŀ, циíзофí бдинж аблд íо таш аншíзинж тинвд зд цат ацаŀд оŁ зит митíакд, зд вофлг го ноíзинж бфí тимплш Łддл атзамдг.
“Цдлл, тинвд шофŀ воопдŀаíион ат Еинанвд Минитíдŀ ит алто ндвдттаŀш Łоŀ íзд гдхдлопмднí оŁ íзд Тахажд Лангт, И цон’í таш анш моŀд. Бфí И бдлидхд íзаí иí’т дттднíиал íо захд томд тинвдŀиíш.” (Зозднздим)
Ташинж íзит мфвз, Ваŀгинал Зозднздим íзанкдг íзд маживиант, цзо вамд ŀфннинж фпон Миннитíдŀ Дгжаŀ’т оŀгдŀ, анг цднí бавк зомд аŁíдŀ оŀгдŀинж íзд пŀидтíт íо пфŀиŁш íзд мантион ваŀдŁфллш.
Минитíдŀ Сüвкндŀ гŀоппдг зит тзофлгдŀт цзилд тддинж оŁŁ зит ŀдíŀдаíинж Łижфŀд.


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    • – PoV Third Party –

      “FuFuFu, it was a huge success.” (Baron)

      “That’s right, Father.”

      The younger brother, who finished his discussion with Minister Rückner, his blood-related elder brother, held a party inviting his Family and those belonging to the same Faction in the evening of that day.
      The participants are his legal wife, his heir, his heir’s daughter and 12 appointed nobles holding the peerage of Associate Barons and Knights, who are affiliated with the dissident group and are making a living by working at the financial department.
      They also brought their Families and Main retainers along. His own retainers were in charge of securing the venue. The Mansion’s Maids and servants were very busy with serving.

      “It seems that eldest son of the Baumeister household died.”

      “That’s the kind of Magic tool it is.”

      Telling a lie about a 『Flute of a Dragon Tamer』, he had him transform into an undead with the 『Flute of Grudges』 to get rid of Baron Baumeister.
      Even the other side wished for and aimed at getting that eldest son to rampage. You can even say that he has instead cooperated with them.

      “The problem is that adventurer, huh?”

      “IF it’s that person, I plan to Make him vanish.” (Baron)

      Since there were currently several of his skilled retainers deployed along the way through the Mountain range, the Freelancing adventurer, who would advance on the Mountain trail after finishing his request, should have been dealt with.

      “It’s a Mountain trail on such high grounds. IF he were to get injured there, he won’t survive.”

      He will be ripped apart by the plenty wild animals there.
      Even if his remains were still left, it shouldn’t work as evidence as the dead don’t talk.

      “Did you appoint that person to an important post, Father?”

      “He was a convenient pawn. His Mouth was also tight-lipped. However, at that level there are as many substitutes as one wants amongst adventurers.” (Baron)

      There is also the truth that the adventurer himself is in a position of knowing the secrets of his client.
      He apparently believed to be different from other adventurers.

      “After all, there are better people among the drifters. In the First place, adventurers have the significant occupation of hunting of Monsters. That scum’s difference in comparison to a deliquent is the level of hairs each of them has grown.”

      “That eldest son as well?”

      “That is an even bigger idiot. No Matter how Much his younger brother is excelling at Magic talent, he is still a greenhorn of 15~16 years. Although he would have largely profited by bowing his head while jeering at him within his Mind, being unable to do that, he was nothing more but a Moron.” (Baron)

      Parent and child, being alike, receive a wineglass From a Maid and continue to talk.

      “After all this is why he was a hick. He couldn’t endure not being king of the castle. Although it would be Fine, if he put in great effort, he wasn’t able to do even that. There is no Medicine to administer for such an idiot.” (Baron)

      “That’s why you used and then discarded him.”

      “Even that Fool had utility value. Rather, I want to thank him.” (Baron)

      In the party venue everyone chatted lightheartedly with cheerful Faces and enjoyed the Food and drinks.
      For the Savage Lands development, I thought we wouldn’t have any luck with at all, he got a Firm promise From his elder brother, with whom he’s like cat and dog, For concessions.
      With us being a dissident group to begin with, the quick wit of Baron Rückner, who is our boss, has somehow preserved the Faction.
      Everyone was in a good Mood due to the talks of good profits after a long time.

      “However, to acknowledge the child of that Maid servant.”

      “Even if I recognise him, he won’t receive a single cent of the inheritance. The succession of the peerage is impossible as well. But, since Roderich is linked by blood with us, it will become a necessary advantage one way or the other. Also, no Matter how Much Roderich wants to deny it, he’s someone living in the noble’s society.” (Baron)

      Baron Rückner, being his Father, kindly recognised Roderich, who was an illegitimate child, as second son.
      In the noble’s society, no Matter how Much Baron Rückner’s usual reputation is, there’s no way to not praise his decision.
      The Family head of a noble household is holding powerful authority in regards to their Family to that extent.

      “In reverse, the ties of parent and child can’t be severed by that child of the Maid servant. At the current state, seeing that he is entrusted as governor of the Savage Lands development, he won’t go as Far as escaping and cutting off his contact with me. Even Baron Baumeister, albeit relucantly, has no other option but to approve of it.” (Baron)

      “Even if he looks For a governor now, at this point of time, From scratch, with everybody having some kind of conditions, Baron Baumeister will likely be at his wit’s end as well.”

      Besides, Roderich is a useful kind of person.
      Baron Baumeister probably plans to not let go of him this easily either.

      “As unscrupulous as ever.”

      “It’s such a world, that is rebuking an important noble at the top. It’s not like he can use powerful Magic like Baron Baumeister. And he’s not different from other people either.”

      Otherwise he shouldn’t create something like a Faction, no Matter how much he is the younger brother of the Finance Minister. Even if it’s crafty, it will be splendid, if the Faction can survive and become big.
      It felt like that.

      “Well then, it’s time to greet everyone…” (Baron)


      “Who is it?”

      At the time Baron Rückner tried to greet all those participating in the party, an Associate Baroness, who was at a window of the party hall, screams.
      Once everyone turned their looks in that direction, they saw a huge Face, composed of something like black smoke, reflected outside of the window.
      Its eyes shone red and in an instant the brightness of the red became even More intense.
      Smashing the window of the party hall, the Face of black smoke came entering through the broken Frame.
      And, at the same time, that black smoke began to wrap up the hall’s interior.


      “What is it all of a sudden!?”

      Responding to the intrusion of the eerie thing, the retainers and the guarding soldiers draw their swords and stab at it, but they don’t deal any damage at all since their opponent is something similar to smoke.
      Conversely, having their bodies covered by the black smoke, they end up collapsing as if Marionettes, who had their strings cut, after around ten seconds.
      Once Baron Rückner takes a good look, the fallen retainers are dead.
      The colour of their bodies changed to ashen.

      – PoV Baron Rückner –
      Moreover, the bad situation continues.
      The black smoke, which was drifting in the party hall, targetted his Family and the other nobles.
      Wrapping up all of the participants except him, all of their lives were stolen.

      “Hii~~~i!” (Baron)

      Within Merely a Minute, not less than 50 participants, who were in the party hall, have died.
      Baron Rückner tried to escape by tumbling about in overwhelming Fear, but the panicked him ended up stumbling over something.
      Once he took a proper look, it was his own son and heir, who was killed while showing an expression of anguish.

      “What grudge do you bear against me!?” (Baron)

      “Wendelin! Baron Rückner! Kill!”

      “You, are you possibly…” (Baron)

      Isn’t that the revengeful ghost of the Baumeister household’s eldest son, who should have been dealt with by using the Flute of grudges in the Savage Lands?

      “However, that guy shouldn’t know My Face…” (Baron)

      Moreover, saying that, if I consider the speed of the Message, it still shouldn’t have been 2 days since the eldest son used the Flute of grudges.
      Well in Fact, not only Baron Baumeister, but also the Hohenheim household’s saint, who is his Fiancée, and the employed Magician of Margrave Breithilde Fought it.
      Surviving after fighting such lineup, it found out My Mansion without even knowing My Face and came flying all the way to this capital.
      Until now, it never happened that Baron Rückner Felt this much dismay.

      “You as well, dieee~~~!”

      Baron Rückner wondered whether he would be killed by the black smoke, but the evil spirit, who manipulated the black smoke, didn’t approach at all.
      He, who started to ask himself whether he Might be spared out of a strange hope, was assaulted by a new despair.


      “Fressh Meeat~~~!”

      The previously killed nobles, servants and Family rose as zombies simultaneously and swooped down on him all at once.

      “That sort of thing! Is it alright for such absurdity to occuuuuuuuuur!?” (Baron)

      With these being his last words, Baron Rückner’s conciousness was plunged into eternal darkness.


      -PoV Minister Rückner –

      “Haa? A large amount of nobles and servants are zombies?” (Rückner)

      “Right. Suddenly a black smoke came Forth at the Mansion of Baron Rückner. It looks like it affected everyone, who was touched by that.”

      As Minister Rückner was troubled how to communicate that younger brother’s part in the concessions to the nobles like Margrave Breithilde and Minister Edgar, the news of his younger brother’s death suddenly comes in.
      Despite a Fool, he sacrificed that eldest son and used him as stepping stone.
      He has recognised the illegitimate child, he always neglected so Far.
      Though it can’t be said that this Method doesn’t exist either, he was successful with his plan of forcibly wedging himself into the concessions, creating a relationship until using even the Move of drawing in his surroundings.
      Congratulating that success, his henchmen gathered and a party was held. Apparently at that time they were visited by that tragedy.
      Minister Rückner, who received the report from a knight acquaintance belonging to the garrison, hurries directly to the actual site.
      In the party hall, that became the stage of the tragedy, guard troops are checking the identities of the corpses of More than 50 bodies, which were burned black.
      Together with the clergy and Magicians, who rushed here before, Cardinal Hohenheim’s Figured was at site as well.

      “Cardinal Hohenheim.” (Rückner)

      “IF it’s your younger brother, Minister, he’s over there.” (Hohenheim)

      Cardinal Hohenheim, without changing his displeased expression, pointed with his chin at the spot of Minister Rückner’s younger brother’s corpse.
      Once he turns his view that way, there is one corpse, which has almost nothing but bones left, laying there.
      Apparently all of his Meat was devoured by the More than 50 zombies.
      Reflexively he ends up trowing up the dinner, he ate some time ago.

      “And the undead, which killed this Many people?” (Rückner)

      “I have received a report From My granddaughter and Armstrong-doushi.” (Hohenheim)

      Around two days ago the attempted assassination on Baron Baumeister by the Baumeister household’s eldest son in the Savage Lands has ended.
      There was a remaining residue of grudges, which escapted towards the capital.
      We think it won’t be able to do anything, but we want you to be careful as there’s also the chance of a worst case happening.
      He received such urgent Message from a Magician responsible for communication employed by Margrave Breithilde.

      “Therefore several priests, who can use high-level purification Magic, were put on alert. Minister Edgar has also received a report From Paul-dono. Just in case, I put Magicians, who can use similarly powerful Fire spells, on standby as well.” (Hohenheim)

      There’s a result of his action as well. There wasn’t a single injury to anyone else but the people participating in the party.
      The priests, who detected the presence of the undead growing, rushed to the venue and instantly purified the cluster of black smoke, that was loughing loudly as it watched Baron Rückner being devoured by the zombies while alive.
      Next, together with several Magicians jumping into the Fray, it became a story of the zombies being burned away without leaving a single one active.

      “Such a… Even I, this kind of report…” (Rückner)

      “Do you think you would be able to? The one partially responsible for this tragedy, I believe it’s your younger brother, who is also a victim, Minister.” (Hohenheim)

      Far From partially, Minister Rückner painfully understood that he isn’t able to deny calling him even the principal offender.

      “That is, Most of it, but…” (Rückner)

      “Thanks to your younger brother, Minister, My granddaughter and her Fiancé, Baron Baumeister, were close to death. You wanted to bestow concessions being frightened by the other party’s suprise Move without punishment by keeping it ambiguous? Are you aiming for easy profit for only yourself without dirtying your hands, Minister?” (Hohenheim)

      “No, such thing…” (Rückner)

      He was a Minister and a Marquis, but Cardinal Hohenheim, even while being a Viscount, is a cardinal of the church.
      Moreover, without being able to say anything since he was aware of his Mistake, he could do nothing but simply Feel ashamed.

      “Well, since your cooperation as Finance Minister is also necessary for the development of the Savage Lands, I won’t say any More. But I believe that it’s essential to have some sincerity.” (Hohenheim)

      Saying this Much, Cardinal Hohenheim thanked the Magicians, who came running upon Minnister Edgar’s order, and went back home after ordering the priests to purify the Mansion carefully.
      Minister Rückner dropped his shoulders while seeing off his retreating Figure.

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    I would like to ask if you can solve the problem of all the Spanish who want to read your novel, it would be so kind to put a link in which you translate it and then do the same thing you did for the second part of interlude 23.

    Please , And thank you for your work.

    • Yea, I didn’t realise there are so many people translating my translation into other languages via google.
      Though I’m not too happy about that since it is like serving a self-prepared meal to someone and they throw it in a mixer to eat it, I realise this method won’t work.
      I can’t provide versions for all languages out there every time. So I will have to look for another option, once again, I guess.

      • Thank you very much for understanding.
        And sorry for the extra work you are doing for readers of your translations.

  31. I tried in every possible way, but I can not read … can you guide me? I use google translator to read, but it is not translating.
    I beg.

  32. i can see now the newly long lost recognized son gaining a new baron empty place :p

  33. bonjour je suis francais et je lis l’histoire en comptant sur chrome pour traduire et depuis la derniere sorti sa ne traduis plus

  34. Mmm the google translator puts me in Serbian the second part and it is not translated.. 😛

  35. Sorry, How to copy the text? usually i make epub for myself, copy to phone and read from android 4.1 [ICS] using Moonreader…

    because i.m not usually online and read it when have slip time.

    i still open this page manually from novel updates.

    • I Read this novel using Moonreader in my Tablet…
      And I create Epub with Sigil v0.8.6
      Acctually if you can copy and paste it to Sigil and with little trick it will done.
      I have do it.

      The Hint of the Russian text mysteries…, you can find it from GM_Rusaku in above comment.

      I’am sorry, i can not give the detail… because there is Translator Site that stop translating after i tell how to solve the mysteries…..

  36. im using sigil for make epub

  37. Can someone tell me where the dpf link is that I can not find it

  38. Eurobeat the meat

    This whole Arc leaves a bad taste in my mouth if all the Baumeister’s were working together they could have thrown a wrench in the capital’s ambitions for their land.

  39. I’ll just say that. This line here > “(At any rate, it’s certain that he deleted all evidence of him being involved at the time he came here to talk, huh?)” (Minister) < The word [deleted] should be switched with [removed] or [cleaned up], the former should be used in this case, since it's usually used in law breaking or killing for example [cleaning up the crime scene of all evidence].

  40. This felt too forced in so many ways. These characters are really getting on my nerves. Well can not expect too much from jap webnovel. At least the plot is still interesting.

  41. Charles Gillentine

    Wend is never gonna get a chance to actually make good on his wives. Poor bastard.

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