Chapter 59 – Katharina and the new retainers

“Katharina, your designated request has arrived.” (Wendelin)

“That’s unnatural, Wendelin-san! Aren’t you the person, who nominated me for the request!?” (Katharina)

“Well yes, actually, now that you mention it. Although it has been designated under my name, it’s not like I have taken part in that at all.” (Wendelin)

“Do you think such irresponsible argument will work!?” (Katharina)

“Roderich works his men unexpectedly hard, you know.” (Wendelin)


Quarreling with Ina’s group from the first time they met, Katharina, who is the daughter of a fallen noble, caused a competition in hunting, but going on the exploration of the underground ruins, doushi discovered, together with us afterwards, it reached the point of her acting together with us even while she says this or that.
By being someone, who believed that a noble should be like this, her speech, conduct and style are like that, it might be off in some respects since she isn’t a genuine noble.
And, with her apparently aiming for the restoration of her household by using her magic, her personal principles have many items, which have been derived from her always wanting to stand out from society.
Trash-talking Ina’s group in front of me and challenging me to a competition happened for such reason as well.
However, the competition’s result didn’t matter anymore.
With that doushi arbitrarily cutting in, neither me nor Katharina could win against him.

『In fact he joined the mediation and put a damper on the competition deliberately, didn’t he?』

『Going by his appearance, you wouldn’t be able to expect that from him at all.』 (Katharina)

I didn’t comprehend doushi’s real intention, however it’s a fact that the competition and such truly ended up not mattering at all.
Given that Katharina also frankly apologized, although it happened in her usual tone, afterwards, it finished with the quarrel having ended with that already.
Since I repeatedly receive public works requests from Roderich, Katharina joined Erw’s group in the Demon Forest for some reason.

『Burkhart-sama is probably busy as well. I shall give everyone an escort.』 (Katharina)

Her tone had the usual feeling, but that seems to be caused by her hiding her embarrassment.
Once she actually leaves together with them, she seems to be hunting and collecting while enjoying the noisiness in the group of 5 women.

『Hey, Wend. I want at least one more male member, but…』 (Erwin)

『You can search by yourself. There is the adventurer’s guild. If they seem to be good, you will get my approval too.』 (Wendelin)

『Don’t put it like that! I’m discussing with you because it’s not that easy to find one.』 (Erwin)

As result of us performing a competition in hunting against Katharina and doushi, it reached the point of many adventurers crowding the adventurer’s guild branches, which were built at various places close to the Demon Forest.
The large amount of monster raw materials fruit types, cacao seeds, precious medicinal plants, etc,, which was obtained in that competition, yielded a large amount of money in the auction sponsored by the adventurer’s guild’s headquarters in the capital.
Especially for those albino sabre-toothed tiger specimen the royal family ended up paying a huge amount of money to obtain both of them.
The other sabre-toothed tigers were won by several big nobles. In the current royal capital the mood apparently ended up turning into 『Stuff like the head of a flying dragon is the norm. Although you call yourself a noble, how come you don’t have the pelt of a sabre-toothed tiger in your house…』
As result of that, nobles provide requests to the adventurer’s guild baiting with a large amount of money as reward. To answer that, a great number of adventurers came gathering here.
The magic airship’s fare is at lowest one gold coin.
Even if they have to pay that, they have realized that the Demon Forest is a delicious hunting ground.
Even if sabre-toothed tigers are impossible, the prices for other monsters are high as well. If they also gather a certain amount of fruit types and cacao seeds, their profits will be great.
At present it seems that cities are rapidly finished in the vicinity of adventurer’s guild branches.
And, there’s one more thing, the existence of those underground ruins.
It’s probably correct to call it a large outlet mall from the era of the Ancient Magic Civilization.
Finding even eight large underground storages with installed magic-powered warehouses for putting away their stock, a large amount of goods was sleeping in them in the same state as back in those days.
There were many miscellaneous goods for living and such, but with the clothes and underwear to be far atop in quality compared to the current items, those should achieve quite the high price, especially since there’s a number of those.
In fact, the shirt and trousers, I’m wearing right now, are at a level, where it won’t be strange in any way, even if a high-ranking noble wore it as dressing gown.
Also, in addition, although they are different from the mode of today’s items, we have found a great number of suits and evening dresses.
Seeing the casual wear, I believe that those are often resembling the items from Earth.
Once I tried to wear a suit with a necktie as test, it was almost completely as if I had returned to my time as salaryman.
If I had something like leather shoes as footwear and a briefcase, it might have been to the degree of me considering to hurry to work.
There’s a large quantity of clothes and accessories for women as well and there was even stuff like gardening supplies for example.
The large amount of seeds of things like flowers, vegetables and grain are possibly a better breed than the ones being cultivated in the kingdom currently? I have decided to confirm that by cultivating them at the experimental farm exclusively used by the Earl Baumeister household.
Previously it was a place reserved for experimentally cultivating cacao and fruit type, which can be found in the Demon Forest.
However, since it looks like it’s necessary to expand it, it was planned to once again recruit for public works.
Also, in addition, there are various living goods, toys, sake, groceries, furniture, books, tools and so on.
Given that the amount is far too big, Roderich’s group was currently still in the process of having the guild’s employees count them.
Originally it would be normal for us to pay the tax after everything was bought by the guild’s side, but as the amount is big, the guild’s side has judged it to be impossible to purchase all of it.
Also, as the feudal lord of this place it would also be inexcusable to hand all of the goods to the guild as it seems a great number of new products can be created, if we research the actual goods.
Because Roderich was particularly annoying about it, it was decided that the guild’s side would only calculate the appraised value and I would pay the taxes in cash.
By the way, the tax for the Demon Forest is 10% of the estimated value.
It was fairly low, but that was the outcome of Roderich skilfully negotiating by taking advantage of the guild’s side.
Besides, the guild has the duty to collect another 10% as tax towards the Baumeister household.
Since the guild’s side has the responsibility to pay taxes to me depending on their revenue, it will finish with me not being burdened as much as I thought either, if you calculate the sum to be deducted from those.
Be that as it may, it was an amount of money, which would bring a normal noble to their wits’ end.
Officially the calculation of the amount of money would follow after this, but that might still take some time since there was the assessment of a large number of magic tools left.
Since it is a storage of an outlet mall, dealing with various goods, it naturally contained a massive amount of magic tool types.
Refrigerators, air-conditioners, washing machines, portable cooking stoves, ovens, wash basins and so on.
In addition, we have found countless things like the portable magic transmission device, which Burkhart-san has been entrusted with by Margrave Breithilde.
Moreover, their performance and mana consumption efficiency was overwhelmingly better than the items, which are currently appearing on the market in the kingdom.
Furthermore, on the leaflets, which were together with those in the warehouse, was written 『A magic portable communication device you can feel relieved with due to the contract happening on the same day!』 and 『Free contracts for new customers!』
For some reason, the leaflet’s wording reminds me of Japan.
Moreover we have discovered about several hundred magic tools resembling automobiles, trucks, motorbikes and small farm tractors.
Once we checked the merchandise, it was written in the account book, we found, that there are new articles, second-hand articles, articles from insolvency and articles from barter purchases. Although they developed magic tools in the old days, the traders, who have created a stock excess, were apparently forced into quite a severe competition.
If you look at the portable magic communication device for example, the product, which is made by a workshop called 『Sonia』 and is wonderfully highly efficient, had new articles and also second-hand goods, which have no difference in performance, although they have a few scratches.
Also, the product called 『Somia』 is badly refined and has rough mana efficiency. It reminds me of Earth for some reason after all.
Probably it was a strategy to have people buy it by them misunderstanding it as 『Sonia』-made, which is a first-class workshop.
However, even that 『Somia』-make, was overwhelmingly above in performance compared to the existing magic communication devices.
Anyway, it’s something immensely high-priced and precious in this world.
If such storage would be discovered once again, a likewise large number of adventurers would flood the Demon Forest.
However, although it’s a wonderful thing to be lively, I’m simultaneously worried about the deterioration of the public order. I have been hurriedly working on adding guards in order to cope with that.
Accordingly, new soldier and staff candidates joined.

『It’s been a while, Earl Baumeister-sama.』

The first person is Cornelius Christoph von Armstrong, who is the third son of that doushi. (T/N: >> Koruneriusu Kurisutofu fon Amusutorongu <<)
He has turned 19 years old this year. He was a person, who originally served in the army.
I saw his face several times in my period in the capital, but by no means did I expect him to come here.
That’s because, as far as the royal army is concerned, the Armstrong household is the leader amongst leaders. There were also many people blood related with them.
Of course, they have connections too. If it’s someone at the degree of doushi’s third son, they can dispatch him without worries. Above all, there are many people possessing excellent qualities as soldiers among the young men directly descending from the Armstrong family. (T/N: Only the hair style is messed up, in the entire family)
Cornelius is one of them as well and was expected to have prospects as army leader in the future.

『I’m not resembling father at all. Therefore it’s not particularly necessary for me to be in the royal army, I think.』 (Cornelius)

The eldest son, who is the same army as successor of doushi, has inherited the traditions of generations of male os the Armstrong household. He is properly resembling Earl Armstrong, who is his uncle and doushi.
However, with all males from the second downwards mostly resembling their mother’s side, Cornelius was a refreshing, good young man with a height of around 180 cm.
He is a person, who has an opposite vector to the sultry doushi.

『Also, I came to take care of Felix, who is the third son of my uncle, with my cousin. That foul-mouthed guy is part of a large disposal of sons, who got carried away by being a military clique.』 (Cornelius)

This one was a young man, who was the very definition of a muscled giant, correctly inheriting the traditions of the males of the Armstrong household.
Besides, it seems that Wilma’s elder brother is together with the third son of the Associate Baron Asgahan household.

『Wilma-san ended up being taken away as adopted daughter by Minister Edgar from that place. They were pushed into it by Minister Edgar with his connection as head.』

Certainly, he had connections, but since all of them were children of family lineages with army background, they have been naturally trained well.
Many of them are soldiers and former adventurers. You could even say that they were the best personnel for dealing as guards with the violent gathering of adventurer opponents.

『By the way, father is?』

『Just a little part-time job.』

『A little brother or a little is born once again, eh…』

Among the sons of doushi were many sensible people as backlash of their father being very free-spirited.
Probably it’s the education policy of the wives.
There was the possibility that it might change into negative example though.

『Which reminds me, it looks like Hendrik-nii-san is running his business properly.』

『Although it is small-sized, he owns a magic airship.』

Hendrik, as second son of doushi, flew about in the current Savage Lands’ area as merchant, which was something unusual for the child of a noble.
Purchasing a big amount of good from places like Breitburg, he transported it to the cities close to the Demon Forest and the construction sites in the Savage Lands and earned his income with the profit margins.

『He has borrowed the money for purchasing the magic airship from father.』

He originally accumulated experiences while running a small business in the vicinity of the capital, but considering the Savage Lands’ development rush as chance, he borrowed the money for a small magic airship from his father, doushi.

『There’s no interest. But, if he shirks the payment, he will be beaten to death without a doubt.』 (Cornelius)

『Certainly, such image is…』 (Wendelin)

Not paying the loan from that doushi, I’m feeling that’s impossible even for his children.
“It’s not like they have decided a period for the repayment either. There’s no worry since his business is profitable”, Cornelius explained.

『Anyway, it’s in order to avert an adventurer riot.』 (Wendelin)

『It’s necessary to be seriously strict with that kind of bunch, so that they don’t look down at you.』 (Cornelius)

Although he doesn’t resemble them, he seems to be a descendant of Earl Armstrong and doushi in that regards after all.
Certainly, since it will be troublesome, if the adventurers take the guards lightly and do what they want, there’s no mistake in Cornelius’ view.

『Well, then I will head to the actual scene right away.』 (Cornelius)

After that foregoing exchange, Cornelius heads to the actual site leading the guards.
If they remove a part of the insolent folks, it will at least become more quiet in the city to take a break. Once that happens, good adventurers will gather again and the hunting and collecting in the Demon Forest will make progress.
In that case it will also mean that I can collect taxes from the adventurers and the guild. It’s planned to advance the development more and more with those taxes.
Also, doing the public works, I was assigned by Roderich, we are saving on development expenses and time as usual.
Performing the public works in half a week, I hunt in the Demon Forest in the other half.
The remaining day is for resting. We decided to repeat that cycle.
Of course it’s not me, who decided that schedule, but it was Roderich and the new retainers who did.
If I perform the foundation works, it will lower the decrease of Earl Baumeister household’s cash. If I earn money as adventurer, it means that the development funds increase.
How to call it? I’m feeling as if we are barely keeping the business going although we have no problems with fundraising.
And there’s one more thing; the number of my public works magic comrades has increased.
Of course, that person was Katharina, who is aiming for the revival of her household.

“A deep hole in this place?” (Katharina)

“Look, it’s because we will transfer that magic-powered warehouse.”

In the end the storage of goods in the underground ruins, discovered by doushi, was an exceptional construction, it even has a magic-powered warehouse installed, so that the stored goods won’t degrade over time.
For now, I had only put the goods into my magic bag, but it’s a situation, where Roderich’s group has given up counting due to the excessive amount.
We tried to put them away into a warehouse for the time being, however that warehouse itself has already ended up being full.
Therefore we decided to relocate it from the Demon Forest to this place.
Since it has been fully equipped with a magic-powered warehouse, we thankfully can store away food and materials without minding the degradation over time.
We don’t want to install a magic-powered warehouse from the scratch, keeping the costs in mind, however there won’t be any kind of problem, if we are able to make use of the foundation.
However, because doushi wanted one for the kingdom and Burkhart-san for Margrave Breithilde, there were six left, which will be set up in basements close to the mansion.
Moreover, the relocation will be done by that Baron Rembrandt.
Since he was busy, the relocation was scheduled to be several days later, but we decided to dig a large hole to make the relocation simple before that.
It would have been fine, if I did it by myself, however, although it was by coincidence, I was able to get to know an excellent magician.
As that’s the case, it’s probably natural to leave it to her.

“Shall I bury it in a basement close to the mansion, once I revive the household, as well?” (Katharina)

“I don’t mind giving you also a share of the actual goods of the underground storage, even if it’s paying with cash.” (Wendelin)

At the current point in time it will just be too much to handle, even if she takes it.
That’s because Katharina’s dearest wish of reviving her household won’t come true.

“Putting aside the hole digging, please don’t bring up other public works with me!” (Katharina)

“Ee~~~~h! It’s troublesome because it’s just me.” (Wendelin)

Katharina apparently didn’t have any experience in engineering magic so far.
Once I tried to teach her as test, it reached the point that she was able to use it the most skilfully right after the wind magic, she’s good at.
Since I met another excellent magician after a long time, I want to try to train together and exchange material about magic with each other.
Also, she went out to the Demon Forest together with Erw’s group on the days I left to do public works.
The time we are together is a lot anyway and she turned into a freeloader in the relocated mansion of master in the scheduled plot in the courtyard of the Earl Baumeister mansion, which is in the middle of construction, just the other day.

『Only the number of women is increasing in this mansion.』 (Erwin)

『Erwin-san, do you have any problem with that?』

『No…』 (Erwin) (T/N: lol, pwned)

The surface reason for Katharina beginning to live in my mansion was for the sake of not being cheated in her share of the goods, which were obtained in the underground ruins exploration, which officially hasn’t finished yet, is what she answered while pushing out her over-sized breasts in pride.

『Yea, yea, let’s pretend it’s like that.』 (Ina)

It was Ina, with whom she clashed the most at the beginning of our meeting, but she got already used to Katharina’s way of speech.
Besides, even if her usual tone is like that, I have noticed that she’s actually unexpectedly sensible.
At any rate, although she is free-loading in the mansion, she is faithfully paying for her lodging expenses.

『Things like taking a bath every day or being able to train in magic with Wendelin-san are extreme reasons!』 (Katharina)

『Yea, yea, that’s fine. Katharina, peel those vegetables.』

『Why does someone noble-born like me have to do something like cooking…』 (Katharina)

『Elise is skilled at cooking.』

『As I said…』 (Katharina)

Katharina was actually skilled at cooking.
She has been spending money on things like equipment to improve her appearance, but apparently she prepared bentos with her own cooking in closing shop and others.
As child of nobles, she seems to think that a noble’s daughter won’t do something like cooking and thus she hated to cook in front of others.

『Frilly, you are like a swan.』 (Wilma)

Indeed, Wilma’s observation is accurate.
A swan can be seen to float elegantly on top of the water’s surface, but moving its feet earnestly underwater, you could say that this is fitting Katharina quite well.

『A noble woman usually won’t cook overly much, however there are also situations when she occasionally has to treat her retainers and people here and there.』

There seem to be cases, where the wife and daughter entertain them in such way at the time of harvest and such in countryside noble households with small territories.
Because our territory is simply short on people, mother and Amelia-sister-in-law-san cooked normally.

『It’s on behalf of the future.』 (Katharina)

『Frilly, your way of handling the kitchen knife is quite good.』 (Wilma)

『Wilma-san. Can’t you do something about my nickname?』 (Katharina)

It looks like it’s going well for the female group one way or the other.
Currently the mansion in Baulburg was still under construction, however we moved master’s mansion into its courtyard and led our life there.
I’m alternating between exploring the Demon Forest and carrying out reclamation and public works.
Erw has started to take lessons in things related to the army by mixing in with the guards a few times per week.
Ina and Luise, each of them is moving towards preparing the opening of dojos for spearmanship and magic combat style.
However, in regards to the construction of the city, the priority of dojos was low.
But even without that, if they felt like it, they could even teach those things in the plains around here.
Performing only the registration as dojo masters, the two will leave everything to dojo master proxies, which would be summoned from Breitburg, and several instructors in the future.

『You guys are only lending the name at present.』 (Breithilde)

Margrave Breithilde gave them such a reminder as well.
Anyway, don’t leave from my side. If you don’t give birth to children, those dojos will be wasted.
For that reason, the dojo master proxies and instructors will work as guards while also teaching spearmanship and magic combat style little by little to interested parties in their free time.
In terms of their treatment, it means that they became retainers of the Earl Baumeister household, who are teaching martial arts while carrying out military service.
And, those dojo master proxies were elder brothers of the two.

『You saved me! With this I can eat food with spearmanship.』

『You saved me! With this I can eat food with the magic combat style.』

Even Margrave Breithilde, who is a big noble, has no choice but to run one dojo of each.
Being women, Ina and Luise were excluded as inheritance candidates  from the start, but likewise the their younger elder brothers were treated as nuisances.
Given that there are also people from outside, it’s impossible to increase the number of instructors overly much. There shouldn’t be anything like a dojo master of the same style as long as there isn’t only daughters. While hunting and attending the same adventurer prep school like us, they apparently instructed in the dojo once in a while as temporary part-time instructors.
I feel that they are considerably close to the old me in this part.

『Sorry, Wend.』 (Ina)

『Well, isn’t it fine?』 (Wendelin)

The serious Ina seems to harbor feelings of guilt for pushing her elder brother through with her connection to me.

『If he doesn’t scheme to force the child born by Ina to be my successor or such.』

『I don’t think that will happen. Margrave Breithilde-sama would be enraged.』

I think that I don’t even particularly care who will succeed my house, from my point of view, but nobles are troublesome things.
I was told by His Majesty to have the first boy, born by Elise, inherit me.
Therefore, if the children of my other wives scheme to become the successors, it would be better for them to stop since they will be excluded, I warn Ina.

『Since my elder brother was able to get a job, he is happily assigning practice to new disciples.』 (Ina)

With the spear ranking next to the sword on the battlefield, it’s also excelling the sword as main weapon, if it’s soldiers originating from commoner status.
Therefore, surprisingly many of the soldiers took training in their spare time.
There’s no war here, but if you leave a bit from Baulburg, there will be ferocious wild animals.
On the other hand, Luise seems to be completely entrusting the coaching in magic combat style to her elder brother.

『I’m bad at teaching people.』 (Luise)

Luise was treated as genius by doushi, however she had the old flaw of geniuses.
They suck very much at teaching people.

『Then, you charge mana into your arm appropriately and then you fist goes ba~~~m!』 (Luise)

A certain ghastly white, eternally honoured supervisor of the ○ army of my previous life does that calmly, in contrast to doushi.

『Hmm, I see!』 (Armstrong)

However, given that doushi was also the same kind of human, Luise’s way of teaching seems to be easy to understand, from his point of view.
Since he rapidly raised his skill in hand-to-hand combat, it’s likely not a lie either.

“But, as expected of the former mansion of Alfred-sama, who competed for the seat of the next Royal Head Magician with Armstrong-sama.” (Katharina)

And, before anyone realizing, the situation turned into Katharina, the storm adventurer, staying at my mansion, but apparently she’s aware about master’s circumstances. Seeing his former mansion, she raised a voice of admiration.

“Do you know about master?” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-san lacks as usual knowledge about other magicians. Together with Armstrong-sama, he is an existence called one of the only two peerless magicians, but…” (Katharina)

Although she calls it competing for the seat of Royal Head Magician, if was a rumor in society back then.
If master was allowed to say something, it would be that he hated the stiffness far too much to go as far as working for the royal palace.

“Although you weren’t born then, you are quite knowledgeable.” (Wendelin)

“Isn’t there a lecture to increase your kinds of magic by learning from the great magicians of the past in the adventurer prep school?” (Katharina)

“Somehow I vaguely remember hearing about something like that…” (Wendelin)

Without decent lecturers appearing, it should be a lecture you can even call it a partial sub-contracting of adventurer prep school individuals.
As I was living almost immediately in the capital, I was only enrolled in name at the Breitburg adventurer prep school and thus I didn’t take that lecture. Since I received guidance in magic from Burkhart-san and doushi as well, I didn’t take almost any lecture at the adventurer prep school (T/N: in the capital).

“An enviable environment.” (Katharina)

“Aren’t you currently receiving training as well, Katharina?” (Wendelin)

Currently she got coaching from Burkhart-san and doushi once in a while.
Going by Burkhart-san’s words, he was praising her with the words 『Although she’s a bit inferior to you, boy, she is a genius that might or might not appear once every several years』.
If it’s from him, who is a retainer of Margrave Breithilde, Katharina is a capable person, who has to be secured by all means.
It seems he is teaching her magic with quite the tender care.

“Moreover, his appearance is regularly amazing.” (Wendelin)

“Wendelin-san, nobles are always watched by their surroundings.” (Katharina)

“That might be so, but…” (Wendelin)

Having also the spirit to aim for reviving her household from a state, which can be called almost impossible, Katharina is a woman with high pride and self-assertion.
She isn’t negligent in her training of magic. Since that dress style of her equipment and her cape were things to advertise her noble origin to the surroundings, she was always in the same appearance, even in the mansion.
She seems to have several spares of that dress styled equipment. Even if increasing the used raw material increases the costs, she is fussy about her dress styled, elegant equipment.
There are people, who find that laughable, but there seem to be nobles in the capital, who are actually considering it interesting.
Since she has true strength in magic, if you call it the style of the Azuchi-Momoyama period (T/N: 1583-1600 CE) of Japan, it can be considered as 『trend』.
It’s useful for increasing the popularity.
And yet, she is surprisingly modest in her normal life.
She wasn’t stingy with money for necessary equipment, but she seems to be steadily saving for the sake of her goal without expending money on her normal life.
In the end the matter of her regularly cooking has ended up being exposed by the way of her helping with the meals. Even when asked by Elise to prepare the bento together with her, she made the bento in the kitchen of the mansion in that flashy appearance of hers.

『Is it snowing in hell?』 (Erwin)

Moreover, when Erw said something unnecessary on that occasion, she blew him away into the garden with wind magic.
Even by observing only this matter, it appeared difficult to make Erw and Katharina into a couple.

“Being together with Wendelin-san, I could change the rank of my home and put pressure on that detestable Marquis Rückner household.” (Katharina)

After the period of staying in the capital, I have been regarded by the nobles to be on good terms with the Marquis Rückner household.
However, with the possibility that this relationship has faded with the scandal of the younger brother being gossiped about, Minister Rückner has revealed to his surroundings that 『I seem to become bald』.
Additionally, the granddaughter of a household, which lost its rank due to false charges by his father in the past, has been free-loading in my house.
From his point of view, there was no other way to express it but that the causes of stress increased.

“How dirty!”

“The ways of large nobles are quite dirty after all.”

If a large noble felt like it, they can easily crush a small noble household like Katharina’s home.
If you consider it like that, she is probably a victim.
For the sake of reviving her household and as effect of putting earnest effort so that she won’t be underestimated herself, she has set out ahead with confident speech and conduct.

“Isn’t there also your share, once they appraise that mountain of magic tools?”

There is a large amount of magic tools, we acquired, but we can’t decide the ratio of the shares as they are still evaluating them.
Since there are accomplishments to that extent, I believe it to be fine, even if Katharina is offered peerage, however the kingdom still is unable to deal with it this flexibly.

“There is still a long journey ahead for the revival of my household.” (Katharina)

“It’s hard.”

It was difficult indeed, but for the time being, Katharina apparently has gotten used to living in the house now.


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      • I’d still argue that the author’s making a choice to make this a society where women don’t get certain privileges. 1) There are lots of examples of women with gifts or talents that allow them to achieve what many male peers can’t–something that would undermine the patriarchal order, I would think. 2) There’s a counter-example, as has been mentioned: a nation, similarly medieval, maybe also a monarchy, where women are more equal.

        The author isn’t treating it as an automatic thing that women would become an underclass (Wend may, but not the author). Rather, this society happens to restrict women, we frequently see that it’s unfair, and it’s something Wend and those close to him try to deal with.

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          As a noble her husbands family would likely already be a noble family they wouldn’t gain her title either way, and if she married someone of lower status, they wouldn’t allow the title to follow her raising her husbands families status.

          Pretty much can only see them in the end compromising and granting her the status after she becomes Wendalins wife. I’m pretty sure he was allowed to grant some lower nobles titles when his rank increased. This would grant her wish of returning her family to noble circles, as well as the Kingdom keeping an excellent mage. The political motivations behind it would likely be deeper than I can infer but oh well. I’m unsure if the rank he can grant where permanent (hereditary) or not, but so long as they leave the option for future achievement allowing such to become reality I can only see this happening.

          • I think for this society, the issue is with a woman being the head of the family, not with the son needing to carry on the family name. There are examples, like Erich Nii-san, of men marring into a family with only daughters, and (via a kind of adoption?) both taking on the wife’s family name and becoming the inheritor of the position of head of that family.

            Wend will eventually have one wife and several concubines. I’m wondering, will the concubines take on his name or keep their names? Assuming Katharina becomes a concubine, keeping her family name is probably a requirement.

            I’m also wondering: we’re hearing now that Katharina’s household lost its rank due to false charges. Maybe that’s the key to restoring Katharina’s family: frame it in terms of righting a past wrong. Of course, it would take a sufficiently powerful noble (Wend? An ally?) to push that through.

    • It does make sense in a Patriarchal society where it’s believed strength comes from the father sides and weakness the mother’s; essentially pre-mendelian beliefs. Also taking into account that the appearance of magic seems to occur as result of freak mutation and not in a mendelian manner, there would be no reason for them to believe magic could even be passed down though the female side. If anything they probably believe there’s a slight chance capability for magic can be passed down through the male side and not the female

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