Chapter 54 –

“Isn’t that far more than imagined!?”
“What’s this? This big number of people…”
It’s four days after the mass slaughter of Baron Rückner and more than 50 other people by the remaining residue of Kurt’s grudge.
We headed to the mansion of Finance Minister Rückner in the capital as there were some things we had to discuss. In front of the main gate many people were crowding.
In this time’s trip to the capital I was only accompanied by doushi since everyone else was busy.
We will stand out too much if we move in a group of several people. Therefore it has been decided that doushi will take over the guard duty, which has usually been left to Paul-nii-san’s group.
Given that Paul-nii-san was busy with inspecting and examining his new territory, there were plans to use the chance for His Majesty to bestow him the peerage of Associate Baron next time he comes to the capital.
“This child is the child of the deceased Associate Baron Blumental (T/N: >> Burumentaru <<)! Please acknowledge it!”
“Finance Minister Rückner! I definitely believe to be the appropriate successor of Sir Bureau!”
“What’s this about?” (Wendelin)
“It’s likely because more than ten central noble households were almost totally destroyed.” (Armstrong)
With the Baron Rückner household, including him, his family, his retainers and his servants, having been annihilated, several folks, including even the relatives, are intruding and proclaiming 『I’m definitely suitable as next Baron Rückner』.
For the other households as well, they are aiming for family head and legal wife at the very least.
In case of brutal households, there are families where the other children and retainers were entirely annihilated by the heir.
Various people are gathering, aiming for the peerages and official positions of those.
“However, what about Minister Rückner?” (Wendelin)
“His younger brother, who was the head of a faction, has been killed, including his entire household. No matter how much he opposed him, it’s only natural for the elder brother to manage it all by himself!” (Armstrong)
In addition, that elder brother is a Marquis with the post of Finance Minister.
I think it’s more helpful to use the authority of Finance Minister, which will be the verdict of a powerful person, than having the guards draw close to protect the property against the mob directly intruding up to the mansion of the person himself.
“Well, then it’s better to leave it to His Excellency the Finance Minister after all.”
“I guess so.”
Even I don’t have spare time because I might be granted a new territory and get an order to develop it any time soon.
There was a necessity to quickly deal with the treatment of Amelie-sister-in-law-san and my nephews as I have promised.
Of course I have already finished doing a round of courtesy calls to other important nobles.
Cardinal Hohenheim accepted it right away and His Majesty went along with it and promised to handle it at the end of the audience.
I have been told by Minister Edgar 『Wilma is my adopted daughter! You do understand, right?』
I immediately nodded.
In other words, I have to absolutely receive her as wife.
It was a point I personally wanted to consider a good thing as Wilma is cute, but now it will cause a change in the hierarchy of wives.
With the influence of Wilma originally being the daughter of an Associate Baron household, she should be next after Elise in the ranking order.
Although I’ve been told to not mind it, I also have to consider Luise and Ina.
I cursed at the Minister of Military and Naval Affairs, who wasn’t a simple muscle-brain albeit having the same muscled build as doushi, in my mind.
Also, I went to greet the remaining ministers, but they didn’t tell me anything in particular.
Probably they will tell me various things after the Savage Lands have been bestowed to me.
“At any rate, we won’t meet Minister Rückner like this.”
Today he is running around to support here and there in the mansion and has gone to the actual site because he was informed by Minister Edgar. Many people are crowding in front of the Rückner mansion in order appeal for their case. Doushi and I address the guard being at the main gate while pushing our way through the mob.
“Whose relative is it this time? Or whose children or something are you?”
I thought he was a very arrogant gatekeeper, but he likely had to always be this lot’s partner for the last few days.
Even looking at doushi and me, he didn’t realize our identity at once.
“It’s the Royal Head Magician and Baron Baumeister. We came because we have business with your master, Minister Rückner.”
“Huh!? Viscount Armstrong-sama and Baron Baumeister-sama! I’m sorry for the discourtesy!”
He might have received a message that we will come here beforehand.
Since the gatekeeper immediately treats us politely, we enter inside through the gate.
“Baron Baumeister-sama! This child is really Associate Baron Blumental’s child! By all means, please put in a good word for it!”
“I’m also on good terms with the capital’s Sir Baumeister! Please mention my name, Christian of the Knight Martinstein household, to Minister Rückner!”
With doushi and me being celebrities, the bunch, who is crowding at the gate, tries to request various troublesome matters to us, once they become aware of our social rank as we are smoothly entering the mansion.
“It will be endless, if you care about each and every single of them!” (Armstrong)
Once a noble dies, this kind of people will always come forward.
Women in the night entertainment business, who kept company to nobles etc. and maids, who served at the original mansion, will come to request the recognition of the bastards of that noble.
However, because there isn’t something like a DNA test in this world, they won’t be recognized in the first place if there isn’t any written proof of the deceased from the time of its birth.
Besides, for the majority of people going this far, there’s also the trap of recognizing it normally from the beginning.
Also, claiming non-existent connections and relationships, there are nobles without any duties, who aim to become the successor of the official position.
Since they have basically free time, they come appealing frantically almost daily.
“I’m expressly sorry…” (Rückner)
Once we enter the mansion, the owner, Minister Rückner, came to greet us in a state of having shadows underneath his eyes.
“Umm, are you alright?” (Wendelin)
“No, since day after the incident the front of the mansion has always been in this state. I’m also busy with preparing substitutes for the dead lot. Also…” (Rückner)
Minister of Domestic Affairs Becker (T/N: >> Bekka <<), who deals with stuff like the management of the noble’s family registers and the formalities of succeeding a noble’s household, and the leading directors under him had a similar situation on front of their mansions.
Yesterday a candid advice, close to sarcasm, was mentioned in the royal castle as well.
“It’s a disaster, isn’t it? We also want to entrust you with it, but is it alright?”
“You mean regarding the treatment of the children of the eldest son, who caused the attempted assassination? I will somehow handle it. But before that, there is a single problem…” (Rückner)
The contents apologetically reported by Minister Rückner were something shocking for me.
“Hah? Roderich is the next Baron Rückner?” (Wendelin)
And in addition to that it was astonishing that immediately following the case of attempted assassination caused by Kurt, Baron Rückner provided information about the magic tool handed to Kurt with a nonchalant look.
In the end, it was a surprise that he recognized Roderich and used him as way to demand a share of the concessions due to his family ties.
Moreover I was more than amazed that Minister Rückner ended up approving that.
“Why did you approve his demands!?” (Wendelin)
“He wasn’t an utter fool to be caught red-handed like Duke Hertha, whom you dueled before, Sir. If there’s no evidence to deserve an arrest…” (Rückner)
Although he was an accomplice without doubt, he sold Kurt with an innocent look and pretended to be an information provider with good intentions.
Moreover he arbitrarily recognized Roderich and demanded concessions because of their family relations, without any kind of guilty conscience, even if he were to be looked upon coldly by his surroundings.
Never did I expect him to be a shameless person to this degree.
“And, believing it went well, he called his faction’s followers and held a party.” (Rückner)
There it led to his downfall from the peak.
Furthermore, you couldn’t even laugh at the part of the reason being Kurt, whom he used and threw away as idiot.
This might certainly be a just retribution.
“The cat cornered the mouse, but it died due to blood loss being bitten in the neck by that very mouse.”
“Didn’t he need the permission by Roderich himself for acknowledging him in the first place?” (Wendelin)
“Legally speaking, there’s no need for that.” (Rückner)
For a noble household the authority of the family’s head is absolute.
Although the family head can recognize children, there’s absolutely no need for something like the children’s permission.
“Despite recognizing them, it will turn into a story of the child becoming an incorrigible fellow if it mentions permission or such at that time.”
Going by Minister Rückner’s words, it means that it’s possible to demand concessions due to the family ties by only recognising Roderich.
Since there was already an heir, they likely planned to not hand over a single cent of the assets, not to mention the peerage, either.  
In a certain way he was such a disgusting guy that it was even refreshing.
You can apparently also say that it equals the nobles’ way.
“But, thanks to that it has become troublesome.”
The party was held at Baron Rückner’s mansion.
Consequently everyone from the family was annihilated.
“The eldest son and eldest daughter died as well. There aren’t any other surviving children from the legal wife either. Therefore…” (Rückner)
Roderich, being the recognised second son, has become the most plausible successor prospect.
But, if that happened, it might produce a huge hindrance in the development of the Savage Lands.
“Please don’t steal our head retainer, who will also act as governor.” (Wendelin)
Since he will become my representative concerning the development of the Savage Lands, I had naturally planned to give him the salary of the head retainer and even offer a possibility of the title becoming hereditary.
If he succeeded the Baron Rückner household, this story will become completely void.
“You are still at the start of selecting a governor though.” (Rückner)
Naturally everyone, who is angry about the delay, will turn all of their wrath towards Minister Rückner.
It will result in him earning sarcastic remarks by His Majesty and all the ministers once again.
“I know, but, although I understand…” (Wendelin)
The Savage Lands, granted to me, will become the territory of Earl Baumeister according to plan.
Therefore, if Roderich succeeds an appointed Baron household he won’t be able to become my retainer anymore.
“I see. There will be thunderous blaming!” (Armstrong)
“Until yesterday it was the main ministers and Cardinal Hohenheim. Even His Majesty has mentioned it! That fucking bastard! Even in his death, he is a major annoyance!” (Rückner)
Minister Rückner, who was unusually enraged, spit out vulgar, abusive language, which was unbecoming of a noble.
“So, what will you do?”  
“Nothing. I have decided to shut down and remove the Baron Rückner household. I will deal with the other cronies here. Good grief, increasing my workload with worthless stuff…” (Rückner)  
I told him my petition regarding the treatment of my nephews. Given that the details of the measures will be announced in front of His Majesty tomorrow, I return to my mansion in the capital on that day and decide to prepare my attendance at the castle tomorrow.
The next day I travel there together with the messenger of the royal castle.
The meeting took place in an often used conference room and not the audience hall.
“First I will announce the punishment of that insolent person. It has been decided that we will use the audience hall afterwards.” (Rückner)
“Well, then right away the details of the punishment…” (King)
Urged on by His Majesty, who was inside the room, Minister Rückner states the details of the punishment.
First there was Baron Rückner. His household will be shut down as punishment for the complicity in the attempted assassination against me. All of its assets will be confiscated.
There aren’t any family members, who will complain, anymore either. If possible, even the relatives, who were aiming for inheriting the peerage and official position, will be silenced with such a punishment at front.
“Umm, did you find any evidence?” (Wendelin)
“Margrave Breithilde is spreading a net that should catch the evidence.”
As of yet, the freelancing adventurer, who passed the magic tool to Kurt, is in the middle of moving on the mountain trail in the mountain range heading towards Breitburg’s side. Minister Rückner seems to have sensed that and is trying to capture him.
“The whereabouts of Baron Rückner’s retainers and how many they are is unknown. Perhaps that adventurer can be considered to head towards his end. Either way, if we can secure him, we will also find proof.”  
If Baron Rückner was alive, they would likely advance a bit more carefully in gathering evidence, but unfortunately he isn’t a person of this world anymore.
As that’s the case, it apparently will end with a quick punishment.
“The other nobles will be deprived of their official positions.”
The 12 nobles were veterans, who have been experts in their professional duties.
You can also say that it’s no good to suddenly entrust those professional duties to their children, just because of the sudden death of their family head.
“I have decided to hire new people for gaining experience and to promote excellent people from below.” (Rückner)
Inexperienced people, joining that way, are usually heirs, who enter through the connections of their parents.
And, those inexperienced people will be able to rise in rank to at least the official position of their parent.
A household of appointed nobles with an official position attached repeated that cycle with parent and child, but there were many children, who are still too young at their family’s head’s unexpected death, and thus it was difficult for them to join a governmental office.
Therefore, it has been decided that recruitment will be opened for the 12 official positions without nobles this time.
Naturally a fierce contest will unfold, but that wasn’t anything of my concern.
“It’s better if there’s a child there as it can succeed the peerage. The problem is…”
With one Associate Baron household and three Knight households having no children, they are currently being flooded by relatives and acquaintances.
“It can’t be helped as it is in accordance with noble’s law. However…”
“We have decided to state the detailed account in the audience hall.”
The punishments will be handed out in the conference room and the rewards in the audience hall.
This seems to be a rule in the Helmut kingdom.
Upon His Majesty’s order, we headed towards the audience hall. Unexpected people awaited us there.
“Helmut-nii-san? Erich-nii-san?” (Wendelin)
“Wend, huh… ? I have heard about Kurt-aniki’s case…” (Helmut)
“By no means I expected it to take such conclusion…” (Erich)
It was unknown why my elder brothers were summoned, but as expected, the first topic to talk about was Kurt’s tragic end and the drama of the massacre caused by his abnormal tenacity.
But, according to those observing the priests, the undead, being an assembly of the grudges, which actually performed the massive killing, were purified. Those undead had absolutely no resemblance to Kurt’s body.
The fiery red eyes of the black smoke shape and its shining face had a diameter of around 3 meter in the shape of a sphere.
Apparently a ghastly, loud laughter continued in front of the corpse of Baron Rückner, who was devoured by zombies and changed into almost only bones.
Moreover, the priests could purify them without any resistance at all.
He failed killing me, but was he satisfied with killing Baron Rückner transformed into such a shape?
Since I’m not Kurt, I didn’t comprehend his motives.
“The official opinion is that Baron Rückner used a cursed magic tool and died to its reaction.” (Erich)  
Erich-nii-san told me that the kingdom’s side treated Kurt’s deed of attempting to assassinate me and the following massacre of Baron Rückner as result of them using a magic tool without checking its effects by themselves.
Even so, as there’s the crime of obtaining the used magic tool from the black market and handing it over to Kurt, it turned into a different punishment of discontinuing the noble household. (T/N: The difference is: Rückner bought it, handed it over and used it, Kurt only used it. <– official version, not truth)
“Well then, there’s a reason why I wanted you three to listen.”
First we were told that Helmut-nii-san’s and Erich-nii-san’s peerage will rise to Associate Baron.
“Your Majesty, we don’t have any particular achievements or such…” (Erich)
“It can’t be that there’s nothing. You are putting effort into your given work everyday.” (King)
“That is the same for all the other nobles as well though…” (Erich)
His Majesty answered Erich-nii-san’s doubts with a smile.
However, his facial expression also showed 『Accept it without rebuttal』. Realizing that, Erich-nii-san’s group obediently accepted the reward of raising in rank.
“Next it’s Baron Baumeister, huh?” (King)
It was neglected for a little less than a week after Kurt’s death, but I will finally be granted the Savage Lands, it seems.
“I decree the confiscation of the Savage Lands part of the Knight Baumeister territory because of the scandal revolving around the succession. You will be told about the details of the confiscated area afterwards. All of the remaining Savage Lands shall be bestowed upon Wendelin von Benno Baumeister, whose noble rank will rise to Earl.” (King)
“I shall humbly accept it.” (Wendelin)
Having been granted the Savage Lands and the peerage of Earl by His Majesty, the majority of troubles concerning my family’s home were finally settled with this.

“In a word, it’s a payment for the troubles.” (Armstrong)
After I was raised in rank to Earl, doushi has invited me, Paul-nii-san and Erich-nii-san to his mansion.
There he expressed his opinion regarding today’s reward ceremony.
Nonetheless, him and His Majesty have a relationship of being close friends.
Due to that relationship, his words reflected the view of His Majesty himself.
“For the sake of developing the Savage Lands we entrusted the disinheritance of Kurt to Earl Baumeister, which resulted in that drama of him running wild. In the end even someone, holding an important position in the government, took part in that! Accordingly, taking Earl Baumeister into consideration, your two aristocratic elder brothers have been given rewards as well. Even Paul-dono, who is currently investigating the soil planned to become his territory, will be immediately recognized as Associate Baron with the allocated territory!” (Armstrong)
“Certainly, even I won’t refuse such thing.” (Wendelin)
With my reward being decided already from the start, they took into account the possibility of me refusing, if they increase the reward too much.
“However, if we raise the peerage of your elder brothers, you won’t say anything and therefore we called them in a hurry and raised their peerage”, doushi explained.
“No… Suddenly rising in peerage or such, the looks of my surroundings are painful.” (Paul)
“It’s alright for Helmut-nii-san as you’ve been an ordinary river guard. In my case, my workplace is…” (Erich)  
They were suddenly summoned and suddenly given a higher rank of peerage.
I guess for both of them the looks from their surroundings are stinging.
“Moreover, there’s the huge inheritance scandal at home. With that the rising in peerage will become a strange story.”
“Anyway, you may have disagreeable sentiments towards this matter, but His Majesty decided the raising of your peerage!” (Armstrong)
Given that even nobles aren’t idiots, they should be aware of Baron Rückner being involved in the attempted assassination incident and me beginning to develop the Savage Lands.
Therefore they might conversely come drawing close before long”, doushi said.
“In that case, no, rather… We have already received real harm though.”
The rumours about the Savage Lands are already a hot topic between the nobles living in the capital.
Erich-nii-san has already been asked stuff like 『I want your younger brother’s retainers to employ our child』 by his workplace’s superiors and colleagues.
“I’m sorry. I’ve caused trouble for you.” (Wendelin)
“It’s alright. I’m pushing all of it unto Minister Rückner.” (Erich)
Erich-nii-san apparently skilfully dodged them by saying 『The right to decide in these matters is almost completely in the hands of the important people. For me there’s nothing…』.
As result, in addition to the previous massacre at Baron Rückner’s home, Minister Rückner’s mansion was crowded by an excessively large amount of people.
Furthermore, even people like Viscount Mongérard were dragged into it and got a large quantity of petitioners intruding upon them.
This might be inevitable as vassal of Finance Minister Rückner.
“Which reminds me, it was the same for us, too.” (Helmut)
It was Helmut, who usually worked as guard at the forest at the river source.
Just the other day, the guards were short-handed and apparently took application for increasing the personnel by one more.
“Although we wouldn’t pick more than one, the number coming to apply surpassed 300.” (Helmut)
Moreover it was the third sons of Marquis households and second sons of Earl households.
I hear that they wondered why a large number of such people came.
“They might have thought that I might recommend them as Wend’s retainers, even if they failed joining us. Or they might have simply come to make themselves known.” (Helmut)
“I’m sorry.” (Wendelin)
“As we are usually secluding ourselves by guarding the forest, we don’t mind the rumors in society too much. Besides, I became an Associate Baron.” (Helmut)
However, apparently the number of forests, he has to control, has increased by one more at the same time of him rising in peerage.
“It’s isn’t as troublesome as I thought because it is an adjoining forest, but if I don’t pick someone new again… I wonder, how many people will come to apply this time?” (Helmut)
Since the personnel working in the forest as guards are Knights and Associate Barons, their recruitment targets are former adventurers, children of commoners or third sons and below of Knight households.  
You could even say that it would naturally be troublesome if children of Earls or such applied.
“Even if we pick such people, it’s not easy to order them around.” (Helmut)
“That’s right, isn’t it?”
Besides, if they dispute over something at work poorly, it will become a bother if someone like the Earl, being their parent, makes his appearance.
The noble’s common sense dictated that children of such high-ranking nobles wouldn’t normally be employed.
“It looks like I have been promoted as well.” (Erich)
“That is, congratulations.”
“However it’s the lowest seat of the budget executive committee. I think it’s pretty obviously for contacting you, Wend.” (Erich)
The development will begin with the funds I have on hand, but that doesn’t mean that the kingdom won’t lend assistance at all either.
Also, by raising an Earl household from the scratch, it will become a potential place of employment for the excessive amount of young nobles.
Because they will hand out subsidiary aid connected to employment, it will apparently be Erich-nii-san’s role to manage that.
“If the level of the Savage Lands development looks promising, I was told that I could rise in rank again.” (Erich)
“That means?”
“Without a doubt, as successor of that person.” (Erich)
It might not be as Head of Financial Auditing, but since the sole appointed Baron related to financial affairs vanished, it likely meant that Erich-nii-san might become his successor.
And it also meant that this would be done in order to create an obligation of gratitude from me.
“Come to think of it, there was an additional reward for you as well, Wend, right?”
“Yea.” (Wendelin)
Matching my past achievements and with me contributing to the investigation of those Savage Lands and that Demon Forest, it created an opportunity to develop a new territory.
Under a suitably fabricated pretext I was given an additional reward.
First, all assets, that were taken from the crushed Baron Rückner household, were given to me.
Second, the mansion, where the massacre drama happened, was given to me. But once I told them that I don’t want it, it will apparently be turned into cash by selling it to a realtor.
Certainly that realtor will be that Rinnenheim-uji.
The old Barron Rückner mansion has been purified at the same time when the priests, who rushed over from the church, purified the remaining grudges.
But, since there likely aren’t any people wanting to immediately use a mansion, where such tragedy occurred, it will probably lay dormant for a while.
It’s a scheme to get rich quickly fitting that shady Rinnenheim-uji.
“I heard it from Minister Rückner, but a considerable fortune was found in the mansion’s treasury.”
“If I’m not mistaken it’s around 50.000.000 cents.”
Almost half of it was in gold coins. The remainder was magic tools and works of art.
“No matter what kind of official position he held, it’s far too much for an appointed Baron.”
“It’s that man! Going by the many magic tools and works of art, he likely accommodated them for the black market.”
Opposing his elder brother, who is a Marquis and the Finance Minister, he even maintained his own faction, albeit small-scaled.
In order to support his followers, money was necessary.
“It’s especially nice since I can use it for the development.” (Wendelin)
No matter how and from whom he obtained it, money is money.
There’s no problem at all because it will be beneficial to use it as funds for the development. But another inconvenient matter was forced upon me.
“It’s the reward of several peerages, isn’t it?”
“Although rare, it’s not something that doesn’t happen either!” (Armstrong)
Of the nobles, who died due to their involvement with Baron Rückner, there were three Knight households and one Associate Baron household that didn’t have an heir of direct descent.
I received the right to freely bestow those to others.
“There were cases of the kingdom distributing them to nobles, who possessed a large territory, in the old days!” (Armstrong)
The important nobles, who received that right, were able to position spare second sons of their own territory as Knights and Associate Barons.
“Publicly it was for the sake to avoid the chaos tagging along with the problems of succession! In reality…” (Armstrong)
For the kingdom’s side there was also the aspect of handing those over in order to lower the influence of those important nobles.
They apparently anticipated the territory to break apart in smaller pieces with each generation they repeated this.
“But, is that really necessary for Earl Baumeister?”
“Certainly, it’s necessary.”
In reality I had planned for Amelie-sister-in-law-san and my nephews to live in the capital, but that ended up becoming impossible with the excessively strong impression of that atrocious incident.
Accordingly I want them to live in the Baumeister territory for a while until the lingering excitement of the incident cools down. After that I intend to send them to the capital for studying.
“Kurt-nii-san’s children, huh…?”
“Yes. Once they become adults, I will have them take up a branch family and split the titles and territory.” (Wendelin)
Kurt’s plans went even as far as aiming for my life, but Amelie-sister-in-law-san and my nephews don’t have such feelings.
They might consider to avenge their father in the future, but that can’t be helped, I think.
“With this the development of the Savage Lands can finally begin! His Majesty was relieved! Now that the talking has also finished, let’s eat lunch!” (Armstrong)
After lunch in the mansion of Viscount Armstrong, Helmut-nii-san has returned to his forest protection and Erich-nii-san has returned to his own workplace.
Me and doushi returned to the Baumeister territory via teleportation…
“Doushi, your belly looks like it will burst any time now.” (Wendelin)
“A young man has to eat a lot more!” (Armstrong)
“The capacity of a stomach is fixed!” (Wendelin)
“What are you saying! Even if the stomach is filled temporarily, more will fit in if you wait for a bit!” (Armstrong)
“(Are you a big eater champion from somewhere!?)” (Wendelin)
As expected there were nothing like karaage as there were outsiders looking, but the meal etiquette of doushi’s mansion was a staggering amount of a full course and furthermore there was always a second serving.
The taste was great, but apart from Helmut-nii-san, who is moving his body regularly at his forest protection, you could consider it a trial for Erich-nii-san, who has a small appetite with his office work.
Moreover, doushi has four wives with them having 18 children as well.
There weren’t any noisy children during the meal as they are nobles, but we have been pestered to tell interesting stories and to give souvenirs before the meal.
Seeing this spectacle for the first time, Helmut-nii-san and Erich-nii-san became speechless.
『You dun’ have eyes like us』  
『I heard the rumours, but…』
However, the children of doushi’s family all wore fine clothes. It has been arranged that they would get the best possible education and such.
Although several of the elder children weren’t here anymore as they became adults, the son and heir became a soldier and the other children have begun jobs like founding a new business, working as adventurer, etc.
『Huh!? They do stuff like trading!?』 (Helmut)
Helmut-nii-san was surprised, however that was the education plan of this household.
On top of not passing any peerage to anyone besides the eldest son, being the heir, they want their other children to look for their own way of life.
Instead, they all receive education equally. It has been decided to distribute the assets in an unusual manner for a noble household.
『And the distribution of the assets!?』
『In doushi’s case it’s slightly unique.』
During his time as active adventurer he earned money to a degree that wasn’t inferior to my master.
The annuity of an appointed Viscount household, the wages for the position of Royal Head Magician, the annuity for the Twin Dragon Medal, the reward, he obtained for subjugating Grade Grande and the salaries of several honorary positions, he has.
And, even now he would go out hunting, if he had a little bit of free time.
His recently, particular favourites are the mountain range adjacent to our territory, which has likewise become a den of flying dragons, and the 『Conlon Mountain District』, which was slightly away from the capital.
From these places he hunts around 2~3 flying dragons per month.
Even a flying dragon, that is nothing more but a threat to ordinary people, wasn’t seen as anything else but an efficient source of revenue by doushi.
『Eh? Haven’t you already retired, doushi?』
『The announcement of my retirement as adventurer has in fact been meaningless, right… ?』 (Armstrong)
Due to declining after a certain age, adventurers will announce their retirement. It was for the sake of refusing obligatory requests from the guild and kingdom.
Therefore, even if you went to hunt as side job occasionally, there were no complaints either.
Rather, given that there’s a constant insufficiency of raw materials of monsters, the guild’s opinion is “Please do your best.”
『The adventurers, who hunt flying dragons in their free time, are, without doubt, limited to doushi.』
『That’s true. If it’s me, it will be impossible, no matter how much time I have.』
Having that income as well, doushi’s household had an overwhelmingly great financial condition among appointed Viscounts.
That Cardinal Hohenheim at least said 『Since I’m a leader of the church as well, I believe I’m far more affluent than other appointed Viscount households, but only in the case of doushi’s household it’s meaningless to compare』.
『This Viscount Armstrong household is a household consisting of my magic! Therefore it will simply return to be a normal appointed Viscount household after my death!』 (Armstrong)
Therefore, splitting the assets among all children, it will turn back into a regular appointed Viscount household.
And yet it is a far more prospering household than any of the other appointed Viscount households.
In other words, it means that doushi is earning this much income.
『The only regretful matter is that I don’t have a daughter, I guess?』 (Armstrong)
From the start the Armstrong family apparently has a tendency to easily give birth to young men.
And, we met Armstrong’s children, but all of them were male.
『If I had a daughter, I would have married her to you, Earl Baumeister, but it’s very regretful!』 (Armstrong)
『That’s right, isn’t it… ? (I was saved…)』 (Wendelin)
For me it was a great relief to live without having to call doushi as father-in-law-san.
Also, it seems like the daughter would resemble her father.
Stating it up until here, there was nothing else left to say.
“However, it will be terrible for Earl Baumeister from now on!” (Armstrong)
“No. All of it will be left to the governor, Roderich, after all.” (Wendelin)
Concerning the development of the Savage Lands, I planned to provide money and change my stance to leave it all to him.
Therefore, I will feel relieved from the bottom of my heart, if I can at last return to my original occupation as adventurer.

Title: Earl Baumeister


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