Chapter 51 – Flute of a dragon tamer?

“Alright, it’s a success.” (Wendelin)

“Are you again experimenting on a new seasoning?” (Hermann)
A little less than 3 months passed since I came to this Baumeister territory.
I, who got out of bed today at the same time as usual, was taking my breakfast in the living room of the mansion.
As I’m sitting on the chair of the master, there is Paul-nii-san, who’s the manager of the guards, and Hermann-nii-san, who came to the mansion on business, on both sides.
Also, Erw and Ottmer-san’s group are sitting in their respective seats.
The maid, Dominique, Elise, Ina, Luise and Wilma are in charge of cooking and serving the food.
If this scene was publicly shown in the Heisei Japan of my previous life, without doubt there would be complaints tossed at me by all those, who call themselves feminists.
However, in this world this is an accepted practice.
Me, who is a Baron and the master of this mansion, Paul-nii-san, who is currently an appointed Knight and Hermann-nii-san, who is our guest, are sitting at the high-ranking seats.
Erw, who is the Junior Commander, Ottmer-san, who is planned to become the Junior Commander of Paul-nii-san, and the other guards are sitting on the adjoining seats.
It’s not a question whether that’s good or bad. This is simply common sense and thus it should be only me who is pondering about this.
The difference in seating order is dictated by the social position, but if I recall it now, even at the year-end party of my company in my previous life the big-wigs were seated at the head of the table.
It might only be the difference between being great as person with a high social standing or being great as noble.
I feel like even I finally got used to sitting at the seat of honor every time.
“Wend, what’s this?” (Paul)
“It’s a new product, Paul-nii-san.” (Wendelin)
“Are you developing merchandise even at this place?” (Paul)
During his time as guard in the royal capital, Paul-nii-san had known for a fact that I was inventing seasoning and cooking during my stay in the capital.
There is also the matter of me having given him a few times a complimentary ticket for the shop managed by Artur-san. It seems he went there to eat taking his subordinates along once in a while.
“It’s a new friend of mayonnaise!” (Wendelin)
“Again?” (Erwin)
“Well, then it means that Erw won’t get any.” (Wendelin)
“The new product looks delicious.” (Erwin)
For Erw a noble, who concentrates on cooking and seasoning, might cause a feeling of anxiety.
But with only this much, it was impossible for him stop me since this is my hobby.
“So, will you put it up for sale again?” (Paul)
“For now it’s only a prototype. If you included the production costs, it would wouldn’t be payable easily…” (Wendelin)
This time’s prototype was my favorite food from my previous life, 『Mentai mayonnaise』.
The way to make it is simple, but the problem is in the point whether cod roe is existing in this world.
As a matter of fact there are trouts, who go up streams due to the mild climate, called 『Southern Sea Trout』 in the rivers of the Savage Lands, thus it was possible to obtain salmon roe from there.
I’m constantly preserving these within the magic bag being properly pickled in soy sauce.
And although there was cod roe, I have confirmed that it is eaten in the north.
Immediately I decided to order it at the fish dealer managed by the family of the female staff member, who works at the Sorcery Guild and who became my acquaintance some time ago, but with the fish eggs, including cod roe as well, being a local delicacy and with the costs for transport and import taxes being ridiculously high, it ended up having an expensive price.
Furthermore, this cod roe is indispensable for making mustard-seasoned cod roe.
As result of requesting this from the fish dealer, the price turned out to be even more expensive than curry powder.
“However, it’s a great idea you’ve come up with.” (Paul)
“Certainly. Especially if you consider the contents of the meals of our family’s home…” (Hermann)
Although neither Paul-nii-san’s nor Hermann-nii-san’s expression of curiosity broke apart, the reason for me being well-accustomed to such things as making seasoning was owed to my work in my previous life.
Tentatively it was a trading company with a known name, but we were treated as second-rate by the industry, which had elite employees receiving orders for infrastructure projects with a big amount of money involved after having negotiated with the local governments overseas and who was constructing cutting-edge industrial plants.
Such ○ farming-like story was the primary reason for us being weak.
After I finished the training as new employee, I was assigned to the department mainly in charge of buying up things related to foodstuffs.
Furthermore, with me being primarily responsible for local foodstuff, I occasionally directly went to locally producing farmers and fishing harbors to test the ingredients.
I offered these to manufacturers and stores where these were needed.
I didn’t realize that a member of a trading company as imagined by society might be a slightly different existence. At least I think that I was dealing with many ingredients used for high-quality products.
Even the clients were soy sauce warehouses, miso storehouses and sake breweries, who were fixated on the traditional way of manufacturing.
It was small to medium food companies making products by only utilizing good-quality native ingredients.   
Naturally, in relation to making deals with the people of such companies, it’s impossible to say that you don’t know basic way of manufacturing.
I learned those by studying and experience.
Anyway, there were many moody people among the artisans and managers fussing about the techniques of the makers in this way.
During my time as newcomer I invoked their anger by exposing my stupidity and the deals were snatched away by rivaling companies. There was also the experience of getting yelled at by my superior close to losing all my vigor.
Since I’m even now persisting in gathering experience on how to cook during my off-days as it is my hobby and a process of learning, I don’t know whether it has proven to be fortunate for my life.
“At any rate, let’s sample it.” (Wendelin)
With wanting to test the taste, I immediately put the 『Mentai mayonnaise』 on top of cooked rice and sample it after that.
Even everyone else began to sample it by putting it on cooked rice and bread.
“Delicious.” (Paul)
“Ah, gradually my tongue is indulging in luxury.” (Hermann)
If it was only cod roe, it wouldn’t match with cooked rice, but if it’s Mentai mayonnaise, it will even fit with bread.
Even in my previous life I made it for trial purposes given that it was usually sold in bakeries.
However, I think it fits best with cooked rice after all. It’s probably because my inside is that of a Japanese person.
Thanks to cod roe being imported good, the production cost was high, but if it’s the current me, anything’s possible.
I don’t even have any intention to stop eating meals with cooked rice. I don’ want to eat the dry and crumbling brown bread eaten in the Baumeister territory anymore.
Certainly this means that my tongue became accustomed to extravagance.
“By the way, although the talks have veered off, will you go to inspect the Savage Lands today?” (Hermann)
“Yes, I want to advance the development special ward.” (Wendelin)
I answer with a 『Yes』 to Hermann-nii-san’s question.
Given that it’s a secret agreement, no one opens their mouth, but it has already become the prescribed course of disinheriting Kurt and having Hermann-nii-san inherit after father.
Besides, as compensation for his cooperation, it will become possible for Hermann-nii-san to at least obtain the title of Baron with his allocation of the Savage Lands and it has been decided that he will receive help in developing that soil.
On this occasion I considered to carry out an inspection of the location as it will border in the neighborhood of my territory.
“I see. However, the lot from the central government is scary.” (Hermann)
“That’s the world we live in. There is no other way but to call that common sense.” (Wendelin)
Once again Burkhart-san’s figure couldn’t be seen, but recently he has been always monitoring Kurt.
Also, he has been called to go report to Margrave Breithilde before, though I sent him with teleportation.
It seemed that he had been given a magic tool for communication at that time.
There are only few people who currently use this magic tool, which is known as portable communication device and cellphone in my previous life. It was an item discovered in historic ruins with quite the high ratio of being common.
Originally it takes quite a bit time and labor to produce it. Since the majority of the produced items had been seized by the military and government offices, it doesn’t come around often to a countryside noble, even if he is an important noble.
Of course it’s not possible to measure its worth. The matter of him entrusting it to Burkhart-san was proof of the situation in the Baumeister territory to have gathered the attention of the nobles.
“Kurt-aniki wants to be the leader of this territory, including the Savage Lands. I guess he wanted to inherit it.” (Hermann)
“Such a pipe dream.” (Wendelin)
“He likely thought it would be possible, if he exploited it from Wend. Thanks to that, it turned out like this.” (Paul)
As Paul-nii-san says, because of the secret activity of Burkhart-san, who is capable of locating the current position of his opponent due to minuscule quantity of mana, all of Kurt side’s movements were leaked to us.
Just three days ago it seems that they held an assembly gathering only the influential people of the main village.
“That meeting, huh… ?” (Hermann)
“Have you been aware of it, Hermann-aniki?” (Paul)
“You also heard about it only by rumors, I guess, Paul?” (Hermann)
“I have heard of it, but only as sort of previously arranged meeting. There’s nothing but disagreeableness, if you go by what the folks of the other villages say.” (Paul)
“Well, don’t say that. It was a plenty useful meeting back in the old days.” (Hermann) 
At the time when the reclamation of the Baumeister territory just begun it was a valid policy by the ruling Baumeister household to treat the main village favorably.
Being in the sticks, where you can’t expect any support from somewhere else, for the feudal lord’s household to have a firm grip on preserving its sovereignty, there was no other way if they wanted to avoid their downfall due to a rebellion.
“However, it has become ill-fit for the current times. Even I wasn’t allowed to attend until I became the head of the branch family. Even if only a few of their wishes come true, they will profit. That lot is only producing petitions with unreasonable demands.” (Hermann)
Also, as the majority of the members attending the meeting are old people, the cause for the meeting has apparently become obsolete.
The elder have been thinking that it’s fine for them to continue their lives of favorable treatment in the current main village until they die.
Therefore, when Hermann-nii-san suggested a proposal on how to not discriminate in the treatment of the three villages, they ended up laughing scornfully.
Also, if Kurt became the de-facto proxy working as feudal lord, it would result in the craftsmen of his generation participating in that meeting.
Hermann-nii-san apparently expected a reformation due to the new generation, but the fact is that they are attached to their vested rights, no different from the elder lot, and were only advocating the favorable treatment of the main village.
“Even Kurt-aniki laughed at it with 『Immature idealistic thoughts』. What do you think, Wend?” (Hermann)
“In short-term the maintaining of the status quo is effective. In long-term, won’t it be the first step to a slow decline?” (Wendelin)
“Right. That’s what I think too.” (Hermann)
Above not being able to develop the peculiar Savage Lands, it will become a suicidal act to increase the population of this territory in the future.
If it becomes like that, the young people will naturally leave the territory, if the lot of the main village gets favorable treatment.
“Or maybe they will do something like forcing the troublesome second and third sons of the main village’s population on the families in other villages that have only daughters?” (Wendelin)
“They will definitely refuse that, no?” (Hermann)
“There is the possibility of the Baumeister household forcing it by commanding it.” (Wendelin)
Additionally, there was also the possibility of them confiscating newly cultivated land for the sake of benefiting the main village, which would result in the declined villages becoming victims.
“As expected, going that far…” (Hermann)
“The money for cultivating new land is given out by the Baumeister household though.” (Wendelin)
“No, the labor has been put in by the fief’s population though…” (Hermann)
Or rather, if they did such thing, the inhabitants of the declined villages would get disgusted and leave.
I wonder how they are planning to develop the Savage Lands this time?
“As I said. They are holding onto the dream of 『If we develop the Savage Lands, any generation after that will at least be an Earl』. As for concrete plans, they don’t really know well.” (Hermann)
“There is. Aren’t they saving funds and want to exploit money from Wend?” (Paul)
Hermann-nii-san as well as Paul-nii-san were shocked by Kurt, who doesn’t mention anything but vague plans such as 『If I become the feudal lord, our sovereignty will be firm』 and 『I will become a great feudal lord by developing the Savage Lands in the future without fail』.

Even the kids around here can say such things, if it’s only at this level.

“With that quite a few inhabitants will follow him, right?” (Wendelin)
“No, because of that he lost followers, I heard.” (Hermann)
And at this point Burkhart-san makes his appearance.
It looks like he has taken a break from monitoring Kurt and come here to grab some food.
“It seems that a considerable number of his supporters have been stripped away by you, boy.” (Burkhart)
If you become a veteran magician of Burkhart-san’s degree, it’s simple to do something like monitoring your target while erasing your presence with magic.
If the opponent is skilled, there will also be a high possibility to be spotted, but Kurt’s skill in martial arts is at the level of giving me a good fight or below that.
Since there isn’t anyone excelling at that field even among his followers either, it’s easy to investigate their movements.
“However, the meeting three days ago…” (Wendelin)
I have succeeded at luring away the craftsmen group beforehand and thus only the blacksmith, with whom I got into a dispute previously, has attended the meeting.
Even for the wealthy farmers, it seems that only half of them ended up attending.
“It’s probably because many of them suddenly want to curry favor with you too, boy. Even that lot has likely a guilty conscience.” (Burkhart)
“Huh!? And then?” (Wendelin)
“I only made a few little rumors here and there. It has been in the style of 『Even god doesn’t know who will become the head in the current situation, right? But that is after all a problem of the authorities, I guess? Though I think you would be able to profit in the end, if you proclaimed your neutrality here.』” (Burkhart)
Even the folks from the main village have realized that it isn’t advantageous for anyone to unreasonably support Kurt in the inferior position he is now.  
However, they also have a problem with abruptly betraying him in this situation.
They won’t have to choose to support either side if they become neutral and thus they have decided to handle it in this way.
If Kurt is disinherited, it will likely trigger things like readjusting the land of the main village.
“And as they didn’t attend the meeting, that person probably considered it a betrayal and not neutrality.” (Wendelin)
“I’m not concerned as to what that man is thinking.” (Burkhart)
“How evil.” (Wendelin)
“Though you say that, three months have already passed, too. Even my master and the important folks from the central government are getting impatient.” (Burkhart)
It seems they want me to begin the development quickly even if it’s a day earlier.
However, given that we are actually struggling at the actual location, their real opinion was that they don’t care about the situation itself.
“But, he likely can’t refuse any longer since today.” (Burkhart)
“Umm… what do you mean by that?” (Wendelin)
“After the meeting Kurt came in contact with a person from outside.” (Burkhart)
“From outside?” (Wendelin)
According to Burkhart-san’s information, Kurt apparently got in contact with someone from outside in the forest in the back of the main family’s mansion at night.
If you ask why he knows that, going by the spying on the movements of the detected fellow, it was obviously the movements of a professional adventurer.
“Besides, it’s impossible for people from outside to come as far as here if they don’t use teleportation unless they are professional adventurers.” (Burkhart)
“I wonder for what reason they contacted that person?” (Wendelin)
“Usually it likely for inspiring something bad. The proof for that is the currently severe mountain path.” (Burkhart)
For Burkhart-san, who didn’t restrain that adventurer three days ago, my safety is the primary concern.
It looks like he has already reported it to Margrave Breithilde.
“Although it is more exhausting to climb that steep mountain path in January, it is still manageable to reach the exit. It’s easy to imagine on whose order he is moving about.” (Burkhart)
Speaking of nobles trying to contact Kurt even once, there isn’t anyone but that person’s younger brother after all.
If they got some evidence, it will cause Finance Minister Rückner to have a big debt towards Margrave Breithilde.
“It’s a troublesome story, right?” (Wendelin)
“No, what are you talking about? It’s a link to establish independence as local noble.” (Burkhart)
“So, has that person started something today?” (Wendelin)
“Once I considered whether that adventurer has lent his hand in an assassination as well, I returned right away. If we assume that it’s possible…” (Burkhart)
It was a man prepared by a client. He might have received something like a magic tool, is what Burkhart-san says.
Since that person has been cornered, there’s no other way but to use such a person, if he aims to turn the tables with a single successful attack.
“Well, isn’t it dangerous to go on an inspection then?” (Wendelin)
“Possibly, though that likelihood is exceedingly low.” (Burkhart)
While there might be a magic tool obtained by illegal means, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s possible to achieve the objective this easily.
“I think that the black market managed by the criminal guild has been used as source. If you don’t pay a large amount of money to a leader at that place, who has connections, you won’t be able to get your hands on a magic tool that is capable of killing you, boy.” (Burkhart)
Most of them is stuff like 『There is a possibility of getting a magic tool with awesome power, but the probability for that is around 10%?』. It seems there are many folks palming those off cheaply for around 10% of their original market price.
Also, if they caused a totally different effect than explained, it was possible to get cursed yourself instead of the opponent you planned to curse.
Even if the purchaser makes complaints, the other party is the criminal guild. If they appeal to the guards, it will be hopeless to not mention the fact of having bought illegal items themselves in the first place.
“To put it simply, it’s nothing an amateur will get involved with. The guys, who say that they already understood and dabble in it a bit, will get burned.” (Burkhart)
Instead, if you pay the legitimate price by using legal connections, you will be able to obtain items that haven’t been available through public sources at first.
Of course you will have to pay a large amount of money for those.
That is the place called black market.
“Does Rückner’s younger brother have connections to that black market?” (Wendelin)
“Maybe he has, maybe he hasn’t. Even with an official position attached, if it’s at the level of an appointed Baron…” (Burkhart)
Besides, there’s also the problem of having to pay a large amount of money.
If you want to obtain a moderate item, it’s necessary to pay at least 5.000.000 cents.
I have decided to ignore the question why Burkhart-san knows about such matters.
“Even with Rückner’s younger brother preparing a magic tool of that degree, the possibility of it killing you is low, boy.” (Burkhart)
“Does that mean that the inspection is a bait, to sum it up?” (Wendelin)
“That’s how it is, I think. I will also accompany you on the inspection. There are just the right helpers here as well…” (Burkhart)
At the same time as Burkhart-san says that, a sound as if some meteorite has fallen can be heard from outside the mansion.
As everyone went to see what’s going on outside in a rush, that person nonchalantly stood in the vacant land in front of the mansion.
“Doushi?” (Wendelin) 
“Putting doushi-sama aside, next to him! Besides him!” (Paul)
Even for Paul-nii-san it’s not unreasonable to be shocked.
Anyway, next to the landed doushi there was the figure of a flying dragon with its head being miserably smashed in a single blow.
Except a part of the mountain path, the mountain range has become the habitat of flying dragons and wyvrens.
Probably doushi had a magician, who is capable of teleportation and stationed at the royal castle, sent him up to Breitburg. From there he likely broke through the sky of the mountain range with high-speed flight.
I guess that the pitiful flying dragon next to him obstructed doushi’s flight route and ended up getting defeated because of that.
“It was pleasant to use long-distance, high-speed flight after a long time, but since that flying dragon hindered my field of vision I simply crushed it! Given that I will be in your care for a short while, it’s fine to take it as present instead of a souvenir!” (Armstrong)
Since the flying dragon had only its head smashed, this degree of present was too much for doushi’s lodging expenses.
“Say, Wend…” (Hermann)
“He is Viscount Armstrong-dono, the Royal Head Magician.” (Wendelin)
“A royal magician is that powerful…” (Hermann)
It’s not unreasonable for Hermann-nii-san to be surprised either.
The great number of flying dragons and wyvrens inhabiting the mountain range are beings reigning at the top of this area’s ecosystem.
Of course the inhabitants of the Baumeister territory are helpless beings where dragons are concerned. They didn’t approach the mountain range.
The only exception is the merchant group travelling along the mountain path.
Several years after the founder of the Baumeister household immigrated to this land, around 10 local men entered the mountain range saying 『Won’t the territory’s funds profit, if we sell the raw materials of the subjugation?』
The result, needless to say, apparently was only three of them, including the founder, returning.
Since then no group appeared that wanted to do something like hunting flying dragons to earn money.
“Ooh! Aren’t you Baron Baumeister’s elder brother-dono!? Even I’m proud to have that much power. If it’s a flying dragon of this level, there are several people here who can defeat it though.” (Armstrong)
“Err… That means…” (Hermann)
Me, Burkhart-san, Luise and Wilma. If it’s a single flying dragon or wyvren, we can usually defeat it.
Even Erw and Ina should be able to at least kill a single wyvren, if they fight together.
“How is Kurt-aniki aiming to reverse the tables?” (Hermann)
“No idea? Maybe that magic tool or whatever is a terribly great item.”  
“No, if it’s Kurt-aniki’s connections and assets, he definitely won’t be able to obtain something like that!” (Hermann)
At any rate, if it’s like this, there’s no change in the state of affairs either.
We have decided to execute the plan to lure out Kurt at the Savage Lands under the pretext of an inspection.
“By the way, there’s still time for breakfast!” (Armstrong)
“I will prepare it at once, okay?” (Elise)
With even doushi joining in, there shouldn’t be any chance for Kurt’s plan to flip the tables to succeed in the first place.
There was the matter of going on the inspection with a peace of mind, but a single, big problem popped up here.
“This is 『Mentai mayonnaise』, huh!? I certainly want a large amount of this as well!” (Armstrong)
All of the high-priced 『Mentai mayonnaise』, which I made as prototype in the morning, has ended up being eaten away.
“Doushi-sama, you are eating quite well.” (Wilma)
“Uh huh! the appearance of a rival, huh!?” (Armstrong)
Wilma, who was late for breakfast due to serving as waitress, tries to eat a large amount and ends up burning with the flame of rivalry for some reason.
“Second serving, it is!” (Armstrong)
“Second serving.” (Wilma)
Because of those two an outrageous amount of rice, bread, meat and vegetables have vanished in one go.
“I win.” (Wilma)
“Nooo~~~! Next time for sure!” (Armstrong)
“(Are you a child… ?)” (Wendelin)
And, before anyone noticed an eating contest between doushi and Wilma began.
The result was Wilma’s victory. Doushi was vexed about this as if he was a child.
Or rather, it was nothing but reckless for a normal human to oppose a person with hero syndrome in the amount of food.

– POV Kurt –

“Umm… Kurt-sama.” (Eckhart)
“What is it, Eckhart?” (Kurt)
Somehow I obtained the information that Wendelin’s group will be heading to the Savage Lands for an inspection today.
With the location being quite deep inside, there shouldn’t be any issues with using the aforementioned 『Flute of a dragon tamer』 or similar if it’s there.
This time there will be 5 guys accompanying me.
Eckhart, who has his back against the wall just like me, and four relatively old, wealthy farmers.
All of them are folks, who have supported the Baumeister territory before Wendelin came.
All of them participated in my plan wearing armor, sword and spear used at the time of being called for war.
In the beginning I considered to act by myself in order to carry out my scheme secretly.
With this number of people the wild animals of the Savage Lands would be a threat, if we didn’t prepare at least this much.
“Will something like an assassination really be successful?” (Eckhart)
“It will work. If it’s this 『Flute of a dragon tamer』.” (Kurt)
Certainly, Wendelin is possessing magic with a frightening power.
But, he shouldn’t win against the force of numbers, no matter what kind of guy he is.
The 『Flute of a dragon tamer』 will summon the flying dragons and wyvrens in the vicinity.
If it calls the large amount of dragons living at that mountain range, even Wendelin shouldn’t survive it.
“Will it also be alright to tear off such large amount of dragons from their monster domain?” (Eckhart)
“We will be fine.” (Kurt)
“Ermm… That is, in other words…” (Eckhart)
As usual, he is a stupid man bad at guessing.
As blacksmith he is second-rate and even as retainer he is second-rate.
Oh well, he might hang on in order to not be discarded for his incompetent methods.
“They will likely be hurt if it’s like that.” (Kurt)
“Such a thing!” (Eckhart)
“Oy oy, despite accomplishing something special, you plan to take no risk at all?” (Kurt)
Certainly, if I now blew the 『Flute of a dragon tamer』 here targeting Wendelin, the large amount of dragons coming flying would ignore Wendelin’s group and likely kill a large amount of the fief’s inhabitants.
“However, if we want to survive, we have to win.” (Kurt)
They would obliterate the successors of Wendelin’s inheritance, the inhabitants, who reached the point of buttering up to that stupid brat, father and the cheeky Hermann and the people of the branch family.
It would start a new Baumeister territory from the scratch.
No, it would be a fresh start.
“However, your family is…” (Eckhart)
“Such people, isn’t it fine to build a new family then?” (Kurt)
Someone like my wife, who has grown old and lacks appeal, isn’t suited for the new Baumeister territory.
“We are still halfway through our thirties, Eckhart. Even the remaining folks still haven’t turned 50 yet.” (Kurt)
Me, Eckhart and the other guys can advance the story, if we receive young wives additionally to a new governing system.
Something like children… it’s fine to make them once again.
“Eckhart, for you as new Junior Commander I believe it to be necessary to get a new wife. The others as well. I want each of them to serve as retainer. Do you have any objections to that?” (Kurt)
“No, we only want to follow Kurt-sama’s command.” (Eckhart)
That’s right. It’s proper like that.
Though I will only protect myself after I blew the 『Flute of a dragon tamer』.
I have decided to keep my promise to make them my retainers once they survived luckily.
“Kurt-sama.” (Eckhart)
“We arrived, eh… ?” (Kurt)
Though unreasonable, it somehow had merit to hide at this place ahead of time.
In front of my view it seems Wendelin’s group is checking something like the condition of the soil while talking about something.
The usual members are accompanying him.
What have they been promised to get?
Paul’s group, who is guarding him as if greedy beggars, and, beyond expectations, Hermann along several of his subordinate warriors secured the vicinity.
“Hermann-sama is there.” (Eckhart)
“That fits just nicely. He can die alongside the fools flattering my younger brother.” (Kurt)
I have no grief anymore.
Wendelin, as well as Hermann and Paul buttering up to him, the damned old man, the stupid inhabitants, for all of them the time for cleaning up has come once I use this 『Flute of a dragon tamer』.
“Well, let’s start then.” (Kurt)

As I exhale, holding the 『Flute of a dragon tamer』 in my mouth, something immediately begins to flow similar to a melody never heard before.
The nature of the tune was similar to the sound of a normal ocarina.
I didn’t have anything like training in instruments.
As the gloomy adventurer, I encountered three days ago in the forest, said, the magic tool has been constructed to produce a melody, if you blow in a little bit of air while holding it in your mouth.
Also, this melody seems to come out so that people can distinct whether it’s a sound coming from this flute.
The sound to anger dragons is originally something that can’t be heard by human ears.
However, such thing doesn’t really matter, if only that imprudent Wendelin dies.
But, with this, it will be sufficient.
“What the hell?”
As expected, it’s only natural for first-class magicians and adventurers.
Because of the sound of the ocarina, Wendelin’s group discovered our existence.
But it’s already too late.
The dragons should already be heading this way.
“Ye~~~a, it’s a flute calling something, huh?” (Burkhart)
Margrave Breithilde’s pet dog grumbled seeing me blowing the 『Flute of a dragon tamer』.
“By no means! Is it a 『Flute of a dragon tamer』?” (Armstrong)
“Such item is something that rarely comes into one’s hands. I think it’s a magic tool to summon something else.” (Burkhart)
It was a giant wearing a violet robe, who noticed the true identity of this magic tool.
But that ended up being denied by the stupid pet dog of Margrave Breithilde.
Really, there was no choice but to laugh at the idiot trying to act smart.
Having made a mistake in his conclusion, it will be great, if his head is bitten off by the large flock of dragons.
“Hey, that is?” (Luise)
The midget, who is a concubine candidate of Wendelin, apparently discovered something and pointed at the sky.
Most likely the dragons, living at the mountain range, gathered as they have been called by this flute.
“(Looks like your lives will end today, bastards!)” (Kurt)
Being attacked by an army of dragons, Wendelin’s group, being outnumbered, will be eaten alive and the stupid fief’s inhabitants and their families will be destroyed.
However, I will rebuild the Baumeister territory from there.
I will become at least an Earl and a great number of new inhabitants will flow into my vast territory.
Being surrounded by many young wives, including a large number of concubines as well, I will every day lead a life in luxury appropriate to a noble.
And such me will even be acknowledged by Margrave Breithilde and the nobles of the capital.
“(All of you, die for my sake!)” (Kurt)
“Say, Kurt-sama…” (Eckhart)
“(What is it?)” (Kurt)
Although I’ve been blowing the flute properly with a nice, manly mood, there is an idiot being a nuisance close-by.
It was the fool Eckhart, who isn’t useful as usual.
“Since those aren’t dragons…” (Eckhart)
“(What?)” (Kurt)
Though it’s a flute to call dragons, something that’s not draconic has come. Eckhart and the other guys started to make a fuss.
As I look in the sky for such reason, I see something similar to black smoke approaching this place from every direction in the sky.
“(What is that? That black smoke?)” (Kurt)
Those things, similar to black smoke, seem to have been drawn from quite a vast range due to the sound of the flute.
Their size is probably around the size of a fist, even if they are tiny things which are as large as a pebble?
However their numbers aren’t normal at all. It was a swarm coming here as if it was a cloud.
“Wouldn’t it be better if you stopped blowing into the flute… ?” (Eckhart)
What a foolish thing to say.
Those might not be dragons, but they should definitely kill Wendelin, if they have such menacing air.
Anyway, I won’t receive any damage from that black smoke.
“(Besides, look at that! There’s no other way but to call Wendelin to be panicking!)” (Kurt)
Due to the gradually gathering clusters of black smoke, Wendelin’s group started to put up magic defense in a hurry.
In other words, it’s something with that degree of danger.
“Kurt-sama! Anymore than this!” (Eckhart)
“What’s up? This is?” (Kurt)
It was Eckhart’s group, which had been appointed to protect me while I’m blowing the flute, but they are low-born commoners after all.
Fearing the swarms of black smoke, they try to run away from this place.
However, they end up being caught by the swarms of black smoke midway on its way to here. Their bodies are covered.
Listening to the screams similar to death agony by Eckhart’s group, I’m convinced that this flute is even usable against Wendelin.
They were fools trying to escape due to fear although I told them they would become retainers at long last, but it looks like I can use the effect of that black smoke as shown on their bodies.
Let’s build a nice tomb for them once I became an Earl.
“(If that black smoke continues to attack until Wendelin’s group’s mana is used up…)” (Kurt)
No matter how strong Wendelin is, he can’t persist against the power in numbers.
Although the flute didn’t call dragons, let’s deem it usable since it was a useful magic tool.
“(At this rate they will attack Wendelin’s group!)” (Kurt)
I put even more breath into the flute and increased its sound.
Once I looked at the sky, it was completely similar to the feeling of a swarm of grasshoppers heading here as it seems that the swarm of black smoke is still gathering from the surroundings.
“(Has Eckhart’s group died?)” (Kurt)
The black smoke, which attacked Eckhart’s group, had already separated from its targets. Combining to a new gathered black smoke, it gathered as if there was a tornado in my vicinity.
With me being right in the center of the tornado of black smoke, I’m not influenced by its effect at all.
On the other hand, Wendelin’s group is continuing to eagerly defend against the black smoke with magic.
“(Looks like they died.)” (Kurt)
The five people, including Eckhart, apparently already died.
Their skin’s color became ashen with them not even moving a twitch.
“(I wonder, what’s this black smoke anyway? Well, it’s fine since it’s usable, I guess?)” (Kurt)
At the time I thought ‘Well, next is Wendelin’s group.’
As I unintentionally look at Eckhart’s corpse, I confirm his limbs beginning to move with a twitch.
“(Did he survive in fact?)” (Kurt)
Although Eckhart’s groups limbs had begun to move, this time they were sluggishly turning their faces this way as they stood up.
“(They survived, huh? Oh well, let’s make them retainers!)” (Kurt)
However, looking at the faces of the risen group, I feel that something is obviously weird.
Their eyes are completely unfocused. Snot is dripping from their noses and drool is coming out of their mouths.
Additionally, with even their excreta leaking out, an unpleasant stench gradually begins to spread in the vicinity.
“Something to eat!”
“(Huh? What has happened to you guys?)” (Kurt)
The five people come walking towards me with unsteady feet.
Furthermore, they treat me as human prey.
I recalled a certain situation after being confused for a short while.
『Those killed in action of the Baumeister feudal troops mostly changed into zombies.』 (Wendelin)
At the beginning that was the reason why Wendelin came here as adventurer.
Since those of the expeditionary force killed in action in the Demon Forest have turned into undead, it should have been a request for the sake of purifying those.
『Zombies are people possessed by a desire. They are especially specialized in appetite. It would be best to subjugate them as fast as possible.』 (Artur)
Dad talked to me about the details of Wendelin’s report afterwards.
Within that there were details concerning the ecology of zombies.
Those fellows, although they can’t even get any nutrition by eating, they are determined on hunting for food. Occasionally it seems to even go as far as cannibalism.
“(Perhaps…)” (Kurt)
Eckhart’s group, believed to have already died, suddenly has gotten up. While saying 『Something to eat』, they are heading towards me.
In other words, they have become zombies after having been killed by the black smoke. Aren’t they trying to devour me?
“(What foolishness! Stop it!)” (Kurt)
As I called out to those rushing guys in order to stop them, I was reminded that I was blowing the flute.
I decide to remove the flute from my mouth to stop temporarily, but I have confirmed an even more outrageous fact.
The flute can’t be removed from my mouth.
In the same ways both my hands, which supported my blowing of the flute, don’t come off either. Let’s first stop the sound by stopping to breathe, else the sound of the flute won’t stop either.
“(Because it’s a magic tool, eh?)” (Kurt)
It might be possible to not being able to stop the flute’s sound until you achieve your objective, once you send your breath through it once.
The next second I was thinking about that, I felt pain from head to toe.
Eckhart’s group, turned into zombies, was in the process of devouring my arms, feet and back of the neck.
“(Hey! Get away! There’s death penalty for something like injuring the next feudal lord!)” (Kurt)
Even so, the zombies didn’t stop greedily devouring my body.
Mercilessly biting off meat all over, I fall senseless due to the exceeding pain.
“(Anyway, if I don’t escape…)” (Kurt)
However, my body didn’t have any strength left anymore.
Even if I ran away, I would be covered by the black smoke, which became a tornado in the surroundings.
I see, instead of this flute killing my target, it steals my life.
“(That’s why I shouldn’t have relied on something like a capital’s noble! Damn it! My dreams! My aspirations!)” (Kurt)
Using Wendelin’s inheritance, I will rejuvenate the Baumeister territory.
I felt like my dreams made a sound of crumbling away.
“(If it turned out like that! Even if there’s as much as a single victim! Die, Wendelin! Die, Hermann! Die, Paul!)” (Kurt) (T/N: And the world lost a great statesman…)  
The last thing I saw in my life was the large mouth of Eckhart, who turned into a zombie, plunging his teeth into my vital point at the nape of the neck.


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