Interlude 21 – First exploration of the Demon Forest

“Hee, it’s a peculiar forest.”
“What’s this plant with its thorny leaves?”
Today the leader of our party, 『Dragon Busters』, isn’t Wend.
There are various adult circumstances or should I rather say that Wend is running about maneuvering to dispose of his blood-related onii-san, which is, by Wend’s words, for the sake of avoiding future ruin.
Though it might this way sound like Wend is a cruel person, it’s not an unusual story for nobles.
It’s something you will easily understand if you look at those Rückner brothers.
Besides, I didn’t admire the attitude of that onii-san either.
No matter how reluctant he is to bow his head to his younger brother, he is a failure as noble at the moment he is unable to do so, I think.
For that reason, Wend is in the middle of making free use of magic to work on taking down that onii-san.
In the morning he sent us with magic to the entrance of the Demon Forest for an exploration.
He is working very hard at cultivating new land, digging irrigation channels, improving the soil and developing fertilizer.
However, I can’t see this as very profitable for the maneuvering to get rid of onii-san.
He made a cultivated land area and a splendid farm village in the Savage Lands, which until now were impossible to exploit. He has even opened a shop for new employees, who are interested in immigration.
This seems to have surprised the populace of the Baumeister territory.
Me as well, when I heard this story from Elise.
『If Wendelin-sama helped out in the development of the territory, this territory would possess hope for the future. Everyone is saying this.』 (Elise)
This Elise is working at the church instead of Meister-sama who is the only priest in the Baumeister territory.
I’m told that Meister-sama apparently has a bad back. Currently he is in a state of being unable to rise from his bed.
It looks like Elise applied healing magic, but it doesn’t have much of an effect due to Meister-sama’s advanced age.
Although the symptoms are slowly alleviating, there is no other choice but to rely on his own recovery afterwards.
『It becomes difficult for healing magic to show its effect in high age. It’s a regretful situation.』 (Elise)
I remember that at the time Wend came to visit, Meister-sama was talking about his too old age while laughing.
And Elise had become a temporary substitute priestess, however that seems to show a frightening degree of prosperity for the church.
It’s not like the fief’s population has suddenly awoken to faith. Though it’s also not like people come to observe just because Elise is cute.
The biggest reason was Elise’s healing magic.
『Elise-sama, our child has a fever…』
『I’ve ended up cutting my arm during the reclamation work last week…』
『I have a bone fracture because I fell from a tree…』
Since it’s a territory that hasn’t something like a doctor, they treated all injuries and illnesses with folk remedies, but Elise can heal those in an instant with healing magic.
It doesn’t look like the fief’s population knows that she is called 『Saint of Hohenheim』 in the capital.
As they can receive treatment during our stay, they are all flooding in on her in turns.
Because Elise is a nice person, she heals them without refusing those who come to her.
Furthermore, she didn’t accept things like donations as substitute for payment at all.
However it seems that she has been accepting things like a bit of food.
『As expected of Wendelin-sama’s wife.』
『Elise-sama, thank you very much.』
『Although it is a replacement for a reward, I picked some vegetables today.』
Everyone is thanking Elise as if she were a goddess. The reputation of Wend, who is her fiancée, goes up as well.
Of course, that won’t mean that onii-san will be happy about that.
Since Elise is in danger, the guards besides Wilma were increased as well.
However, even the feudal lord, Wend’s father, considers it to be dangerous to make a move on Elise.
Everyone is thinking that all of it will be fine, if Wend succeeds as feudal lord.
“It’s awfully humid.”
“It’s the southern tip after all.”
“Is that the only reason, I wonder?”
Well, there’s no choice but to leave Wend’s situation alone for now.
Seeing us off in the morning and picking us up in the evening, Wend seemed to like the engineering magic one way or the other as well.
『Ahahaha! The farms are growing! The improvement of the soil is going well too!』 (Wendelin)
He’s getting strangely crazy about it, however I heard from Ina 『Sometimes men go nuts over quite incomprehensible things.』 

『Ooh! The gigantic stone is obstructing the completely square paddy field! I have to remove it forcefully!』
『A stump of an old tree! I will break it and turn it into fertilizer!』
Although he tried to seriously face off against an unmoving obstacle, I wasn’t able to understand it even a little.
For that reason Wend won’t be of any help in fights for a while.
As replacement, Burkhart-sama is joining us in the exploration.
He loses to Wend in regards to the amount of mana, but since he is an experienced magician, who can use diverse spells, he is someone you can rely on with a peace of mind.
“Hmm…” (Burkhart)
And although Burkhart-san was important, he looked at the old book, he brought along, and nodded absorbed in his own world with a “Uh-huh.”
“Umm, Burkhart-san?” (Ina)
“Ah, my bad.” (Burkhart)
Due to being called out by Ina, Burkhart-san apologizes while facing this way.
“That book is?”
“I borrowed it from master.” (Burkhart)
The hobby of Margrave Breithilde-sama, who is Burkhart-sama’s, mine and Ina’s lord, was to collect antiquarian books.
As I have seen the ecchi novel, we were loaned previously, I don’t feel like particularly inquiring about the genres.
At any rate, if it’s antique and valuable, he seems to feel an unequaled attachment.
It is a bit rude to say this, but I think he’s a bit eccentric.
“That book, what kind of book is it?”
“The title is 『Illustrated Monster and Produce Encyclopedia』.” (Burkhart)
With it being a quite old book, it is apparently listing monsters, who are living in monster domains, and the produce, that can be harvested from there, with illustrations.
In addition it also explains the monster’s attack patterns, weak-points and things like the parts, that are usable or can be eaten.
It is appearing to be quite detailed, but it’s also a book with a problem.
“A part of it is introducing monsters and produce I didn’t even see yet.” (Burkhart)
Although it’s written quite detailed, it’s nothing but monsters no one has seen before.
That part has been called the 『Half fiction illustrated book』 of this illustrated encyclopedia.
“However, this thorny* leaves plant mentioned in here is apparently 『Southern Fern』.” (Burkhart) (*T/N: toge toge which would be thorny, thorny but sounds dumb in English, though commonly called in Japanese as a bit cute way to call an attribute of things like puni puni or fua fua. Will use the romaji instead of English for that.)
This illustrated encyclopedia, which has even detailed records of things like insects, fishes and plants characteristic to monster domains, is mentioning this toge toge on a single page among those as well.
“Eh? Then, is it possibly?”
Although we are exploring the huge Demon Forest splitting it into 3 parts currently, it’s something that is surely occupying the sea at the southern tip of the Savage Lands. The expeditionary force, which entered the center, didn’t discover other monster domains or anything especially different either.
Even so, in the western part, we entered today, our group saw arbor and vegetation growing in abundance, we didn’t encounter so far.
Also, in addition to this southern fern, a large amounts of plants were overgrowing as if piling up on each other.
“Are there undiscovered monsters or such?”
“Since those are remaining in the illustrated encyclopedia, there might have been adventurers, who came here long ago.” (Burkhart)
There is no way to confirm it, but I also believe that such possibility exists.
Or, even at another location, there might be places with similar vegetation and monster as in this forest.
“It was proven that this illustrated encyclopedia is no fiction.” (Ina)
“Well, yea. But…” (Burkhart)
“But what?” (Ina)
Burkhart-san answers Ina’s question by turning his view in a certain direction.
“Anything in this forest is huge!”


Burkhart-san as well as Ina were lost for words due to the gigantic trees bearing a large amount of fruits similar to yellow crescent moons.
In any case, one of those has around the same height as me.
“U~~~~m. it seems to be a fruit called 『Banana』.” (Luise)
Once I looked into the illustrated encyclopedia, the explanation of the fruit, which is called banana, was written down alongside an illustration.
As plant native in the south, it is a yellow fruit with a length of around 20 cm, which is appearing in a large bundle.
“First off, I think the size is incorrect.” (Burkhart)
“It’s weird, isn’t it?”
As Burkhart-san says, to begin with this banana was wrong if compared with the entry in this illustrated encyclopedia.   
Or rather, only the size is wrong.
“It’s because it is a monster domain. You can say that one will hit upon absurdities that are unimaginable at other regions. However, it is real.” (Burkhart)
In monster domains there are many places with dense mana, which is the source of magical power, and this place here is such spot.
Even in case the monsters became large, it was thanks to that dense mana.
“However, if they are this large, they will yield big profits, right?”
“Well, that’s how it is.”
Even though it’s an exploration, it’s doesn’t mean that we can’t hunt and gather.
With it being necessary to give a present to Wend as well, we begin the harvesting of those bananas.
Also, in addition there are actually fruits called 『Mango』, 『Durian』 and such with an over-all-length of around one meter.
“This, isn’t this a coffee fruit?”
“That’s right.”
It’s a coffee fruit, which is large to the degree that I can’t even hold it with both hands, though a large quantity of those grew on the big tree in front of us.
“If it’s this big, it will be difficult to roast the bean.”
“It doesn’t seem to be the case.”
Chewing on the actual flesh of the coffee fruit, Burkhart-san confirmed that the size of the seed part to be roasted hasn’t changed to that extent.
In reverse you can say, it’s also difficult to harvest the seed for the sake of making coffee.
Coffee is being cultivated in a part of region more southern than the territory of Breithilde, but because of its low amount and its demand by shops like cafés, its price is close to ten times that of maté.
By the way, because black tea is a drink made by fermented maté it’s not that expensive. (T/N: sounds like a bit bullshit to me here, but oh well…)
At best the price is about twice that of maté.
“It’s slightly sour, but you can also eat the fruit.”
“Really? It’s the first time I heard that.”
Actually the cut up coffee, I received from Burkhart-san, had a bit sourness, but it was sweet and delicious.
“This is also a present for Wend.” (Luise)
“That’s right. If it’s that boy, he will like the unusual food.” (Burkhart)
Certainly, his obsession with food goes as far as being abnormal. He demonstrated a lot of it even at the time of our stay in the capital.
『This is disgusting…』
『It’s the shop of a royal purveyor.』
『I don’t care whose purveyor they are, disgusting things are disgusting!』
Wend bluntly states his likes and dislikes of food, but he is always able to eat food he has seen for the first time. If it suits him, he will try to obtain it even if it costs a large amount of money.
In the capital there are things like his favorite restaurant, café, confectionery shop, fish dealer, butcher, grain store, grocery store, etc.
The shops, which have been receiving his favor, named themselves as 『Purveyor of the Dragon-slaying Hero』 shops.
However, Wend doesn’t go to any kind of shop, which puts up a purveyor signboard, because he doesn’t like that.
Also, sometimes he cooks himself.
He has a rough way of handling the kitchen knife and the taste is somewhat strong but he makes large quantities.
I don’t know where he received his teachings from, but he makes unique meals I haven’t eaten so far.
Especially 『fried chicken』 and 『deep-fried food』 were popular items, I think.
One day Wend said 『I’m going to cook!』 and entered the kitchen.
Occasionally that was a normal scene, but that day he emitted more fighting spirit than usual.
When I went to peep, he started with fermenting the meat of helmeted guinea fowl with magic and furthermore made the meat with another spell tender.
If it was a professional chef or a family’s housewife, it would take time and labor to cut the tendons of the meat with a thin cutlery and soak those in the juices of ginger and figs.
For Wend it’s convenient because he has magic, I think.
Honestly, I believe people, who use magic for such things, are rare.
Next the processed meat was soaked in a seasoning liquid, made out of the juice of ginger and sugar with the usual soy sauce, so that the flavor permeated into the meat.
In addition, Wend deep-fried it with oil at high temperature after applying a starch that is called 『Dogtooth violet starch』.
Also, 『As garment, I will cool it in a previously prepared blend of something like oil, rice, egg and a small dose of wheat flour, besides the dogtooth violet starch』.
He said 『Frying twice is justice!』 or such, but I wasn’t able to comprehend why Wend is this fussy.
Even for Elise it was at the level of tilting her head to the side and saying 『Despite Wendelin-sama’s cooking ability not being so good either, it’s a mystery since he often knows about methods of making unique meals for some reason』.
And then, this starch is called 『Dogtooth violet starch』, however with it being a starch Wend suddenly made himself by using potatoes as ingredient, Elise used it to create thickness in things like soups as well.
Also Wend recommended to feed patients in churches, clinics and such with this starch mixed with salt and sugar dissolved in boiling water.
If it’s done this way, apparently even patients, who have difficulties with swallowing, can have the nutrition of normal food.
I believe the church has many people thinking about things like economic activity besides donations, but in fact there are many branch churches in the countryside raising their operational funds by selling self-brewed alcohol.
As it actually showed results, the church acquired the monopoly on the production rights of 『Dogtooth violet starch』 by paying Wend a large amount of money.
I wondered why they didn’t consider something else but alcohol, but the profits are high and since their doctrine states it to be fine as long as they don’t drink in public, there’s no problem.
Though there is also the reason that there are too few people, who can make it, for it to be a problem.
The church hurried and asked Wend about the method of producing dogtooth violet starch. They built an efficient production site and have begun to circulate the dogtooth violet starch on the market.
Also, the food using dogtooth violet starch will likely spread.
The thing called 『imo mochi』 is a sweet baked in a round shape after mixing dogtooth violet starch and steamed potato.
There’s also the version of it that uses pumpkin as ingredient.
The baked imo mochi, if you eat it applying a mix of sugar and the usual soy sauce, it was delicious.
The naming sense though is questionable, just like with the dogtooth violet starch (T/N: katakuri kona).
Also in addition, there are versions of having cheese or boiled adzuki beans and sugar, called 『anko』, put inside, and also versions of covering it with sugar and 『kinako』, which is starch of roasted soya beans.
Furthermore, there’s also pasta made out of dogtooth violet starch, I’m remembering it to be tough and tasty.
Because of that, if I were to speak about why Wend knows about such things, the church is carrying out new charity work with those.
Managing stalls authorized by the church in the capital, they are selling things like pasta, white croakers, etc. there.
As shopkeeper and employees, they have recruited orphans and widows, who lost their family’s breadwinner. The church is stimulating their economic independence.
Lastly, the church sells the ingredients wholesale to the stalls and thus raises the profit.
Although it’s also wrong to forget this aspect, but Wend warned Cardinal Hohenheim 『If you get too greedy, the criticism from society will increase』.
And because of a chain of these developments, Wend can buy cheap dogtooth violet starch at any time and eat imo mochi at the stalls reaching the point of him cheering greatly.
Furthermore, later on he added things like the previous fried chicken and deep-fried food, which are pieces of meat and fish fried in oil after being covered in wheat flour, egg white and crushed breadcrumbs.
Particularly the deep-fried food invented snacks, which are called 『kushiage』 and is a mouthful-sized fried meat, fish or vegetable that is pierced on a wood skewer. This was an idea proposed by Artur-san (the merchant), whom I got to know before.
『I wonder whether you already forgot about me since you made it leaving out mayonnaise.』 (Artur)
『It’s because this time’s items take time for the production.』 (Wendelin)
If it’s the sauce applied on those kushiage, we taste-tested Wend’s home-made versions many times over.
It’s very delicious, but due to the cost of the spices used as ingredients, we considered it to be difficult for business since the price would become severe for the common people.
『Stocking up on the ingredients in one lump cheaply, we will produce a large quantity in the workshop.』
Wend taught Artur-san recipes like 『Tabasco』, 『Tobanjan』, 『Chili oil』, 『Yuzu pepper』, 『Basil oil』, 『Tartar sauce』 and 『Ketchup』, which is made out of tomatoes as ingredient.
All of those are seasoning’s with mysterious naming, which Wend began to make all of a sudden.
『Baron-sama is oddly well-informed on seasoning’s.』 (Artur)
『It’s bothersome to make them yourself, right? That’s where it’s Artur-san’s turn. Since I will continue to purchase them from you.』 (Wendelin)
『For such a reason?』 (Artur)
With our almost daily training with doushi during our stay in the capital, it was natural for Wend to spend his rest days with leisure time and cooking from early morning until evening.
I, who accompanied him to doushi’s training, was almost as busy as him.
『What about the soy sauce and miso? Their recipes are?』 (Artur)
『Ye~~~a, those are…』 (Wendelin)
Wend told in detail the manufacturing method that doesn’t rely on magic to Artur-san.
『A selection of yeasts for brewing and detailed control of the temperature, huh… ?』 (Artur)
In Wend’s case, he ends up forcefully changing the ingredients into soy sauce and miso by the feat of magic.
Even then, he apparently piled up considerable amount of failures until he reached his goal.
If you make this without relying on magic, you might need even more trial and errors.
『There is a reason I had you teach me the detailed manufacturing method. I will link up with an alcohol brewing cellar of an acquaintance here…』
I don’t understand quite well, but apparently the strength of invisible, tiny living things, which is called yeast and used for making alcohol and vinegar, is borrowed.
Moreover, you have to decide on the yeast to be used.
Also, in addition, if you brew with something resembling yeast, it will rot without becoming alcohol and the ingredients will end up being wasted.
How do you even distinct such invisible, tiny living things with your eyes like that? This is a secret of each brewery’s origin. I have heard that it went even as far as murdering because of that in the past.
Wend said something like 『Grudges over food are dreadful』.
『However, do they use that selection of yeast… ?』
『That’s confidential.』
『Talking about yeast is seriously dangerous. Can you say that you won’t even talk, even under torture?』
I don’t understand what this is about, but the research of producing soy sauce and miso without using magic has been consigned to Artur-san by Wend.
『Once I succeed in producing it, I will pay a fee for the monopolistic production rights. Until I succeed, I will purchase it from Baron-sama.』 (Artur)
『Since you are making it cheap, I will provide the ingredients.』 (Wendelin)
『Is that because it’s troublesome for me to buy them myself?』 (Artur)
『Correct.』 (Wendelin)
After this exchange, Artur-san began a new business.
With the aforementioned 『kushiage』 as main, ten-odd shops opened at once in the capital and its outskirts.
Also, in addition, putting out things like the dishes invented by Wend, all of the shops flourished with plenty of guests after the time they opened.
『Each of the store has a vassal as restaurant manager, huh? I see.』 (Wendelin)
The parent company, with Artur-san as owner, wholesales the ingredients to each shop and also carries out the training and deployment of the employees of each shop.
The work management of the personnel going there periodically with having days off is implemented and they are even paid bonus if they have satisfying sales.
Moreover, excellent personnel is assigned as staff leaders and things like an independent support system is arranged for them.
『Baron-sama, why are you so well-informed about that?』 (Artur)
『On a certain morning! Suddenly a god!』 (Wendelin)
『I won’t ask if you don’t want to tell me.』 (Artur)
With the ketchup and sauce workshop operation starting up to supply each shop, it seems to be a situation where Artur-san can’t stop smiling.
He likely didn’t want to offend Wend by asking something unnecessary.
Especially for the types of seasoning workshops, because only Wend is wholesaling soy sauce and miso, those would disappear immediately, now matter how many goods are delivered.
I got off-track there. The sale of 『Teriyaki sauce』 seems to be promising as well.
However, the naming sense is still as mysterious as ever.
『We established an underground refrigeration storehouse using an expensive magic tool for the sake of preservation. However there aren’t many things in there. Baron-sama delivers soy sauce and miso once a month. As this is used up in about a week, the only difference is that we can’t use it.』 (Artur)
Artur-san, who showed up at the mansion, paid the stocking price to Wend while unexpectedly requesting an increased amount of stock.
『Won’t the prices crash, if you circulate it on the market too fast?』 (Wendelin)
『The price decline is because the demand isn’t satisfied.』 (Artur)
Rather, because the demand isn’t satisfied, there are people raising profits by resale. (T/N: Should I mention that it makes no sense here? Guess not…)
『Although it’s alright, please establish a system of mass production quickly.』 (Wendelin)
It seems there are already people, who got used to create soy sauce and miso with magic. Apparently he’s able to produce large quantities even after the harsh training of doushi.
Even Wend himself said 『If I use my mana here, it will be effective as means to increase my mana capacity』.
『From what I can say, miso can be produced surprisingly fast. I think soy sauce will take many years.』 (Artur)
『It can’t be helped then with the soy sauce.』 (Wendelin)
『Currently we have linked up and entrusted it to an alcohol brewery as we are establishing a new miso warehouse. And, there’s also mirin? The production of that is possible even right away.』 (Artur)
Mirin is also essential for cooking.』 (Wendelin)
『I guess for Baron-sama’s cooking ideas? By the way, what about natto and tofu?』 (Artur) (T/N: Well I won’t explain tofu. Natto are fermented soy beans.)
Artur-san is establishing mass production systems one after the other for the things Wend invented.
Wend did only such stuff in the breaks between doushi’s training and the dates with us.
『Obtaining nigari or similar… unlike salt, it’s a liquid. With the influence of transportation, the stock prices will rise. After all, for the production, seawater is a must.』 (Artur) 
『For the time being there’s a substitute though.』 (Wendelin)
Next, Wend once again entrusted the production of strange food to Artur-san.
Wend made it before with a serious expression, the food called tofu.
He soaked soya beans in water and crushed them into a syrup. After he boiled that, he created a white juice, which is called 『tounyuu*』, by filtering. (T/N: *soy milk)
If you put in a liquid, which is called nigari, into that, it will harden the tounyuu for some reason.
Wend named that hardened dish 『tofu』.
I’m recalling it to be delicious with a slightly sweet taste, when we received it for sampling.
At any rate, this food called tofu is nice as well as healthy. It seems to also have an effect on diet and beauty.
Although it seems to be suffering from the costs due to obtaining the liquid called nigari requires to get it from seawater making it troublesome to produce, it was resolved by Wend offering information about a substituting article for that.
『Do you mean pickling eggshells in vinegar?』 (Artur)
『Yes. If you pickle them for around four days, it will become a substitute for nigari.』 (Wendelin)
『Baron-sama knows it well. And, how will mass production of this tounyuu or tofu earn us income?』 (Artur)
『That is, you know…』 (Wendelin)
Instigating Wend once again, Artur-san invested a large amount of money and started a new business.
Due to the sale of the aforementioned soya beans, which are ingredients of tounyuu and tofu, food called natto can be made by heating boiled soya beans up after wrapping them in straw.
However, I slightly didn’t like this natto.
Erw was no good with it either, but Ina and Elise ate it as if it was delicious.
In addition, regarding tofu as ingredient, there’s also such things as aburaage (fried tofu) or ganmodoki (deep-fried tofu mixed with thinly sliced vegetables).
The residue of the filtered tounyuu was a dish used for something called okara (bean curd lees).
Since it’s soft and has not much of a taste, it’s possible to use it for various dishes, desserts and sweets. I’m recalling that it was crowded by many customers right after marketing it.
『This is once again a roaring business.』 (Artur)
Since the amount is still low, the price was high, but once it has been marketed with the means how to cook it explained at the store-fronts and it being good for diet and beauty, it began to sell tremendously focused on nobles and rich people.
Also, those people were the reason for the sale to be a great success.
『It’s splendid as ingredient that doesn’t use meat or fish!』
It reached the point that the priest-san’s of the nostalgic faction, which is imposing strict discipline in accordance to the old doctrine, not the orthodox school, to which Cardinal Hohenheim, Elise’s grandfather, belongs, came to often purchase the okara dishes of the tofu seller.
It went even as far as occasionally priest-san’s from other denominations coming to buy it because they eat food that doesn’t use meat and fish or because they eat as little as possible.
『I leave it to you to come up with something else once again.』 (Artur)
Artur-san was happy, but if I had a say, then I would also tell Wend that it’s better if he managed it by himself.
However, Wend doesn’t do that.
Although the money obtained by an idea is quite large, I believe it would be a lot more profit if he managed it himself.
Because of that, when I asked 『Why?』, Wend answered like this,
『I have already earned plenty. It’s difficult to always make profits since there are many copycats in such business. As that’s the case, I will leave it to Artur-san, who has know-how and experience. I will be completely satisfied, if I can purchase wide-spread things cheaply.』 (Wendelin)
I see, it looks like Wend has a very calculating part.
Besides, he seems to have a lot other ideas.
“With several companies and the capital’s church, is it Artur? Buying the ideas of the boy, he seems to be making profits like an idiot.” (Burkhart)
While us and Burkhart-san have a talk here about various seasoning’s and dishes, which Wend spread in the capital and its surroundings in 2~3 years, we are harvesting various fruits growing in the forest.
“U~~~~mm. Cacao? Can you eat something like that?”
Burkhart-san stuffs fruits, that are probably at the infant-stage and which he discovered with his spell 『Information』, into his magic bag.
The cacao fruit written in the illustrated encyclopedia seems to be usable for something.
In addition there are also pomegranates, lychees, coconuts, star fruits, mangosteens, mangos, papayas and a really toge toge on the surface with a height of around 2 meters called pineapples.
Those were fruits with all of their names written in the aforementioned illustrated encyclopedia with a size, that you have to hold them with both arms. But, their size was outside common sense after all.
“No matter how many times I say it, but all of it is big.”
Surely, one can’t rely on the standard size description recorded in the illustrated encyclopedia at all.
“However, I think it’s fine because they are tasty.”
“A rescue for those not lacking taste, huh? But, you know…”
Burkhart-san looks to have a certain worry.
“But, what?”
“If there are this many big fruits growing wildly, it will result in the monsters eating those to be big as well.” (Burkhart)
“You are right…”
Gradually I’m getting an unpleasant hunch, but it appears to be just right.
Looking in a certain direction, Burkhart-san’s expression became grim.
“Several reactions of wyvren class, huh? You guys, don’t get eaten by monsters.” (Burkhart)
At the same time as we got our combat preparations in order due to Burkhart-san’s instruction, the figure of a huge monster swooping down was reflected in our eyes.
“Ah, I’m worn-out.”
“Burkhart-san, when are we meeting Wend?” (Luise)
“It should end with waiting for an hour from now.” (Burkhart)
I enjoyed the harvesting of large fruits at the beginning, but I was exhausted fighting unknown, huge monsters after all.
The fruits were big as well, however the monsters eating those were big, too.
With a length of 2 meters and an over-all-length of around 7 meters, they were carnivorous monsters called 『Sabre-toothed Tigre』 with the trait of having their canines surpassing 50 cm.
Monsters having two horns on their head called 『Rhino』 with close to 10 m over-all-length.
Also, in addition, an eerie bird surpassing an over-all-length of 5 m and being called 『Ostrich』 and a large bird with the same size as a wyvren called 『Hell Condor』.
Encountering a large number of monster we haven’t seen until now, we are bringing them down by Erw and Ina restraining them, Burkhart-san using magic and me using techniques of the magic combat style.
I think they probably came attacking because we invaded their feeding grounds.
The carnivorous monsters likely only thought of us as prey.
“However, what’s with this forest?” (Burkhart)
Even with Burkhart-san’s complaints, I don’t know about it either.
I didn’t hear about such a monster domain, where such huge, ferocious monsters are living, until now.
Even Burkhart-san, who wandered from place to place in the kingdom in his adventurer days, said that it was his first time to enter a domain this dangerous.
“There was a pile of game, right?”
“Well, if the mana is this dense.”
The group of huge monsters is consuming such large amount of big fruits.
In other words, it will result in them breeding at an even higher pace.
It wouldn’t be possible with a normal vegetation and produce of fields.
“In brief, those fruit trees are half-demonic as well?”
“Probably that’s right, I think. That’s why the fruits became this big. While we are at it, they will grow up quickly, if they aren’t consumed.”
“It’s a mountain of treasures for adventurers, if they get inside, I guess?”
“It’s only recorded in this illustrated encyclopedia as it’s about harvesting and monsters, that are treated as semi-fantasy. I think they will sell well as they are also rare.”
However, if it’s a normal adventurer, I think they will move on to the next world once they encounter these monsters.
Due to the excellent magician Burkhart-san, it’s merely resulting in me, who received training from doushi, somehow being in a worn-out state.
Also, if it was Wend, he would explore in a more relaxed manner.
“By the way, this time’s accomplishments are…”
Due to Burkhart-san’s information spell we gathered plants and fruits without vegetation, and since we were attacked, we defeated various rare monsters.
If we sell those at Breitburg, they should undoubtedly turn into quite the large amount of money.
“Listen! To the bitter end this is an investigation. There are still many places we haven’t explored. That means there won’t be any results as long as we don’t investigate the whole Demon Forest.” (Burkhart)
In other words, those won’t be liquidated at present.
The matter of not liquidating it means that it’s necessary to pay taxes since the profits haven’t been decided yet.
“However, don’t misunderstand. You will properly pay the liquidation tax afterwards.” (Burkhart)
To put it simply, Burkhart-san doesn’t seem to want put too much money into the pockets of Wend’s onii-san.
Paying the taxes, he likely wants to say that onii-san will be dragged down from his position as next family head.
We are people on Wend’s side to begin with. Accordingly, we had absolutely no objection.
It’s even fine to pay that onii-san, if he has the courage to come here to investigate his doubts of tax evasion.
“Well then, it’s any time now.”
“Nooo, I even worked today so much that I’m covered with dirt.” (Wendelin)
Suddenly Wend, using transfer by teleportation, shows up in front of us.
Once I looked a bit closer, his robe was slightly sullied with dirt.
I think he worked hard at creating irrigation channels and fields today as well.
“Boy, did you expand the paddy fields again?” (Burkhart)
“『No reclamation needed and fully-built irrigation channels. Possibility to start a farmer’s life with farm-work only.』 is written on the leaflet.” (Wendelin)
“Then there will be many applicants.” (Burkhart)
There are many nobles recruiting farmers in reclaimed land, however telling them that this area of the plot is their own, they usually have to do further cultivation by themselves.
However, in Wend’s case, they will be given a farm, which had been reformed up to the extent of being fertile land. Given that it’s possible to cultivate rice while receiving guidance by veteran farmers, applicants will be rushing in.
Everyone is aware that it’s difficult because they are farming at a new plot.
But, those hardships will only be at the beginning and in this case even reduced to half the trouble.
Furthermore, Wend is guaranteeing them a minimum wage for the first year.
Even the things necessary for their livelihood can be cheaply bought at the shop, which Wend is managing.
Because food and such can also be purchased in the Baumeister territory, there won’t be any worries about insufficient food and struggling to live after the immigration.
Therefore, the current cultivated land in the Savage Lands and its population would drastically increase.
“Aren’t there too few houses?” (Burkhart)
“That’s the task of that shady Rinnenheim-shi.” (Wendelin)
“Is that okay?” (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san has been anxious, but in reality it is turning out well.   
Rinnenheim-san discovers property, which is already scheduled to be demolished, in the capital’s metropolitan area and buys them for a price close to free of charge.
With only buying the upper floors of the houses and their foundations, the owner also accepts it right away as it will even become a small profit since there are no demolishing expenses.
The purchased property is stored away in Rembrandt-uji’s magic bag and once he has collected a few, he comes here and erects them at the places instructed by Wend.
Properties, which require repair, are mended by carpenters, who are brought along from the capital at all such times.
Because of this method, there were 45 buildings in merely 3 weeks set up on the cultivated land. The population increased as far as 180 residents.
“The paddy fields are progressing as well. Everyone is very busy with small improvement work and keeping the soil in good condition until all seedlings, we are raising, grow up.” (Wendelin)
Once the rice seedlings have grown up, the paddy fields will be filled with water and the rice planting will be carried out.
In reality it takes several years until it is possible to harvest from new paddy fields, if you include the time for the reclamation and getting the soil in good condition.
However, if it’s the paddy fields made by Wend, you can expect the harvest to happen in around one year. That’s amazing.
“Boy, you are doing your best for plots of land that aren’t even yours.” (Burkhart)
“That’s because a close relationship is necessary for profits.” (Wendelin)
The current Wend is motivating himself to develop the special ward with magic as it was planned to have Hermann-san take hold in the future.
Even he shouldn’t want to assist Wend’s maneuvering to take down his blood-related onii-san in his mind.  
However, if he considers that the village and the cultivated land area, Wend is currently developing, becomes his, he will likely harden his heart and cooperate in the maneuvering of taking down his onii-san, even if it’s only for the sake of the branch family.
But, that’s an unscrupulous style, which normally isn’t Wend-like.
No, is it even fine to call it noble-like?
“(Though I like such a Wend, too.)” (Luise)
In order to protect one’s own home, something like not hurting anyone at all shouldn’t pass as valid reason.
Moreover, Wend has powerful magic and a large amount of monetary assets.
For the sake of having his own way, such things have to be done at times as well.
And I didn’t think that it was something bad.
“(I feel sorry for Wend’s onii-san, but I want Wend to take him down for the sake of securing a place where I and Elise’s group belong.)” (Luise)
“By the way, how did the exploration go?” (Wendelin)
“There were plenty, strange monsters and fruits, I hadn’t seen yet.” (Burkhart)
“Eh? Monsters which even Burkhart-san hadn’t seen yet?” (Wendelin)
“Boy, I was a veteran adventurer. But, something like having seen all monsters shouldn’t be possible either. That’s because this continent is vast.” (Burkhart)
“Besides this southern tip of the Savage Lands, there are even now many things like untrodden domains, where it’s unknown what is living there, remaining”, Burkhart-san told.
This is also a reason why the peace with the northern Holy Empire Urquhart is continuing.
Everyone chooses to rather reclaim undeveloped land than going to war, where it’s also uncertain whether there will be any advantage by winning.
If that’s the case, why did the people in the old days go to war? Such question comes to mind as well, but that can’t even be answered by distinguished scholar-san’s with certainty.
“Well, then let’s return quickly and examine your spoils?” (Wendelin)
“But, master’s book has actually been helpful…” (Burkhart)
“You have said a cruel thing for no special reason there.”  
As Burkhart-san says, I think it’s only natural to be cautious since we have gone through a bitter experience in the past thanks to that ecchi novel.
“Well, we are returning.” (Wendelin)
Upon Wend’s signal, we are gathering besides him.
And, an instant later we returned in front of the mansion inside the special development ward, where a vast farmland is spreading to the south.


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