Interlude 20 – Sorcery Guild

A little explanation:

I could have called the guild “Magic Guild,” but I opted against it. In English, as far as I know magic, sorcery, wizardry all mean basically the same. Same applies to Magician, Mage, Wizard, Sorcerer. Sometimes the lore of stories defines them differently, like wizards being the top magicians of the country in this novel, but meaning-wise there isn’t a difference.

That’s not the case in Japanese though. Magic in Japanese is Mahou (ma = demon, evil spirit, etc; hou = law, method, ways). You will find the “Ma” in many other common terms like “Mazoku” (Zoku = race => Demon race) as well. The specific meaning is heavily influenced by the kanji used and there are quite a few different variations expressing different meanings. In this particular case the author uses “Madou” (dou = guidance, leading, conduct, teachings, road) for the guild. In order to differentiate that I used “Sorcery” instead. By the way magicians are “Mahoutsukai” (tsukai = user) whereas wizard or sorcerer would be  “Madoushi.”

Just a little trivia from me, but maybe quite useful for those reading other LNs/WNs. 🙂


“A written invitation from the sorcery guild?” (Wendelin)
After somehow capturing that hell of an underground ruin, at the time when we finally finished with the matters of rewards and such, I received a written invitation, sent by the sorcery guild, from Burkhart-san for some reason.
“It was sent to the Margrave Breithilde’s mansion in the capital addressed to me.” (Burkhart)
“Burkhart-san, you are a member of the sorcery guild, right?” (Wendelin)
“It’s not because I particularly like to be a member.” (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san answers while he flutters the letter, he should give to me, like a fan.
The sorcery guild is literally a guild with its members being magicians that can use magic.
The number of members is around 2000.
It appears to be little, if you consider it by the total number of magicians, but farmers in the countryside, who are magicians to the degree of being able to produce a small spark of fire, can’t become members.
Also, since people, who use magic tools, end up becoming members of the magic tool guild, the number of members for the sorcery guild decreases by that amount as well.
“Eh? Can’t you belong to both guilds?” (Wendelin)
For example, in the case of other guilds, I received the issued membership certificate of the merchant guild during my childhood and I’m now also possessing the membership certificate of the adventurer’s guild.
Besides, there are many people, who are members of two or more guilds at the same time. Because there were various advantages for the guilds to have many members, it became normal to not say anything about having various guild memberships.
Well, in fact it’s just not possible to be a member of the sorcery guild and the magic tool guild at the same time.
It was a strange story.
“It’s not like there’s a reason why you can’t do it either, but…” (Burkhart)
Although their relation wasn’t that bad back in the old days, nowadays it looks like the relation between both guilds has become threatening for a certain reason.
“It’s the allotment of budget…” (Burkhart)
“The money problems are grave, right?” (Wendelin)
“That’s right.” (Burkhart)
A short time after the foundation of Helmut Kingdom, the kingdom’s administration, which had some leeway, reserved a budget for research in magic technology for the sake of restoring the superior magic technology of the ancient magic civilization’s era.
Even so, the number of magicians was insufficient.
No matter how much it was a government institution, it wouldn’t be this easy to gather people.
Accordingly, they handed budget to both guilds, sorcery guild and magic tool guild, and it came to the point that they requested magic technology research from them.
From this moment on both guilds were acknowledged as half-government institutions by society.
“They dispute over such things as budget allocation or who achieved an accomplishment. Just look at their sorry state.” (Burkhart)
It was a questionable and pathetic situation, but it wasn’t an unusual story either.
No matter in which world, the nature of humans is always the same.
“In order to oppose the magic tool guild, the sorcery guild plotted to increase the number of its members.” (Burkhart)
On the one hand the magic tool guild, which is an organisation, where people, who can’t use magic tools, have no business.
And in addition to that, you can’t become a member if you aren’t able to at least use the general purpose magic tools.
Therefore the number of their members is small, but since magic tools are very popular in society, the presence of the guild won’t become unstable either.
As for the sorcery guild, it seems it’s indispensable for them to compete with the magic tool guild, even to the point of forcibly recruiting famous magicians as members.
“From the bottom of my heart, it doesn’t really matter.” (Wendelin)
“I completely think like that as well.” (Burkhart)
Magic is basically something that you learn individually.
There are many people who have a master, but it’s not like they won’t particularly be able to survive without something like the sorcery guild.
If they are silent, it seems that no one comes to register as member.
Like that, even for me, the existence of sorcery guild was nothing more than something lurking in a corner of memory.
“Was master a member?” (Wendelin)
“I was told that he was registered without permission. But it’s the same for me as well.” (Burkhart)
“It’s quite beneficial for such organisation to be treated as half-government institution.” (Wendelin) (T/N: Sarcastic)
“That’s because they have been entrusted with research of magic squares for common use. There have excellent magicians, albeit only few.” (Burkhart)
Magic squares for common use are spells, that are relying on the individual imagination and thinking ability of a magician. It’s something with the goal for anyone being able to use it as long as they have mana.
I guess it’s easier to understand if I say that the magic square of forcible transfer from the other day is the same thing.
You can also produce other spells with such magic squares. The final goal seems to be the invention of a compilation of magic squares that can invoke various spells by only providing mana to them.
“I see. A magic square book where you turn over the pages searching for the spells you want to use and then invoke your chosen spell by pouring mana into it.” (Wendelin)
“That’s the idea. If you have too little mana, you can also use a magic gem as compensation.” (Burkhart)
Although the reaction speed will drop, you can also use several of similar spells at the same time.
That might be convenient for some like the army.
“However, the magic squares from the era of the ancient magic civilization are…” (Wendelin)
With the majority of magic squares being transfer or forced transfer magic squares, they haven’t been able to collect anything but magic squares for trapping, which lose most of their effectiveness after they have been triggered once, and other types of attack magic squares.
“The symbols and characters written on the magic squares are things that were close to designs and drawings of uncertain meaning. Not many results have appeared as the patterns are exceedingly complex.” (Burkhart)
On the other hand, the magic tool guild is steadily achieving results.
Given that various magic tools are spreading in society within limitations, those were accomplishments easily visible for anyone.
I see, the sorcery guild is panicking.
“According to that, they want to show their gratitude to you, boy, for selling them the new magic square we acquired in the previous capture of the underground labyrinth the other day.” (Burkhart)
“They want me to become a member?” (Wendelin)
“Correct.” (Burkhart)  
With this as reason, Burkhart-san and I visited the headquarters of the sorcery guild in the center of the capital.
The headquarters’ building is quite imposing compared to what I had imagined from the explanation earlier.
And, directly opposite of it there is an approximately similarly luxurious building standing.
“That is the headquarters of the magic tool guild.” (Burkhart)
“If they hate each other, why are they facing each other… ?” (Wendelin)
“It’s because it would give an impression of fleeing to society, if one side went ahead and moved.” (Burkhart)
“Haa…” (Wendelin)
While being astonished by the too absurd reason, we are moving to the room with the chairman waiting after we announced our purpose of the visit at the reception on the first floor.
As expected of the sorcery guild, it’s not an exaggerated title to call the leader at the top.
“I’m glad to meet you. I’m Bern Karl-Heinz Walcher (T/N: >> berunto karuhaintsu varaha <<).” (Bernd)
The chairman of the sorcery guild was an ordinary, white-haired elder you could meet anywhere.
He is wearing a robe since he is a magician, however he doesn’t look like a very great magician either.
He probably has enough mana to be between elementary and intermediate level?
For the time being we have introduced ourselves as well.
“It’s great that you were able to come today. It’s a bit abrupt, but…” (Bernd)
From the beginning, I came here to register as member at the sorcery guild.
When the chairman rings a bell, a young female staff, around below 20 years old, comes entering right away and hands me my membership certificate.
“Err, don’t have to fill out anything?” (Wendelin)
“Yes, that’s because Baron Baumeister-sama’s background is sound.” (Bernd)
“Is that so?” (Wendelin)
The formalities are finished with nothing but the young female staff handing me my membership certificate.
It appears that if they really want you to join, they will even fill out the necessary facts of the other person without permission.
Furthermore, once I look closely at the handed membership certificate, I can even see honorary official written there.
It seems I suddenly ended up becoming an official albeit with an honorary attached to it.
“Umm, honorary official, it says?” (Wendelin)
“Yes, it’s because Baron Baumeister-sama is an excellent magician.” (Bernd)
In other words, it’s about me lending my name for the sake of the sorcery guild’s advertisement.
But, since I’m also reluctant to spend time working as honorary official, I will try to refuse this.
However, my opponent is such a person. He has already anticipated my intention to refuse.
“You are really only an honorary member in name. I think you will understand if you ask Burkhart-dono standing next to you.” (Bernd)
“I’m an honorary official as well. But there is no work involved with that.” (Burkhart)
Likewise, there isn’t any recompense or such either.
Furthermore, there are absolutely no membership fees like in other guilds.
As it is a guild that hasn’t many tasks, the members would quit if they collected an annual fee.
However, the more I hear about it, the less I feel like understanding for what reason this organisation exists.
“The research department is currently going all-out in advancing the research of magic squares. Yes.” (Bernd)
It looks like they are analyzing that forced transfer magic square with its new pattern we discovered.
With the subsidiary aid they receive from the kingdom for the sake of research, the sorcery guild is operating by donations from a small fraction of benevolent people.
“Allow me to have you guided there right away.” (Bernd)
I don’t think that I want to especially see it, but since the other party says so.
With the guidance of the young female staff from before, we start moving towards the research department in the basement.
“Burkhart-san, it’s that chairman, but…” (Wendelin)
Although it was hard to say, but no matter how I looked at him, he didn’t seem to be a great magician.
Therefore I tried to listen to the reason for that from Burkhart-san.
“That is, if they are excellent magicians, they will go to the actual site or move to the research department we are heading to after this.” (Burkhart)
As consequence, his skill as magician is doubtful, but he has ability in office work to carry out the organisational operation which makes him a suitable person.
Therefore, while it may be true that he is the chairman, it apparently doesn’t mean that those will always be excellent magicians or such.
“Also, it’s a place of employment for younger nobles.” (Burkhart)
Given that it is an organisation funded by taxes, it’s harsh to play an active role at the actual site even though having barely enough mana.
Such people enter on the side of the organisation’s management.
“Because they are receiving education, they are alright with such things as office work. Also…” (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san points with his chin at the young female staff walking in front to lead us.
Living in the capital, women are barely treated as magicians, but there are many cases where they work for a company until marriage or stay as staff after their marriage because of the people.
“Such departments as the business and management departments are basically bureaucratic routines. They haven’t much of a connection with magic.” (Burkhart)
“If it’s the sorcery guild, basically…” (Wendelin)
Excellent people go either to the actual sites or the research department.
Those, who aren’t as excellent, head towards the departments dealing with the guild’s organisation.
It was certainly logical.
“Please come this way.” (Staff-chan)
We enter a laboratory in the basement after being guided by onee-san and there are indeed magicians of both genders. They busily worked at stuff like analysis and experimenting with new magic squares.
There are several people who feel like they have intermediate class mana capacity.
“This place is the central part of the sorcery guild.” (Staff-chan)
Although it’s kind of difficult to say, but even if the floors above blew up and annihilated the chairman and the staff below him, it wouldn’t cause any impediment to the administration of the sorcery guild at all.
These people are certainly the research department, but they are also the core of this sorcery guild.
Burkhart-san explains to me in a low voice.
“Ooh! It’s Baron Baumeister-dono, who sold the new magic square to us, huh!?”
Noticing our arrival, a single, middle-aged man greets us.
Having a casually swept back hair, his hair is unkempt, ruffled and grizzled. The feeling this person gives off is indeed that of a researcher. He introduces himself as Lukas Gertz Beckenbauer (T/N: >> rukasu gettsuu bekkenbaua <<) and is the top of the research division.
“Burkhart, as Alfred’s pupil he is possessing splendid mana.” (Lukas)
“Guess so.” (Burkhart)
It looks like those two are acquaintances.
They had a friendly conversation with each other.
“Okay, if it’s this much mana. This way, Baron Baumeister-dono.” (Lukas)  
Beckenbauer-shi apparently also intends to do something like a tour of the research department as formality.
Pulling my hand, he drags me forcibly to his own research space.
“Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)
“He is such a man. The so-called research fool?” (Burkhart)
By my judgement Beckenbauer-shi’s mana is even above intermediate level.
Though he could earn a lot, if he worked as regular adventurer, he was spending his time with research in the sorcery guild.
Most of the people here have this feeling.
“This is the improved version of the magic square bought from Baron Baumeister-dono the other day.” (Lukas)
“Can you follow him, Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)
“No, he talks in riddles…” (Burkhart)
Burkhart and me feel as if it’s impossible to research the magic square ourselves due to its pattern causing dizziness if we try to focus on it.
“So, where will this transfer to?” (Wendelin)
“No, the results occurred by accident, but this magic square prototype has a reverse effect.” (Lukas)
“Reverse?” (Wendelin)
“Uh huh. It’s a magic square that transfers to here from somewhere in reverse.” (Lukas)
According to Beckenbauer-shi’s explanation, this magic square has apparently the effect of pulling people and things on the surface of itself.
“I understand the effect, but from what place are the things drawn?” (Wendelin)
“This part is the reason this magic square is a prototype.” (Lukas) (T/N: Lol)
Similar to a normal spell, a magic square is depending on the imagination of the magician, who uses it.
“There is no point in me explaining the complications, huh? Let’s have a go and test it. Like this…” (Lukas)
Standing in front of the magic square, Beckenbauer-shi concentrates while closing his eyes for around 10 seconds.  
Thereupon, the magic square shone in a pale light for only a second before something like some white cloth was placed on top of it in the next second.
“What’s this?” (Wendelin)
“Pantsu…” (Burkhart)
White, female panties laid on top of the magic square.
Furthermore, they are used. You can’t see those as anything else but panties that have been worn until just now.
“Umm, Beckenbauer-san?” (Wendelin)
“I guess the panties, which that female staff wore, were transferred.” (Lukas)
Due to Beckenbauer-shi’s shocking observation, all the gazes of the people being inside the laboratory have turned towards the female staff, who led us here.
Suddenly, noticing the good-for-nothing reason, her body shook in rage while her face became bright red.
“Like this, the mana capacity required changes with distance, weight and size of the target object drawn by this magic square. It’s possible to draw something exceeding even dimension and time in theory, but the mana consumption would be unimaginable…” (Lukas)
“What have you suddenly done!?” (Staff-chan)
The female staff slapped the questioned Beckenbauer-shi’s cheek as he was explaining the theory with a serious face. She took the panties away from the surface of the magic square as if stealing them.
After that she left Beckenbauer-shi, who had a trace of the slap remaining on his cheek.
“I, the top of the research department…” (Lukas)
“All the same, that’s still your fault.” (Burkhart)
Not only us but also the other researchers nodded at the same time due to Burkhart-san’s sound argument.
“Isn’t that something interesting?” (Burkhart)
“Regarding the aspect of being the result of coincidence, it’s a failed product if you look at it from a researcher’s point of view.” (Lukas)
Accidentally creating it while improving the force transfer magic square, it has turned into a magic square that draws things from other places.
It clearly displayed its power to Burkhart-san and me.
Stealing worn panties during the experiment was followed by a slap on Beckenbauer-shi’s cheek from the female staff in revenge. I fixed my view on the magic square.
But no matter how long I examine it, I don’t understand the difference to the previous magic square.
Probably it’s something that I can consider to not understand for eternity.
“Have you actually tried to use it?” (Burkhart)
“Is it good?” (Wendelin)  
“Honestly, the success rate isn’t really that good. And it’s slightly dangerous as well.” (Lukas)
If you aren’t able to imagine the exact place and the things to be drawn, it will just end up being a waste of mana.
Even though Beckenbauer-shi decided to target the panties worn by the female staff in his view, that was more or less the reason.
“Even if I drew something like male briefs, it wouldn’t be anything enjoyable.” (Lukas)
“I do understand you, but…” (Wendelin)
The only question remaining for me is 『Why are you so particular about panties?』
“Which reminds me, is it possible to transcend even time and space in theory?” (Wendelin)
“In theory, yes.” (Lukas)
The concepts of other parallel worlds, which resemble this world quite well, and dimensions are existing in this world as well.
I’m told that there is a legend remaining that products of the different-dimension worlds could be drawn in with spells in the era of the ancient magic civilization.
It was uncertain whether this was a truth or a tale.
“(Although there is a person here who came from such different-dimension world…)” (Wendelin)
Although, to be precise, it was unclear whether it was a possession or a reincarnation, I’m able to definitely confirm the existence of different-dimension worlds.
Though it was unclear whether they would believe me.
“Well then, let’s try right away.” (Wendelin)
For that reason, I have decided to try using the magic square for my own test as well.
However, the mana consumption of this magic square multiplied in proportion to the distance and weight of the items.
A massive item over a long distance will need a vast amount of mana to draw it in.
Furthermore, if you fail with the image, the mana will only be gone pointlessly.
“Does that mean that it’s different for time and dimension?” (Wendelin)
“I guess the used mana would be unthinkable. If it’s me, I will faint from only the mana consumption without reaching my objective.” (Lukas)
Since even Beckenbauer-shi, who possesses mana beyond the intermediate level, says so, it will probably require considerable mana to draw something from a different-dimension world.
First, if you can’t imagine the target object, the mana will only be wasted.
I have decided to go with a safe plan first by imagining something close-by.
“What shall I use?” (Wendelin)
“Baron Baumeister-dono, if you don’t clear your mind and properly affix the image…” (Lukas)
Without considering overly much what specifically I’m going to draw in, it wouldn’t probably be enough to stand in front of the magic square and concentrate, huh?
After the magic square radiated a pale light something resembling the item from before was placed on top of it.
When I looked properly, it was female panties after all.
Even in this world the same underwear as on earth is popular.
Although they use self-made pumpkin panties if it’s the countryside like my home, specialized clothing stores in the capital and urban areas are selling underwear with a refined designs as well.
Those don’t go up in fashion to the level of purveyors of royalty and titled nobles, but you can buy underwear at a moderate price.
“Its color is yellow.” (Burkhart)
“With a pack of rabbit design embroideries…” (Wendelin)
The owner of these panties is someone who likes cute things quite a bit.
“To who do those belong? Boy.” (Burkhart)
“I don’t know? To tell you the truth, I only imagined something from within the mansion.” (Wendelin)
Since I imagined some items within my mansion, it was very likely that this was pulled from within a drawer of someone.
“It’s a success with only such an image. As expected of Baumeister-dono. And, these panties are…” (Lukas)
Beckenbauer-shi picked up those panties and confirmed their warmth.
Although he was confirming the item that had been drawn in with his gaze as a researcher, I couldn’t see him as nothing else but a perverted old geezer with an obsession for panties, if he looks at them as soon as possible.
“Hmm, I guess it also overlapped with my image from before. Without doubt these panties are something that was worn by someone.” (Lukas)
“Eh? Is that so?” (Wendelin)
If that was the case, I ended up doing something outrageous.
When I was slowly pondering over it, the door of the laboratory suddenly opened vigorously.
A single woman has intruded into the room.
That woman was Ina, who should be absent from the mansion today.
“Wend! My panties!” (Ina)
“You found out about it well.” (Wendelin)
“It’s impossible for the panties, I was wearing, to suddenly vanish unless magic is involved.” (Ina)
Furthermore, she knows about my schedule that I will look into the sorcery guild today.
When she came to the sorcery guild in a rush to retrieve he panties, she was guided to this underground laboratory by a kind female staff.
Without a doubt it was the female staff, who had her panties stolen by Beckenbauer-shi earlier.
“Ooh! Is it suddenly the first time for summoning panties of a woman living in a higher level noble’s mansion? Isn’t that a wonderful ability? However, despite her appearance being that of a cool beauty type, the panties are the cute type, huh? Is this a gap… ?” (Lukas)
“Rather than such thing! Give me back my panties!” (Ina)
Because he still held the panties tightly in his hands, Beckenbauer-shi ended up receiving an intense slap on the cheek from Ina.
Or rather I wonder why is this person so pointlessly talkative?
It’s exactly 『If the pheasant doesn’t chirp, it won’t be shot』.

gxkGSAT“Umm, Ina.” (Wendelin)
“What is it, Wend?” (Ina)
“I will go with you the next time you go buying underwear.” (Wendelin)
“… Hmm, I guess that’s fine.” (Ina)
“Boy, falling in love is nice.” (Burkhart)
I was relieved from the bottom of my heart to avoid a punishment from Ina.
“Wend, next time use things other than panties.” (Ina)
“We don’t have such control. It’s still the second time.” (Wendelin)
“Even without being accustomed to it, isn’t it deplorable to not be able to summon anything but panties?” (Ina)
“If you put it like this, it’s certainly pathetic…” (Wendelin)
Having finally retrieved her panties, Ina participates as well. I start my next summoning experiment.
Or rather, before I become aware of it, it has turned into an experiment.
You could say the results were too questionable to even call it summoning.
At best it’s at the level of pulling something close, I guess.
“Anyway, anything but panties.” (Ina)
“I know…” (Wendelin)
While being strongly told by Ina, I recall the image of something to be drawn from my mansion in my mind once again.
Thereupon the magic square shone in a pale light three times. This time something black is left on top of its surface.
“Eeto…” (Wendelin)
That black object is commonly referred as bra.
“A black bra…” (Burkhart)
“Wend…” (Ina)
“No, well, those aren’t panties…” (Wendelin)
“Even so, it shouldn’t be a bra!” (Ina)
It is certainly as Ina says, but it seems my thoughts are somehow stuck in the gutter.
Continuously summoning underwear is a story that will end up causing my character to be doubted.
If it is said that it isn’t because of the foundation, then that’s all to it.
“Whose is it?” (Burkhart)
“Hmm, the size is small.” (Lukas)
Once again Beckenbauer-shi picks up the black bra and begins to fixedly survey it.
Although I’m repeating myself, it’s only an earnest observation of the summoned item as researcher.
Even though his appearance was that of an ordinary perverted old geezer.
“Weeend~~~!” (Luise)
And, after a few minutes, Luise comes bursting into the laboratory next.
She has been guided by a kind female staff, too.
“Eh? Luise?” (Wendelin)
By no means did I think that Luise would put on black underwear.
There are a few things I want to say, however I won’t say anything since speaking about that would cause a grave situation.
But, once again Beckenbauer-shi wasn’t able to read the mood.
“It’s still too early to wear black underwear with such childish appearance. Besides, it doesn’t seem like you even have breasts that would need a bra…” (Lukas)
“Humph!” (Luise) Abeshi
“Abeshi! (あべし!)” (Lukas) (T/N: See Abeshi right ->)

The cheek of Beckenbauer-shi, receiving a double slap from Luise, ends up having a deep maple color.
“Well, I will go with you the next time you go buying underwear.” (Wendelin)
“Hum~~~~~ph, well, I guess it’s fine.” (Luise)
“Boy, falling in love is nice.” (Burkhart)
I was relieved from the bottom of my heart a second time to avoid a punishment from Luise.
“Why is it only underwear?” (Wendelin)
“Like I’d know. The adjustment of the image is difficult.” (Lukas) MB6F11v
“If Wend doesn’t put an end to it, you will be treated as a pervert just like that old geezer.” (Luise)
“To call the head of the research department of the sorcery guild a perverted old geezer…” (Lukas)
“Going by the circumstances, it will be hard to deny it.” (Ina)
This time Luise is participating as well. The experiment will resume after all.
Beckenbauer-shi, having two maples imprinted on both his cheeks, tells me the next thing to summon.
“Isn’t it fine if you use something other than from your mansion?” (Lukas)
“But, that will cause troubles.” (Wendelin)
“Even within the mansion you stole my panties.” (Ina)
“And my bra.” (Luise)
Because Ina and Luise turned their gazes filled with criticism towards me, I have decided to finish this worthless experiment as fast as possible.
“(Since that’s the case, it would be best to get something which is as far away as possible.)” (Wendelin)
There is no particular necessity to unreasonably succeed at it.
For summoning over long distance, it will finish with only mana consumption.
If it turns out like that, it will be the best outcome in this situation.
By the way, I have passed on summoning from earth for now because of the danger involved.
I always look for a safe plan. There are many men who are washed away by the situation.
“Eeto… The target is in the territory of the Holy Empire Urquhart.” (Wendelin)
“I see, since it is a foreign nation, they won’t be able to complain.” (Ina)
Although Ina says this in a way of admiration, it should be harsh to summon something from a place where people are living, as expected.
Therefore, consulting the map I received the other day, I have decided to try summoning something natural and not the property of someone.
“(The northern ocean area of Holy Empire Urquhart’s territory…)” (Wendelin)
Holy Empire Urquhart is possessing the northern half of the Lingaia continent.
And, at its northern extremity there are a vast ocean and islands spreading similar to the southern part.
And the marine products, that can be caught in that ocean in mid-winter, are very popular within the empire.
According to a book I read before, those marine products are resembling the marine products that can be caught in Hokkaido on earth.
“(Is this magic square actually convenient? Well, only if it is a success…)” (Wendelin)
While thinking such stuff, I stand in front of the magic square once again and once again something appears on top of it after it radiated in a pale light.
“Underwear?” (Ina)
“There is no way for that!” (Wendelin)
While I thrust a tsukkomi at Ina, I took a distance from the object, which appeared on top of the magic square, in a hurry.
“It was a success, but…” (Lukas)
The thing that appeared on top of the magic square.
It was a fish called Pacific bluefin tuna on earth.
Furthermore, I seem to have thoroughly ended up summoning a specimen that weights close to 200 kg and which swam in the ocean.
The still alive Pacific bluefin tuna was energetically jumping about on top of the magic square.
“Ina.” (Wendelin)
“Can’t be helped…” (Ina)
Giving Ina her spear I retrieved from my magic bag, she quickly finished off the tuna.
The tuna immediately stopped moving on op of the magic square.
“I see. This time you summoned something that seems to be useful.” (Lukas)
“No, are you really saying this, Beckenbauer-san?” (Wendelin)
To be frank, I wouldn’t want to be called the person who summoned panties first.
“Well, isn’t it fine? Let’s eat it at once.” (Burkhart)
“You want to eat it?” (Wendelin)
In fact it’s normal to eat raw fish on Lingaia.
Since the freshness won’t drop if you put it into a magic bag, it is something often eaten by the rich, royalty and titled nobles as high-class food in the inland districts such as the capital and urban areas.
Just that, with wasabi resembling the western wasabi, they usually eat it with a pint of salt as there is no soy sauce.
“Fresh raw fish is delicious after all.”
Even if you talk about eating it, the size of the tuna is to such a degree.
We were troubled as we weren’t able to dismantle it like a professional, but that was resolved by the female staff, who had her panties stolen by Beckenbauer-shi earlier.
I’m told that her family’s home is a fish dealer.
Once she had borrowed tools from home, she dismantled the tuna with skillful hands.
And she cut it up in delicious sashimi and served them on a plate.
“A Pacific bluefin tuna with a weight of 200 kg native in the northern area has a market price of around 20’000 cents.” (Staff-chan)
Due to the sudden high-class food, everyone in the sorcery guild gathered and ate the sashimi.
“Eh? It costs this much?” (Wendelin)
“Yes, although you can catch it at the coast of the Helmut Kingdom, the taste of those native in the northern area is better.” (Staff-chan)
The Pacific bluefin tuna, native to the northern area, is a brand rivaling the so-called Oma* tuna in Japan. (T/N: A place in the Shimokita district in the Aomori prefecture. Ah, a gift set from that tuna costs 26’000 yen or 260 $ for 600g ootori and some 100g salmon roe ;))
Moreover, the price will be high because it’s imported goods.
“I see. However, it’s really delicious.” (Wendelin)
Even in my previous life I never ate such high-class tuna, therefore I was deeply moved by its deliciousness.
And my self-made soy sauce, I offered to be eaten with the sashimi, is also popular.
“Rather than eating it with salt, this way is a lot tastier.” (Staff-chan)
“Now that it has come to this, do you want me to catch the next prey?” (Wendelin)
The magic square summoned only panties so far, but for the first time it was something useful for people.
As long my mana lasts here, I should continue summoning with all my power.
“Seafood from the northern area.” (Ina)
“That’s what I thought…” (Wendelin)
I successively summoned seafood native to the northern area while soothing the astonished Ina.
Large scallop that was bigger than on earth, sea urchin that resembled horse-dung sea urchin.
Because even squid and octopus are high-class food, everyone is eating it with pleasure.
It seems like it hasn’t caused for me to be treated as messenger of the devil.
For the people living on Lingaia, there is a strong image that it’s a feast of high-class items to eat caught seafood and not the meat of animals as they usually eat that.
Therefore, the suddenly started food sampling party became very popular.
“Keep going!” (Lukas)
This time it’s sea bream, flounder, righteye flounder, greater yellowtail, etc.
It seems their official names are different, but their appearance is like that and there shouldn’t be any problems because even the fish dealer female staff is calling them as delicious as high-class items .
She cuts all the summoned marine products one after the other into sashimi and the sorcery guild’s staff eats those.
Even I ate seafood with relish after a long time.
“Well then, gradually the stomach of everyone should be full.” (Wendelin)
“No, I don’t care about that. Or rather, it’s an experiment!” (Ina)
“I understand that.” (Wendelin)
As expected, even for my mana capacity one more summons would be the limit.
When I check the surroundings, I can see the figures of the staff, who seem to be satisfied consuming sashimi, but I decide to perform the last summons without minding it.
Just that I apparently wasn’t able to summon something too heavy with my remaining mana.
“I want you to put priority on distance.” (Lukas)
“Understood.” (Wendelin)
As Beckenbauer-shi says so, I imagine once again something light from the ocean area in the north.
With a success rate of 100% something small was placed on top of the magic square accompanied by a pale light in the end.
“A violet…” (Lukas)
“Underwear, right?” (Burkhart)
“Wend!” (Luise)
“Why is it once again underwear!?” (Ina)
“Like I’d know!” (Wendelin)
Even though it should have been the targeted marine food in the northern ocean, I ended up summoning underwear once again.
Although I’m being blamed by Ina and Luise, I don’t particularly summon something like underwear because I like it.
“Why?” (Ina)
“Isn’t it possible that it’s from someone who boarded a ship. However, this underwear is…” (Lukas)
For the third time Beckenbauer-shi picks up the underwear and starts to examine it, but Ina, Luise and the aforementioned female staff as well as even the chairman of the sorcery guild looked at Beckenbauer-shi with a suspecting facial expression.
“The color is violet and its material is silk, huh? It’s a considerably big bra and it is using plenty of sheer and lace. Even the sewing can be described as magnificent.” (Lukas)
“Pervert…” (Ina)
As Ina says, it feels weird that Beckenbauer-shi is so well-informed about underwear being a researcher of magic originally.
But, once Beckenbauer-shi explains, it doesn’t seem to be weird.
“My family’s home is a specialized clothing store which sells underwear to nobles. Naturally I have knowledge about underwear.” (Lukas)
“Have you mastered such knowledge naturally?” (Wendelin)
“In the time I lived at home, I was partly forced to help with the family business.” (Lukas)
The talent of a magician isn’t inherent.
Therefore, you could even call it a tragedy as there are various classes and businesses suddenly appearing from households.
And, even the complicated past of such Beckenbauer-shi is blown away beyond ground level due to confirming a shocking truth.
“This family crest is…” (Lukas)
“Eh? The family crest of the underwear?” (Wendelin)     
Beckenbauer-shi verifies the family crest attached to that underwear.
“Even though it seems to be from the kingdom, if it’s the imperial family or royalty, they usually won’t carry anything but the articles of the assigned purveyor. Even the shop’s side usually embroider their family’s crest to differentiate it from other items.” (Lukas)
As expected, rather than a researcher of magic, the image of Beckenbauer-shi as underwear professional is far stronger already.
He gives us an appropriate explanation.
“By the way, about this family crest.” (Wendelin)
“Hmm, it’s something from the Duke Philip household. They have even been chosen as emperor before. It’s a large noble household competing for the first place in Holy Empire Urquhart.” (Lukas)
In this world you can also be happy by not knowing about things.
Or rather, something like stealing the underwear of a woman of such large noble household could develop into a diplomatic issue if handled poorly.
Including me, the faces of everyone has turned pale all at once.
“Umm, Burkhart-san” (Wendelin)
“Don’t ask me.” (Burkhart)
“Beckenbauer-san?” (Wendelin)
If it’s from Burkhart-san, I certainly can say that he doesn’t know anything.
Therefore, when I ask the person in charge of this experiment, Beckenbauer-shi, he answered quickly as if on reflex.
“The experiment of summoning seafood from the northern ocean was successful and had no problems. Underwear? We don’t know about such things. That’s right, isn’t it, Baron Baumeister-dono?” (Lukas)
“Yes, we have no knowledge about such things.” (Wendelin)
I quickly stuff the underwear into my magic bag.
With this I completely concealed the evidence.
Even if a certain woman of the Duke Philip household, who came to the ocean, became panty-less and bra-less, this wasn’t a situation related to us.
“Is it really fine?” (Ina)
“It’s not fine, but do you want to tell His Majesty the truth?” (Wendelin)
“It’s impossible to talk about that…” (Ina)
Due to my question, Ina also decided to keep her mouth shut about this matter.
A gag order has been imposed on the other guild staff below the chairman. It has become a situation where officially nothing but the memory of having successfully summoned marine products from the northern area remained.
However, later on it ended in an outcome that largely influenced the owner of the underwear. As expected, even I couldn’t have imagined that.
And then, the next day…




“I’m home, papa.” (Deria)
“Welcome back, Deria. By the way, there is something I want to know.” (Father)
Deria, being a staff member of the sorcery guild as well as the daughter of a fish dealer being the owner of the aforementioned white panties, returns home after finishing her job for today. And she received a question from her father being the fish dealer’s shopkeeper.
“What is it, papa?” (Deria)
“Today a large order from the Baron Baumeister mansion came. But, do you know the reason for that?” (Father)
“That’s because they recognized the skill handed down from papa.” (Deria)
“Haa?” (Father)
In later years, Deria-jou will set up a branch of the fish dealer’s main store with a good reputation in the Baumeister territory. (T/N: How shrewd, the author didn’t disclose the noble rank. ;))


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