Interlude 18 – Sequel after capturing the Underground Ruin

“Burkhart-dono. Did Baron Baumeister’s group manage to capture the underground ruins?”
“Well, yea, that’s how it is.” (Burkhart)
I, who followed the newly formed adventurer party of the boy as instructor, almost died there.
Due to the forced transfer to the 『Deadly Inversion Regulation』 by an absorption magic square I didn’t even encounter during my active days as adventurer, we had a life or death struggle with over 10’000 golems and 2 dragon golems.
Never did I think I would experience the fainting after exhausting my mana, of which I transferred everything to the boy.
Something like fainting is usually only done by someone who is a novice as magician.
There were several situations during my active duty where I thought that it is dangerous, but I think the danger this time exceeded the risk when we defeated the elder fire drake.
And yet we somehow managed to successfully capture the underground ruins.
I went ahead and returned to report to the royal castle and the adventurer’s guild headquarters.
Although it would have been fine even if I had returned together with the boy’s group, questions about responsibility would pop up, if the matter this time was handled poorly.
Since even the boy’s group should be fairly pissed off, it would be better for them to cool down a bit.
Ah I can see it, something that must not be done like an ordinary boy publicly venting his frustration to the higher-ups of the capital.
If his basic personality was careful, he would understand that no matter how wrong the other side was, it would become a problem if he puts his anger in words.
However, his discontent with the senior management of the adventurer’s guild and the kingdom’s side was unusual.
I guess the adult me should convey the boy’s sentiments to the higher-ups here.
Because I also think that they are at fault here. The concerned parties began to gather for a conference albeit it was unofficial.
“It isn’t the usual audience hall, huh… ? We won’t be able to speak openly there, I guess.” (Burkhart)
I guess that’s the reason.
Currently I’m not at the royal castle’s audience hall but at a certain conference room that has installed counter-espionage equipment.
Inside the room there are His Majesty, Armstrong-doushi, Finance Minister Rückner, Cardinal Hohenheim, the master of the adventurer’s guild, the sub-master and several of the highest executives
I’m on bad terms with the lot from the guild’s headquarters, but it doesn’t look like that those guys have the spare time to be rude towards me.
Two excellent, fused parties were annihilated before. Even for the boy’s group it was a situation close to being totally destroyed.
This lot of shitheads had planned to make do with a single instructor, who was only a second-rate swordsman, if I hadn’t participated myself. His Majesty ended up knowing about that too.
However, why did they try to do something this stupid?
It appears that His Majesty and doushi have an idea about it, but it seems to differ from the story I heard from the guild’s leaders.
Why were they flustered?
“In other words, since there even was a single excellent magician, a saint who is a master at healing magic and a magic combat style fighter, I would think that their ability is above the skill of the two previous parties, no?”
“As for the guild, the difficulties in business operations with the earlier loss is…”
Since more than eight first-class adventurers died, they look busy filling the gaps.
It was the management group explaining this with cowering facial expressions. Just who would believe that these guys were first-class adventurers long ago?
Their bellies grew since they haven’t decently trained after withdrawing from active duty either. They explain the situation with a flustered expression in front of His Majesty for the sake of saving their own grace.
For me there was only one reason why I wanted to retire from active duty early.
It was because of the problems caused by the senior guild staff, just like these guys here.
“Isn’t that basically your mistake then? Oh well, the aforementioned is agreeable. Leaving that aside, If I didn’t push for accompanying them, Baumeister’s group would have died as well.” (Burkhart)
“Related to this matter, there is no way how we can properly express our apology to His Majesty and Margrave Breithilde.”
“Of course Burkhart-dono as well.”
The management lot was bowing while being servile, but I guess their true feelings towards me aren’t apologetic at all. It’s probably nothing more than humiliation to them.
I feel like their faces are somewhat slightly red.
“The guild’s side made an error in the estimation of combat potential, is that the reason for you becoming panicked by the lack of combat potential?” (Helmut)
“I wonder about that.” (Helmut)
His Majesty is still inclining his head to the side. I wonder if he has obtained some other information?
Likewise Armstrong-doushi and Finance Minister Rückner also made a strange facial expression.
“However, the guild’s as well as our responsibility is…”  
Continuing on, Armstrong-doushi is about to make a statement.
“If I had accompanied them as well… In the these two and a half years Baron Baumeister as well as Luise became strong. Therefore I thought they would be alright.” (Armstrong)
“If you say this, We have a responsibility as well. Going by only Armstrong’s opinion, We concluded that only Burkhart would suffice.” (Helmut)
Given that everyone bears a responsibility, no one was in a place to question a particular individual excessively.
Similarly even I, who didn’t ask for an extra helper, am responsible for this situation.
Since the boy has talent as magician, I guess I ended up overestimating his ability as adventurer.
And thanks to that mistake, I was close to death myself too.
“By the way, Guild Master Werner (T/N: >> ueruna <<).” (Rückner)
“Yes, what is it?” (Werner)
Finally Finance Minister Rückner addressed a question to the guild master at this point.  
It looks like he wants to hear about something.
“Hasn’t a certain Head of Financial Auditing meddled with the selection of the instructor?” (Rückner)
“No. We, the adventurer’s guild’s administration, carefully watch that such kind of interference…” (Werner)
It is an unusually straight question for Finance Minister Rückner.
I guess it’s because there is only the few concerned parties in this conference room and the counter-espionage is flawless as well.
However, I was surprised.
For the discord of Finance Minister Rückner with his younger brother to make an appearance here.
That man’s reputation isn’t very good.
His discord with his elder brother, Finance Minister Rückner, is also well-known. Finance Minister Rückner appears to have a suspicion that his younger brother tried to push for an insufficient instructor for the boy on purpose to attack his elder brother and his faction.
But, as expected, this is probably a conspiracy theory.
That’s because the guild absolutely hates intervention by the kingdom or its nobles.
Although I, who already retired as adventurer, became the instructor, these guy opposed it strongly.
It’s because I followed the intentions of His Majesty and master.
These intentions were insignificant for these people.
As expected, despite of bearing the responsible position of Head of Financial Auditing, these guys aren’t as weak to yield to the pressures to someone to the degree of a Baron either.
“Although I don’t believe this to be a lie, it would be unforgivable in regards to His Majesty’s wishes if it is otherwise.” (Rückner)
“I swear upon God.” (Werner)
Guild Master Werner is fundamentally a coward.
It is highly unlikely that he goes as far as lying with his opponent being His Majesty.
And, there is no problem for an adventurer to be a coward either.
Cowardice is tied to cautiousness. That’s a quality for an adventurer which is hard to obtain.
Although it will be seen as pathetic if they retire from active duty, that’s something inevitable.
“That man is poor at gambling.” (Rückner)
“Poor at gambling?” (Burkhart)
Finance Minister Rückner answers my unintentional question.
“That man wants to take my place as Finance Minister for himself. Therefore he won’t do anything reckless.” (Rückner)
While protecting his position as Head of Financial Auditing, he is continuing his petty gambling with the remaining things.
With the current system his chances to assume the post of Finance Minister by kicking down his elder brother are low.
Since that’s the case, he should occasionally place bets even if it causes him to be dyed in the colors of wickedness.
As he isn’t able to do this, he is bad at gambling, Finance Minister Rückner explained.
“That man claims that he is more excellent than me.” (Rückner)
“As expected, that can’t be, right… ?” (Burkhart)
“Although he understands that since we are brothers, I don’t believe there is such a great difference either.” (Rückner)
If that’s the case, it’s close to impossible for him to do something like defeating his elder brother, who has already cultivated his abilities in his position.
Therefore his hostile stance can be seen as lingering affection towards the position of Finance Minister.
In my opinion he was an incomprehensible man.
And he is only acting like he is really clever because he is in an apparently safe place.
Won’t he unexpectedly receive retaliation one day?
“Since his pride is high, I guess he won’t say 『It’s impossible after all』. The position of Finance Minister isn’t his objective. The goal has become to show a stance of aiming for the position of Finance Minister.” (Rückner)
“Is he maintaining his faction with this?” (Burkhart)
“That’s because nobles are such creatures.” (Rückner)   
I guess he has no particular problem as long as he is able to keep his faction together with this.
And I think the person himself is still aiming for the post of Finance Minister deep down in his mind.
It seems that’s how it is.
“With his petty gambling there are men, who fall prey to it as well, but… Oh well, let’s postpone this. By the way…” (Rückner)
Although there are troubles, Baron Baumeister survived for the time being.
Since that’s the case, it causes the next problem.
“Burkhart. There are no doubts about the things found in the underground ruins, right?” (Helmut)
“Yes.” (Burkhart)
Since I also saw it with my own eyes, there is no doubt.
There are things like a dock dedicated to magic airships, a magic tool workshop and research materials related to magic tools.
Given that there are many things that can’t be appraised without consulting specialists, this was also a reason why I went ahead to report.
“It’s a great discovery.” (Rückner)
Certainly, it’s as Finance Minister Rückner says.
In case of a normal adventurer, they won’t earn enough money by being active until retirement for even a part of the dragon golem’s feet.
In such harsh world the boy’s groups obtained a tremendous achievement.
Even taking away his excellence as magician, that boy might be followed by luck different from other people.
The boy himself is someone who often calls it bad luck though.
“(I’m getting often dragged into that bad luck as well…)” (Burkhart)
“However, how troublesome…”
At the same time it also had troublesome parts.
If one considers it for a bit, even I, who isn’t well-informed about the kingdom’s financial situation, understand.
After appraising that much loot, it’s impossible to not pay the estimated value to the boy’s group.
The royal family is the wealthiest family on the continent.
Their amount of assets is at such unthinkable level that even the margraves, entrusted with the east, west and south, don’t feel like raising a rebellion. Even the only potentially rivaling imperial family of the neighboring country, Holy Empire Urquhart, doesn’t reach their level of assets.
That country also has seven appointed duke households besides the selected emperor’s imperial family. At the time the next emperor is to be decided, those duke households provide the candidates. A voting will be held at a congress mainly consisting of nobles and wealthy merchants.
Holy Empire Urquhart isn’t a nation with a firm centralized authoritarian rule to the degree of a royal family.
What I mean here is the aspect whether the royal family will be even able to pay the reward for the accomplishments this time.
It’s not like they can’t pay. The bought items will definitely return the invested money to the royal family if used effectively.
No, they might increase their assets even more.
But, Finance Minister Rückner doesn’t consider it to be a good thing from the standpoint of the kingdom’s economy, if large quantities of platinum coins wander into the boy’s magic bag for the sake settling the debt.
I guess he won’t approve of decreasing the royal family’s owned currency assets in one go, even if it is temporary.
“Will the royalty confiscate it then?”
“That would be foolish…”
I guess the boy would lose any connection to the kingdom at that point.
From the start, it is possible for him to survive even if left alone in the wilderness without a penny.
The boy has indomitable will-power to the extent of enjoying such situation in reverse.
Without that, it should have been hard to endure this far, considering the circumstances of his family’s home until he became 12 years old.
I couldn’t hide my surprise after previously hearing roughly about the boy’s life at home from Erich-dono.
In case of a normal child, it was to the degree that they would have become weird without doubt, I think. If I were in his shoes, it would have been a detestable childhood for me.
If the boy’s generosity reached its limit, he would abandon something like the kingdom as if it was a bogey.
That stems from his trait that he can innocently enjoy the life in a new land at any time.
As expected, His Majesty as well as Finance Minister Rückner are aware of this much as well, I guess.
And that new land would become Holy Empire Urquhart without a doubt.
Even the other side would welcome an excellent magician with open arms. They likely won’t stop laughing at the decrease in war potential of their hypothetical enemy.
I’m sure they would receive the boy politely.
“First, we will dispatch specialists to calculate the estimated value?”
“Guards are necessary as well.”
There is a maintenance dock for building magic airships and seven usable magic airships.
Especially the former is in a place far closer to the royal capital than expected.
If we maintain them there, it will be an important base of the air force during peace time.
At the time danger approaches the capital, it would be possible to temporarily relocate the royal palace and the government there.
In addition there is also the large quantity of golems and that unmanned repairing workshop.
Furthermore there are the goods of those dragon golems, the research materials of that Earl Ischrubak and such things like those prototypes in the workshop.
Since it would be bothersome if groups plotting to take things out appeared, it was indispensable to strengthen security at an early stage.
“Err, in an ordinary table mountain? It was a blind spot, eh?”
Sure enough I don’t even have the slightest idea how much the estimated value will be.
“(By no means I expected us to discover a treasure at the level of a dream after I retired as adventurer…)” (Burkhart)
Controversially, it’s too amazing. Thus it will also become something troublesome.
“Because of that, it will be a reward for Baron Baumeister’s group, but…”
“Ye~~~a, how troublesome…”
They cannot afford to not pay, but they are apparently considering the impact of it.
After they groaned for a while, Finance Minister Rückner sends a gaze to Guild Master Werner.
That gaze caused goosebumps for Guild Master Werner.
The adventurer’s guild hates interference by the kingdom and its nobles, but since this place isn’t their home turf, Guild Master Werner is probably being overwhelmed.
Although he somehow was a renown adventurer during his active duty, Finance Minister Rückner sighs at his timid manner.
As there are many folks who are like 『What about the kingdom and its nobles! Eat shit!』, there are many people who stay like this after assuming an administrative post.
You can frankly even say they perceive this as reality.
“It will take a while to estimate the reward to be handed to Baron Baumeister. Although the situation after that is settled…” (Rückner)
Finance Minister Rückner consults about this with Guild Master Werner.
As top of the adventurer’s guild, he is given an exaggerated title like guild master.
The adventurer’s guild has still traces of the time as den of small-scaled, sly outlaws.
This was the current predicament.
Even so, they are putting great effort into preserving the guild’s independence without somehow displeasing the kingdom and its nobles.
If one doesn’t sense this, it’s because they are tormented by being pressured with 『I quit!』 from the lower ranks.
Those guys, thinking that  would snatch away their positions as executives, frantically maneuvered towards expelling me.
Rather than being stuck between a rock and a hard place in such organisation, I preferred to get employed.
“I think it was decided that the guild would collect 20% of the profit obtained by adventurers, but…” (Rückner)
It is ridiculous in itself that Finance Minister Rückner confirms such things in detail.
Even a child knows about this much.
The adventurer’s guild is managing the 20% from the request fees. (T/N: The author didn’t give these fees a specific name, but since they are deducted from request rewards I will dub it a request fee.) 
Their financial situation isn’t bad.
Compared to other guilds, the concept of being responsible for oneself is strong at the adventurer’s guild. That’s because they don’t suffer from many expenses except the help for beginners.
With the insignificant amount of indemnity sum given for people killed in action, that money can at most be used for a part of the funeral service costs.
“There is something I want to discuss in this particular case concerning the request fee.” (Rückner)
Finance Minister Rückner is calling it a discussion, but in fact it is nothing but an order.
『Despite not supporting Baron Baumeister’s group properly you lot want to just take the request fee as it will become a large sum? Of course, you will refrain from that, won’t you?』 I guess that’s the meaning he wants to get across.
“As it is a special case, according to the terms…” (Rückner)
I guess the adventurer’s guild would be in trouble if the kingdom side was to be released from the responsibility here.
Guild Master Werner immediately agreed to the terms.
Such parts are the main reason why I hate such petty official-like setting.
“As expected, if it’s zero, it will be harsh for the guild’s side. I will bear the responsibility to pay a fixed sum for the royal palace.” (Rückner)
I don’t know how much it will be, but they will be able to cut the payment to the boy’s group by at least the share of the request fee with this.
Since it isn’t like the net income of the boy’s group will drop, there shouldn’t be anything like complaints from their side either.
He says there isn’t much difference in ability in comparison with his younger brother, but it seems that it is very unlikely. This man was also terrifying.
In exchange for not pursuing the guild’s responsibility, he won’t give them money.
You could even say it was an unreasonable style only possible because he belongs to the kingdom’s government.
“It’s nice that the guild’s side has accepted the terms.” (Rückner)
With these words the necessity for the guild’s officials to be at this place vanished.
Urged on by Finance Minister Rückner, their group leaves their seats and exits from the room.
Are you glad that your responsibility has disappeared?
Or are you depressed because a vast amount of money through the request fee has disappeared?
I’m not able to fully understand what they are thinking within their minds.
Even so, I want you to feel relieved.
I’d rather die than have such shitty job.
“Well then, let’s hear about your true opinion now? Burkhart.” (Helmut)
Once the guild’s officials left the room, His Majesty calls out to me right away.
True opinion, eh? It’s probably about what the boy thinks about the case this time, I guess?
“Let’s start with 『We seriously almost died. The folks, who gave us this obligatory request, and the guild’s officials, who didn’t send any support except Burkhart-san, I’ll get them for this!』” (Burkhart)  (T/N: Obligatory request means “a request by the kingdom with an enforcement on participation”, but I can’t be bothered to type that each time and I don’t see any other smart abbreviation.)
“You heard him, Armstrong.” (Helmut)
“I can’t refute to that. Even I would have said the same in the same situation.” (Armstrong)
Anyone will at least say this much if they are in a similar situation.
If it’s me, I might say a lot harsher things.
“By the way, who is the person responsible for handing out such obligatory request?” (Burkhart)
“Did you think it would be anyone but Us?” (Helmut)
I don’t think I did.
Even if someone else handed it out, His Majesty himself would become responsible as he gave the permission to do so.
“Even We aren’t an almighty god. Since Armstrong was finished with everything, We arbitrarily judged it to be alright and gave permission. There is no conspiracy or such.” (Helmut)
“By no means I expected the ruins to have such strong defense force…” (Armstrong)
Unexpectedly such reasons might be the truth for most historical events in this world.
There might even appear several scholars in the future, who write historical records, wondering whether various dark forces moved to erase the boy.
“That certain Head of Financial Auditing is?” (Burkhart)
“That man won’t cross such dangerous bridges. Being delighted of the possibility of Baron Baumeister’s death, the family’s eldest son will only have a short-lived elation.” (Rückner)
That possibility is high. I guess he prepared an escape route even if the letter is used as evidence.
Even if there are complaints afterwards, he will dodge it by saying such things as 『I didn’t write that this was the definite truth.』
You can even say that it will be a good medicine the eldest son, who is enjoying it prematurely.
“He damages my yard with the least possible investment. When it comes to this ability, that man is a genius.” (Rückner)
According to Finance Minister Rückner he sent a letter to the family’s eldest son at great troubles.
Using a magic airship for the sake of shortening the delivery time, he got a single adventurer to cross the mountain range by walking from Breitburg.
It’s a ridiculous story because even as he is set on shortening the time, it will still take one and a half months. But you can call that a fast speed of information transfer if it’s that territory.
“At this time the letter still hasn’t been delivered yet. However Baron Baumeister is alive.” (Rückner)
It’s fine if nothing strange happens with this timing.
“The eldest son will think it’s a good cover to demand such things like the Baron Baumeister household’s peerage and legacy.”
If I want nothing odd to happen, there’s no choice but to pray to god.
It’s also for the sake for my master’s mind’s health.
However, it seems my master doesn’t really like the eldest son either. We are in the same boat on this.
“Because it will take time to calculate the reward, We want you to tell Baron Baumeister’s group to return with the guards and research groups that will be sent in turns.” (Helmut)
“Understood.” (Burkhart)
I had to once again return to the underground ruins after arriving here, but I’m not particularly unhappy about that.
Beyond being concerned about the boy with his powerful bad luck, I guess that is fate as well.
However, immediately following this, I’m attacked by yet another misfortune.
“There’s no other choice but to pay the reward in installments. Until we finish paying it up completely, the ownership of the historic ruins will belong to Baron Baumeister’s group. We will add a little extra under the pretext of renting it…” (Rückner)
It was Finance Minister Rückner, who groaned due to the calculation of the reward to be paid, but he suddenly turns his face to me and starts to talk with me.
“By the way, Burkhart. That way it will be a heavy loss for you.” (Rückner)
“Heavy loss?” (Burkhart)
At first I didn’t understand what he wanted to tell me, but I have remembered a terrible truth right away.
It was the matter of the reward for an instructor as regulated by the guild.
“As instructor you won’t take part in the reward splitting of a rookie adventurer party you acted together with. You will receive the reward regulated by the guild’s headquarters. The payment for the underground ruin will be split among 5 people excluding Burkhart.” (Rückner)
“There was something like that…” (Burkhart)
In fact this rule was a good measure for both sides, the rookie adventurers and the instructor.
The reward a rookie party obtains in their first battle doesn’t amount to much. If you were to add the instructor to the splitting, it would be harsh.
Therefore it has been decided that the reward for the instructor will be paid out by the guild based on the regulations.
“Even I don’t know the exact regulations.” (Rückner)
“It’s one silver plate per day.” (Armstrong)
It’s difficult for rookies to earn 1000 cents per day.
But, for an excellent veteran that much isn’t any problem either.
Although the coaching of rookies is a kind of volunteer work, the guild hands out a reward to some degree as it would be pathetic to do it for free.
Such were the arrangements.
Furthermore, the veteran adventurer has to work at least three times as instructor for rookies as well.
In total it was an obligation to do it well for one week and more.
“I have already fulfilled my obligation during my active days, but you know…” (Burkhart)
I remember it to be a great challenge with a party filled with chickens.
Since there wasn’t anything like a magician, they only fought against monsters in a suitable, close-by monster domain.
That’s nothing rare for a party like the boy’s group.
“That’s right, isn’t it? I wonder whether the guild will add a little bonus.” (Burkhart)
“That’s a definite no.” (Rückner)
People are evil, even Finance Minister Rückner.
In order to not decrease the net income of the boy’s group, he declined to pay the request fee to the adventurer’s guild attached with a glance at the argument of responsibility.
“The reward of 7000 cents for Burkhart is lacking. Let’s give him a bit from the reserve funds.” (Helmut)
If you consider restricting the reward to 1000 cents per day for a week, there isn’t any mistake with my reward.
There is no mistake, but if think about the hardships, I want to sigh.
“We will give him some from Our remaining annuity. We have the responsibility to do so.” (Helmut)
“Yes, it is very welcome…” (Burkhart)
Apparently that boy is followed by a strange bad luck after all.
Originally His Majesty can freely use his annuity (allowance) and thus he has ended up giving me a part of the reward.
Going by the nature of this meeting, I guess a part of the money’s source will be falsified, but I, who learned about it, have stomach pains.
“You know, Burkhart. Don’t put too much burden on the youngsters.” (Helmut)
Furthermore I end up being stabbed by the nail that it would be wrong to tell the boy’s group about this matter.
“(Really, I have no doubt that I’m unlucky.)” (Burkhart)
There is no other way but to accept it.  
Even if I report it to master, His Majesty will probably permit it. There shouldn’t be anyone to whom he will leak this secret, if it’s master.
“(Do you understand, boy? You will associate with such adults in such den of thieves until your death.)” (Burkhart)
Although, it’s that boy.
No matter how much money he receives, it will probably end up in his bag once again with him saying that he has no use for it anyway.
“Well then, Burkhart will also be included in the official summoning later.” (Helmut)
“Roger.” (Burkhart)
Like this the secret meeting, that pointlessly piled up stress for me, ended.
On another day I was given an extra reward going by the secret agreement.
If compared to the boy’s group’s share it’s little, but it’s an amount of money that is seen as large sum by society.
Just, if I consider that this reward comes from the reserve funds of the national budget and His Majesty’s personal annuity, my heart wavers.
Although you can’t really say that it’s in my nature, I have a feeling that it would be wrong to use it for such things as womanizing.
Also, there was the reward from the adventurer’s guild.
“7000 cents for one week, exactly according to regulations. Just die!” (Burkhart)
Those guys were petty officials after all.
Although they let a high amount of request fee get away, they excessively stick to the rules and can’t show anything but dry laughter.
Or rather, it would be nice if they died.
Just, even if that lot dies, I haven’t even the slightest intention to become part of the guild’s administration. Only that I will declare here.
Moreover, another thing.
Although he turned up at that meeting, Cardinal Hohenheim didn’t even say a single word.
At the meeting he wore a facial expression as if it was a noh mask without saying a single thing.
Accompanied by Guild Master Werner, who was answering His Majesty’s group, the staff below the sub master buttered up to him with pale faces.
If you anger that cardinal, he will withdraw the regulated amount of priest adventurers and it’s possible that the guild will lose its ability to do medical treatment with healing magic, which is one of its services.
It almost reached the point that he lost his cute granddaughter and her fiancée.
I guess he wouldn’t be able to do something like dealing with that lot while smiling.
Adventurers are responsible for themselves to some degree, but this time there wasn’t even any margin to cover for the far too ill-prepared support of the guild.
『That Cardinal Hohenheim?』
『Well… the guild has decided to increase the donations…』
In the end Cardinal Hohenheim didn’t utter a single word at that meeting.
Since he didn’t say anything, he was eerie in reverse.   
Furthermore, neither His Majesty, nor Armstrong-doushi, nor Finance Minister Rückner started a conversation with such Cardinal Hohenheim.
And after one week since being enraged at the stingy reward from the guild, all the present highest executives under Guild Master Werner resigned all at once due to health problems.
Although I heard the story since I was related to the successors of the guild master and the executives, it probably improved the communication within the guild a bit as well.
At the same time I decided to not talk about this matter to the boy and Elise-jou-chan either.


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