Chapter 49 – Stay at the Baumeister territory and Kurt’s troubles.

“Here we go, we have arrived.” (Wendelin)
“Well, teleportation is convenient.” (Paul)
As my family’s home is affected by various troubles, we leaped as far as the capital and consulted with Erich-nii-san’s group.
The next day we once again came back to the Baumeister territory.
Which reminds me, although we should have fought twice with undead armies, that any normal adventurer would want to avoid, yesterday in the Demon Forest, it left a weak impression thanks to my family’s home.
Instead, nothing but the deeply moving attitude of my grand-uncle’s lich was left within my memory.
Since he was angry to have lost his life in an unreasonable expedition, he became a lich far quicker than the other undead.
However, noticing that I’m his relative, he had me tell him of his family’s circumstances and vanished without showing even a hint of fighting spirit.
And, it was just with the words 『Leave it to you』.
Having let him pass on by purification, I have decided to intervene at the turmoil of my family’s home.
Afterwards we went to the Brandt’s mansion in the capital to consult with Erich-nii-san. But in the end we didn’t know whether the things that Klaus said were the truth.
It could either be 100% truth or 100% lie.
That’s probably how it feels?
Besides, I ended up being told by Erich-nii-san.
My influence is already too big. Something like this truth is a trivial issue.
Once I spent an effort to investigate such matters, I should be able to somehow handle the troubles surrounding my family’s home.
Certainly, it’s correct to not waste useless effort on that person in the future.
Even about the aspect of resenting someone, it probably can’t be helped to worry about it as well since it’s already too late for Kurt.
I have decided to take back the territory of my family’s home in this way.
Even though I say that, I will decline to do something like developing the territory by myself.
I will only provide the money and go with a strategy of trusting them in the future.
Saying it in words of my previous life, I will have a proficient subordinate with political ability maintain the status quo as viceroy as it is a territory that has no borders with an enemy nation, just like in historical simulation games.
Once time has passed, it will be a new miracle.
The national power will increase on its own and send money and goods to the front.
That was the strategy.
Since there isn’t any particular front where goods and money can be sent to, it will already be a success, if the territory’s power increases.
By the way, if I were to fail, I planned to quickly defect to the Holy Empire Urquhart.
My only prayer was for the meals in the Holy Empire Urquhart to be delicious.
Given that the seafood was tasty, I’m not too worried though.
Having heard the story from Erich-nii-san’s group, we have decided to go to the Baumeister territory the next day, but we were provided with additional bodyguards.
Without a doubt, as Finance Minister Rückner and Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar should have been told by Erich-nii-san, they are likely the masterminds behind this.
We ended up getting Paul-nii-san and 5 more bodyguards.
Furthermore, in order to give Paul-nii-san a justification to enter the territory, he has been appointed to do a provincial inspection trip.
Going as far as this, the kingdom is after all planning to promote the development of the Savage Lands at the southern tip of the kingdom on the basis of my funds.
Indeed, the kingdom’s finances will be alright even if I fail at worst as it is someone else’s money.
Nobles are really detestable creatures.
And, in the morning of the next day.
The excellent guards seem to mostly be young nobles, once I asked.
A single pain in the ass was mixed among them.
Albeit a relative of Minister Edgar, she still was a little girl not of age.
However, she is endowed with superhuman strength because of her hero syndrome constitution. The battle-axe master Wilma Etol von Asgahan.
Furthermore, as she was the trump card of that Minister Edgar, I have no doubt that she also was a concubine candidate for me.
It might be the start of my harem legend at this point.
Or rather, because it felt like even a single woman was impossible for me in my previous life, I honestly want to be spared from this part.




“Say, Elise.” (Wendelin)
“Yes, what is it?” (Elise)
Given that the number increased, I leapt to the forest located behind the mansion of the Baumeister main household three times, but the current target of interest was the situation with the little girl called Wilma.
“That girl, is a bit, you know…” (Wendelin)
As it would be troublesome if she started to say 『My stomach is empty』 once again, it proved fortunate that I had handed her a large quantity of candies.
Wilma is licking those while discussing something with Paul-nii-san’s guards.
Maybe they are discussing the guard schedule.
“Certainly she also gives the impression of her speech and conduct being slightly childish, but I think she has a good head on her shoulders.” (Elise)
Defending me is the task of the guards.
For this reason, as the five people have gathered and are discussing the plan, it’s a normal matter for Wilma to participate in this as well.
Judging by my first impression, we seem to be making a big mistake.
“Did you know about her?” (Wendelin)
“Only to the extent of rumour.” (Elise)
Wilma is the third daughter of the Associate Baron Asgahan household.
The Associate Baron Asgahan household has a lineage of producing military personnel for generations as relatives of Minister Edgar.
Because they are an appointed Associate Baron household, they are suspicious people who may use Wilma as a chess piece in a political marriage.
In addition, there is also the handicap called hero syndrome.
“At any rate, if she doesn’t eat a lot, she will end up starving to death. It can’t be helped to call that a large handicap to some extent, right?” (Elise)
Although she is powerful if made to fight or teach martial arts, it took manifold the food expenses of a normal child to raise her this far.
Even if it’s the Associate Baron Asgahan household, she is a valuable talent, but it was also a fact that they couldn’t only spend money on her.
It’s also not like an appointed Associate Baron household prospers to the degree of being envied by society.
If it’s a man, they can gain fame by things like the martial arts tournament or by playing an active role in the army making use of their superhuman strength.
Holding those achievements, there is also the move to have them adopted into some bride’s noble household that has nothing but daughters.
But Wilma is a woman.
Except being active as adventurer, this current country had in fact unexpectedly few places an existence like her could call home.
“However, that girl has been strong since her childhood.” (Paul)
“Paul-nii-san?” (Wendelin)
“I heard this story from Minister Edgar’s retainer.” (Paul)
Because Wilma wasn’t stupid, she apparently thought that she didn’t want to bother her family too much.
Once she became 10 years old, she headed to the mansion of Minister Edgar holding a certain weapon from her family’s home.
Displaying her own superhuman strength, she promoted herself to him.
There was the troublesome point of how to deal with her since she is a woman, but it is never wrong for important nobles of Minister Edgar’s level to posses many pieces that can be used.
“Minister Edgar judged that he can probably use her for something. He even provided her with personal training.” (Paul)
Having her grasp battle-axe techniques to counterbalance her superhuman strength, he looked after her other necessities such as studying and food expenses as well.
And now he found the most effective use for her.
If he now offered a too plain woman to me, there would be many complaints from people like Cardinal Hohenheim.
But, if it’s a woman who can even pass as party member and at the same time as guard, even Cardinal Hohenheim won’t be able to raise any complaints.
“It’s because the current Wend is also an adventurer. Isn’t it pointless to throw someone like the daughter of a noble for a political marriage into the fray?” (Paul)
“Certainly, that would become nothing more than a hindrance.” (Wendelin)
We are currently going out of our way for the matter with my family’s home, but since I have planned to work as adventurer going to various places in the kingdom with my party members everyday, it would be a bother to introduce a sheltered young woman like that.
“If it’s Wilma, she will fit in perfectly.” (Paul)
It’s possible for her to enter a monster domain and fight there as adventurer and she can even be used as guard like in this time’s case.
This is why she is the most suitable talented person to join me.
“Wilma will stick to Wend.” (Paul)
“Haa…” (Wendelin)
During my talk with Paul-nii-san, the discussion of the five people finished.
It is the duty of the five guards to escort me, but it has been arranged that Paul-nii-san will officially do the provincial inspection trip.
Although, normally there would be no choice but to take around one and a half months for the provincial inspection trip to arrive after the notification came, they will appear together with us and furthermore, Paul-nii-san is the leader of the inspection.
As expected, even for Kurt it’s unthinkable to accept this at face value.
The kingdom’s administration has dissatisfaction towards the governing system of this territory.
In a certain sense you could even call this a proclamation of war.
“The old man doesn’t know, but I’m a target of Kurt-aniki’s resentment as well. If it’s done this way, it will also lower the pressure on Wend.” (Paul)
Anyway, the first one will be Paul-nii-san. He cannot avoid greeting father and Kurt.
That’s because the setup is for him to visit here on a provincial inspection trip.
“Sieghard’s group belongs to the capital’s guards. They have been appointed as group members because they are young nobles.” (Paul)
Therefore they can’t avoid giving their greetings alongside Paul-nii-san.
“However, Wilma isn’t a group member.” (Paul)
“I’m Baron Baumeister-sama’s personal guard.” (Wilma)
While munching on the candies she had received from me, Wilma talked about her own role.
However, it’s great that she isn’t a person getting diabetes.
“Also, I will attend to you as necessary.” (Wilma)
“That’s something that requires further discussions afterwards.” (Wendelin)
“If Baron Baumeister-sama says so.” (Wilma)
Wilma didn’t say that she would attend to me at any cost.
Doesn’t she understand the meaning too well? Though it was uncertain whether she thought it wouldn’t be good to push me down forcefully.
Even so, she was still munching on the candies.
She ate them without even licking them.
“Are those candies tasty?” (Wendelin)
“Given that they are from a store I previously thought that I want to eat from, they are delicious. Those are not something I can buy myself.” (Wilma)
Because those are candies from a store of a certain noble purveyor in the capital, Wilma never had the chance to eat them up until now.
Even at her family’s home and at Minister Edgar’s, she was indebted to, she couldn’t ask for such luxury.
If I think about it like this, this girl is a bit pitiful.
This was also Minister Edgar’s aim.
“However I think the candy will be more delicious if you lick them.” (Wendelin)
“I will do so from the next one.” (Wilma)
At any rate the discussions and transfer of everyone finished.
Having increased up to a total amount of 12 people, we leave the forest in the back of the mansion of the Baumeister territory’s main family and move towards the location of father and Kurt.
“Paul… No, it was Sir Baumeister.” (Artur)
Around two years ago, at almost the same time as Helmut-nii-san was adopted as groom into the capital’s Baumeister household, Paul-nii-san has been given the rank of appointed Knight as well.
Therefore father wasn’t thrown off in his speech as noble of the same rank towards his blood-related son as conversation partner.
However, my Baron household, the main family in the capital, the newly appointed Knight household and this territory, the number of Baumeister households was increasing completely like an amoeba.
“It’s been a while. As a matter of fact, I have been appointed for a provincial inspection trip by the kingdom the other day.” (Paul)
Although even more than hundred years passed since the territory has been established by the kingdom’s administration, it’s probably funny that there hasn’t been an inspection even once.
But, if you consider the time to travel for an inspection like this, it won’t be that easy to perform a provincial inspection trip.
Accordingly, due to the role of Baron Baumeister being capable of transferring with magic, Paul-nii-san, affiliated with the capital’s guards, was appointed to do a provincial inspection trip to get the details on the state of affairs on-site.
While saying this, Paul-nii-san showed the official written appointment for the provincial inspection trip issued by the kingdom’s administration and two decrees by the kingdom’s administration, addressed to father, ordering him to cooperate with the provincial inspection trip.
“This is off-the-record. But the actual circumstances of provincial inspection trips are as the rumors state, therefore it isn’t necessary to be this cautious.” (Paul)
“There are rarely any crimes in our territory as well.” (Artur)
“That’s something I know, too.” (Paul)
The barefaced conversation between Paul-nii-san and father continues.
Father understood the reason we came here, including Paul-nii-san himself.
“And, the Baron-dono next to you.” (Kurt)
“That’s impolite, Kurt-dono.” (Paul)
It was Kurt, who showed a far too bitter face after seeing the face of Paul-nii-san. But now he asked for the purpose of my visit.
Did the aforementioned mission succeed given that it’s soon after departing?
Or did they fail?
There were no more choices than those two.
“We have safely concluded the mission. We even mostly succeeded in collecting the articles of the deceased of the Baumeister feudal army.” (Wendelin)
“I see.” (Kurt)
“In relation to the articles of the deceased, there’s probably nothing we can do but consult the bereaved families.” (Wendelin)
If that’s the case, it becomes necessary to gather the bereaved families somewhere.
If I remember correctly there were 77 victims in the Baumeister feudal army. As far as a place where all of their bereaved families can gather is concerned, there was no other choice but the plaza where we held the bazaar before.
“Have them gathered in the evening. They will be able to assess the articles of the deceased there.” (Wendelin)
“No, that’s unnecessary. Leave everything that seems to be an article of the deceased behind.” (Kurt)
“Haa?” (Wendelin)
Whereupon Kurt once again said something foolish here,
“We are a poor agricultural community. Even though the bazaar the other day was the same, it’s troublesome if you tell me this easily to do something like gathering the fief’s inhabitants. I will handle the inquiry work for the articles of the deceased.” (Kurt)
“No, we refuse.” (Wendelin)
“What was that!” (Kurt)
“Is that something to get angry over?” (Wendelin)
Getting angry over the things said probably means that there’s something to feel guilty about.
To begin with, my client is Margrave Breithilde.
Beyond being told by him his wish to have the articles of the deceased returned to the bereaved families, it was necessary for me to confirm whether this has been fulfilled completely.
If I left the distribution to Kurt, he wouldn’t hesitate to put all of it into his own pocket.
I think he won’t exploit such rusted weapons and armors from the bereaved families, but I can’t guarantee that for almost everyone’s shares such as the inhabitant’s wallets in addition.
Special rewards were apparently given by the previous Margrave Breithilde for obtaining results in hunting during the previous expedition.
More than one would think, those were often packed with silver coins and such.
“(He might go as far as stealing the contents of the wallets within the articles of the deceased…) I was told by Margrave Breithilde that to have them returned to the proper bereaved families.” (Wendelin)
“You bastard! This is my territory!” (Kurt)
“You are the person in line to be inaugurated as next family head, right? Lord Baumeister?” (Wendelin)
Due to my words loaded with sarcasm, Kurt’s face has become even more red.
And, he probably judged this situation to not be beneficial.
It’s unusual for father to talk to me first.
“I don’t mind if you gather the bereaved families to show them the articles of the deceased, however will that really make the distinction easier?” (Artur)
“To be honest, it will be easier than the Breithilde feudal army.” (Wendelin)
In the case of the Breithilde feudal army it was easy to differentiate between the equipment of some like the previous family head, the staff group and magicians.
However, when it comes to the regular soldiers, it’s quite difficult to differentiate to whom which equipment belongs as all of them had similar equipment items.
On the other hand, it will be simple to split up the Baumeister feudal army’s side’s items.
That’s because all of them didn’t have any common equipment with their patchwork equipment.
“Understood. You have my permission. The bereaved families may go see the articles of the deceased at the plaza in the evening.” (Artur)
Evening because they will have finished the farm work by then.
“Also, I don’t think we have those within our territory, but there might also be fellows trying to take away articles of the deceased by impersonating others. It’s fine for you to use Klaus as assistant.” (Artur)
While father’s facial expression has become slightly gloomy, he tells me that he will have Klaus help us out.
Father and Klaus.
They have a bond from the past. You can’t really say that their relationship is awfully good.
But, I guess father is forced into a position where he has to consider Klaus’ abilities.
And, another point is, he likely understands that if he entrusted this task to Kurt, it would spell nothing but troubles.
“Today it’s this place, I wonder? I will guide inspector-dono on his inspection in the territory.” (Artur)
It seems that father plans to guide Paul-nii-san’s group through the territory today.
They will probably carry out the original task of the provincial inspection trip, but even Kurt has already noticed that Paul-nii-san’s group is my guard troop.
Having said that, they can’t officially abandon their task and not go either.
Father will innocently guide Paul-nii-san’s group to the familiar places within the territory since it is his home. Paul-nii-san will also check merely for form’s sake whether there are any problems with the public order within the territory.
These are adults, I, with my insides being an ossan, decided to believe.
“By the way, what’s your schedule for today, Baron Baumeister-dono?” (Artur)
Given that the distribution of the articles of the deceased is in the evening, father is asking what I will be doing until then.
“If possible, I’d like to stay here for several days with a large number of people.” (Wendelin)
“Certainly. It will be necessary to go hunting and collecting, huh?” (Artur)
Or rather, if we don’t do that, it’s likely that the meals will once again be dry and crumbling brown bread and thin, salty soup.
As expected, the current me wants to be excused from such meals.
“Although I allow you to gather herbs and go hunting, before that…” (Artur)
“Before that?” (Wendelin)
Father points out that I have forgotten the most important thing.
“It’s been a while, mother.” (Paul)
“I’m terribly sorry to not have greeted you the other day.” (Wendelin)
The aspect pointed out by father was neither Paul-nii-san nor me having yet met mother.
Or perhaps I should say, as this country is dominated by males, you might even say that it was no more than Paul-nii-san putting priority on his task of the provincial inspection tour as it is official business.
Also, even though father’s group and us are currently talking about work, what would happen if mother recklessly barged into those talks?
Likely she would have been only scolded to remain silent without it being considered as shameful towards a close relative at all.
In addition the bad thing was that I didn’t meet mother as I went to the Demon Forest yesterday for performing the purification
Though it ended up like that thanks to Kurt.
“No, I understand the difficulty of Wendelin’s position.” (Johanna)
Although there is also Kurt’s wife, Amelie-sister-in-law-san, mother understood well the isolated nature of this territory since she also is a person who married in from outside.
Due to my existence, it might from now on become possible to easily trade with other fiefs.
More than half of the fief’s population expects this to become a fact.
On the other hand, there are also people who think that the current lifestyle is sufficient and that such convenience is unnecessary.
It’s the elder people of the main village who are supporting Kurt.
If you consider that they originally were inhabitants of slums, their current life would satisfactory.
Or rather, my existence is a hindrance to the order within the territory for them.
In their case, they support the line from father to Kurt and they are expecting me to receive a hearty welcome from the inhabitants from the other villages.
“At any rate, both of you have become handsome men, haven’t you?” (Johanna)
Although we are her children to whom she gave birth, there aren’t enough chances to meet us with out sudden change in rank.
No matter how much she was the mother in my second life, this was something slightly painful.
“Mother, that’s because I’m a bonus to Wendelin.” (Paul)
Only Paul-nii-san and I have entered mother’s room to have a normal parent and child conversation.
Therefore Paul-nii-san rejected mother’s words with partly filled sarcasm.
“It’s probably different from Erich, who became the son-in-law of the Brandt household by his own efforts, but Helmut and I have the same feelings on that, I think. We consider us as disappointing as elder brothers. However, even we won’t throw a tantrum like Kurt-aniki. He has an attitude of showing no mercy.” (Paul)
Thanks to their younger brother they were able to become nobles with the possibility of inheriting a peerage.
Although they comprehend this, it also causes a feeling of being worthless as elder brothers.
Even I’m able to understand Paul-nii-san’s feeling quite well.
“Although I think that Kurt is strange as well, there isn’t anything I can say about it in this territory.” (Johanna)
If mother advised Kurt or such in such remote rural region, it would only kick up a fuss with the conservative folks.
I’m afraid to say, but this place is one such region.
Father and Kurt are relying on Klaus for stuff like calculations, but in fact, even if Klaus didn’t do that, mother and Amelie-sister-in-law-san should be able to handle it to some extent.
But it would be conceited for a woman to butt in on such work.
Thanks to that, it has turned into mutual distrust with Klaus. Though it’s a reality you can’t really laugh at.
“It can’t be helped now that it has already become like this. Let’s stop talking about this. By the way, Helmut and Paul have married and Wendelin has a fiancée as well, right?” (Johanna)
“Yes.” (Wendelin)
At such occasions you would show something like photos in my previous life, I end up thinking.
In fact cameras exist in this world, but since those are magic tools with a very high price, they were out of a lower noble’s reach.
Although I should say that this would be Paul-nii-san’s reason. For me there was no problem to buy a camera.
Since I didn’t have much interest in it though, I didn’t purchase it.
“Elise wanted to extend her greetings to mother.” (Wendelin)
“Understood. The others are probably concubine candidates, right? Bring them here all together.” (Johanna)
I introduced Elise’s group, who was waiting outside the room, to mother.
Elise was silent in accordance to noble’s etiquette and it was normal for Ina to be slightly nervous too.
Even that Luise introduced herself calmly since she was nervous.
“It’s not like I’m on good terms with Leyla-san either, but we aren’t showing it on the surface although we are opposing each other. Which reminds me, my mother was on bad terms with the mistress as well.” (Johanna)
Mother’s and Leyla-san’s relationship isn’t to the degree that they have unpleasant feelings such as hate.
However, they do keep a distance from each other as the feeling aren’t that pleasant either.
It seemed to be such a situation.
“It’s alright, mother-in-law-sama. We are also members of the same party.” (Elise)
“Yes, the three us of us have to cooperate.” (Ina)
“Wend is… no, that’s not it, the surroundings are eager to push concubines onto Wendelin-sama.” (Luise)
“It seems so, doesn’t it?” (Wilma)
Before entering mother’s room, I have confirmed Wilma’s figure being at my side.
Looking at my current situation, she probably noticed that she had been forced onto me.
“Because Wendelin has returned home, there is the possibility of various things happening in this territory. Please support Wendelin properly. That’s the only thing I can say as his mother.” (Johanna)
She probably wanted to request the safety of Kurt’s child as mother.
But she gave priority to this as it would have no meaning if something happened to Paul-nii-san and me.
At any rate, she wanted us to put the priority on our own safety.
It looks like mother is thinking in such way.
“Umm… Mother is…” (Paul)
“This is a remote place with a male domination of a rural territory. They will ignore someone like the old me.” (Johanna)
Certainly, assuming we fell into a situation, the chance of the damage spreading to mother, who has no political authority, is low.
Even if something happened to father or Kurt’s child, everyone knows that mother is without doubt necessary to put in order the state of affairs required afterwards.
Therefore mother is attentive to the safety of her own children.
“However, it’s also a fact that I’m praying that nothing happens.” (Johanna)
“No, that is…” (Wendelin)
“I do understand. In the end it’s just a hope.” (Johanna)
Even if nothing happens here, there would be no point if the territory were to be once again plunged into chaos right away.
Even if it turns into a cruel outcome, I’m waiting for something to happen so that there is a necessity to deal with it.
“Wendelin, Paul, just keep the victims low.” (Johanna)
“Yes.” (Wendelin)
Paul-nii-san and I only bowed silently.




“Be that as it may, basically we are on standby now, right?”
“You can even call it holiday, eh?”
Having finished the conversation with mother, I have transferred to Breitburg right after that.
I handed over the majority of the obtained goods from this time’s purification to Margrave Breithilde.
The only exceptions are items that are thought to be articles of the deceased of the Baumeister feudal army.
It proved to be fortunate for the differentiation that both armies happened to take different actions. The probability to make a mistake was small.
To begin with the differentiation was simple given that the equipment items were different.
Something like returning the articles of the deceased to the bereaved families of those killed in action of the Breithilde feudal army and appraising the magic cores and the obtained dragon bones will take around one week, I’m told by Margrave Breithilde. It has been decided that we will stay on standby within the territory until then.
There’s also the returning of the articles of the deceased to the bereaved families of those killed in action of the Baumeister feudal army. It was necessary to pay 30% percent of the procured gains as tax to father.
Such being the case, we currently entertained ourselves with hunting and gathering in the forest in the back of the Baumeister main family’s mansion.
This time it won’t be fine to once again stay at the branch family, was Klaus’ opinion.
We are borrowing an open private house close to the main family’s mansion from father.
As a matter of fact, that open private house was the house where Klaus’ father lived during his time of serving as village headman.
『Until a few years back it was used as storage for wheat and spare agricultural tools, but nowadays it is a vacant house. Even stuff like the cleaning has already been finished.』 (Klaus)
『Well then, let’s borrow it without reservations?』
Since the branch family is no good, I would end up rebuking Kurt each time I encountered him at the main family’s mansion.
Besides, as this was his home turf, there also was the possibility of him still scheming something.
『Is it alright for Paul-sama’s group to join them as well?』 (Klaus)
『It’s fine.』 (Paul)
Thanks to Klaus’ praiseworthy preparations, our place to stay at had been decided.
Although I’m bothered by this setup, gathering the 12 outsiders, we decided to take care of preparing our own meals and such.
I don’t think it will happen, but it’s a measure to decrease the danger of having poison mixed into our food.   
Given that there is a detoxify spell in the worst case, there won’t be any extreme situations, I’ve decided to think.
“Isn’t it quite a chore for Paul-san’s group?” (Erwin)
“In a certain sense.” (Wilma)
Excluding Wilma, Paul-nii-san’s group has become the provincial inspection party for form’s sake. Currently they were in the middle of inspecting the territory while being guided by father.  
Even though I say that, something like crimes wouldn’t regularly occur within this territory.
At most it is to the extent of inhabitants, who are on bad terms with each other, quarreling.
For the time being, they are doing the inspection in accordance with the formal regulations, but both, father and Paul-nii-san, should consider this to be a farce.
“Well, there’s no way for us to cause something to happen.” (Wendelin)
“That’s how it is.”
Because it’s a problem that originates from within the territory, we will put that in order.
And, father, being its chief executive, will be forced into retirement and taking that opportunity Kurt will also be disinherited in order to take responsibility.
This is the future with the highest rate of probability, but since it wouldn’t be good if we did something before that can happen, it developed into a situation of us having holidays, unable to do any more than being on standby.
That doesn’t mean that we aren’t doing anything either. You could even say that us being here is a provocation.
“Wend-sama, it’s full of wild strawberries.” (Wilma)
“Let’s do our best in picking them up.” (Wendelin)
“Wild strawberry juice.” (Wilma)
It’s our usual members who have entered the forest.
Wilma was forced upon me as personal guard by Paul-nii-san.  
It reached the point of her calling me 『Wend-sama』. It’s the result of me asking her to stop calling me 『Baron Baumeister-sama』.
“Isn’t that girl quite skilled?” (Ina)
Together with the others from the girl’s faction, Wilma is gathering stuff like wild strawberries and yam, but her way of using her hands was quite adept.
“In fact, I’m used to it.” (Wilma)
No matter how much support she receives from Minister Edgar, she won’t survive if she doesn’t eat a lot.
Therefore she worked hard at hunting and gathering in the forests in the outskirts of the capital once she had free time.
“Ah, you are experienced at this.” (Ina)
“Hu~~~mph!” (Wilma)
And then, after an hour we had gathered the necessary amount of stuff like fruits, yam, wild strawberries and other kinds of edible wild plants. We decide to transfer to the Savage Lands to hunt there.
There is prey to catch in the forest as well, but there is a great number of large prey in the Savage Lands.
However, accordingly they are awfully brutal despite being wild animals. That also became the reason why the Baumeister household didn’t perform an investigation.
“Wolves, bears, wild boars, deer, grassland rabbits, that’s about it as main targets, right?” (Erwin)
I go hunting grassland rabbits with the bow alongside Erw after a long time.
My skills didn’t deteriorate as much as I thought they would. Both of us caught around 10 rabbits.
After immediately draining the blood with magic, I store them away into the magic bag.
“Wend, there’s a lot of game here.” (Ina)
“It’s the Savage Lands after all.” (Wendelin)
Ina seems to be in a good mood due to bringing down several deer with her exclusive throwing spear.
“By the way, Luise is?” (Wendelin)
“She found some wild boars.” (Ina)
While provoking the wild boars she found in a slightly separated grassland, Luise escapes from the place, to where the boars came rushing, by jumping into the sky.
With a method of striking the top of their heads with a quick single blow just before they passed below, Luise easily killed the large wild boars.
“Wend, please drain the blood.” (Luise)
“Understood. Eh? Elise and Wilma are?” (Wendelin)
While draining the blood of the wild boars, Luise carried over, with magic, I’m storing them in the magic bag.
I notice that I can’t see the figures of Elise and Wilma.
“I’m over here.” (Elise)
If I think carefully about it, Elise doesn’t have any skill related to hunting.
Therefore she appears to be harvesting plants that can be eaten close-by.
“If it’s Wilma, she’s on the other side, if I’m not mistaken.” (Elise)
Turning my sight into the direction pointed out by Elise, I saw Wilma fighting something outrageous over there.
It something you rarely see in these grasslands too. She continued to glare at a huge bear with a height of close to 4 meters.
“That is…” (Wendelin)
In my case, I would likely be killed right away if I didn’t use magic.
Such huge bear as an opponent is severe even for Wilma, thinking that we head over to her as relief in a hurry.
However, Wilma’s action excelled our expectations by far.
“I will be able to indulge in meat after a long while.” (Wilma)
As Wilma jumped up, she quickly sent the head of the bear flying with the huge battle-axe.
The bear, who was facing off against Wilma in an imposing stance, loses its head and from the severed neck a fountain of blood is spouting into the air.

“Umm… Wilma?” (Wendelin)
“Today will be all-you-can-meat.” (Wilma)
“Yea, we will get our fill.” (Ina)
It’s fine since she is possessing sufficient skill to serve as my guard.
I persuaded myself with that.




“Eh! Such huge bear in one hit?” (Paul)
“Yes.” (Wilma)
“I wonder whether I should call you Wilma-san from now on?” (Paul)
Evening of the same day Paul-nii-san’s group has returned just as we are cooking the large amount of game as ingredients.
It looks like they have been going around the territory guided by father and Kurt today. all of them appear to be mentally worn-out.
“Such inspection isn’t necessary, right?” (Sieghard)
“Though you say that, it’s important as formality. We are members of the provincial inspection trip.” (Ottmer)
Sieghard dons a facial expression showing his dissatisfaction with getting worn out by an inspection that isn’t really necessary.   
And the one reproving that was the elderly Ottmer-san.
“Rather than that, the food’s here.” (Gotthart)
It seems anything’s fine as he already finished the inspection.
With Gotthart’s brief words, Elise’s group lined up the prepared dinner on top of the table.
“Isn’t this more of a feast than expected?” (Paul)
Just like me, Paul apparently was expecting that thin, salty vegetable soup and the dry, crumbling brown bread.
But, in order to avoid this, we obtained the permission to hunt from father.
“I’m serving as poor guard in the capital, however now I’m eating far better food than my family.” (Paul)
While saying this, Paul-nii-san ate the tasty bear meat in miso stew.
By the way, today’s menu is: wild boar and edible wild plants nabe (with soy sauce taste), bear meat in miso stew, grilled helmeted guinea fowl filled with yam, roasted helmeted guinea fowl, grassland rabbit meat simmered in wine, etc.
And as dessert we have wild strawberry juice and jam.
As it would be troublesome to bake bread, I put in a large amount purchased from the capital’s bakeries into the magic bag.
Therefore, we are always able to eat freshly baked bread.
Also, since there is even cooked rice according to my wish, it reached the point that we were able to eat the main dishes with either.
“Wasn’t it a great burden to cook all that?” (Paul)
“We have many women.” (Wendelin)
Elise was very skilled at cooking. Ina and Luise are also adequately getting familiar with it.
Even Wilma demonstrated her skill to do such things as dismantling and preparing the game.
It looks like she ate the cooked and dismantled prey, she caught in the forest before, herself.
This house didn’t have a stove and cooking ware from the start.
Since I had a small magic portable cooking stove, used by parties for camping and outdoor activity, as inheritance from master, we used that.
“However, Elise-sama’s way of cooking is delicious.” (Wilma)
“Please eat your fill, Wilma.” (Elise)
“Yea, I will eat my fill.” (Wilma)
“Certainly, this quantity is impossible for us.” (Rudi)
Although he was a subordinate soldier of Paul-nii-san, Rudi-san is eating together with us since there isn’t much work for him to do. He is surprised at the amount of food placed on top of the table.
“I’m home.” (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san, who disappeared after arriving at the territory, has returned.
He held a bottle of the aforementioned honey liquor in one hand.
“Burkhart-san, alcohol is forbidden.” (Wendelin)
“I know. This is honey water and not alcohol.” (Burkhart)
Since I don’t know what will happen during our stay within the territory, I have sentenced everyone to abstinence.
That’s because at least I didn’t want to face an end of being stabbed in the back while being drunk on alcohol.
“Still, it’s quite the childish drink.”
“Even so, it’s the specialty of that branch family. Hey, Hermann-dono.” (Paul)
“Yo, Provincial Inspector-dono.” (Hermann)
For some reason Burkhart-san has brought along Hermann-nii-san as guest.
“Hermann-aniki, huh? You are somehow accompanied by dignity. Though you are dominated by your wife according to the rumors.” (Paul)
“Paul, you still don’t know it. While a man usually compromises with a woman, he will still come through with an impact in critical times.” (Hermann)
“What’s this about impact?” (Marlene)
“No, it’s nothing.” (Hermann)
“Where’s the impact?”
“Shut up!” (Hermann)
Additionally to Marlene-sister-in-law-san in the back, the main subordinate warriors and their wives came.
“If it’s this number of people, there won’t be enough food, huh?” (Wendelin)
“We will prepare more.” (Marlene)
“Wend, please give me the stored-away ingredients.” (Ina)
“I will help as well.” (Luise)
In addition to Elise’s group, Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s group has begun to prepare additional food in cooperation with them as well.
Thanks to that, all of the today caught prey is cooked. Furthermore I got stuck with supplying additional ingredients that were stored within the magic bag.
“I can eat so much meat.” (Wilma)
“Aren’t you full yet?” (Burkhart)
In the territory’s forest and the Savage Lands the number of captured prey is low because the population is low. If they felt like it, they could get plenty of game.
Even though it’s possible to decrease the number by over-hunting, they are currently too few to do that.
“With only that much Baron Baumeister-sama’s group qualifies as great adventurers.” (Hermann)
There are many dangerous animals in the Savage Lands.
Today even a bear appeared. And the huge wild boars are dangerous wild beasts as well.
It seems to be dangerous even for a professional hunter if heading in there alone.
“If we advance the reclamation, it might become possible to go out hunting freely a little further out.”
While eating the additionally prepared food, we continue such chat.
If you consider it normally, it should have only become a dinner party requested by the Junior Commander family of an adventurer party and the provincial inspection group staying within the territory.
But, the leaders of the inspection group and the adventurer party are brothers of the Junior Commander.
There are certainly people who will overreact to this fact. It will gradually cause repercussions within the territory.
“Humph! Isn’t it a splendid thing for brothers to be on good terms.” (Kurt)
“And, what about it? Does it inconvenience Kurt-dono in any way?” (Wendelin)
Early morning of the next day we were asked to come to main family’s mansion once again by father.
Kurt, who was tagging along like an extra there, seems to be unable to stomach the matter of yesterday’s dinner party between us and Hermann-nii-san’s group.
He has been spilling complaints as soon as he met us, but I played dumb with my answer on purpose.
At any rate, it’s necessary to put an end to our stay here.
For that reason I invited Hermann-nii-san’s family over on purpose.
“How long do you plan to stay here?” (Kurt)
“At least until the liquidation of the aforementioned loot has finished.” (Wendelin)
Yesterday evening the bereaved families of those killed at the expedition gathered upon Klaus’ notification. They took home the rusted weapons, equipment, personal belongings and wallets we had collected.
As for the differentiation what belongs to whom it proved to be fortunate that they didn’t have a unified equipment like the Breithilde feudal army. It ended without much of chaos.
Rather, differentiating the unified equipment of the Breithilde feudal army was likely more difficult.
『Wendelin-sama, thank you very much.』
『My father finally returned home.』
The bereaved families thanked us for bringing back the articles of the deceased.
However, that idiot did something unnecessary again.
Kurt showed up leading the fief’s population that is about the same age as him.
『It’s impossible to re-use those after all, eh?』 (Kurt)
『Yes. But isn’t it possible to melt and cast them?』
A male inhabitant answers Kurt’s question.
It appears that he is a blacksmith from the main village.   
『Well, then let’s do that? Give those rusted armors and broken swords to the blacksmith Eckhart. Also, I will take half of the profitable articles of the deceased as taxes. Don’t try to falsify the reports. Bring those until next week.』 (Kurt)
The faces of all the bereaved families warped due to Kurt’s declaration, which lacked any kind of compassion.
And, from among them, a single old person, as representative, began to persuade Kurt to reverse his statement.
『Kurt-sama, apart from the taxes, I’d like you to pardon us from offering the articles of the deceased which are soldier’s equipment.』
『Why?』 (Kurt)
『Those killed on the expedition don’t have any remains. In exchange for those, let us fill the graves with-』
Given that the bodies, which had turned undead, crumbled away in the holy light of purification, we didn’t bring back their remains at all.
Therefore they had no choice but to fill the tombs with the articles of the deceased.
『What foolish thing are you saying?』 (Kurt)
『Kurt-sama, why are you calling us foolish?』
『Won’t it be a great help to the territory’s development if we melt and cast those soldier’s equipment items into agricultural tools? The people, who are with Jürgen, how long do you intend to fuss over items from dead people?』 (Kurt)
It appears that this old man called Jürgen is the village headman of another village.
Even he lost his children etc. on the expedition.
『However, since these soldier’s items are things we collected on our own, there shouldn’t be any kind of problem to put them into the tombs, right?』 (Jürgen)
We were worried because the equipment was in pieces, but it seems that even the equipment items are from one own’s effort in the Baumeister feudal army.
The Baumeister feudal army doesn’t do something like lending uniform soldier’s equipment like the Breithilde feudal army.  
『There is a problem. Our territory is suffering from an iron shortage. Hand over those armors to Eckhart quickly.』 (Kurt)
『That is far too cruel.』 (Jürgen)
Even though he is my elder brother, as expected, his miserly statement caused a smell of small-mindedness to hang in the air.
Certainly, if they were to recycle the iron articles of the deceased by melting them down, they should be able to alleviate the iron insufficiency of the Baumeister territory, where nothing more than mining small quantities of red stones was possible, a little bit.
However, to deprive the articles of the deceased from the bereaved families just because of that was far from being admirable.
It seems there are many of such feudal lord in the provinces. There isn’t any particularly odd point related to tax collection either.
For the Baumeister territory only father’s and Kurt’s opinions are the law.
However, there are only few idiots who confiscate articles of the deceased from bereaved families.
If you end up going this far, it will become an act equal of planting grief in the hearts of the fief’s population.
『By the way, Kurt-dono.』 (Wendelin)
『What is it? Wendelin?』 (Kurt)
With father not being here, he likely thought it would be better to take a firm stance in front of the inhabitants.
Kurt has addressed me without honorific titles just like back in the old days.
『I can understand your plan to recycle available resources.』 (Wendelin)
『If that’s the case, don’t interfere.』 (Kurt)
『So, the blacksmith in the back, how much iron will you be able to collect from these?』 (Wendelin)
『I will pay a suitable price!』 (Eckhart)
I have no doubt that he will beat down the price close to free-of-charge.
This blacksmith called Eckhart seems to be almost the same age as Kurt.
They probably have been good friends since their childhood.
Without a doubt he will use that connection to lower the prices to be paid to the bereaved families for the soldier items among the articles of the deceased.
At the time of the bazaar the other day, Burkhart-san saw a group going to Kurt to make a report.
One among them seems to have been the territory’s sole blacksmith of the main village’s inhabitants.
He is earning his income as monopolistic blacksmith in this isolated territory.  
I saw his work before, but honestly, his skill was below second-rate.
You could expect him to get immediately crushed in Breitburg and the capital.
Before that, he shouldn’t even have his independence acknowledged after his training ends.
Even so, he is able to do so because they were loyal to the Baumeister family for generations since the time they immigrated.
In order for blacksmiths to not emerge in the other villages, he did nothing but managing the employment of several blacksmith masters.
As blacksmith he is able to make iron weapons.
Therefore, his loyalty might be more important than his skill in this remote area.
Although there are people who are descendants of blacksmiths in the other villages, it would become a problem if they secretly made weapons for the sake of rebelling.
For someone like him, he won’t keep his monopoly if he doesn’t support the order of Kurt inheriting the peerage from father.
If one of the other brothers succeed, the exchange with the outside will increase. He is cornered by the danger of his business failing.
『In other words, it’s fine if it is iron?』 (Wendelin)
『Though it is a talk of “if”!』 (Eckhart)
It’s a good thing that this blacksmith called Eckhart has the backing of Kurt. He is hated by the inhabitants for selling stuff like agricultural tools for a high price without those items even having high quality.
Furthermore, even his attitude didn’t let him gain an overly good impression as he is borrowing the authority of the next feudal lord, Kurt.
『I have it.』 (Wendelin)
I take out a cluster of iron, I tried to refine myself during my childhood. I toss that in front of Eckhart with the power of magic.
It is a single cluster of iron with a size of 1 meter in all directions, but Eckhart is unable to stand up out of surprise in that situation as it fell in front of him with a thump.
『This much should be enough?』 (Wendelin)
『Isn’t that dangerous!?』 (Eckhart)
『Since you are a blacksmith, you should be proficient at handling iron, no?』 (Wendelin)
He tried to steal the iron attached to the articles of the deceased of those killed on the expedition with a rip-off price using the authority of Kurt.
I felt it was useless to have a decent talk with such a guy.
Putting aside weapons such as swords, stuff like armors is almost completely made out of leather and doesn’t use much of metal.
Because of the numbers, you can say it will be a certain amount if gathered.
Even things like the few recovered shields are in a state of having almost rotted away as they are practically entirely made out of wood with one metallic part.
If it’s this, I don’t think there will be any problems to put them into the graves.
『Please work hard to make good products out of it, okay? From the things I’ve seen, I don’t believe you have made a serious effort yet. In the case of the capital, your items are at a level of being a disgrace to be lined up at a shop’s front.』 (Wendelin)
『You bastard! What are you basing that on!?』 (Eckhart)
『You probably would have understood, if you had seen the exhibited items at recent bazaar?』 (Wendelin)
It’s not like those various items were particularly high-classed items.
All of those are things that can be bought at a reasonable price in Breitburg and the capital.
And yet, the inhabitants, not knowing when they will be able to buy these next, bought them in large quantities.
Because the families of blacksmithing experts and craftsmen, including other general goods for living, originating from the main village have been monopolizing the market within the territory for generations, they became strong supporters of Kurt.
For them I might be a nemesis.
『Even after this, I think it has been decided that Sir Baumeister will periodically hold a bazaar within the territory due to the request of the main village’s village headman, Klaus, but I wonder if you aren’t in danger of your business failing if you don’t polish your skills.』 (Wendelin)
Due to my provocation, not only Eckhart, but even Kurt in the back had his face turn bright red in rage.
『Eckhart! You will create splendid agricultural tools out of this iron! Don’t forget to hand in 50% for the other returned cash income!』 (Kurt)
The bereaved families turn their looks of disdain at the backs of Kurt and Eckhart leaving from the place making sure to spit out those words as if those were a parting threat.
However, I wonder if Kurt’s group has realized that?
With this case they turned more than 100 inhabitants into their enemies.
They might have tolerated it, if I haven’t been there, but I was there in that pathetic situation.
They might not have noticed it, but even if they continued behaving modestly towards me in front of the inhabitants, it would have probably had the same conclusion in the end.


◆◇◆◇◆ (Added this one as it goes right back to present time in the raw)


“Quickly liquidate it and bring the taxes!” (Kurt)
“Please tell that Margrave Breithilde.” (Wendelin)
“Humph! It fine as long as you don’t cheat!” (Kurt)
“Kurt!” (Artur)
As expected, I considered it to be quite foolish to publicly criticize one’s patron.
Father roared at Kurt.
“I will pretend I didn’t hear that. So, today’s schedule is…” (Artur)
First, since the bereaved families will bury the articles of the deceased that were returned to them yesterday, we got the permission to participate in that funeral service, or rather in the ceremony of depositing the articles of the deceased and their burial.
This ceremony is attended by a priest controlled by the church within the territory, but he is an old man who has already passed the age of eighty years.
Given that the burden will be heavy for a single person, it had been decided that Elise would help out.
“I will participate in that ceremony as well. I will leave the supervision of the aforementioned irrigation channel construction to Kurt.” (Artur)
“Understood.” (Kurt)
Even Kurt probably doesn’t want to have to see my face any longer.
He obediently nodded hearing father’s plan.
“Also…” (Artur)
Because father gave us the permission upon Klaus’ request, we have the right to periodically open the bazaar and to hunt and gather in the Savage Lands and the Demon Forest during our stay in the territory.
Officially it was an authorization to act as free adventurers within the territory.
Unofficially it was a malicious proposal with the desire to provoke Kurt’s supporters for the sake of striking at the root of evil in the future.
Well, has father actually noticed that?
Does he have the intention to approve it?
That’s a very worrying point.
“Related to the loot from the Demon Forest and the Savage Lands, the parts Baron Baumeister’s group and the fief’s population eat won’t be charged. As for the items liquidated outside the territory, we will hold negotiations about a special tax afterwards. There is also the agreement with Breitburg adventurer’s guild branch and Margrave Breithilde-dono.” (Artur)
“Father!” (Kurt)
“Hou, then, are you telling me that you will earn money by hunting in the Demon Forest?” (Artur)
“That is…” (Kurt)
“Currently the only adventurers able to do something like hunting in the Demon Forest are Baron Baumeister’s group. It’s necessary to treat them a bit favorably. Or, are you going to invite adventurers to come here?” (Artur)
“That is…” (Kurt)
With father’s unusually firm rejection, Kurt is forced to keep his mouth shut.
A short while later Klaus brings a contract that reliably recognizes the earlier conditions.
“Well then, let’s go to the funeral service?” (Artur)
After the meeting with father, the scheduled burial of the articles of the deceased is next.
This is also attended by father and the village headman Klaus. While Elise is assisting the territory’s priest, who can’t even walk without support anymore, she was reciting something like a ritual prayer which is 『a speech to invite those killed in action to ascend to heaven』.
“Sons of god. Thou have surpassed the painful time of thine final moments. Head to the promised land where god and his followers are residing. And by thy guidance thine parents, siblings and children shall be led to the promised land as well.” (Elise)
Accompanied by the ritual prayer recited by Elise in a unique rhythm, the bereaved families put the articles of the deceased into the previously dug holes and buried them by covering them with earth.
“Elise is even able to do such a thing.” (Wendelin)
“You didn’t know? Elise is also possessing the qualifications of an assistant priest.” (Ina)
“I didn’t realize.” (Wendelin)
Although Ina is showing a face of 『Why didn’t you know about that?』, I usually don’t talk overly much about the church and religion with Elise.
She is probably trying to not talk about it since she understands that I’m not interested in it.
“Wend really doesn’t care about such things as the church.” (Luise)
“Is Luise interested in it?” (Wendelin)
“In fact, not really that much.” (Luise)
I end up telling even Luise, but I’m properly paying donations. That doesn’t mean that I feel like evading the church and religion to that degree.
It’s only that I don’t intend to zealously believe in them.
I’ve become a believer because it’s the state religion, however in fact I don’t care about it much.
There are unexpectedly many people who think like me.
“Wend-sama, the offerings look delicious.” (Wilma)
“Don’t eat them, it’s imprudent.” (Wendelin)
“I know that.” (Wilma)
After burying the articles of the deceased, each of the bereaved families is offering food.
Wilma, who saw this, made an expression of wanting to eat those.
“Wait until evening.” (Wendelin)
Why did I gain permission from father to hunt once again in the Savage Lands a little while ago?
It was for holding the planned party in the evening once again.
The bereaved families of those killed in action, for the sake of recognizing their service today, are each bringing stuff like food to the party.
However, as result of us and Hermann-nii-san’s group participating at the party of the bereaved families, Kurt is heartlessly regarding the party as dubious.
“(But, will he cause something indirectly?)” (Wendelin)
Burkhart-san, who participated in the ceremony as well, addresses me in a low voice standing next to me.
“(Won’t it be the necessary just cause if Kurt makes the first move?)” (Burkhart)
Since the opponent is the next feudal lord of a tiny territory anyway, it would be nice if it ended with nothing but a forced disinheritance by the kingdom’s order.
However, because that move won’t be able to have a big influence on the other nobles, it was necessary for us to make showy moves within the territory to cause Kurt’s group to burst.
“(I wonder if it will make them burst?)” (Wendelin)
“(Though it will take a bit time, it will definitely cause that to happen.)” (Burkhart)
If it’s only Kurt himself, he might not go on a rampage.
That’s because he is a man who shrinks back if he is yelled at by father, just like a little time ago.
Even so, there are his supporters in the surroundings.
“(The more we open up this territory, the more heated the surroundings will become.)” (Wendelin)
Just as yesterday’s blacksmith, Eckhart, there are the other craftsmen and their families as well.
With them being natives of the main village, they monopolized the market for generations due to their loyalty without having the skills.
This is beginning to crumble thanks to us.
The others as well. There are people with a conservative way of thinking, who don’t wish for something like the territory changing. They should be scowling at the behavior of us, who are already people from the outside.
“(If he receives pressure from the supporters, Kurt won’t have any other choice but to act either.)” (Wendelin)
“(Anything’s fine, if it makes Kurt’s group move.)” (Burkhart)
If they make their move, it will become the pretext for us intervening.
For the kingdom’s administration it doesn’t matter how trivial it is.
As for me it’s fine as long as it’s something that doesn’t add damage, no matter how small.
“(That’s the reason for the party?)” (Wendelin)
“(It’s not a party. Isn’t it a gathering to comfort the spirits of the war dead, who returned home after a long time, together with the bereaved families? Though with meals.)” (Burkhart) (E: Isn’t that a wake?)
After that the burial ceremony ended without problems.
The attending Klaus and father didn’t say anything in particular.
Even the bereaved families, although there are points to consider regarding Kurt and the second-rate blacksmith, that doesn’t mean that they intend to bring up the case with father.
Apparently that’s how it is.
“I hear that Wendelin-sama and Hermann-sama will hold the ceremonial dinner to comfort the spirits tonight.” (Klaus)
“Every bereaved family is welcome to participate.” (Wendelin)
“Then I won’t send people to help with the cooking or to set up the venue.” (Klaus)
“We will also bring some ingredients.” (Wendelin)
Given that there is little entertainment in this territory, everyone is looking forward to it.
While chatting freely, each of them returns to their home.
As they are working in the fields during the day, it had been decided that they will gather at the place of our stay, which will be the venue, in the evening and help with the preparations.
“The number of participants is quite high, isn’t it?” (Burkhart)
“It’s the bereaved families of 77 who were killed after all.” (Ina)
As Burkhart-san says, because there wasn’t any rule as to what degree someone will be considered as part of a bereaved family, it’s possible for close to half the population to participate, if they feel like it.
“Well, then I think I will help out with the preparations as well.” (Erwin)
“Erwin’s group, please go hunting infinitely, okay?” (Ina)
Although it is in the name of gathering to comfort the spirits, the concept of a vegetarian cuisine doesn’t exist in this world.
Therefore, at the time of holding such gatherings, it was normal for everyone to prepare a feast to be eaten on such occasions.
“Elise-jou-chan will build the altar together with the priest, eh?” (Burkhart)
Because it’s tentatively a gathering to comfort the spirits of the buried deceased, it was normal to build an altar, albeit it being small.
The priest-san has plenty of knowledge about that, but unfortunately he can’t move his body due to his age.
Therefore it was decided for Elise to help him.
And after that ends, she will assist Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s group and the women of the bereaved families with the cooking and prepare the venue.
“Will Ina-jou-can and Luise-jou-chan help Erwin’s group with the hunting?” (Burkhart)
It was arranged that Paul-nii-san’s group and Hermann-nii-san’s group will go capture the meat for the party.
In order to obtain enough meat to satisfy a great number of people, I want them to do their best in overworking Burkhart-san.
“So, what about the boy?” (Burkhart)
“I will go to the ocean for a bit.” (Wendelin)
“Haa?” (Burkhart)
And then, around one hour after that, everyone is in the middle of their respective tasks to prepare for the party. I stood together with Wilma at the beach south of the Demon Forest.
You can’t access the southern ocean if you don’t pass through the Demon Forest, but since I remembered the points where I broke through the forest’s sky by flying in my childhood, we immediately arrived here by teleportation.
I remember that I ate barbecued marine products after catching them and made large quantities of salt with magic back in those days.
“Ocean.” (Wilma)
“And if you speak of the ocean?” (Wendelin)
“Seafood.” (Wilma)
“Correct.” (Wendelin)
As I entrusted the other people with securing meat, I was going to secure marine products by using Wilma.
Since it’s a rare party, I thought it would be better to have some rare treat.
It’s simply because I wanted to eat that.
“I want to eat fish.” (Wilma)
“Have you never eaten them?” (Wendelin)
“There was Konull and Namasa.” (Wilma)
Konull and Namasa, going by their appearance, they would be called carp and catfish on earth.
Because they are caught in large amounts at rivers and such, they are sold reasonably cheap in the capital.
After extracting the mud, they are cooked alongside salt and potherb. Similar to fried seafood, those were usually eaten after deep-frying them in oil.
To be frank, I dislike their taste. Many are buying marine products even if they are expensive.
There are others as well, like the dace which is called Utok.
Fishes like crucian carps, called Fuha, seem to have become the commoner’s palate.
I was bad with both of them.
“Today I will eat the ocean’s seafood.” (Wendelin)
“Oo~~~~!” (Wilma)
Wilma’s answer felt a bit lacking, but her eyes became the usual eyes of her craving for food.
“So, will we dive into the ocean to catch them?” (Wilma)
“By no means!” (Wendelin)
Though we are no more than two people with the number of people having gone to get meat, I can use magic and Wilma possesses super-human strength.
Since that’s the case, only that move was possible.
“With only us two it will be a dragnet operation.” (Wendelin)
“We catch them with a net?” (Wilma)
Since I bought a dragnet and put it into the magic bag as it might have happened that we needed it before, I will throw it into the sea from the air.
Before long it will become an operation of me, who enhanced his body with magic, and Wilma drawing in the net.
Since I was an amateur I wasn’t knowledgeable about the points of throwing a net, but I have decided to consider it to be alright, if I don’t have to try too many times to catch something.
“Wilma, hold the string on one side of the dragnet.” (Wendelin)
“Roger.” (Wilma)
Next, I fly towards the sea holding the net with the tow rope on the other side.
After throwing the held net little by little at the coast in an arch, I returned to Wilma, who was waiting at the sandy beach.
Although, strictly speaking, it’s necessary to do that with something like a fishing boat, I decided to deal with it similar to scattering roses with my flight magic.
“We will try a few times if it’s no good.” (Wendelin)
Wilma, who has her super-human strength to begin with, and me, whose body was enhanced with magic, pulled the net, which was distributed in the sea in an arch.
“Fish.” (Wilma)
“Slowly. Pull by matching my timing.” (Wendelin)
I was anxious whether we would really catch something. Will it prove fortunate that there wasn’t anyone who used a net so far?
The net, being pulled up to the sandy beach, was filled with several hundreds small and large fishes.
Fishes that resembled mackerel. Fishes resembling horse mackerel. Fishes resembling flounders.
There are many others as well, but for now I put them away into the prepared magic bag.
Although I excluded fishes, that appeared to be fishy on the poison detection spell, there were some unusual catches too.
“Turtle-san.” (Wilma)
“You can eat that too.” (Wendelin)
“It’s delicious?” (Wilma)
“Apparently it is.” (Wendelin)
Wilma discovered a sea turtle, that exceeded an overall length of 2 meters, caught in the net.
Its flesh is edible. The shell could be sold for a large sum of money as raw material for tortoiseshell craftsmanship in the capital.
“Got it.” (Wilma)
After finishing off the sea turtle without hesitation, Wilma tossed it into the magic bag.
As expected, she is a woman, who earns the money for her own food.
She has a really resolute character.
“I want more fishes.” (Wilma)
“That’s right.” (Wendelin)
We caught more than I expected, however it might be better to get a little bit more fishes.
We, who thought like that, carried out dragnet fishing at three different places.
As result we caught a splendid amount of fishes.
Furthermore, at the close-by rocky area, we decided to catch things like shellfish, crabs and shrimps.
“Next time I will even prepare a net to catch crabs, I guess?” (Wendelin)
“Today I will capture them.” (Wilma)
Once she had said this, Wilma took off her clothes and jumped into the close-by ocean from the rocky area.
Although I seriously expected Wilma’s nudity, she apparently wears underwear similar to full body tights below her clothes.
“It’s because I catch prey in rivers, lakes and ponds as well.” (Wilma)
In order to eat plenty, Wilma was skilled at things like swimming.
And, several seconds after diving into the ocean, she first turns up with one small animal.
“It’s full of them.” (Wilma)
“Please only catch the big ones.” (Wendelin)
“Understood.” (Wilma)
Because what I’m doing here is to leave it to only Wilma, I dive myself into the ocean after quickly applying an underwater breathing spell on myself.
It’s not like I can’t particularly swim, but swimming while gathering seafood in the sea like Wilma was difficult.
On that point, it becomes possible to act in the same way underwater as above the ground with this underwater breathing spell.
At any rate, this spell covers my surroundings with a layer of air.
“There are plenty here.” (Wendelin)
Adding myself as well, the two of us are collecting things like shrimps, with a length of close to one meter, crabs, with a length surpassing one meter, turban shells, with a size of approximately an apple, and abalones, with a length of around 30 cm.
If I remember correctly, I have a feeling as if I saw their official names in picture books before, but I decide to now deem it acceptable to not know those since they are edible.
“Wend-sama, they seem to be tasty.” (Wilma)
“You sampled them?” (Wendelin)
“I ate them.” (Wilma)
Given that we caught a decent amount, we have decided to take a break for now.
Taking out a wire netting for barbecuing from the magic bag and after placing it atop a rock linking it up with a stove model, I throw in charcoals and ignite them.
After heating the wire netting to some extent, I put shells and cut-up shrimps and crabs onto it.
As they were roasted nicely after a short while, I completed them by sprinkling a bit of salt onto the food.
“It looks delicious.” (Wilma)
“I hope they aren’t burnt.” (Wendelin)
“Itadakimasu.” (Wilma)
Wilma stuffs the tasty-looking shellfish, shrimps and crabs one after the other into her mouth.
As she eats quite well after all, the roasting work gradually fell behind.
“Thanks for the treat.” (Wilma)
“Did you enjoy it?” (Wendelin)
“It was the first time I ate something this delicious.” (Wilma)
“Is that so? I’m glad then.” (Wendelin)
“We have to catch a lot more. There’s also Elise-sama’s group’s portion.” (Wilma)
“True.” (Wendelin)
Although she had her super-human strength and ate a lot, she was a girl, whose appearance invited the desire to protect her.
It’s likely also due to the influence of my over-40 years old contents.
“Let’s go back soon?” (Wendelin)
“We caught plenty.” (Wilma)
“That’s right.” (Wendelin)
Since we secured our share to eat and the party’s share after a few hours, we decided to return for today.
“Wilma, before that, put on your clothes.” (Wendelin)
Because of the ocean water, I use a cleaning spell on Wilma who rose from the sea.
“It’s not sticky anymore.” (Wilma)
Because you can’t get into a bathtub during an adventure, adventurers naturally developed this spell.
As it doesn’t consume much mana, it has a feature of being easily usable even at elementary level. Apparently magicians, who can use this, are very popular in parties with a high female ratio.
Though you can say that they don’t fuss over their appearance during an adventure, it’s probably the mentality of women.
I use the cleaning spell on my body as well to get rid of the salt attached to it.
Wilma has finished changing as well. Just at the time we were about to go back, she suddenly set up her battle-axe and sent a sharp gaze towards the sea.
Once I looked at the sea, I was able to confirm a creature, which resembled a dragon with an overall length of around 20 m, heading toward the coast here.
“A serpent (A/N: sea dragon), huh… ?” (Wendelin)
A serpent (sea dragon) has the appearance of a dragon though it isn’t actually a monster.
It belongs to the category of large-scale sea carnivores. It was a wild animal of the sea.
Usually it is preying upon large fishes, whales, dolphins, etc.
It seems to be a ferocious fellow that occasionally eats stuff like sea birds flying over the sea.
However, it won’t attack if it is large ships since it’s basically a coward.
It runs away in the opposite direction before that.
Besides, it won’t show its appearance in the areas with human activity often.
Generally its base of operation is far down in the deep-sea. That was written in a reference book I saw before.
“It’s big.” (Wendelin)
Even so, it seems 20 m is an average size for those.
If it’s only this big, it probably can’t hunt whales or such.
“However, why is that sea dragon heading towards us?” (Wendelin)
“It’s considering us as food.” (Wilma)
“That’s right, isn’t it?” (Wendelin)
Coming to the beach by chance, it is preying upon us since it found food.
Not just serpents (sea dragons), but also other large carnivores gladly try to prey upon them, once they find a few people.
Therefore, if you encounter them on top of a raft and on a shipwrecked boat at sea, it’s probably best to consider that you won’t survive anyway.
“Wend-sama.” (Wilma)
“What’s up?” (Wendelin)
“I will bring it down.” (Wilma)
“Ehh! Will you be alright?” (Wendelin)
Since a serpent (sea dragon) is a large-scale sea carnivore, naturally a normal person or a fisherman won’t be able to handle it.
They are seldomly captured as they usually live in the deep-sea, but the meat tastes like an excellent delicacy.
Stuff like their scales, fangs and bones could be sold for a high price to be used as raw materials in weapons and armors.
“I will use my big technique here.” (Wilma)
“Then I will leave it to you. But, if it looks like it will be no good, tell me right away, okay?” (Wendelin)
“Understood.” (Wilma)
Once she agreed with a single word, Wilma set up her battle-axe facing towards the serpent approaching this way. She closes her eyes in that stance to concentrate.
After a few seconds passed, I detected mana gradually gaining in quantity within Wilma’s body.
“(I see, she will use her scarce mana in a burst instantly.)” (Wendelin)
Wilma doesn’t possess more mana than between elementary and intermediate level.
Even as for magic, she usually isn’t able to do anything but to circulate the mana within her muscles quite efficiently.
“(While normally saving her mana, she can burn a large amount of it temporarily, huh?)” (Wendelin)
She can raise her physical ability tremendously for a very short while, but since she will end up running out of mana afterwards, it was a big technique she used once she had no other options left anymore.
Wilma doesn’t let her concentration waver while her eyes are closed.
During that time the serpent came very close to this place.
And, at the time it tried to prey upon us by stretching its long neck to the beach, Wilma threw the battle-axe, completely as if throwing a boomerang, towards the serpent.
“She threw such heavy battle-axe!” (Wendelin)
I think it was a bolt from the blue for the serpent, who thought it could almost eat us two.
Without even comprehending the reason, it is beheaded due to the battle-axe thrown by Wilma. A fountain of blood gushes forth from the cut end of the neck which had lost its head.
A short while later the thrown battle-axe returns after drawing an arc in the sky, but even then it is simply caught by the hilt as if it’s ordinary.
You could even call it a treasured great technique with her fearsome kinetic vision.



“If we drain the blood quickly, the meat will become delicious.” (Wilma)
“That’s certainly true, but…” (Wendelin)
Although she is usually cute like a small squirrel, she changes into a 『Beheading master』 where the securing of food is concerned.
Yesterday it was a bear, today it’s a serpent.
She is definitely Minister Edgar’s trump card.
She is the owner of a dreadful battle prowess.
“If it was Wend-sama, how would you have defeated it?” (Wilma)
“Let’s see…” (Wendelin)
The scales sell for a lot. Though it is large, it doesn’t mean that it has the same smashing power as a dragon.
After having it lose its mobility by freezing a part of its body with ice magic, I would hit it with a single strike on the top of the head with a spear made by rock magic.
If Wilma had failed, I would have used a strategy like this, I told her.
“Same as Wend-sama, I also considered it would decrease the edible parts if I damaged the body of the sea dragon.” (Wilma)
“(No, I was worried about damaging the scales…) Well, that’s true.” (Wendelin)
At the end we encountered an unexpected yield. Having obtained seafood without problems, we returned to the Baumeister territory.
“For the sake of finally sending the people, who were unable to ascend, to god’s side. For the sake of bestowing food for surviving tomorrow to the people who did that. Even while it’s meager, we offer the food in this way.” (Priest)
“It’s not really meager, now is it?” (Wendelin)
“Wend, shh!” (Ina)



Once we returned to the Baumeister territory slightly before it became evening, Elise’s group already ran about assisting Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s group and the women of the bereaved families in preparing the ceremonial dinner.
Making a large amount of food, tables were lined up in the garden of the house borrowed as the venue.
“Do you want us to help as well?” (Wendelin)
Me, together with Erw and Wilma, build impromptu stoves on piled up stones at various places in the garden and begin to heat up the charcoal fire after placing wire netting onto those.
“Do you want us to grill the meat as well?”
“There’s no difference.”
“We will grill today’s yield.”
On top of the heated wire netting I place half of today’s caught shrimps, crabs, shell-fishes, prepared fishes and squid.
Once they roasted to some degree, I plaster them with soy sauce and the previously produced miso sauce and they are done.
Furthermore, while checking on the roasting condition of Erw’s group, I process one part of the fishes and make sashimi.
Since it’s the cooking of an amateur, it was less skillful than the onee-san from the sorcery guild the other day, but it shouldn’t change the taste even if it’s somewhat out of shape.
The cut sashimi is garnished with wasabi and small pieces of radish and shiso and it’s completed.
Radish usually circulated from the north to the capital. Shiso is circulating in almost any big city as stomach medicine.
Which reminds me, because there was red shiso as well, I’m currently requesting a certain merchant to experiment on making dried plums (T/N: umiboshi) to add something extra.
It’s something I want to be completed as fast as possible.
The wasabi as well isn’t the western wasabi usually spread in the capital. Since I heard something resembling wasabia japonica is growing wildly in the mountains, I obtained a large amount before coming here.
As wasabi grows slowly, the people in the same trade came bringing all of their stock, once I said 『I will buy them for a high price as long as the roots are big』.
With its natural habitat being high grounds, those were difficult places to go pick them up even if they aren’t monster domains. I went myself after having tried to postpone it.
“Well then, the plate of assorted sashimi is complete.” (Wendelin)
“It looks delicious.” (Wilma)
“After this…” (Wendelin)
I cast an original maturing spell on half of the sashimi placed on the plate.
In fact this spell falls under the category of earth magic and is related to the brewing spell for miso and soy sauce.
There are people, who prepare sashimi after letting it mature for 2~3 days, and there are people, who enjoy the firm sensation obtained by this method.
Therefore I thought it would be nice to let both sides enjoy what they like.
Furthermore, people like Elise also valued this spell highly for aging meat.
And after a few hours the preparations for the ceremonial dinner are finally completed in the time from evening to night. It has been decided that the address by the priest-sama will be first.
Once he finished that address, food was offered on the altar he made together with Elise. Together with Hermann-nii-san’s signal of cheering for the drinks, the ceremonial dinner has started.
The large amount of meat placed on top the table, being the main dish, gets distributed among the participants. Likewise the grilled marine products on the wire nettings are shared one after the other as well.
The fief’s population enjoyed the meal even while talking about the family members killed in the expedition.
“How is it, priest-sama?” (Wendelin)
“With this being my first time eating fish from the sea since I’ve been appointed to this area, I must say it is very delicious after all.” (Priest)
The priest, already approaching close to 90 years and with a name of Meister, ate the grilled, delicious-looking fishes.
“Before being appointed to this area, I think the last time was when I received them to eat from Cardinal Achim in the capital. Oh dear, it looks like I’ve led a long life.” (Meister)
Except a few traditional denominations, there wasn’t a rule limiting what clergymen ate.
At most it’s to the extent that it’s better to not drink sake in public, I think?
Therefore, as expected, priest-sama wasn’t drinking any sake.
By the way, we have decided to prohibit sake as well.
Even that Burkhart-san preserved with wild grape juice.
More or less it’s for the case of Kurt going on a rampage.
“However, how nice for a serpent (sea dragon) being there. Was that because it was a beach with no people?” (Burkhart)
While Burkhart-san grills and eats the meat of the serpent (sea dragon), he inspects its head, placed in the center, while admiring it.
Actually it was Burkhart-san, who told us to display the head of the serpent (sea dragon).
Giving the people the impression 『The boy is different from that quack eldest son』, it will become just the right, excellent proof.
Even Burkhart-san says that it’s only natural given that the impact of actual head of the serpent (sea dragon) is stronger than hearing the rumors about the dragon exterminations.
“Was that serpent (sea dragon) whimsy? Albeit, its whim let it end up in this sorry state.” (Wilma)
Wilma hits its head with her battle-axe in the blink of an eye and wolfs down its meat.
Of course the fief’s inhabitants, arriving at the ceremonial dinner, distribute the grilled parts. It was the first time for them to eat the meat of a serpent (sea dragon) and they enjoyed its taste.
“That jou-can called Wilma or such can do more than I imagined.” (Burkhart)
“Yea.” (Wendelin)
“Then you have to take care of that trouble to the end, boy.” (Burkhart)
“As expected, eh?” (Wendelin)
Wilma was brought up by Minister Edgar thanks to the peculiar nature of big nobles 『I will look after them since they might be useful for something』.
Seeing her physical strength, you can even say she is a trump card, but she is useless as women almost never are able to enter the army. Even for using her in a political marriage, regular noble households end up drawing back due to her appetite.
Therefore, the current situation was for him to send her to me, who is also working as adventurer, to be used as new member, guard and concubine candidate.
“If you return her saying you don’t need her, it might become a grave situation for her future life, boy.” (Burkhart)
It will be great, if she can be used as personal guard of Minister Edgar or such, but after becoming an adult she will have to stand on her own feet as adventurer.
If things don’t go well, there is also the possibility of her being abused for some work behind the scenes characteristic for nobles.
“If you say this much…” (Wendelin)
She was a girl with a lovely appearance. After fishing together today, I held a good impression of her personality being meek as well.
Although you might say that her abundant eating is a weakness, I can do something about that, if it’s only this much.
“Putting aside whether she will be my wife, I will see to her being taken care of as my personal guard.” (Wendelin)
Since she’s still a minor, it means that she can’t enter monster domains, but if she serves as guard of me, who is a noble, she can enter the domain with a special permission.
As for the aspect of ability, there should be countless adventurers, who are weaker than her.
On this point there shouldn’t be any problems.
“However, you are surprisingly gentle.” (Wendelin)
“I’m kind to children.” (Burkhart)
Which reminds me, I remember him distributing the sweets, he bought in the capital, to the children not long ago.
The children, who didn’t know much about sweet things with the exception of fruits, were greatly enjoying their deliciousness.
Although he showed a complicated facial expression when he was called 『Thanks, ojichan (T/N: uncle)』.
“Haven’t you distributed anything, boy?” (Burkhart)
“That’s the case…” (Wendelin)
Since it’s a ceremonial dinner specially held in order to stir up Kurt, it seems necessary to court for popularity with the children as well, although it might be a bit plain.
Moreover, although they were participants of the crucial ceremonial dinner, it surpassed the number of 600 people.
I have a feeling that the number is too big for being restricted to the bereaved families, however it’s not like we particularly limited what degree of relationship participants have to have.
It’s not like we didn’t allow for people like the relatives of the bereaved families to come either. It was a fact that we didn’t say anything because there was no particular reason to do so in the first place.
Rather, a great number of participants will rile up Kurt.
Though, as expected, the food has disappeared at once.
Each time that happens, the fief’s inhabitants cook the ingredients, prepared by us, distribute them and eat them.
The wire nettings used for barbecuing are constantly grilling a large amount of serpent meat and seafood.
Also, in addition, Elise took out stuff like the high-classed maté tea, we are drinking usually, and her home-made sweets. The bereaved families were satisfied with the ceremonial dinner.
“So, will you make mizuame as well?”
“Ah, that sweet stuff?”
The spells to make sake through fruit juice, honey and grain were quite popular before, but for some reason mizuame didn’t spread in this world.
Are they at least selling the sweet liquid before it turns into alcohol as juice with a part of it being the foundation for brewing?
Therefore, I refine mizuame with magic with the materials being things like glutinous rice and brown rice in a large earthenware pot, I bought before, without delay.
If you do it properly, it will take quite a bit of time and labor, but I was grateful for being able to omit such things with magic.
An earthenware pot filled with mizuame with a high viscosity is completed right away. Coiling this around wooden sticks, I distribute it to the children.
“Thank you, Wendelin-sama.”
The children greatly enjoyed the sweet mizuame.
“However, you gathered them.” (Burkhart)
“Some aren’t…” (Wendelin)
The residents of the main village with the exception of the bereaved families and a part of the conservative people from the other villages, didn’t they come due to being busy after all?
“With this the prospects from here on out are?” (Burkhart)
“Depending on the reaction of the opponent.” (Wendelin)
Even if Kurt was temporarily stabilized as next feudal lord here, this shouldn’t be no more than a cause of future chaos.
Therefore I planned to force him into retirement.
Hermann-nii-san will inherit the current territory and a part of the Savage Lands. For the rest I will advance the development by giving money away freely.
However, after a little while I will work as adventurer without showing too many openings to act as leader. (T/N: Author uses here as light mikoshi… light portable shrine… but that’s not really understandable in that way)
I didn’t especially consult about whether it should be done this way, but the kingdom’s side and Margrave Breithilde probably have realized at least this much.
Burkhart-san isn’t saying anything because he is understanding that, I think.
Also, it seems to be in accordance with an order from Margrave Breithilde for him to monitor Kurt’s actions by sticking to him while erasing his presence with magic during daytime.
“(Everyone is waiting for Kurt to explode, huh? Isn’t that pathetic in a certain sense… ?)” (Wendelin)
Be that as it may, I want to excuse myself from being entangled with any more troubles of my family’s home.
It was necessary here to harden my heart and remove him.
“From tomorrow I will also provoke him every day.” (Wendelin)
“Provocation, eh… ?”
Margrave Breithilde will take time until finishing the assessment of the raw materials and the selection of the aforementioned articles of the deceased.
Since I don’t expect for Kurt to go on a rampage in less than five days anyway, I have in fact planned to stay within the territory for a while still.
As for the pretext; since I can go to the Demon Forest with magic, we decided to work there as local, exclusive adventurers for some time.
In regards to the aspects of conditions and such, Burkhart-san has been secretly discussing and determining them with father and Klaus.
I see, it seems they are already excluding the annoying Kurt.
And, we will perform a regular bazaar within the territory and do business by buying things from the fief’s population and sell it somewhere else.
Furthermore, it had been decided that we will be assisted by Hermann-nii-san’s family and Paul-nii-san’s group, who extended their temporary leave.
If you think about it normally, you can say that the household of the Junior Commander was ordered to help in receiving the adventurers and their guards, who will do business and thus spur on the economic development within the territory, but you can also say that it’s some kind of usurpation flag with the true state of affairs.
Probably the kingdom wants Kurt to burst quickly.
And they want us to suppress this in a way that there as few victims as possible.
It has become such a scenario.
“At any rate, I want as fast as possible to return to the original life of adventurers…” (Wendelin)
“Boy, don’t be so obsessive about it…” (Burkhart)
As we are having such talk, the fief’s inhabitants have abruptly started to make an uproar at the party.
The reason for that was the appearance of Kurt’s wife, Amelie-sister-in-law-san, at the venue.
Moreover, she has even taken Kurt’s children along, Carl, who can be regarded as the next feudal lord after Kurt, and his younger brother, Oskar.
“Hee, what a bold lady.”
“No, she isn’t such heroine type lady.”
Being the second daughter of a Knight household of a close-by, small territory that is even more provincial than us and considering the possibility of the household falling, she is an obedient woman, who received proper education in things such as reading, writing and calculation.
This was my impression of her.
She was also the only person on the same wavelength after Erich-nii-san left the house.
“It’s been a while, Baron Baumeister-sama.” (Amelie)
“It is I who should say so, Amelie-sister-in-law-san.” (Wendelin)
If I remember correctly, she should be 26 years old, but she looks a bit younger than that.
Although she isn’t a beautiful woman, she was a person easy to talk with.
I remembered once again.
“Father-in-law-sama wanted to express his gratitude for you organizing the ceremonial dinner in recognition of the service of those killed in action and their bereaved families this time.” (Amelie)
“Originally it was something where it would be wrong if we didn’t hold it ourselves, but that was impossible because Kurt and his followers opposed it”, Amelie-sister-in-law-san explained.
“In regards to this matter, there is no problem since it’s being organized by the head of the Junior Commander household, who is the highest-ranking person among those participating.” (Wendelin)
This time’s party is officially organized by the family of Hermann-nii-san and it has been settled that we are his helpers.
You can’t say that there’s no problem with that, but it was inevitable even if we worried about it needlessly.
“I will accept it like that, if you say so.” (Amelie)
Amelie-sister-in-law-san is treated as representative by father and Kurt, it seems.
Probably, because I haven’t met her, with whom I was on good terms, yet, father took that into consideration.
In Kurt’s case, it likely has been something like 『It’s sufficient to send a woman as representative to you lot』, I think, but even those thoughts appear to have been predicted by father.
“Well, then let’s head to the altar at once…”
Amelie-sister-in-law-san places a bag filled with stuff like offering ornaments, a bouquet and offerings, she brought, on the altar. She dedicates a prayer together with the children she has taken along.
“If you like, you can eat a meal. Your sons should come as well.” (Wendelin)    
“Then we will take you up on that.” (Amelie)
Amelie-sister-in-law-san and the children are provided a meal and sweets right away.
However, Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s group, who are helping out, is showing complicated expressions.
They want to treat her coldly because she is Kurt’s wife, but as like-minded women, they are perceiving her as pitiable person, who is getting involved in the rampaging of her husband.
And even the fief’s inhabitants are realizing the current situation within the territory to some degree.
Therefore, they sent uneasy looks at Amelie-sister-in-law-san.
“You’ve been very active.” (Amelie)
“Yea, though I’ve been abused by the greedy nobles of the capital thanks to that.” (Wendelin)
“That’s only natural, since they are nobles. Even an insignificant knight such as my father often lamented about it.” (Amelie)
I’m talking with Amelie-sister-in-law-san while eating, but it’s not like I’m asking her much about Kurt’s matter or such either. It’s been only harmless and inoffensive topics.
Although I was troubled whether you can’t call the topic of the capital’s greedy nobles problematic, it proved to be successful and well-suited for a general chat since they are like that since thousands of years.
“These are my nephews? They’ve grown a lot.” (Wendelin)
At the times I was in the house, it was a relationship of only seeing their faces occasionally.
Given that I would leave the house anyway, it was better to not get in touch with them as much as possible.
Such was my impression of father’s and Kurt’s opinions at that time. As I put that into practice, I never even had the opportunity to hold a decent conversation with them.
“They’ve grown big, right?” (Wendelin)
“Yes, I’ve grown old as well. The children have become big as well. My only remaining concern is the future of Oskar and Karl.” (Amelie)
“I still haven’t become a parent so I don’t understand quite well, but I guess that’s how things go.” (Wendelin)
While the two of us are chatting, Elise’s group was tactful and distracted the two nephews by giving them things like sweets.
“There might be a storm in the future, but it’s something that will go away sooner or later. Take the children and leave.” (Wendelin)
“It can’t be averted after all… ?” (Amelie)
Given that Amelie-sister-in-law-san was someone from outside the territory, she should understand the eccentricity of Kurt group’s behavior.
And, although they would be able to live as the territory’s lord family if it was before, now even that point won’t pass anymore.
“Even if you pull through here once.” (Wendelin)  
“That’s right, isn’t it… ?” (Amelie)
The majority of the fief’s population had already shifted their attention elsewhere.
And, they had already noticed that Kurt’s way of doing things was no good.
“Concerning the future of your children, I will do something about them since there are certain people who owe me a lot.” (Wendelin)
“Thank you very much.” (Amelie)
After amusing ourselves by chatting for around 30 minutes, Amelie-sister-in-law-san starts heading home together with her children.
My nephews, Karl and Oskar, listened to the story about my dragon extermination and were delightful about receiving things like sweets and toys as souvenirs from the capital.
“Hey, will you do something?”
“I will do something. Naturally, ain’t it for Margrave Breithilde as well?”
“Isn’t there any other way?”
It’s not like I want to particularly purge the blood.
Once Kurt’s retirement is enforced, the entire case will be closed.
Or rather, I think I want to finish this quickly since this situation doesn’t sit well with me.
“Will you go hunting in the Demon Forest tomorrow?”
“If the situation doesn’t change, that’s the plan.”
While seeing off Amelie-sister-in-law-san’s back as she is heading down the road home leading her two children, I prayed in my mind to a god, I don’t even believe in, that the entire situation can be put in order as fast as possible.


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