Chapter 48 – Achievement of the request and chaos at the Baumeister household

“Boy’s elder brother, that’s a storm of defiant, abusive language.” (Burkhart)

“Well, since I’m staying indoors, this will also be a strong point…” (Hermann)
“Be that as it may, it’s too unfair!” (Wendelin)
In the early morning of the next day we transferred to the Demon Forest in the Savage Lands by teleportation magic from the Baumeister territory with a full stomach after various things happened.
Since my childhood I had trained my magic while exploring the vast Savage Lands.
Thanks to this it became possible to move almost everywhere within the Savage Lands with teleportation.
Since I was still a minor at that time and it would have been a disaster if something unexpected happened while entering the Demon Forest by myself, I didn’t went into some parts of the forest. But I have finished grasping the surrounding of all these parts.
I even understood most points of the invasion route of the aforementioned expedition.
As expected, the expedition in those days cut through stuff like undergrowth and all kinds of trees. These have already recovered because of its fertility full of vim and vigor.
But, those sites somehow became potential invasion points even for a large army.
I think I will know the value of life after the invasion, if I see the conclusion of the expeditionary force.
“From the start, he doesn’t even have an intention to make a debut in high society. They have a patron, but he hasn’t even gone to meet with him from face-to-face.” (Ina)
Because I, who began to attend the adventurer’s prep school in Breitburg after I turned 12 years old, acted as representative, they are apparently pretty much considered of having characteristics of being hikikomori‘s by society.
Certainly, it was me who attended the garden party of Margrave Breithilde for the first time among the Baumeister family.
It could be even said that it was a spectacular feat since it’s our family.
However, even if it is some party, given that it takes more than a month to cross the mountain range to arrive at the venue as well, you could also say that it was inevitable in a certain sense.
Someone, who can use teleportation magic like me, is valuable.
Probably, including this aspect, that’s also the reason someone like the village headman Klaus wants me to become the family head.
“I got even more pissed off! That idiot shouldn’t be the next family head! Let’s exchange him with the boy, as master says!” (Burkhart)
“Such a thing. Burkhart-san, I don’t want to.” (Wendelin)
While I’m investigating the interior of the Demon Forest from the scheduled invasion site with detection magic, I refute Burkhart-san’s reckless remark.
If I did such thing, Klaus would probably rejoice, but Kurt would likely explode.
Given that he also has the support of the advocates of main village supremacy, who are ultra conservative, they are quite capable of taking up their weapons and oppose it in the worst case.
It’s probably still better if they only go to the extent of secluding themselves, but if they even clash with Klaus and the people of the other villages, it might end up resulting in deaths.
Excusing myself from such victims, I declare my unwillingness in becoming the next family head of that sort of territory.
Or rather, no matter how much magic I can use, there is various know-how necessary for the management of a territory.
Furthermore, many human resources are required as well.
All of that were things I, who have a small, rising appointed noble family, didn’t own.
“But you know, if we are unlucky, it’s possible that the situation is already shifting.” (Burkhart)
Thanks to that, I end up worrying about the situation of my family’s home even though we have the great task of purifying 2000 undead.
Moreover, it’s not only me feeling like that.
All members have completely the same concern.
“I’d like for there to be no damage to the branch family. For the sake of the honey liquor.” (Burkhart)
“Just to what extent did you like it… ?” (Erwin)
Erwin was astonished due to the remark of the excessive drinker Burkhart-san, but that was certainly something delicious.
Since one is almost an adult with 15 years in this world, we also sampled it last night.
It has a great balance between sweetness and sourness. We have unintentionally ended up drinking too much.
“It will be fine, if we leave that territory to Hermann-dono.” (Burkhart)
“That’s irrational…” (Wendelin)
If we went with what Burkhart-san says, the Knight Baumeister territory would be shut up by forcibly retiring father and Kurt.
By entrusting it to Hermann-nii-san, the discussions would move into quite a constructive direction.
“Officially, it isn’t alright to put the order of the boy’s father and his eldest son into disorder.” (Burkhart)
In any case, there hasn’t been a war for over 200 years in this place.
The situation should be stable if the eldest sons succeeded in turns, if they are up to the task.
“That idiot Klaus hasn’t completely failed yet, that’s why he has such nasty nature.” (Burkhart)
Although they disagreed with Margrave Breithilde and us, that still doesn’t mean that it would definitely cause a rebellion.
Seeing it from the central government’s side, it’s a situation where it would be easy to intervene, if something happened.
“Intervention?” (Wendelin)
Or rather, they seem to also be quite eager to intervene.
They are probably deeming Kurt to be a hindrance for the goal of developing the territory along the Savage Lands.
It’s because I’m even possessing plenty of funds for development.
It will become a large disturbance to the other small feudal lords if Kurt is disinherited and father is forcibly retired by the order of the royal family all of a sudden.
If possible, they probably want something to happen, so they can use that as trigger for an intervention.
And in addition to that, as soon as possible.
“It’s likely that…” (Burkhart)
At first, cause a situation to have the fief’s population rise to their feet in disappointment with father and Kurt.
As there’s the possibility of them having sympathizers among the fief’s population, excluding the main village, it might originate from Klaus or the branch family.
No, even if either of them revolted, the other two would act in concert probably.
Because they don’t wish for a development leading to deaths, they will have at least the great majority rise to their feet. They want the situation to flow in the direction of urging father’s group to be retired forcefully.
After that it’s probable that Kurt’s group will heavily tend towards suppressing the opposing faction, considering the possibilities.
This might cause a great number of victims if things don’t go well.
“Although it is a detestable story, the latter is convenient for the kingdom. It seems to be the same for my master as well.” (Burkhart)
The reason is that they can at worst revoke the peerage and territory, if they have father and Kurt taking responsibility for this situation.
Even if they entrust the territory, including the Savage Lands, to me, it would clear away the traces of the predecessors pretty much with ease in a distant future.
The nobles, like those being in the central government in the capital, apparently think like that.
“As they would be making the two into villains, it will be easy to cause expectations towards the boy in the distant future.” (Burkhart)
“That lot is taking this lightly.” (Wendelin)
Or rather than that, it might be a problem of distance. (T/N: capital -> sticks)
The Baumeister territory with its population of below 1000 residents is no more than a tiny territory for the nobles of the capital.
Even if it turned into a rebellion, it’s not like there will be considerable casualties noted down in the official papers.
Since that’s the case, they want Kurt to leave the stage as soon as possible.
Even so, we have actually ended up coming in contact with the fief’s population upon Klaus’ inducement.
Given the situation, they will request their wish to avoid a situation where casualties appear.
“If Hermann-nii-san succeeds, it will also give the territory time to a certain extent.” (Wendelin)
They will support the development there leaving some leeway to the development itself.
Hermann-nii-san will at least be made a Baron if they are successful at the development.
“That’s the point. Because of that the boy will be in charge of the remaining Savage Lands.” (Burkhart)
If I developed an area of such size, I wouldn’t finish even spending my whole life on it, if I’m unlucky.
There’s also the possibility of me being tied by the work as feudal lord.
If I consider this, it’s quite depressing.
“Umm, Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)
“What is it, Elise?” (Wendelin)
“Isn’t it unnecessary to immerse yourself forcibly in the work of a feudal lord and everything else from now on either?” (Elise)
“What do you mean by that?” (Wendelin)
If it is as Elise says, no matter how powerful as magician I might be, standing at the head of an army as youngster, becoming an adult immediately after turning 15 years old, isn’t necessary to develop a territory from the scratch.
“100% of the funds and territory would be Wendelin-sama’s possession. I think honorable grandfather-sama’s group will gather workers on their own accord.” (Elise)
“It might be bad for Elise like that, but won’t it result in not advancing the development due to conflicts over the rights?” (Wendelin)
It doesn’t even matter if I end up entrusting that enormous, unreal amount of money to them.
If stupid nobles and their dependents came out trying to gain profits by even being corrupt thanks to that, it would result in getting troublesome later.
Only increasing strange rivalries without advancing the development of the Savage Lands, it would be meaningless for me to become the feudal lord just for the sake of providing the money.
At worst I would be treated as war criminal.
“Although I don’t want to say zero, it will be okay since the cruel people will be removed right away.” (Elise)
If the representative, becoming the key point, has ability, he will be mostly able to prevent this.
“When it comes to this, it has to be Roderich, huh?” (Wendelin)
“Yes, won’t it be alright, if we entrust the managing of the household to that gentleman?” (Elise)
Even other capable staff, it shouldn’t be too strange to dispatch a group of nobles either, Elise says.
“It’s because everyone wants to gain the rights and benefits of developing a new territory legally.” (Elise)
With the abundant prosperity of the kingdom, these nobles will send forth their relatives and dependents, who have valuable abilities but are doomed to a live of wasting away, to develop new territories. Marrying into the Baron Baumeister household, they can increase their rights with things like special development procurement and trade.
Although that’s their goal, they obviously can’t dispatch useless people either.
“If such people did mischief, honorable grandfather-sama should strike them down with pleasure.” (Elise)
“The folks dispatched by XX can’t even be used for work. They are apparently gaining trust and then pilfer the money and goods. They are people who would be troubled in front of god due to their bad deeds. In my opinion XX hasn’t the qualifications to send out people for this development which is even being observed by His Majesty.”
It is very likely that the other nobles will link up and attack XX to drive them out from the development of the new territory.
And, other nobles will scramble for the opened up spot.
Isn’t that sad?
It seems nobles are such creatures.
“However, won’t it be fine, if Wendelin-sama prepares in advance to be the most imposing?” (Elise)
“Is that how it works?” (Wendelin)
“Yes, Wendelin-sama is a magician, therefore you are special.” (Elise)
Certainly, with that amount of money.
I don’t even know what to use it on. In order for the majority of the strangers, who will become the retainer group, to not do evil deeds, I’d have to check each and every little thing so that causing trouble would be impossible.
From the start, it’s like not having money.
If I’m hoarding it anyway, they will complain even if I give out money.
It probably won’t be bad to observe from the distance whether the nobles of this country will become useful or whether they are wasting the money flashy as much as possible.
It’s fine if I have to earn money with magic once again anyway. At worst it would be alright, if I ended up defecting to the Holy Empire Urquhart with a feeling of a vacation abroad, if it gets too bothersome here.
“Since I’m Wendelin-sama’s wife, I shall always go with you. Even if I died, it wouldn’t be the reason for the extinction of the Hohenheim household either.” (Elise)
“I haven’t even said anything.” (Wendelin)
“I was just speaking to myself here.” (Elise)
“Hu~~~mph, a monologue, eh?” (Luise)
“Yes.” (Elise)
Somehow it seems that the blood of nobility flowing within Elise was thicker than I thought.
Moreover, she is also a fairly extreme woman.
Perhaps this might be the kind of woman who is called clingy woman. (T/N: Author use heavy woman but that sounds stupid in English)
“Uwaa, our lord’s first wife-dono is scary.” (Erwin)
“What does that have to do with the Junior Commander?” (Elise)
“We can earn income as adventurers. We have plenty of reserves. Even living in a foreign country is completely alright. We aren’t dependent on that rotten elder brother and that scheming village headman, now are we?” (Erwin)
“For the time being, father is still the feudal lord.” (Wendelin)
“I don’t know whether the bad habit of Wend’s father is a fact. But it it’s that person, he is partly acting like a bystander, right? Therefore he won’t even punish that rotten elder brother, even if he is shocked by him.” (Erwin)
It might be as Erw says, but it also seems like it will be difficult to hold the next bazaar as long as Kurt is going strong.
If it was Hermann-nii-san, he wouldn’t worry about holding it once per month at all.
And, the one responsible for the current situation is father, but it didn’t look like he would take active measures unless a miracle occurs.
Although he hasn’t shown his face, he might be wavering within his mind.
Will he still make Kurt the next family head?
Or has he decided to change his decision?
This hesitation might also be the reason he allowed Kurt’s abusive remarks.
“If it’s this party, it will pass anywhere. Haven’t I become the strongest war potential, so to say?” (Erwin)
“If there is no Ina-chan, the common sense of these members ends up being off.” (Luise)
“Luise, Even I have common sense…” (Erwin)
“Erw’s boiling point of anger is low once in a while.” (Luise)
“Isn’t that the same for you?” (Erwin)
I can use various, powerful, handy spells, but I somewhere feel out-of-place in this world being influenced by the common sense of my previous life.
A master of purification and healing magic, a beautiful girl with huge breast up to the degree to be called saint, a modest woman who is perfect in things like housework and such and occasionally even shows the scary face of the daughter of an important noble, that is Elise.
Even though she appears to be simple-minded on the first glance thanks to her outward appearance, she is somehow calculating and an incarnation of physical strength. That is Luise.
Certainly, if you put Ina and Erw into the mix here as well, it might be obvious that the normal people in the surroundings end up thinking 『They are difficult to approach』.
“Since various stuff happened, we will end up thinking about various things in the future, too. But in the end, we can’t deal with it since nothing has actually occurred. First comes the job.” (Luise)
“It’s as Luise says. It would be a disaster, if we made a mistake due to being over-concerned.” (Wendelin)
We, who eventually reached the conclusion of what will be, will be, intruded into the Demon Forest after continuing detection for a short while.

“Uwaa! An earth-shattering number of presences…” (Luise)
We, who finally entered the Demon Forest, are immediately attacked by a feeling of having chill along the spine.
Luise is especially sensitive to such presences with her magic combat style. She exposed a sense of caution due to that feeling.
The expeditionary force should have also entered at almost the same place more than 15 years ago, but the majority of them has lost their lives on this soil.
Of course their corpses became undead due to their lingering affections.
At first they will become zombies, then from there on, the individuals, as their grudges grow stronger completely like the interest of a loan, will job change to things like skeletons, liches, and ghouls.
The large amount of monster presences, which Luise felt, are clearly undead.
“Well then, let’s begin the operation.” (Burkhart)
The operation begins with the call of the most senior among us, Burkhart-san, but actually it isn’t something that complicated either.
At first we will lay out a sheet of cloth with around 2 meters length per side on the ground where Elise cut the undergrowth.
This cloth had a magic square for supplementing the purification, drawn on it by a high priest while receiving prayers in a church.
Because it will improve the efficacy of Elise’s holy purification spell, you can also call it a kind of magic tool.
Given that we had to leave a slightly high offering at the time of obtaining this, I think that we should pray that it’s something effective.
Next, once we have confirmed Elise standing in the middle of the magic square, all the remaining members will press megaphones, provided by me, to their mouths.
And then we began to shout the chosen words all at once.
“Ya~~~~y! The Margrave Breithilde army sucks!” (All but Elise)
“If it’s you guys, we will easily win by just using 10% of our power!” (All but Elise)
“Your military abilities are zero if not even minus, Margrave Breithilde!” (All but Elise)
We aren’t particularly doing that as a joke.
Once the war dead of the defeated military forces of the army became undead, such things as their intelligence fell naturally as well.
Is it the instinct from the time of being alive?
There are many who understand the insults from us to a certain degree.
It seems to be that they understand things to the degree of us treating them like idiots.
And, another thing.
For some reason there appeared a leader among the undead group.
This might be partly instinct as well, but for some reason that leader is basing many of his decisions on the standards he used during his lifetime.
Naturally it was very likely that the previous Margrave Breithilde has become the leader.
Therefore, the strategy of aiming the insults at him should be quite effective.
“Uwaa! They really came!” (Luise)
After a few minutes since beginning to insult them via the megaphones, finally the figures of several zombies come in sight in the grove at the front.
“A scouting unit?” (Wendelin)
“It’s an ugly scouting unit.” (Luise)
Different to me, who burns them with magic, it’s no good if Luise doesn’t hit the zombies unarmed if there’s imminent danger to Elise’s body.
I guess it’s a mental state of refusing to touch corpses as much as possible for one’s mental sanity.
“Elise, start casting.” (Wendelin)
“Yes!” (Elise)
Upon my signal, Elise, standing in the middle of the magic square, invokes the purification spell after starting to pray silently.
Its range is around 100 meter in diameter.
After throwing out insults, they will be purified once they enter the range of the purification spell.
It was completely a strategy as if shooing cockroaches.
“Uwaa, how gross!” (Luise)
As expected of corpses that have died more than 15 years ago.
Although the decay has been delayed after becoming undead, it’s not like they stopped decaying entirely.
Their bodies have been bitten by monsters. Their rotting innards and bones are exposed because of the torn off parts. Although they are zombies with a murky dark skin, you couldn’t expect them to give off a good impression based on their appearance either.
Furthermore, it will be impossible to recycle their worn armor and such as those are covered all over with rust.  
Their swords were rusted as well. The blades were worn-out from the battle with monsters when they died and the tip had snapped off as well.
The majority of it could either be given as articles of the deceased to the bereaved families or there was nothing else but recycling them as scrap iron.
“Naturally they don’t possess such things as decent treasures, I guess.” (Erwin)
“If it’s Margrave Breithilde or his staff, it might be different.” (Wendelin)
If they have ornamented their armors and swords with gold and jewels for the sake of appearance, it should be possible to turn that into money.
Given that those are articles of the deceased, they should be received with high-priced gratitude.
“I wonder if there are things that can be sold such as personal property?” (Erwin)
More than 15 years have already passed since they became zombies.
As the food, they possessed at that time, should have spoiled even if it’s emergency rations, they are moving by nothing but instinct as their intelligence, before becoming zombies, has vanished.
Because they aren’t gourmets either, they should have ended up greedily devouring even the collected monster materials.
Even if undead chew on something in accordance to their instinct of the time they were alive, it doesn’t mean that this will become nourishment for them either.
However, the things, that they masticated, will drop to the ground from their anus passing through the stomach and such.
To put it simply, they are incontinent.  
Naturally stuff like the monster materials have been reduced to worthlessness at the time of being crunched.
I guess, such things like medicinal plants don’t have to be mentioned.
Among the zombies gradually gathering, some individuals are coming towards us while discharging something from their butts. (T/N: Lol)
There are also some individuals among them, who have something leaking from their abdomens since those had been cut open. It’s not something pleasant to see.
There were more undead that wanted to spit out something from within their stomachs than at the time of purifying the flawed properties in the capital.
It was a far worse sight than in the games, where you shoot zombies with guns, played at game centres in my previous life.
Furthermore, from their view even living humans are nothing more than fodder.
Since they will try to devour you once you enter their sight, you could even say that their extermination is indispensable.
“But, they are weak.” (Erwin)
Although Erw set up his sword stance, the zombies are completely eliminated once they breach the holy space deployed by Elise one after the other.
Nothing but rusted and slightly dirtied equipment items were left.
“The zombies here are weak, but their number is a threat. Don’t lose focus.” (Burkhart)
Everyone once again focusses their minds due to the advice from Burkhart-san, who is a former veteran adventurer.
However, the zombies end up vanishing as if dissolving once they continue after breaching the holy space deployed by Elise.
As a normal holy purification spell user won’t reach such effect, it means that Elise is this superior.
“Boy.” (Burkhart)
“I know.” (Wendelin)
Once I take out the reserve magic bag, I store stuff like the zombies owned bags and their equipped items successively into it.
As well as rusted and corroded defense armaments like shields and armors and likewise rusted and broken weapons like swords and spears.
The bags, the zombies owned, have slightly dirtied things like copper coins and silver coins.
We decided to return these goods to the bereaved families after gathering and judging to whom these items belong.
“If it’s no good, we will recycle the metallic items by melting them down after receiving a purification at the church.” (Burkhart)
“(These things have quite the dangerous ecology as well.)” (Wendelin)
Since they people of this world shouldn’t be able to understand even if I explained ecology to them, I have decided to keep this within my mind.
“Just don’t come squirming.” (Ina)
We could be regarded like having no tension in some respects, but it might be inevitable as we collected articles of the deceased for around an hour without even fighting at all.
In addition, even as the zombies see their companions crumble away by touching the purification magic barrier by Elise in front of their eyes, they don’t withdraw themselves.
If a strong leader has ordered them to attack, they will move only by the instinct of getting close to their fodder called humans, that is in front of their eyes.
“Burkhart-san, around how much have we gathered?” (Wendelin)
“Umm… around 800 people’s worth.” (Burkhart)
If I remember correctly, the number of soldiers, who became corpses in this Demon Forest, should be around 2000.
Therefore, around half has passed on.
“However, I wonder whether he won’t come out soon?” (Burkhart)
“In that case, I will enlarge the range and have them pass on in one go.” (Wendelin)
I think the one Burkhart-san wanted to come out soon was the previous Margrave Breithilde, who we thought to be commanding the zombie pack.
But, he is strongly influenced by the human relations of his lifetime even after he became a zombie. At the time I heard this, I ended up feeling the sinfulness of the animal called human.
“Prey! Eat!” (Zombie Breithilde)14045763_241366036260740_855560863003471603_n
“A~~~h. Even as originally great noble-sama, he has become this miserable.” (Burkhart)
As the zombie extermination is going on for further 10 minutes, a middle-aged, seemingly male zombie, who was wearing a rusted armor that could originally be considered an extravagant armor with jewels attached to it, appeared.
After looking at the equipment he is wearing, it is clear without a doubt that this is the former Margrave Breithilde.
It was an extremely rare case, but although he is a zombie, he is able to speak words. Should I even say as expected of an originally important noble?
Even if he is only repeating 『Prey! Eat!』 following his instincts.
“Burkhart-sama, that’s a considerably rude remark.” (Ina)
“If it’s the predecessor, I didn’t see his face first-hand in the past. My loyalty belongs to the current lord. Is it different for Ina-jou-chan?” (Burkhart)
“He gave me such things as candies during my childhood. He was a kind person… At least that’s what my nii-san’s said.” (Luise)
If you consider the time of the expedition, Ina and Luise shouldn’t have been acquainted with the predecessor as it should have been before they were born or while they were babies.
Therefore her follow-up was something questionable.
“Kindness is different from his ability as noble.” (Burkhart)
“If you say that, he is trouble though…” (Ina)
I extend the range of my detection spell in a hurry as Burkhart-san and Ina are bluntly continuing the conversation.
Thereupon I sense the reactions of what seems to be around 1000 zombies remaining within a radius of 200 meters.
“There is no oversight, Well, then let’s get it done in one go?” (Wendelin)
Saying this, I put my hands on Elise’s shoulders and use range expansion magic continuously.
The holy purification spell, that had its radius stretched to 500 meters in diameter for caution’s sake, mercilessly dissolves the zombies as they are passing on.
Even the most important zombie, the former Margrave Breithilde, crumbles away completely since his base is that of a zombie after all.
The left-behind equipment items with jewels attached were the only proof of his existence.
“Al~~~right, it’s fine to stop the spell as well.” (Burkhart)
And, a few minutes later, Burkhart-san also verifies that there are no reactions of monsters in the vicinity with detection magic. With this the zombie extermination finally came to an end.
But, that didn’t mean that we could do something like relaxing at this place.
“Hurry up searching for articles of the deceased in the surroundings!” (Burkhart)
We resume the retrieval and search of articles of the deceased in the area in a hurry.
Given that there were 2000 zombies until now, other monsters didn’t exist in this area at all.
Since they ended up vanishing all at once, it was possible that this empty area would be intruded upon by monsters in great number.
“Don’t speak a single word. We will withdraw after collecting the majority!” (Burkhart)
After that, for around 30 minutes, we have collected the articles of the deceased, being the equipment items from the zombies that were eliminated by the holy magic, from the field encampment site, that became their final resting place.
Even so, I was confronted with a single question here.
“There aren’t any folks appearing to be former members of the Baumeister household’s feudal army.” (Erwin)
“Now that you say it, that’s true.” (Wendelin)
As Erw has pointed out, we confirmed that there were Sonbi* folks that originally were magicians, a group that appears to be the staff who wore high-priced equipment and the soldiers who were uniformly dressed in the equipment of the Breithilde household’s feudal army. (T/N: * to put it short, scholars with high decorum who protected honor and principles without indulging in opulent luxury and power… unless it’s a name though I don’t think that)
No one has gathered things that don’t match the leeway in economic strength of the Margrave Breithilde household.
The Baumeister household’s feudal army consisted of farmers, who were soldiers wearing shabby, non-uniform armor parts. It was to the extent that even their leaders, the previous Junior Commander and his sons, were wearing more or less objectionable armor.
They didn’t have the assets to even employ an elementary leveled magician.
Although it sounds bad, it was a group were it wasn’t clear whether you could barely call them military forces.
“Why don’t they show up?” (Wendelin)
I investigate the surroundings with detection magic once again, but there are no reactions from monsters, including zombies, within 500 meters.
The annihilation of the former Breithilde feudal army immediately followed here, therefore there were still other groups lying in wait at the sides.
Regular monsters have a tendency of avoiding undead.
I guess even monsters want to be spared from joining the group of undead after being killed.
“Did they separate from the Breithilde household’s feudal army?” (Wendelin)
“That’s not possible.” (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san has gathered a lot of experience as adventurer.
Therefore he has probably actually experienced such situation.
He denied my comment.
“Zombies are influenced by their instincts from the time they were alive.” (Burkhart)
From the standpoint of being a patron, the Baumeister household’s feudal army’s Junior Commander became a commander-in-chief departing with the Breithilde family head directly to the front alongside the Breithilde household’s feudal army.
Therefore he was probably worked hard being treated as retainer by Margrave Breithilde.
No matter how much you call them small military forces, the Baumeister household’s feudal army was in a chain of command of a different army.
Being forced to be the commander-in-chief by father, who was the family’s head, they fought against monsters after a long march.
The Junior Commander, being my grand-uncle, had probably accumulated various grudges.
“It’s possible that they separated from that group due to those unpleasant feelings.”
“There are such situations.”
“Originally that’s how humans are.”
“And the other possibilities?”
Although I became well-acquainted with evil spirits due to the exorcism experiences in the capital, I’m unfortunately not well-informed about zombies. Once again I seek out Burkhart-san’s knowledge.
“It’s possible that their plans have grown albeit being such small group.” (Burkhart)
Since zombies basically don’t have any reasoning, they might also have split away from the group as time passed. There are many cases where zombies combine their numbers by absorbing other zombies with cannibalism. It almost never happens that there are two groups remaining for an extended period of time.
“Evil spirits have a nimble footwork since they don’t have a body. On the other hand, there are few cases where zombies leave the spot they died at.” (Burkhart)
“However, they aren’t here.” (Wendelin)
“Even if I say that they don’t leave, they move around in a sphere of several kilometers. They might be outside the detection spell range.” (Burkhart)
When I try to expand the detection magic as a test, I located a great number of monster reactions at parts of the outer edge.
There are around several thousand reactions, but they won’t come attacking all at once.
Because they are returning while being careful as it was a domain ruled by undead, who were the minority here, it doesn’t seem to be dangerous to stay here as long as it isn’t for too long.
“Even so, if it’s the other side, they aren’t foolish either. They are cautious of us, who purified close to 2000 undead, with such small number.” (Burkhart)
But, to the bitter end, that’s only if those monsters are normal monsters.
What if those thousands of reactions were undead?
Such question is surging forth within me.
“Isn’t it also possible that the undead of the Baumeister household’s territorial army are included within those reactions?” (Wendelin)
“Although we can’t exclude that possibility, the numbers don’t match.” (Burkhart)
The number of monsters at the outer edge reaches up to several thousands whereas the Baumeister household’s territorial army numbered below 100 soldiers.
Certainly the numbers don’t match, but somehow it doesn’t make sense.
“Did their numbers increase then?” (Wendelin)
“The numbers increased? Does something like that really happen, Burkhart-san?” (Erwin)
“It’s not something that can’t happen either.” (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san immediately answered Erw’s doubt.
If the boss of a small group is excellent, there seem to be cases where the undead will increase their companions.
In that case, it is usually undead, that were defeated by monsters at their time of death, and monsters, that fell prey to the undead afterwards.
“It’s a disturbing way of increasing their numbers…” (Ina)
Definitely, it is a way of increasing their numbers that is similar to a horror movie.
“However, you know… The strength of the boss is an absolute necessity…” (Burkhart)
Apparently those are largely influenced by their abilities they had while being alive.
In short, if you talk about soldiers, it means that they possess abilities on the level of a general since they led thousands of soldiers as battalion commander.
At the same time they had to be talented as adventurers because their opponents would be monsters.
In other words, I hear that their strength would become the criterion.
“As Junior Commander of the Baumeister household…” (Wendelin)
I feel like I’m rude by denying grand-uncle’s abilities, but since it’s that Baumeister household, I don’t believe he was able to obtain such ability.
Even judging it by the population, they had troubles to even gather a feudal army of 100 soldiers.
I didn’t think that grand-uncle had the opportunity to lead an army of thousands of soldiers.
“But, he might have been gifted.” (Luise)
“That means?” (Wendelin)
“Because it’s that territory, he might have been restricted as Junior Commander as he was partly a farmer as well. But in case of the Margrave Breithilde household, he maybe became part of the upper staff due to his talent he possessed?” (Luise)
Even if he had talent, he didn’t have the chance nor the environment to make use of it.
Erw stated his own opinion that there might be such people as well since it is this kind of society.
“I see. However, what about it?” (Ina)
“You see, Ina-chan. The group at the edge of Wend’s detection spell’ range are undead led by Wend’s grand-uncle. They are watching vigilantly for an opportunity to prey upon us.” (Luise)
“Hey, isn’t that dangerous then?” (Ina)
“It might be very dangerous…” (Luise)
The tension of everyone, listening to Ina’s and Luise’s exchange, is spurred on.
“Everyone! Get ready for combat!” (Burkhart)
At the same time of Burkhart-san’s yell, all reactions at the edge, with us in the center, have started to move simultaneously.
It was the start of an attack aiming to kill us. 


“The hell, just how many are there?” (Erwin)
“Like I’d know!” (Wendelin)
And then, once again, after several hours.
We confronted the approaching zombies one by one within Elise’s deployed purification spell.
After all, the majority were monsters that transformed into undead.
Occasionally there also were human zombies owning things like rusted spears and tattered armors blended in among those.
Judging by their state and appearance, they are the lot of the former Baumeister household’s territorial army without a doubt.
“If Elise wasn’t here, it would have become largely close fight.” (Wendelin)
Without even being able to enter the deployed spell with a single step, the direct combat is thanks to Elise, who doesn’t speak a single word to concentrate, zero just like at the time with the former Breithilde feudal army.
Even now, we only fight undead such as wyvrens, who don’t vanish even if they are bathed in the light of purification.
With Erw, Ina and Luise attacking directly, Burkhart-san and me shoot highly focused fire arrows at the heads of the undead wyvrens.  
The undead wyvrens, who ceased their movements, are cleansed by the purification spell and only leave behind bones and magic cores.
The other monsters leave only magic cores, but as expected, they are small in comparison to a dragon type, I guess.
The bones, they left, will become raw materials.
Although they were black, tainted bones at the time of being a part of the undead, they become pure white once purified.
It was a truly mysterious scene if you looked at it.
“Tsk! It’s an undead flying dragon!” (Wendelin) 14055165_241366052927405_6043282964883563243_n
“Come to think of it, Alf was there!” (Burkhart)
It might have been due to the leadership of grand-uncle.
But, something like wyvrens and flying dragons shouldn’t be possible like with undead of normal people and monsters.
If that’s the case, why is there a fixed number of them mixed in?
The answer is this undead monster army numbering several thousands. Those were the monsters that were killed until master died.
“Wend’s master was a monster!” (Erwin)
He killed monsters one after the other, even in the thousands, until his strength gave out.
If I was told to do that, it’s not like I couldn’t do it but it would be troublesome as I wouldn’t have any other choice but to make the vicinity, including the forest, disappear with magic.
But, master at those days was below the former Margrave Breithilde and there were 2000 people he had to protect as well.
Even if I were told to do the same under similar conditions, it should be fairly difficult.
At least for the current me such skillful action was impossible.
“Ascertaining the gaps in time, he instantly crushed small groups and individuals in turns, who would become a threat for himself or his protection target. That’s why Armstrong approved of Alf.” (Burkhart)
Even if it was possible for me to win in mana capacity, he was a magician of the super-technician school that didn’t allow himself to be negligent at all.
This was apparently my master.
“However, thanks to that master-san, we are in a dire situation…” (Luise)
While Luise complains, as Burkhart-san’s focused fire arrows dulls the movements of the undead flying dragon’s head, she delivers a single punch filled with mana shattering the head into small pieces.
The undead flying dragon, having lost its head, immediately stopped moving.
“No, this is a test! Master is assessing us!” (Wendelin)
“Uwaa! Wend has entered the faithful apprentice mode!” (Luise)
“If you compare this situation with the golem army from the other day, what would be the result?” (Ina)
“Currently the situation at home is worse than the purification request, no?” (Wendelin)
“Uwaa! There was that too!” (Luise)
Reconsidering the last time, the number of magic gems used for mana supply was higher as well. We successfully annihilated the second group of the undead army corps within a few hours.
No, lastly there was an individual remaining.
A middle-aged man, who wore a rusted, old plate mail and who set up a likewise rufous-turned long sword, stood in front of us.
If he was a normal zombie, it would be impossible for him to do something like breaking through Elise’s purification barrier.
In other words, he was a higher ranking species, I guess.
“His resentment is considerably deep.” (Burkhart)
“That might be so.” (Wendelin)
“Without doubt it’s the former Junior Commander.” (Burkhart)
“Yea.” (Wendelin)
Burkhart-san and me have confirmed that undead being the former Junior Commander of the Baumeister household.
Albeit being his ruler’s orders, he turned himself, all of his sons and the majority of fief’s inhabitants into victims on that reckless expedition.
There were a lot of women, except the granddaughter of this former Junior Commander, who invited husbands into the branch family.
They are the daughters of the families serving as subordinate warriors under the branch family.
All of them had parted with their father, brothers or relatives. They invited husbands from outside for the sake of keeping the household going. They endured the same painful work as men.
Despite being families of subordinate warriors, they are usually no more than normal farmers since it is a rural territory.
With things like the increased reclamation, they were probably burdened with great hardships.
And in addition, the girls were also anti-main family.
And, the former Junior Commander in front of us might be able to understand this.
While he set up his sword, he didn’t come to attack us.
“Did he even become a lich!? In such short time!” (Burkhart)
It’s unthinkable for zombies to be rational up to this point. The extent of the previous Margrave Breithilde was fine. And even that wasn’t ordinary.
“Everyone, died…” (Junior Commander)
“It was more than 15 years ago. Now they have only been purified.” (Wendelin)
“Grandchild…” (Junior Commander) 14067450_241365922927418_2829573464978681202_n
“She is doing fine and dominates her husband.” (Wendelin)
Given that it is dangerous once they become liches, I would have immediately cleansed him with something like holy light magic, if it was the usual me.
However, this former Junior Commander, being my grand-uncle, had awfully sad eyes.
And he was looking directly at me.
Due to those sad eyes, I couldn’t tell him 『Don’t incite that group then!』
“Does he understand us?” (Ina)
“I don’t know. There are cases where they don’t move their bodies because they understand the difference in strength by instinct.” (Burkhart)
Since he has appeared in front of us by instinct, he has apparently ended up stopping to move, just like an animal, due to the far too strong enemy.
It’s impossible for zombies or ghouls. It seems to be a phenomenon only seen at the level of liches.  
Going by what Burkhart-san said, he doesn’t want to show a single gap to grand-uncle’s lich because he had incited the previous several thousands undead.
He didn’t lower his readiness to attack even as the undead army withered away to the last lich.
“Great-grandchild…” (Junior Commander)
“Alongside an heir, a younger sister was born. They were healthy. They are similar to you.” (Wendelin)
“I see… The same blood…” (Junior Commander)
He seems to comprehend after all.
Moreover, he appears to realize that I’m someone related to him.
“Leave it to you…” (Junior Commander)
Once he said this at the end, the former Junior Commander’s lich lowered the sword to the ground and stopped moving.
Since he won’t attack, it looks like he is telling us to purify him.
“His wrath must have been dreadful to become a lich in such short time, but I wonder if he is satisfied by hearing the story of his family from his relative?” (Ina)
“That might be so. It might also be because he judged that he can’t win against the boy.” (Burkhart)
“Well then, Holy Light.” (Wendelin)
Due to my holy light magic, the former Junior Commander has been completely purified and has only left behind his equipment.
“I must return those to the side of Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s group…” (Wendelin)
At the same time, there is also the matter of the branch family.
If we fought with grand-uncle, who even became a lich, it should have required quite the effort though it isn’t like we would have lost.
However, grand-uncle didn’t want to fight with us.
While bearing the impulse to cause a massacre due to the seething grudge, he had listened to the situation of his remaining family.
Once he knew they were safe, he even told me 『Leave it to you』.
“I didn’t ever think that a lich could restrain its impulse for slaughter that far.” (Burkhart)
Even Burkhart-san, who prepared a powerful flame spell for the sake of attacking grand-uncle, seems to be surprised due to experiencing this for the first time.
“『Leave it to you』, huh… ?” (Wendelin)
That request probably means that he leaves his family to me.
Or rather, it’s unlikely to have any other meaning.
“We have finished the work. Now we return to the Baumeister territory… ?” (Erwin)
We collected all of grand uncle’s equipment and decided to return to the Baumeister territory as quickly as possible.
Intruding on the Demon forest since morning, our bellies are empty as well as we fought two undead armies without even having a meal.
Watching the color of the sky through the gaps in the trees, it indicated that the time was already close before evening.
“That’s right. Let’s leave the forest quickly and go back.” (Wendelin)
Given that the thousands of undead, who occupied this area, vanished, it would be a matter of time until regular monsters advanced to fill up this vacant spot.
“No, there is a place we should stop by before that.” (Burkhart)
“Place to stop by? Ah, Erich-nii-san, huh?” (Wendelin)
There are too many things we don’t understand about the problems in the Baumeister territory.
It’s also possible that Erich-nii-san’s group might know something about it. Burkhart-san’s opinion was that it wouldn’t be too late to return after confirming that.
“Isn’t it hopeless in Erich-nii-san’s case? Isn’t the possibility of Paul-nii-san and Helmut-nii-san knowing something higher if you consider their ages?” (Wendelin)
I, who agreed with Burkhart-san’s suggestion, called everyone together and transferred in one go to the Brandt’s mansion in the royal capital.
“Huh!? Such thing happened?” (Erich)
“Kurt-aniki…” (Paul)
Having finished the request in the Demon Forest, we moved straight away to the Brandt’s mansion in the capital (T/N: In case you forgot from 2 lines back…)
Rüdiger-san and the mansion’s servants were surprised by us suddenly materializing in the garden.
Right away sensing that it was a serious situation, he guided us into the mansion and served a meal until Erich-nii-san returned from his work.
And it seems he also sent servants to Paul-nii-san’s and Helmut-nii-san’s location.
Around 2 hours after that, my three elder brothers listened to me about the incidents in the territory showing grave facial expressions.
“Erich-nii-san?” (Wendelin)
“I expected this to happen to a certain extent, but… However, with Klaus at that point… ?” (Erich)
According to Erich-nii-san’s words, Kurt’s words and deeds were in range of his assumption to some degree.
Although Kurt’s degree of stupidity went up higher than he expected, he apparently thought that they would somehow manage if father restrained him.
To the last it was a situation with condition attached for a while.
“By the way, is Klaus story true?” (Wendelin)
“About the case with Klaus’ son and Leyla’s fiancée? It’s true. Ain’t it, Paul-nii-san?” (Erich)
“Ah. I heard about it afterwards because even I was 4 years old at that time.” (Paul)
It seems it isn’t possible to hinder people to gossip.
Due to father imposing a gag order, it ended up spreading even more within the territory.
Given that it is a territory that hasn’t any decent amusement, they might enjoy inferring the truth.
“However, even though it is the truth that both died by falling from the cliff at the same time, there isn’t any evidence proving father’s involvement in that. Going by the rumors, he is 100% guilty, with the exception of the main village.” (Erich)
Since the victims were the sons of Klaus, who is the village headman of the main village, there isn’t much sympathy, but the population registered that the feudal lord is able to do anything if it’s for the sake of strengthening the order within the territory.
Because they didn’t want to experience it again, they aren’t openly talking about it much.
That’s what many of the fief’s inhabitants are believing.
“You might know as well, Wend? Rock tripe can be harvested at that cliff.” (Paul)
As Paul-nii-san said, it’s definitely possible to gather the mushroom called rock tripe at that cliff.
Because it makes a fine soup stock if put it into that thin, salty soup, everyone should be competing over gathering it.
It’s valuable because it doesn’t grow easily.
Given that it grows at the slopes of cliffs, it was dangerous to collect it.
“Yes, I’m aware. But…” (Wendelin)
Father and the two of them definitely went hunting. That meant that they didn’t aim for rock tripes.
Even so, on that day several fit villagers of the main village went to that rock wall for picking rock tripes according to father.
It might have happened because of that lot, according to what Klaus said.
“If you talk about the circumstances, it is possible for father to have ordered those villagers. But they are also Klaus’ supporters, right?” (Erich)
“There was another rumor.” (Helmut)
Helmut-nii-san heard another detestable rumor.
“Many men had an interest in Leyla as she was a beauty. It looks like there also were a lot of villagers who wanted her to be their wife.” (Helmut)
In other words, the lot gathering rock tripes tried to only kill Leyla’s fiancée. It’s something like having killed Klaus’ son by some mistake as well.
“If that’s how it was, father would probably be unrelated.” (Wendelin)
“It’s high.” (Paul) (T/N: no idea on that one)
“However the truth is unknown. That won’t even change unless Father leaks it out under torture.” (Helmut)
I believe torture is an extreme measure, but it was also true that there would be no other choice to hear the truth from father as there isn’t any proof.
Listening to the points, there isn’t any guarantee that father would tell the truth either.
“I knew it.” (Wendelin)
“In the end it’s only a rough outline. Even Klaus probably doesn’t know.” (Erich)
The truth is unknown, but he lost his beloved son and the fiancée of his daughter in a strange incident.
For him the grudge against father probably kept his mind in balance.
“With father’s bad habit and Leyla’s case…” (Wendelin)
“In addition, other than the main village’s lot, everyone believes him to be guilty. However, there were other possibilities as well.” (Erich)
Erich-nii-san states his thoughts after remarking upon my thoughts.
“The village headman of the main village, Klaus, lost his son, who would have succeeded him, and his daughter’s fiancée.” (Erich)
Since that’s the case, it will be Leyla-san’s new husband who will succeed the post of village headman of the main village after Klaus.
“There was the rumor that the village headmen of the remaining two villages tried to push their sons below their second sons upon Klaus.” (Erich)
If this was achieved, it would be possible to drive a wedge into the order of the predominance of the main village within the territory.
Also, the irony was that the husband candidates of the other villages were part of the group that went gathering rock tripes.
“I think that they were a no-go for Leyla-san.” (Erich)
Something like marrying ruffians, that were suspicious of having killed her own fiancée, should definitely be detestable for anyone.
“Having said that, if she were to marry a husband from the other villages, the folks from the main village would naturally be dissatisfied. I wonder if that’s why they decided to have father marry her like that?” (Erich)
If the feudal lord’s illegitimate child succeeded, the other village headmen shouldn’t be able to complain about it either.
However, if father went ahead bluntly, their discontent would rise.
Therefore he decided to talk about the story with Klaus and gave him a monopoly on taxation duty as reward.
For father it will bring a profit if his children are involved in the taxation duty in the future.
Although it was inevitable due to the circumstances, Klaus shouldn’t have been pleased within his mind because father’s proposal included to not openly mourn for his sons.
If they put off the talks too much, it couldn’t be helped if the guys other than the lot from the main village became annoying.
“I wonder if you can agree if the situation is like that?” (Erich)
“But, even that is a deduction. In the end, only father and Klaus know the truth, right?” (Wendelin)
Having said that, it would only cause an uproar if we started an investigation like detectives.
As for Klaus, if we tried something troublesome like stirring up the territory, he would definitely say something disagreeable once again.
Given that this isn’t a two o’clock snack-time mystery drama either, the chance of us arriving at the truth after investigating is low.
If we begin an investigation, it might become something like 『Case File of the Adventurer Baron. The Baumeister territory’s murder case ~ Why did the village headman’s sons die? Find out about the feudal lord’s conspiracy and the beautiful woman’s tears ~』.
“And there is father’s bad habit, but…” (Wendelin)
I have no way of knowing something like that due to my lifestyle during my time at home.
However, it was possible that my elder brothers know something.
“Are there any siblings besides us? I can’t say that it is absolutely not so…” (Paul)
Mother, being the legal wife, had 6 children, men only. Leyla, being the mistress, had two boys and two girls.
Even if you consider the birth rate of this world to be far higher than in Heisei Japan (T/N: 8.1.1989 – now), it’s more than the average.
Certainly, there was the problem of a household dying out if there were no children, but it is also a problem to have too many children for insignificant nobles like our family’s home.
If the dispute over inheritance and assets becomes too brutal, this can also lead to rumours of a scandal.
Looking at the Rückner siblings, you should be able to understand it well.
Though the number of siblings doesn’t seem to play much of a role in that household.
There are such circumstances as well. It was an essential condition of an excellent noble to control such situations as well.
“Even Wend and Head of Financial Auditing Rückner got into a dispute. Did he not acknowledge Roderich-san since he will become the main cause of disagreement over the succession?” (Erich)
By no means it is praise, but it is still better to do it heartlessly rather than fighting over the succession.
“This is also a noble”, Erich-nii-san says.
“Normally, they will shelter their mistresses. There are also rental houses from noble purveyors.” (Erich)
There are even contraceptives though their price is high. There is also the method of aborting the child if it’s still in an early stage.
But only the big provincial nobles and the nobles in urban areas are able to do that.
“Tiny provincial nobles don’t ponder over such things like family planning too much, right?” (Wendelin)
It’s a country life with nothing but the fief’s inhabitants buttering up to you and with the only amusement being no more than hunting.
There are many people who elope with beautiful women from within the territory, too.
Therefore, it’s not like they can absolutely exclude the possibility, my elder brothers say.
By no means would father bring someone like a woman into the main mansion either, I’m sure. He likely won’t make the blunder to risk my elder brothers seeing her first-hand.
“Also, don’t you think that we are a conger of many households that immigrated from outside?” (Paul)
According to Paul-nii-san’s story, it seems to be different from areas like the northern district and the capital’s outskirts, but the inhabitants of rural farm village close to the southern part have a carefree nature.
They give the impression of resembling the farm villages in the Edo period (T/N: 1603-1868).
“The folks, except those of the main village, came from rural districts close to western and southern parts.” (Paul)
It appears to be a taboo to make a move on girls before their marriage, but once they have born an heir in the marriage, it seems to be customary for men as well as women to be fairly liberal and have affairs.
“Because there’s an heir, even if they gave birth to the children of an adulterous lover, they have a free opinion of 『Well, whatever』. Since there are also many former inhabitants of other areas in the Baumeister territory, it’s a custom that has mostly died out. It might have been barely remaining during Hermann-aniki and my childhood.” (Paul)
Right at that time the church gradually came about. Once it reached the point that priests received a new appointment, albeit they had once retired due to old age, from the capital, such customs quieted down.
“It’s because the church hates adultery.” (Paul)
There is the dogma to protect and honor your official wife if you do such something like that. It’s a difference to the Christianity of earth.
In the earl immigration days, this often caused troubles between the natural inhabitants and the inhabitants, who didn’t have such custom.
I guess they didn’t approve of something like a secret lover, who has wife and children, to call out to their own wife.
“Didn’t Klaus have troubles with the mediation in his early days?” (Wendelin)
“And father?” (Erich)
“A youthful indiscretion? Or during the time mother was pregnant?” (Paul)
For the village headman, Klaus, it was indispensable to be concerned with those people, be it in the main village or the other villages, that didn’t have such custom.
Father might have considered certain people who had such a custom.
“It was especially a taboo to refuse, if you were called by the woman.” (Paul)
“That’s nice, such custom.” (Luise)
“Umm, Luise-san…” (Elise)
I pretend to not mind the single dangerous woman here. If you aren’t able to refuse even if called by an old woman, wouldn’t that be torture? I end up thinking.
I have decided to exclude people with such unique hobby.
At least I absolutely didn’t have such hobby.
“Father didn’t refuse being invited by such women. The gist was him accepting their appeal to their feudal lord. In fact he didn’t resist their seductions, I guess?” (Paul)
Also, it might cause trouble, if his female partner got pregnant afterwards.
As for the custom, that child is a child of the woman’s family.
In other words, it became the child of the legal husband.
But, if it resulted in children of the feudal lord, there might have been women insisting on their rights by ignoring the custom.
“And here was the problem. There was no 100% guarantee that the child was from the affair with father.” (Paul)
It was simply possible that it was a child from the legal husband as well.
“Even for the husband’s side, if he was able to think well of the child and welcome it heartily as father of the child, he might insist on the rights of the child together with his wife. And, the settlement of those affairs…” (Paul)
I guess it was Klaus’ job and he hated it because he thought that custom disturbed the order within the territory.
In the end, those born children ended up with being sent to other territories because they were quite capable of becoming the cause of a succession dispute.
It was for the population as well as for the productivity.
As for Klaus, he probably only thought 『Don’t fool around!』
“However, that’s a deduction as well, right?” (Wendelin)
It’s not like we investigated the truth here anyway.
Personally, I end up favouring 『He sympathized with Klaus, who lost his son and his daughter`s fiancée, but…』
Regarding father I couldn’t say anything but 『Act in a way that you aren’t suspected!』
“Wend has already no other choice but trying to go there. Wend has somehow become a big-shot for the women of that territory. Such things as grudges against father, as Klaus says, and whether father’s bad habit is a truth, I think those are already trivial problems by now. Though the people themselves are at fault.” (Erich)
If it’s until now, the Baumeister territory somehow maintained its status quo, but with me once again setting my foot onto that territory, it’s loosing all its restraints, as Erich-nii-san says.
“The fief’s inhabitants aren’t fools. The have long time ago understood that Wend is the family head of a branch family. But, if Wend became the feudal lord, the days of impatiently waiting for the rarely coming merchant group would end as well. Advancing the reclamation of the Savage Lands, it might also trigger trade with other regions. It’s for that reason, even if there’s the possibility of chaos spreading and even if it caused deaths to happen. Therefore…” (Erich)
“Therefore?” (Wendelin)
“There is no other choice but for Wend to bring it to an end. Even this you can consider to be the fate of those born with blue blood.” (Erich)
“Yes…” (Wendelin, the yes-boy)
If it had become like this, I had to do something about it, is what Erich-nii-san ends up telling me.
Though, since it’s not like something has already happened, there is no other way but to try returning to the Baumeister territory for now anyway.
However, if I return, there’s also the possibility that something will happen.
“Today it’s fine to stay here. Also, Paul-nii-san.” (Erich)
“As expected, something might have happened? Like Erich told me to, I handed in a legal holiday, but far from having a single complaint, my boss told me 『Do your best』.” (Paul)
That boss probably received a personal notification from Minister of Military and Naval Affairs Edgar.
Incidentally, he was about to push several skilled subordinates and guard colleagues on him.
“If it’s only me, it’s not only about the mind. Considering Wend’s current position, we will be meat shields including me as well. If Wend were to die in the worst case, it would cause great troubles for everyone.” (Erwin)
If I consider the fighting strength of our party, there shouldn’t be any chance for such blunder, but I guess it’s also necessary to have guards to not be taken by surprise.
Or rather, although he shouldn’t know about the situation of the prattling idiot, Kurt, in our territory, we even troubled Minister Edgar.
I’m not a simple military fool, I guess that’s what it’s about.
“The capital’s guards will function well even if I’m not here. We have even the leeway to send out at least a few helpers as additions. For that reason, we will take some along with us tomorrow morning.” (Paul)
“Understood.” (Wendelin)
Apparently the plans are for Paul-nii-san to be accompanied by 5 helpers.
Rather than those with commanding ability, the chosen members excel at martial arts. There appears to be a person that doesn’t belong to the guards.
“I was told to take him along by our boss, but apparently it was on recommendation of Minister Edgar. He seems to be a battle-axe master.” (Paul) (T/N: OMG, a dwarf!!!)
It’s probably necessary to make two stealthy round trips to the exclusive forest in the back of the main mansion for these numbers.
“Well then, we will meet in the garden of the Brandt’s mansion tomorrow early morning.” (Wendelin)
“Understood. I will tell the helpers.” (Paul)
“If possible, it would be nice if nothing happened.” (Wendelin)
“Even the dumb me knows that hope is vain.” (Paul)
After finishing to briefly arrange the meeting place, we have gone to bed earlier than usual in preparation for tomorrow.
And, in the morning of the next day.
“Good morning, Wend. Let me introduce the guards.” (Paul)
Right on time Paul-nii-san brings along the 5 guards.
By Minister Edgar’s decree their job is to protect me, even if they have to become meat shields in the worst case.
“Though it is a slightly exaggerated motivation.” (Wendelin)
“It isn’t exaggerated. If Wend dies, Cardinal Hohenheim, Finance Minister Rückner and Minister Edgar will faint. Even if nothing happens, those are the absolute terms for guards.” (Erich)
In Erich-nii-san’s mind, who heard about the circumstances, he is already recognizing the Baumeister territory in a semi-rebellion-like state.
It’s impossible for only our party members to go to such place.
“Since it’s like that, I look forward to work with you.” (Wendelin)
“Introduce yourselves.” (Paul)
The party touring the Baumeister territory expanded up to 12 members in total. The mutual self-introduction has begun.
“I’m Sieghard von Viktor Runmer. I’m the third son of the Knight Runmer household.” (Sieghard!) (T/N: >> Jikuharto fon vikutoru runma <<)
First off, his age is around 19 years, I guess?
With around the same height as me, the blonde-haired, blue-eyed ikemen boy introduces himself.
He advanced to the second match of the final round of the martial arts tournament. He has experience and is an expert in swordsmanship.
“He is my junior. He has the same military rank as me, platoon leader, and is in charge of dozens of subordinates.” (Paul)
“The second match of the final round in the martial arts tournament… We live in different worlds, with me who lost at the first match of the preliminary round…” (Wendelin)
“From my point of view, Baron Baumeister who can use magic is a lot more enviable.” (Sieghard)
Next, with a height of around 170 cm, characteristically flat, black hair and a chubby figure, it was a man around half through his twenties.
“Ottmer von Bleibtreu. I’m the fourth son of the Associate Baron Bleibtreu household.” (Ottmer) (T/N: >> Ottoma~ fon buraiputoroi <<)
He is a user of a gigantic wooden hammer, which is unusual for nobles.
And it seems that he uses a sword to some degree as well.
He was a person working as platoon commander in the same garrison as Paul-nii-san after all.
“Paul-nii-san.” (Wendelin)
“Don’t say it. There are many guys with such circumstances including me as well. By the way, he also joined at the same time as me.” (Paul)
If the sons below a noble’s second son go broke, they will get involved with the army first.
This was the same no matter which world.
“I’m a friend who joined at the same time and a person you should keep around. Paul being that dragon-slaying hero’s elder brother, I wondered whether it was someone else having the same name.” (Ottmer)
“Shut up.” (Paul)
“Well, don’t be so hard-hearted. It’s biggest chance in my life as the fourth son of a poor Associate Baron household. Even if I were to be killed in the line of duty here, I shall protect Baron Baumeister-dono.” (Ottmer)
“No! Don’t go dying in the line of duty or such!” (Wendelin)
Given that it would break my heart if he were to die in front of me, I wanted him to stop talking about it.
“Gotthart Theodorich Philips.” (Gotthart) (TN: >> Gotoharuto teodorihi firippusu <<)
The third person has a height of around 180 cm.
His white, close to silver, hair is extending down to his hips. He was a man in his twenties with the curt, thin tone being his feature.
He is holding the eighth rank with his father being the third son of Viscount Philips.
He will be treated as noble until his father dies, but he apparently wants to separate from his social status as noble no matter how hard he has to try since it’s hard to be ascended peerage.
Or rather, regardless of his father’s death, he will be a commoner.
Even so, it’s better to put his all into his job as guard, he explains bluntly after all. He talked about his forte being the handling of knives and the thrusting with thin swords.
“Rudi Urban Reister.” (Rudi) (T/N: >> Rudi uruban raisuta <<)
I wonder if he is halfway through his thirties.
He had dark brown hair. He appears to be a normal old man you can meet anywhere.
With his family’s home being a small grocery store, he joined the guards since he couldn’t succeed the store as second son.
He has a surname though he is a commoner. That’s seems to be because his ancestors were descendants of nobles.
『Even if a bit, I wonder if he will be useful for business?』 I’m thinking as he is introducing himself.
It is really unknown if he will be useful at all.
“Since my enlistment, I have been earnestly serving as subordinate soldier for twenty years. Please don’t expect too much of my physical strength.” (Rudi)
“Then, what?” (Wendelin)
“It’s because Paul-sama is going on a provincial inspection trip in the Baumeister territory and for form’s sake a subordinate soldier is probably necessary for that as well. That’s the reason.” (Rudi)
Although treating it as legal holiday from being a guard, it has apparently become necessary to give Paul-nii-san a pretext to enter the Baumeister territory.
It’s not so bad if he returned home by himself in private, but he is leading them as guards.
They are using the system of a provincial inspection trip here.
“But, wasn’t the system partly a mere shell?” (Erwin)
“I’m surprised that Erw knows about it!” (Luise)
“Luise, you are rude for no special reason.” (Erwin)
The provincial inspection trip is for the sake of the kingdom’s administration to confirm whether the noble, to whom the territory was entrusted, properly maintains the public order within his domain.
It was a system to send people regularly.
It was a system that was effective to some degree during the time of war, but nowadays it has totally become a mere shell.
Even the nobles didn’t like it if an outsider is visiting to say this and that about the public order. The inspectors also performed it as information gathering for the time of worst case when the noble revolted.
The costs of the stay for the provincial inspection trip was charged to the noble to be inspected which was also a prime factor of it being disliked. It became history as a great number opposed the system causing it to gradually turn into a mere shell.
“They also came to my family’s home.” (Erwin)
Nowadays it’s doubtful whether they come once every ten years.
Even the inspection itself finished by only formally examining a place prepared by the feudal lord.
Also, they have to at least cover the costs for food and lodging.
If it’s an important noble like Margrave Breithilde, there will be an inspection every year, but if it’s small, provincial feudal lords, it will turn out like with Erw’s family’s home.
“Master is complaining that it’s extortion and borrowing in the name of a system, but…” (Burkhart)

The reason why this system doesn’t disappear is because it has become a special part-time job for the young nobles who lack money.
The reward from the kingdom isn’t bad considering many have to go to distant places as well. Even while on the move and at the time of staying before the inspection, they are able to live with their daily necessities taken care of for free.
“This is why it’s a special part-time job dedicated to poor young nobles. The inspection is only for the form’s sake. They spend time and money though it isn’t the same degree as in the old days.” (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san saw Margrave Breithilde grumbling 『Putting aside the money, it’s just a waste of time』.
Although the inspection is only for form’s sake, Margrave Breithilde is required to spare time to guide them around.
“Even so, it’s probably better if they come.” (Paul)
“It’s better?” (Wendelin)
“It has never happened that such people came to our family’s home.” (Paul)
According to what Paul-nii-san says, it appears as if such people haven’t tried coming to the Baumeister territory.
“That’s because no one wants to go to a territory that has no public order as well as no other shit.” (Paul)
Certainly, it was a worthless territory without merit to be visited for an inspection.
Even the probability of a rebellion is almost zero.
Or rather, if they even had revolted so far, it was frightening that it would have probably ended with them saying 『H~~~mph, so what?』
“Therefore I was ordered to do a provincial inspection tour of the Baumeister territory for the first time. Even if the real objective is to guard Wend.” (Paul)
“Although it is a mere shell, a provincial inspection tour is an important task for the noble-sama’s. Thus, I’m to take care of Paul-sama as subordinate soldier. Yes.” (Rudi)
“In reality that’s only for form’s sake.” (Paul)
Paul-nii-san is able to at least handle his own matters as he knows the treatment of those below second sons in families.
Nevertheless, given that his position is different from before, he has a subordinate soldier follow him like this as well.
“Nee, I’m hungry.”
“We are currently introducing ourselves.” (Paul)
And lastly, it is the introduction of the fifth guard, but you could see that she was a different existence.
She isn’t affiliated to the military such as the guards, but since we heard that she was a battle-axe master with a recommendation of Minister Edgar, we thought a very brawny man will appear.
However, a little girl repeatedly telling Paul-nii-san 『My stomach is empty』 while pulling the sleeves of his clothes was in front of us.
“Umm… Is this girl here to see one of the guard-san’s off or such?” (Wendelin)
“That is, the fifth guard is this girl.” (Paul)
“My stomach is empty. I’m Wilma Etol von Asgahan (TN: >> Viruma Etoru fon Asugahan <<).” (Wilma)
She went to the degree of saying 『My stomach is empty』 before she introduced herself. She seems to be hungry.
In a state of demanding food from Paul-nii-san, the size of her body isn’t much different from Luise. You can completely see her as nothing but a little girl.
“She became emotionally attached, eh?” (Ina)
“Does it seem so? Anyway, she is quite the big eater. This girl.” (Paul)
Last night Minister Edgar’s retainer left this girl alongside a silver plate (the money) at Paul-nii-san’s house.
“The silver plate was for the food expenses. As expected, Minister Edgar thought of it, but…” (Paul)
Given that she was a guest sent by Minister Edgar, Paul-nii-san’s wife prepared an extravagant dinner.
“She was stuck making additional food several times. If not for that silver plate, we would have reached the limits of our household finances this month…” (Paul)
And, although she said she was hungry now as well, she apparently ate up a breakfast of five people’s worth.
“Is that so… ?” (Wendelin)
At first glance you can’t see her to be a master with the battle-axe at all, but in the hand, other than the one pulling the sleeve of Paul-nii-san’s clothes, she is holding a special-made battle-axe, which even had a sharp spearhead attached to its tip, with a huge double-edged blade and a hilt, which was surpassing her in length. 14022361_241366076260736_3765057975822715655_n
Something like such heavy-looking battle axe is, at least for me, impossible to be lifted.
“You are quite good to carry such heavy battle axe…” (Wendelin)
She seems to possess strength out-of-norm which you couldn’t guess from her appearance.
“Wilma-san is…” (Wendelin)
“Wilma is fine.” (Wilma)
“How old are you, Wilma?”  (Wendelin)
“13 years old. My stomach is empty.” (Wilma)
“Roger!” (Wendelin)
At any rate, she apparently was hungry.
Once I gave her stuff like sweets, that were unsold at the bazaar, from my magic bag, she began to eat those while munching.
Her appearance was completely like that of a young squirrel.
Her hair color is pink.
Since her hair has been put together into the shape of a dango, she could be called a pink dango squirrel.
Different from my previous life, it’s amusing because there are many people in this world, who had an unusual hair color.
“A moderate sweetness, delicious.” (Wilma)
“I see, that’s good.” (Wendelin)
Okawari.” (Wilma)
“Yes…” (Wendelin)
Although she appears to eat a lot, it doesn’t mean that her taste has dulled.
The sweets were products of a store which is famous even in the capital, but Wilma continued to eat them without holding back.
“Umm, Paul-nii-san…” (Wendelin)
“Don’t say it…” (Paul)
To take a 13 years old minor along to a place where a rebellion might take place.
That’s not pleasant, but Paul-nii-san wasn’t able to do anything since she was recommended by Minister Edgar.
“However, this girl is the best among the guards here.” (Paul)
“Ehhh? Is that really the case?” (Wendelin)
“It’s as Paul-nii-san says. This girl is an owner of troublesome strength that can even defeat Warren-san.” (Erich)
I wondered whether the other guards, prideful of their own strength, would object towards that remark, but Sieghard-san etc. immediately acknowledged this to be a fact.
“This girl has the hero syndrome.” (Sieghard)
“I encountered this for the first time.” (Wendelin)
You might also call the hero syndrome as a kind of hereditary disease.
If you look for similar symptoms in my previous life, it would be the Hercules syndrome? (TN: Seems to be an illness that causes increased muscular growth for infants)
To the last it was only similar though.
On top of excessive muscle density in the body, the muscle fibers have a structure of efficiently coiling many times around minuscule mana beads.
“It’s not a power to the degree of doushi, but it’s possible to exhibit a power that overwhelms normal people for long periods of time with minimal mana. If we restrict the talks to energy consumption, it’s worthwhile to be compared with someone like doushi.” (Burkhart)
As expected, Burkhart knows about this.
However, Wilma doesn’t look like having a muscular appearance.
She is a small, regular girl you can find anywhere.
“(Ah, her breast is bigger than Luise.)” (Wendelin)
Or rather, her breast might not be much different from Ina.
Since I will be hit if I say that, I didn’t utter a single word about it.
Because of the problematic structure of having a muscle density influenced by mana, the hero syndrome doesn’t change the appearance.
“Therefore, even this girl’s level of mana in her grown hair has a difference in power at the elementary level. If we restrict the story to her ability in interpersonal combat, she is probably the strongest class.” (Burkhart)
If there was fighting in this time’s matter, it would very likely be inter-personal combat.
That’s probably the reason for Wilma-jou to be here.
“The hero syndrome has a possibility to appear in one person out of 10 million. They are far more rare than magicians.” (Burkhart)
Excluding a magician opponent, they are almost the strongest in inter-personal combat, however as compensation, they will immediately end up dying due to starvation if they don’t take in excessive amounts of calories.
They end up starving to death before they can make use of their talent because of their birthplace.
“Did you feel hungry because of that?” (Wendelin)
“Thanks for the meal. It calmed down with this. I was told by Edgar-sama to protect Baron Baumeister-sama.” (Wilma)
This means that this girl is Minister Edgar’s hidden ace.
The door is small for woman to get into the army. She is still no more than a minor as well.
It would be difficult to use her for regular work, but she is useful if employed to guard me.
Apparently that’s how it is.
“Say, Elise.” (Wendelin)
“Yes. The Associate Baron Asgahan household has a long-standing tradition to produce military personnel. They are an appointed noble household having a relation of being relatives to Minister Edgar as well.” (Elise)
As it would be troublesome if I were to die at this point, they are lending me a helping hand as favor to resolve the situation at my family’s home while also wanting to make inroads to the rights of the Savage Lands’ development.
At a first glance he looks like a military man, however Minister Edgar is also a big noble after all.
“I have been entrusted another job by Edgar-sama.” (Wilma)
“Job?” (Wendelin)
“As it’s the sticks without any amusement over there, I’m to keep you company as Baron Baumeister’s attendant.” (Wilma)
“… Have you actually understood the meaning of that?” (Wendelin)
“Somehow… it’s fine as long as you aren’t bored.” (Wilma)  
She is the daughter of a noble. Although she should be understanding it even if she is 13 years old, the impression she gives with the way of her appearance and how she talks is that she doesn’t understand it.
Or rather, I don’t want you to boldly talk about such things in front of Elise’s group.
Even as those three are laughing because they think it was a joke, I didn’t know whether they may be enraged in fact.
“I heard that there isn’t even any store in the Baumeister territory. Amusement is necessary.” (Wilma)
“Anyway, thanks to Kurt, I’m not bored.” (Wendelin)
In order to settle the chaos that will very likely occur at my family’s home after this, I hardened my determination at last.
Certainly, it also appears to be extremely rare for Minister Edgar to send this bomb.
And, For Elise’s group in this situation…


“She is a lovely girl, ne. She wakes my desire to take care of her.” (Elise)
Elise is handing a water flask filled with maté tea to Wilma, but after her previous remark, it couldn’t be seen as anything but trying to tame her right away.
“Elise is a bit scary…” (Ina)
“Uuh! She has a similar height as me. But her breast are! Her breasts are overwhelming!” (Luise)
Ina sighs due to the new concubine candidate. Luise, once she looked closely, was exasperated with a sense of impeding danger due to the younger Wilma having a bigger breast than herself.



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