Chapter 47 – Once again Klaus


“In the end, we took it up.” (Wendelin)

“That bastard, he talked in a way that it was irrefutable for a human being…” (Erwin)

“It’s slightly off from the work of an adventurer, but it also has the benefit of being helpful for people. The conditions are promising.” (Elise)

“In that guy’s case, such exaggerated under-surface doesn’t exist.” (Ina)

“Isn’t it impossible? To want to look at such a person.” (Luise)


(T/N: The author thinks that the readers have amnesia, so he felt the need to recap the entire last chapter, since you might have forgotten it!!!)


We end up disputing decisively with Kurt at the negotiation table regarding the spoils obtained during the purification in the Demon Forest.

It doesn’t mean that I was particularly picking a fight with him.

It’s only that the other party couldn’t conceal his absolute hate against me.

Although he effectively put his very rude mouth to use as well, it apparently wasn’t a case to be punished for, going by Burkhart-san’s words.

Boy, it’s because you’ve come here as an adventurer.(Burkhart)

However, it isn’t the social etiquette of a noble.

I guess it will turn into him receiving an evaluation of being a man who can’t read the mood.

Since Kurt won’t leave the territory much, it probably can’t even be helped that such evaluation is to be expected.

Or rather, I wonder, what will happen to him once he succeeds the peerage?

At least I don’t even plan to help him or such at all.

I have ended up thinking that it’s fine if he stays somewhere narrow-mindedly saving money.

He was probably eagerly saving money for that reason.

In the end, the negotiations safely concluded since there were dad and Klaus.

As we were leaving the main family’s mansion, since we already had no business left there, Klaus begged us to stay over a night.

Even though the negotiations safely concluded, it would be a problem if we ended up leaving the territory right away at this point in time.

Be that as it may, as far as staying in this remote place without even an inn was concerned, the choices were quite narrow.

The main mansion was the first choice, but all members, including me as well, were reluctant about that.

That was because Kurt, being the offender of causing a large dispute, was here at the main mansion anyway.

Even the gentle Elise is disliking Kurt, though I think that’s only natural.

But it wasn’t like Klaus withdrew obediently at this point either.

He voiced his opinion that it would be fine if we stayed with the branch family, aka Hermann-nii-san’s family.

Apart from the intentions of the person himself, me, who had been the cause of the quarrel beginning with the inheritance of the Knight Baumeister household, had ended up staying with the branch family, which is a gathering of anti-main family members originating with the case of the Demon Forest expedition. Although Hermann-nii-san was likewise adopted into the family.

Stirring up Kurt’s heart, dad couldn’t say no in this situation either.

Klaus has a troublesome nature after all. 

Even more so than someone like that younger brother Rückner.

We headed towards the mansion of the branch family under these circumstances, but Hermann-nii-san’s wife, Marlene-sister-in-law-san, who is in fact also the top of the branch family, was unusually ahead of us.

Without hiding anything to anyone, she criticized Kurt and the main family.

Especially the remark of Kurt that something like the articles of the deceased were unneeded, excessively increased her criticism towards him.

If it’s her, Kurt, saying that the articles of the deceased of her grandfather, father, and uncles are not wanted, isn’t worth to be argued with as human before even as noble.

Their articles of the dead have practically no asset value.

From Kurt’s view, who is obsessive about money, he didn’t want them since it would be expensive labor to recover them.

He probably thought that we would charge unreasonable wages, too.

If such remark was leaked to the people of the branch family, they would naturally attack him.

Frankly, I have ended up wondering whether it is alright for Kurt to become the next family head.

But, I don’t have the right to open my mouth on this matter.

I gave the children of the branch family the souvenirs I originally intended to give Amalie-sister-in-law-san and her children. I spent the time telling them story of the dragon extermination after being pestered about it.

Rather than thinking about something like Kurt’s situation, this was a lot more beneficial for my mental health.

Even so, a troublesome man appeared at that time.

At the previous negotiation table, far from revealing any faults, Klaus showed an adequate appearance of admirably patching things up.

However, appearing at the branch family, which had declared its anti-main family position, with an innocent look, he requested a meeting with me.

He is a considerably sly dog after all. 


So, what’s your business?(Wendelin)

That is, you know…(Klaus)

Klaus, refusing the offered tea, abruptly started the business talk. 

I want you to hold a bazaar.(Klaus)

Klaus asked us to sell goods in the territory.

I don’t care what goods it will be. Be it clothes, accessories or even seasoning. The fief’s population is starving for amusement either way.(Klaus)

It is possible to support oneself with wheat as staple food through the extended farm land. 

It is also possible to support oneself by similarly planting vegetables. Meat can be hunted. Freshwater fishes can be caught in ponds, rivers and irrigation channels.

Although they aren’t very tasty as they smell of mud.

In addition there even are edible wild plants and wildly growing fruits. Since it is even possible to gather honey like the branch family does, the fief’s population basically won’t starve.

But, with salt definitely lacking, only that has to be bought by all means.

Unfortunately I didn’t discover something like rock salt even during my investigations back in the old days.

I guess that’s because this area wasn’t submerged by the ocean in history.

Please try to consider it. With the scale of the merchant group, it’s goods for close to 800 people.(Klaus)

In addition to that they don’t come more than 3 times a year.

If you consider making a round trip on a mountain trail, the reality is that 4 times is impossible. 

Furthermore they are restricted in how many goods they can transport.

Putting at least priority on salt, other goods come only in a very small quantity.

However, I think it is cruel to complain to the people of the merchant group about that.

Although the market price is slightly higher than at the capital and Breitburg, they still should be completely in the red.

I have no doubt that they receive assistance payment from Margrave Breithilde for their profits.

Frankly, it’s good that we haven’t been cut off by Margrave Breithilde-sama.(Klaus)

It’s probably because of the matter with the expedition.(Wendelin)

The other party is Klaus anyway. This case is an open secret that is known by anyone in the territory.

Therefore I boldly spoke about the underlying reason of the merchant group coming here. 

However, if you think about the costs… Margrave Breithilde-sama’s burden is tall…(Klaus)

It isn’t a considerable burden if you consider the scale of the Margrave Breithilde household’s financial state, but there is still the question For how many years will this continue?remaining.

Once the population of the Baumeister territory has completely recovered and the calculated compensation for the amount of damages and losses is met, Margrave Breithilde side would consider to put an end to it.

Or, there is also the possibility of it ending up being stopped if there is a generation change.

Even without suspending the goods delivery, it is likely that the system will change in order to at least gain profits from it.

If that happens, the price of salt should naturally rise considerably.

Even for them, there is no particular reason to run a charitable enterprise.

In this case Margrave Breithilde-sama’s position is superior, no? We have such things as hunting. Being an important noble, he might also have the arrogance of not caring about us.(Klaus) 

Beyond Klaus’ words there is the existence of Kurt without doubt.

As for Margrave Breithilde, he holds a bad impression of him beginning with the case of Erich-nii-san.

Furthermore, with the matter of the congratulatory gifts and such, the relationship has deteriorated to the degree of picking a fight.

Since Kurt never met him, that’s also a problem beyond the matter of having a good or bad relationship.

And this situation causes uneasiness for Klaus, who is the head of the fief’s population. 

If Kurt becomes the next family head, will the prices of the things, brought by the merchant group, increase accordingly as well?

Or, as worst case scenario, there is also the possibility of the merchant group dispatch being suspended.

If there is no salt, this territory will be finished.(Klaus)

What did you do in the old days?(Wendelin)

Someone from the Baumeister household and some of the relatives of the village headmen went to Breitburg for wholesale shopping with several people.

Selling stuff like medicinal plants and pelts gathered in the territory, they bought salt with that money in return. Apparently it was a quite difficult method.

If it’s this method, it won’t work unless it’s half of the current population.(Klaus)

If the population increases. the amount of goods required has to increase. If you do that, it will next lead to a shortage of hands for the farm work.

As this was a troublesome point, the previous Margrave Breithilde, as patron, increased the dispatch of the merchant group to two times a year.

After the expedition it was increased to 3 times a year also implying an atonement.

With such concerns for the future, the fief’s population wants to stock up salt no matter what…(Klaus)

But, even if the merchant group’s dispatch was increased to 3 times a year, it apparently doesn’t mean that the fief’s population increased their storage of salt.

It is something used every day after all. For example, if you consider the amount of salt used by a single family for 4 months.

Since the merchant group comes 3 times a year, which is every 4 months, naturally they aren’t able to provide more than the bare amount necessary.

Until before the expedition, the population gradually increased.

And now they are in the process of slowly returning to the level before the expedition.

Therefore, in the particular case of salt, the population is sold only an amount determined by the proportion of the number of people in the family.

Even if they ask a big favor of selling more, this will result in breaching the quota of another family’s purchase. It’s also impossible because there isn’t any stock anyway.

Also, in addition, even if the long-awaited merchant group brought nothing but salt, this would end up causing dissatisfaction amongst the fief’s population.

Even if it’s only a bit, there is a necessity to blend in products giving a feeling of the outside world.

Of course, the amount of salt, that can be loaded, accordingly decreases. 

If the load of goods is increased, it won’t be any good if the manpower doesn’t increase at the same time as well and that will increase Margrave Breithilde-sama’s burden. Therefore the quantity has probably reached the limit.(Klaus)

During the three months of making a round trip, the merchant group is earnestly pulling the goods on a path that is nothing but a mountain trail while travelling.

Despite being the habitat of flying dragons, they rarely make an appearance on the usually used mountain trail, but there is constant need to be vigilant of bears, wolves and such coming out.

Even if they start recruitment, they aren’t guaranteed to gather manpower either.

If you consider something like the paid wages, you would reach the conclusion that the expansion of the merchant group’s size is impossible. 

If Wendelin-sama sets up a base in Breitburg, I want you to sell goods to the fief’s population. It doesn’t matter if it’s once a month either.(Klaus)

Don’t be unreasonable…(Wendelin) 

I don’t mean that it’s physically impossible.

Because it will be fine if I transfer with teleportation storing the goods in the magic bag, it’s a rather simple request.

However it is slightly different from the work an adventurer does.

If I decide on doing such work, Kurt will only get increasingly obstinate, I guess.

As for Kurt, I will restrain him. If the uneasiness of the fief’s population can be lessened by them being able to freely purchase goods, this will also become a benefit for Kurt-sama. I even got permission from Artur-sama.(Klaus)

You already got it, eh? (Or rather, Kurt, you were on father’s side, I guess…)(Wendelin)

This old man in front of my eyes is too cunning. It has turned into me being worried about the future of this territory all the more.

And this old man has already cut off Kurt without a doubt.

I don’t mean that you should sell the goods cheaply or distribute them free-of-charge. Rather, please don’t do that. I don’t mind if Wendelin-sama adds profit to the market price in Breitburg.(Klaus)

Honestly speaking, there will be plenty of profit even if it’s the same price as in Breitburg.

In case of the other merchants, while they have the expenses of travelling for 3 months to make a round trip as they can’t use teleportation, it is possible for me to transfer instantly.

Thanks to the magic bag it is also unnecessary to place the cargo on a load carriage.

If I pay the membership fee for registering at the merchant guild, it should be possible to stock up quite cheaply as well.

If Margrave Breithilde got to know of it, he would probably start supporting me while rubbing his hands together since it would reduce the costs of the merchant group.

Klaus is, as usual, a man who is skilled at seeing quite well through people.

I wondered whether you would talk about opening a shop within the territory with me being in charge of the stock.(Wendelin)

As single condition, I would recommend my half brothers and half sisters being in charge of store tending in order to use the possibility to denunciate Klaus with a leeway. 

Though I will never do this. This man had scary parts.

Klaus himself is certainly aware of something like me suspecting him but he has an attitude of not particularly minding it either.

If it turns into a permanent store, it will become troublesome with the application and formalities towards Artur-sama.(Klaus)

Don’t you think that the biggest problem will be the overly deep dissatisfaction of Kurt? Although would be periodic, if it’s the merchant group they will also consider profit from the fief’s population, if Klaus persuades them.(Wendelin)

Yes, it is as you say. For the time being it will be satisfactory if we perform a trial run only once.(Klaus)

Ye~~~a, Elise, what do you think?(Wendelin)

Since the biggest reason is that it is for the sake of the fief’s population, the matter in question is difficult to refuse.

As I can’t particularly get hated by Kurt any further now anyway and if you consider the troubles in a remote area by the fief’s population, I can’t consider bluntly refusing this either.

My insides are probably influenced by me being a Japanese, a rare, soft-hearted race even well-known outside of Japan? (T/N: WTH is this person talking about…)

Accordingly I decided to try asking Elise who will become my legal wife.

Looking at it this way, since she is the granddaughter of Cardinal Hohenheim, she sometimes gives a wonderful opinion.

I wonder whether it is alright if we undertake a trial run first for now.(Elise)

In short, she seems to have the opinion that it isn’t the fault of the fief’s population.

Although there is such a part, it might be a part of her manner as saint.

Also, since it basically is a good thing, Elise added that there is no concern about my reputation falling either.

I also think that it’s fine if you have a go.(Ina) 

You will be able to gain profits with a good deed. I think that’s a good thing.(Luise)

Ina and Luise apparently share the same opinion as Elise.


Just a moment…(Erwin)

Erw calls me to a corner of the room and quietly whispers into my ear with a low voice,

(Let me be in charge of security.)(Erwin)

Going by what Erw says, it can’t be already seen as anything but a weird situation where Kurt could also do anything.

Since he picked a fight with Elise, the granddaughter of Cardinal Hohenheim, as well as Burkhart-san, the proxy of Margrave Breithilde, I felt this as well.

(No matter how powerful as magician you are, Wend, there are many ways of assassination.)(Erwin)

He could put poison into something I will eat or he could even shoot an arrow, smeared with lethal poison, that will give me an instant death even if it’s only a small arrow wound.

And, Kurt has the ability to carry it out.

(That man gives the impression of abandoning the entire fief’s population at a glance, but we don’t know about such things. Even if he is some kind of idiot, there are crazy believers. Since he hasn’t been yet abandoned by your old man either, he might give his subordinates a ridiculous order.)(Erwin)

It is something I heard from Erich-nii-san just a little while ago, but those are probably the inhabitants of the original village, who are descendants of the early immigrants?

With them being a quite conservative lot, they have apparently become Kurt’s support.

Even in my case, they might plan to the extent of rebelling against the disturbance of the system of the eldest son inheriting.

(Therefore, create an obligation of gratitude by selling goods to the fief’s population.)(Erwin)

Even if Kurt plans something, it will become possible to obstruct that.

If the fief’s population’s viewpoint is like that, it would also have the advantage of restricting Kurt’s group.

(To the very end it is a possibility, however that possibility isn’t low.)(Erwin)

Erw stated his opinion from the standpoint of being in charge of guarding me.

(At any rate, it’s pointless to not be concerned with this territory until we finish the request.)(Wendelin) 

Today we stay here. Once we finish the request in the Demon forest, it should be indispensable to stay here for a few days in order to sort the articles of the deceased.

At the end it will our be our task to bring the money to be paid to the feudal lord.

(Understood. Undertake it.)(Erwin)

Thus, even while there was only short time until dinner, we decided to open a bazaar at the request of Klaus.


“Dear.” (Marlene)
“It’s about helping out. I know.” (Hermann)
“(Aren’t you being totally dominated, Hermann-nii-san… ?)” (Wendelin)
“(Wend. Basically it seems to apply to all men of the branch family.)” (Erwin)
Thus we started the bazaar, but as expected, there was an insufficient amount of hands with 5 people.  
Burkhart-san, whom I counted on as war potential, ended up leaving somewhere straight away after negotiating with Marlene-sister-in-law-san and buying as much as possible of the honey liquor he was pleased with.
Therefore it has become the turn of Hermann-nii-san and the husbands of the branch family.
How saddening, they are disconnected from the framework of male domination in this world. Upon Marlene-sister-in-law-san’s order, they spread a mat in an open space between the main village and the remaining two villages. As I arranged the goods, I took out from my magic bag, they had the task to write the price on the wooden plates they brought.
Everyone is helping out, even the children.
Once the bazaar starts, they will aid with the store tending as well, I hear.
Looking at such spectacle, it brought back my memories of helping at temple festival stalls in the summer festivals of the neighbourhood council during my childhood in my previous life.
I am considering whether to even try making starch syrup next time.
“It’s quite the progress for not having prepared anything beforehand.” (Ina)
“That’s owed to the magic bag.” (Wendelin)  
Because anything can be stored away in large quantities, I have ended up storing away anything in large quantities for the time being.
Once I put it away, I tentatively prevent having a mess in the storehouse and rooms.
Hermann-nii-san appears to admire my actions as if I’m a juggler.
On top of the mat, I place jars filled with salt, I made with magic in large quantities during my childhood. Since this is the main article, I’m setting up 100 jars filled with 10 kg.
Also in addition, sugar, flavorings such as mayonnaise, spices such as pepper and alcoholic drinks such as ale and rum.
The mayonnaise was made by myself before, but since it’s troublesome, I completely sold the manufacturing method and recipe to a company in the capital.
Thanks to that, it reached the point of me regularly receiving gifts from that company.
They are apparently thanking me because mayonnaise is a big hit. But even so, sending an unusual amount every month… Honestly, I’m fed up with it.
Even the other nobles and merchants, knowing that Elise’s hobbies are making sweets and sewing, are sending sewing tools, large amounts of different kinds of fabric, baking utensils and ingredients to us.
Knowing that it’s my and Luise’s preference to buy and eat delicious sweets, they are sending various confections.
Knowing that I have the same liking to read books in my free time as Ina, they are sending various books as gifts.
Given that the mansion’s storehouse is about to burst, I was fortunate that I could stuff all of it into the magic bag.
Of course I’m lining up those various articles as merchandise little by little as well.
“Is it good to sell received gifts?” (Hermann)
“I have already received their gratitude and sent return gifts. It’s impossible to use all of them.” (Wendelin)
Especially the various kinds of sweets were dangerous.
If I were to eat all of them, I would definitely get the gout or diabetes.
Last I finish my preparations by lining up large amounts of bows and arrows I was given as gifts when they heard of my interest in archery.
The demand for arrows and bows for hunting is high, but since there are many people who made their own among the fief’s population, I thought there will also be demand for bows and arrows made by first-class artisans in the capital.
Although there are various others too, I prepared suitable merchandise because it was too troublesome to label too many items with prices.
Because I know the market price to a certain degree, we should be able to manage somehow.
There isn’t any guarantee that those will sell either, but even if they don’t particularly sell, I will have achieved Klaus’ request once we open the bazaar.
“This is… You have my thanks for this wonderful array of items.” (Klaus)
“By the way, are father’s conditions fulfilled properly, I wonder?” (Wendelin)
“Yes. That’s without a doubt.” (Klaus)
20% of the sales profit will be paid as tax.
This was our obligation on this bazaar.
In other words, if we don’t make profits, it won’t be necessary to pay any tax.
At the start it seems that Kurt demanded for 30% of the sales to be paid.
It would have been better to not undertake this after all, I ended up regretting it slightly.
Since he won’t go to take taxes from the merchant group, who travels the mountain trail with 3 months for a round trip, at all, I guess Kurt showed a ridiculous greed once he heard we would do business here.
Of course he retracted it after Klaus’ persuasion.
“Though he isn’t even able to calculate the taxes anyway…” (Erwin)
Given that he treated Erw as hoodlum not long ago, he definitely hated Kurt.
Not being able to read kanji and even unable to calculate, he regarded Kurt as idiot and an existence below that of a child with his only forte being sarcasm.
“We concluded the negotiations safely there. I have returned from advertising the bazaar in the territory just now.” (Elise)
I guess that’s why everybody, taking their families along, began to gradually gather from within the territory.
“Isn’t that too many people?” (Ina)
“Except those working on something urgent, everybody should come here. Once they finish their work, those people will probably come as well.” (Klaus)
Klaus answers the surprised Ina.
Almost everybody has never bought any goods from people other than the merchant group.
Everyone, holding the money they collected until today, has sparkling eyes while arriving over here.
“I wonder if all of them have money?” (Wendelin)
“It’s not like they have nothing.” (Klaus)
Because they have a life of buying nothing but the appointed amount of salt and small amounts of luxury grocery goods by selling stuff like wheat, medicinal plants and unique animal materials, they have a small income compared to people in the outlying areas, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have any savings either.
They arrange bartering with the fellow fief’s inhabitants and are self-sufficient on food.
Also, they occasionally buy agricultural equipment and such from blacksmiths and basic living ware from craftsmen at least .
There wasn’t any need to have a lot of money in their lives.
“Selling the wheat they didn’t need for eating of taxes, they have steadily saved money for years as well.” (Klaus)
“I see.” (Luise)
“It’s such rural area here.” (Klaus)
Klaus explained the financial standing of the fief’s population to Luise.
“Well then, let’s begin soon, shall we?” (Klaus)
As it was at last the start of the bazaar, everyone is buying the goods as if jumping at them.
At first, in the beginning, the men collect several jars filled with salt and buy them. One by one they carry them to their houses.
Since not everything can be procured within the territory, they earnestly consider making emergency reserves for the worst case.
“That much isn’t cheap.” (Luise)
Currently salt costs 5 cents per kilo in Breitburg.
In Japanese yen it’s around 500 yen. The market price here doesn’t change for a while.
In the capital one kilo costs around 8~10 cents because it’s located inland.
It seems the previous merchant group sold the salt at 8 cent per kilo to the fief’s population.
Is that expensive?
Is it cheap?
Though I was uncertain about the conclusion, they completely exceed their budget if you consider the labour of transportation.
I am able to agree with the situation of the merchant group receiving financial backing from Margrave Breithilde.
By the way, we are selling one kilo at 5 cents.  
In Breitburg it was the price of standard salt. (T/N: You said that 8 lines ago, we aren’t that forgetful…; E: I don’t know, this is a long-ass chapter…)
For me, by transferring to the coast with teleportation and refine salt with magic there, the costs are close to free-of-charge.
The profit ratio was terribly high.
In fact it would be fine to sell it even cheaper, but since Kurt will be annoying if we do this, I lowered the profit ratio of the other merchandise and sold them as cheap as possible.
“Wendelin-sama, what’s this white thing?”
“It’s sugar.” (Wendelin)
“Isn’t sugar black!?”
“It’s because it was purified.” (Wendelin)
I refined sugar using wildly growing sugar canes in the southern Savage Lands as ingredient at occasion.
I ended up refining it until it became as pure white as I was used from my previous life.
“You don’t know? Pure white sugar is a high-class item!”  
“Oh, really? I didn’t know.” (Wendelin)
Thanks to the salt, the price of sugar was also lowered and sold.
Even this will cost 10 cents per kilo in Breitburg if it’s the same.
If it’s the capital, it will be around 15~20 cents per kilo.
“I will buy it. The brats will be happy.”
Although it is fairly costly, each jar filled with sugar is selling like hot cakes as well.
The people are buying small quantities of each stock like alcohol, spices and the other seasoning to test them.
“What beautiful fabric.”
“It’s made of cotton, but it has been dyed in a fashionable color in the capital.” (Elise)
The general goods for living and the daily necessities, which are Elise’s group’s responsibility, are selling nicely too.
Stuff like cheap accessories, small articles, fabrics as materials for clothes, sewing tools and cookware.
I didn’t even want to think about why there was such large amount, but the most dreadful fact is that most of them are gifts.  
Although I excluded the expensive presents, we were in fact given a large amount of cheap gifts even by merchants and nobles.
I can’t deny the aspect of them giving a powerful impact, but actually the giving side has sent them in anticipation for us to distribute it among the employed servants.
Of course we have also distributed it to Roderich’s group.
But it turned into an embarrassing situation with 『Master, I can’t eat this many sweets…』.
As we are still a small family, you can even say it has an adverse effect to collect large amounts of gifts related to the degree of our attention.
“It’s even cheaper than I thought.”
“The price is around this level if it’s at the production area of the fabric.” (Elise)
Elise, who mostly knows the market price, has noticed the cheap price. As it was almost at the stocking cost, it likewise sold like hot cakes.
With only women being the purchasers, they all will make clothes for their families and themselves.
In addition, such things as sewing tools sold well too.
“(Huh? It’s almost free of charge to refine salt with magic. Same for sugar as well. The remaining things are almost all gifts as well. Do we sell those at the market price?)” (Wendelin)
If I’m right the result was almost the entire sum will become profit.
I wonder if I should at least send a return gift with the costs to the senders for their expenses?
“Buy me sweets, mother!”
“Yes yes.”
“I want a picture book.”
“It’s a story you never heard. Will you buy it?”
As the various items aren’t that different in price to the outlying areas, they sell really well.
Although I said I wouldn’t even mind if they remained unsold, I’ve been asked whether I still got some stock in reverse. I’ve taken out supplements from within the magic bag.
“Ebens, will you buy this set of arrows and bow?” (Ingolf)
“Obviously. It is an item created by a professional craftsman as expected. If it’s my creation there are limits to it. Ingolf, what will you do?” (Ebens)
“Of course I will buy it. With this I can hunt helmeted guinea fowls every day.” (Ingolf)
“Isn’t that unreasonable? It’s mostly a problem of your skill.” (Ebens)
“Shut up! After all your skill isn’t any different from mine!” (Ingolf)
The hunters of the territory are purchasing the arrows and bows made by the capital’s artisans together.
There also are craftsmen and black smiths within the territory, but the black smiths mainly produce things like nails, kitchen knives, agricultural tools and such.
The craftsmen also usually focus on the daily necessities and at the most repair armors and swords.
They made their own arrows and bows as well, but they fall short in skill compared to the first-class artisans from the capital and Breitburg after all.
This was the reality.
“(The craftsmen of this territory have a monopoly in a bad meaning.)” (Wendelin)
Since there isn’t any competition, it seems to be okay even if they sell poor quality workmanship.
There was also the big point that it was difficult for new techniques to flow in.
“Weelll, it’s a great success.” (Klaus)
Klaus floated a smile as well since it was a situation that anything that was put up for sale successively was purchased.
We shouldn’t be able to sell this much each time either, but as it was the first time that they could buy this many goods, the strings of the population’s wallets has been loose, I guess.
“It’s because it’s the first time.” (Wendelin)
“That’s right. From next time on it will probably be a smaller business. By the way…” (Klaus)
Continuously Klaus goes as far as appealing the sales and bartering on goods the fief’s population brings for liquidation and the merchandise.
His ulterior motive is clear.
If they only buy stuff from us as it is, it won’t only lead to the assets leaving the territory.
If it reaches the point of us buying goods that were refused due to the influence of the transportation costs for the merchant group, it will give birth to an economical circulation.
The fief’s population will surely start to look for products that they can somehow make into cash.
“Hermann-sama, I believe the honey liquor of the branch family will be popular.” (Klaus)
Since that liquor was something that pleased the picky Burkhart-san, they should be able to sell it at a good price if they brand it.
Certainly, I believed so as well.
Or rather, it appears as if Klaus is quite knowledgeable about business too.
Putting aside his real intentions, I can’t help but recognize this man’s excellence.
“I’m sure Marlene will be glad.” (Hermann)
Given that the branch family has served as junior commander for generations, they want to have savings of cash after all.
If they can meet this with their home-made honey liquor, it will be a better way of saving money than the main family’s way.
That might be the point?
“Taxes will be demanded by Kurt.” (Wendelin)
“By no means! I never heard about such thing as taking taxes from one’s retainer.” (Erwin)
Although I said that, it also was frightening possibility that couldn’t be denied completely.
I guess Hermann-nii-san is also believing that it might happen if it’s that Kurt.
“Even I would protest him doing that.” (Klaus)
Looking at Klaus saying this while expressing a dry smile, I feel like 『Kurt is probably underestimating Klaus quite a bit…』.
However, I don’t feel any sympathy at all.
He is no more than just a fool if he is making light of a village headman as next family head.
“Soon it will be time for dinner, so let’s wrap it up?” (Wendelin)
But, in the end the fief’s inhabitants didn’t leave the bazaar’s venue until it became dark. From then on it even resulted in us doing business for over 2 hours.
“The amount sold is amazing.” (Luise)
“Although everyone was very busy to raise this amazing turnover. By the way, where is Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)
“On a small walk.” (Ina)
“Oh well, that’s fine.” (Wendelin)
After dinner at the branch family we went to the room, we would stay at today, and counted today’s sales.
The assigned rooms were 3 female rooms and one male room. Currently everyone is meeting at the male room for the sake of counting.
“A~~~n, there are too many copper coins.” (Luise)
“Luise, keep counting.” (Ina)
The serious Ina doesn’t take this kind of work as too distressing, but Luise, based on her natural character, didn’t feel anything but agony over this kind of work.
She has plenty of ability but not the patience to keep at something for a long time.
“Can’t we have the merchant’s guild in Breitburg do the counting?” (Luise)
“If we do that, we will have to pay wages.” (Wendelin)
There isn’t something like a machine to count large quantities of money in this world.
Therefore, if you take it to the merchant’s guild, it’s normal to pay a processing fee.
Since there are labor costs for the people counting the money, it’s only natural.
“Elise is probably counting quietly.” (Ina)
“Even in such field she is a perfect superwoman, eh?” (Luise)
Elise was repeatedly working on separating the copper coins in divisions of 10 coins each in silence.
“Occasionally it’s nice to immerse oneself in such plain work.” (Wendelin)
“I can’t calm down. It will turn into me crying 『Aaaah!』” (Luise)
“Don’t mess up the copper coins we counted, okay?” (Ina)
“I won’t. I would get stuck counting them again by myself as it would be my responsibility.” (Luise)
Of course the male group was immersed in counting the copper coins little by little as well.
Given that it was the fief’s population who paid for the items, most of the money has been copper coins and copper plates after all.
Although my sense became strange in the last few years, something like gold coins won’t circulate this easily.
“Burkhart-san, haven’t you become clumsy?” (Wendelin)
“It’s alright.” (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san drinks the honey liquor, he bought during the daytime, with small gulps while counting the copper coins.
However, unexpectedly his way of moving his hands doesn’t seem to go astray either.
“And, how was Kurt?” (Wendelin)
“He was like a lamb.” (Burkhart)
There was a reason why Burkhart-san, who worked both as our guard and attendant, didn’t show his figure at the bazaar.
It was to watch Kurt’s movements.
“Midway a strange lot came and were given some instructions.” (Burkhart)
Probably the lot from the original village that doesn’t like changes. They might have approached the blacksmiths and his workers since they bought goods at the bazaar.
“The blacksmith’s workers?” (Wendelin)
“It’s a crisis for them if goods from outside flow in since they are unskilled.” (Burkhart)
I guess that’s only natural since they took it easy with their monopoly just like frogs in a well.
Even I, when I saw the goods of Breitburg’s craftsmen in the city for the first time, was surprised at the difference in level of the living ware compared to my home’s mansion.
On the other hand, the range of things, they can produce, is large to a certain extent.
It’s not like they could make anything either and it wasn’t such a range that this advantage could compensate the low-quality of their products.
I now understand well why something like general goods for living, totally unexpected, sold like crazy.
“Phew… We finished the counting…” (Wendelin)
At last the calculation of sales concluded, but it was an outrageous amount of money.
“802’567 cents, eh… ?” (Ina)
In Japanese yen it’s more than 80 million yen.
By no means I thought that we would sell this much at the bazaar.
“Why has it become such turnover?” (Erwin)
“As almost all the fief’s inhabitants participated, the turnover per person, including the children, is more than 1000 cents, huh…?” (Wendelin)
Although Erw cocked his head in puzzlement over the excessive amount of money, it isn’t a particularly strange matter.
Certain, this village’s average income is little.
But, because there are few occasions to use it conversely, they hoarded the money.
If it’s a long-standing family, they should have steadily saved money for many decades.
“With 1000 cents per person, a regular family of 4 has purchased goods for 4000 cents. Furthermore, it was the first time they could freely shop excluding the merchant group.” (Wendelin)
Naturally this was also the reason why the string of their wallets became loose.
Given that it was a special bazaar, their mentality was probably under the influence that they might not ever again get these goods.
“They aren’t particularly poor, are they?” (Luise)
“No, they are poor.” (Wendelin)
If they don’t sell the surplus of wheat and a part of the resources, that can be gathered in the forest, to the merchant group, they won’t have any cash income.
Except buying salt, they are saving the money as there is almost nothing useful to buy from the merchants and besides, there is no other opportunity to spend the money.
You can even say that their society is remaining at an exceedingly primitive level.
“Just now I tried to give the children of this household a little reward.” (Wendelin)
Because they helped out with the bazaar, I tried to give them gifts as thanks, but it had an unexpected outcome.
“Now that you mention it, when I gave them money, they were astonished.” (Burkhart)
If it was children in Breitburg, they would surely gratefully accept and go buy something at the shopping street.
Even so, the children of this territory can’t do that.
Since they can’t even use the money they were given, they aren’t thankful at all.
In the end I got stuck with handing over things like sweets and toys as payment in kind.
“Isn’t that somehow more serious than expected?” (Erwin)
“Yes.” (Wendelin)
As Erw says, it’s deviating from a level where you can simply call it poor.
My family’s home in the countryside was poor as well, but since it wasn’t as isolated from the outside world like here, I probably ended up thinking like that. (T/N: He compares it to the previous world)
Even dad and Kurt, as nobles, are putting this conduct into practice to save money for the worst case situation.
The fief’s population is also faithfully saving the money they can’t use.
Or else they wouldn’t have been able to buy goods like today.
“It’s not like they don’t understand monetary economy. They are purchasing goods since they are buying stuff like salt. And they are usually caring about stuff like the market prices as well.” (Wendelin)
Looking at the prices of the merchandise we had lined up, they noticed the lack of the expensive transportation fees.
Despite that they aren’t part of the Helmut Kingdom’s economy’s loop.
“Isn’t it fatal that the money isn’t circulating?” (Erwin)
Once the merchant group comes, only a small amount of money is exchanged within the territory.
Even today the money was one-sidedly paid to me.
Probably dad and Kurt aren’t feeling uncomfortable about this fact.
I want to say that it’s because they are the feudal lord family, but you can even say it can’t be helped since it is like this since I was born.
The fief’s population is feeling unhappy about this situation you can call inconvenient.
But, that’s no reason to go as far as finding faults with Kurt inheriting from dad.
Although there is the matter with the expedition, it’s not like they are particularly starving either.
“Rather, the people are hiding their thoughts within. Klaus-san has noticed that, but…” (Elise)
“That’s so, isn’t it? I’m probably somehow odd, going by the common sense of this Baumeister territory.” (Klaus)
“Klaus?” (Wendelin)
It was Klaus who came entering as if acting in concert with Elise’s statement, but he was showing the same dry smile as just before on his face.
“It’s me. In my younger days I went with others on campaigns and to buy wholesale.” (Klaus)
I ended up being surprised as he came entering quite abruptly, but it’s not like we were particularly partaking in a terribly inconvenient, confidential talk either.
Moreover, because the usually suspicious Klaus started to talk, everyone was listening silently.
I didn’t make a lot of experiences of talking with the people of the territory during the time I lived at my family’s home.
I talked the most with Erich-nii-san and I guess the next would have been the portions of talks with Amalie-sister-in-law-san.
As for the fief’s population, it was at best to the extent of having a small talk at the time of exchanging soy beans and the spoils of my hunts.
Honestly, I got a slight real feeling of their livelihood while selling items for the first time today.
The previous me was aware of it due to my knowledge, but you could also say that it was only that much. (T/N: he knows about it but it doesn’t feel real to him)
“Campaign? From this place?” (Wendelin)
“That was probably by chance.” (Klaus)
That was also more than 40 years before today.
It was at the time when Klaus still was around 20 years old.
“In fact I’m the second son. Since my elder brother was to succeed the task of being village headman, I was told to move my body.” (Klaus)
Together with likewise second and third sons of farmers and craftsmen, they placed the products from the territory to be sold on trays and determinedly walked on the mountain trail to go to Breitburg.  
Selling out the products on the other side, they used the money to buy salt and placed it on the trays and then walked on the mountain trail once again until they returned to the Baumeister territory.
It seems that they did such cycle three times per year as well.
“You can’t use something like a carriage on that mountain trail. It would call wolves and flying dragons if it was drawn by horses anyway. I was within the territory for around 25% of the year from mid teens until my early twenties. Even when I was there, to say nothing of vacation, I was pushed around to do farm work.” (Klaus)
Since he is the second son, he was treated as disposable within the territory.
Even when they arrived in Breitburg at great pains, there were only few products from this territory that could be made into money.
Thanks to that they continuously endured hardship to load as much as possible salt on the trays.
“In the former days we even piled up red stones, you could find at the outskirts of the territory, and carried those away.” (Klaus)
“That inferior iron ore?” (Wendelin)
Even I’m aware of the existence of red stones.
To put it simply, it’s also known as iron ore where the iron part has turned red due to rusting.
Because it is useless if you don’t deoxidize it by melting it with an excessive amount of charcoal, it was something that wouldn’t sell for a significant price.
“The price was beaten down. Nevertheless, it turned into money merely by using our strength.” (Klaus)
It was a life without any dreams or hopes, filled with despair.
Why did they end up being born at this place?
“All of us often discussed to run away once we arrived at Breitburg. But in the end we didn’t run away.” (Klaus)
They weren’t able to as, no matter what, their family’s faces came to mind, I’m told.  
“Some of us died en route the mountain trail. Being attacked by wolves, they ended up catching tetanus from their wounds. Missing one’s footing caused serious injuries. Since they couldn’t even be saved with medical treatment, we only kept the hair of the deceased. That was what they had requested. When it was necessary to kill them, I put an end to their lives. They were grateful for being killed by me. Ah, the story went astray…” (Klaus)
Right at the time when they got to Breitburg to stock up on salt, a messenger from the Margrave Breithilde household suddenly came.
“It was a routine event of the vassals at the eastern border to get into disputes. Although we hadn’t tried to go on a campaign, the previous generation’s Margrave Breithilde told us 『At least one time』.” (Klaus)
Since the previous generation’s Margrave Breithilde knew that Klaus’ group was at that time in the city, it was beneficial for him to call them.
Klaus, having the highest social standing as son of a village headman, was assigned as temporary junior commander. It was the birth of a Baumeister territorial army with 6 people in total, just like paper mâché.
“The swords, spears, and armors, all of it was borrowed. The horse and the food as well.” (Klaus)
Even that horse, it was different of a farming horse and only Klaus could mount it.
Because it was nothing more but a rental horse anyway, Klaus used it.
“For Margrave Breithilde-sama. likely only the fact of the Baumeister territorial army participating in the battle was important.” (Klaus)
Just as they were told they moved to the eastern border and confronted the opposing troops.
But it was a quarrel over a tiny plot of land between fellow minor feudal lords after all. It was a fight over the allocation ratio of firewood and edible wild plants harvested in the forest.
If they seriously clashed, they would end up exceeding their budget.
That’s because it is normal for the feudal lord to give monetary consolation to wounded and the bereaved families.
“The aim was to appeal 『These concessions are mine!』. On the contrary, if they didn’t do anything, it would result in them completely approving the other side’s demands.” (Klaus)
There was no way they couldn’t do anything, but they wanted to excuse themselves from clashing with each other as well.
It seems there were various troublesome circumstances.
Even so, if they got excited by the appealing battle, it would occasionally lead to combat.
“In order to not produce corpses, they would win if they made the opponent fall of their horse with training weapons.” (Klaus)
But even then, people died occasionally.
“Given that they are still human, it will occasionally turn into a full-blown combat due to their boiling emotions.” (Klaus)
The cause was ambiguous after all, but it seems the battle, Klaus’ troops participated in, changed into an all-out battle.
“Although both sides earnestly tried to stop their supreme commanders, around 100 people died.” (Klaus)
Klaus held out the spear with all his power towards the approaching enemy forces.
Even now he can’t recall what he did afterwards due to his excessive mental strain.
“As second son of a village headman I did train. Sure enough it was uncertain whether any of that was helpful in an actual war.” (Klaus)
Nevertheless he received a reward and letter of recommendation from Margrave Breithilde for defeating and killing several people.
Although he couldn’t recall it himself, it was apparently witnessed by a high-ranked person of the Breithilde feudal army.
“For the time being I became the target for getting a reward.” (Klaus)
The battle’s expansion was troublesome, but the people, who actually obtained war results, were commended and given a reward, as it is natural for nobles.
Even if you say he defeated and killed them, it was unknown whether they actually really died.
Rather, it would be better if they didn’t die.
“With the received reward, I increased the amount of salt and other souvenirs, but…” (Klaus)
Once he returned to the territory, he was reprimanded by the previous generation’s family head (feudal lord), his father and his elder brother.
“The cause was that I stood out too much. Even though I was risking my life here, they talked me down mercilessly.” (Klaus)
Because it is a conservative territory in the countryside, you could even say it was an example of hammering in the nail that sticks out.
Although he brought back larger portion of salt than usual, he received such intolerable reprimanding.
“Even if such thing happened, life won’t change. Several years later, elder brother died from illness…” (Klaus)
That eldest son had no children. In a hurry the second son, Klaus, was called back home and succeeded as village headman.
That was because his father was also on the verge of death due to the same illness.
“When thinking about such things like being village headman, I soon considered it to be painful but I also thought it was fine as I didn’t have to pull the tray any more. Those were complicated feelings.” (Klaus)
At the same time he was the only one among his friends, who was able to break away from that life and thus felt regret.
Even so, he was sure he could do something once he became the village headman.
It would take time, but first he ran about for the sake of a merchant group regularly coming to the territory.
“From the previous generation’s Margrave Breithilde-sama I received the response 『It is enough, if I entrust it to the lot pulling the trays.』 At last he became the predecessor.” (Klaus)
They were released from the hardship to go buy salt as it reached the point that a merchant group would come twice a year.
He won’t forget the delightful faces of the fief’s population at that time, he said.
“As far as the previous generation’s Margrave Breithilde was concerned, we were existences at the level of talking tray-pulling horses.” (Klaus)
It would have been good if the predecessor was a bit more understanding.
Or you can rather say, if they continued to bring in the salt by themselves, the population of the village wouldn’t exceed 400 people no matter what. That would be a natural conclusion if you had common sense.
That’s how it was.
Although skinny, as the merchant group came regularly one way or the other, Klaus could finally concentrate on his main work as village headman.
Gradually the population was growing. The cultivated land extended in proportion to that.
“It was a modest expansion, however there was a future.” (Klaus)
But a certain disaster made a sudden visit to Klaus at that point.
“Did you know, Wendelin-sama? About the matter of the former fiancée of Leila? About my son who would succeed me.” (Klaus)
Even now he is remembering that very day well.
Upon father’s order, the youth, who was Leila’s fiancée, and the son, who was Klaus’ successor, went hunting together with him.
“Both of them were close as childhood friends with the same age. I thought they would support this household by cooperating.” (Klaus)
Then an incomprehensible incident happened.
At a cliff, where none of the fief’s inhabitants would get close to due to the danger, those two fell and died.
“When Artur-sama chased a prey, both fell off the cliff.” (Klaus)
“…” (Wendelin)
In truth, it was questionable to a certain extent whether such incident really happened.
But, a person holding proof appeared.
“I am remembering. At that time he was 8 years old.” (Klaus)
“Hermann-nii-san.” (Wendelin)
Now Hermann-nii-san has come entering the room.
And he verified that this incident really happened.
“Hermann-nii-san, if it’s that incident…” (Wendelin)
“It was said that this incident was of such degree that it caused father’s mouth to get sour. He even imposed a gag order within the territory.” (Hermann)
I don’t understand the meaning of that gag order.
Was it about having the outsiders shut up since it was an inconvenient truth?
Or was it a genuine gag order as such rumours could lead to a rebellion in this small rural area?  
“At the time Wend was born, it was a taboo to even talk about it. Some were thinking about it within their minds, but since it was what the territory’s lord said…” (Hermann)
“…” (Burkhart)
Even Burkhart-san ended up staying silent due to the far too shady story.
“And, the truth was?” (Wendelin)
“I investigated it but didn’t arrive at an answer.” (Klaus)
That Klaus ascertained it with an absolute secret investigation. As a matter of fact, the sequel was that father’s group of 3 people entered the forest to hunt and were afterwards followed by several people of the original village.
“Since they entered the forest for collecting, they didn’t join up with Artur-sama’s group apparently until they heard Artur-sama’s voice asking for reinforcements due to my son’s group falling off the cliff.” (Klaus)
“What do you think, boy?” (Burkhart)
“Two people at the same time is fishy.” (Wendelin)
If it was only Leila’s fiancée or Klaus’ son, if it was only one of them, I would feel that it’s very possible for it to be a pure incident.
But, in that case father wouldn’t gain anything.
It would be pointless if not both of them died at the same time.
And this became the truth.
He is the one who received the biggest benefit of it.
“Are you suspecting father, Klaus?” (Wendelin)
“I’m doubting him.” (Klaus)
Because Klaus clearly stated that he is suspecting dad, we end up being lost for words.
The Klaus until now was a man who placed a safety zone for himself somewhere while scheming something.
Nevertheless, he is boldly criticizing dad now.
He even goes as far to take the risk of us leaking this to dad.
“Artur-sama summoned me once the funeral service for Leila’s fiancée finished.” (Klaus)
『I wish you to hand over Leila as mistress to me. Given that it will be troublesome if my wife and the surroundings know that its me asking, we will pretend that Klaus has presented her.』 and etc.
Klaus did as dad told him while shedding tears.
As a result, it reached the point that he received an evaluation of 『What underhanded fellow, by presenting his daughter he achieved that he will manage all the taxation duties by himself』 from the village headmen of the other villages.
“No, but father is…” (Wendelin)
“No matter what you say, Artur-sama’s fondness of women is a sickness.” (Klaus)
“I didn’t know…” (Wendelin)
It’s why he, the chief of the original village, is hated by the village headmen of the other villages.
It was Klaus who cleaned up afterwards if dad was making a move on other women.
“Even the village headmen of the other villages naturally hold their tongue. They don’t want their beloved to experience the same as my son and Leila’s fiancée. As result, they are retaining their heart’s balance by hating me who came to discuss the settlement. Though they are able to understand it, they hate me completely.” (Klaus)
There are even many women among those that ended up getting pregnant.
Of course, those children have the potential to complicate the question of inheritance.
Fortunately, he only made moves on married women. A lot of the born children are second sons and below.
Being given a proper reason, all of them ended up being sent to other territories.
“In Leila’s case, she was a famous beauty even within the village. He certainly desired her. At the same time he is a noble. As for my son. Even if my son died, he believed that he won’t be able to send his children to my household if Leila has a husband. Then, what decision did he make?” (Klaus)
If a child is born by Klaus’ daughter as mistress, that child will succeed as village headman and thus strengthen the foundation of the Baumeister household in the process.
I’m able to understand it as a plan, but there shouldn’t be any reason to expressly kill two innocent youngsters for that reason either.
“Does that father have the courage to go that far?” (Wendelin)
“Influenced by the inheritance by Kurt-sama, it will contribute to the stability within the territory. With such calming parts, there isn’t any reason to not make a move on women of his liking. He is raising such a beast. That gentleman.” (Klaus)
It was an unbelievable story, but frankly I didn’t have proof to deny it with on hand either.
We were a large, poor family. Mother gave birth to me when she became close to 40 years old.
And although it was father’s behaviour, I didn’t understand it at all.
I went out to the Savage Lands and the forest during daytime. Since I secluded myself in my room during night, I really didn’t know what father was doing during night and day except working.
“Do you hate him because of that? Without even having conclusive evidence?” (Burkhart)
“Even I’m a human influenced by emotions. I’m believing in Artur-sama’s guilt.” (Klaus)
“That’s why you want to shave off the authority of the Baumeister household?” (Burkhart)
“Yes.” (Klaus)
It’s the same with Hermann-nii-san’s case and Erich-nii-san’s case.  
They caused ripples on the water called the succession of the eldest son, Kurt.
But that doesn’t mean that there will be a final clash.
Hermann-nii-san was sent to the branch family as husband by dad.
Even Erich-nii-san, noticing the danger for himself, left the house.
The other elder brothers as well, without even a single one becoming a retainer, they all left the house.
The remaining Hermann-nii-san, who was adopted as groom of the bride into the branch family, was tossed into a household that doesn’t conceal its deeply founded anti-main family attitude. Even Hermann-nii-san himself has agreed with that motion.
The outcome is that only the questionable Kurt is left.
But, since he is the eldest son, no one considers this to be strange.
“Klaus, did you tell that Hermann-nii-san before?” (Wendelin)
“I considered it to be difficult. However, would it have been fine, if he had stayed in his family’s home as it is?” (Klaus)
“No, it wouldn’t.” (Wendelin)
Until Kurt produced a child, it would be a life of living at home as spare without even being able to marry.
Even if that ended, he would probably only be worked hard for a meager salary.
“Klaus, did you also take into account the possibility of me running out of patience and leaving the territory?” (Hermann)
“Yes.” (Klaus)
“Ye~~~a. In that case, it might have been fine to be easygoing.” (Hermann)
“Hermann-nii-san…” (Wendelin)
“That’s a lie. Marlene-anego is running this household all by herself. But if it’s only the two of them, she is quite behaving like a spoiled, cute child.” (Klaus)
“No, I don’t even want to listen to such lovey-dovey talk…” (Wendelin)
It seems that Marlene-sister-in-law-san can be commonly be referred as having the tsundere attribute.
“There is also Erich-nii-san’s case. Why was Erich-nii-san exposed to danger as well!?” (Wendelin)
“Even regarding that, I can only say that I’m very sorry. However, would it have been better if he was left there like the others?” (Klaus)
Certainly, it’s also a fact that Kurt hasn’t the generosity to handle Erich-nii-san as retainer.
If it came to the point that Erich-nii-san gradually stood out and was adored by the fief’s population, at least I couldn’t guarantee that there wouldn’t be once again an incident as with Klaus’ son’s group.
“He would be useful in case of Artur-sama, but that gentleman hasn’t much time left. Age is age after all.” (Klaus)
Once Kurt succeeded after dad’s death, it would eventually become the same degree of danger for Erich-nii-san.
“Hou, don’t evaluate the current family head-sama awfully due to your mind filled with resentment.” (Burkhart)
“The talent of a feudal lord is different depending on his character. Isn’t Artur-sama slightly inferior to his predecessor? Is the aspect of coordination a bit lower due to his philandering?” (Klaus)
Klaus counter attacked with even more poison due to Burkhart-san’s partially sarcastic remark.
Something like grading one’s master will become a big problem, if done poorly.
“By the way, what about that foolish next feudal lord?” (Burkhart)  
“Burkhart-sama, I’m assessing the base of a tree. I don’t evaluate such dirty, withered leaf attached to a twig.” (Klaus)
“Don’t say that. Furthermore, there isn’t even any room to object there.” (Burkhart)
Burkhart-san as well as Klaus are apparently arguing about Kurt being a human before they even talk about him as feudal lord.
“I won’t bear to listen to any more of this. So, why did you tell me all of that?” (Wendelin)
“I have decided. Wendelin-sama will become feudal lord. It’s fine if we even include the development of the Savage Lands.” (Klaus)
After all Klaus wants me to succeed this territory.
“I’m the family head of a branch family.” (Wendelin)
“Are you maybe worried about His Majesty and the big nobles who insinuated such official stance at the capital?” (Klaus)
“I might do it.” (Wendelin)
It looks to me that he will advance the situation forcibly if he feels like it, but I didn’t want to approve of it at any cost here.
“If Wendelin-sama says so, it will be so. I have decided to make it happen.” (Klaus)
“Besides, I am the son of that father.” (Wendelin)
I didn’t know whether dad’s deeds were a fact as Klaus says, but at least that’s what Klaus is believing.
I’m wondering what he is expecting of me, who is the son of the father he is detesting because of that.
“The sins of the parents don’t befall their children. Besides, it looks like Wendelin-sama is already the head of a branch family.” (Klaus)
I was gradually able to understand Klaus’ real intention from his tone.
As long as he is able to have this territory grow, he doesn’t even matter to him if there isn’t any Knight Baumeister household as feudal lord there, I guess.
No, it’s rather what he is hoping for, isn’t it?
And for that reason he was leading dad and Kurt by the nose with such dull plan for an extended period.
This was the behavioral principle of the man called Klaus.
“Well, from the time I cut the neck of Jonas, who had a deep wound, with a knife, I became an existence below a talking tray-pulling horse. With the case of my son and Leila’s fiancée and the reprimand after the campaign, I have also been treating head of the Baumeister household as enemy. However, I have moved following my responsibility as village headman. Therefore, I won’t even care if Wendelin-sama tattles about this matter to Artur-sama. I won’t blame you. Why you ask? That’s because I’m an existence below a talking tray-pulling horse.” (Klaus)
At the end of those words Klaus has returned to his home.
Afterwards, we, who were left, didn’t know what decision would be good.
“If it’s the truth, it’s a nasty story.” (Burkhart)
“Hermann-nii-san.” (Wendelin)
“I don’t know! I got to know about the old man’s bad habit just now.” (Hermann)
Or rather, he also persisted in hiding the children well until now.
Was Klaus excellent in dealing with the aftermath, he was entrusted with, to that extent, I wonder?
In my case it was only natural that I didn’t notice it since I had no interest in my dad’s actions.
“Is it the truth?” (Elise)
“Does your mother know about it, I wonder?” (Erwin)
“Even if she knows, she won’t tell us the details, right?” (Wendelin)
Especially she absolutely wouldn’t tell it to the previous under-aged me.
Even apart from that, I have ended up worrying whether he hasn’t also extended his hands towards Kurt’s wife, Amalie-sister-in-law-san.
Those children as well, I hope dad isn’t their real father.
The more I think about it, the more I’m plunged into a terrible situation.
“Hermann-nii-san, if Kurt notices that…” (Wendelin)
“Even that Erich hasn’t noticed it! It’s impossible for Kurt-aniki.” (Hermann)
Certainly it’s probably futile to expect Kurt realizing such subtleties.
“Anyway, tomorrow we will quickly purify the Demon Forest and come back.” (Wendelin)
“I’m relying on you. The crucial Kurt-aniki is far from being reliable, he might even try to pull your leg.” (Hermann)
“Afterwards, it’s Klaus, huh… ?” (Wendelin)
Klaus, disclosing up to there, has even the potential to pick a fight with dad.
If I consider that, I guess it’s necessary for me to return promptly.
We have already been involved in it whether we like it or not.
“The worst case is if Hermann-nii-san doesn’t survive.” (Wendelin)
“Obviously. Even if Klaus runs wild, his hands won’t reach as far as the old man’s group anyway. In the first place, we won’t do something like helping the main family. If the old man’s wrongdoings are true, he will have to do something about it by himself.” (Hermann)
Even I didn’t feel like saving dad and Kurt at the current time at all.
In the worst case it’s only unthinkable that I won’t even rescue mother, Amalie-sister-in-law-san and her children.
“Let’s sleep now.” (Wendelin)
“Sleep well, don’t fail at the request and please absolutely come back.” (Hermann)
“Understood.” (Wendelin)
From the discord with Kurt to the hurried bazaar and the shocking confession from Klaus.
At last a long day ends. We ended up sleeping like babies for the sake of being ready for the unknown dangers in the near future.


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