Chapter 43 – The Loot from the Underground Ruin

“Nou, Armstrong.” (Helmut)

“Yes” (Armstrong)

“Are you worried?” (Helmut)

“Only a bit.” (Armstrong)

It is right at the time when Wendelin was successful in destroying the second dragon golem.

In a private room of Helmut the 37th within the royal palace, Helmut the 37th and Armstrong-doushi were once again drinking wine and having a talk.

“The irresponsible, talkative folks within the royal palace are already discussing whether Baron Baumeister passed away. That person is particularly kicking up a fuss.” (Helmut)

“It’s the Head of Financial Auditing Rückner, right?” (Armstrong)

While being together in the financial affairs department, it is a famous story that the older brother, who inherited the Marquis title and serves as Finance Minister, and the younger brother, who didn’t inherit the title and acts as Head of the Financial Auditing, don’t get along very well.

In the first place, based on both’s official positions, you can’t even expect them to be on good terms.

The Finance Minister, who organizes and distributes the budget, and the Head of Financial Auditing, who points out the waste by investigating the situation of the budget utilization.

Lately the attacks of the younger brother against his older brother are becoming even more fervent as well.

While persistently investigating the squandering and misses of his elder brother’s protege’s, being in the same faction as him, he uses his own faction and protege’s at his own discretion.

And, in reverse, that is pointed out by his elder brother.

It is at a level that their peers are thinking that those two will continue to compete with each other like this until their death.

Furthermore, those two showed a totally opposite way of treating Baron Baumeister.

“Baron Baumeister is fated to be connected with the elder brother, Finance Minister Rückner.” (Helmut)

On the contrary, because Head of Financial Auditing Rückner wasn’t able to form a connection, thus he turned hostile towards Baron Baumeister.

It isn’t like he is particularly bearing a grudge against Baron Baumeister, who can’t match his decent face, either.

Instead, he should be in Baron Baumeister’s debt since he accepted the employment of his child who he didn’t acknowledge, but for some reason he is antagonizing him.

His hatred against his elder brother is extremely strong. It seems he says I hate everything about that person.

“Also, he is gathering the guys who are holding animosity against Finance Minister Rückner for the sake of improving the opposing faction.” (Helmut)

Both being at the financial department, Head of Financial Auditing Rückner desires to kick his elder brother down from the position of Finance Minister.

For that reason he wasn’t able to stay on good terms with Baron Baumeister and his dependents.

“Returning to the topic, it is exaggerated to condemn them for not getting in touch for around a week of historic ruins exploration.” (Armstrong)

“As experienced person, is that what you think?” (Helmut)

“Yes. In case of a large-scale underground ruin, you will keep diving in there for at least this much time.” (Armstrong)

“I see. Then Head of Financial Auditing Rückner is a sinful man.” (Helmut)

If one were to speak of what he is sinful about: There was a report that he got in touch with successor candidates because Baron Baumeister might have died.

“Successor candidates?” (Armstrong)

“Though he is unmarried, there are brothers amongst his siblings, too.” (Helmut)

“But…” (Armstrong)

Thinking about the worst case, Baron Baumeister has told Armstrong-doushi the order of successors.

There is a testament in the mansion as well. The butler Roderich, being a child of the Head of Financial Auditing Rückner, is leading and controlling the employees firmly.

Roderich should be the child of Head of Financial Auditing Rückner.

But, with Head of Financial Auditing Rückner not acknowledging him originally as his face doesn’t even get close to matching his, Roderich doesn’t seem to think of him as real father at all.

As outcome of irresponsibly giving birth to him and then neglecting him, Roderich bears a heavy grudge against him without even a speck of gratitude.

Therefore you could say it was next to impossible for him to turn traitor.

Rather, he might be delighted to become the enemy of his real father.

Although it is a sad story, some amongst the nobles irresponsibly make children with commoner girls and then neglect those children without even acknowledging their existence. There are many of such people.

It is said that blood is thicker than water, but there are also cases where the hatred between blood relatives is amplified in its depth.

“As for the elder brothers’ children, they seem to be granted the right of succession following the order of their age.” (Helmut)

As for the first place in the inheritance right, it is Jörn (T/N: >> Ierun <<) who was born as eldest son of Erich just a few months ago.

After that it will be the soon-to-be-born children of Paul and Helmut, who are currently in the wombs of their wives.

If the born child is female, there won’t be any problem either as long as she picks a husband.

From the point of view of the surroundings, as it will be troublesome if Baron Baumeister dies now, he at least wanted to leave behind a will in preparation for the worst case.

As result, it also was a premature testament.

Although it isn’t unusual either if it’s royalty and nobles, there occasionally are family head’s suddenly dying while having forgotten about the testament. Since there are also cases where this caused needless strife, you can say it is a necessary measure to leave behind a will.

“Well, actually, it looks like he got in touch with the eldest son at his parent’s home.” (Helmut)

“The one in the southern sticks?” (Armstrong)

“That’s right. The home of Baron Baumeister.” (Helmut)

Because the place being at that location it should take time until the message reaches them.

Moreover, though the eldest son has two boys, they aren’t even mentioned within the succession order of Baron Baumeister.

Even though they would be at the top of the succession order if there wasn’t any testament, they have no chance at succeeding in the first place because it exists.

In other words, it could also be said that Head of Financial Auditing Rückner is running rampant.

Or rather, he has no right to meddle in the inheritance of the Baron Baumeister household.

It was a complete grandstand play.

“How pathetic. For the eldest son it will be a short-lived elation.” (Helmut)

Either of your children will become the heir of the Baron Baumeister household and its assets.

Leading him around by the nose by telling him such a lie is the sinful noble of the central government, Head of Financial Auditing Rückner.

Head of Financial Auditing Rückner doesn’t even really care if the eldest son’s children don’t succeed the household after wards.

The eldest son being cheated, if he throws that anger at Finance Minister Rückner and his dependents, it will create confusion.

Even if Baron Baumeister has died without doubt, the succession order will change to Erich’s child.

That’s how it is written in the testament in the mansion. Since its transcription is deposited at the Noble Pedigree Department of the kingdom’s public office, even if it is objected at first, that objection won’t be allowed.

Of course Head of Financial Auditing Rückner, being part of the central government for a long time, is plenty aware of that.

It’s a safe bet that he will spread a rumor of that decision to the eldest son, who will bear dissatisfaction.

The inheritance of the Baron title by your child is being thwarted by your brothers who left the family. They hate you, who became the legitimate successor due to being the first-born son.(Rückner)

Tearing up the relationship between siblings of another family and using that to plunge his real brother into chaos.

You can even say that he is a terrible fellow, but something like that isn’t particularly unusual for the lot of the appointed nobles of the central government either.

It was something commonplace, just part of the scenery.

“Though they are in a remote place, he is toying with people who are inheriting a regular peerage, huh? That man is considerably sinful.” (Helmut)

“That man, at first glance it looks like he is moving following the nature of a noble, but in reality it is only due to his hatred of his elder brother.” (Armstrong)

Although he views himself as superior, the Marquis household and its assets were stolen by his elder brother.

With hardships he became an appointed Baron, but he is always hindered by his elder brother.

With nothing but such hatred, because he is hostile towards his elder brother even at an age close to 50 years, Head of Financial Auditing Rückner is a passionate man, in a certain sense.

Though it could also be called a passion that is very annoying for other people.

“To begin with, that Burkhart is accompanying them, so it shouldn’t even be possible for Baron Baumeister to die. Don’t start such pointless actions.” (Helmut)

Helmut the 37th resolved himself.

Because of one fool, it might cause some strong disturbances in the south.

No matter whether Baron Baumeister is alive or dead, you can expect this to happen in the future with certainty.

The eldest son, remaining at his family’s territory will have a small questionable quarrel with his brothers, who left the household.

With only this it will turn into a vague truth, even if the people themselves are careful.

With someone instigating the surroundings, it become like this, if someone ends up being deceived by this.

“Baron Baumeister is already an adult. I fear that will also cause the eldest son to unnecessarily feel insecure.” (Helmut)

“Although it will be fine, if he stays docile.” (Armstrong)

“As for the person himself, I guess he would obediently seclude himself. But with a fellow instigating from outside, he might move haphazardly since he has no ability to resist this. Moreover he won’t even be able to notice that it is his own stupidity.” (Helmut)

“Without instigation, he might not move?” (Armstrong)

“My guess is that it’s impossible. Therefore, for the sake of the long time progress of the kingdom, I intend him to become a small victim. Maa, I guess a bit more waiting time is necessary.” (Helmut)

“As for me, I will still pray that the eldest son won’t act rashly.” (Armstrong)

“Even for me it would be easier that way.” (Helmut)

Both of them drink their wine while continuing the conversation for a while after that.

And then, three and a half day later, they received the information that Baron Baumeister’s group had safely captured the underground ruin.

While at the same time also thinking that there will be fellows who won’t be settled down with this.




– Erwin PoV –

“A~~~~h, Wend is heavy.” (Erwin)

“Erw, Wend is a man, so he has to be heavy, right?” (Ina)

“That’s true. In case it is Elise, there is also something of worth to carry on your back.” (Erwin)

“I will tell that to Wend.” (Ina)

“How unfair…” (Erwin)

Burkhart-san, Elise and Wend.

While the three magician had spent all of their mana and are unconscious, we walked to the door behind the dragon golem, which had its head destroyed, and were transferred.

Wend, having his mana to a certain degree replenished by that Elise using the Holy healing spell Light of Miracles, put all of that mana into his void magic and clashed it against the dragon golem.

Forcing back the void attributed breath, spit out from the dragon golem’s mouth, he forcefully pushed in the void magic into that mouth cavity in reverse.

Of course it became a matter of the dragon golem’s head being plastered with many explosions and then completely blown off.

Furthermore, it seems that the dragon golem’s head was equipped with the artificial personality.

It stopped moving right away and the golems, we were continuously defending against in front of the stairs, stopped moving at the same time.

Somehow it looks like that dragon golem was a cornerstone of the defense system of this underground ruin.

What is clear is that us three people, who can still move, wouldn’t have survived if they had to carry the three, who are still unconscious, while escaping this mess in the end.

Frankly, in those five or six days spent here, our fatigue had peaked out.

“We will explore the underground ruin once Wend’s group wakes up.” (Ina)

“Yes” (Erwin)

Before that, we have to secure a place where we can take a proper rest.

Also, I wonder whether an exit to the surface exists?

Luckily there already isn’t even one unit of that existing large quantity of golems that moves.

Opening the door laying further ahead, a living space, as if a person lived here until just now, spread out.

“Although it is an ancient room of the underground ruin…” (Luise)

Luise seems to be surprised about the study, living room, kitchen, bathroom and such, which haven’t a single speck of dust.

But, since it is a historic ruin of the Ancient Magic Civilization, it isn’t something that unusual either.

I hear that it apparently is because of the state preservation spell that has become Lost Magic by now.

With this spell showing its effect, it seems that even thousands of years old things won’t deteriorate at all.

“Anyway, it is necessary to lay down the three of them.” (Ina)

“That’s true.” (Erwin)

Since we discovered four beds set up in the bedroom, one of them went to Burkhart-san, who was carried by Ina.

I laid down Wend, who I was carrying, on another one.

“U~~~n, because he is the person who redeemed himself this time.” (Luise)

Continuing, Elise was shouldered by Luise.

After being slightly worried, she put Elise down next to Wend.

“You are kind, aren’t you?” (Erwin)

“Though I am slightly jealous, thanks to Elise’s Light of Miracleseveryone has survived.” (Luise)

Certainly, if Elise hadn’t been here, the party would have been completely destroyed.

Even if only Wend were to be sacrificed at that place and let us survive temporarily, we wouldn’t possess any aspirations of future development at all.

Light of Miracles, huh? That’s an amazing spell, right?” (Erwin)

“That’s obvious. It is a magic at the level of having the believers revere them if there even is a single person who can use it within the church.” (Ina)

Because it can completely recover a person’s health in one go no matter what kind of severe wound, it has a powerful impact in any case, Ina explained.

For example, a mother carrying her child, who had been ran over by a carriage and was on the verge of death, while rushing towards the church.

While weeping, the mother will desire her child to be saved.

And then a Light of Miraclesuser makes their appearance.

Swiftly healing the child, it can run around full of vigor again.

It is also recorded in the biographies of saints published by the church. In reality it is a wondrous scene that will occasionally occur as well.

Since it is an apparent miracle, it also is a popular situation for the believers.

Although one might say it supported the popularity of the church, it wasn’t an exaggeration.

“Hee, that’s how it is. But, isn’t that strange?” (Luise)

“What is?” (Erwin)

“If it’s Light of Miracles, won’t it not be effective without a kiss?” (Luise)

“Now that you mention it…” (Erwin)

If it doesn’t get invoked without a kiss, the composition of the aforementioned miracles is odd.

Maybe the magicians, who can use Light of Miracles, kiss the children while using the spell.

It might become a homosexual-type combination that is a taboo in the church too.

With this the saint’s biography publications would become filth. (T/N: Lol, wtf is that moron worrying about…)

“Ah~~~! I forgot about it in the confusion!” (Luise)

“Or rather, is there such a thing like kissing in magic?” (Ina)

Not only Luise but Ina also unusually raised her voice loudly.

It appears that Elise shrewdly used that critical situation to kiss Wend. With that in mind, she seems to be fascinating.

Additionally, before fainting she devoted herself completely to mana replenishment by using all of her remaining mana.

I don’t think there is any men who won’t fall for her after having that done to him.

At the very least I felt greatly envious of Wend.

It was a scene as if Elise was a real angel.

“(If it’s Elise, as a matter of fact, she is understanding her own excessive female charm quite well…)” (Erwin)

Conversely you can say that it also feels as if that Wend won’t be able to escape from Elise anymore.

Since Wend basically likes Elise as well, the person herself doesn’t hold any doubts or unhappiness either, I guess.

“(Cardinal Hohenheim, you haven’t made a mistake in educating your granddaughter…)” (Erwin)

Being totally immersed in Elise’s charm, Wend hasn’t even any intention to slip out from there. My best friend and Lord, Wend, is halfway through the process of being dominated.

How pitiful. It is already a different world from the one I live in.

“(Next time I will have Burkhart-san take me along to an enjoyable adult shop. Of course Wend won’t participate.)” (Erwin)

Thinking about this, I will somehow also able to enjoy the remaining stuff to deal with afterwards.

But before that, it was necessary to take turns sleeping now.

Being worn out to this point, it would cause impediments in the following exploration work.

“Because of that, who will stay up standing watch first… ? Wha! Oi!” (Erwin)

During the time I was thinking, Ina, who scolded Elise’s action, tossed herself on the opposite side of Elise, being cheeky herself as well, and gave off a sleeper’s breath of *suya suya*.

With Wend sleeping on the bed in a pose of , Elise and Ina are sleeping on his left and right side using his arms as pillow.

It was the same situation as the protagonist in a book I have read in a book-store just a little bit of time ago.

Which reminds me, that protagonist could be seen enjoying a flower in each arm as well. I also envied him very much.

“While thinking about my jealousy, currently Wend won’t be able to recover his mana quickly. Because of that, Luise?” (Erwin)

“I am not going to sleep any time soon.” (Luise)

“How admirable. Aren’t you jealous?” (Erwin)

As I am wondering whether she is angry for the two of them picking a position on the left and right of Wend, Luise was the calmness herself unexpectedly.

Until the four sleeping people wake up, she wants to participate in standing guard together with me, it seems.

Because of that situation, I had resolved myself to be the only one standing watch.

The dragon golem has been destroyed and the remaining golem units have stopped. This residential area is clean without having its state devastated in the past either.

The guarding is just for caution’s sake. I wouldn’t have particularly minded it either if I were the only one to stay up.

“From the start it was impossible to monopolize Wend. If I am able to stand watch here praise-worthily similar to Elise’s previous deed, I can sleep next to Wend afterwards.” (Luise)

“Is that how it works… ?” (Erwin)

And then, around half day later.

Until the first one, Burkhart-san, woke up, I killed time by talking with Luise, who found it difficult to stay awake due to her drowsiness, while continuing to stand watch.

“Oi, what happened?” (Burkhart)

Right away after opening his eyes, Burkhart-san inquires about the situation after he passed out.

Together with Luise, we told him the details of the state of affairs.

“Finally Wend blew off the head of the dragon golem with his magic.” (Erwin)

“What about the golems?” (Burkhart)

“At the same time the dragon golem ceased its operation, everything, that was moving, stopped.” (Luise)

“I see. That dragon golem’s head had a linked artificial personality formula embedded after all.” (Burkhart)

As for that linked artificial personality formula, not just the dragon golem itself, but also the golem troops were apparently controlled by the defense system of the underground ruin.

“Therefore the golems’ movement stopped alongside the explosion, I guess.” Burkhart-san explained.

“It was installed at a place where it would be the most difficult to be destroyed. The reason is its extreme sensibility. However, we have been rescued by Elise-jou-chan.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san glances at Elise sleeping peacefully using Wend’s arm as pillow while making an expression as if saying It can’t be helped.

From Burkhart-san’s standpoint it will be problematic if Elise’s position as legal wife becomes too strong. I guess he isn’t saying anything since Elise is a very good girl and the degree of her contribution is outstanding as well.

Burkhart-san also knows that he particularly was saved by Elise.

Or perhaps I should say, it was Margrave Breithilde-sama who didn’t introduce a decent girl to Wend at any rate.

If you ask me, it felt like Haven’t you given up already?

“Now then, all that’s left is to explore and search for the exit leading to the surface. Everyone has to get some proper sleep for their bodies. You guys too. Hurry up and go sleep.” (Burkhart)

“Honestly, you are saving me here.” (Erwin)

“I am sleepy as well…” (Luise)

Because Burkhart-san says that he will be fine hereafter even by himself, I approach a vacant bed.

Luise, while entering a dangerous spot, namely between Wend’s legs of the shape, she immediately raised a sleeper’s breathing.

“Cho! Luise!” (Erwin)

That position is extremely dangerous for Wend.

No matter how much the left and right side is already taken, that place is dangerous anyway.

“The boy is quite popular.” (Burkhart)

“Luise, that place is dangerous…” (Erwin)

“Only worrying about it is pointless. Is the stimulation too strong for Erw-boy? I will take you too a good place after we return to the capital.” (Burkhart)

“Haa…” (Erwin)

With Burkhart-san having talked up to that point, I was suddenly attacked by drowsiness. I ended up passing out just like that.




– Wendelin PoV –

“Having safely destroyed the dragon golem, we arrived at the most inner part of the residential area.”

“It somehow was a narrow escape from death.”

Immediately following the blowing off of the dragon golem’s head, I fainted due to using up my mana. I woke up after sleeping a whole day.

With the first decent sleep after a little less than a week, I don’t feel any sluggishness from being mentally worn-out like yesterday. It’s been a while since I woke up this refreshed.

And with the mental strain of experiencing a condition of just barely before mana exhaustion several times, I actually understand myself the feeling of experiencing my mana capacity rising.

We were able to survive due to safely disarming the defence system of the underground ruin.

Although I was burning with the desire to complain to the lot who forwarded such request to rookies without warning, but that will have to wait for later.

At any rate, there is a more urgent situation for me to deal with.

“Wendelin-sama, good morning” (Elise)

Before I knew it, I was sleeping in a pose on an unfamiliar bed.

Neighboring to my right, Elise, who is using my arm as pillow to rest on, woke up around the same time as me.

“Mornin’. Elise, are you alright?” (Wendelin)

“Yes, I have almost fully recovered my mana. Ano, I am going to prepare a meal. I am sure that Wendelin-sama also wants to eat some warm rice.” (Elise)

“That’s true. I got hungry…” (Wendelin)

Because I haven’t eaten anything close to one and a half days, my stomach was continuing to make growling sounds.

“… Wend, did you wake up?” (Ina)

Following before long, Ina, who slept on my left side, woke up as well.

She also seems to have used my arm as pillow.

Or rather, I wonder when it had become like this?

“Wend, are you okay?” (Ina)

“If you sleep this long. How about Ina’s side?” (Wendelin)

“I feel as if I slept properly for the first time in a long time.” (Ina)

“That’s right, isn’t it? I want to excuse myself from doing such recklessness ever again.” (Wendelin)

“Right” (Ina)

Those two are fine.

Both my arms became numb from being used as pillow, but I heard that this was a pleasant numbness as man in my previous life.

Actually it was something very comfortable.

Especially since my only experience of numbness in my previous life was somehow due to seiza, I think I was able to spend a very good time.

But there was only one fellow who was sleeping at an outrageous place.

Using my inner thighs as pillow, Luise was raising a sleeper’s breath.

Honestly, that place was very dangerous.

“Oi, Luise.” (Wendelin)

“Time-wise I think she shouldn’t wake up for a bit longer.” (Burkhart)

As Luise was earnestly not opening her eyes, Burkhart-san floated smile obviously being an ill-natured smirk.

Even that person seem to have completely recovered his mana by sleeping for a long time.

“Apart from sleeping, the place is bad!” (Wendelin)

“As man, just like you, I consider it to be great.” (Burkhart)

“Treating it as if it is somebody else’s problem…” (Wendelin)

“I am sorry to say, but it is somebody else’s problem. That is.” (Burkhart)

If Luise shifts her head in that position unluckily, in addition to clinging to my body, I will end up as complete body pillow for sure.

“As expected of an experienced martial artist. She is an expert at pinning techniques.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-san…” (Wendelin)

Actually it is a fact that I wasn’t resisting Luise’s small body in any way either.

Being used as body pillow by her, who slept without change, I can’t move my body as if unwrapping myself from that would also cause to be completely binding my hands and feet.

Furthermore, it isn’t like my body is painfully strangled somewhere because of that.

Rather, Luise body temperature and her drifting floral fragrance felt very pleasant.

“Naa, Ina.” (Wendelin)

“Even I have experienced the same thing in my childhood. Slipping away is just impossible.” (Ina)

Even Ina had Luise cling to her like that while sleeping when she came to stay at Luise’s home. It looks like she didn’t manage to slip away at all either.

“It isn’t due to strength. You can never slip away since she is pinning down the body’s fulcrum. Sleep until Luise gets up.” (Ina)

“It can’t be helped. Going back to sleep is a luxury as well.” (Wendelin)

And then I get stuck sleeping for a few hours while Luise still clings to me. In the end it resulted in me being the last one to wake up amongst the party members.




“At last we can get the exploration get going, huh?” (Burkhart)

After enjoying the luxury of going back to sleep all of use have decided to resume the exploration given that we got plenty of sleep.

After getting out of bed, I eat the meal prepared by Elise using the currently, normally usable kitchen of the residential area.

Since she says that she will also be in charge of meals after the exploration, we have decided to leave it to her and start the exploration afterwards.

The interior behind the door, the dragon golem protected, was the last place of the underground ruin.

Despite it should be a matter of more than several thousand years ago, the study completely looks as if it had been used by somebody just recently.

Also, as for what’s placed inside the rooms, it is a water supply, drawing up water from the underground and filtering it, a stove using magic gems, bath and shower, washing machine, refrigerator and such. It reached the point that you could live a secluded life in here.

Currently Elise is diligently preparing the meal.

“The workshop is next door.” (Erwin)

The room has two additional doors. Erw reported that a room similar to a workshop is on one side.

As he has gone around looking together with Burkhart-san, it seems to be resembling a workshop for producing magic tools just like the once seen in the capital.

“Magic tool workshop, it is?” (Wendelin)

“Seems so.” (Erwin)

Ina had examined the books in the study, but only finding one copy of a diary from amongst the books, she gave it to Burkhart-san.

“Earl Ischrubak… ?” (Wendelin) (T/N: >> Ishurubaku <<)

Apparently that’s the name of the diary’s owner, but he is actually quite famous.

As leading person of magic tool creation in the era of the Ancient Magic Civilization, his even now existing works will get high evaluations.

To tell you the truth, the currently operating magic airships are things that have been built following mostly his layouts.

Indeed, after creating such dangerous defence system, I am certain that he was a genius.

As for the fate of genius’ in the present world, it looks like they were people with extremely warped personalities.

“And, have this room and the workshop been cleaned… ?” (Wendelin)

Although a state preservation spell is being applied, its effect is continuing for more than several thousand years.

With only that, it also served as proof what superior magician Earl Ischrubak had been.

“Even the books and such in the that study might be connected to technological advancement in magic tool creation if they are researched?” (Ina)

“That possibility is quite high.” (Burkhart)

When you look closely, there are many books related to magic and magic tools.

One part of the bookshelves seems to also be dedicated to thousands of volumes of something feeling like the research’s notes.

“Nee, there is one more room.” (Luise)

Continuing on, Luise also comes back from having gone to see the state of another room, but he report had astonishing contents.

“The room on the opposite side was an entrance to a hangar.” (Luise)

With Luise’s guidance we open the door to the other room. There, a huge room, a lot more spacious than the plaza the dragon golem had been placed in, spread out.

That room, rather than even being a room, has a structure as if being a complete shipyard. More than 10 docks, used for shipbuilding, are extending in a row. Each of them had several magic cranes, dedicated to lift heavy-weighting things, installed.

“It is a magnificent view.” (Ina)

More than half of the docks were vacant, but even so you could count seven to be filled with magic airships.

Their size is almost similar to the magic airship we boarded to use the regular flight.

It appears that this facility was dedicated to construction and repair docks for magic airships.

“Going by their outward appearance, they are completed.” (Wendelin)

“The question is whether the large magic gem inside is safe or not.” (Burkhart)

Being a legacy of the past, it is depending on the large magic gem being safe in the engine room whether it is possible for the magic airships to re-enter servitude or not.

Since a number of years have passed, there are many situations where they have already broken down due to magic gem of poor quality.

With the current technology it is only possible to have the magic airships fly, but producing the necessary magic gems for that is difficult.

The technique of creating a large magic gem by using several small magic gems as ingredients, as it existed in the past, has been lost.

You can’t get hold off them due to their rareness. You can’t construct them without the huge magic core acquired from monsters like dragons and upwards.

It was also the reason why I was forced to sell the magic cores, I obtained after defeating two dragons, to the kingdom two years ago.

“We will leave the further investigation to the kingdom.” (Burkhart)

“I guess it is not good if we don’t go and see the state of the underground ruin as well.” (Wendelin)

“Those golems and such, they won’t be restarted, right?” (Ina)

“Who knows?” (Burkhart)

In any case, because there isn’t anything like knowledge related to those dedicated docks and the magic airships, we have decided to turn back to investigate the Deadly Reverse Regulationunderground ruin now.

There is a huge, rectangle, stone-walled room on each floor of all the 10 underground floors. Those rooms are pierced by dozens of passages for the sake of supplying golems for defence duty.

On the floors the golems, who had been re-deployed after we broke through, ceased their function and stayed at their current place without change.

Since there isn’t any reaction even if we get close, going by Burkhart-san’s deduction, a large part of the defense system had been embedded in the head of the dragon golem.

“Constructing it with steel containing mithril, a magic gem had been arranged functioning as power source for the artificial personality crystal in the head, huh?” (Burkhart)

All of the golem units are standing still. I check their internal structure.

“However, still making this many of them.” (Wendelin)

“The problem is the ability of the artificial personality.” (Burkhart)

The appearance of the artificial personality’s crystal is close to transparent.

It looks like there is a unique spell engraved within using a particular magic language.

Of course, if you don’t understand the magic language, it will be impossible to tamper with this.

Even if you do understand it, if you can’t use the recorded spell, it won’t be possible for the crystal to show results. Before that, there is no point in it, if you can’t make the artificial personality crystal.

Therefore, there were very few people who could make it currently.

The magic language, being the most difficult part, is similar to what is called computer language in my previous life. But as I am weak in that particular field, it will be completely impossible for me to understand it.

It’s not the characters. I saw books having closely packed things written inside as if coming up with tens of thousand types of patterns, but only trying to deduce the basic rule caused my head to boil previously.

Even master laughed and said You don’t understand it at all, right? I am completely no good with this too.

In addition, even if I was able to understand them.

If it’s the technological strength of the current magic tools craftsmen, they won’t be able to make the golems, located here, move.

The reason is that they can’t be used unless for charging in a war. There was that as well.

“However, what did Earl Ischrubak want to protect with all his power… ?” (Wendelin)

“The entirety of these underground ruins, right?” (Ina)

Even only the costs for the used mithril and orichalcum in the dragon golem’s body are eye-popping. The total amount of soldier golems and knight golems easily exceeds 10’000.

By further investigating, we confirmed the installation of an unmanned workshop for supplying and repairing the golems adjoining to a section of the ten underground floors.

The damaged golems were placed there in fractions of a conveyor belt by special transport golems.

While the conveyor moves, the golems, tasked with only repairing the upper half of the body, were efficiently and properly performing repairs.

The golems, who finished their repairs, used a dedicated pathway by themselves arranged to head towards the level where the intruders were.

“It is the height of over-technology. It is also a great discovery after a long time.” (Burkhart)

And then we have confirmed the existence of an enormous magic gem, supplying the mana for the sake of moving all of these devices.

Its size exceeded the size of the magic core of the ancient bone dragon, I defeated before, by leaps.

Despite using that much flashy magic power, the enormous magic gem even now continued to glow in a red light.

Maybe it compensated the mana by extremely firing itself up.

“Did Earl Ischrubak hide all of his research results and everything he owned in this underground ruin?” (Wendelin)

“Uaah! What an eccentric person.” (Erwin)

Didn’t he trust in his family?

Wasn’t there actually any family?

The truth is unknown, but I didn’t know that a genius might possibly be such unexpected living creature.

You might call this fellow an isolated genius.

“Although we finished most of the exploration, boy, what do you want to do?” (Burkhart)

“Even if you ask me what to do…” (Wendelin)

It reached the point that you could safely enter any places within the underground ruin. As for the majority of the treasures, those are the magic airships, the mithril and orichalcum used, and the enormous magic gem that made the dragon golem move, though you could call its movements clumsy.

Also, the left behind books might end up becoming state secrets depending on the situation. I decide that we will end our investigation at this point.

With all of the things in this ruin having already been decided to belong to us, it became necessary for a professional to assess them.

“I will return to the capital a step ahead. I have to tell the royal castle to dispatch a research party. The boy’s group, stand watch or something while waiting.” (Burkhart)

“Haa…” (Wendelin)

In the end, on top of almost dying at this place, we didn’t procure anything like gold and silver treasures, that would make you excited, either on our first job as adventurers.

Apart from that, although we discovered a large treasure, the possibility of conversing this into money in the kingdom, which sent forth this request, leaves a nasty aftertaste.

And, as for this underground ruin’s exit, it was found to a degree of being completely too quick.

There is an opening device on the roof of that docking dedicated to magic airships. As you operated the lever, the part opened and the daylight shone in.

Because it was inevitable that the docks for the magic airships were deep underground as well, you could say it was natural, if you considered common sense.

Also, the place of the underground ruin was a location formed within huge rocky mountains closer to the capital than the first historic ruin.

Frankly, it did well to not have been discovered until now, I think.

Being within the Palkenia Grasslands, I guess the development within the grasslands was busy for the past two and a half years.

Likewise, if you think normally about it, no one would suspect such huge underground ruin hidden below the ground within these rocky mountains.

“Wendelin-sama, I have finished preparing dinner.” (Elise)

“It has a delicious aroma. I’m hungry, so let’s eat the meal.” (Wendelin)

“I’ve made miso stew with the ingredients I received from you.” (Elise)

Since there didn’t exist any threat within this underground ruin anymore, Elise, who remained in the residential area by herself, had prepared the meal.

As expected, I want to already excuse myself from only pseudo-hamburgers and pseudo-sports drinks water as meals for a good while.

This opinion was shared by all of us.

Except Erw, everyone is capable to cook to a certain degree, but the most skilled is Elise after all. There were a lot of situation where she became the one in charge of cooking.

“I will go out after eating the meal as well.” (Erwin)

“It is a splendid meal that calms you down by eating it.” (Wendelin)

“Wend is particular about food. Certainly, you get tired of it if it’s bread with meat inserted inside every time, but…” (Ina)

“Elise, next time Ina and me will make it.” (Luise)

“Right, it is also wrong to leave it all to Elise.” (Ina)

Afterwards Burkhart-san headed towards the royal palace and the guild to report the capturing of the underground ruin. During that time we were curing our bodies, worn-out from our harsh first job as adventurers, by resting.


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