Chapter 42 – The dangerous adventurer debut fight

“Burkhart-sama, these historic ruins, if I’m not mistaken… ” (Elise)

“The investigation of these historic ruins by the academy’s scholars has already finished long ago.” (Burkhart)

It took approximately half day using teleportation magic and going by foot from the capital.

Our new adventurer party Dragon Bustersand Burkhart-san arrived at the ancient historic ruins within the Palkenia Grasslands where I subjugated Grade Grande before.

For those two and a half years the Palkenia Grasslands were flourishing with many people who have continued to work on cultivating the land on a large-scale.

Also, in addition, with the advancement of constructing roads, towns and farm villages, the extent of the economic effect was immeasurable.

Those ancient ruins, while also being in the Palkenia Grasslands, they are relatively close to the royal capital.

The appearance of the historic ruins was like several built temples using structures of slightly weathered stone.

“The upper part of the historic ruins has become partly a tourist attraction.” (Burkhart)

Though it couldn’t be said that it was a fresh experience to have an acquaintance around in our situation either, Burkhart-san was answering Elise cordially.

Because his glance occasionally wandered towards her breasts, if you watched closely; women are defined by their breasts after all, I guess.

In that respect I won’t deny doing the same either though.

I don’t want him to stare at the breasts of someone’s fiancée with a *jiro jiro*, but he isn’t staring at them directly either. Even in my case, if I come across a woman with big breasts, I will end up turning my gaze that way.

As man, like him, what kind of complaints can I even tell him? I wondered.

“If it’s those ruins, my friend also went to investigate them scientifically some time ago.” (Elise)

“Apparently historic ruins are the gateway to success for newcomers.” (Burkhart)

These ruins here were a safe place the students of the archeology technical school, existing in the capital, could make an excursion to for the sake of writing their reports, but when a certain student for some reason touched something appearing to be a stone of the ruins, an entrance to the underground of the ruins was suddenly opened, it seems.

Since there was a rule called Don’t touch the ruinsfor the time being, it means that this student had acted against the rules.

But, as it could even be said that thanks to this the road to the underground of the ruins had been opened, it looks like that student didn’t receive either a rebuke nor a commendation.

“Currently the ruins are as you can see them now.” (Burkhart)

Because there is no guarantee that monsters won’t gush out from the opened entrance, the current situation is that there are several soldiers guarding the center of that entrance.

“Of course the adventurer’s guild immediately made contact with parties that could be sent in.” (Burkhart)

Even within the guild, two parties, having quite the competency, were combined.

It seems there were 11 people in total sent in.

“Ano… didn’t they come back?” (Wendelin)

“Otherwise your group wouldn’t have received such a compulsory request, boy” (Burkhart)

“…” (Wendelin)

Certainly, it is as Burkhart-san said, but naturally the emotions displayed on the face of all party members, including me, showed that we couldn’t comprehend this at all.

If the ruins harbor such danger, they should dispatch an even more experienced veteran party.

“It would have been good if the adventurer guild learned its lesson with the first failure.”

As for the adventurer’s guild, they are afraid that the kingdom’s side will throw in Armstrong-doushi.

Even if that’s not the case, the adventurer’s guild pride was hurt considerably due to the case of the adventurers not being able to defeat the two dragons two years ago. That was the story we heard from Burkhart-san.

“But, if it’s doushi, he is a former adventurer… ” (Luise)

“Isn’t it different now? While we’re talking about it, I’m a former adventurer as well.” (Burkhart)

Moreover, I, who was sent to participate in defeating Grade Grande due to the obligation of a noble, was also only a halfway-done-apprentice at the adventurer prep school in Breitburg at that time. It seems to have considerably provoked the guild’s side.

Having said that, I can’t go ahead and offend them by stating this either. Therefore, it has been decided that obstinately sending in a second combined veteran party this time would again lead to the repetition of the same failure as before.

“Because there was the previous failure, they dispatched a superior party with more accomplishments next.” (Burkhart)

Three parties combined, in total 13 people.

Just by their achievements, they apparently were only top-class parties.

“Perhaps?” (Wendelin)

“It seems none of them came back.” (Burkhart)

As expected, they couldn’t shut their eyes towards losing even more veteran adventurers.

The adventurer’s guild told the kingdom that the exploration is impossible.

The kingdom’s side, receiving this information, deployed soldiers to the ruins here for several weeks in order to ascertain that no person would come and enter them.

“You are throwing rookies into such a perilous underground… ?” (Wendelin)

“You can’t really say it’s a mistake either though, right?” (Burkhart)

The missing adventurer parties were proud to be the foremost combat force within the guild, it seems.

Considering that several of them dived in and didn’t return, the adventurer’s guild reached the conclusion that there is the possibility of that monster (devil/demon) existing inside.

“At the least there must be a dragon who just came out of its larval state.” (Burkhart)

When it comes to defeating a dragon, at the very least a single magician possessing at the lowest above intermediate level of magic is indispensable. The other members are also required to hold quite the fighting strength.

“As for the two combined parties, there wasn’t a magician, possessing above intermediate ranked magic, amongst them.” (Burkhart)

Due to the rate of occurrences related to magicians not being high, it seems to be a lot if a normal person even sees several of them during their lifetime.

Furthermore, there isn’t any other party who also has three magicians like Elise, Luise and myself either.

Such fortune is impossible, is what Burkhart-san told us.

“Even if a dragon comes out, if it’s this party, there is plenty of margin to cope with it, I believe.” (Burkhart)

And, since even Burkhart-san is here, I guess we have a surplus of magicians.

Given that it isn’t Armstrong-doushi, I didn’t even feel the slightest worry.

That person’s usual words and deeds are like that, but he is the single lead in regards to combat power in the kingdom.

“Me becoming your instructor was completely decided by my Lord and His Majesty. I, who is serving the court, have no say in this matter.” (Burkhart)

If us rookies had an unknown self-proclaimed veteran adventurer join us, I fear we wouldn’t return from the ruins either.

After the two people consulted with each other, they had Burkhart-san temporarily return to active duty as an adventurer in a hurry.

Of course, the guild’s side wasn’t happy about this, I hear.

Usually they would be able to say that our discretion was being violated by this.

“I don’t understand parts of the upper echelon of the guild. However, the other side hates me.” (Burkhart)

If it’s about the actual amount, Burkhart-san has made many appreciative friends in his long career as adventurer.

There are many amongst the magicians who appear to have received his guidance as pupils albeit only for a short time.

Even amongst the staff there are people he is on good terms with. He had received these information from those people.

But it looks like he is on extremely bad terms with the main faction of the current leaders of the guild.

I am told that those guys frantically pushed for expelling him from the guild as they willfully feared the danger of Burkhart-san stealing their seats as leader after retiring from active duty.

“As I hate such things, I am bad with the capital’s guild headquarters. I am not like that with those of the non-main faction and the fellows at the branches.” (Burkhart)

Just at that time, there was also the matter with master encountering an unnatural death, and thus he became an employee of Margrave Breithilde while considering it to be his fate.

“Is it alright with such sort of group?” (Wendelin)

“As for hunting in normal monster domains with those guys, there isn’t even any kind of problem.” (Burkhart)

But on the other hand, Burkhart-san told us that he ends up being dispatched when it becomes a state of emergency like now.

To put it simply, he is a government official.

Differing to his time as young rookie, the lot, becoming the staff at the adventurer’s guild, have become conservative being able to part with anything.

Given that the adventurer’s guild itself could be called a large company in my previous life as well, it seems to be that sort of state of affairs in the end.
(T/N: Conclusion from the previous sentence, meaning large enterprises don’t give a shit cutting things off as long as they reap profit.)(E: What, just now realizing this!?)

“Even if we continue to talk about this, we won’t reach a conclusion either way… ” (Burkhart)

“That’s true, shall we enter?” (Wendelin)

There isn’t even the slightest feeling of irrationality, but we shouldn’t try to cut corners here either.

Showing the decree of His Majesty to the soldiers guarding the entrance to the underground of the ruins, we proceeded to enter the underground as it is.




“There aren’t anything like monsters here? Wend, don’t you sense anything with your detection magic?” (Ina)

“No, there aren’t even small fry monsters around.” (Wendelin)

In total, the six of us had entered the underground of the ruins, but actually even after entering there wasn’t any traps let alone a single monster.

Although Ina is inquiring about the result of the detection magic, I can’t even sense the presence of monsters.

Just moving through the stone labyrinth, it had become nothing more than the task of drawing up a map.

“Are there any traps?” (Burkhart)

“There aren’t.” (Wendelin)

“I see, there aren’t… ” (Burkhart)

By no means expecting this kind of development, even Burkhart-san didn’t understand why the adventurers had gone missing in this stone labyrinth.

“From here on there will be a plaza.” (Elise)

“Plaza?” (Wendelin)

We were moving and advancing through this gloomy underground for about 30 minutes, but we roughly followed a curved road without coming out at a huge space either.

“It’s spacious.” (Ina)

The length and width of the plaza was several hundred meters and it probably also had a height of 50 meters. Being only covered in neat walls and floor made out of stone, there wasn’t anything else there at all.

“Ah, however… ” (Luise)

Apparently it was Luise who discovered something good first inside.

Since there was a single entrance after walking inside for a little while, it was obvious that this underground was constructed having a direct, non-forked path.

However, before that, there was something huge standing in the way.

“It is a large metal statue of a dragon, Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

While looking up at the dragon’s statue, Elise raised a voice of admiration.

But, in contrary, Burkhart-san exposed a facial expression of wariness.

“Everyone, withdraw.” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-san?” (Wendelin)

“Boy, get ready for combat.” (Burkhart)

“Eh? This is an artificial product… ” (Wendelin)

Burkhart-san orders us in a calm voice to get ready for combat while retreating from the dragon’s statue.

Although we felt like questioning this, his words immediately proved to be the right decision.

Abruptly the dragon’s statue raised a roar.

“It is a legacy of the Ancient Magic Civilization. It was built-in order to defend this location. A draconic metal golem, huh? I have seen it described in documents, but it is the first time for me to see the real thing.” (Burkhart)

“Naa, Burkhart-san, isn’t this thing somehow clumsy?” (Erwin)

“Ah, since it has already defeated high-leveled combined parties twice, you have to prepare yourself, Erwin-boy.” (Burkhart)

“Such debut fight is unreasonable.” (Erwin)




The moment everyone finished their combat preparations, the metal dragon fired an intense breath towards us.

“U~~~n, this is troublesome… ” (Wendelin)

Around one hour after the battle began, we ended up being troubled by the battle progress having completely turned into a stalemate.

“It’s outer shell is made entirely out of mithril.” (Burkhart)

As Burkhart-san says, this dragon golem’s outer shell is entirely covered in mithril. Our magic doesn’t breach it at all.

Furthermore, because it is continuously spitting out a strong breath attack, we are currently huddling together in a state of being protected by Burkhart-san’s magic barrier.

“We can defend against the breath attack and such things as its physical attacks with its tail using the magic barriers of Wend and Burkhart-sama. But what will we do from there on?” (Luise)

As Luise says, although we are completely protected from the dragon golem’s attacks like this, it seems to be displeased that we aren’t dying at all.

It is firing breath and tail attacks in rapid succession as if it had gone mad and thus it was preventing any chance to leave and attack it.

“However, it is quite good to be able to spit out breath attacks like this continuously.” (Ina)

“I guess there is a very excellent magic gem embedded inside.” (Erwin)

In order to address Erw’s question, Burkhart-san begins to explain.

The race called dragons, with the exception of the small wyvern types, all are potentially capable of spitting breath attacks.

And as for the origin of those breath attacks, they seem to be possible due to the vast amount of mana a dragon possesses.

“Even if it is a fire dragon, that doesn’t mean that it is storing large quantities of burning material within itself. To put it in the words of humans, a fire dragon is something like a magician excelling at fire magic.” (Burkhart)

If its mana continues to last, it can apparently spit as many breath attacks as it likes.

Moreover, even if that mana runs dry, it looks like the dragon will end up with full mana after sleeping for about 2 days.

“Having built it using the body structure of such dragons, that dragon golem works like that as well.” (Burkhart)

“The essential point is the magic gem being embedded within, right?” (Elise)

“That’s how it is.” (Burkhart)

“But how can this thing last as long as this?” (Wendelin)

If it is a living dragon, it can recover its mana by sleeping.

But, I wonder, from where is this dragon golem recovering its mana?

“That is, probably from that weird mirror-like device.” (Burkhart)

Looking closely at it, there was something like a solar panel object affixed to the dragon golem’s forehead, the part around its ears, the back of its neck and a part of its back.

“I guess those things are gathering the mana dispersed in the air.” (Burkhart)

Even this seems to be something written in documents.

Even though I was aware that there are minuscule amounts of mana drifting through the air originally, currently there isn’t any magic crafting method established for gathering and using this mana.

Therefore this dragon golem is definitely a legacy of the Ancient Magic Civilization.

“But, is that minuscule amount of mana in the air sufficient?” (Wendelin)

“I suspect it won’t be able to fire the breath attack if invaders continue to come here.” (Burkhart)

No matter how ancient this magic civilization might be, I think it would be impossible for them to develop a device that supplies the used-up mana right away to the dragon golem like this.

That’s because the quantity of mana floating in the air is really small after all.

“If this is a measure against intruders coming once every several years, this is plenty.” (Burkhart)

Certainly, it is as Burkhart-san says, in reality the veteran parties, which had gathered powerful adventurers, had been annihilated by the dragon golem.

I have no doubt that this new breath attack is the reason for their annihilation.

Surveying the ground properly there are small remains of equipment items that survived the fire visible. I confirmed them having fallen down at several places.

“However, what a breath! In the case of humans, their bones will be reduced to ashes by it.” (Erwin)

“Look here, isn’t the magic barrier to a certain extent a magician’s forté? Shouldn’t we be able to plunge into combat with as well?” (Burkhart)

“And? What will you do after that?” (Wendelin)

“Nothing in particular. We will just continue to defend from the breath attacks taking turns afterwards.” (Burkhart)

“You are aiming for its magic to run dry, right?” (Wendelin)

“It is decided! It is futile to simply fight this monster straight from the front anyways!” (Burkhart)

Luckily Burkhart-san’s and my magic barriers are able to completely invalidate the dragon golem’s attacks.

But even like this, shooting magic at the dragon golem will end up being repelled by its mithril plating. Ina tried to throw a spear loaded with magic for testing purposes once and that spear broke through the mithril plating, but it ended up being repelled by the plating layered below the first layer.

Going by Burkhart-san’s deduction there is a orichalcum plating spread out underneath the mithril plating.

Something like a composite plating of mithril and orichalcum.

In case of this setting being shown in a robot anime in my previous life, it might be interesting, but it was nothing else but a source of trouble if this was your enemy.

“However, it is a bothersome, overly-strong, strategic weapon.” (Wendelin)

But even then, it was still preferable to a tactical weapon.

Even its strong firepower is of the strongest class, it is still limited by its order to obstruct intruders. I don’t know whether its mana consumption was good or bad, but since the method of replenishing mana was poor, there was a possibility of it ceasing its function soon.

“By the way, Burkhart-san.” (Wendelin)

“What is it?” (Burkhart)

“If it’s like this, for how long will it be able to continue moving?” (Wendelin)

“Who knows? I’d like to know as well.” (Burkhart)

“…” (Wendelin)




And then, after around a half day, the dragon golem finally ceased moving.

“Although it stopped moving, there is still the fear that it will resume gathering mana from the air… ” (Wendelin)

“If that’s what you are worried about, then it is alright, Wend.” (Luise)

“Why?” (Wendelin)

“I will tell you what. There is a switch underneath its stomach. It switched to off.” (Luise)

“Such a thing, isn’t that a toy… ” (Wendelin)

After about half day of Burkhart-san and me continuing to defend against the attacks with our magic barriers had passed, it finally ceased its activity after having its mana run out.

If it was something like a light novel from my previous life, it would develop into the readers dashing out complaints since it completely failed to be a decent fight as well, but in reality we were risking our lives here.

As we had picked a reliably safe methods, there was no reason to state any complaints.

There is nothing better but to leave such flashy fights to that Armstrong-doushi.

Although there was also the danger of it resuming to gather the mana in the air once again, since Luise discovered a stop switch at the abdomen part of the dragon golem, this worry was suspended. It was decided that it was fine for now.

Given that the combat golem’s task was protection, I guess it could be expected to at least have a stop switch. Actually, it is possible to change the switch to on and off.

Luise having changed the switched to off, we decided to enter the open door in the back the dragon golem had protected. (E: N00bs! Oh wait, they are, but Burkhart should know better!)

I felt uneasy about the things that the dragon golem was protecting.

“Will it be safe?” (Elise)

“The mana in the air is infinite, but the amount within a specified space is extremely small. Even if it gathers the necessary amount to resume its operation, I reckon it will at least take several weeks to do that.” (Burkhart)

Even in the unlikely event of the stop switch being a fake, the dragon golem will apparently take time until it starts to move once again.

As consequence of excessively using the breath attack against an unexpected enemy like us, it ended up squandering its mana in one go and thus coming to a standstill.

And yet, after attacking with all its power for half a day, you could definitely call this golem a nasty weapon as well.

“As for the occasionally arriving intruders, I guess it finished them off in a single breath attack up until today. If it’s one shot of the breath, the necessary mana can be saved up within a few days, too.” (Burkhart)

However, it was only the previous invading adventurers, who fell prey to it during their investigation before the dragon golem was suspended.

These ruins being completely concealed, you can compare it to a miracle that the student found that open switch for entering.

Of course, even that dragon golem hasn’t been active continuously for more than several thousand years. Certainly it was in a state of being close to full of mana, I guess.

By estimating the amount of remaining, unburnt equipment of the pitiful victims being scattered around on the ground, it became apparent that this place really was an underground ruin that hadn’t had its treasures robbed yet.

“Well then, the problem is that room lying ahead, huh… ?” (Burkhart)

The dragon golem with its intense breath attack was posted in a spacious floor.

By stopping its activity, it somehow became possible for us to relax our minds.

Aware of the fact that the missing adventurers had met their demise here, they must have ended up lowering their guard thinking that there wouldn’t be anything beyond this point.

“I wonder whether there are also treasures?” (Erwin)

“Since a dragon, albeit being an artificial construct, was defending this place?” (Ina)

Towards Erwin’s words, even Ina, who usually is seriously cautious in her everyday life, isn’t very vigilant and ends up opening the door lying behind the dragon golem.

At this point, for the two people not having found any abnormality either, it wouldn’t be agreeable to turn their backs on it.

“You two! Look around for something like the existence of traps a bit more carefully!” (Burkhart)

Following the two, Burkhart-san also goes through the previously opened door.

Elise and I are following him.

At last Luise, guarding the rear, enters the room.

“Are? A dead-end?” (Luise)

This room was around 10 meters wide in all directions. The room was empty and the ceiling, wall and floor were completely made out of stone.

“A dead-end, is it?” (Erwin)

“… Don’t tell me…” (Burkhart)

“Ano, Burkhart-san?” (Erwin)

“Leave the room right away!” (Burkhart)

Towards Erw, who is carefreely talking about it being a dead-end, in the back, Burkhart-san launches a loud voice.

“What the hell has happened?” (Erwin)

“Listen, hurry up!” (Burkhart)

But, it wasn’t n time after all.

Suddenly the entire floor of the room is shining in a red pattern similar to something like a circle while the pattern rose upwards from the surface.

As a matter of fact, even if we are told to escape, since we can’t move similar to completely having your foot’s sole affixed to the floor by instant glue, the choice to flee disappeared.

“A magic square! But it was impossible to detect it!” (Burkhart)

There are many traps, using magic spells, existing in the historic ruins from the time of the Ancient Magic Civilization.

Naturally we were taught about a majority of them in the lessons at the prep school. If it was a trap using normal magic spells, it might be possible for a magicians, having a certain degree of competency, to detect it.

“Tsk, we were careless!” (Burkhart)

“Burkhart-san! I can’t move my feet!” (Wendelin)

“Sorry, it appears my intuition has grown dull compared to the time of my active duty. Since I don’t know to where we are going to be transferred, do not release your battle stance!” (Burkhart)

“Have you given up already?!” (Wendelin)

At the same time Burkhart-san finishes to say this, I sense the same feeling when I chant the teleportation spell. It was a feeling like being sucked in somewhere. No sooner than that I ended up loosing my consciousness.




“… This place is?” (Wendelin)

“Who knows? I don’t know anything but the fact that we were forcefully transferred.” (Burkhart)

Although we were successful in stopping the activity of the dragon golem in the underground ruins located in the Palkenia Grasslands, we were moved to some place by the forced transfer magic square that was impossible to detect due to our careless advancing beforehand.

This was my understanding of the current situation.

When I woke up I was reminded of this by Burkhart-san.

Surveying the surroundings, I also confirm the appearances of all the other party members. It appears that we have avoided being in a situation of being transferred to different places.

“That magic square, it seems to be a type of mana absorbing magic square.” (Burkhart)

“Mana absorbing type?” (Wendelin)

“Yes” (Burkhart)

As for mana absorbing types of magic squares, even if it is something drawn in usually it is something you can’t perceive.

It is impossible to be seen by the naked eye. On top of that, if a magician, possessing mana above a certain specified amount, comes, it will trigger the mana absorption.

“It’s a deadly trap dedicated to magicians… ?” (Wendelin)

“It isn’t a type that directly kills you… Isn’t that nice… ?” (Burkhart)

There appear to be cases of some magic squares amongst the mana absorbing types to suddenly cast something like offensive magic.

However, if that’s the case, dealing with it will become simple conversely, Burkhart-san tells.

“It will end by defending against the offensive magic with a magical barrier.” (Burkhart)

And, thanks to that offensive magic being a one-time-only thing, it appears that the magic square will break after that.

Rather, it looks to me that the method of the forced transfer magic square this time is much more of a threat.

“This place, where might we be?” (Elise)

It was a place with approximately the same size and a not overly much different structure of the previous room.

The sole difference was something like an installed plate in front of an ascending stairway.

“What’s written on the plate?” (Ina)

“It has written Welcome to the Deadly Inversion Regulation.” (Wendelin)

The language and characters from the Ancient Magic Civilization period isn’t that different from now.

For example, iwas wiand ewas weand such. (T/N: Of course the differences are in hiragana, so for those interested it is: 『い』 -> 『ヰ』 and 『え』 -> 『ゑ』)

Also the phraseology was to a certain extent old.

Considering all that, there is a rumor that the results of the professional research by the royal academy are only few.

If you look at it calmly, it isn’t that awful, but since it is a place of employment for nobles and the prominent young people, it ends up as a gossip of Bumming around idlyin society.

Because they aren’t able to irresponsibly make publications either, there are also many replies such as Under Investigationand Unknown. Because of that there were many sarcastic people calling it It’s at the level of telling fortunes with a crystal ball.

Deadly Inversion Regulation, it is?” (Erwin)

“This thing can certainly be called something resembling the journey to the other world (death).” (Ina)

Like this, being forcefully transferred from the underground ruins to another place, it is impossible to return from there alive without breaking through it.

With the derivation of Inversion Regulation, even if we originally went downwards descending the underground ruin, we wouldn’t survive without heading for the lowest floor in order to jump to the surface.

“To be honest, even I don’t know about this one from only the historical documents.” (Burkhart)

At least, since it is a large-scale trap, people seldom stumble upon it apparently.

Even Burkhart-san obtained his knowledge to the last only from historic books, it seems.

“Given that it is such a fearsome trap, it is possible that there are treasures ahead.” (Burkhart)

Since it was such dangerous trap, it is also possible to obtain this before ending up dying.

However, even talking about 『treasures and suchduring such time, Burkhart-san was after all a through and through an adventurer, I guess.

“Of course, only while ascending to the top… ” (Wendelin)

“Yea! It is common sense that there will have to fight monsters. Seeing the golem dragon in the situation here… ” (Burkhart)

Because the person having built the underground ruins was someone who had considerable confidence in the golem, I have no doubt that he should have deployed golems here.

The golem, constructed in the time of the Ancient Magic Civilization, is able to execute more complex commands than the devices nowadays.

The installed artificial personality is overwhelmingly superior.

“Then we are aiming to ascend to the surface, right? Since we have fainted for around three hours, the mana should also have recovered to a certain extent, shouldn’t it?” (Ina)

“As for me… ” (Wendelin)

“Hey, you don’t have to worry so much about it. After all we will repeat this a few times.” (Burkhart)

The meaning of what Burkhart-san is saying, we would get an understanding of it immediately after that.

After several more hours we were taking a break from climbing the stairway until the mana had almost recovered fully. Beyond that point, there was a small room once again having a door.

Opening it, there is once again a vast floor like the one where the dragon golem had been stationed.

As if filling the place completely, more than several hundreds of golems, which could be considered to be a soldier type with certainty, lied in wait for us.

Made entirely out of metal, their appearances like soldiers wearing armors, it was a crowd of golems. They were equipped with weapons such as swords, spears, battle axes, flails and bows.

Amongst the dozens of golems only one knight type, straddling a metal horse and preparing his lance, existed.

Indeed, it really feels like a golem army.

“That’s harsh… ” (Wendelin)

“Ah, their nature is a lot more vicious than regular military forces.” (Burkhart)

Since they are artificial, they don’t feel things like fear. They will fight until the last golem.

They won’t do something like deserting if the morale collapses like human troops.

No matter how many victims occur, the golems won’t get shaken or such.

Because they don’t feel any pain, something like small injuries won’t even hinder them to keep fighting as long as the artificial personality is safe.

In other words, it was necessary to annihilate all of them.

“Besides, even the material.” (Burkhart)

The soldier golem’s material seems to be steel mixed with very small amounts of mithril.

Burkhart-san, capable of using detection magic, appears to have recognised it immediately.

“They are a poor match for Erwin’s group. Unless you attack them with magic above a certain level of power, it won’t even be effective.” (Burkhart)

Since it is a large number, it will become a matter of unnecessarily wasting mana on the long-term.

Additionally, the the commander class knight golem on the horse seems to have a higher ration of mithril mixed into his materials.

Looking for him with the spell 『Detection, his reaction is weaker compared to the soldier golems.

Finding out the contained percentage of mithril, which has an anti-magic property, from this weak reaction was the domain of a veteran.

Even I had reached a point where I was able to do that to a certain degree, but it didn’t reach Burkhart-san’s level yet.

“Well then, from here on it will be impossible to go backwards. Although it is uncertain how many days the capture will take, we won’t be able to do something like resting up completely.” (Burkhart)

“Eh, are you for real!” (Erwin)

Erwin raises a surprised voice in reaction to Burkhart-san’s statement.

After the forced transfer, there wasn’t any absorbing mana square.

In summary, it totally is a one-way transfer.

“Can’t we return using teleportation?” (Ina)

“Boy, explain it.” (Burkhart)

Ina’s opinion is that we should swiftly escape from this dangerous underground ruin.

Fortunately it is different to the two previous party, who had been wiped, since I have teleportation magic.

However, I can’t use it.

“There are many people who are misunderstanding it, but there are two requirements to use teleportation.” (Wendelin)

Alongside completely grasping the target location of the transfer, I have to know where I am currently.

It is necessary to know more than a certain accuracy.

In the normal case, there aren’t any people who don’t know where they currently are.

Therefore there are unexpectedly many people who forget about this condition.

“After having been transferred forcefully, where is this place? Assuming it is the underground in the Palkenia Grasslands, I don’t know the precise coordinates. It might also be another underground… ” (Wendelin)

“The opponent knows very well how to deal with magicians… ” (Ina)

He made the trap for the sake of killing the magicians, he knows so well, with it.

It was a feeling that this underground ruin was made from the beginning with such image in mind, but at the same time some feeling of discomfort also started to surface.

And, this was similar for Luise and Elise as well.

“Nee, then why was the transfer point safe?” (Luise)

Just as Luise says, the room we were transferred to didn’t have any golems intruding.

If the creator planned to kill us mercilessly, he should have deployed golems who would attack immediately following the transfer.

The room of the transfer point was safe. I slept there for more than six hours.

“As for the creator of the underground ruins, maybe there was someone created to capture it as well?” (Elise)

“Assuming it is as Elise says, the requirements are pretty harsh, right?” (Luise)

Like Luise says, it isn’t impossible to capture it even if the requirements are unreasonably severe.

The hours we have survived until now, huh? Even veteran adventurers, above us by months and years, didn’t reach this place.

The probability of capturing the ruins, I wasn’t aware that the possibility of that happening wasn’t high at all.

“We have to try it.” (Wendelin)

“You could say that.” (Burkhart)

The transfer point is what you would call starting point in a game.

Therefore there aren’t any enemies there.

I see, such way of thinking is possible as well.

Beyond that it is very likely that there aren’t any safe zones similar the starting point.

And, at the time we entered the first level, the option to use that starting point also disappeared.

Just now Burkhart-san realized that he couldn’t open the door connected to the level with the starting point.

“If we blow away the closed-door with magic, can’t we return to the starting point to rest up?” (Erwin)

“The golems will surge forward through the broken door. I think we will be cornered on the contrary.” (Burkhart)

The first resting area is a courtesy of the creator of this underground ruin. You can leave it only once.

Burkhart-san countered Erwin’s comments with a contradictory point of view.

“It might be unknown to what floor we have to ascend. Combating is quite efficient. Especially me, the boy and Elise.” (Burkhart)

Elise and I can use healing magic and Burkhart-san can transfer his mana to others.

Fighting while saving mana to the utmost, depending on the situation it ought to become necessary to have a compulsory nap of around three hours.

“Napping while your companions are in battle in front of your eyes?” (Wendelin)

“That’s right, even if you have to let go of your consciousness forcefully by using sleeping magic.” (Burkhart)

Empirically mana recovers around 30% within a nap of three hours.

But, sleeping while Erwin’s group of vanguard members crosses their swords with the golems right in front of one’s eyes, that should be emotionally quite difficult.

“When will Erw-san’s group take a rest then?” (Elise)

“Going by my calculation, it will only be once for three hours a day.” (Burkhart)

“Only that little… ?” (Elise)

In the kingdom’s health regulation for the army, the obligatory sleeping time during a campaign is reduced to six hours once per day at the lowest for soldiers.

Erw’s group has only half of that sleeping time.

“Elise-jou-chan, isn’t there also a spell to reduce fatigue within healing magic?” (Burkhart)

If you use ‘Reduce Fatigue’, a person will be able to continue battling for about a whole day.

But there is no effect on the mental weariness. It becomes impossible to move for several hours on the next day in the end.

Rather than reducing the fatigue, the correct method is to accelerate the time of vigor.

“In the time they can’t move, the boy will cut their consciousness forcefully with sleeping magic while Elise-jou-chan will repeatedly cast recovery magic at the same time.” (Burkhart)

“Uwaa, that’s physically considerably strict.” (Ina)

By doing so, they can return to the battle after a forced nap of three hours.

Such extremity can’t be continued infinitely, but if it’s for around a week it will be alright since they are young, Burkhart-san concluded.

“Ah, also about the emotional aspect. If it is a first-class adventurer, they also have to endure such extreme situations occasionally.” (Burkhart)

They will cease to ensure an adequate sleeping time?

It seems to be hard on the body, but they survive by decreasing the sleeping time by using doping through magic or drugs?

I am certain that even during Burkhart-san’s time of active duty there were such situations.

“We won’t do such things if there is a space where you can sleep peacefully like the first room.” (Burkhart)

But the reality isn’t as easy-going on us, I guess that’s the core of the matter.

“For the vanguards, Erw, Ina and Luise, there won’t be a time slot where two of them take their nap at the same time. Although me and the boy are the middle guards, we won’t overlap our nap time with the vanguard’s. Nevertheless, if our mana runs out, it will forcibly cut our consciousness.” (Burkhart)

“Ano, what about me?” (Elise)

“Of course Elise-jou-chan has the same terms.” (Burkhart)

Her task is to guard the members who are napping and to preserve her mana in order to always be ready to cast healing magic.

Also, there were simple tasks like preparing easily-digestible combat rations.

“Though it is difficult, I will also assign Elise-jou-chan to attack the golems.” (Burkhart)

It’s not so bad if the opponent is only one, but it is impossible for Elise because there are several hundreds thousands of golems.

Besides, if our healing magic practitioner dies, it will ring our demise.

Concerning the preservation of mana, there is no way I can be in charge of healing while also participating in attacking.

“That’s how it is, I leave the logistical support to you.” (Burkhart)

“Yes” (Elise)

“For the vanguard members, as also the boy and me, it will be our defeat if Elise is attacked by the golems.” (Burkhart)

While on a small-scale, this pseudo-military structure is similar to a campaign of annihilating the enemy.

If we let the stronghold called Elise fall, we won’t even be able to take a break afterwards deciding our defeat.

Given that our opponents are artificial creatures that don’t even feel fear, they won’t retreat either. Our victory condition is without exception the total annihilation of the enemy, though that’s quite harsh.

“The Baron Baumeister household’s founding head’s inauguration term had better be a long one.” (Burkhart)

At the current point in time, there is no chance for the Baron Baumeister household to go extinct.

In addition to the other siblings existing, Erich-nii-san’s family wants to give birth to children in the future as well.

“That’s obvious. For that reason I will risk my life here.” (Wendelin)

“Even I don’t want to die before my marriage.” (Luise)

“Though they won’t flee if the morale drops, it is nice that I don’t even have to feel any guilt over tearing apart their bodies as they are artificial.” (Ina)

“I am also looking forward to my marriage with Wendelin-sama.” (Elise)

“If that’s the case, the enemy in front is quite efficient. Eliminate them as if it is work!” (Burkhart)

With a stern voice you wouldn’t usually imagine at all, Burkhart-san gives us his directions.

Erw, Ina and Luise, the three vanguards, simultaneously assault the golem who is the first of the front row.

Burkhart-san and me, awaiting an opportunity in the rear, let offensive spells explode amongst the golems.

At last the capture of Deadly Inversion Regulationhad started.




“Oi, boy!” (Burkhart)

“… I wonder if I really have recovered 30% of my mana?” (Wendelin)

“With the mental weariness you will only feel it slightly. Keep up your motivation!” (Burkhart)

I deployed offensive magic that was quite efficient in annihilating the golems, but the number of opponents were many. I had a feeling that it didn’t end no matter how many of them I even defeated.

After five days since the commencement of capturing Deadly Inversion Regulation, I was woken up forcefully after probably having ten naps so far.

Honestly, the awakening is the worst.

Although I am recovering my mana the same as always, I don’t sense it due to being mentally worn out.

“Next I am taking a nap.” (Burkhart)

“Roger” (Wendelin)

After Burkhart-san casted sleeping magic, Elise was next to him continuously casting fatigue reduction magic before I realized it.

If you cast this magic on a sleeping person, their tiredness is removed for a short time. That’s because you won’t get mentally tired in the same way as being awake.

However, there is no way that this doping-like magic is good for your health if you keep fighting for a long time.

It was commonly referred as emergency measure.

“Wendelin-sama” (Elise)

“I am sorry.” (Wendelin)

As she confirmed Burkhart-san’s consciousness dropping, Elise presented the meal to me.

Even though I call it like that, the menu was pseudo-hamburger and chilly water blended with small amounts of sugar and salt.

Around 10 meters in front I could hear the sounds of Erw’s group crossing swords with a golem. It was difficult to even brew tea.

Furthermore I don’t even have such time.

I push the pseudo-hamburger into my mouth and wash it down with the pseudo-water/sports drink within a minute in the same way as I did it in my time as member of the trading company in my previous life.

I want to eat something like warm rice soon.

“Wend!” (Luise)

“Tsk! Has the effect already worn out!?” (Erwin)

I go out at once and cast a barrier spell of the wind system.

This barrier isn’t something that can completely prevent the golem from advancing.

Purposely making a hole in one part, it is allowing the golem to intrude from there little by little.

Narrowing down the number of golems like that, the three vanguards are in turns crushing each of them.

At the beginning I had cast offensive magic at the golems standing in the rear, but since it was futile I already stopped that.

If you want to know why, except for their numbers they also had a terrifying special skill.

Even if I defeat them and defeat them, there will still golems come out.(Wendelin)

There is a secret workshop producing them in the back.(Luise)

That’s it!(Wendelin)

On the first level we ended up wasting quite a lot of time until we actually noticed that.

First off, of the numbers of golems on standby on the level only around a fifth was deployed on the floor.

Even if you defeat them and defeat them, there will appear reinforcements from holes in the floor and through the walls of the floor.

To continue, as there are the remains of crushed golems, there exist golems who collect those periodically.

They bring those back to repair them?(Ina)

If it’s like that, it will be endless?!(Erwin)

Do we have to destroy the artificial personality embedded in the head of the golems? There is an even simpler method. Just like humans, they will cease their activity if they are beheaded.

The artificial personality is equivalent to what is known as brain for humans.

Erw! It is useless unless you behead them!(Ina)

As Ina thrusts her spear, she is pondering about the point of individual golems, who had their crystal containing the artificial personality embedded in the golems head destroyed, not being collected. It seems to be necessary for the repairs that a certain degree of body is left for the artificial personality.

At the least the head will be collected.(Wendelin)

Uwaa! You raised the hurdle!(Erwin)

The battle is continuing with nothing but short naps. Erw’s soul was screaming.

After that, as we collected the crushed golem’s artificial personality, this time we aimed at the stairway leading to the next level. I even collected the other golem remains and tossed them into my magic bag.

It is for the sake of avoiding the nightmare of those remains reviving and swooping down on us at the upper levels.

But thanks to that our speed of progress is also dropping.

In those five days the number of floors we captured is nine.

Gradually the ratio of the horse-riding knight golem is rising as well. All members are close to their limit of fatigue degree, too.

“It will be nice if it ends with this.” (Burkhart)

It was as Burkhart-san said having awoken after about three hours.

The ninth floor has been cleared. I really wish this is the last floor, I thought as I climb the stairway to the upper level.

Thereupon, as for the tenth floor, it wasn’t completely packed with soldier type and horse-riding knight type golems.

“Are? Is this the end?” (Erwin)

Erw had a facial expression as if it was disappointing, but all the other members knew that they didn’t want to know the truth in the end.

Inside the vast floor once again that was enshrined.

Before the forced transfer it was driven into stopping its activity due to running out of mana.

Well, I couldn’t avoid doing that. It was the huge form of a dragon golem.

After getting this worn out, once again deploying something like a dragon golem, the character of the creator of this underground ruin can definitely be called to be warped and poor.

“Perhaps its performance is even higher than the one’s before?” (Erwin)

“Erw… You…” (Ina)

“Or other than that, it has been placed here later. It wouldn’t even be a wonder if you think like that, I guess!” (Erwin)

Certainly it might be like that, but at the current point of time I wished you hadn’t said that.

Because it is a situation where we have to somehow support the willpower of everyone amidst their fatigue due to lack of sleep.

Theoretically our bodies are completely replenished by such things as fatigue reduction and recovery magic.

However, it seems the human mind doesn’t think so.

With the mental tiredness of those five-day, it looks like we will collapse soon.

“Anyway, unless we defeat that, we won’t be able to sleep in a bed!” (Burkhart)

In the end there wasn’t any time to sleep normally in those five days.

Bringing down all of the golems on the floor, we continued to ascend the stairs leading to the next level.

Thereupon, at the time we ascended the stairs they would vanish and the floor would close the hole. In the end we lost the possibility to go back to a lower level.

We even considered forcibly breaking the floor with magic in order to take a rest on a lower level but if we did that, we wouldn’t be able to defend against the golems surging forward from the upper level.

In the end we could hear the *gacha gacha* sounds from the lower level again.

Apart from laying traps, golems are deployed once more.

When you spend time on capturing one floor, it seems to be an arrangement that golems are stationed again.

Without doubt this is Tiger at the front and wolf in the back. There wasn’t any choice for us but to advance.

“At any rate, that breath will be trouble.” (Ina)

“Same as before.” (Wendelin)

The second dragon golem noticed us advancing to this floor and spit out an intense breath attack after all.

It was like an ill-mannered, powerful battery.

If we move, will it pointlessly end up using mana?

As usual its mobility is close to nonexistent, but even if it were to be able to freely move on this floor, it would only blow itself up with that large build, I think. In that case the method of continuously spitting out breath attacks is much more of a threat, I suppose.

“Tsk! The power has risen!” (Erwin)

Although its outward appearance hasn’t changed, the dragon golem’s breath attack had become a lot more powerful.

As a matter of course, the mana required to keep up the magic barrier will accordingly increase as well.

And at the time that mana runs out, there won’t be any means for us to protect from the breath attack.

Just like with the two veteran adventurer groups, we will end up being burned down to our bones.

“What shall we do? Boy.” (Burkhart)

“Should we once again wait until its mana becomes empty?” (Wendelin)

“No, that is impossible.” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san pointed in front. There was a cable connected to the golem dragon.

To put it simply, this means that there is an external energy source attached this time.

Given that, it is receiving mana supply from a magic gem outside.

By looking at that crowd of golems crossing a number of 10’000, this underground ruin is bound to store large quantities of mana in some way.

“Ina!” (Wendelin)

“Leave it to me!” (Ina)

Is the energy source, being mana, only supplied from the outside to the dragon golem?

Thinking about the time the cable is cut, shouldn’t there also be a magic gem inside?

I don’t know, but currently there is nothing left but to severe the cable.

While giving Ina the signal, I toss the spare spear, that I retrieved from within my magic bag, to her.

Catching it, she immediately threw the spear at the cable after taking aim.

For the sake of the spear I open a part of the magic barrier.

Even though I didn’t tell Burkhart-san anything, he strengthens that spear’s power by boosting it with magic of the wind attribute.

Because Ina’s aim was accurate, the spear splendidly severed the cable.

Given that the cable’s coating was made out of mithril, the magic’s power is limited to the physical strength.

Also, considering the cable’s diameter, since it shouldn’t have orichalcum inserted, the cable was cut as expected.

“It doesn’t have a reserve magic gem equipped and yet it hasn’t stopped moving.” (Erwin)

“You can’t consider it to be a good thing if only the mana supply from outside is gone.” (Wendelin)

It would have been most satisfactory if it stops its movement once the cable is cut, but it doesn’t seem to be that easy after all.

As I am feeling disappointed, Burkhart-san calls out to me in order to cheer me up.

“Now it is just a test of endurance.” (Burkhart)

But once again the progress of the battle has ended up becoming a stalemate.

Also, the dragon golem will continue to fire off high-powered breath attacks for more than a half day.

Burkhart-san and me have to keep defending against those with our magic barriers.

Although the other members took turns at getting a rest during that time, there isn’t any sign of the dragon golem ceasing its activity.

Despite having its external mana supply cut, it is a situation where it is continuing to spit out even more powerful breath attacks than the first dragon golem using the same time without stopping. I guess it has a very strong, huge magic gem embedded.

“Can you still hold out?” (Elise)

“Well, my sense of time has disappeared… ” (Wendelin)

Should I say that until now the only thing I was doing was nothing but defending against the golem dragon’s breath?

We seem to have provoked the wrath of the lunatic who created this underground ruin.

Suddenly the stairway to the lower floor, that had vanished before, reappeared. Furthermore Burkhart-san confirmed the figures of lined up golems on that side.

“Eh! This time from below!” (Burkhart)

It was a large quantity of soldier golems, whom we had continuously destroyed for several days.

Upon the order of the creator of the underground ruin they had finished replenishing those losses.

It could be said that they were moving to remove us, who were continuing to defend against the golem dragon’s breath and thus kept up a pointless battle.

The golems are ascending the stairs in a horizontal line.

“Erw!” (Wendelin)

“Really, the wolf at the back came out!” (Erwin)

Because they took a rest before, the three, Erw, Ina and Luise, full of spirit are taking their positions in the vicinity of the stairs. While there is a sound of *gacha gacha* from below, the golems, climbing the stairs, are entering the battle.

In front of the stairs Erw, Ina and Luise form a line and while destroying the golems risen from the lower level, they are pushing them off down the stairs.

But it seems, even if they are defeated and defeated, new golems will one by one come climbing up the stairs.

Gradually their facial expression became flustered and a worn out look began to reveal itself.

“Wend, as it is now we will be annihilated!” (Ina)

“Damn it! We were cornered… ” (Wendelin)

Thoughtlessly applying the previously successful plan of enduring it until the dragon golem runs out of mana just like the one before might not have been a good idea.

Or rather, there weren’t any soldier golems at the time we fought the previous dragon golem.

Despite the precondition being different, I chose the same battle strategy. That’s my mistake.

“If we had gone into the offensive by accepting a bit of danger… ” (Wendelin)

“Boy, don’t lament. Even if we were to use valuable time to go on the offense, there would be the possibility of failing as well. Rather than that, you should think about what we should do now.” (Burkhart)

Even in this critical situation Burkhart-san stayed calm.

As one would expect, that was something only a first-class adventurer, who had been active for a long time, would do.

I honestly admired him.

“The three in the back won’t be able to give support for an extended period of time.” (Burkhart)

Given that they are preventing the invasion while crushing the soldier golems, who had climbed up the stairs one after another, in turns, they will approach their limit of stamina soon after five days of battling.

It wasn’t beneficial to shave off sleeping time with doping by magic and drugs during those five days either.

Elise has been casting fatigue reduction on the three from the rear, but it already doesn’t have the same effect as in the beginning.

As I am the same, it had become impossible to fight for a long time as I already am reaching my mental limit.

“If that’s the case, let’s defeat the golem dragon quickly.” (Wendelin)

“There is no other way left, I guess.” (Burkhart)

If we defeat it, we can even run away in the worst case.

Maybe defeating the dragon golem will meet the clearing conditions.

Although it was a kind of gamble, the prospects of victory may be higher than continuing to defend against the dragon golem’s breath attacks.

I have decided to resolve myself.

“I will dissolve the magic barrier.” (Wendelin)

“Is that alright?” (Burkhart)

Burkhart-san is worrying but of course I want to receive his assitance.

The breath, the dragon golem continues to spit out, fundamentally uses mana of the void attribute as substitute before it is spit out.

Even so, it is spitting out the mana at ultra high-speed which causes its state to change into ultra-high temperature due to the friction as it travels to the targeted opponent. Something like humans won’t even leave bones behind.

Looking at the fate of the annihilated two combined adventurer parties, that is quite obvious.

“We will strike the dragon golem when it is reproducing the breath. Forcing the breath back will cause its head to be destroyed.” (Wendelin)

Even for mutual magic power of the void attribute, if two breaths of the same attribute clash with each other, they will generate a vast amount of heat.

Therefore, I am planning to have Burkhart-san protect me from this.

If I quickly force the dragon golem’s breath attack back, it should decrease Burkhart-san’s burden accordingly.

From the start Burkhart-san has defended against the breath attack of two dragon golems with his magic barrier, thus he won’t be able to sustain it for a long time in regards to his mana capacity.

But, it will be plenty if he copes with the heat for a short time.

“I am alright, but how about your remaining mana, boy?” (Burkhart)

As the five days here were excessive, my capacity should have risen somewhat.

However now, with also having the magic barrier deployed for an amount of half a day, there wasn’t more than 20% of mana left.

“Is it no good?” (Wendelin)

“Boy, it depends on you pushing back the breath a long distance quickly, no?” (Burkhart)

Besides, the necessity of Burkhart-san to deploy a magic barrier would vanish.

Also, if that’s the strategy, it should be fine to receive mana sharing from Burkhart-san.

“I will cast a boost at the beginning!” (Wendelin)

Saying these words, I took out a single magic gem from within my magic bag.

Considering the worst case, I had stored my own mana once I had some time.

As a matter of fact I already had four of them, but I emptied out three of them by now.

In the battle against the golem armies, I ended up using them when there wasn’t enough time to recover.

“After this… ” (Wendelin)

I wonder how many magic stones, of those I had collected from the monsters at the Palkenia Grasslands, were remaining.

Although it is a huge loss if you think one-sidedly about the energy efficiency, it doesn’t turn into life.

Magic stones that aren’t processed into magic gems will lose their strength after using all of their mana. They will end up crumbling reaching the point of completely turning into ash. A second use won’t be possible.

“In the end I wasn’t able to supply more mana than only 1/20th of the originally stored amount.” (Wendelin)

“Even with that, the guys at the guild and royal palace will demand them.” (Burkhart)

“That’s right, isn’t it? Well then, I am off!” (Wendelin)

At the same time of giving the signal, I have resolved my magic barrier first while Burkhart san is deploying his magic barrier with all his power at the same time.

“Boy, if it’s at this power, I won’t be able to sustain it for long!” (Burkhart)

“Understood!” (Wendelin)

I am easily remembering the dragon golem’s breath attack. Let’s reproduce that authentically.

It was indeed a performance without rehearsal, but I naturally wasn’t anxious.

Although there wasn’t any basis for that at all, I believed that I would be able to do it.

“(Come to think of it, even master was alright…)” (Wendelin)

Because I don’t want to spit out magic from my mouth by no means, I turn the palms of both hands towards the dragon golem. Simultaneously I am accelerating the mana within my body while imagining to be released forward.

Thereupon magic of the void attribute resembling the breath attack is emitted.

Crashing into the dragon golem’s breath, no more than dazzling light is shed.

“Boy, raise the power of the magic!” (Burkhart)

As it is as Burkhart-san says, it won’t be good if I can’t force back the dragon golem’s breath with my void magic.

At first I release the remaining mana without holding back, then I extract the mana of the only magic stone left and use it.

Although my void magic is gradually pushing back the dragon golem’s breath, my consciousness becomes hazy since the mana consumption is extreme.

“Boy, get a grip of yourself!” (Burkhart)

While vaguely hearing Burkhart-san’s yelling, my memory temporarily jumps back into the past.




In regards to magic, an adaptive nature is very helpful. If you see a hostile opponent trying to use magic, what will you do, Wend?(Alfred)

It is my childhood. Although it was a short period, I wouldn’t forget those memories. My everyday training with master.

I had been asked like this by master during my break time.

Master occasionally threw questions at me to cause me to brood over them.

Defend myself and wait-and-see?(Wendelin)

At the beginning that’s enough. But without having any options after that you will sooner or later run out of mana and be defeated. I wonder, what will you do, Wend?(Alfred)


The circumstances of a fight constantly change. Poor thinking is equal to not doing anything. As for a single answer, there is the option to strike your opponent with the same magic after having seen it. Because it is an adaptation, it wouldn’t be a problem even if it was a look-a-like. The advantage in this case is… (Alfred)

It will induce unrest within the opponent?(Wendelin)

That’s how it is. And you will also be able to recollect yourself and think about the situation. For example, about what kind of magic attribute the opponent is using.(Alfred)

That attribute, should I switch over to an opposing magic attribute?(Wendelin)

That’s correct. For fire magic you use water magic. Against earth magic you use something like wind magic. However, once Wend becomes and adventurer it is possible to meet… (Alfred)

As for the adventurer’s work, there is also the matter of investigating historic ruins from the time of the Ancient Magic Civilization.

And in those ruins a certain unique enemy exists.

The Ancient Magic Civilization concentrated its efforts on advancing magic engineering as far as possible. There should be existences that are commonly called golems or also artificial life-forms.

Moving by using mana as energy source, as they are ruthless mechanical weapons that don’t know fear, they are protecting the ruins and the things gathered there from intruders such as adventurers.

There are even some amongst the golems who can use magic.(Alfred)

To be precise, it should be said that they are casting magic by distributing mana to the magic tool embedded within them.

Amongst those, the most spread magic attribute is the void attribute.(Alfred)

Since they are only hurling the accelerated, saved mana at the enemy at ultra-high speed, it doesn’t seem to be a complex magic tool device.

If it’s the other magic attributes, I hear that the necessary magic tool’s structure realizes that attribute and the used mana gains in quantity.

As for the void attribute, it isn’t a powerful attribute, but that doesn’t mean that it is a weak attribute either.(Alfred)

No matter what attribute an opponent uses, you can expect a fixed effect.

Is it in relation to the darkness attribute?(Wendelin)

No, darkness is different. They are merely hurling mana that had an attribute attached beforehand. Darkness is treated as a legend, however I think I can change it into proper darkness attribute.(Alfred)

I see, then what’s the method to cope with the void attribute?(Wendelin)

Since there aren’t any strong or weak attributes, you have no other choice but to negate it with high power of any kind of magic attribute, right? In a certain sense it is troublesome, but since Wend’s has a lot of mana, the possibility to survive is high. Also, it will be good for Wend to try firing void magic. If it’s magic of the same attribute, the magic consumption efficiency will be fine as well. Although it is little, this might become the key to survival. But, the void attribute is conversely difficult. Although it isn’t to the degree of holy… Will you refuse learning it, I wonder, Wend?(Alfred)




Thinking of it, I didn’t use it at that time in the end, but it seems to unexpectedly reached the point where I can use it due to the approaching danger to myself.

Master, it came out, the void magicas I was thinking that, my shoulders were shaken suddenly causing me to open my eyes.

“Boy, was your consciousness cut due to mana deficiency?” (Burkhart)

“I am sorry.” (Wendelin)

“No, you did move your body properly. Besides, there hasn’t even passed a second since your consciousness blacked out.” (Burkhart)

Before I knew it, I was on one knee, but just as before it was released from the palms of both my hands. It seems that I continued to fire void magic while I blanked out.

And, it was essentially magic power, but thanks to pushing back the dragon golem’s breath considerably, the necessity of a magic barrier has disappeared. Burkhart-san, placing both his hands on my shoulders, was in the middle of supplying me with mana.

“Burkhart-san” (Wendelin)

“Even I have used up all of my reserve magic gems. Now that it has become like this, there is no help but to transfer my mana to you until I faint.” (Burkhart)

“I understand” (Wendelin)

Burkhart-san and me don’t have that much of mana left anymore.

Will I be able to force back the dragon golem’s breath and destroy its head before we exhaust all of it?

If I am not able to do that, the now pushed back breath will annihilate all of us until only bones are left.

“Wend! If it’s mana!” (Luise)

“Luise, it’s useless!” (Wendelin)

Because Luis is a cornerstone of intercepting the golems, who are climbing up the stairs, wit will also be troublesome if she comes over here.

There is no point if we are overrun by the golems from the rear before destroying the dragon golem.

At the same time, Erw and Ina don’t possess mana to the degree of being able to share it with me either.

To begin with, even if they transfer all of their mana, it won’t add much either due to the conversion efficiency.

“I am currently calculating calmly. The mana might not be enough.” (Wendelin)

“At least concentrate on the front! Please take care of me after I have transferred all of my mana to you.” (Burkhart)

At the same time he says this, Burkhart-san ends up losing his consciousness and drops.

With this, it became only the mana that I am still possessing.

As I am continuing to emit void magic from my palms, I am slowly pushing back the dragon golem’s breath. By now there is around ten meters left until reaching the target, the dragon golem’s head.

However, the dragon golem sensing the impeding danger, increases the power of its breath attack even more. It also uses a large amount of mana for the sake of defeating me with that.

As I increased the used amount of my remaining mana, I became quite panicked within my mind.

I sense the mana gradually decreasing, but thanks to the training for two and a half years, I had reached a keen comprehension.

“(How unskilful! Anyways, I have to push it back completely even if it a second earlier!)” (Wendelin)

Even so, it isn’t something I can force back entirely no matter how impatient I get. As the creeping sense of danger is becoming stronger, someone is once again placing their hands on my shoulders.

“Wendelin-sama” (Elise)

Those were Elise’s hands.

“The time has come for the ring, you bought for me previously, to be helpful.” (Elise)

Which reminds me, right after the engagement I gave her a mana-saving ring as present. Now I remember it at last.

From Elise’s hands I can sense mana gradually pouring into me. It appears that I avoided the state called out-of-mana for now.


“It’s not possible to push it back at all…” (Wendelin)

Although it was unknown whether the artificial personality has a mind of its own, the dragon golem increased the power of the breath attack by three times.

Perhaps it didn’t want to be destroyed.

Or rather, I wonder just how big is the magic gem embedded within?

With the cable, externally supplying mana, being severed, it has no choice but to persistently rely on the mirrors for gathering mana from within the air installed on each, the head and back.

Only that served as proof that there was a huge magic gem embedded.

“How unlucky! The mana is still… ” (Wendelin)

As Burkhart-san has already fainted and without knowing how much mana Elise herself has left, even if she is an expert at healing magic, I have heard before that she isn’t proficient at mana transfer.

Therefore, even if I receive a normal mana sharing from her here, it won’t be much of a help.

“Wendelin-sama!” (Elise)

“Perhaps it is being pushed back. Pull back Burkhart-san out of the line of the breath attacks fire range. Erw’s group as well!” (Wendelin)

If I force back the breath as it is, I will definitely be burned to cinders down to the bones, but I think I will be able to get the golems, climbing the stairs in my back, involved at the same time.

Beside, the dragon golem shouldn’t have something like a surplus of remaining mana capacity no matter how you look at it.

If I played it cleverly, only I would become a victim while all of the others should probably survive this.

“Such a thing. Something like leaving Wendelin-sama behind…” (Elise)

“It’s fine if Wend escapes as well too!” (Ina)

“That’s impossible. After all we are both releasing mana in order to destroy the opponent using all of our power.” (Wendelin)

In order to escape, I have to also lower the mana released a bit. Not gambling upon pushing back the breath for even a second will cause me getting burned in the end.

As escaping also means death, seeing that I am heading towards death as well, I shouldn’t be negligent in decreasing the casualties even by one.

“Wend, take my mana after all!” (Luise)

“Keep it!” (Wendelin)

As Burkhart-san is out of mana and isn’t conscious either, it is the basics of the basics for Elise to preserve her mana for the sake of using healing magic.

Since it is like that, after I died, the one having the most proficient combat ability, Luise, shouldn’t be too exhausted either.

“Wend, you…” (Ina)

“Sorry, Ina.” (Wendelin)

Ina seems to be eagerly thinking of the best way while she is also defeating the golems.

Although you can say that this is just like her, we already ran out of plans.

“I wonder if I can once again learn magic from master in the netherworld.” (Wendelin)

“Don’t utter such disturbing words!” (Erwin)

Erwin is enraged, but no matter how I calculate it, it seems I am missing a bit of mana.

Exhausting my mana will happen at a place around one meter from the dragon golem’s head.

Because the calculation might be incomplete, the despair was large as well.

“Wendelin-sama…” (Elise)

Because of that villainous grandfather, the kind Elise constantly had troubles.

Even if I died, it should still be fine for her to marry into family she likes since she is as of yet only engaged.

Something like accompanying me into death here isn’t an option.

“(Death, huh… ?)” (Wendelin)

It will be a lie if I said it isn’t scary, but it’s not like there isn’t any possibility of me awaking as Shingo Ichinomiya once again.

With this Wendelin von Benno Baumeister being a long dream, won’t I return to my life of being a salary-man at a second-rate trading company?

I have a feeling that this might happen.

“Wendelin-sama…” (Elise)

“Elise is a beautiful person. Even if she doesn’t keep me company here, she can marry into any other family she likes…” (Wendelin)

“No! I will become Wendelin-sama’s wife! Therefore, Wendelin-sama, don’t give up hope either!” (Elise)

“Eh!” (Wendelin)

Even I didn’t expect Elise to raise her voice in such way here at the least.

Then, Elise’s face is covering my field of vision.

Using both her arms to turn my face to the back and bringing her face in front of me, she plugged up my lips using her own lips.

In other words, you can say she is kissing me from behind.

“Why!” (Erwin)

“Elise is quite bold.” (Ina)

“How enviable…” (Luise)

Due to Elise’s sudden action, Erw’s group couldn’t hide their surprise.

“(Na!)” (Wendelin)

At the same time I am continuing to be astonished, I can feel mana surging out from deep within myself for some reason.

“(Why? If it’s Elise, the ability in magic transfer is… )” (Wendelin)

Even if Elise pours all of her currently remaining mana into me, it shouldn’t even restore more than 1% of the whole since the conversion efficiency is bad.

Nevertheless, I felt like I am currently experiencing more than 20% being recovered.

“Wendelin-sama…” (Elise) (T/N: Copy&Paste ftw…)

“Elise!” (Wendelin)

Elise, separating her lips, seems to have a vague half-consciousness.

With a voice, close to vanishing any time now, she talks to me.

“I used Light of Miracles. But I have completely run out of mana…” (Elise)

“That how it is, huh?” (Wendelin)

As for Light of Miracles, it was the highest kind of healing magic within the holy system.

It uses a huge amount of mana, but even if close to death, it will completely recover someone as long as they are alive.

Even in the church, it seems to not be guaranteed that there are even more than around 50 users.

Naturally, Elise is also one of them.

And, that magic has another effect.

The mana of the one it being cast upon is recovered to about half.

This magic, it is also possible to cast it on me even if I am not particularly seriously injured.

Because a nonexistent injury can’t be healed, the mana is used in vain. Though it doesn’t look like there have been people using it like this until now.

Only for the sake of recovering my mana, Elise used this magic, I think.

In a certain sense it could certainly be called a blind spot.

“With this a bit of mana…” (Elise)

“Understood. Elise can go sleep with a peace of mind. Ok?” (Wendelin)

“Yes…” (Elise)

Elise lost her consciousness at the end of those words. Starting to raise a sleeper’s breathing, she was sleeping peacefully in a state as if being carried on my back.

Although the effect usually was around 50%, it appears that Light of Miraclestook away all of Elise’s remaining mana.

“Elise, I didn’t apologize for giving up. But, it’s alright now.” (Wendelin)

While gently calling out to Elise, who is resting on my back as is, I am slowly raising the power of the void magic.

With the precious mana obtained at the very last moment I am freely releasing all of my power to destroy the tin-plated dragon in front of my eyes.

For the current me there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do anymore.

Fortunately, thanks to the kiss, the current me was quite excited.

“Die having your head blown off!” (Wendelin)

I wanted to avoid falling into a condition of mana deficiency once again due to being strangely stingy with mana here or such.

Although I was worried about the mass of golems in the rear, I had no choice but to leave it to Erw’s group.

At worst, I want us to escape before they became a burden.

While thinking about such things, I exhausted my mana by releasing it in one go.

Within a few seconds in front of the comma, as my void magic forced back the breath, it penetrated the mouth of the dragon golem and violated the interior.

The interior of the dragon golem’s mouth cavity should also be coated with mithril armor, but in the narrow mouth cavity my void magic clashed with its breath resulting in an explosion.

No matter it being mithril, it shouldn’t be capable to resist this destructive power.

How pitiful. With the dragon golem’s head busting and scattering, it ended up ceasing its movement.

While making a loud metallic sound, its body pitched completely forward and collapsed in the end.

And then the headless dragon golem died with a slight tremor.

And then…

“Are? Even the golem’s movement has stopped.” (Erwin)

“Is it ok to call that dragon golem the boss?” (Ina)

“I guess that’s how it is.” (Wendelin)

Even the soldier golems, who had been advanced up until now, completely ceased their movement.

Below the stairs, which were completely covered with corpses as remains of the battlefield, silence spread.

“Wend, we did it, right?” (Erwin)

“Ah…” (Wendelin)

At last being freed from the threat of the golem mass, Erw, being relieved, is calling out to me.

But even I, having used up Burkhart-san’ and Elise’s mana, would soon lose my consciousness.

“It seems my consciousness is already becoming dim… Erw, I leave the aftermath to you…” (Wendelin)

“Even Wend has hit his limit, huh? Leave it to me since even the troublesome golems have stopped moving.” (Erwin)

“Is that so… ? Then I am relieved… ” (Wendelin)

As I was relieved to have destroyed the enemy in front of my eyes, after hearing Erw’s words I ended up loosing my consciousness as it is.


(Editor’s TL;DR note for this chapter: Entered ruins. Found missing adventurers; all dead. Fought an ancient dragon golem (physical and magical attacks can’t really hurt it) by purely defending while letting it run out of mana after half a day. Was transported by a teleport trap, stuck for days fighting non-stop, while finally fighting an even stronger dragon golem along with the endless waves of regular golems. Only lived because MC did his own “breath” attack with a new type of magic, void magic, that he had learned but never used before.)


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