Chapter 41 – Adventurer registration

“Well then, we are finally also treated as adults by having become 15 years old. Let’s take our first step in advancing as adventurers.” (Wendelin)

Even though we enrolled at the adventurer prep school in Breitburg, for some reason the possibility to return ended up vanishing after coming to the royal capital in order to attend Erich-nii-san’s wedding during our summer vacation.

Since I was in fact worried about the residence in Breitburg, I periodically returned there using teleportation magic, but I didn’t visit the prep school at all. That is because I am already regarded as having graduated.

Although it is lucky in a certain meaning, in exchange we got stuck with receiving even more strict training for around two and a half years.

Erw was coached in sword art and combat by the company commander of the Royal Knight Order, Warren-san.

Likewise Ina was coached in combat with spears by spearmanship masters affiliated to the Royal Knight Order.

And then, it isn’t known whether Luise and I had possibly drawn the most unlucky number in some way.

In spite of him being the Head Royal Wizard, we received intense training in combat styles by Armstrong-doushi almost every day except one free day per week.

While Luise and I thought something likeHowever, that person is good enough that he doesn’t even have to show his face at the royal palace often, we had to tackle training that could only be seen in fighting scenes of battle mangas in my previous life as his prided magic was based on physical enhancement, high-speed flight, and the mobile magic armor and helmet.

Furthermore the nature of Armstrong-doushi’s teaching methods was nasty since he also aimed at something like raising my magic capacity.

His appearance is that of a muscled oyaji and although you wouldn’t guess it from his usual speech and conduct he is also evidently quite stubborn as a matter of fact.

As both of us haven’t reached our limit of growth in magic capacity yet, this also meant that we had to devote ourselves to continue practicing even after this. But now comes the adventurer registration!

To become an adventurer, it is necessary to first register at the adventurer’s guild.

It is wrong to go hunting and exploring equipped with armor and weapon as one pleases in a style of self-proclaimed adventurer.

However, there also many smaller half-hearted parts in the management there as well.

The farmers went hunting in the forest close to the village I used to live in. You couldn’t particularly blame them for selling those spoils in the city’s bazaar.

Even I did this in Breitburg with only the license of the commerce guild at the age of 7 years.

A temporary permit for hunting was passed out in order to hunt as soon as prep school ended in my days at the adventurer’s prep school in Breitburg, but there wasn’t any particular problem as long as we didn’t enter the monster domain.

Probably, going by the stance of the adventurer’s guild, they don’t have the margin to enact strict control, I guess.

Also, because of the increase of monster domains, there isn’t much room left to work with animal husbandry on this continent.

The spoils obtained by hunting being a precious source of proteins, they don’t hinder the people coming to sell those as much as possible.

This appears to the be the real situation around here.

“But, is it really fine to register at the adventurer’s guild’s headquarter in the capital?” (Wendelin)

I inquired of Burkhart-san who came along as a chaperone.

Since it had been arranged that we had graduated from the adventurer’s prep school in Breitburg more or less, I ended up think something along the lines of Isn’t it better to go register at the Breitburg branch?

“There isn’t any particular issue where you register at.” (Burkhart)

This was Burkhart-san’s answer, but it seems he was quite troubled being stuck between a rock and a hard place satisfying both, his lord, Margrave Breithilde, and the nobles of the capital in regards to our case.

Though it doesn’t appear he feels pressured at all because he has already given up completely.

“When you return to Breitburg, just report to the branch there. In this way, the branch will know that you intend to use Breitberg as an activity base.” (Burkhart)

“That’s how it works, huh?” (Wendelin)

“That’s how it is. Now, hurry up and register.” (Burkhart)

As we entered the guild’s headquarter together with our guide, Burkhart-san, the interior seemed to be completely like a public office.

At around ten reception points, young women were sitting. They gave various explanations to adventurer-like people, accepted their documents and handed them some documents in reverse.

It was completely like the service booths at public offices.

“Next person, please.” (Receptionist)

After a while of waiting in line because all of the receptions were occupied, our turn came up at last.

“It’s the registration of a new adventurer party.”

“Certainly!” (Receptionist)

The young blonde onee-san at the reception gave the documents I brought along a glance. She appeared to be surprised by the contents described in them.

Since I even defeated two dragons before, I ended up becoming a quite famous existence.

“Please take these blank forms for individual adventurer registration. I will verify the items mentioned right away. Also, the number of people for the new party is five, right?” (Receptionist)

“Yes.” (Wendelin)

Although we had in reality planned to construct a party of four, Erw, Ina, Luise and me, the amount of party members increased to five due to various unavoidable reasons.

“Ano … Elise-sama as well?” (Receptionist)

As expected, even the guild’s receptionist apparently couldn’t hide her astonishment about Elise, famous as Hohenheim’s Sainton the streets, registering as adventurer.

Because it wasn’t a particularly rare occurrence for clergymen to register as adventurers, it doesn’t mean that it is a problem.

“Yes. As I am also Wendelin-sama’s fiancée, I decided to become an adventurer together with him.” (Elise)

Because this girl is a good child, there isn’t any hidden truth in her remark at all.

She earnestly wants to be together with as my fiancée.

In these two and a half years, Elise and I went on dates and such at least once a week.

Since the other time was completely committed to Armstrong-doushi’s training, there weren’t any other women, except Ina and Luise, I spent time talking with but Elise.

Because there are many beautiful women in the capital as well, it is a fact that I regretted it a bit. But it would lead to an amount of various troubles, if I went to take a stroll by myself imprudently.

There are nobles trying to introduce their daughters no matter the method. And also merchants and commoners aiming for the course of becoming a mistress after being hired as a maid or such.

Also, in addition, there many people trying gain profits from me, nobles trying to drag me into their own faction, people wanting to become my vassals and such.

As a result, in order to have my peace during my days off, I had to rely on Cardinal Hohenheim, Erich-nii-san and above that the appointed nobles of the financial affairs group.

Maa, in a certain sense it went along within Armstrong-doushi’s predictions, I guess.

Killing time by indulging myself in training in order to hone my skills, other women couldn’t approach me.

And for the remaining off-days, I always met up with Elise.

Since we live together, even on a regular day, I received her assistance like having our meals together in the morning and evening. Now I am completely depending on Elise on those parts too.

Also, at the times I wasn’t with her, Luise and Ina kept me company.

It is no exaggeration to say that cheating would have been impossible, although that doesn’t mean that I even wanted to do it.

The other nobles were also grinding their teeth out of vexation due to the financial affairs group of appointed nobles and doushi’s interference. Erich-nii-san mentioned the degree to me before,

Dragon-slaying hero-dono, I want to invite you to my garden party this evening…

Baron Baumeister-dono is busy in the evening today! He had been invited to dinner by his fiancée’s home, the Viscount Hohenheim household!

Even adjusting the schedule on that day, it seems that muscled doushi didn’t neglect to do so.

Running counter to his appearance, this was a point you couldn’t take that muscled doushi lightly.

“Eeto, the party’s name is Dragon Busters?” (Receptionist)

The onee-san at the reception asked for confirmation with a calm voice after looking at me.

Being an adventurer is a compelling job causing the country bumpkins and poor to aim at becoming rich and famous.

Therefore, there are many groups bragging with such things as their party’s name in this manner. Each time this also caused a lot of derisive laughter amongst the people at the reception and the adventurers in the vicinity.

But, because I already killed two dragons, the receptionist onee-san didn’t appear to particularly consider it ridiculous.

I thought her calmness on this matter resembles quite well a governmental official.

“I am a member, but the leader is Wendelin-san.”

I had grown in height up to 175 centimeters in those last two and a half years. My face could be called to be in the category of, “maa, it’s alright” for my medium build, I think. Things appear to be headed in a good direction given my home is that provincial Baumeister household.

By the way, I have an average height in regards to this world.

The equipment I wear is such things like the expensive robe and wand master left behind. But I ended up having to adjust its size at an armor shop since the robe was tailored for master, who was even approximately 10 centimeters taller than me.

I remember the owner of the armor shop being strangely persistent in asking me to sell the robe at that time.

As far as I understood, various valuable raw materials were woven into the robe such as the feathers of a phoenix and the first fur of a water dragon child. It seems that attacks using mana from monsters will be reduced quite a bit.

Since the shop owner told me It is even fine if you give me the scraps of the robe at the time it is cut, I was given 5 gold plates and the adjustment of the robe became free of charge once I agreed to it.

Even the scraps, if you wove them into other defensive armament, it would become something completely different close to the strength of a magical armament, I was told.

The scarps of the robe will also be fine since they will become raw materials again.(Owner)

That is… (Wendelin)

It turned into a situation of me reaffirming my master’s greatness.

“Next is Erwin-san.” (Receptionist)

“Yes.” (Erwin)

Erw had obtained a good teacher and became a sword expert.

Although I am not able to grasp to what degree since my knowledge is at most to the degree of my own sword skill, it seems it is even up to the extent that he was asked Since I will recommend you, won’t you join a regular Knight Order?by Warren-san, from whom he received the instructions in sword art.

Because he couldn’t suddenly join the Royal Knight Order, the top of the organisation, he would accumulate experience at a regular Knight Order first and then enter the Royal Knight Order after getting a recommendation from there.

This kind of career path was offered to him.

Sorry, I am the junior leader of the vassals of the Baron Baumeister household.(Erwin)

That’s why I only offered it to you with fleeting hope. But it’s regrettable.(Warren)

Erw declined the invitation from Warren-san.

In those two and a half years he had grown to a height of around 180 centimeters. Though slender, he is muscular. He dons plate mail, reduced in weight magically, and holds a bastard sword in both hands.

Also, on his back he carries a round shield, which is also reduced in weight magically. Even a normal long sword is visible being holstered at his waist.

Erw can use a two-handed sword or a one-handed sword depending on the situation.

It is a skillful feat I won’t be able to perform in my entire life.

“Next is Ina-san.” (Receptionist)

Ina had grown into a beautiful person with a body build resembling a panther in flexibility and conspicuous red hair that looked as if it is burning.

She was around 5 centimeters shorter in height than me, but she possesses an aura nullifying that difference.

As for weaponry, she uses a spear as her main and has two short swords equipped at her waist.

Apparently she will fight by dual-wielding at the time she loses her spear.

She received guidance in sword arts in her free time, it seems.

Also, her main armor had become half plate with magically reduced weight.

“Luise-san.” (Receptionist)

“Ye~~~s!” (Luise)

Luise was, together with me, a victim of Armstrong-doushi. Although her height had increased to the extent of around 150 centimeters, her figure is still childlike without change.

The person herself is boasting 『Surprisingly there are breasts, but as anyone can see, that is unbelievable.

It isn’t like there is nothing, but it feels very minute.

But, you shouldn’t mention that.

Coming from a martial arts family, her body possesses a degree of strength you wouldn’t believe to be there.

Honestly speaking, even Armstrong-doushi and I would end up having our weak points exploited if we didn’t use such things like magic, receiving her surprise attacks while she erased her presence.

She wears a dougi that uses fine raw materials turning it into a magical armor. Both her hands are wrapped with a covering for the back of the hand and wrist. Her appearance was indeed one you could call a practitioner of martial arts.

Although there were adventurers making fun of her appearance on the way, they retreated to the back after suffering Luise’s glare.

You could even say they were lucky as they would have naturally received at least bone fractures, if she had hit them that is.

“It seems Elise is last.” (Wendelin)

Seeing my written application, even though the onee-san added Elise to the party, it didn’t feel strained.

She quickly progressed through the formalities for Elise as well.

Elise’s height increased to around 160 centimeters in those last two and a half years, too. She grew into a beauty suitable for being called a saint.

Also, there is special worth of mentioning her breasts after all, I guess?

Although it was estimated to be an F cup at the time she was 13 years old, now it had even grown into an estimated G cup.

As for equipment, since she wears her learning outfit, which excels at magical defense strength and which she had received as a present from the Cardinal, it usually became difficult to grasp the body shape.

However, due to her mighty self-asserting breasts, their volume was completely visible.

She has some things like a mace and a knife equipped for weapons.

Looking at such Elise, she has surprising strength. Because she also took lessons from the church’s templars in things like handling weapons, she is far more powerful in that area than a novice adventurer.

At the very least she should be able to protect her own body by herself.

Otherwise she couldn’t expect to be allowed entering the party either.

And, the templars, that she left previously, are simply put guards established for the protection of the church.

Since they aren’t attached to the kingdom, it is officially correct to call them guards rather than a Knight Order, but with the motive of protecting the church, that yields authority being appointed as state religion, there is a tacit consent allowing them to be called a Knight Order.

There is also the reason that it is a popular place of employment for young nobles.

“There are 5 party members. With this the registration is complete.” (Receptionist)

Thanks to the onee-san, the formalities concerning the official papers successfully concluded briefly to the degree that it was too quick.

Because this place is the headquarters of the guild, the number of newly formed parties and debuting adventurers everyday isn’t few either.

I guess it wouldn’t be good if they spent a lot of time on each and every of them.

“Please look at the booklet here for things such as the finer regulations.” (Receptionist)

No sooner than finishing the registration each of us was given a booklet.

“The registration was quite quick.” (Ina)

After the registration, we were reading the booklet at a cafe close to the guild’s headquarters while drinking tea.

Ina has a facial expression showing that it would have been fine even if there were even more various procedures to become adventurers at long last.

“Rather than the receptionist giving us a long explanation, it is fine this way.” (Wendelin)

“That is, you are certainly right, but… ” (Ina)

The rules etc. written in this booklet were known to us as we had already been taught them beforehand.

The majority were ordinary things people had no choice but to follow in order to protect their lives.

Don’t obstruct other adventurers. Don’t steal property or kill. Don’t cause trouble in villages or towns you drop by en route. Don’t commit crimes.

Because adventurers have a tendency to be a gathering of talented people from anywhere* no matter what, there are many facts written down for caution’s sake. (T/N: “anywhere” here was written “from thousand seas and mountains” … interpreted it)

Also, since adventurers are a kind of ‘dissatisfied youth’ attracted to equipment in this war-less period, they are people having an inclination to gather and do rash things.

“Next is the ranking system.” (Wendelin)

Even if I say ranking system, it doesn’t particularly mean there is a ranking from S to F like I read in web novels in my previous life.

It is just a record about the personal and party achievements written on the adventurer card listing the number of successfully completed requests, the number of failed requests, and the total sum of rewards earned.

“In a certain sense, it is a scary system.”

The majority of an adventurer’s work is gathering or hunting in a place hostile to humans.

Also, powerful adventurers and parties obtain good rewards entering the domains, where monsters live, hunting expensive monster raw materials, and gathering valuable items there.

At times there were urgent recruitments for materials that are running short at the guild, but normally I hunt and gather at places fitting my abilities, and sell the spoils to the guild.

In addition, the number and type of defeated monsters and animals is recorded on the card.

And, only the total sum of the obtained rewards is written down on the card.

“In a nutshell, being an adventurer is all about hunting and gathering, right?” (Luise)

Just as Luise said, there isn’t anything like miscellaneous requests as I have seen in games (and etc.) in my previous life.

Stuff like searching for a dog, repairing a roof, or looking after a baby.

There are plenty of other people for those kind of jobs that aren’t adventurers.

Rather, given that there are also a guilds for handling such kind of jobs, it is better to go registering there if you want to do such jobs.

For walking dogs there is the guild related to pets, though it is small-scale.

For repairing a roof there is the carpenter’s guild.

For taking care of a baby there is a guild divided into dispatching maids and babysitting.

Therefore it would end up in picking a fight with them if adventurers got involved in those jobs.

“There is also the investigation of sealed historic ruins, huh?”

As the sole exception, I guess there is the exploration of dungeons and structures created by the ancient magic civilization.

For some reason, the majority of them are infested with domains where monsters dwell. Because there are troublesome traps and powerful monsters roaming among those, they usually are prohibited to be trespassed due to the kingdom’s decision.

Although a new one occasionally gets discovered as well, it seems there are many cases of those who raided it without having prepared properly never to return again.

“As for sealed historic ruins, as soon as the request for exploration of the kingdom reaches the guild, the guild’s side chooses appropriate adventurers or parties to perform the investigation… ”

“In other words, there is no other way but earning income by just hunting many powerful monsters as achievement for the historic ruin investigation request?” (Erwin)

“It is as Erwin-boy says. Just that you guys’ situation is a bit different.” (Burkhart)

As Burkhart-san, drinking coffee together with us, said this, he held out a piece of paper.

There, in big letters, was the request enforced by the kingdom written down.

“Enforced request by the kingdom? You don’t say… ” (Wendelin)

“That’s what I am saying. It ended up in your party being nominated for exploring the historic ruins by the kingdom.” (Burkhart)

“Don’t you leave such things to veterans usually?” (Wendelin)

“Usually you would be right, but… ” (Burkhart)

With us being currently novices having just done our adventurer registration and party creation, we were entrusted with quite a dangerous investigation of a sealed historic ruin by being nominated as the exploration party by the kingdom.

If you think normally about it, there shouldn’t have been such a stupid decision.

“Even our group should start by doing such things as gradually hunting in a nearby place, no?” (Erwin)

“Erwin-boy, your opinion is correct, but… ” (Burkhart)

Since it doesn’t mean that he was the one giving the order, Burkhart-san was cringing while answering Erw’s and mine questions.

“It’s because the boy has defeated two dragons.” (Burkhart)

Even if you say that, that’s still no reason to suddenly toss us, who just became adventurers, into a sealed historic ruin.

No matter how much you talk about my magic killing a dragon, there is no guarantee that I can unconditionally use such powerful magic within the historic ruins. Even though I strove to advance individually by training for around two and a half years, it is pointless to move ahead without practice fighting in coordination with a group as we wanted to do from now on.

“Burkhart-san, you have become the chaperone of fresh adventurers, right?” (Ina)

Ina emphasized while asking.

Chaperone is a system that has been established as there were relatively many casualties during the early stages of adventurism.

For around three times a veteran adventurer or party would come along as instructor(s) while a new party entered a domain, where monsters dwell, for hunting.

And then the adventurers, getting through the period of being rookies, would be designated as instructors by the guild to teach other rookies hunting.

In such way, the death in the early stages of being an adventurer is being avoided as much as possible, it seems.

However, despite that the rate of death among the new adventurers is high. It was similar to any kind of business spending time to get used to the most dangerous period.

“Of course you will accompany us as instructor, right?” (Wendelin)

“Ah, a veteran adventurer, huh?” (Burkhart)

“Eh? Is this possibly… ?” (Luise)

“Yes, it is. You aren’t really new anyway.” (Burkhart)

Following Luise’s worries, it has been decided that our instructor would be Burkhart-san before anyone became aware of it.

Because it should have been quite the surprise for Burkhart-san abruptly retiring from the adventurer occupation, we proceeded to start preparing for our departure silently without meddling in any way.

“If it turns out to be hopeless, let’s escape right away.” (Wendelin)

“That judgement is right, boy.” (Burkhart)

“Eh! That’s okay?” (Erwin)

“Fool! A dead adventurer won’t earn a single cent, right?! It is the basics to retreat if things are in vain!” (Burkhart)

Hearing Is it alright to escape?from Erw, Burkhart-san shouted at him.

Since we were designated by the kingdom and the guild to such a hard request right from the get-go, there isn’t any reason to follow the request’s instructions to the death out of obligation.


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