Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 21: First exploration of the Demon Forest

Heyas folks,

first off, apologies to those, who donated for interludes, for the long time it takes to get them done. Unfortunately I haven’t much time in my schedule during regular work weeks. As it is, I’m currently releasing 2,5 chapters per week (all my series’ of course, not Hachinan only), add to that RL and you will understand how difficult it is to work on anything additional. Thus I usually do mass releases of Interludes during my vacations. Hope you guys can forgive me for that.

Thus, though it’s a bit late, thanks to Asvan for enabling this interlude.

It is written from Luise’s PoV.

I will try to get Interlude 22 done until tomorrow, though no promises with those text walls. Interlude 23 and Omake 1 will follow next week.

Though it might sound a bit like money-grubbing, but if the donations reach up to another interlude until Friday next week, I will translate Omake 2 within these vacations. Reason for me stating this is: After Omake 2 there are 9 regular chapters, Omake 3 and then 10+ regular chapters. So there won’t be many Interludes/Omakes after Omake 2 for a while.

Lastly, hovering over unknown words with your mouse sometimes gives a tooltip. ^^

|>> Incoming Text Wall! <<|


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