Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Interlude 12: The Lord’s weird instruction

Heyas folks,

let’s continue with some more romcom, shall we not?

As usual Kruncs-kun took upon himself the quest to improve my gibberish into readable English, be thankful for that!

On a further note: Our newest Editor-kun, James, finished editing chapter 6 – 8. They are less of a pain on the eyes now. If you are curious, do check them out!

The next regular release of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou!, Interlude 13, will be on 20th March.

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P.S.: BakaGrappler has started his own Isekai novel. Feel free to check it out here!


  1. Am I the only one that thinks it’s crazy that we get more interludes translated than main chapters?

    • Well, that’s not my fault. After ch 39 there is an 8-interlude arc, then a few main chaps and then again interludes (which I will probably leave out though depending on their content, as extra chapters so to say). Leaving out 8 interludes that depict their lives in the capital would mean missing out a lot of content though, so nothing I can do there, unfortunately. xD

  2. Nameless Reader

    interlude is fine and all but what about the normal one?

    • I can’t really skip these Interludes unless accepting a load of content loss, sadly. Personally I would like to proceed with the main story line … but … ><;;

  3. Thanks for the update

    Just to be sure

    Do you have the intention to re-edite all the old chapters?

  4. ⊂⊃     (⌒⌒)
      Thanks    ||||| 
       Nepu!! / ~~~ \  ⊂⊃
      ⊂⊃ /  ^ω ^ \  ⊂⊃

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