Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 72: Herthania Valley Liberation Operation – Part 4

Heyas folks,

here’s part 4 of this long chapter. One more to go and the chapter’s fully done.

You will now find sometimes ((…)) brackets in the text. Those are words added by me for easier understanding as the Japanese language is often vague. Usually I do it automatically if it’s too ambiguous in English to understand but I thought it won’t be wrong to actually point it out.

Now a question to you, the readers:

We all know this novel is very redundant. Many things are repeated like 10 times + without any particular need to do so. Though I’m an advocate of translating the original as is, I lately find myself annoyed by typing the same stuff over and over again (especially as I have to rephrase it so it doesn’t sound super-redundant).

I could shorten things (like an editor for the LN would) by deleting the pointless repetitions and replace them with a (…) marker or such, but as that would be changing the original text, I’d like to ask you the readers first what you think about it. Depending on the general opinion I would put up a vote.

Well, enjoy the next part~

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  1. Thanks for the part of the chapter ^^
    Both ways are fine with me as long as the translation continue. I have learn to get used to this autor and enjoy the story as it is.

  2. you can do like the translator for “my father-in-law is lu bu” and put where the bullshit begin and where it ends
    I feel like I just repeated what you wrote

  3. I’m fine with skipping redundant/repetitive content as long as your up front about it by using those “(..)”. I’m especially okay with it if it’ll make things easier on you since some of these chapters can get long winded and drag on sometimes.

    I’m probably skimming past those parts already anyway.

  4. For me I vote to leave it as it is. It’s a translation so you shouldn’t change any of what the author had done in the story, no matter how redundant it is.

  5. I will leave it up to you.

  6. I am by nature a purist. I dislike it when fan translators edit the text. It just seems wrong. That said, this novel is horrifically repetitive. It feels like the author has alzheimers sometimes. It is painfully obvious that he needs an editor. And you would only be cutting, not adding. So I support the parentheses.

    Tl;dr: remove the repetitive garbage

  7. if there’s only one repeat doesn’t seem like it’ll hurt to leave it. but if there’s tons well…that’s why editors exist~

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