Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 56: The woman named 『Storm』 – End

Evenin’ folks,

with this chapter 56 is done. Though Katharina is quite the annoying character. She even talks in this strange way of adding “wa” at the end of sentences, though I didn’t put that into the chapter as it has no real equivalent in the English language. Well, you might call her the stereotypical, haughty ojou-sama type. How very annoying.

Oh well, whatever. By the way, this chapter took me in total 16 hours to write down. *sighs* Chapter 57 luckily doesn’t seem to be as long but I still plan to split it into 3 parts for now and if I feel diligent I might get it done with 2 parts. We shall see.

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|>> Enjoy <<|

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