Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 50: Attempt to develop the Savage Lands – Part 1

Heyas folks,

sorry for the one week delay on the releases, I had some errands to run iRL on the weekend, so I had no time to translate anything. Well, now I’m back (though I still haven’t read a single online web novel chapter for 2 weeks now, kinda scared of the backlog).

This chapter is significantly shorter than the previous one, thus I split it into two parts with part 1 being pretty much exactly at 50%. The next part should follow next week, if all goes as planned.

By the way, the suffix -uji means Mr./Mrs. but it’s more honorific than -san, I think.

Also, Kakei Senki wo Kakageyo! will continue from next week on as well. That one is difficult to translate and with me being quite exhausted from work over the week, I had to use at least one day a week to not actually do something productive. Though I guess I won’t get it translated if I don’t sacrifice my Saturday, huh? xD

Oh well, here a little character sheet for our MC and the chapter link is |>> here <<| !



  1. Thanks for part 1. Reading excitedly now.

  2. Yow!

    Thanks for the part 1 of the chapter.
    I really appreciate it!

  3. Well, good news. This week almost nobody have time to update stuffs except on friday I think. Soooo it will took maybe a day to catch up.

  4. thank you for the part 1, and dont worry about it. RL is more important after all

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