Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 49: Stay at the Baumeister territory and Kurt’s troubles – Part End

Heyas folks,

with this I finished an epic-long web novel chapter which has 79k characters (not counting spaces). That should be the longest so far. And all I got to say is: I bow my head to all those translating light novels. Now I understand why some chapters take a month or more to be released. Kudos to those guys!

I also started to translate the next interlude, but that turned out to be a huge spoiler. So I won’t continue until we passed it in the time line.

I expect chapter 50 to be the last of the current volume. The chapter itself is shorter (longer would have killed me anyway). Thus here’s the one missing illustration of the volume:


By the way my favourite wife contender is Wilma-chan so far. ^^

Anyway, the next chapter will start next week.

|>> Without further ado <<|


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  1. Thank you for the hard work, Shasu. It’s super appreciated.
    …I just saw the Recommended Blogs on the right side of your page. I should do that myself. …Any chance Baka Pubs can make it onto that blog list? I’m up to 19 chapters now, excluding Extra chapters.

  2. Thanks for the chapter. I am curious what the name of the book you were reading?

    • Not really sure which you refer to, cause I read so many books.
      I read volume 1 of the worldmaker trilogy. That was a nice one. I also read Dragonmare from Robert Corvus (I think) the other day. Now I bought two books from Michael Peinkofer, so I will read those 😀
      Actually with work, translating and RL I’m really lagging behind on the web novels, and that even after I limited it down to pretty much those which are a good read, which aren’t many to be honest (glad I got 2 of those under my wing ^^)

  3. Do like Wilma because of the pink hair?

  4. Can’t forget Ina’s sexy legs for wifey attraction

  5. Thanks for the chapter, I am Brazilian and reading of the material in English now, now in Portuguese, I enjoyed story .. So thanks again. One is a request, could put that volume refers the translated chapters, please?

    • I don’t read the light novel of Hachinan so I can’t really tell you properly which volume refers to what but you can go with vol 1 being until around the time Wendelin travels to the capital, vol 2 being majorly around the capital arc with the fight in Palkenia Grasslands and some of the interludes, vol 3 majorly focussing on the underground ruins with some interludes and vol 4 being about the dispute in the Baumeister territory. That’s what I would deduct by checking the illustrations.

  6. I’m wondering where you can find the light novel illustrations are?
    I’ve only the illustrations for Volumes 1 through 4

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