Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! – Chapter 27: Audience with His Majesty

Heyas folks,

today I have released the new Chapter of Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou! but before giving the link, I’d like to announce two important things:

First off, originally the “next chapter” would have been Interlude 6. Personally as a reader I don’t really care about interludes/intermissions as they most of the times give only side stories of unimportant characters or occurrences.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that I won’t translate them though. I will handle them as side projects and try to release them within 5 chapters after emergence. This applies to all series I am translating, too.

Second, the translator who has translated chapter 25 of Hachinan tte sore wa nai deshou! unfortunately forgot a bit of text at the end of the chapter. I have translated and added the missing part to the chapter. You should read it here.

Well that was all from me, enjoy Chapter 27 – Audience with His Majesty!

Kuro no Shoukan Samurai – Chapter 5 will be released on Monday, the 6th July at 8 PM GMT.





P.S.: I changed the style a bit in order to move the menu bar below the banner and make it easier on the eyes as a whole.

I hope you like this one. If not, feel free to comment and I will revert it.


  1. I personally disagree, it’s of the utmost importance to experience the side chapters as a reader.
    But opinions and as long as you keep translating I love you in a homo erotic way.
    Or on the off chance someone on the internet is actually female, Marry me.

    • Haha, sorry mate, I am neither a female nor homo. But thanks for the feelings. ^^
      And yea, priorites are set on the regular chapters to meet the schedule but inbetween 0,5 – 1 interlude per week should be no problem, I think. 🙂



  2. Can you title the interludes such as “Chapter 24.5 Interlude 5” that way we know in between which chapters the interlude belongs in?

    • I will place them in the chapter list at the right place. There already is a spot open in the ordering number for Interlude 6 in between chapter 26 and 27.

      That way it should not be a problem either? 🙂 I did the same for the previous Interludes too.

      • On a second thought, I will consider it as categorisation label in the list, although the author sometimes releases more than one interlude in a row, so probably will end up 18.1, 18.2 etc.
        On b-u and other sites they will be released as Interludes though. 🙂

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